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July 30, 2004

Trip-trap a lovely dream...

I just finished a manga named Saikano. I got it because the art was interesting and it was buy 4 get one free manga day at Waldenbooks and I had 4 I wanted. But holy shit, it was wonderful! It was touching and very character based and human... I like things that are about people... about... feelings... and it has a manga edge, too.
So we're halfway through the show... and, well, it's going good, I assume. My new offline deck with the cycling fun that I outlined awhile back is working wonderfully and is fun to play. It's the perfect blend of tricksy to keep me happy and beatdown to give me a decent beatdown deck.
Apparently Brian's sister is trans. That hit me kinda weird. It also made me feel like a loser for not yet acting on my transness.
Josh won't call me back.
Natalie wants me to come and see her. I don't even know if I'll have a car in time. I don't know if I should, either. I mean, I'd love to go and have a good time with her, do some shopping, perhaps even go to Cedar Point again. It would be fun. But I don't know if she'd have fun... She really wants me around... and I honestly don't get why... I don't get what I give to her. what makes me worthwhile to her... I miss talking to her... or maybe miss being able to talk to her... but meh, it's all so... meh... mew...
I think my "I hate myself and want to die" shirt scared my mom pretty bad... *sighs*
There's a new Speed Racer DVD out. It has Mach 5 vs Mach 5 on it. Mismo Beam, yeah!
I'm going to go... place...
Code Lyoko Fanfiction? Yeah.

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July 29, 2004


Golltieb used my deck in his column! Holy Crap! And he didn't even modify it at all! Fuck! Fuck! Holy fuck!!!!!!!
I have alot of stuff to say about last night and such too, but that's for later.

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July 27, 2004

Synth is my god... well, besides caffiene... and video games... Synth is in there somewhere, I promise.

Check that out.
I just find it interesting that I find that funny. And the end of A Mighty Wind. I dunno. It's nice to be able to consider yourself part of a group but still be able to laugh at how completely stupid you are.
I kinda want school to start so I can have the computer to myself for actual periods of time again.
I also would like another job that I could work maybe 2 to 3 nights a week. Just for some added income, but not enough for me to get all stressy. A majority of nights off, you understand... I should really look while the lookins good.
And if I got said job, I'd go and get a computer. And a Wi-fi setup for the house. The Wi-Fi first, which I would disguise as doing a favor for Mom so she can have the computer downstairs, and then BAM! I'd have a new compy with Wi-Fi in my room! Huzzah! I'd kinda like a laptop, but at the same time not. I only say I'd like a laptop because I'd like something I could take somewhere and type on, but I'm sure I'd want a real computer for my room, so no to the laptop for now. It would be a semi-gaming machine, so although it wouldn't have to be top-end, it would need to support gametasticness. Anyway...
Lan party sometime next week, I think, to celebrate Bucchiet buying a compy. Judgement box should be coming in soon, and a triple Judgement draft is planned for Monday night. And shows for the showthing are all the rest of this week. Look, I'm actually doing something with my life. Whee. But I hate being in charge. But my crew is doing a good job. I get all insane and crazy and I find out they've done everything while I was freaking out. I should buy them all something on the last night of the show, like roses. But that might be wierd, what with me being a "guy" (in quotation marks) and them all being of the female persuasion. Eh, I'll get something.
I also got the Mighty Whitey Fleshtones' Album the other day... it was worth 5 bucks, but I can't say it'll grace my CD player for very long. It was humorous, but the music is just humor music and doesn't really stand up, to me anyway, as something to listen to on a regular basis. It's still ultra-cool that they made a CD and stuff, though. Indeed. Maybe someday Pi will have a CD out like them. I hope Pi happens. I should learn to play Keyboard. Mew.
The End.

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July 26, 2004

All my world in one grain of sand... and I've blown it...

I really don't like being in charge of things. I like secondary being in charge of things. With like only one person above me. That's perfect for me. I don't get stressed out there, I just do what I'm told... yeah...
I almost beat Luigi's Mansion last night, playing at the Spaeth's. I'm at the last boss. Whee. That game is really short, cause I got there in two random sittings at the Spaeth residence. But it's pretty good while it lasts.
I dled the whole TMBG concert I went to see from their website. So. Awesome. But Spaeth has my burned copy right now. Hopefully he's copying it. Hopefully.
You know, if I knew how to upload and had... what was it again... oh yeah, motivation, I have vague plans to set up a website on here for my writing work... all my characters and plotlines would get described and anything I wrote in that universe would be stored for viewing there... I dunno what I would call the page, though... something... interesting... and more slick that "Blogtastic blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..." Although I really like that name for this stupid piece of webspace.
Fuck, just kill me now. *curls up in a ball and hides*

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July 23, 2004

Stomp Box, voice of fear... pour your poison in my ear...

So I built the infinite death loop deck and played it online. People seemed confused. Essner and I laughed our asses off.
Let me break down the infinite death loop. It requires two cards.
1x Swamp
1x Blood Celebrant
Then you just keep activating the Celebrant's ability for black mana. Genius.

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July 20, 2004


So I've calmed down from post-totalling my car again. It was an accident, being all stupiddepressed about it really isn't going to help... but still... god damn... *sighs*
Anyway, the youth group summer play is in full swing, and I'm makeup head and I have to like call people and organize them. That's not my strong suit. I might have already stated this, but oh well. Fuck you too for complaining about it, bitches. *sighs* I'm very tired, too. I need sleep. But I'm stuck on a sleep schedule which won't let me go to bed before one, really... then again, I'm so groggy all day that maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight. That would be nice.
Droid said he like... actually reads my blog. Essner has confessed to it once or twice as well. Huh. Wonder if it's freaks them out that I talk about my stupid gender issues on here. Who the hell knows.
I made a new character. It's a combination of a bunch of random character ideas I've had bumping around in my head. Her name is Iri, she's about 9 or so, and she has the ability to syphon luck off of other people and use it whenever she likes. She's bound to the Tarot card Wheel of Fortune. I could write a story about her, I bet, but part of me wants her to not be so young so I can have her want to do more mature things and part of me does because it would just be fun to have her beating the shit out of people in card games and such at that age. And a little part of me says "Why not do both?" but then realizes that nobody really wants me to write stories that refer to 9 year olds having sex. Eh, she'll appear somewhere I'm sure. I like the name Iri. I came to me at random. It's odd and rememberable and sounds like a name. Arlressy is kinda like that, only not quite, which, as a weird segue, is the name of my Mithra White Mage on Odin server, so if you play FFXI and see her, say hi. I'll give you a hug.
I've realized I need another beatdown deck other than my walls, because my walls require patience, and I need a deck that just swings in every turn or so. So I'm thinking it's time to make my Invigorating Slide or Green Deck Slides or whatever the fuck I want to call it into existance. Here's a partial build. The rest will be utility and otherwise useful cyclers.
4x Astral Slide
4x Invigorating Boon
4x Tangle Asp
4x Wurmskin Forger
4x Ironshell Beetle
I like the trick of putting counters on Tangle Asps to make them big. So why not do it alot? Play Forger, my Asp gets big. Slide Forger out and back in every turn, and my Asp gets huge. I might want to put Hoversails for flying defense, maybe. And I'm going to use all my Krosan Verges because I bought them and this is WhiteGreen and I might as well use them for something. My 3 or so Eternal Witness might make it in there too. The witness thing is a tourney level idea, but since I won't be buying expensive cards for it and I won't be using it to continuously pull back Wraths every turn, I'm sure I won't feel bad. I will also need to figure out what the cycling disenchant is and get some copies of it. In any case, it will be beatdown and it will be tricksy enough to keep me happy. I might need some trample, too... or Nemesis Mask, hey, that's an idea.
I have another deck I'm building online, it's a gank deck, but I'm tired as fuck and going to bed, so I won't describe it now. Maybe later, if it works as well or better than I hope. Later.

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... (dot dot dot)

Well, I've totalled car number three. That's three cars in my four years of driving. Good job, me. Way to go.

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July 18, 2004

And who the hell is he? I can't believe this is happening...

So... fucking... tired...
Play Lock-in was last night... I never get any sleep, staying up all night was not really a good plan on my part... chaa... it was fairly enjoyable, though... I gotta get more plannin' done with the Makeup crew... I don't like planning things... *sighs*
I'm level 42 Fighter/Organist now.
Natalie finally convinced me to get on her FFXI server and play with her... she hasn't sent me my world pass yet, I was going to start the character a bit now before Jonathan woke up... oh well, I suppose I'll just take a shower and get cleaned up instead... mew...
Too many cans... this room needs to be cleaned... *sighs*
I did end up fiddling with my Prismatic deck a bit... hopefully it's better for it... maybe... I dunno... tired... mew...
I have three Mind Bends and a Spectral Shift online... I should gank a playset full of both and make a Mind Bend deck... it should be cheap to gank, those cards... then I just need good targets... mew... and white probably has good targets... Bluewhite color-changin' beatdown. Whee. Or maybe I'd do green... green walks sometimes... I dunno, I'd figure it out...
But yeah... tired... need shower.

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July 16, 2004

I'm long-haired hippy kitten... I've got a secret mission...

I'm too lazy to integrate good 5th Dawn cards into my Prismatic deck. That's kinda sad. But damn, Prismatic deck building is hard and time consuming... but Wayfarer's Baubles would certianly be a help in the deck. But I'm LAZY.
Happiness Doesn't Have to Have an Ending from the Bed Bed Bed book rocks my face. ^_^ Heh heh...
Oh, I'm a level 36 Fighter/Organist Talking Pony. Fun.

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July 15, 2004

Damn! Good! Times! All of the people applaud!

Holy fuck. They Might Be Giants, in concert.
I was rocked beyond belief. My throat is sore from screaming and my ankle is sore and making me limp from dancing, jumping, and generally rocking. But gods, it was so awesome. During the concert, I thought back over my life a little, and seriously, I think the three TMBG concerts I've been to have been the happiest points in my life. I cannot remember another time when I've been filled with so much endless, boundless joy. Heaven is a TMBG concert... mew...
I mean, seriously, it was so great! They played all kindsa songs that our group wanted to hear, the stuff from the new album, the Spine, is so fucking awesome and it rocked too. Some random girl took my picture, and some other random girl kept high fiving Jonathan and Bradly Bo. Justin Spaeth bought a huge foam They Might Be Giants finger. Life doesn't get any better, I swear!
But yeah, I wrote down the set list for Essner and myself, and I'm going to post it here because I screamed in the parking lot afterwards that I would... (Not like anyone there will come here, but still, best to cover my bases...) So here that is.
They Might Be Giants Concert at Mississippi Night on July 14, 2004 Setlist
"Mississippi Nights"
Dr. Worm
Stalk of Wheat
Memo to Human Resources
Experimental Film
The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
Birdhouse in Your Soul
It's Kickin' In
Bastard Wants to Hit Me
In the Middle, In the Middle, In the Middle
Wicked Little Critta
Ana Ng
Damn Good Times
Wearing a Raincoat
Robot Parade
"Thank you for coming to our show"
End of the Tour
John Lee Supertaster
James K. Polk
New York City
Second Encore
Clap Your Hands
And that's it. Gods, it was so fucking awesome... mew... Well, I need to take a shower now, for my hair still smells like smoke and that's kinda disgusting... Later! Rock on!

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July 09, 2004

Kiss me like you want me... twistin' roooooound... again and again...

So I bought the City of Heroes, and it looks damn cool, but the compy is being all stupid and the game jerks and lags and I don't get why. I've pulled the graphical quality down, updated all the drivers, defraged the HD... mew... it's a bit frustrating. I'm working on yet another plan, hopefully it'll work. It involves making sure there's nothing running in the background to steal any CPU goodness. Pray with me that it works. At the moment, though, I'm waiting for this painfully slow automatic update to automatically update... mew... *blinks* At least the meter has jumped up since last I looked at it... that means it's doing something, even if it is doing it painfully slowly. After it gets done, I'll reset, and then get into the game one last time before I got back to work to see if I got it groovin'. My character is named Crossfox, and she's a Magic Defender Healy Girl, with energy beams for a little bit of offense. I probably should have gotten Force Fields as my secondary power, so I could do Defense Buffs, but then I wouldn't be able to deal any damage AT ALL, so it was probably best I went with the beams. I'll pick up Force Fields as another secondary skill set later, hopefully. I also think I'm going to take Teleport as my supermovement ability, although flying would be hardcore cool... I just don't get why a fox would fly. Teleport is fine, cause, well, she's got magic. Eh, we'll see if I break down and get flying when the time comes. Still got another level or so to go before I have to deal with that. But hopefully I'll get it running, cause it seems like a damn fun game. I've done one mission, and I moved painfully slow in it, but I had a blast rescuing a buncha hostages from the Clockwork King's Sprocket troops. Heh.
But yeah, must wait on stupid little meter. Laters. Mew.

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July 05, 2004

I'm in love... I'm in love... I'm in love with a strict machine...

Back from trip. Cards came in, but Gameboy will probably have to wait until Tuesday. Oh well, at least it's on it's way. Jonathan scoffed at my Wierding deck the first time I tested it the moment I got home last night. Beh, it's really getting to the point where I can't stand playing any sort of cards with him. He's just got such a cocky air about him. I know my decks suck, but they're generally fun. Even when I try to make a serious deck it has to have funstupid in it. He is one asshole of a Spike/Jonny sometimes. But eh, I love him and his newly found facial hair. He is my brother, after all.
The cruise... was... a cruise. I don't see how people can enjoy like... spending a week doing what is basically a long car ride with leg room and a buffet for a week for three half-days of coolness. That's just bad time management. It's not fun. Mew. But I think my family had a good time, so it all works out, I suppose.
I do alot of stuff I don't like because I don't want to possibly change my family's plans. I wonder if that's a good thing or not.
There was two days of just sitting on the stupid boat before a day of driving home, and during that time I managed to get all thinking about how fat and ugly I was and how I'm never, ever going to be who I want to be. I'm a really depressing person when I try to be. I really don't like myself. I'm chubby around the middle and hairy and I apparently am missing something in the whole shaving process because my face always looks stubbly no matter what I do and it really pisses me off. I never get anything done with my life, I swear. I'm just going to be this confused gamer furry idiot my whole life. Miyah.
I should not be like that though. At least I get to have fun with my friends again today. Maybe slap the Euchre, maybe play some Magic... and I don't have work today, either, so that's a plus, I suppose.
I think Kazaa light might be doing something weird where everything I try to download gets like... wiped or something. *blinks* I'm going to check it out now. No, wait, it's just because for some reason there are a million blank copies of this particular song. Wonderful.
There was this music video channel on the boat, and it had like... the exact same rotation the entire time, so I saw the same music videos like 3 million and a half time. There was rap and crap. But there was some stuff that was decent. Like this song by Goldfrapp. Very me kinda song, Essner and everyone won't be listening to this. Kinda Ladytron/Garbageish. The music video had dancing dogguys and freaky visuals. I like the song mucho, and I almost have it downloaded. I might actually go out and buy their album if I can find it, which I should be able to, as there was only pretty popular stuff on that music video rotation. Also, I got to see the poor sickly little boy's (aka Ben Kweller) video for The Rules, which wasn't a very interesting video, but at least I got to listen to good music. Yay. And the video for The Darkness's Growing On Me is hilarious. I have a feeling Jonathan might get their album next time he finds himself with cash.
Holy crap, Goldfrapp must be popular, I'm actually getting an assload of hits on Kazaa.
I think I'm caught up with my comic reading and e-mailing and button menning from last week, too, and now I've blogged, so huzzah. Oh, DROID of all people left TEN messages on my phone last week. Droid! I was suprised, but it was kinda nice. ^_^
Enough with the bad blogging already! I need a shower desperately... (I hated the shower on the ship, it did evil things in my hair and had settings of scalding and not hot enough...)

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