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August 30, 2004

I can't hide from my mind, though I try... try... try...

So I started reading "As Nature Made Him," and it made me feel like I was going to explode on the inside... I can't even talk about it anymore... but it did amaze me how quickly I squashed my emotions once I was around people... kinda scary, actually... it also made me angry that, even though I have a cell phone and I could basically call anyone, anywhere, I felt like I had nobody I could talk to... I wish I could talk to people about me... I'm so fucking tired of everything, I swear... So... fucking... tired... of it all... *sighs*
Computer getting there, sorta... I'm dling the Evil Genius demo to give the mofo a test drive... need to get it on the network so I can steal my files from Jonathan's compy...

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Testing... testing...

Getting stuff set up on the new compy... let's see if I got the blog settings right. ^_^ Muh ha... more about new compy after it's completely operational!

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August 26, 2004

Konnichiwa, BITCHES!

Japanese is cool.
So my comptuer came in today. But due to some weird shite, I don't have a heatsink for the processor. Droid said he'd order me one earlier today, but, um, not that I don't trust him or anything, but I might have logged into his Newegg account and he doesn't seem to have ordered me one... who knows.
Also, MY CASE IS DENTED. The case wobbles and is dented on the back hardcore-style, so that the little door doesn't look like it'll fit on there properly... *sighs* I guess I should have figured that this kinda stuff would happen. I don't really want to send my case back, but god damn, that's annoying. I should get some sorta monetary kickback for getting damaged goods.
Anyway... I hope everything gets going alright... *sighs*

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August 25, 2004

Oh, look out now! Just between your shoulders...

One more day until computing heaven! Maybe two.
My mom got all mad at me for my schedule... bah... I really didn't need to be woken up by a yelly fight, and then have mom run downstairs and call Dad so that I'm going to have another yelly fight over the phone later tonight... *sighs*
As much as I kinda mocked Essner last night, I really should actually STUDY Japanese this semester... I want to be able to speak it, and I'll have Essner and Bucchiet along, so it will be fun... and then I really could do my little Teaching English As A Second Language thing that the gods seem to want me to do... it would be quite an experience, going over and living in Japan... I'd have to go to college over there, which would be the only part that would have me skiddish, but hell, I should. You only live once. It'd be fun... If I work hard and really learn my stuff, I'm honestly going to consider it...
The newish Vs Superhero cardgamething is really hella fun. I'm really enjoying it. It would be even better if I had a completely constructed deck. The weird, innovative one simultanous turn really does help to make the game interesting, and it's even more interesting with more than two players! I doubt the game will take away Magic in my heart, but I'm really excited about it.
Anyway, just gotta wait through today, clean off my desk, get my new ID and books, get yelled at by Dad over the phone... seems like a light day, I suppose... chaaaa...

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August 23, 2004

I'm queen of it all, the bell of the ball, I swear that it's always been like this...

I gots me car back. Huzzah! Now I just need to find a keychain... *sighs*
School started today. Ho hum. Whatever. I still need to get my books... and replace my ID... bah, fuck it all, I don't want to do it. *hides*
Apparently, Josh hadn't graduated like I previously thought, and is hardcore into this final semesterquarterwhateveritis he has to do. So I won't bother him anymore. Heh.
So I walked into Toys R Us today, looking for a keychain that would fit me, when I see a demo machine for Donkey Konga. I played that mofo for like... half an hour, feeling like an idiot jammin' out and clapping in the middle of the store. It got me so jazzed! I can't wait for it to come out now, especially since I think it's going to be a budget release! The Kongas are really well made, too. I was kinda worried, but they're fun to use and they don't hurt your hands or anything when you slap the hell out of them. Seriously, it's gonna be hella fun. ^_^
I had something else to write about, but hell, I dunno what it was. Oh yeah, I've been trying Ragnarok, a decision I apparently made at the same time as Piro on Megatokyo. It's really... simple... right now. But I'm giving it time to get me into healer Acolyte class before I dismiss it as boring. But I am pretty sure it's just kinda boring. *blinks* There's nobody to talk to!!!! I want to talk to people when I play an MMORPG! I thought with the more cult following of Ragnarok I might get that, but I guess not...
Anyway, that's it. Go away now.

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August 22, 2004

Monya-Monya is a drunken whorekitty.

I'm thinking about trying Ragnarok, just because I can play it for half a month free, it's a free download, and unlike other MMORPGs, I THINK that I can play it and easily have something running in the background and such, I think it runs in a normal windows window. I could chat on AIM and shite without any problems, probably. That's my hope anyway. And it can keep me company until I get the Sims 2 for my new compy and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time for my PS2... but I probably won't have my new compy until Friday and I probably shouldn't start tryin' to play the game until then, at least... mew... who knows, really.
Cheddar Cheese Chex Mix smells disgusting and is upsetting my stomach, methinks... *sighs*
School starts tommorow. It hasn't sunk in yet. Hopefully I'll have a non-eventful semester... that's my hope... I just want things to feel like they're going well or something.
Josh still hasn't called... I've debated complaining to him with some sad piece of self-hating message, but then decided against him because I don't want him to worry. But damn, I'd like to talk to him sometime...!!!
So I wanted to play Diablo 2 on Bucchiet's computer with his remote last night and he wouldn't let me because he is a computer passwording bastard. Diablo 2! VIA A REMOTE! I could play from ACROSS THE ROOM!!!!! DID HE NOT UNDERSTAND THIS? ACROSS THE ROOOOOOOOM!
My computer will have a remote, too, I think. It's interesting. Dunno what I'll actually use it for, though. *shrugs*
I wanna order compy now... mew... *sighs*

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August 20, 2004


I put moneys in the banks and it goes MONEY! But I can't buy my computer until tuesday. Stupid banking system. But oh well. ^_^ Tuesday it is, then. Also, the bank has been charging me for using the bank when they shouldn't have been, so I get 60 bucks back that have been incorrectly stolen from me. Huzzah. That's enough to purchase a little something called Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
I also FIGURED OUT HOW TO UPLOAD!!!! Did you notice? It's not like I uploaded much. Just the linkything in the corner. Toya and Yukito are so damn cute together. ^_^ Perhaps weird little bloggy subpages will start to appear. Perhaps. Depends on how bored I am, really. But at least I have a file dump for stupid stuff like my piccy in my Button Men profile.
The stupid car repair place lost my keys and now I've lost my change purse... *sighs* So I gotta find a new keychain and a new change purse that I like... This one isn't all that bad, but I just loved the layout of my old Cinniamoroll one. Also, who knows if I'll be able to find a keychain that combines the smallness, cuteness, and obscureness of my Eevee one. And the ability to play with my keys by spinning them around and around. That too. *sighs* Replacing things sux0rz.
It's also the start of another weekend. Shall Josh actually call me? Only time will tell.

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August 19, 2004


LucasArts, why are you such an ass now?
Also, as a side note, why am I not reading VG Cats on a weekly basis? And why am I the only one home? And why the fuck has my stomach been hurting all week nonstop?
I also heard a new TMBG song on the clock radio. It was a nice retelling of how our circulatory system works. Go blood.
Tommorow I get paid. COMPUTER! WHEEEE!

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August 18, 2004

And now, terrible Code: Lyoko Fanfiction Theatre!

Zana Is An Evil Bitch
A Code: Lyoko Fanfic
"How's the Materialization program coming, Jeremy? I can't wait to bang you three ways from tuesday." Aelita stared at from the computer screen at her sexy god, Jeremy, with intense interest AND sex.
"I probably shouldn't have described sex to you," Jeremy said, barely looking up from the hardcore typing he was doing. "It's been all you've talked about since. Then again, it'll save me time when you do get out here in the real world, where Zana can never ever fuck with us again."
"Yup. Only I will fuck with you, then."
"Aelita, you're making me blush..."
"Oh, I wasn't aware you had those kinds of conversations!" Od said, walking into the room looking definately gay. Definately. Definately likin' the guys. Gay.
"Yeah, indeed. That's almost as freaky as what me and Umi..."
"Shut the fuck up, Ulrich. That's between you, me, and Kiwi." Umi said, kicking Ulrich squarely in the crotch... and then Od too, just for fun.
"Ow, your knee is in my crotch." Ulrich explained.
"I've almost got this program completed! Seriously! And this time, instead of Aelita being all infected and stuff, she'll have guns! And 17 different variations on the supersexy dance." Jeremy said, quivering in anticipation!
"I like number 12, personally." Aelita completely helpfully added.
"Let's hope Zana doesn't try to stop us." Ulrich stated as he opened a book and then closed it, so as to be doing something.
Then there was explosions.
"Holy crap on a stick, there was bombs!" Od screamed in a very non-straight manner.
"Zana must be using Lyoko to take over the nuclei of atoms and make them split!" Jeremy said, jumping to completely straight conclusions!
"I'll scan Lyoko for an active tower, Mr. Sexy!" Aelita said, scanning Lyoko for an active tower.
"Then let's all get to the factory!" Umi said, even though everyone else was already headed for the factory!
"I'm Jim! Whatcha doing? Can I join your club? DETENTION!"
"Oh no, it's Jim!" Od exclaimed, scanning his masculine physique.
"Whatever shall we do?" Jeremy weeped.
Umi kicked Jim in the crotch.
"Quickly, we haven't much time!" Ulrich cried.
Scene where people are skateboarding for no reason!
"Okay, we're here in the factory!" Jeremy explained because I'm too lazy to write much other than dialogue.
"We'll get to the Virtualization thingies!" Some random person said.
"Aelita, did you find the tower?" Jeremy asked, playing solitare on the Lyoko computer.
"Yeah, it's in the... floating... island... zone. Wanna cyber?"
"Later. We have to stop Zana! He's such an evil bitch... TRANSFER, UMI! TRANSFER, OD! TRANSFER, ULRICH! Um, are you all in the Lyoko now?"
"No," Ulrich said. "We didn't get in the pods yet."
"Ah. Are you there now?"
"Well, here we are, virtualized!" Umi said. "And there's Aelita."
"Hello, everyone! Wanna make out after we save the world?" Aelita said with a smile.
"Um, we're supposed to escort you or something." Ulrich said.
"There are evil Zanathings! I think they're those stupid little spiderwalkers! Watch out!" Jeremy said, eating a sandwhich.
"You all go on ahead!" Ulrich said. "I shall distract them with my amazing virtual powers! TRIPLICATE!"
"Now, fear the three of me!" said Ulrich number 2!
"Hey, I'm a evil spiderthing! Zap Zap!"
"Ow, my lifepoints!" said Ulrich number three, being killed all over the place.
"Hey now. Hey now. IMPACT!" Ulrich number one said.
"I explode! There are more of me, though." Said evil spider thing. Zap Zap!"
"Ow!?" Said Ulrich number one.
"Fucker!" Said Ulrich number two.
"My man is dead, keep running, I shall fight now!" said Umi!
"We are running towards the tower!" said Aelita and Od.
"I am eating another sandwhich and having some lemonade!" said Jeremy.
"Fear the wrath of my fanmove!" said Umi, throwing her fan.
"I am fanned and will explode, but there's another one of me! Zap Zap!" Said evil spider thing.
"I am so dead." said Umi.
"Almost there!" said Jeremy, reading pornographic materials on the internet.
"I shall finish them off, because I have a tail!" said Od. "LAZER ARROW!"
"Boom." Said evil spider thing.
"I am wandering into the tower and typing in my name and password!" said Aelita.
"RETURN TO THE PAST, NOW!" said Jeremy.
"So, Jeremy, wanna cyber?" said Aelita.
"Sure." said Jeremy.
THen everyone had a hearty laugh! Go Miguzi!
The end.

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Cause they call me... Johnny Combo Ass...

It's a new song for Pi that's slowly evolving... seriously... mew...
So, um, people don't release games during the summer. Idiot bastards. The only good game that came out this summer is Mario Golf: Advance Tour which, granted, is one hell of a game release. But I need more gaming than that. I'm in a gaming wasteland. It's all going to be fixed come the start of September, of course, with Star Ocean: Till the End of TIme leading the way on August 31, followed by Sims 2, Silent Hill 4, Fable, and such later on. No "must have" Gameboy titles until November, though, with Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. This new Astro Boy: Omega Factor is getting some sweet reviews, though... I'm not much of an action type person, but I might check it out, nonetheless.
I really don't know what I was going to write about. My stomach has been hurting lately. I need sleep. Um... chickens.

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August 14, 2004

I was so right... ^_^

So I saw Brian's sister at Hastings, even though Essner SWORE that it wasn't her... him... miyah, there's always a weirdness there. I'm going with him. Anyway, now that I know it was, I wish I would have talked to him, although hell, that would have been akward and stupid anyway, and much too random. But anyway...
I pre-ordered Sims 2, because it'll be fun and I'll have a brand-spankin' new compy to play it on. The preview disk that came with it to show off the game I completely watched, and hot damn, it's going to be like... so much more entertaining than the original Sims. The sims are so much smarter! And the whole wants, needs, fears, etc that your sims have are going to give you more possible direction as far as what to do and where to go, something that the original could sometimes need, and yet you can still do anything at all, which is just wonderful. It's going to rock!
Only problem being that it's coming out like... a couple days before the Kamigawa pre-release... I'ma gonna need cash. Heh.
Speaking of Magic cards, I really want to build a multiplayer-based Magic deck. One for 2hg and Chaos, or just chaos. Both would be nice though. But one that was seriously FOR those formats, instead of just using my decks and hoping they work well. But I have no clue where to start. Something tells me that I might want to go Red/White, though. Or White/Black. And I want to put Reward the Faithful in something. I really do. And let's go with Mind's Eye and the Puzzle Box to give me draw power and hardcore access to answers.
But yeah... umm... Yeah. Megas XLR is on, so Imma gonna watch that now.

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August 12, 2004

I can't hide from my mind...

I wonder how I can get a comments link on the mainthing... apparently you can comment if you go into an entry from the archives, though. If you ever care. Which you probably don't. But oh well, so it goes. ^_^
If I knew anything about how this stupid blog actually works, I'd change the archive pages to be more not ugly brown and orange. Not that I don't like Brown and Orange, as I originally think they were chosen due to their foxy nature (Start probably partially disturbing furry discussion: I'm a fox, right? But I feel drawn to bunnies and I make cats sounds all the time... I decided I'm half red fox, quarter cat and quarter bunny at some point... which makes me wonder how I'd look. Would my tail be extra cotton-y? Would I have a shorter snoutlikepart due to my kitty and bunny heritage? And just who out of my mom dad and such are the bunnies and foxies? Furry culture is really stupid. Then again so am I. End Possibly Disturbing Furry Discussion), but I'm much too gay and such for that now. It really clashes with the main page. But I suppose I should be happy it works. I tried fiddling with it and it all blew up at me so I changed it back. Mew.
I think I might have had some actual things to talk about... *thinkity...* Maybe not. I get to order a computer in about a week and a half. Yay. And, um... Kamigawa prerelease is going to be coming soon, I gots to recoup money for that experience. ^_^ When Kamigawa comes out, it'll be the first standard enviroment I've ever been in where I'll actually know all the cards and metagames and such. I mean, I sorta know standard now, but I don't really know everything available in Onslaught Block. I sorta do, but not really. Especially not in Legions. But I know Mirrodin really well. It'll be interesting to see how it interacts with this upcoming block... I can't wait to see the themes. I had a random thought that this set should see the return of Cummulative Upkeep, but the chances of that happening are slim. Heh. They could mix it up, though! Cummulative Upkeep: Give yourself 1 Poison Counter.
Heh, gots to go! Foodtime!

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August 09, 2004

Compy madness! I'm only partially copying Bucchiet!

Well, it's semi-mostly-offical! I'm going to buy a computer. Whee. And set up a Wi-fi, I think, too. Wi-fi is nice. And then I'll have happy compyness in my room. Eeee. It'll have... stuff... on it. And probably be fairly... yeah. *nods*
Of course, I'll need tons of Droidhelp, so I should probably ask him very nicely about that now.
Whee, computers. *blinks* Now it's time to watch the conclusion of the Dog House Monster House! ^_^

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August 05, 2004

Stupid fucking Missourians...

So my stupid state of origin has outlawed gay marriage with their stupid amendment. My one singluar vote was apparently not enough to turn the ties as there was like 2 votes for every 1 against. What bullshit... I love this towncitything, but now I feel compelled to move away from Missouri, seriously... *sighs* Such idiots.
I test-posted part of this for my mom to see that I had a website, and now I'm actually writing what I think. I hope my mom doesn't try to read this like... ever. Cause of my language and because I'm still in the closet to her. Bah, she should never get online, she just pisses me off when she does.
I started stealing code and stuff from this page and made a semi-decent template to use on my other pages that I want to make for semi-archives of my semi-stuff... now all I need is to figure out how the hell to upload it... mew...
But yeah, kittens. Which reminds me, I should check Mushycat to see if awesome guy has put up anything cool there recently. You should give him money, the whole site is kickass awesome. Support hippykitty!

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August 03, 2004

Observe the front wheel spinning upside down...

So I just voted for the first time ever. They're all like "Democrat or Republican?" and I'm all like "NEITHER! I'm just here to vote down stupid amendment killing the possibility of gay marriage!" And they're all like "Then here's a non-partisan ballot!" and I'm all like "Yay, happy voting time begins!"
Better that I only vote for what I'm actually informed about, right? Right.
So my car is going to be repaired. If we're insanely lucky the insurance will pay for it, but my parents seem to think it's not going to happen. Which sucks hardcore. But at least I should probably have a car by next week or so. Maybe.
Results of the JJJJ Draft! Jonathan won. I got second or third. Bucchiet and I didn't play it out because I was tired and the prize was the same. Bucchiet won because he had like... all birds and two Soulcatcher's Aerie's. I did well because I kept Golden Wishin' for good stuff like Platinum Angel. Muh hah ha ha! And the Silver Seraph helped too. And the three Krosan Verges. Mew.
And Jonathan won through gay wormfang and 6 Gortusk Firebeast deck. Bah. He's such an ass when he wins. *sighs*
Brian McCrate is getting so much better at these drafts, though! I'm so proud of him, he's really learning how to play Magic well. ^_^ Other than Jonathan, he was the only person who beat me.
The weirdest thing about the draft, though, was the multiples of rares. Out of the box, we got two Silver Seraphs, two Masked Gorgons, and two Jeska, Warrior Adepts. Odd. A Mirari's Wake and a Phantom Nishoba were also pulled, as well as Brian's Worldgorger Dragon. Fun stuff. (Brian even went "Hey, doesn't this kinda combo with Worldslayer? All your stuff is removed, then you equip the Worldslayer and attack and everything of theirs is killed and all yours comes back?")
Anyway, huzzah or something.

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