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March 03, 2006

Some uninteresting stuff.

3-1 in my Release League. Thank you, Szadek, Lord of Secrets! Thank you, Magemarks! Thank you, Mourning Thrull! You have led me to victoly! Gonna do the last game tommorow. Also, I gotta make a Magemark deck... I wanna say WBU? But I need green in there for the good stuff... WGB? But then I miss the best Magemark, the Infiltrator's Magemark. I dunno. Also, Mourning Thrull in a deck with things like Magemarks to pump them is a fucking amazing second turn drop. Anyway, I got a Watery Grave in the packs, so that paid for a chunk of the league. Whee. Heh.
Yeah, I'm going to have to look for another job. They're not going to let me compromise, I can tell. I'm going to keep going as I am, see if anyone complains, but I best get looking. My job sucks without podcasts...
I'm gonna keep talking about Arkham Horror till we play it, people! You best be getting readies!

Posted by poetfox at March 3, 2006 12:45 AM


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