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March 15, 2006

What was that noise?

Why the fuck are all the portable games I've been wanting coming out on the same day? And a week before Kingdom Hearts 2? I mean, seriously. *sighs* Oh well, maybe Jonathan will clue parents or something in and I'll end up not having to buy them all on the 21st? Heh.
This whole Ac!d 2 site is just crazy overly excited, though. Heh. I mean, just check out the opening animation, for fuck's sake. But I was looking at it and watching the trailers... although one trailer promised me "BOSSES BOSSES BOSSES!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!" (!!!!1!!1!!1 added for emphasis) it looks like there will only be about three again... a man named Vince and this weird guy who can apparently run on ceilings and who is wearing one of those Raiden-like rainhat things? And of course, the new Metal Gear. But oh well, I'll love it anyway. If nothing else, the menu system looks actually intelligent this time around, and I love the new art style. When you're working with limited resources but trying to make something look like you have more (like trying to make a PS2-like game on the PSP, for example) stylized is the way to go. I keep saying this! Or maybe it's just because I like that sort of thing... in any case, check out some of the art. That's my new background. Hardcore. I still have absolutely no idea what the fuck they were thinking with the Solid Eye 3D thing, though but, you know, I'm just happy to have a sequal that will hopefully iron out the little weirdnesses in the first. I just hope to gods they didn't take away my power to be Kamakaze, though. Heh. I had too much fun walking right up in front of a guard and unloading a couple FAMAS cards into him and all his friends, as opposed to being sneaky, which I just can't handle after awhile... that's why I never really played other Metal Gear games much... I can only take so much stealth before I just want to kill everyone. Then again, I seemed to be okay with the Splinter Cell I played... but then again, I killed most of the guys in that... I just snuck up on them first. You don't really do that in Metal Gear... or at least I didn't, anyway. You have to watch guard patterns and shite. I just want to see a guard and shoot it. SOCOM pistol card, to the head!
Also, I can tell I'm likely going to dislike Venus. I liked Teliko. This fucked up blood red miniskirt sneaking suit Venus is wearing doesn't endear me to her.
Hmm, looking through all this concept art I am finding art for additional bosses. Rock on. I like the boss battles. ^_^ There is also some art for Teliko, so she might be one of the people I talk to on Codec, which is better than no Teliko, I suppose. You got so little of her character in the first game, especially because of the little twist. This is a spoiler alert but I'm sure you don't care. Since the Teliko you had for the first half of the game was actually La Clown, you barely got to know her at all.
Anyway, I am going to enjoy Metal Gear Ac!d when I get to it. When will I get to it with Metroid Prime: Hunters and Tetris DS coming out on the same day? Fuck if I know. Apparently if I buy it early I get a limited edition art cell of the Metal Gear. Apparently.

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