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May 21, 2007

In which I make a list, and then talk about the games I've been playing.

So here's another pointless list of DS games I'm going to buy.

Picross DS (July 3) As long as it's 20 dollars, it's puzzler gameplay I can get behind.
Namco Museum DS (July) As long as it's a budget price, Single Card Pac Man Vs makes this purchase totally worth it for me, especially now that Essner has a DS, and that's a full four players.
Luminous Arc (August) FFT-style gameplay, I believe. I've heard nothing but good things about it. I need to do more research, but it looks like a likely purchase.
Heroes of Mana (August 14) If I need an additional hit, Parish likes this Mana-themed RTS, and I probably wouldn't mind playing it in the least. The only downside would be that apparently Revenant Wings is just a slightly changed and improved version of this game, so I might burn myself out on it early.
Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (September) The third chapter in my favorite silly lawyer anime turned game? Sign me up.

There might be more. I could see myself picking up Sim City DS and Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol if I feel a lack of gameage. Damn, I buy a lot of DS games.

In other news, I still enjoy playing the Halo 3 Beta off and on, but I still attribute that to the very limited time I've had with any other Halo multiplayer.

Also, last night in Etrian Odyssey I just kinda exploded and got a lot farther. I also found my first Take points, so that's exciting, as well as a repeatable event where this Hexer heals my party, so I can grind on floor three without worry. I also found that the first FOE in the level is just a bitch like the crabs, in that it only takes damage from Elemental Attacks. Until my Protectors can get high enough defense to stall, I'll just have to dodge that one... the rest on the level I can kill... apparently down at level 5 is Fenrir... that'll be exciting. I need to get my Alchemist's Fire Forumla leveled up some.

Also, last night, Spaeth and I played through a little less than half of Perfect Dark Zero. The game is just... ugly. It's ugly. All the characters look so very wrong. The gameplay is very Goldeneye... the half-assed cover system is very wonky... every other shooter I've played on the system is most definately better than this. But playing Co-Op is still fun, and there's something to be said about the weapon collection element of the game, where you get to pick from every weapon you've ended a level with at the start of each new stage. I dunno. We had a ton of fun. We're probably going to keep going and beat it sometime this summer. Hell, maybe even some more tonight, if he wants.

Anyway, I need to shower so I may give blood in a few hours. Whee.

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