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May 31, 2004

The love of my life is a shady lady...

Dude, check this out. Fun in a scary way. Seriously. I could learn a thing or two from this website to add to my Celebrity Head skillz.

Memorial Day. I hope I'm not working today, cause I completely am not going to work tommorow, and if I was supposed to work, which I'm fairly sure I'm not, missing work would be bad...ish.


I've been making bad Singleton and Prismatic decks online. My Mono-White Singleton deck is actually pretty good. My Prismatic deck sucks BALLS. But at least it gives me a bit of a feel of what a Prismatic deck should do by playing actually decent ones. Mew.


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May 26, 2004

So I don't lose my place...

I am creating this link.
That comic is pretty damn funny, in a furry way. Mew. Also in a lotsa sex jokes way. I remember a time when I was all kinda mature and politely embarrassed about sex, and now I'm reading comics like this and laughing my ass off. How time flies.

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It's just a full day's drive away...

So, in an odd move for me, I read the newspaper. And apparently, they're like... attempting to amend the Missouri state constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage. So now I have to figure out if I'm registered to vote, cause now I have something I actually care about to vote on. How do you even check something like that, anyway?

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May 24, 2004

I tried to shoot a thought, but the thought sunk

I found a cell phone today, and am about to return it. Good deeds are cooltastic.

Wow, alot happened. There was this LAN PARTY THING!!!! over at Justic McSpaeth's house, and that was pretty cool although I had work the next day (this was last Thursday) and I was completely and utterly tired and there was much napping. We played some Unreal Tourney 2 0 0 4ishness. Assault is fun. I don't like shooty games in large amounts, though. I kinda assume that Droid put up some sort of photographygraphs, but that's only an assumption. There was a couple of weird pictures of me taken, I think. Don't look at them.

Yesterday I did this Fifth Dawn Prerelease. Wow, that was hella fun, but tiring too. Magic tournaments are HELLA SLOW! But it was a good experience. We didn't really win anything, but I bought a plushie d20 which was definately the coolest thing I purchased yesterday. I love it. The store it was held in was nice and big and pretty. The scary thing, though, was that the DCI judge was only like... level 2... and yet they had to fly him in from out of country. He was either Austrailian or English, I'm not sure, honestly. He said girls wear pants like mine I was wearing. I was wearing new pants. The front pockets are really annoying in them, but I like them because of the streamer things on the sides. I wish I had ones like them in a cooler color.
Anyway, hopefully more people will get to come and enjoy the Champions of Kamigawa prerelease.
This blogger freaks me out cause it like... doesn't minimize. It goes into the little timebarthing. Freaky.

And Natalie... I need to put I link to her blog in the side bar. I will, as soon as I learn to upload and have to modify everything anyway. She's... we're... things are weird between us at the moment, but I guess that's kinda a usual for us.

Anyway, that's a caught up blogtastic blog! Whee.

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May 18, 2004

Did Mother Nature tell you "Girl, you come and go as you please?" That's what she said to me.

So I just finished reading this novel called A Shortcut in Time. It was goddamnawesomewonderful. It's the kinda novel I wish I could write well. It was about people, real people, and though they had an adventure, it was all about the characters, and their realness and their awesomeness. And I loved it. And if Rebecca refuses to let me get her something for her birthday, she's just going to get a copy of that, to spite the concept that I wouldn't give her something. Spite. Whee.

We did a minidraft last night. Onslaughtish. I ganked a True Believer. Fun. Mostly, though, I took Clerics and had a decent card pool but wussed out and lost cause I played with too many cards. It was so unlike me and I am ashamed. Also, nobody pulled a Slide, which saddened me as the Slide pleases me, even if it's a current tourney deck archetype. I like to feel that I would have, at some point, stumbled onto the concept due to my love of Cycling cards when I saw it. I may be giving myself too much credit, but oh well, I can cause I'm me, so screw you.

Also, I'd like a hug.

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May 16, 2004

And magically, out of nowhere, a witty title appeared. And there was much rejoicing.

So there was this game, and it was shown to me by random internet guy, and it was really damn cool looking, so I ordered it. And there was happiness around.

Apparently, Droid also changed the archive pages to be more color coordinated with the main blog page, and this makes me happy, as I didn't even ask him to. It might have been an accident, but eh, I'm happy. Still don't know how to upload though. Also, today is apparently sunday. Could have fooled me.

Mr. Show is funny stuff, too.

And apparently, listening to this poor, sickly little boy song (I hear he has 38 types of cancer, and at such a young age... mew...), I quoted the lyrics wrong in my last title. Oh well, I shall still continue to enjoy the rockin' good tunes of happy.

I have to start working hardcore tommorow, which saddens me. Also, I don't know the status of me going to Cairo to pahtay with Petesteve. Then again, I don't really feel like I know Petesteve very well. It's just kinda of a half-friendship by association. It's not like we in any way don't get along, it's just... I dunno. If I was in a room with just both of them, I think I might be a bit nervous or flustered or something. I get that with alot of half-friendships I have. Half-friendships seems like a harsh way to put it. Oh well.

Oh yeah, and I still hate playing Euchre of Pincohle with my brother... and I bet I spelled Pinnyocoole wrong, but whatever, fuck it.

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May 15, 2004

Show me all the rules, girl... I just wanna get along! Show me all the rules, girl... I just want to belong!

So Droid has hooked me up with all kindsa new movabletypething program that powers the blog. Supposedly it's really annoying in the way you have to install it. I don't know anything about such things, though. But yeah, so that's working sorta well, and supposedly quite soon we should get up the ability for you to comment on what the hell I just wrote, so you all should do that, or something.
Bridget is kickass awesome (Guilty Gear X-2 Reference!).
Also, Droid showed me how to upload things? I think? So that little picture in the corner should get working as soon as I post this.


(okay, so I still don't know how to upload. So sue me)

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May 14, 2004


This is a test, this is only a test, this is not a real blog entry! WARNING! WARNING!

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May 11, 2004

So sweet my mouth was seared, but your words, your mouth, is sweeter...

Okay, apparently I'm so pathetic that Buttonmanguy is worrying about me... mew... I shouldn't fall apart like that (not that I don't appreciate it tons, ButtonmanGamerXguy... thanks...).
People shouldn't worry about me. I shouldn't worry people.
I also shouldn't feel so angry... or depressed... or generally moody. God damn, I hate being moody. Stabbing. With knives.
That's another thing that scares me. I keep mumbling about how I should either kill myself, or everyone in the room I'm about to walk into. That's fucked up. God damn.
And now I'm talking all about this shite on here, and I feel bad about it because people will read it, when that's the whole damn point of a blog, to write about what you feel and what's happening to you and what bloggy things you're blogging but I don't want to because someone might worry.
I need to just tell my parents I'm a transsexual and get it over with. I need to... fuck, I don't know what i need to do. Something. Something to move my life forward. It's so god damn stalled... same fucking thing every fucking day and I don't do anything about it, lying to people all the time just to fit into what I think is the box I think they want me in, even when I know they're my friends and they want me to be me but I still have to hide things from them and fuck.

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May 09, 2004

Stomp Box, hear my thoughts

Jonathan won another draft. The bastard. Someone needs to kick his ass off his high horse... thing. Kill him! Maybe next draft.
Got some cool shit opened, though. Essner got a Wrath and Jonathan the rare-draftin' whore got some good shite as well. And me? Well, I enjoyed my deck, but my rares did nothing atall for me. Warped Devotion isn't what most would call a good draft rare. Oh well. 'twas fun. Jonathan just need to lose more often.
And now I am drinking fizzy caffiene drink and continuing to playtest my BEST USE OF KARONA EVER CONCIEVED! Deck. Life is so fizzy and caffinated. I should kill myself or something.

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May 06, 2004

I, Sakura, command thee under our contract! RELEASE!

So it was "Buy 4 get one free" weekend at the bookstore. So I spent too much money on manga. *sighs* One I was really really really really really really really pumped about was this one called "Tsubasa" which has Sakura and Sayoran in there! I have long been dreaming of a story showing the future of Cardcaptor Sakura characters. I wanna see what the hell the strongest magic user in Japan uses her abilities for. I want to see Toya and Yukito more! (Just because they are so damn made for each other... the explainations of the characters in the back of Tsubasa described them as best friends and that is such crap. They're in love, Yukito tells Sakura that to her face and Toya basically says it to Yukito, as well. Ahhh, Yukito-san...) And I want to see what the fuck Tomoyo does! Lesbian Fashion Designer? Tomoyo as a teenager is something I have to see. And an adult. Have to.
Anyway, turns out Tsubasa is a story based on alternate universe versions of basically every major CLAMP character ever created. Which is pretty damn cool, actually. Not what I was hoping for, though. False advertising on the back of the book, I swear! But cool.
---Time Passes---
Okay, so at random, I re-looked up where the hell Tomoyoworks was, cause I seem to recall it's one kickass awesome Tomoyo shrine. And I remembered right. But then clicking on stuff led me to this messed up piece of shrine and then I was very entertained for awhile. Mew.
All this shipping makes me wanna get back to check Pokemopolis, which I really need to link to down on the side and will probably do in a second...
*blinks* I need to put a buncha links up... I'll go do that, you go look at them. Later.

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May 05, 2004

Random Story Clip: Wren and Mink

   "I can't believe she would just run off and do that to me!" Wren paced back and forth at a fast, fevered pace, constantly clenching her fists and obviously looking for something to hit, kill, maim, or otherwise destroy.
   Brian continued to stare at the ceiling from his vantage point laying on the couch. He can come to become quite a good judge of ceilings by using this technique, and, honestly, the ceiling to Wren and Mink's apartment was seriously fairly substandard. No interesting swirls, lines, or bumps to lose yourself in. No interesting tiles to count. Just ceiling.
   "You know she's crazy about you. She's got a good reason."
   "But that's the fourth fucking time this week! Number four! No note, no explaination, she's just not there when I wake up... we haven't had breakfast together since Wednesday, she didn't even leave me any coffee... and I haven't even seen her today!" Both her fists began to raise in uncontrollable anger, then fell to her side and she fell to a clump on the floor. "I'm over-reacting, aren't I..."
   "Maybe." Brian took his eyes off the ceiling and started counting the number of objects on a nearby table. 15 if you count the stacks of paper as one object. He began to run an estimate on how many pieces of paper were in each individual stack. "Maybe not."
   "I don't see why she would want to go... and... and it's not like there's any reason to be secretive... it's September for chrissake... fuck..."
   Probably about 68 or so pages per stack... three stacks... estimated number ends up at about 216. "She's allowed to have her own life, I thought." Brian's eyes wandered over to Wren, laying on the floor and staring into nothingness. She was wearing 5 pieces of jewelry: the four bangles on one wrist that she never takes off and the ring that Mink gave her about a year ago.
   "I'm such a stupid bitch..."
   The lock began to make noises in the door. All 12 eyes in the room turned to the door, 4 human, 8 feline. "I suppose this is where I make my exit." Brian stood up with an uncharacteristic amount of movement and walked towards the window with the fire escape.
   "Thanks for coming..." Wren murmured from the floor.
   "You know my cell number." Brian climbed out the window and down towards the ground 3 floors below. He sighed and muttered to himself, "I'm terrible at showing it, but you know I care..."
   The door opened.
   "j0! Heh. Wren, you home?" Mink chucked her bag on the floor by the door as was her custom and her partner's bane, and walked deeper into the apartment. Wren was still on the floor, unmoving. Mink blinked and stared at her for a second. "Problems?"
   "Do I worry too much?"
   "Yep. But that's okay, I worry too little. Evens out. Without you, I'd probably never eat. Spend all my money on games. Heh." Mink plopped down on the floor and smiled at her.
   "You're lucky... worrying really sucks..." Wren started to pull herself up off the ground, but ended up giving up halfway, and falling in an odd fashion halfway into Mink's lap. Mink kissed her forehead. "Where were you?"
   "You don't work on weekends."
   "Yeah, well, they're firing people right and left... stupid fucking bastards don't know what fucking innovative magic we be making... Zen Reawakening didn't sell all that well, sure, but don't execs read game reviews? It was fucking genius and a revolution of the adventure genre..." Mink sighed. "Anyway, I've been going in early and leaving late cause I don't want our new project to be cut and we're already falling behind cause my team already lost two people..."
   "You never told me any of this..." Wren covertly snuggled a little closer.
   "Well, like you said, you're a worrier. And I knew if I told you this kinda stuff you all go out and go crazy about having to find a job and blah blah... And I thought 'Eh, I can handle it.' So... yeah."
   "...if you might lose your job, I really should..."
   "Bah, don't you dare," Mink cut in. "You write. That's what you do, that's what you're going to do. We do alright on the little bit you pull down and from my salary and you're happy... so... well, that's how it's gonna be."
   "...you should have told me... you always do stuff like this and make me worry about all the wrong things..."
   "I know, I know..." Wren quickly found herself hugged and held close. "Sorry."
   Wren smiled. "Eh, no worries... I just... yeah..."
   Mink's stomach growled loudly.
   "Eh heh... guess I must be hungry."
   "You never eat... when was the last time you ate?"
   Mink considered this for a moment. "Dinner last night?"
   "You had a cookie for dinner last night."
   "Geez..." Wren pushed herself upright and brushed herself off. "Well, I guess someone is taking me out to eat then."
   Mink hopped up as well. "Oh? Who?"
   Wren tossed Mink's bag at her head. Mink barely caught it at the last minute with a fumbling grab. Wren smiled. "Let's go, huh?"
   "Sure, baby bird, sure."

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May 03, 2004

No peace, no tenderness, no fun anymore...

Gods, I suck. I hate myself so much...

But at least I get to go lose at the Fifth Dawn prerelease...

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May 02, 2004

I think I should get some of those mints, the ones that are like altoids only with like... a whole soda's worth of caffiene in them?

So you see, on Saturday two magazines appeared in our mailbox, Discover Magazine and Shonen Jump. And obviously, being the intense intellectual I am, I read the Shonen Jump immediately. There's just something about a action comic about the game of Go that makes me giddy inside (although, honestly, I would much rather be recieving Shojo Jump. Heh.). But later, I was caught in a car with nothing but the previously mentioned Discover magazine, and I gave it a read. A little bit of one. And woah, they're like... creating a pregnancy vaccine that you take like you would a tetanus shot. And I'm like, woah, that's cool. Just having to get yearly boosters would be pretty damn cool (although, from how it worked, you'd still have a period, I'd think... *thinkity*). But then I'm like... wait... what if you decided to have a child during that time? You'd potentially have to wait months to have a child... that would kinda suck... but eh, 'twould still be cool.
Science. Yeah.

But god damn, I'm moody today... seriously... AND yesterday... *sighs* What the fuck is up with me...

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May 01, 2004

Pick it up, I'm going alone.

Yeah, I don't know if I'm going to be wanting to play Euchre with my brother again for awhile... *sigh...* Or maybe I'm just all... whatever. Bah. I guess I have been kinda moody today...

I'm a really weird person when I'm moody...

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