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April 30, 2004

But you think that's okay while you're sleeping...

I'm trying to build a Prismatic deck on Magic Online (line... line... line... (ehco...)). Prismatic just appeals to my hardcore casual tendencies! It's so cool! But making a semi-stable 250 card deck is no walk in the park, espeically when it's so annoyingly hard to get ahold of singles online. I don't WANT to have to barter with people and fight them down to a decent price, I want to go to a card store and buy singles. *sighs* In any case, I'm working on collecting all the basic color blending that comes from having to play that many cards and having all 5 colors. So far I have all the dual lands from eighth except 2 Shivan Oasis and all of the common landcyclers except a Twisted Abom. Next in my collection is a set of 4 of all the mana myrs and all of the nice land searcher in Mirrodin block and 8th. (I could probably use a Tusker or two as well...) Oh, I ganked 4 Long-Term Plans as well. Those should be nice in Prismatic. Or just in general.
And none of this is actually like... cool stuff to put in the deck. *sighs*
Oh, after like... a ton of annoyance, I dled Indestructible Object from iTunes. So I have it now, Essner, you can stop bitching at me! Ass. I need to put it on my MP3 player and get going, probably. Work and then the friday draft at Plainswalkers. Huzzah.
Oh, and Jonathan is doing some prom thing. Fun.
The End.

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April 29, 2004

Fortune Cookie

This was my fortune:

You have an unusual equipment for success, use it properly.

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April 28, 2004

But seriously, now...

Who is You You Bastard...?

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April 26, 2004

Damn, rewind! Where is this thing going?

I am such a crappy person, I swear.

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April 25, 2004

Henshin a Go Go, Baby.

So yeah, me and Marcus LeGrand together for an hour. Akward.

The thing is, the people on Magic Online don't know how to make fun decks, the kinda decks that do messed up combos that always lose but are really annoying or cool when they occur, like 7 piece Infinite Myr Token loops. I make games in the Casual room for what I label as "Hardcore Casual" games, and half the time I play people who are trying to win on a budget as opposed to just win. Meh. These people have got to lighten up a bit, I swear. I almost wish there was some sort of hardcore casual Clan I could join, though I'm not really a clan person.

I want a good Prismatic deck on there, cause Prismatic is hella awesome and hella casual play. But I don't have any good black, and nothing to really smooth over the color problem, so none for me at the moment. But eh, it might change sometime soon.

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Fruits Candy

I wonder why, when I watch Cardcaptor Sakura, I feel just about as sad as I do happy. I mean, I absolutely love the series. It's so cute, and romantic, and deep in it's own weird way... but at the same time... I feel so empy inside... like I'm missing something...
Maybe is because I know in some odd way I don't recognize half the time, I look up to Sakura. That sounds really hella stupid, but... hm...
I don't know... empty happy is a weird happy to feel.

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April 22, 2004

Can't be hate-drafted unless your opponent has hate-drafted three cards of the same creature type

Mini-draft today (Opened a Nightmare first pack, ended up taking 7 rares, only two of which I played with, 3 of them being expensive white rares (and I played Black with a splasha red)) to make up for my lack of draftin tommorow due to the fact that I'm taking my mother to see Cats somewhere on campus. It's far from my favorite show, but it'll make her happy when I get all all dressed up (ick...) and stuff... and I don't go out of my way like that enough really.
But the question on my mind is: "How do you come out to your parents?" And I've been asking everyone because that's the only way I figure things out (not that I need advice, perse, but just because talking activates my brain better.) and I'm not looking forward to it. But I should. I should do things. I shouldn't be a waste of a person, drifting along until things force me to make a decision. Not like in that story. (that Ghost Knife story) Mew.
I drank a whole bottle of Bawls and I'm not going to be getting to sleep for awhile... *sighs* But oh well.

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April 20, 2004

The Super Magical Things Droid Does

Wow, look at the blog. It's so rainbowy and awesome. *hugs blog* It's so much more me!

Droid, you are THE MAN!

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April 19, 2004

Quanitfy my luck, I need a mercy fuck...

I... mmm...
I read a story in this book of short stories today, called Ghost Knife (I can't remember the author's name, but whoever it was is some sort of writing genius person (woman? I think it was a woman)). And it... it described me and what I'm doing with my life...

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April 17, 2004

The genius of Matthew Essner

"So you are a manservant to this guy, a total slave, you know? So your master is after this guy, Mark, and really wanting to lead him on into a trap. So I suppose the question is, will you help master bait mark?"

"So you're waiting around for your friend, Ejack, and he finally shows up and you're like ' Ejack! You late!'"

"So you're in this half of a country, vacationing, and you call up your mom and go 'Hey, guess which country I'm in!' and she's all like 'I dunno... Germany?' And you're like 'Nah, I'll give you a hint: It's half a country.' So she guesses 'Poland?' and you're all like 'Mom! I'm in Semi-nation!'"

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April 15, 2004

Caffiene Spellbomb

Ants crawl on my Pepsi and I am afraid to drink of it's goodness, but I need it. Oh, do I need it.

The agony.

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April 14, 2004

Shoot for the moon, I got Disseminated

Now, you don't hear me complaining about alot of things.
Wait, yes you do. But dammit, if you don't then why the hell do you read my blog, huh? Huh? Answer me that? Bastards.
I need to draft more often (every friday apparently not being enough of a money sink for drafting).
I need to shave. Desperately (honestly, though, I'm going to take care of that right after I type this stupid piece of stupid... stupid. I missed having smooth legs, and it's about damn time my laziness got a kick in the crotch.)
I need to work on reading Hiroshima, as I have a test on it tonight. Miyah.
I need to lose this damn cough.

Essner was all like "Yeah, yeah, you like drafting, but you need to build new decks so you can play with us more often." And I'm like, "Ye gods, you might have something there, kind sir!" And he's all like "Fuck yeah, I do, bitch." So I made this black-with-a-splasha-blue monstrosity.

12 Swamp
5 Island
4 Barren Moor (I love my Cycling Lands)

4 Chittering Rats
3 Silver Myr
4 Nantuko Husk
4 Festering Goblin
3 Nim Shrieker
2 Big Black Fattie Spell (I was originally thinking Reiver Demon for this slot, as I thought we had two, but apparently we have 0. So I gotta find another powerful black finisher bomblike card to put there. Hm.)

Other Spells
4 Crystal Shard
4 AEther Spellbomb
2 Relic Bane
4 Terror (Thinking about switching 2 of these out for some more general removal...)
3 Nuisance Engine
2 Barter in Blood (Even if it is just a crappy version of Innocent Blood...)

And that's it! I stall with the Chittering Rats Crystal Shard combo, and I go for the kill by pumping out many pest tokens with the Nuisance engines and either sacrificing them to the husks or having them just be there to power my Shriekers. The spellbombs speed the deck up and provide more bounce options for the rats or just annoying creatures. ("Clear the way! I'm sacrificing all 10 of my pest tokens to my Husk this turn!") Festering Goblin is fun to sacrifice because it gives an extra benefit to doing so, and it's a first turn drop. Barter in Blood is a nice piece of removal when I have two pest tokens I couldn't care less about sacrificing. All in all, this deck will probably work. Maybe. I still need two Nuisance Engines, a Relic Bane, a Festering Goblin, and whatever the hell big black guys I want to put in there.

After this deck, I have a blue with a bigger than blue in this deck splash of red deckthing idea which is just an excuse to use the Wand in a deck. And then if my deckbuilding continues to go well, perhaps my IsochronPanopticDeckofDOOM might be in order. Muh ha ha ha.

Wow, what a stupid little entry.

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Give me a chance to do a hip hop dance!

Essays to write tommorow (Or the next day, or some day after that, in the future, in time)

An Essay about Magic: The Gathering and my affinity with cards en general.
An Essay about how I think of things and say "Damn, that would make a good essay"
An Essay about coughing.

I like personal essays. I get to be myself in them. Hardcore myself. And that's hellafun. If my devart thing is still functional you can read some of my more favorite essays I wrote over there. I haven't posted anything in awhile. I haven't been writing much. This saddens me. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. ?

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April 12, 2004

Someone make this, I wont charge you for the idea or anything

I have two favorite game genres. Okay, more like... 4ish. But two of them are music games and RPGs. Let's combine them!
Each enemy would have their own song. Your party would be like... up to three people. You'd flip between them in a fairly Amplitude kinda manner. If you played their part of the song for however long, then they would get a turn to attack, cast a spell, the normal kinds of things you do in RPGs. Each song would obviously make the more useful characters do the harder parts, so like... in a battle where the enemy was weak against fire magic, your black mage drummer type character might have the hardest line to play, making you have to use a weaker character for the job if you need to get an action done quickly.
Obviously this would either be a very short game or require a ton of money for music direction and such. I wouldn't mind a short game of this type, personally. It would probably have some sort of arena mode too where you'd pick your favorite enemies and face off against them or something, to get right into the songy action.
A decently made game like this would make me one of the happiest people alive.

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But you know who could? Dr. Appledog.

I got ahold of Josh for like... a minute. And then stuff happened and we still didn't get to talk. Oh well.

I had something really cool to type here, I bet. Oh well.

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April 10, 2004

The newly crowned mullet of misery. Oh. Oh. Misery.

So, I packed all of the stuff up and put it in a closet... *sighs* Makes me sad and angry... and lost. Very lost.

On other fronts, something about Easter tommorow and then something else about how if I wasn't such a stupid coward I'd go out and run around in my bunny ears. But oh well.

Then a note about Josh not having called me back yet and then something else about... stuff. And then something about how awesome Being John Malcovitch is. And something about seriously needed to see Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind, and then a random thought that tommorow might be a good day for it, after all the easterish stuff.


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April 08, 2004

Okay, so lets see if MY blogging capabilities are back

Droid moved all his stuff to the new server, which is why everything was all weird. But it's all back, plus all the stuff that was lost way back when from all my friends and stuffs. Which is all very funny and I suggest you check out. Apparently my links are gone, but I should be able to add those back without problem, which I'll do, right after I post this. Other than that, huzzah.

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No Comments.

Comments will not work on any blogs hosted by me untill movable type 3.0 comes out. The reason is simple, all the blogs have suffered from commet spam. The spam is used to rank that persons site higher on google.

If you want a blog, contact me, Andrew Welker at droid (at) heydroid.com!

Yes, Matthew, i know i posted these here.

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Its back.

All is good now. Trust me, i am worthy of your trust.

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April 07, 2004

And again, there's one I don't know

Second week of Planetarium is up, and again there's one puzzle I can't figure out quickly. Bah. And it's a math puzzle, too.

To quote Matt Essner: "Wait, I got to make a proper sandwhich. When you make a sandwhich, you always got to have the meat in the middle." He wasn't talking about the kind with bread.

Here are the tentative rules for Ninja: the card game.
1. If you play Ninja, you win.


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April 04, 2004

And a chorus of angels sang from the heavens!

And there was much rejoicing.

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Change, Dice, Set, Move, Action, Defense, Draw, Change

Cards do cardlike things.

Well, there are many suckages on many fronts, and I can't do all that much about any of them.

In other news... well, there really isn't any other news. Things just kinda suck, and I'm sucking along with them. Time for a haiku.

Radiant leaves fall
Leaving me breathless when I
Feel the pointless pain

English and Haiku are just a terrible, terrible idea, by the way.

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April 01, 2004

Ready the pitchforks, just in case...

I swear to god, if they are going all stupid fucking april fools lying on us, we're going to have to start a riot. Kill everyone, leave no Magic RnD Developer standing! Doom! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
If it is true, though... well, it's going to be scary how much money I'm going to spend on it. The number of drafts that will occur at my house... crazy. And I won't have to worry about Denimwalk, so that's a plus.
God damn, if he's lying like a whore, death will rain down upon him LIKE RAIN!

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