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May 30, 2003

This is Ben

Pay no attention to the title!!! I am Matthew. And I am gay. And I hate all the ladies. Yep, I'm one woman-hating gay man. Boy, I sure do love the men, though. Boy howdy! Ben Essner, who is not the person that is writing this, is the coolest person in the world. I sure do love him, but in a totally platonic way, because he just emanates heterosexuality, unlike me, who emanates homosexuality, because I'm gay. Perhaps I should make myself clear. I am Matthew Long. And I am gay. Flamboyantly gay.

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This es a REEAL blug masage

HellO! I am dafinetly Mart BESSnER! The moost amoosing persOWNa in te warld! I wood like to post a litTle tale aboot the amost speciAL thanG tHaT EvEr happenoed to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Pis on thyme 3y3 was poostang un tha bloug and I wrute aboUt mySALF lotZ.
I em AWESUM! I wish U wouldsuk mi louvre stIk.

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May 29, 2003

Offennsive or Pornographic namee

One time I was tring to make a account and it kept saying the names I typed in were already taken. I was supriesed because that meant the names Offennsive or Pornographic name, Requied Eel, Ghetto Smurf and Earhole were already taken. Wow......people got to all of the good names before me. I finally had to type in Offennsive or Pornographic namee. I don't know why. I gues im the one being named offenively or pornographicly. Well im a vampire and

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This is Brain McCrate AKA Ted

If I were in the matrix I would wear .... a cow suit. This wouldn't be just any cow suit it would be a purple, orange spotted cow suit. Then everybody would bowel down to my stuperdensity.
WHAT THE HECK, this is the matrix, BOWEL DOWN TO ME.

To be continued .......

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May 28, 2003

Top Secret Battle Plans

Alright, who among the people who I know in real life and who are reading this like St. Louis? How many enjoy trips to Six Flags over Mid America? How many would like to take a trip to St. Louis, wreak havoc, stay in a hotel paid for by my mother, and then wreak havoc at Six Flags over Mid America?
Well, you're in luck, cause I'm schemin'. Who's interested? Let's make it happen!
Current tentative dating would be somewhere around the weekend of 21st of Juneish. Let me know if you want to come! And spread the word!

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May 27, 2003






Greetings human. Drink some powerade, or parish.

Droids taking pictures, Jonathan's playing Jakk and Daxter, Matthew's playing Wario ware, Bucket's over ther....
I'm bloggin.

Ode to $10 Pants

Matthew's pants only cost him
an amount of dollars equal to ten
They're black and yellow
he's a happy fellow
because they're the pants that he is in

Thank you and good riddance

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May 21, 2003

Brass Monkey

Yo yo yo, G-dog's in da house.
I'm up here chilling with my home dogs
Posting sumptin on Matthew's blog(s)
Busting out some Magic, doing lotsa tappin'
Typing this post, doing some rappin'
Gotta Go soon, gotta go to work
If you gonna watch star trek give a shout to captain kirk
So everybody check yo bitches and give em some noise
Cause if you don't... fuck it I stole your toys

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May 20, 2003

*victory dance*

This is the "Holy crap, I managed to pull off exactly a 3.5 GPA without any extra decimals or anything and thus barely get to keep my scholarship yippeskippyohjoy" dance!
*grooves to the funktastic rhythm of not being screwed*
With Love,

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May 19, 2003

my sex video

need i say more? sparks.wmv

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Super Secret Strategies For Others

Hint for Droid: When posting to your blog, make sure that the blog is set to the heydroid blog, and not this one.
Hint for Essner: Since you aren't in town, I ate Buster. I then replaced him with a robot bent on world destruction. This was later destroyed.
Hint for Jonathan: You were supposed to sing at the ND graduation yesterday night.
Hint for Buccheit: You're reading this? I don't know.
Hint for Spaeth: Remember, you're an ND graduate now. Tattoo that backwards on your forehead so you don't forget it, as well as your name, address, and social security number. Also, pizza dough does not usually contain phlem.
Hint for Layne: Hostess is not a fun title. Try "Covert Hosting Operative Napkin Buster"
Hint for Josh: CALL MEH!
Hint for those who need hints: Perhaps you should get to know me, so I can give you a hint.
With love,

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May 17, 2003

Weabcam is dead?

I am having driver issues with my webcam and my video capture stuff. The webcam works fine, but the programs i use to send the pictures to the server no longer works at all. I tried some others that do the same thing, and they all try to use my videocard, not the webcam. I hope to have it up and running soon!

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Come on.

Clean it up.

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May 16, 2003


This message can only truly be understood by those that have seen the Matrix: Reloaded.

I gave bucket's mom a piece of that special cake last night, and let's just say she couldn't get enough.

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May 13, 2003

Hot New Essner Sex Video

I've taken the liberty of filming a quick quicktime movie for all you Essner fans to masturbate to. Enjoy!
Enjoy Liquidating Yourself While Watching This
With Love,

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May 12, 2003

Update on the deck situation

I'd just like to point out that my deck just made Essner cry for his mother as he recieved quite a harsh lesson in taking it like a man. Also, I am not in any way proud of my deck, and personally think it serves no actual purpose besides being the focus of jokes by one Matt Essner, who is currently nursing his wounds by playing a quick game of Scene It, although I don't see how that would help.
With love,

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Matthew's Deck

Matthew's playing around with his deck. It's pretty small. There's not much to it, and it doesn't look at all satisfying.

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May 11, 2003

Less power to your G doggie.

So there I was. What to do one might ask, but not me, I knew what I had to do. Like blam, i pulled out my huge deck from my pants and thustly proceded to smack all the bitches around me, to show them who's the boss. When all was done, because nothing more than a few wines of pain were muttered, I knew my job was complete and so I stuffed my huge deck back into my pants for jocking the bitches at will when I need to, or when I feel so inclined.
But on the more serious side, Piman, yeah, when I read your impersonation of me, tears came to my eyes, like a big pizza pie, that's l'amoure (L'amouria? ;) ) .
back off bitches.

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This Post is From Buchheit (CUM C my Hot Dripping Web-cam. See mee and mi Roomates Sex for you)

.Watch me and my whore slut prostitute lady of the night of questionable morals ho have sex with people, or not. Sometimes we just sleep for hours and hours, unless our adult filmstar friend/penis, Luke Warm, cums over.
After Luke leaves usually we kind of have a cool down orgy with the elderly adult film legend Geri(atric) Fairy.
At this point we're all pretty tired so the only kind of intercourse we have then is sexual.

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One time I went into a Jhonny-on-the-spot and took a crap. But then I Looked up and saw a bat. This bat scared me because since he was upside down and he would be a bad shot so his guano might not of fell into the pit of poo. This meant is was on the floor or on the seat. I had a short memory span so I couldn't remember if the seat felt squishy. I needed to know so I went to get a flashlight. I looked around the portapotty and didn't see any shit. Then, I appluaded the bat for being a good shot. Then the bat shit.

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My Magic Deck

My Deck is enormous. It's so huge, everyone is jealous of my deck-size. Sometimes I can't believe how incredibly huge my deck is. Sometimes I'll wake up in the morning, look down at my deck, and just marvel at it's massiveness. One time I had a dream that I didn't have my deck, I looked for it, but it wasn't there. Then I woke up, put my hands around my huge throbbing deck, and everything was right with the world. I often find people staring at my enormous deck-size, I know it's quite a fantastic deck, and I understand their jealousy, but their constant stares are unnerving.
My Deck is both a blessing and A curse.
I have a huge cock as well.

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Gellin' like a Felon

Oh baby, I am gellin'!
Okay, not really, but who is going to blame me?
This blog hath begun, allow me to introduce myself. I am the poetfox, a person of questionable gender (yeah, so it's technically male, but that's a divine typo, so to speak) and questionable questions, with many that can be asked. Such as "Is your name Frederick?" and "Are you Gellin'?"
Anyway, everyone from here to somewhere else has a name on this thing. Allow me to hook you up with who is who.
Andrew is, well, Droid, the person whose hosting this thing and computer genius extrodinare.
Piman would be Essner, the man with the pi tattoo.
The Knob is also known as The Fuzz in some circles, and is my brother, Jonathan. Face him in random games on Warcraft III as The_Knob.
And could we forget Buchheit? Apparently, cause I have no idea what his name is on here. But he's here, too.
And now, a starting induction-style haiku. Ahem.
"Why do they keep not
asking me to do favors
with please and thank you?"
Cause they're all not givin' me the respect you should pay one who is gellin'.
With love,

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Blog up and running.

I am sitting at matthews house right now, we have finaly cum up with a great idea for this blog, yes, it is ver sexual! has becum the blog from The longs computer room.

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May 03, 2003

This is the amazing first post of amazing doom

This is what I would like to designate as a "test post," the kinda post you churn out to see if the blog is in any way functioning or working in any capacity. Will this work out? Will it function? Soon, we will see. Oh yes. Soon.

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May 02, 2003

test blog

test blog

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so you know

I have given this site to matthew to use for his blog, as for my blog, it will still be at, also, will be getting a new feel soon, ya, its really bad right now.

Matthew, don't be like brad and trina, USE YOUR BLOG!

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