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March 05, 2006

And now, Empires: A random bunch of comments

Okay, so I tried out this Empires Mod for HL2, yes? The concept? Extremely solid. I like the idea quite a bit. I liked being an engineer and having to finish building things and repairing peoples and vehicles and stuff. Things wrong with it: What the fuck are the objectives? I mean, I shoot people, I repair veichles, people research stuff or so I hear... but I don't know what we're actually trying to do... and I mean, I read the newbie guide... and I still don't know. In Dystopia, I might not have known exactly WHAT I had to do when I started a level, but I knew there was a spot I needed to go to, so I could at least Kamakaze to it and have an objective. Secondly, the graphics are god awful terrible. I'm not usually one to complain about graphics, especially in a free fan thing like this, but I've seen how good things can be done, and their weapons, especially the machine gun on the engineer on one side, are humorously bad-looking. And their animations could use a little work, too. And I can only throw grenades like 2 feet. And what the fuck are these "siesmic grenades" supposed to be doing anyway? Supposedly they're anti-building, but they don't seem to do much damage to buildings if they are... it's much easier just to deconstruct the building with my engineer tool... and faster... and doesn't take ammo... yeah...
Anyway, that's my thoughts. Having a commander who gave commands or in any way appeared competent would have helped, too, as that didn't happen during my play time... but anywho...

Posted by poetfox at March 5, 2006 10:37 PM


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