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March 19, 2006

Pirates FTW! (That means I lost)

I have to work during the day tommorow... I know I've been complaining about it more than I should, but it just strikes me as odd that they scheduled me then. Heh. Hours are hours, though, I just dunno how it's gonna go with more people in the store than I'm used to. Maybe they'll have me inventorying the backstock... who knows, really... but I get a lunch break and I dunno what the hell I'm going to do about that... do I eat? Not eat and eat right after work? If I eat, what do I eat? Am I even going to be concious for the shift? Will I actually get to bed soon? Unlikely on that last one.
It was much too cold for CTF tonight, but, you know, the party as a whole wasn't bad. I hope everyone had fun. I'm not all that great at DDR. I don't like Smoothie Mix Skittles, but I kept eating them because my brain kept thinking "Hey! Skittles!" Ninjas lost, by the way, but the Pirates did have more people willing to go all out. And a flag that couldn't be seen too well. Eh, not going to make excuses, though. I did my diversion manuever and that's that, you know?
I feel bad that I worked so much during Brer's break... I mean, I don't think I should, perse... I need to work... more and more... I should have worked tonight, but the party was fun and I'm working an overnight tuesday to make up for it... but yeah... I just... I dunno... didn't spend enough time with him... and the time I did spend I was being pretty stupid and depressing... I dunno... hopefully he didn't mind too much... he always says it's fine but I know I have to be frustrating.
At some point soon, Droib is moving everything to a new server. He claims that he can make subaccounts on the new one and I'll have more control. Heh, I dunno if I need more control than I have now, but, you know, it's his space and stuff I've been using forever, so more power to him and I thank him for hosting all my shite.
I think I'm going to go lay down in bed... maybe listen to a podcast or two while I chat in the tub... maybe that'll get me drowsier faster...

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