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March 12, 2006

I saw a pair of sandals at Kohls just like my 10 dollar new sandals, only they cost 40 dollars.

3:30 in the morning shift baybeeeeeee! Heh. Oh, so hawt... oooh... ahh...
So my lappytop does not have sound, which is pissing me off, as I had gotten the sound to work... and then I tried out KDE and now the sound don't work no more. Bah. From what my internet searches have shown, this is actually a decently common occurance... but I've decided not to worry about fixing it. It does pretty well everything I'd want without sound, it's just sound would be very nice to have. I've decided not to fix it because the Ubuntu Dapper Drake release apparently comes out in a month, and I can hope some of the sound issues are ironed out in that release, and install it, and be all happy and yay and things of that nature.
I sometimes feel bad for working at Kohl's because if I'm going to work retail it would make sense to work retail somewhere where my employee discount would benefit me. Kohl's is not such a place. Just about anywhere else would be, because they would sell games. Perhaps not the selection I would want, but at least I could get, say, a 360 with the discount, or whatever. This feeling makes me keep my eye out for things I pass while working that I think or neat or I might want, so I can utilize this discount. I found something tonight. It is a totally kickass backpack. It's that between lime and olive green color, and just very smooth looking. It's got the wheels if I want to use it as luggage or I can pull off a flap in the back to pull out backpack straps and go that route. And it's on Clearance! The problem with it being on clearance, though, is that I cannot put it on hold. Anytime I find something I Kohl's I'd want, it's on clearance, and I can't buy it right then, because I find it at like 2 in the morning. It's all unfortunate. In any case, I don't have a good backpack anymore... I don't know where the old one I used to use for trips has gotten to, but it wasn't really all that impressive or good anyway. It was just there, you know? It was like... my backpack from like my freshman year of high school. Heh. The thing is, it's not like I've been travelling much since I stopped visiting Natalie... maybe I should start taking trips to visit Brer? Heh... maybe not... I'd be scared to death of things being too akward... bah, anyway, we'll see if I actually get out of the house tommorow to purchase it.
Speaking of Natalie, Arkham Horror has rekindled my stupid plan to go to Origins by crashing at Natalie's place. I mean, the plan obviously has flaws like... like I haven't been talking to Natalie as much as I should have... and...I don't think she would want to go with me... and... I dunno. But I want to do the convention thing sometime... some type of convention... it just seems like a part of... well... everything I obsess over that I'm not taking part of. And a convention with somewhere to crash so I wouldn't have to pay for lodging would obviously help a great deal... I'd also like to try a furry con sometime, just beacuse I keep thinking "Man, that would have to make a good essay." (Man, I need to write a new essay sometime) Also, it would be weirdly interesting to meet all my JnS friends in person... heh, just so many questions I would have about how to act... of course, this is assuming they come to the con... heh...
Oh, and I randomly gave Cindy at work a DVD with all of Azumanga Daioh on it. Why? Because she enjoyed the bit of it she read. That's about the whole reason, really.


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