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September 30, 2004

...really, what was I expecting? I don't know...

...I guess a part of me thought he'd search out a way to say hi tonight, with the site down and everything... but I'm just stupidsilly, I guess... I'm just kinda suprised I'm this let down... I guess I must have been getting attached...
Bah, fuck it all... *sighs* I'm such a sad little person...

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September 29, 2004

METAGAME! Hardcore metagame. ^_^

Some people would think it sad that I worry about my fake metagame for my fake magic set and all the fake tourney players who are going to fake play with it. I say if I'm going to make a Magic set, I might as well do it right. Heh. ^_^ So when I do get around to making the Midgame Mulligan card, it will be balanced. Powerful, certianly, but balanced.
I want to sealed deck Kamigawa it up a bit. I dled Apprentice on here cause I thought I might play one of the peoples I was chatting with on the secret website I never name (Although there's a link to it on this site somewhere, if you want to play "find the secret...") and I just made the game give me a sealed pack and I was deckbuilding and seeing where I was going... I ended up with a RU build with a splash of B. Red I had two good legends in, Ben-Ben and Goda, as well as Goda's maul for Goda to search out, and I had great answers in blue, as well as a little draw power in Reach into Mists and Counsel of the Soratami. Oh, and let's not forget Kiega the Tide Star. I splashed black for more answers, including the wonderful Cranial Supression of whatever it's called, and the black shrine. Anyway, I dunno how good the deck would have been (Apprentice is kinda icky when it comes to deckbuilding in a format you're still getting used to) but it really makes me itchy for the draft this weekend... I should really call Danny again and see what's up with him... And maybe I can seduce Spaeth into playing a little Apprentice sealed with me sometime this week. Heh.
And, um, that's it. I'm done. No more to read here.

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September 28, 2004

Poem I just wrote... wonder if it's any good...

Fear my smut-stained world,
where fantasy be
(I think I'm gonna)
comes fake reality in my
(It's all in my mind,
it isn't real
it's not
(but it feels

Life misunderstands my requests
(Please, I beg you
Thank you, you're welcome)
and I sigh
(a very unhappy birthday)
to you, cosmos.
I wish
I knew
I feel
(every touch, every caress
every little breath
that's not really there...)
so very


(with you...
(or without you...))

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I can so wardrive with the GBA wirelessthing now!

I feel like shit... maybe I won't go to class today... maybe I'll just shoot myself in the head, that'll work better... or go to bed... bed is good... *sighs*
So yesterday, I got back one of my rebates for all my wireless equippment... unforunately for my bank account, it was in the form of a Best Buy giftcard, which I, of course, had to immediately go out and spend, meaning I'm now the proud owner of Pokemon Leaf Green and a GBA wireless adapter. It's all nostalgic playin' through the remade old school Pokemon. I just hope that the whole eggy thing works in here, cause I still want to breed an army of Eevee if I can. Also, I think, for the first time in Pokemon history, I actually got the version with Vulpix actually in it, so I won't have to trade for one. Hot damn. Go foxies! In any case, once I get to work I'm going to take down Brock, and then... well... something, anyway. I'm going to keep playing. Whee?
I'm still playing Shadow Hearts: Covenant as well, which I don't know if I actually wrote about much, but Blanca is still the most awesome character ever. He doesn't deal as much damage as Yuri, but he's got more soul, man! Yeah! *hugs Blanca* It's interesting that the game is feeling like it's wrapping itself up slowly but surely and I'm not on the second disk... like... there doesn't seem to be many plot points that are dangling... I'm interested to see where the game goes... hopefully I'll keep focused on it for long enough...
Kamigawa is a-comin' out Friday! The box should be in, we hope and the draft should, we hope, happen on Saturday. Maybe I'll puill another Autumn-Tail, even though from a "wanting to win the draft" perspective that would be kinda bad! But oh well! Damn, I can't wait... this new set is quite awesome.
There is also brewing a potential relationship for me... like relationship relationship... and I really don't know what to think about it, yet... but it's all... hmm... we'll see what happens, I suppose...
Anyway, to summarize, I got good games I'm playing, Magic set coming out, I feel like shit and might skip class to sleep it off, and I'm trying to figure out what might turn into a relationship for me. That's the update of me. Go team.

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September 26, 2004

I believe in magic rainbows because I'm an optimist...

I just found and immediately purchased a shirt with that on it. Holy crap, it's awesome. Heh.
Apparently, drinking a glass of water will now be known as "Drinking the Nasty." Don't question the amazingly complicated process of how inside jokes get created, but it's too late now, cause it happened, and that's that.
I got Shadow Hearts: Covenant a couple days before the release date today (Okay, technically yesterday cause I'm writing this at like... 2 in the morning) and it's pretty damn cool. ^_^ Blanca is an amazingly amazing badass of a wolf party member and is never, ever going to be even partially considered for leaving my party. Ever. I'm completely playing favorites as far as special items go, too. Heh heh... ^_^
Um, but yeah, anyway... go team? I lost my train of thought. But seriously Blanca is awesome. And so is that shirt. I'm going to go get a glass of the Nasty.
Edit: Here's the strip the shirt comes from. Boy on a Stick and Slither is pretty cool stuff. Heh. ^_^ And there's a Slither shirt that has his quote from that on there, too. Damn cool.

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September 24, 2004

Exploding Dog really captures emotion for being silly most of the time...

So true...

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September 23, 2004

Yes, I'm really stupid and pointlessly angry! Whoo!

*kicks the stupid router* I DO EVERYTHING I'VE BEEN TOLD, BUT YOU STILL CAN'T JUST LET ME PLAY MAGIC, CAN YOU? Bitch. *kicks it again*
I've worked and worked at this mofo, and nothing has changed... I've got this list of ports that need to be opened, so I open them in every way I can think of... but nope, that doesn't work. Stupid fucking thing. I disable the firewall on this computer! Surely that'll work! Nah, not so much. Stupid bitch. *kickkickkick* I'm really frustrated at it right now... because I can't see any reason why it shouldn't work. For gods sake, it worked on here before! Seriously! With no problems! I played a single Prismatic game on here with no issues whatsoever! And now it's fucked up beyond repair! Grrr!


I don't think I want to be around people today... although I know that's a lie... but gods, I'm a stupid emotioal bitch right now, wouldn't want anyone else to have to feel that.
God damn, I just want my stupid cardgame. *kick*

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September 22, 2004


DS has an offical release date! Hot damn! Time for me to start getting excited about it, cause come the end of November, I'll have the fucked up little touch screen machine in my little paws. Also, in other insanely happy news, Pictochat comes built-in to the system, and if you have the system in sleepmode halfoff, will automatically boot up if it senses another DS in the area and open a chat with it. That's pretty hardcore. ^_^ Apparently a demo of Metroid Prime: Hunters will ship with it as well, with single and multiplayer scenarios built-in for your demoing enjoyment. Nice to know that everyone with a DS will have a copy of this quasi FPS for multiplayer gaming.
Droid seems really quite excited about the DS since I told him about Pictochat, which kinda intrigues me. He's not much of a gamer, although he certianly appreciates games en general, but portables are really shaping up to be little kids toys or the hardcore gamer's best friend when you need that fix on the go. I think he really wants the DS to have online functions. The DS very well could, it has the capability, but I don't think it will, personally. Nintendo has really shown where it sits on online gaming. I'm pretty sure the wifiness of the DS will only be used for multiplayer between systems. We can hope that a third party internet browser will be released at some point if Nintendo doesn't do it for us all, but we'll see. In any case, I'm just wary of Droid shelling out the $150 for something he won't use very often. The PSP will be more expensive, of course, but I'm almost positive that it will be loaded with 'net gaming, as well as a browser and e-mail functions. The only problem with that being, of course, that it'll be a lot more annoying to use them on the PSP. The DS's stylus action would be so fucking perfect for that kinda stuff. A touch-screen keyboard is no real keyboard, but is certianly more intuitive than having to move around a mouse with an analog stick, and just normal touch-screen mouse movement would turn the DS into a gamer's Palm Pilot if it had the internet browsing... Nintendo, come on... your system could really use this! Put it out a semi-capable internet browser and e-mail client in a budget-level cart and make everyone who's backing you happy! You've got a killer system, you really do (and personally, I think the fact that Droid is interested in it means you have something that could pull in some non-gamers like the PSP is trying for, if you worked at it), but it could still use that umph, you know? Plus, if it was a first party brower, you could have it work with Pictochat so that people could message you with it while you're on the 'net, and you could alttab or whatever out of your brower and talk to them. Gods, that would be cool!
I like the fact that I was talking like Nintendo excecutives actually come and read my blog. That's kinda funny. Anyway, I've ranted now. Hopefully the DS will ship with some killer titles, because I know of a couple titles for the PSP I'm insanely pumped about (Metal Gear Ac!d is causing a lot of waves for being a weird card-basted RTS type endeavor, but to me, that concept really rocks my face! Also, Minna no Golf (which will hopefully have internet play) is something I will definately have to have!) and I can't stay I've heard of too insanely much I must have for the PSP... I'm sure Mario Kart will be killer, especially if they do the multiplayer right, and Metroid Prime: Hunters will of course be a must have... Animal Crossing DS would rock if I end up with people to play with... heh... and I know Square is working on some stuff... and this messed up "I Would Die For You" game coming from the makers of Rez seems so damn quirky and filled with style that if it makes it to America, I'd have to have it.
Anyway, I'm a hardcore portable gamer, and there are my thoughts about the new systems coming out. I'm still annoyed that I have no gameboy games to play worth shite right now, though.

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September 20, 2004

I hope Mama doesn't mind...

*twirls* Lookie, Mama drew me!!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^ Check it out! Hopefully she won't mind me posting that... I'm just happy. And I think she's going to color it anyway so that's like... a draft. Heh.
If you wanna know what exactly went on after that, well, none of your business. Heh. ^_^

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Here's a possible build of that one deck...

Enchantresses Unite!
4x Tranquil Garden
2x Elfhame Palace
2x Krosan Verge
6x Plains
8x Forest
Total - 22

3x Kitsune Mystic/Autumn-tail, Kitsune Sage
4x Verduran Enchantress
4x Yavimaya Enchantress
3x Eternal Witness
3x Woodland Druid
Total - 17

Other Spells:
4x Sterling Grove
1x Aura Shards
3x Armadillo Cloak
2x Serra's Embrace
3x Indomitable Will
2x Hero's Resolve
4x Ancestral Mask
2x Whip Silk
Total - 21

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September 19, 2004

*hugs the new Kitsune*

It's really kinda sad that I'm so pumped about magic cards just because they're foxes on the pictures. But I am. Holy crap, I am.
Got back from the Pre-release. It was fun. We barely missed prize range yet again. Essner kicked butt, I didn't kick as much butt as I had hoped.
But Autumn-Tail, Kitsune Sage. Holy shite. ^_^
Technically, she (I'm calling her a girl because I like her, so like... deal with it.) starts as Kitsune Mystic. Costs 4, a Fox Wizard, a 2/3, and if she's enchanted by 2 or more enchantments, you flip her... TO AUTUMN-TAIL! ^_^ Autumn-Tail is a 4/5 Legend with the most awesome ability... 1:Move target enchantment enchanting a creature to another creature.
I LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH! *hugs the card more*
I'm seeing a return to my creature enchantment deck with a more Autumn-Tail flavor. And I'll do it up right, too. Sterilng Groves, if they're cost-efficent... Verduran and Yavimaya Enchantresses... (Just checked Sterling Grove... 2.50... a bit pricey, but it's an extremely solid card, so I shouldn't complain. Yavamaya is .75, Verduran about 1.50... I doubt Autumn-Tail will sell for much, it's not very tourney-worthy, so hopefully she won't break my budget... yeah, I could make this deck...) And all my favorite creature enchantments! Look for it, it'll come!
Anyway... gods, I love foxes... especially when they're a useful part of my favorite card game...

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September 17, 2004

Chlorinating Car Pools...

So yeah, after a couple of days playing the Sims, I've been thinking about what makes it better than the original. The graphics are better, sure, AI smarter, yeah, but there's something about it that pulls me in more than the original did, and I think I figured it out. It's the story.
Apparently, the peoples behind the Sims learned that why people who kept playing their game kept playing it was because they make up little stories and make their Sims act them out. I never did that with the original Sims, so even though I enjoyed it, I only played it for like two day solid spurts and then I was done. But the story is so built into the Sims 2 that you can't help but do it, and man, is it fun!
First of all, you can completely make your own neighborhoods, from the ground up. Organized however you want, build the houses however you want, whatever. You name it. Then you write a description from when you pick it from the menu. Then, when you go into the Neighborhood, the Neighborhood story pops up. This is an overview of all the stories your different families are going through. You can customize it with any pictures you've taken in game and write whatever you want. Then, you start playing with a family. You can take pictures, just by hitting C on the keyboard, or you can take .avi movies. With the completely superior camera control you have in Sims 2, you want to take pictures. Then you click on the family story, organize the pictures, and caption every one of them in either album mode (One picture per page) or Blog mode (With a buncha pictures on one page with a bit of the text that can be clicked on to expand.). And then when you're done writing that, you upload it to the Sims 2 website so everyone can view it. Just check it out.
It makes me feel so much more attached to my characters because they're actually characters. Their in-game wants sorta lay a groundwork and then I fill everything in. This was why the silly Simspeak was implimented in the first place, so I can pretend they're saying whatever I want to fit my story. It just... I dunno. It's kinda sad that I'm writing a little tale about my sims' lives like that, but that's what really makes the game fun. I'd only touched on it before. Sims 2 is a sandbox for you to play around with stories and plots and such, or just make a buncha interesting people and see what they do (Since the AI is actually good enough for you to do that now, at least to some extent... you still have to tell them to do stuff like order more food.).
Long story short, I'm enjoying Sims 2 very much.
Prerelease this weekend! Wish me luck! It's Sunday, and I'm sure I'll write a full report on it when I get back.
Halloween game is coming up on Saturday, Oct 30. If you are a friend of Jonathan's or are just a friend who has nothing to do that Saturday, let me know if you can be there or not. Seriously, it's going to be hella cool, and you'll still have your Halloween day open for scary movies or whatever. And yes, we're going to practice the route so I doesn't take three days to do like last time. It'll be shorter, but infinitely cooler. Anyway, get in touch with me or Essner, will yah?
And that's it for today. Good job, Parappa! You can go on to the next stage now!

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September 13, 2004

What the Shell...?

My new favorite website died during the day, and that saddens me. I wonder what happened? Hopefully Mama will get on it soon and kick the groin of whatever server is erroring very hard.
Hey, look at me not telling what website I'm referring to! For my eyes only, kiddies. ^_^ Adults only, valid only with proper ID. Heehee. (If a certian event occurs, I may stop being secretive.)
I found these sweet headphones downstairs for my compy. I'm not a master of audio quality, but they sound just fine to me. Only problem, of course, being that I'll have to use in-computer volume controls. I wonder if there's one on my keyboard... *checks...* There is. Nifty. ^_^ And it even works. Hardcore.
I am kinda confused as to how all of those buttons on my keyboad work without me having to set them up... ah, the miracles of modern modernness.
So I have entries to stay on the main page here for 14 days. This used to be perfect, cause I'd post like... 2 times a week. Now I'm posting almost every day. It's fucked up. Do I really have anything to say? I dunno. Like I said, it's fucked up.
I sorta don't want to eat or sleep anymore. That weird?
The new TMNT is decent, certianly better than the original cause even though I loved it, it was cheesy as hell, looking back. This one has plot. Fairly cliched stupid plot, but hey, it's probably perfect for its audience. This was a random review by me.

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September 11, 2004

I'm being punished for all my offenses... I want to touch you but I'm afraid of the consequences...

...you're part of me now, and I only have myself to blame. But it's not blame. It's all good.
I'm very tired, but I don't want to go to bed.
I wonder why that is. I mean, I'm really fucking tired. I can barely keep my eyes open. But I do not want to go to bed.
It's weird.
I'm weird.
More cards over at the new crappily done page for the Inside Joke fake magic expansion page. I've got a ton more cards, I'm just not posting them until I have at least temporary picturage for them. Alot of more serious cards and magic-related jokes in this batch, but trust me, we brainstormed up a whole front and back of a piece of paper of just names for cards. The set is going to be great, funny, and hopefully semi-balanced and playable. I'm trying my best to keep it sorta to Magic's normal power curve. Then again, Essner made a Legendary common awhile ago. Who knows. I just hope to god I keep working on this... I'm not the most reliable, honestly, when it comes to projects. But this is really fun to do, and let's me flex my inner rule whore by going over and over the cards to make sure I templated them right for the abilities I gave them. Although this set sure isn't going to get me a job at Wizards, it's enjoyable.
I gotta call Natalie today... yeah. Wonder what I'll talk about...
Oh, if you didn't notice, there's a new link on the side, to weird comic action. Take a look sometime.
But seriously, why don't I want to get some sleep? I don't have anyone to talk to to make me want to stay up, although I wish I did. I wish I had a little person summoning power where I could magically make my friends available to talk without inconviencing them at all at will.
I know it's stupid and I know there's like... no way at all you could know about this or tell that it happened, but I redesigned my character in my head over the past week-ish. Yep, my ol' mental image of myself got a complete makeover! Of course, it's as unrealistic as ever, being furry and definately not male and such. Overhauled me is tall, though, which is a plus because that's one less thing for me to be annoyed with. But Overhauled me is also much thinner, like back when I never ate anything thin, or even thinner than that. That might cause problems. But hey, it's fun trying to put overhauled me into new situations. Does anyone else do this? I mean, I have me who I actually am right now, and then I have character me, who is sorta me but relfects who I want to be and is more interesting as a literary character which I use in daydreaming, and then there's who I want to be me who is really close to daydreaming me but more realistic. I'm sure people view me completely differently than that "who I want to be" me that I see myself as. It's kinda depressing in one way, but on the other hand I know I don't live up to that ideal anyway, so they shouldn't see me like that.
In any case, the overhaul happened because of a mixture of Star Ocean and the new website and stuff that I keep going to and I keep dodging around telling you what it is because it's embarrassing. I don't feel bad not telling you. I'd bet I'd have trouble telling a diary that wasn't posted where everyone in the world would get at it. It's taking some getting used to, for me, to stop being all stupid and realize it's just a part of who I am, and I should have fun with it instead of being stupid about it and shying away from it. I mean, I'm still shy about it, but at least I'm more open-minded and not degrading myself because of it. Either I'm not making any sense, or you know what I'm talking about only not to what degree. Either way I should shut up. The point is, I re-evaluated something I've always had a problem with a bit subconciously this week, and decided that is was stupid to be so uptight. And I'm certianly enjoying myself for it, if you look back. Heh. And Rebecca, if you read this before I get up the guts to actually talk to you about it, maybe you should prompt me. It might be weird to hear me talk about it, but I know you'll understand and I sorta want to get it off my chest... if that's okay with you.
Wow, I've written a fucking novel tonight. I really must be wanting someone to talk to. Oh well, I should try to sleep so I can focus on what I have to do tommorow. Presents and Magic cards and trip planning, oh my!
If you read all that, give yourself a bonus point. And if you actually read this mofo of a stupid blog, remind me if you've told me before or let me know! I got little contact links down there. It's not like you have to, but I'd really like to know, because, well, again, I don't find myself interesting and I'd like to know why you do enough to read like... more than once without stabbing your eyeballs out at the stupid angsty stupid. Most of the time stupid, with a little dash of angst at gender issues. That's my blog in a nutshell.

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September 10, 2004


Seriously, what's with you people and reading my blog anyway?
I recieved compliments on my silly fake cards from person who I only sorta know (Angie... who I probably know more than sorta know... you know? I dunno.) and it's wierd. Just because it's a public website doesn't mean people are supposed to know about it and look at it! Geez. ^_^
I can't grasp why people would want to read about my stupid life.
That being said, wheeeeeeeeeeee! It's fun feeling like you belong. It's unfortunate I refuse to share my reasoning as to why I feel happy right now, at 1 in the morning, but I do, and that's the cool part. *twirls*
Night! I'll probably make a page to put all those Magic cards on tommorow. It'll be a crappily made piece of HTML, but it'll keep them all in one place instead of spread out over several entries. We're making a whole set, eventually! There'll be tons!
Afterthought: Creature type Wall no longer means anything. All walls now have a keyworded ability called Defender that says they can't attack, and Rolling Stones now reads "All Walls lose Defender." Which means I need to reword the one or two fake walls I made so they work with this new rule. Also, there are no walls in Champions of Kamigawa. This is sad.
Later Clarification and Such...
Mmkay, finally made my bad webpage, it's right here, so give it a look if you want to see the cards. There are a couple modifications and a new card, Brian, Master of Candyland, if you care to look at such things. I'll probably finally make the bad window up there once this isn't the top post and I get off my ass... mew... but yeah, enjoy.

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September 08, 2004

I've been playing around with silly programs again...

Check out these stylin' cards from the set of magic cards that hopefully will be start to be gettin' made. Huzzah. These are just mine, everyone has a color and I have White (duh.) I made Droid and Layne, though, because they're artifacts and I could. Jonathan explained his card to me and I made it. It's very... him. Shows what he values. Anyway, have a look, I'll post more as more start getting told to me and created.
Update: I keep updating this list as I find decent pictures! If you want to recommend cards to modifications to cards to make them less broken or weak let me know.
Andrew the Android
Layne, Sorority Sister
Jonathan, Wizard Adept
Sexual Healing
Alexis Long, Copycat
Vixen Sharp-ears
Ninja Outfit
Spaeth, God of Gravity
Gigas of Uberdeath
Matthew Long, Defense Mage
Perfect Caricature
Sakura Costume
Minor Obstruction
Bawls (TM)
Matt Buchhiet, Vague Master

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September 07, 2004

Random linkage...

To something that connects with me.

To something that made me laugh waaaaaaay too much.

To show Matt Essner what a real Pun is.

To keep my place so I can keep reading from there in the archives later.

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A truly great Mad Lib Experience: A Transcription

This is a Mad Lib Essner, Bucchiet, and I made. Mostly Essner.
With today's automatic cameras and their built-in crotches and their zoom pornographies, even a rank amateur can take a nude picture. Here are a few tips from Matt Buchhiet's Penis, one of the world's great pornography stars.
1. Never load genre into the camera in direct shirtless people.
2. Make sure you remove the lens condom before you fuck the picture.
3. Be careful not to put your Matt Buchhiet's Labia in front of the lens.
4. For portraits, have your subject fluffed and say hot dog.
In no time at all, you should be a sexy photographer, and then you can earn big bucks screwing landscapes, weddings, and even beautiful young ladies.

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September 06, 2004

I'm Stupidly Lonely... everything's fine...

Why can't I write anymore? I had a good idea for an essay and I started and then it died very quickly. When did I lose the ability to write?
Maybe it just died because I was wanting to write for lack of anyone to talk to... *sighs* For someone with so many wonderful friends I really can be lonely sometimes. I'm really clingy when I have a semi-ish deep thought process. Like the one my essay was going to be about. About how I feel connected to alot of different groups but I'm not really a part of any of them. Something like that. It's gone from my head now. I think I've lost my ability to concentrate as well.
Three entries today as well. Goodness.

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Kitsune are white! THEY'RE WHITE!

White is getting creatue type Fox in Kamigawa. Kitsune. Lots of Kitsune. There will be fox legends... oh my god, I am so happy... ph33r my Fox deck, cause it will happen. ^_^

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Afterglow... ... ...!?!?!

Whee. Last night was interesting.
I've been seriously playing Star Ocean ALL FUCKING DAY! It's wonderfully addicting, which is good for an RPG. The battle system rocks my face. ^_^ It's where it's at. It's not some revolution of the RPG genre or insanely spectacular or anything, but I'm sure as hell happy to have it in my hands. If only I had had enough money for the guide when I bought it, then I'd be set! Oh well, it's fun to patent the failed item creations I made, and see them in stores where nobody will buy them at a price of like 2 Fol. Heehee. ^_^
I'm kinda worried that I'm going to lose Nel out of my party if I don't do something. She's not your normal healerbitch and I really like her. Also, she learned this move called Ice Daggers that uber as long as I'm not facing an ice elemental creature. Which happens, but I have backup plans for that. But except for the exceptions, my battles are like "ICE DAGGERS! ICE DAGGERS! ICE DAGGERS! HEALING! ICE DAGGERS!" ^_^
I have my Windows Media Player set so that it like... becomes a mini-playerthing in my taskbar when I minimize it, which is hella cool. I've also found the coolest visualizer I've ever seen. It's called something kinda silly like "Critter Rock," but it's really this weird awesome rainbowy dancy thing. I love it!
I feel like there's more I should write, I really do, but hell if I know what it is. I write so much just stupid little shit about what I'm doing here and thoughts on games and stuff, it's really all... weird to know that people actually read it. It's a thought dump. It's where I dump my thoughts. And they're really rarely deep. I don't think deeply because when I start thinking deep, somehow I always lead myself into dark territory, a territory of stuff that I probably shouldn't be thinking about because I'll get depressed. Things too close to home on some topics.
So what you get is this. Silly gamerfurrytransloser stuff. Just like my life.
I guess it's doing what it should after all, hm? *shrugs*
Edit: Hey, look up in your address bar... ^_^ There should be a flower up there! Go stupid internet tricks!

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September 05, 2004

Action! Thrills! CANDY!

Feel The Wrath of the Blogfest's new TERRIBLE OPENING MOVIE!!!!
I'm proud of it's stupid.

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September 02, 2004

Seriously, don't read this, it's really fucking stupid.

So I was driving home, and I was listening to track 20 on my FLCL Addict soundtrack (I don't know what it's called) on repeat very loudly (my ears are actually still ringing...). Anyway, like I tend to do, I set it as background music to something. Here's what I came up with kinda spontaneously in my weird way...
I was in a restaurant with a steak knife... I was wearing all white, but splattered in blood. I'd killed couple waitresses. Essner, Layne, and Bucchiet walked in on this. Essner said something along the lines of "Matthew, what the hell did you do?"
And I went "It's Alex thanks... I got tired of them calling me 'sir.'"
"I'm so fucking ugly... this whole thing is so stupid... life is so stupid... I'm fucking tired of it... I think I'll try death... would you like to join me? Could be fun."
And then I think some sort of battle started.
I just wonder why I carried out the plot as far as I did. I always tend to come up with plots where I'm the bad guy and all of my friends are trying to stop me, and often in them I'm fanatical about things finally getting to be my way, even though something really fucked up has happened because of it, and I'm not able to give it up. I also spent some time thinking about me and my friends, and deciding that I'm probably the most likely to murder someone and the most likely to take my own life. That doesn't mean I'm going to. Hell no. But I'm the most likely to. I can really see myself snapping at some point. But I'm a wuss, so it would probably only lead to a bunch of crying.
I really shouldn't post this. Nobody reads my blog, but because I'm posting this, I bet someone will read it. Fuckers, only reading it when I post something that I probably shouldn't share. Asses. *sighs*
Seriously, why am I posting this? It'll either be creepy, or come off as an over-dramatic plea for help, or whatever. So stupid. I'm stupid.
I hate this. I hate me. Fuck.

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September 01, 2004

Just a-waitin' for the little busters, awww yeah... yeah yeah yeah...

Finally got a virus thingy up on my computer... already 9 viruses. Ye gods. Then again, it was my fault because I went looking for a Warcraft III expansion code because I couldn't find mine. Don't kill me, Blizzard, I paid for your game, I just couldn't find the damn case! So sue me!
Star Ocean came out today. I suck at it, as expected, but hot damn, it's going to be some good gaming. I hope I can keep up with it.
Layne once again suggested I talk to my parents and get some professional help after my last episode, which I sorta talked about kinda last entry. I really should, but I really don't want to tell them either. It's not like I look broken, how fucked up would it be for me to just walk up and say "Hi, parents. I think I need to start seeing a therapist." But I should, though... or tell them all out. But telling them all out is even harder. *sighs* I'm such a fucked up little person.
Champions of Kamigawa is always giving forth some really fucking cool cards. Time Stop is so simple, it's fucking genius. Seriously. I just hope I have enough money for all the prerelease fun.
Jonathan is installing Everquest as we speak. No, I don't understand it, because yes, I did just buy one of the greatest console RPGs of the year. Who knows.
All in all, The Pillow r0x0rz. The end.
P.S. I completely agree... chaa...

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