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May 16, 2007


Amazon sent me an e-mail saying that Etrian Odyssey was being delayed even more, and I could cancel it. So I went out and tried hard to find a copy, but I couldn't as of yet... oh well. Supposedly EB is getting copies in around 4, so I'll give them a call. If they have them, then I'll just cancel the order. So wish me luck there.

But okay, games to talk about... can't talk about Etrian yet... so I get to type for a little about Wonder Boy in Monster World, the Eternal Sonata demo, and Aegis Wing.

Aegis Wing is the OMG FREE XBLA game. It's a bullet hell kinda game with four player co-op and six levels. It's difficult alone, but then again, I'm not very good at such games. They made most of the achievements hard, too, probably because the game is free. I think it'll be more fun if I get four people sitting around with controllers. Also, then I can get the Epic Ship thingy achievement. Whoo!

Eternal Sonata demo. The game seems fun. I don't link the voices... the whole thing has a bit of the sort of kiddy cute that I hate with the voices... like... insincere cute. The visuals are nice, and really cute, though not very "next gen." The battle system is actiony button mashy fun. I'll be getting this game. It'll have to drop to about 30 or 20 bucks first, though. Perhaps out of a used game bin or something. But I will get it. It seems enjoyable.

And, finally, Wonder Boy in Monster World. The game is really good. I mean, it is. It fixed a lot of the little weirdnessess of Dragon's Trap. For example, I have another button for spells. Not only that, but I can equip TWO spells to that button, one for Button+Right one for Button+Left. Makes using Magic a lot easier. Also, you have MP now, which encourages you to use Magic more, as well. There are different cities... it's a great game. It took a really retarded turn at the end, though, where I all of the sudden jumped into a rocket and went to another planet! Also, all of the people of Monster World were suprised when they were overrun by monsters... what? Anyway, I recommend it. It's a little easier than Dragon's Trap, too, if you're suck in the Tiger-man Dungeon like I am and worried you'll get stuck in this one... the last two bosses are pretty hard, but otherwise, it's at that challenging but not frustrating level that I like. You know, where it'll maybe take two tries, but no more than that. Anyway, it's a good series. If they made a new Wonder Boy for DS or something, I'd check it out.

No Halo 3 Beta for me yet... they're having issues... I don't see how they would let that happen, really. You'd have thought they would have tested this beta launch like a billion times... oh well, I can wait. I'm not too fanatic about it.

And that's the GAME UPDATE OF TODAY! Other than that, I'm doing fine. Watching SAC with Brer, relaxing, feeling good. Yeah yeah.

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