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June 30, 2003

Getting back.

Well i am slowly getting all my programs back that i use. I have all the important programs i use every day back and running.

Happy Birthday Matt Buchheit!

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June 28, 2003

Man Chong's Privates Attack!

I've not really experienced the full force that is Man Chong, but I've heard many rumors.
A helpful hint: Do not ride a horse after Man Chong has been riding it.
Man Chong runs a business of unsuccessful counter-attacks. He waits in the corner, then counter-attacks and fails as soon as he rushes in. He appears out of nowhere and dies, although he never really dies.
Man Chong Vs. Guy Whose Dad Died = Battle of the century!
Another helpful hint: Man Chong + "I Want Your Sex" by George Michael background music = HUGE DEFEAT!
Man Chong seems to have more privates than other officers, and after you kill Man Chong, many of his privates remain.
Do not try to attack Man Chong from the rear.
A Third Helpful Hint: Man Chong will always give in after a good spanking. Just wack him until you are released from his tyrrany.
And finally, whenever you see Man Chong on the battlefield, war will never be the same for you again.

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June 26, 2003

Transcript of Conversation During Smash Bastards Duel

Chelsea: I can only jump twice? Wait, let me throw you!
Jonathan: Well, I'm not gonna sit there...
Chelsea: Well, you should! You bitch... Oh, look at that! Where is he, come here baby... Urrrn!
Jonathan: Cause you just came through in that and you killed yourself.
Spaeth: Up B!
Chelsea: I want to Up B and set you on fire!
Spaeth: Use Up B!
Chelsea: I want to go this way or something, but it won't let me!
Spaeth: You just press the direction!
Chelsea: No, it doesn't work, see? Damn damn damn, doesn't work. Why would I want to throw you down?
Jonathan: Cause it's fun, see?
Chelsea: I just want to die, can I die? I just want to beat you, can I throw you off the edge once?
Jonathan: There.
Chelsea: But I have to kill you, it doesn't work the other way!
Spaeth: Hey Jonathan, you should let you girlfriend win, okay? You always let your girlfriend win, okay? SMACK HIM WITH THE FAN!
Chelsea: Which one's A, the green one? Wait, stop it! Me hit A, not you!
Spaeth: Pick up the fan!
Chelsea: How do I pick it up? Stop it, that's mine!
Spaeth:A, not R! Heh...
Chelsea: Stop it...
Spaeth: Press A rapidly!
Chelsea: I am, it's not working! My thumbs won't go that fast!
Jonathan: Oh-ho, battle of the fans, is it?
Chelsea: I'm winning... I don't have one anymore, wait, no, waaaaaaait... HEY, I KILLED HIM! Hey, my fan, mine, mine, mine...
Spaeth: Smackin' people with fans!
Chelsea: What's he do? Come here, I want to hit you with him. What's that? Oh, how'd I do that?
Jonathan and Spaeth in Unison: Hit over and B.
Chelsea: Wait, let me hit you with it. How do I get rid of a fan?
Spaeth: R.
Chelsea: R?
Jonathan: Not R, Z.
Spaeth: Whatever.
Jonathan: I like how you walked right into that one.
Chelsea: Why am I clapping for you?

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June 20, 2003

The Revenge of the Nostrily Man

Nostrils dance.
They interpret the world
With flaring and sniffling.
The nostrils dance
and the nostrily man wins.

That was my beautiful poem. The only thing you need to get from it is that THE NOSTRILY MAN CANNOT MOVE HIS TANKS INTO THE MOUNTIANS!
Thank you.
With love,

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June 13, 2003


GOOD GODS! The mechwarrior rules. you know the ones that we are supposed to play by. Well they have stated to me that when making a ranged combat attack you may attack MORE THAN 1 UNIT IF THEY ARE IN RANGE AND YOU HAVE UNOUGH SHOTS. So if you mech shoots 3 times you can shoot 3 different units...BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU CANNOT FIRE MULTIPLE SHOTS AT ONE TARGET IN THE SAME TURN. So in other words Essners Uber tank can fire at 4 different targets for 5 damage a pop but not at the same target five times.. There is no need to thank me im just the man.

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June 11, 2003

The Pi Leaves Again

On this day, in 1841, one Matthew Essner decided to destroy the world. This fact cannot be overlooked. It is my intention to go and play video games for several hours.
In any case, I purchased him a tricycle so that he could make a clean getaway to Gondwanaland. Unfortunately for him, the wheels were made of orange peels. This caused life as we know it to change for the better.
The resultant war rocked the landscape, and Essner was nowhere to be found for about 38 thousand seconds. During that time, Alexander Ghram Bell invented the laser disc, paving a new road for digital media. I also died in a tragic car accident.
Thus, I've banned Essner from the site for the next 14 minutes. This is my divine retribution for the horrible crimes he has done to me which I am acting out from my current life, which is not after. Thank you.
With love,
Alexis the incredibly stupid

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June 07, 2003

i'm blank

i really have nothing top say now but i am going to say it anyway.

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The Getmeoutofthis.net X-Treme Hyperforum is currently being built at forums.getmeoutofthis.net, which you can access using something I like to call a "browser." It's not really up and running yet, but still, you can post at it and pretend it is! Isn't that awesome! I should really link to it from this page. Oh well.
With love,

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The Pi Returns

At 1:47am, on June 2, I, piman, was banished from the matthew's upstairs blog. This banning was an unwarranted, and unnecessary attack against me and what I stand for.
Finding myself unable to post on the blog upstairs I soon turned to the sauce to fill the void, then to the whoring, then eventually back to the booze, and finally forwent all illegal substances and went straight to paperclips.
It was a dark period in my history and I apologize to all those who I hurt with my boozing and whoring, except for that son of a bitch Justin Spaeth who never did pay me, you rat bastard son of a bitch. I cut you once and I'll do it again, give me my money.

Today My bloggin' previlages were reinstated, an investigation is being launched to find out who caused my outcastedness, and my revenge will be swift, hard, and probably naked.

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June 04, 2003

I es yan MechWarryer!

I's gots the big mechs and I's gots the little mechs and I's gots the vehicles that shoot and I's gots the vehicles and don't and I's gots the Infantry that flies and I's gots the Infantry that dies and I's the commander of the ARMEH OF l337 |>00|\/|!
I is Une Mechanical Warrior of the 23 Thousandth century, and with my multitude of little clicky pre-painted miniature things I shall DESTROY THE AXIS OF EVIL THAT IS SPAETH AND MATT ESSNER!
Ooooooh, ArgoMech Reaper Arm! Wrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
And that's where I die. *weeps*
With love,
Alexis the MechWarrior of doom!

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June 01, 2003

Welcome to an amazingly amazing new month at Getmeoutofthis.net!

Welcome to Harpy Lady Sisters Whore Month! Well, that's what it is on my YuGiOh! Calendar. And if you had any doubts that I was a loser before I just said that, well, that proved it. And if you still have doubts, here are some hot pictures of Brock, the sexiest Pokemon character ever! (Not the sexiest pokemon ever... perhaps I'll have to cover that in another blog sometime...)

*liquidates self*
Umm, yeah, nothing like Brock to ring in a new month. Enjoy Harpy Lady Sisters Whore Month!
With love,

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