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March 28, 2006

I'm 12312th in the Overall Metroid rankings! Almost there!

After I write this post, I'm going to look up with the black weapon pickup is. I know it always gives me the Battlehammer, which I am very grateful for. The stats aren't lying when it says it's my favorite weapon. It's like a grenade launcher that explodes when it hits the ground and does a bit of splash damage. Not as much as the missle, but enough to help someone who sucks like myself, and not enough to suicide myself when fighting at closer range. Anyway, my guesses are A) it gives you your favorite weapon. This seems sort of... like it wouldn't work, though. Especially people who would work really really hard to get the game to think the Vindicator (I think that's the name of the sniper beam) and the Omega Weapon as their favorite weapon. B) it gives you the favorite weapon of the hunter you picked. This seems wrong too, as it lists Samus's favorite weapon as the missle, so someone playing Samus would get the shaft. C) it gives you all the weapons, and switches to the Battlehammer because that's my favorite weapon. This seems like a possibility. It's really hard to switch between your third weapon types quickly and plus, I've never had any want or need to switch off the Battlehammer. Okay, those are my guesses. Time to go check the manual... drum roll, please...

And the winner is... B. But apparently, there's more to it than that. Each Hunter's affinity weapon has a special effect for them only. The explodyness that I love about the Battlehammer? That only happens on Weavel, the hunter I use. Samus's Missles have homing capabilities, even more so when you charge them, so that's less of a shaft than I thought. It also explains why Noxus and Trace are used so often. Noxus gives a freezetheminplace effect to the Vindicator which is crazy annoyed (Trust me, I just lost a match solely because of that) and Trace ups the power with the Imperialist (which turns out to be the name of the sniper weapon. Whoops!). That explains alot. I still like Weavel, though. Yay, halfturrent! That's right, I added the n, bitches.
Wish there was an easy way to post your MP: Hunters Hunters License (read: Stats) other places than on the website via a friends link... if you're my friend... but oh well.
Let's see, other stuff... um... Dark Smifflin is making a comeback to the bowling league this summer... so people can beat us down this time... heh... or not. We won once, you never know, it might happen again. Droid is going to buy a bowling ball and shoes. I would, too, if I could get a really customized one... Essner said I should get one with my face on it in a scary expression... that would... be really scary. Heh.
Damn, that last paragraph caused me to go and look up bowling balls... as long as I'm not too picky, I've found ones on clearance I could get for like 50 dollars with free shipping... that sounds very fair to me... heh... we'll see what I do...

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