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May 10, 2007

Extra Finito

So I've done my Advising Appointment and I've got classes... my schedule isn't quite how I would like it. I'll have to be up and active at 9 every weekday... but I looked... and I learned... and if I actually completely all five classes for the next two semesters... I'm DONE! I'm done! Actually, there might be a third... I'd likely want to balance my internship with a lighter courseload and I've got two more Lit classes I have to take, which may not work together in one semester... since I was so late, I couldn't get into one this semester... if I remember, I may want to check if I can switch one of my early morning classes into a Lit class... anyway, I really am almost done. That's fucking crazy. I hope I can apply that towards doing well come the fall.

But anyway, you might have seen on the side...
You Know What? I Accomplished Something Today
It's just a Blogger blog, but it's a list of, well, what I accomplished every day. It's probably not very interesting, but you might want to check up on it every once and awhile just to see if I'm being honest and keeping up with it.
I really like the name. It's so long and it's completely what the blog is all about.

So I was playing some more Crackdown today, and having a good time, and listening to the Penny Arcade podcast, and as I listened, it ended, and then repeated... and it was still as good. I had literally JUST listened to it, and I was hearing it a second time and was entertained. That's pretty hardcore.
I also listened to Impossible Dreams, which is apparently a Hugo Nominee for this year, and it was pretty good. Not the most artistic piece, perse, but it was really fun. Much better than some of the nominees from last year, if I recall... Clockwork Atom Bomb or whatever it was didn't thrill me at all. But anyway, apparently Escape Pod is running all the Nominees again, so you may want to listen these next few weeks.

Tommorow, I have nothing on my plate... I think I might ask Jessie if she wants to catch up on Doctor Who with me...

Also, man, I haven't played Pokemon in awhile... I get to Victory Road and all want to keep playing disappears... that's like two Pokemon in a row now this has happened... mostly because there's a grind there right before the last boss, and you have to use all kinds of HM bullshit to get through there... it's annoying... I should really just go beat the Elite Four, though, before Etrian Odyssey gets here...

OH! I forgot! I also made the archives better, if you didn't noticed. Go Go Historianperson!

And that's it. Bye.

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