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March 13, 2006

And now the continuing adventures of Vagina the Elf and everyone's favorite rogue, Sex the Third...

When we last left our heroines...

Okay, not really going to write a story. Essner and I were just playing the Dungeons and Dragons Shadows over Whereverthehell arcade game on MAME last night, and assumed those amazing persona. This is why we don't actually play Dungeons and Dragons. Heh. For a beatemup, though, the game is pretty damn deep and awesome. Give it a shot with a friend if you want one of those sorts of side-scrolling killpeople games. The most interesting thing about the game, though, is it let me register Vagina as a name, but Sex III was not acceptable by the game. Go figure. We just knew that even though the game called the rogue Moriah, her real, secret name was Sex the Third. She was just that awesome.
So I wrote a new essay today. Haven't posted it yet. I want more than one thing to post. We recorded a new Crappy Asst, too, without my voice-impared brother. It's sitting on my desktop. I was going to send it to Droid so he could get it ready to go, but he went to bed before I stopped being distracted by DnD game to get it to him. It'll be up soon, too, I'm sure.
That episode of DS9 with the whole guy writing about DS9 silly episode is on... I dunno, I never got the point of it myself. It's very weird. Not bad, just weird. Yah.

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