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September 02, 2007

There's some talk of KoL and then a small comment on my current health/mood.

So I ascended again. I've now done a run as every class. Yay! I can't say I'm sad that I waited so long for Turtle Tamer, though. It has some nice buffs, but it doesn't have a move that heals yourself, which is incredibly frustrating and causes me to eat up turns resting...
But I'm going to fix that, because this time around, I am hardcore perming Cantelloni Cocoon! You heard me, right, Hardcore Perming. I'm doing my first Hardcore run as a Pastamancer. Not only that, but I'm doing a Hardcore Oxyginarian run. Why? Plexiglass Pocketwatch. I want one. So I'm going to go for one! Then I might never do a hardcore Oxy run again. I do so enjoy softcore... but hey, Hardcore perming the cocoon and getting an awesome item for softcore seems worth it. Also, as I've said before, I find it harder to make myself play KoL everyday recently. As a Hardcore Oxy player, that really doesn't hurt me at all, because all of the "daily" things are mostly tied up with eating, or with items I will probably not have access to this run. Also, it'll take less time to play my turns.
Also, you might remember that I said my plan for my next ascention was perming Spirit of Rigatoni. Well, since I'm doing Hardcore, I decided to pick something that would be useful if I ever did another hardcore run. Spirit of Rigatoni is only useful in a Hardcore run if I have access to Pulverize, which is something that just isn't going to happen anytime soon in Hardcore. Access to the healing power of the Cocoon, though, would almost always be useful.
So yeah, welcome me to my first hardcore run! Huzzah!
...hmmm, but wait, if I do another hardcore Pastamancer run, non-oxy, I can get the stainless steel solitare for even more rollover adventures... hm... well, we'll see after this one. If Hardcore isn't too bad, then maybe I'll do another Pastamancer run and perm something like Pastamastery (which is one of those things that are supposedly so key for doing fast runs that I have never used) or Springy Fusilli.
[/KoL Conversation]

I have been feeling really, really out of it this past week. I'm always half dizzy (as in, my balance has taken a hit, but it mostly just causes me to stumble when I stand up or take a sharp turn or try to do something while walking), I'm not hungry, and I have coming and going headaches and stomachaches. I really don't know what's wrong with me, but I feel generally really shitty. I originally thought it was all psychosomatic, but it very well might not be at this point... who knows. It is pretty damn annoying, though.

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