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February 27, 2004

|-|4r\/357 m00n

So yeah, I have a cow named Splooge. Got a problem with it?

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February 25, 2004

Techno-Rave Prom r0x0rs!

Jonathan was unsuccessful in his, and several of his collegues, push for a Techno-Rave Prom. The day it was voted down will forever live in infamy as the day when school officially began to s|_|x0rs.
On a happier note, the

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February 21, 2004

Serious? Hell if I know why.

The thing about onlinethings is that...
Well, it's that there's no pressure. No pressure to be anything but who you are, or who you feel like being that particular day. Even with people I know and see on a semi-daily basis, I feel like that when I talk to them online.
Making close friends online is tough though... as one with a few, I know it. But with two, it's not so stressful. We don't have some ironclad contract of friendship. We talk when we do, and we're hella close, and not necessarily in the "like to do the same kinds of things" friendship but just in the kinda "I know I can talk to this person about anything" kinda thing. I dunno.
But when you get that close to someone like that, you wish you could show them to your IRL friends and do things with EVERYONE together, and that just doesn't happen. Online relationships kinda suck like that.
But even with all the problems, I wouldn't trade my online friends any more than my offline ones... It's a completely different kind of friendship, and I kinda like it.
Of course, when I go and ignore my offline friends for my online ones... well, that's just me being a complete ass and I should be kicked. A good online friend should completely respect their friend's offline commitments because they're just... better.
I wonder why the hell I just wrote that.

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February 20, 2004

In retrospect...

Narcisism is a green card I really like.

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February 19, 2004

Randomness: Fav Magic Cards

I was reading a bit too much of the ol' Wizards website last night. Besides gaining me a new desire to start an Emperor tourney (Which I am going to do: People I play with, be prepared. It's going to happen.) it got me thinking about which Magic cards I love. There are alot I'm devoted to for pointless reasons... and there is a ton I like for what they do in a particular deck. But let's take a look at some, cause I'm bored. We'll start with a quick rundown of what I'll call my favorite for all the colors and artifacts, and then I'll give some runner's up, if I can actually think of them.


Green green green... you're not a color I play with very much, honestly. I mean, I can respect you. You're a solid color, especially now that you've recieved artifact and enchantment removal. And I've always been partial to the color green, or at least lime green. But I never seem to play you. I wonder why.
Taunting Elf is insanely hardcore, but I don't think I'll pick that one. But gods, that's an awesome card.
Eh, fuck it. I'll come back to it.


Islands of wetness. Yum. Jonathan is really the Blue whore, but I have been known to throw some blue into a deck now and then (Case and point, my current Shared Fate deck). If I'd actually played with it, my favorite card here would go, hands down, to Battle of Wits. The fact that that card exists just pleases me to no end. But I should probably pick a card I use.
So I suppose I'll go with Psychic Battle. My Shared Fate deck started because of that card, but it never really gets used in the deck, which is a shame, cause it's so insanely fun. Maybe I'm a loser, but I enjoy inflicting Chaos into a Magic game, which is obvious when you see what I'm going to write about for red (Hint: It rhymes with Hance Enbounter).


Red, you so don't feel like my style, but so many of your cards fit me. I suppose I am a bit emotional like you. I follow my feelings, even if they're hardcore stupid. Siesmic Assault is a wonderful contribution that you give to the world (Although Jonathan can't find what's left of that deck...), as is... well... burn spells, which don't suit me but they need to exists, yiss.
But yeah, by far my favorite red has GOT to go to Chance Encounter. There is nothing cooler than winning on sheer luck (even if you do rig the game a bit with Kwark's Thumb). And since I'm such a lucky bastard, it just fits me. w00t.


Since I'm so Pro-white, in general, it's odd to think that my second favorite color is usually Black. My decks always seem to turn White/Black in decks. I suppose I just like the idea of t3h 3vil being used for the forces of t3h g00d. Or I just like their card mechanics. Either way, Black is A-okay with me, at least in it's more recent forms.
I haven't played a real black deck in quite some time, but I must say, looking back at history, I think Organ Grinder is hardcore awesome. Discarding and using them to inflict pain? Oh yeah, baby. There are obviously a million and one better cards in Black (Call to the Grave, Exhume, Shambling Swarm, just to randomly name some) but eh, Organ Grinder is cool.
Although now that I think about it more, I'm going to have to give the favorite crown to a little something I like to call Innocent Blood. One black, both players sacrifice a creature. Simple. Powerful. Ass-kicking. Oh yeah, baby.


I am a white whore. I love white. It makes me all tingly inside. It's defensive, just like me! Of course, I don't make as many white decks because if I did, I'd want to put my favorite cards in there, and then games would take at least three to four years to complete and I'd never win. But here are some favorites.
Some of my serious faves I don't even own quite yet... but the moment I saw them, I wanted to hug them. Silent Attendant, Convalencence, Convalencencent Care (Which I actually recently bought a copy of), Angelic Renewal... They're all so kickass. I also love Shield Bearers, although I haven't had a chance to put my recent full set of Shield Bearers I bought to use. And some of these walls that are coming into my quickly forming wall deck (Alabaster Wall, Shimmering Barrier, Wall of Nets)... it's like a joygasm of white goodness.
For cards I've actually used, Auramancer/Monk Idealist ranks up there, just because I love enchantments. Serra's Embrace is no less than one of the best creature enchantments ever to grace the face of the earth, as is Hero's Resolve. You just can't beat Noble Purpose, either. And if you want to go all old school, Alabaster Potion. Oh yeah.
But one favorite? Allay. I don't know why. It's enchantment destruction with Buyback. But I love it to death. Again, don't ask me why, cause I really don't know. But hot damn. Allay.

Back to Green...

Hm... Nope, still no clue.


With all the Mirrodin-block crepe out there, there are alot of artifacts to choose from. Many are broken (Darksteel Ingot, Darksteel Ingot... did I mention Darksteel Ingot? Oh yeah, and Darksteel Ingot.) and many are kinda sucky (GO TOWER OF CHAMPIONS!). I love sun droplet to death, even though I've never played with it.

Wait, I forgot some white cards I love

Delaying Shield! Fleet-footed Monk! The Cheese Stands Alone! (Wait, that's Unglued...)

Okay, now what was I saying about Artifacts?

I also love the whateverthehellitis in Darksteel that you can draw a card instead of gaining a life when you gain a life... that's hardcore draw power for white, my friends, and I loves it to death. Mindslaver is always just a fun idea (although Mirror, Mirror is so much better... but again, that's Unglued, although if we want to talk about Unglued, then how about that Ashnod's Coupon, huh?) Timesifter is one of the most annoying things ever if you actually get it to work. And the Tooth and Scale of Chiss-Goria please me muchly.
But my favorite artifact really has to go to Crooked Scales. No other artifact I can think of is fun for me to play AND is fairly fair. It definately swings the game in my favor if I use it correctly, even if I don't have Chance Encounter out yet. But at the same time, it's not broken. I think it's kinda hated though. Oh well, it's awesome, and I hug it.

But again, Green...

I'll give up and say Foil Forest because FOIL LANDS RULE!

The end!
With love,
Matthew "Alex" Long

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February 17, 2004

So it's about time I actually put something here

Droid, in his infinite wisdom, has fixed the hardcore blog. Now it is even more bloggy than ever before. Will it be updated? Will it be... updated? Only time will tell.
All I can say is I am damn ready for a C.A.R.D Revolution! Who's with me?


Fine, fuck you all.

But I suppose I should fill you in on what you missed whilst the blog was down. Canada was invaded by the Canadians, thus creating "New Canada," a haven for good urban development and medical care. I leveled up three times, so I'm now a level 14 Mercenary Poet Princess. I gained the new ability "Schoolgirl Giggling," which pleased me as I had been working on that for quite some time. Matthew Essner also gained 2 levels, brining him to a level 18 Ninj4 Drug Dealer. He's pretty proud of his recent aquisition of a SECOND huge, throbbing deck, although most of us are just confused about where it came from. He also has developed a habit for HARDCORE RENIGGING, thanks to the combined efforts of me and one Matthew Bucchiet, who has gained Picture Framing skill level 3. Droid has continued construction on his Robotic Exoskeleton (He claims to be adding 14 missle launchers and 3 shock webs. I think he's crazy) and set up a large variety of webcams around his house so he doesn't have to do things like leave his room to, say, do anything. Justin Spaeth is still the God of Gravity, and demands more worship and pretzel sticks. And Jonathan Long? Well, he's macking on his ladies hardcore whilst being engulfed on an almost daily basis by dancing cowboys who may or may not be wearing chaps (Our reports are inconclusive).
So, now you're up to date. Let the bloggy blog blogging begin!
With love,
Matthew "Alex" Long

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