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June 26, 2004

WORDS OF WEIRDING! (And my Big Package...s.)

So, tommorow (technically today) it's vacation time. I can't say I'm too enthused about it, but eh, hopefully I'll get some fucking sleep... I'm so fucking tired...
Talked to Josh today, and he got out of his surgery a-okay, besides still being in pain and apparently draining icky stuff into bags? But I'm glad it went well. There will be soreness and annoyance, but then it's all goodness from there, and I couldn't be happier for him! In other news, he found a old high school friend who's living in Missouri! Bad news, she lives in like... this place outside of Kansas City, so that's like 5 or so hours away from me. *sighs* But eh, it's not like I got to go shopping in KC last time I was there (the planning, it did s|_|x0rz), and if he were there and I could crash somewhere, I'd totally drive to meet him. Heh.
I've got two packages coming whilst I will be away. One is my cards for this wonderfully frustrating Zur's Wierding deck I concieved. Perfect draw, I should be able to lock the other player from ever drawing cards again turn 3. (Turn one, land, turn two land, Sunscape Familiar, turn three land, the Weirding, turn four land, Words of Worship or Convalescent Care) Bastardish, yes, but I'm a really mean Johnny, and goodness, I like Zur's Wierding and it needed to be in a deck, it really did!
The other package is the gayest GBA ever concieved by mankind. It was about time I upgraded to the SP, as much as I play my Gameboy, and gods, it's so fucking pink it rocks my face. ^_^ I am filled with glee at the thought of whipping that mofo out in a public place. It just screams "hardcore gamer." ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ Gods, it's so awesome... and sad... but awesome.
But yeah, there's going to be this cruise thing and I'm going to sail aboot the ocean and shite. It doesn't thrill me. The mention of New York my father had before booking this cruise would have made me happier, but I know the rest of my family will enjoy this more, which is why I never complained about it and am happy to go. It's just getting not my thing. I like kiddy things and shopping things and theatre things and things with lots of ability to roam around at random. That's my kind of vacation. Mew. But eh, surely I'll have a good time.
In any case, that's my pre-vacation blog update. I will now sleep. I've been so fucking tired today... gods.
Love yah!

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June 23, 2004


IT'S FINALLY OUT! MARIO GOLF ADVANCED TOUR! *spins around crazyhappylike until the dizzyness sets in and then it's sitdown time*
It's everything I could have dreamed it would be. ALL of the modes from the GC one are in the game, ALL of them! And 4 player multiplayer on one system! Customizable taunts for your character! Discoteques! Okay, I lied about the disco part, but hot damn, it's pretty awesome. And apparently, all the special clubs I get in the Gameboy game I can use for ALL of the characters on the Gamecube one! w00t!
In other gaming news, Jonathan finally bought Samaruai Warriors. I've adopted this silly stupid girlperson (Ochiri is the name? Something like that) who attacks with one of those games where you try to catch the ball on the string in the cup? Yeah, that's her weapon. Anyway, once I beat her campaign, I unlocked a second costume for her, which is, get this, a fox fursuit. I was laughing my ass off in stupid happiness when I saw it! In any case, I am very happy with that game too, although I can only take so much button mashing bliss before I get pissed at the game.
And I get to bother Joshperson about his surgery tommorow. I'm so happy for him, I hope it all went off well and such. I suppose I'll find out tommorow.
Um, I've also ordered an Onslaught box that Essner and I are splitting in a weird way. We're both opening half of a half of the box, and then we're going to have a six player draft with the other half. *shrugs* Hope I get some good stuff, like fetchlands and other such happiness. WEATHERED WAYFARER!!!! I want some.
I'm sharing the beauty of "For Those of Ya'll Who Wear Fanny Packs" with Rebecca. Huzzah.
Um, doom?

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June 15, 2004

Puzzling Puzzling Puzzles...

Well, this starts the last week of Planetarium for me. It's been awesome, and I really suggest you play it by clicking on the little link on the side if you aren't already doing it. The problem with it for me is, although I've solved alot of the puzzles, I haven't solved anywhere near all of them, and have absolutely no clue what the Major Puzzle is, as I assume it's mostly deduced from what your answers to all the puzzles were, or at least those act as hints toward a solution. I know the solution has to be some sort of fucked up sentence, I just have no clue of how to construct it. Either-or keys make clockwise or counterclockwise movements... some of the keywords are possible solutions... maybe it's as simple as starting with each keyword and going around the circle that number of times in the direction indicated. But if that's it, I'm fucked, cause I know I'm not going to be able to solve all of the puzzles this week to figure it out like that... *sighs* I seriously got to get Essner in here for some last minute hardcore puzzle solving.
But oh well, even if I don't get it, reading all the explainations and solutions next week will be fun. And it ended at a good time, too, the week before I have to leave for vacation. Do I have timing or what?
Apparently, the people who made Planetarium were working on an even cooler game like it, one that would be constantly changing and that you could keep playing, instead of just being a one shot awesome like Planetarium is. It was supposed to get released in 2002. Well, it's far past that. It sounds awesome, though. I hope they get it done someday.
At some point, all of the Fanfic entries will get judged and posted... Essner wants to do more and more fanfic contests, and I'm completely down with that. If I knew how to upload, I'd create a crude but effective page where all the entries could be viewed and eventually winners announced and such. Gotta remember to bug Droid to show me how to do that... since he moved things to different servers and stuff, I've had no clue how to do all this stuff I used to know how to do.
Oh, and Selecting Ninth Edition has started over at the Magic site, so if you give a rats ass about Magic, get your word in about what cards should be in it. I picked Emperor Crocodile this week. Jade Leech is interesting, especially for the block it was in, but as a general use card, the Croc is soooo much better, don't you think?

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June 13, 2004

Frustration... Annoyance... and all that jazz

So my parents were going to be gone for most of this weekend, taking Jonathan to Boy's State, and I foresaw a relaxing weekend followed by a fairly relaxing week, just because I'd be alone most of the time, and I'd gotten hold of a good game to play, La Pucille Tactics. But eh, no, my mother has managed to get really really really on my nerves. I don't know what it is. She just keeps asking me to do things every five seconds, even when she wasn't hope, and looking up stuff on how I can make MY life better... I want to run my own life! Blaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... *falls over*
I'm being a real ass to her, too, because she's frustrating me. Beh. That's the part that really gets me, that I'm letting myself give in to how frustrated I am and am acting like a total jerk.
Jerk. I am a jerk. Assholejerk. Beh.

Apparently I didn't get through to Natalie as much as I thought I did, because she's mad at me for getting her hopes up and doing what she does or something. I don't know. I wasn't trying to get anyone's hopes up, just to explain, which was what we were doing. Gods, I'm frustrated.

I also remembered today that Joshy-kun should be having, have had, or will extremely soon have his first surgery, which means I should try to get ahold of him and see how he's doing! Go him! Go team! I haven't talked to him in a couple weeks anyway. I've been so busy... it's kinda nice to be busy, but it's kinda nice to sit about on the computer with nothing to do as well... which was what this weekend was going to be... mew...

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June 12, 2004

"I have heard a boy is a girl. This isn't right anywhere in the world."

So the great Harry Potter Fan Fic Contest is On!!!!!
Contestants: Matt Essner
Justin Spaeth
Matt Buchhiet (Has not read the Harry Potter Novels)
Andrew Welker (Shameless Plug)
Layne Strattman (Thinks she isn't going to join in, but is)
and of course, myself.
Offical Judges (Who may or may not realize they will be judging): Ian and Chelsea Spaeth

The deadline is Monday, and the minimum is a mere 250 words for an entry. I will be writing two fics. One is tentatively titled "The Harry Potter Shameless Yaoi Lovin' Fanfic" and the other is a more serious (or as serious as I can be when writing fan fiction) entry. I honestly should be working on them now, but I'm in a weird and not really all that creative mood. It will come to me later, though. Oh yes.
I believe Droid might be making some sort of page off his blog where these fanfics will ultimately reside. If he doesn't, I would IF I KNEW HOW TO UPLOAD THINGS! *falls over* I am so clueless.

I also realized I have nobody's e-mail addy in my address book. Unfortunate. Damn you, offical version of Outlook!

So Natalie and I talked last night. The amount of anger was down, which was a plus, and I think she actually might understand things a bit better now, which is a definate good thing. I can't say I have any idea what will happen now, though... mew... who knows...

My Spellbomb deck pulls lots of hate, but it's very effective. I really do have to get out to Plainswalkers and try it on other people with actual decks and see what happens. It'll probably lose, but I won't know till I try.

The question came up today about what card I would make if I won the Magic Invitational (NEVER. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.). I couldn't think of a good card on the spot, much less a good silly card like people were creating. But how about this for an actual card?
Stally Wall
1oW, 0/4, Creature - Wall
3oW: Prevent two damage to target creature or player.

It would never see play, of course. It's almost like "Wallight Invoker." Heh. ^_^ It might actually be able to be made a bit more useful... change it's cost to 2oW and it's ability to 1oW and only one damage prevented, perhaps. I wouldn't know, it would have to be playtested and such, and honestly, I'd want it to be a common. That's a common card. But that be my kinda card. Huzzah!

But yeah, blog? Oh, there was two Penny Arcades I wanted to link to. That one, and that one. And I made a new link in the links of love section, so check out awesome, or something similar. I'm done typing now. Mew.

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June 10, 2004

My mind is clearer now...

So there was this commercial on, and it was for this new Incubus CD or something, which I really couldn't care less about, but they were showing this music video, and there were a bunch of girls in white kitty cat fursuits in the background dancing (really good-looking fursuits, too... mew...), and I found myself excited in more ways that I really want to admit. Why in the world is it that I can look at any girl, really, and see them in a completely platonic way unless I try really really hard, and then I see a short video clip of some girls in fursuits and I get turned on? I really am quite the bisexual transsexual furry freak. Mew.

But yeah, I saw Jesus Christ Superstar up at the Fox this weekend! It was so hardcore! ^_^ I had a general love for the musical before this, but I hadn't seen it enough nor had real access to the music. Now I've copied Essner's soundtrack and I got to see a live performance! One thing about it that really bugged me, though, was the fact that the scantily clad singing girls in "Superstar" and Judas himself were wearing red. It's kinda a little thing, I guess, but one of the things I really respect about JC Superstar is its portrayal of Judas as a guy trying to fix things who gets used, you know? As a good guy? He should end up in white, in heaven. But eh, I guess that's just me. Essner dubbed the version we saw the "Hand Clasp Edition" of JC Superstar because whenever an Apostle needed to be doing something onstage, he'd walk up to another apostle and do a hand clasp and a hug. Heh.

We also did a Triple Fifth Dawn draft on Monday and will be doing another one tommorow. I rocked and rolled in the first draft with my two Salvagers and the crazy three Thought Couriers I was passed for some crazy reason and a bit of help from my Shacklething, I was doing pretty happy with some fast beatdown and cog draw power. Who knows how I'll do tommorow, though, since Jonathan and Eric will be there, and they be pretty damn good. Mew. I think I'm getting to be a match for them, though. I can beat Jonathan with the new deck I made, although he just bitched about it the moment after I played him once with a halfway build of it and beat him down. He bitches alot when he loses at card games, and is an ass about winning. I've said that before. Mew. It's all true. All of it.

I haven't written on here in awhile, so even though I need to sleep, this feels like a good use of my time. ^_^ Heh. Thanks to President Regan's death, I don't have to work Friday, so I'll catch up on sleep. Maybe. Hopefully.

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June 05, 2004

Birds fall from the window ledge above mine...

I really don't know what to say anymore.
One thing is for sure, I sure as hell need to follow my own advice sometime. God damn.
Had a deck idea... with Howling Mine, Clock of Omens, assloads of equipment, and something that would be fun to untap alot. But I'll probably never make it, you use it. Yeah, you. Bah.
I'm tired, but I don't want to sleep. I'm going to end up collapsing one day due to exhaustion, and be really embarrassed about it. I should sleep, I'm probably driving to St. Louis on Sunday... and staying up late... and working the next day... bah.


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