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July 09, 2006

Man, why am I not in bed?

So once again I have spoiled myself before a Prerelease. We'll see if the spoiler I looked at holds true, but the most amazing thing I saw in the list was my favorite cheap dual lands (Elfhame Palace, etc) are being reprinted, only with the Snow supertype. That's pretty exciting, although they need to get a set of those in the enemy colors at some point as well! I understand that Coldsnap is not the place for that, but still. I want them. I luvvles those lands and their cheap yet effective in most casual decks nature. Okay, that's a lie, I saw more amazing things (Braids of Fire and Deepfire Elemental, holy shite! Karpulsan Minotaur, you are my new favorite silly card! Geild Shackles, you are awesome white removal) but those lands I'm excited about, Magic Online-wise, anyway. Budget players will have a very wide array of multicolor options now, what with the Ravnica common lands and these.

I saw Pirates today. It was good. I enjoyed it muchly. The action scenes had a wonderful blend of action and... um... Captain Jack Sparrow not fighting but being awesome... or comedy. Whatever. It was a really good blend of the two. Davy Jones just looked cool, but I had a hard time looking at his crew, they really creeped me out... not especially in the scary creepy way either, just in the creepy creepy way... Jessie and Brian seemed annoyed that it was a cliffhanger ending, but they obviously didn't know they were making another one already, so it was to be expected, you know? Brer really liked it... heh... really liked it... I was sad there was no spinning vortex chest swordfighting, though... maybe in the next one...

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