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October 30, 2004

Some Random Lists

Playsets of Foxes on Magic Online Status:
Kitsune Diviner: 5 of 4
Kitsune Riftwalker: 4 of 4
Kitsune Healer: 4 of 4
Pious Kitsune: 4 of 4
Kitsune Blademaster: 4 of 4
Samuari of the Pale Curtian: 0 of 4
Kitsune Mystic/Autumn-Tail, Kitsune Sage: 4 of 4
Sensei Golden-Tail: 4 of 4
Eight-And-A-Half-Tails: 1 of 4
(Doin' pretty good. 8.5 Tails is expensive, but checking Gathering Ground, it isn't the fake price inflation that happens on MTGO, so I'm eventually going to shell out the cash. I've spent about 15 bucks so far aquiring them all. That's really not that bad. (I also had a big auction thing where I caught the 8.5 with some other awesome rares... Night Dealings... Takeno... Tatsuma... and there was one more I can't recall at the moment, but it was a solid rare. Since 8.5 is about... 4 tickets, I basically got one rare for free, and I bet Takeno is selling for two. It was a good deal.) Now I just need my utility commons and Nagao, Bound By Honor, and my Fox Tribal deck will be complete! (It plays off of Sensei Golden-Tail alot, so it's really more like a Fox Samurai deck, since, hopefully, when I play it, every Fox will eventually become a Samurai. Heh.))
Games I want that are coming out between now and Chrissymas:
Mario Power Tennis (Seriously, this is going to rock my multiplayer-lovin' face. But I'm probably going to request it for Chrissymas)
Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door (I might rent it and beat it, like I did the original. But damn, it's going to be a ride when I do.)
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (I will buy this, I mean, I will. But since FF 1 and 2 comes out first, and that's going to entertain me for awhile, it probably won't be until after Chrissymas when I go and purchase it. And if I get it for Chrissymas, then so much the better.)
Final Fantasy 1 and 2: Dawn of Souls (See, told you I want FF1 and 2! Heh. I never really played through them, and with them finally on a handheld I'll take the time to do it. White Mage 2 Red Mage and a Warrior party, anyone?)
Guilty Gear Isuka (I might break down and buy this, it's going to be cheap.. but Bridget wants to get out there and kick some ass again!)
Technic Beat (Quirky music game for $15? I'm so fucking there!)
Feel the Magic: XY/XX (Too quirky and with too oddawesome of a soundtrack to pass up playing on my new DS (Which I paid off today! Huzzah!))
Super Mario 64 DS (I liked it better when it was named Super Mario 64x4, personally. But seriously, who doesn't remember Mario 64 and get happy happiness flowing through their body? Remixed portable version with more levels and odd Stylus minigames? I'm there.)
Top 10 things I will do if Jam With the Band does not come out in America:
10. Frown
9. Yell
8. Fume
7. Rant
6. Curse
5. Destroy
4. Rampage
3. Doom
2. Crotchkick
1. Kill
Perhaps more lists to come, if I feel like listing. For now, though, It's time for the HALLOWEEN GAME!

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October 29, 2004


I'm at the Elite Four in Leafgreen. I've done all the sidequests open to me. All three Legendary Birds belong to me. But I can't beat Loreli. I blame her enormus breasts on my failure. I mean, it couldn't be anything else except...
Except her Pokemon have 5 levels on mine. And I'm sure, by the time I reach my rival, (which I still find personally entertaining that I named him Matthew) that the Pokemon I'm facing will have 10 levels on my current party.
I don't like levelbuilding. I don't like fighting wild pokemon (or catching Pokemon I can't use... which made me sad when I learned I have to get 65 Pokemon in my Pokedex in order to get the Nationaldex and start the quest to unlock trading with Ruby/Sapphire. I want to steal Essner's Wynaut, dammit! So mean.) and I've beat down most trainers in the world, I think. I'll probably run around with the Vs. Seeker and kick the asses of people whose asses I've already kicked, but still... I'm not happy with it. Levelbuilding can't keep my interest... I at least need a goal, even something as sad as "You're walking over there and there's people to kill on the way!"
I don't normally trade in games, but I'm thinking about trading in my old original GBA (not my pretty pink SP) and three games to get 50 bucks off of my DS. THINKING. The system I don't mind parting with... if I can stand to part with three games, then that's another third of the system paid for, making sure I have cash for games for it... and for Unhinged cards. (WOOO! UNHINGED!) Advance Wars is one of those three. Since Advance Wars 2 is more like "Advance Wars expansion pack," parting with the original is no problem. I lose the original campaign, but I played through it like a million times and the second one's campaign is a bit more interesting anyway. Looking into my GBA game drawer, Tony Hawk 3 and Jet Grind Radio would be two and three (I LOVE Jet Grind Radio in general (Gods, the DC game is orgasmic!), but the perspective makes it too much work, same with Tony Hawk. They're both solid (THPS more than Jet Grind Radio) but I won't miss them in the least.)
Jam With The Band better come out over here, or I'm going to kill someone. Maybe even you.
The end. I'm going to see if the MTGO server is back up yet.

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One Truth Prevails...

Detective Conan really is a fairly entertaining show. They come up with very interesting mystery scenarios that actually could work, if people actually planned murders that far in advance that often. I enjoy it. Not about to go fanatical about it, but I'm certianly not changing the channel when it comes on.
My card pool for the online prerelease isn't all that amazing. I'm going to play my games tommorow. Hopefully I'll do well. I'd really like that Eight-and-a-half-tails Avatar...
The game is tommorow! (Since I'm posting this after midnight) I really don't feel like we're prepared, but oh well, we're doing it anyway! I hope it goes well.
Um, this has been a quick update from magicblogupdatetime. Huzzah.

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October 27, 2004

Gods, I hate LD in Prismatic

You know, I don't care at all about sports or baseball, but it's still a bit embarrassing to be in the same state as the Cardinals are from as they play like crepe.
And now, a rant on Land Destruction and the Prismatic format.
Prismatc is one hell of a fun format. It's so wonderfully random. And I just recently created a Singleton Prismatic deck and it's proving even more random and even more fun. But, out there, there is a scourge against funkind. And that is lots of land destruction in Prismatic.
Thankfully, Sundering Titan has been banned in Prismatic with the recent set of bannings, but there are still tons of Land Destruction spells out there. The format is based in trying to build a deck that consistently builds a 5 color mana base, even with it's hugeass size. You get colorscrewed all the time, even with the best decks around. Being colorscrewed is no fun. Why do you think it's a good thing to build your deck around colorscrewing your opponents? Seriously! Magic isn't fun unless you're doing things. This is why a heavycounter deck is no fun, either. (Counters have their place in a deck, but not as the whole deck. That's just stupid.) A counter in the right place can dramatically turn the tide of a game. That's exciting. Having every spell countered over and over is not. Same with this. You're searching hard to find the color land you need, only to have it taken away the moment you find it. No fun.
That said, land destruction does have a part in building a truly good prismatic deck. "Man-lands" like Blinkmoth Nexus and Stalking Stones, and other lands who aren't around for mana (Like Minamo at Water's Edge, perhaps) need answers, just like you have to pack answers for all those artifacts, creatures and enchantments. But Stone Rain isn't the right answer. Land Destruction shouldn't be the primary focus of a card in a Prismatic deck, it should be a secondary benefit for when those lands like I stated above are pissing you off. Perfect Example is Reap and Sow. Reap and Sow is a damn good land searcher, because it puts the land directly into play and can gank up your painlands, fetchlands... whatever nonbasic you want. That's good. Lands that produce more than one color of mana are an obvious benefit in Prismatic. That's the primary reason you put Reap and Sow in there. And if you happen to have the mana to entwine it when one of those annoying lands are lurking about, then nobody is going to complain. Demolish and Creeping Mold are two other examples of cards that can take out those frustrating lands, yet LD isn't the primary reason they're there. I pack those in my decks for that reason. Sometimes I entwine Reap and Sow and destroy a land when an annoying land isn't out, but when I do, I just cut down the number of mana, attacking whatever color my opponent has the most of. Now, I don't expect everyone to be as nice as that, but still. I played a game today where I got 9 land destruction spells thrown at me. That's just uncalled for. All of that's guy's red must have been LD. It made me mad.
So I ranted. So there. In general, though. Land Destruction is okay. It's an important piece of Red's arsenal, and a little bit in green's. And it has its place, in tourney-level stuff and in spiffy decks that rely on it (Like decks involving Terravore, for example.) But it should stay the fuck out of my prismatic matches...

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October 23, 2004

Chewie is my Co-pilot.

I gots me three bumperstickers with that on it from the Clango Club (Which is a bunch a fun, really. I support one of the funniest web comics about with 5 bucks a month and get silly stupid suprises like these bumper stickers in the mail every month in return. I feel good all over about it. It's win-win. Heh.) and as much as I respect Chewie and his Co-piloting skillz, and as much as I think the sticker is fucking hilarious, I'm not enough of a Star Wars fan to have it grace my car. If you are, let me know, and I'll gladly let you have one. Heh. It's also on a shirt over here. And hey, if you want to join in Clango Club fun, check that shit out.
My T-shirt ideas aren't nearly that good. Although I do think the "X-Treme Pacifist!" t-shirt concept has value, at least to me. And the slogan "It's not extreme unless it's X-treme." would go good on stuff (The - would have the word "hyphen" written inside of it, if I had any say in the matter). I also think the inspirational message "Be a friend: Swallow" given to me by Stripes is hilarious, but it's also a bit... adult and I'm suprised I actually wrote it there.
Making a webpage is fucking hard. I mean, seriously. Even making a bad webpage is hard. Heh. I was really frustrated with the whole process yesterday. Heh. But I'll get Poetfox.com up and running sometime soon. I'm going to have alot of work to do on the game this weekend and next week, so I'm going to say it'll probably open sometime around the first week of November. I hope you reading this, whoever the hell you are (I'd know if you commented! I made the comments work so I could figure out who you are! Heh. Don't fear the signing up. You just sign up once and you can post on any typekey-enabled blogthing. When I get the other site working, though, since I don't think it runs with the typekey, you'll have to sign up different over there... and I'll definately want comments over there, so I can judge how my writing is doing... so PREPARE YOURSELF!), will follow it over there. It'll be easier to get me to write if I feel like people are waiting on me to post. Heh. And I want the stories to be entertaining! Feedback is good! Need Input!
Anywho, I should probably shower and get ready for going to Grandmother's for Dad's birthday... whee... later.

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October 21, 2004

Poetfox.com, baby! Huzzah!

Poetfox.com is operational! It's not open for business yet, but you can go see the hardcore coming soon page I made. Hot damn, I have no skills. Eventually, that'll be my web serial, as the coming soon thing says... I should see what I can do to set it up myself... read up on Moveable type... I might be able to do it, maybe. Heh. Otherwise it'll be grovelling, payment, and intense gratitude to Droid for me. I'm determined not to take advantage of his awesome this time, though. If he really does help me set everything up, he's going to be paid for it.
Anyway, um, enjoy the coming soon page. I gots me a Katamari Damacy Soundtrack to listen to. ^_^

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It all started when we first met and strapped on our guitars...

That vortex of intrigue, HiHi PuffyAmiYumi, actually has something on it now, be best part being the three full PuffyAmiYumi songs that stream in the back if you turn them on. I like the theme song. Heh. And the video of the opening sequence is pretty spiffy. It has potential, but will it be funny? Goodness, I hope so, I'm sorta pumped about it. I'm down with the art-direction, and the musicness is nice, but it will, of course, be the humor that sells it. I hope they go with a quirky Japanese style humor instead of just making it a normal silly cartoon...
Holy crepe, I want those pants Ami is wearing in the Teen TItan theme videothing. Those are awesome.
I also finally stole Pressure Thief from one Matthew Buchhiet. I also got a wee bit of Modest Mouse out of the deal, but I haven't listened to that yet. Pressure Thief, though, is overall solid... but as you may or may not know, I tend to repeat songs I love endlessly, and the only song so far I've found that I can do that with on the album is Carbon Monoxide. Which is, you know, unfortunate. But I'm sure at least one other favorite will pop up with continued listening.
I'm seriously going to do the whole web serial thing. Might take awhile to be set up, but it's going to be over at poetfox.com, cause hell, it's open! I'm going to gank up the name as soon as I'm on and Droid is online to help me. I think my blog will forever be here, though, just because getmeoutofthis.net is marginally witty and it's the blogtastic blogfest! I mean, come on! I might change my e-mail to poetfox@poetfox.com however... repetition! Woo! And alot less letters to remember than getmeoutofthis.net. In any case, it'll happen. Whee. For my vision of the layout for the serial page, I'm going to need a picture of chibifurryme... maybe I'll commission Mama...
But um, yeah, I think I'll shower now.
Edit: I made a terrible coming soon page for the domain when I get it... heh... take a look if you want. It shows off my mad cheapscanner (aka Digital Camera) skillz, as well as why I'm not making a webcomic, because I cannot draw worth crepe. You also get to see my thumb. Damn, I'm good. And, um, you can't click on it yet, cause that's directly to the picture file. But goodness, you obviously know how to get to the Blogfest, yeah?

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October 18, 2004

An attempt at Nanofiction that's been in my head for awhile.

Palm of His Hand

She shivered a bit, under his constant stare. He was lying on the bed, watching, and grinning his grin. That ever-present grin pierced her. It grinned right through her exposed skin. She knew she was his, even as she undressed at the side of the bed. His grin showed he knew it, too. She wanted him to understand, as she slid under the covers. She tried her best to explain it to him, in every way she could. Every kiss, every caress, she poured her very soul into, just as she had all night during their date, all through the previous weeks. Trying to explain why she was here, why he meant so much. It hadn't gotten through before now, it was always that grin that answered her, but she knew, knew this step was the answer. He would understand, and things would be better.
The next day, at school, she passed him in the hallway. He was talking to another girl. She looked into his eyes.
All she saw was that grin.

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October 17, 2004

The Masta, The Masta, is orginial! Hai! Kickpunch style is unforgettable!

Hey, that title has nothing to do with anything! Cool!
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person who sees a market for indepth computer games that play in a window. I so desperately want a game along those lines! Something like a fairly deep strategy game, perhaps turnbased and online, or a MMORPG with only quasigood graphics but hardcore gameplay mechanics... something that sorta looks like Ragnarok only is pretty well not Ragnarok, cause I didn't like that game much. Perhaps something more along the lines of Diablo 2 combined with FFXI, where you'd move around with mouseclicks, but the battles themselves would be done with keyboard or menu commands. But it wouldn't even have to be online, this game. Just an ingaging game that runs in a window. That's all I want.
You'd think someone would think that's a good idea, wouldn't you...? The main reason I DON'T play more games on the computer is because when I play them, they use up the full screen and I no longer have access to AIM, MSN, and the like. Surely there are plenty of gamers about that don't want to be without their contact lists either! With games in windows, that wouldn't be an issue. It would be insanely easy to alt-tab over. Another possibility would be integrating AIM or something into your game. That's something I'm actually sorta suprised that the people that make messenger programs haven't been working for. That just makes sense to me, especially within an MMORPG or the like, where the whole reason that people keep playing is for something to do while chatting with friends. Why not let them play while chatting with friends OUTSIDE the game, too? It could only add to the time people play such things.
But seriously, it really feels like I'm the only person who wants such features in my PC games. Perhaps that's why I don't play many games on my computer. *shrugs*
End rant.

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October 16, 2004

Shopping about 18 hours a day... you'll find me at thrift shops and on ebay!

Meh, I always feel so restless on weekends... I wish I had something decently entertaining to work on, but I dunno... I just don't feel like I do. I don't feel like I have any games worthy of my attention (which is a blatant lie, Shadow Hearts still has plenty of gameplay hours left in it, but I don't wanna play it... dunno why...) and I don't have anyone to talk to or anything to do, really... I don't know... I wish there was a decent music game for the PC... with a song editor... do you know how entertained I would be by such a thing? Especially if it ran in a window? Holy crap, I would throw cash down for such a program without a moment's hesitation.
Whoo! My check is already in my account! I could waste more money, if I wanted! I shouldn't, but I could! Hot damn!
Jessica called me again this morning, and that was nice. Heh. Apparently she had car problems, which was not nice for her, though, but um, hey, at least I got to talk to her for awhile. She mentioned wanting to take trips to St. Louis to shop... I miss shopping with Natalie... it's one of the biggest things I miss... it was so much fun, just buying stuff and not worrying about it and just... wandering about holding hands and having fun... and I don't really have anyone to do that with anymore (minus the holding hands, that could get weird... eh heh... ^_^)... and I'm going to start taking regular trips to St. Louis once I get an appointment made (Yeah, I haven't done that yet, I suck at calling people... I'm setting a promise to myself right now: If I haven't made such a phone call a week from now, I'm doing it then. Next Saturday. There, now it'll hopefully get done... help me keep the promise, hm?)... and it would be nice to have someone to go with me, at least the first time, where I'd be nervous as all get out... they'd have to kinda... sit around for probably an hour or so... my passenger... but... I dunno. Heh. Just an idea, the whole thing. Maybe she'd like to keep me company... and then afterwards we could attack the kickasscool mall I haven't been to in awhile... eat at Saruku Japan... and... um... stuff. Heh.
...I think I figured out where Draco and I stand last night... heh... I'm happy about it, too... ^_^ He... I really feel like he gets me... or at least the weirdness mebeingagirl par, at the very least... and he's just... nice and... meh, I can't say it this is a quasivisible site, heeheee... but in any case, I'm happy.
I really don't think there are enough music games. I know I'm a whore to the genre (Except DDR... for some reason, I've never been able to get excited about the biggest name in the whole thing... I think beacuse people who play it play it so hardcore, I feel embarrassed trying to get good at it. Heh. ^_^) but seriously, surely there isn't enough? I mean, I'm pumped about Technic Beats, which is a game I didn't even know is coming out, but is a music game and seems to be a weird combination of music and puzzle genres, with a puzzlegameesque combo system, which will surely rock my world at its budget price of $15, and Jam With the Band, on the DS, will be insanely awesome if it really does have all the features I'm hearing it has (The hardcore multiplayer, even with just one cartridge, and the full song editor... I'm not sure about the song editor, I've not heard alot about it... I hope to gods its there, though... I would never go anywhere without the game if that was the case.), but other than that... I dunno of any other hardcore music games on the horizon. I suppose I should be happy with those two... I dunno. *shrugs* I hope Jam With The Band does well over here, so a sequal will hopefully be created and eventually translated. Heh.
Anywho... Jonathan seems restless too, and is, of course, complaining that I'm not inviting my friends over. *rolls his eyes* He has friends too. Friends he is seeing Rocky Horror with tonight. (I'm, honestly, sorta feeling tempted to join them. Dunno why, honestly. I suppose I wanna give it another try, I've matured alot in certian ways since I first saw it, and I think I'd get more out of it now.) I think I'm going to go to Plainswalkers, though, and see what singles they have for my Enchantress deck. (It's in the archives, somewhere, if you wanna see the thing) So, um, bye.

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October 14, 2004

My Computer's Background is Feeling the Cosmos!

Now seriously, THIS is what I call wallpaper. Hot damn. It's interesting to note that Kamatari Damacy is so awesome that it knocked Yukito-san off of my background. I think that says something, if you haven't played it yet.

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October 13, 2004

Three Parter - Web Serial/Therapy/Magic Minidraft

I've been thinking about my idea of a web serial again... It would probably just be based in the blog format (Aka I'd just be making another Moveable Type blog so that I don't have to figure out how to actually make a decently laid out webpage... heh... I barely know how to work and modify this thing, but it's certianly become more me than when Droid made it up for me, and I really enjoy having it... I owe Droid alot, heh...) but I'd write until I got tired of it (or something!) every day of a story or maybe multiple stories, and every so often, when I got done with a Chapter, I'd collect the entries into a Chapter and post it as one big Word file. It's an interesting concept, and honestly, I think it would be fun to do. I don't stretch my creative muscles enough without having a reason, and that would give me a reason. I have at least 4 solid to quasisolid stoires set up in my head I could work on. Heh.
I'm actually starting to get really nervous about the idea of seeing a shinkprofessionaltherapistperson. I think it's because I'm not "distressed" or "disturbed" or something, really. I'm just me. I used to be about this. I really did. But I'm past that. I came to terms with it, I figured out what I had to do, and I promised myself that it'll happen. The only times I get depressed or distressed over it anymore is, honestly, when I have to tell someone, when something triggers a "You're crazy, you'll never be a woman" thought in my brain, or when I feel like I'm not understood because of it. And really, since I surround myself with people who understand me, I don't feel depressed about it much anymore. I know someday people will be using female pronouns to describe me, and that's enough to let me enjoy life as it is right now. Playing Magic really isn't dependent on whether I'm a boy or girl, nor is most of the silly stuff I do. Sure, I'd like to do more "girly" things that I really feel like I can't do, but eh, they'll happen, and the wait will just make them more fun, honestly.
What I was trying to get at was I'm really calm about this. I know what I want, and my daily life doesn't make me scream "AHHHHHHHH! I am so TRAPPED! I NEED OUT!" and I almost feel like an idiot just going and asking for help about it, cause I seem pretty adjusted, I think (If I don't, let me know, cause I'd like to know why you think so... heh...), and I feel like that will make it really hard to describe why I feel like I do.
Of course, it could go the other way, and that calm be cause to believe me more. I really don't know. I really don't know what to expect, which is, of course, why I worry.
I did find the name of two (I would hope) qualified people in the St. Louis area... I would have felt more comfortable if they had had a website or an e-mail addy for me to contact them with, but I suppose the internet can only get me so far this time and I'll have to call them the old fashion way and set up an appointment... heh... There's also supposedly this St. Louis Gender League thingy or something up there. I think it would make me more nervous than anything to go to anything they do, and I don't think I'd get anything out of it, but at least I know it's there, I suppose.
On the Magic front, we did a minidraft last night. I reeeealy liked my deck, and, honestly, I think it was the strongest, although all four decks did pretty well. My deck was basically all Spirits and Arcane, and it had great synergy because of it and I was proud to make it. I was also proud that I switched to Black/Green near the end of the 3rd pack and into the 4th (We did 4 packs cause there were only 4 people and that would give us a stronger card selection. Heh.) instead of Black/White, because the two Kami of the Hunt I ganked up were the true beatdown of my deck, since they were pretty well 3/3s every turn, because, as I said, almost every spell (Besides some just plain good cards like Nezumi Cutthroat and Rag Dealer) was a spirit or an Arcane spell. Backed up by a Kami of the Waning Moon, I was doing some pretty good beats, and He Who Hungers was just that much better when I could sac anything with his ability although, honestly, he didn't get drawn much and when he did only really got used as a flyer. Heh.
Long story short, though, I got second because Spaeth's deck had THREE Kitsune Riftwalkers, and my all-spirit-and-arcane extravaganza couldn't handle them. His flyers didn't hurt his path to victoly, either. Heh.
Whee, that was long. Later.

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First day of the rest of your life...?

Okay, nevousness went to shock, then to overwhelming joy, and now back to nervousness again... I have to get this actually finally started... and that's weird. I have to get out and find a professional someone to talk to... I wish I had like... people around here I knew that could help me, but I really don't... it's unforunate... heh... and scary...
I mean, I do have people that will help me. My friends are all awesome, they'll do what they can, but they don't have firsthand experience I can pull from. Josh is the only person I talk to who does, and he's quite the busy soul and since he doesn't live around here can't suggest people or places to go to me anyway, much less take me there so I'm not a scared little freak the whole time... I can see me walking into some therapist's office and just sitting there, terrified, the whole time... I want to get something out of everything, I want to do the right thing...
I need to face the facts that I'm going to have to blaze this trail for myself... I've been wanting something to make me do something like that... something to give me confidence... and now here it is, right before me... I just need to step up and take it... take it and run with it... heh...
Let's hope it all works out okay...
In celebration of me being out of the closet, I revised some magic cards over on the Inside Joke page, feel free to take a look at them. There's been a couple new ones you might have not seen, too. My new card is much more white and much more me and much more... invoking the legends rule with other versions of me while also being able to utilize other me-specific cards. Go team. I also got to make maleme a wall cause I realized, since I was a Wall Avatar, basically, and creature type Wall no longer carried any baggage, I saw no reason not to, and I kicked down his toughness to even it out a bit.
But yeah, anyway...
Other things I'm worried about: Draco, and what to do with him... holy shit, that's it? Just two? Getting this whole thing started and Draco-kun? Hot damn. ^_^ My worry list is small tonight! Rock on!
Time to read the new Magic articles and then off to bed with this little foxie.

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October 11, 2004


*does a little happy dance* They so understood, or were at least supportive! Holy crap, this is a wonderful feeling! I AM OUT OF THE FUCKING CLOSET, WORLD! Muh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ^_^

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October 10, 2004

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...

Holy fucking shit... I really thought I was going to cry... I've not seen such a wonderful film in quite some time...

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Happy Fun Rock Band Cartoon Invasion

Seriously, I am so intrigued by this. I think intrigued is the only adequate word I can use. It's like a vortex of intrigue, just like that vortex of hip, the Spiral. Holy crap, I should made The Spiral a legendary land in the inside joke set, even if it's only an inside joke between Jonathan and me. I wonder what it should do... intriguing.
Okay, so I really want to do the Interactive Fiction Competition thingy, but I used the randomizer program to figure out what games I should play in what order, and the first game was seriously so boring that it turned me off. It was so old school... I haven't been playing IF since its origins in Zork and stuff, but goodness, I think the genre should have evolved beyond descriptions like "A cold store corridor reaches to the north and south. To the west, a door leads to the kitchen." Add that to the fact that there were like at least 6 rooms like that in the first bit of the game with only that last little bit changed to read "A door to the northwest leads to your quarters" or something and I just couldn't play the thing anymore. The game had no soul, no spark, no creative goodness. I guess I've just been spoiled from playing games of intense genius like Spider and Web, Photopia, Jigsaw (Which was very old school, but still had tons better descriptions, and the rooms mostly had a PURPOSE instead of just being something you had to traverse through. Surely there's a better way to make a castle seem big than to throw in a bunch of corridors that don't mean anything), and My Angel, which took a much more narritive approach to IF... they weren't hard (with the exception of Jigsaw... I don't see how ANYONE without waaaaaay too much time on their hands could beat that game without a walkthrough, it's fucking crazy, heh.) but they had soul, and that's what I want to see. I mean, I play Adventure games for the puzzles, sure, but the real thing that keeps me coming back is the humor or the setting or the characters, you know? Yeah...
And what am I going to do about Draco? Seriously.
Tommorow, I'm going to attempt to tell my parents... I'm already starting to feel nervous about it... wish me luck.

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October 09, 2004

A Saturday Miracle and Scary Fetishes.

So I tried to name off 5 disturbing furry fetishes in the car moments ago for no apparent reason (okay, there was an apparent reason... I was thinking about the fact that I'm fairly certian that there's a furry con in Philly, and that that would be a good excuse to visit Josh, who I talked to today (Miracle of miracles! Gods be praised!), and starting thinking about how to explain it all to him and stuff and one thing lead to another and yeah... see, it's not really worth my time to explain that reason, that's why I said there was no apparent one. Heh.), but I only got 4: Inflation, Vore, Micro/Macro, and Plushie-love. I considered using the fact that there are scores of herm furries in the furry porn biz, but I dunno, for some reason that doesn't feel fetishy so much as... wanting to have everything and screw everyone on the face of the earth-y. Heh. Not that I have anything against Herms, of course, they have a certian appeal to them, of course, definately. But eh, enough talking about scary furry stuff.
Josh called meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It was good talking to him again. Heh. I always end up just sort of sitting there, listening, whilst he talks about this and that, but he's interesting to listen to, even when he's talking about nothing (and even if he thinks otherwise). It sounds like he's been doing fairly well since last we talked, heh.
My dad just commanded me to pick up all my crepe from off my floor... grrr... you win this round, father... you win this round... honestly, though, it does need to be done, it just doesn't bother me, especially the clutter on the tops of things, because gods, that's what the tops of things are for! For sitting stuff down on! That's why I have tables and dressers and stuff in here! Seriously!
Anywho, I suppose I should put on some groovy tunes and get going on that. Hopefully Jonathan won't be all full of whineyness and start slowly working on the other room, too... he can still play Everquest AND clean up, as long as he does both slowly and surely... then again, from what he's said, you don't really have "pulls" to do stuff in between like in FFXI... oh well...
Enough ranting! Go team!

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October 08, 2004

I told my brother.

I am making it happen.

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October 07, 2004

Again, I sorta doubt the poem is any good, but there you go.

Attention me
all night long
You sit and stare
At insides of you
(inside the little pretty box
inside the guarding fence
inside the inside of the inside)
And feel like killing someone
( I you he she it we you they)
Quite very


Anger is a little explosion in your soul
(with slow motion action movie effect
that makes it ultra cool, super powerful
and mega ultra super)
And it constantly grows
From your heart (sincere)
Eventually, the world will feel it,
Or you will feel it.

Attention me
like never before
You've felt lost and alone
In a crowd of friends
(that hustle and bustle
and blow your house down)
And that sucks.
You aren't


You aren't


You're just silent.

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October 06, 2004


If you haven't experienced the pure joy of Katamari Damacy, here is but a short taste of it's infinite goodness.

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October 05, 2004

Other stuff I didn't mention because I was rantyannoyed...

Holy shite, the Interactive Fiction Competition has started! I want to judge the mofo! Best get playing on those tonight... you should too, IF is all old school creative textual fun.
Also, Droid had been building to this big suprise. I thought that, in no way, was his suprise going to be worth the hype. However, it was. Holy shite! It was the "Songs from the House" terrible Monster House soundtrack! INSANE! Awesome in a sad way! I'm happy.
And I have no clue what to get for my mom's birthday. I've also forgotten the exact date of her day of birth, which could be useful and I should attempt to remind myself today.
And that's it. Go about your business.

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And go, go, gogogogo kill yourself... muthafucka go...

Some people just don't get it, I suppose... I mean, I'm a completely huge hypocrite, basically... I believe that things will work out, that they'll get better... I try to be an optimist... but not five seconds later I'll fall into a depressed mess and basically thing my whole life is pretty pointless and isn't worth anything... I feel those depressing things, and I know that life, on a whole, is really stupid and pointless... but at least I want to make it stupid, pointless, and enjoyable... at least I look for the better, and try to make myself work to make things better...
Draco showed me this place which, on a whole, looks pretty nifty although I'm mainly just lurking because I always feel weird trying to cut in on people's conversations and such and become part of a group... but I am reading and following a couple of threads on there... and gods... this person just wants to squash the hope out of some potentially really depressed transpeople and it pisses me off... "either you pass or you die..." gods... I really wanted to bitch at her, but goodness, flaming on your 4th post on a place really isn't a good idea... *sighs*
Hey, at least it looks like the post that was severely pissing me off just go deleted by a mod or something... That's good, it was really inappropriate and had someone's picture posted, more than likely without permission, and insulted person in said picture as an example...
Meh, people on the internet can be so fucking stupid, I swear.
(And goodness, w.bloggar won't work worth crap with my blogserver anymore, and it's getting annoying... I like my little w.bloggar thing... for some reason, I'm going to blame my router, although I'm sure it's not it's fault this time. But my router is still a little bitch.)

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October 04, 2004

Seriously, what is my problem... I really need to...

I've got to tell my parents... and I have to do it soon... I've said it so often, I know... but it's the truth... I need to get out of the stupid closet so I don't feel haunted by the simple facts of who I am...
Do I set it up? Do I plan it all in advance? Or do I just wing it and try to be as sincere as I can be? Do I wait until I find a situation where I feel close enough to them to talk about it, or do I ask to talk and say it? How the fuck does one do something like this...
But I know I'm tired of it. I'm so very tired of it all...
National Coming Out Day is October 11... I thought it was in November... maybe I should do it then... or promise myself to have it done by then... maybe... but that's right around my mom's birthday, too... that's a nice birthday present... *sighs...*
Fuck, I need to get some guts and just do it. Goodness.

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October 02, 2004

Seriously, I really am sad...

Just sitting around, waiting with nothing to do, knowing damn well he's not going to contact me tonight either... *sighs*
We did some fatpack sealed deck action today to warm us up for the draft tommorow (Okay, tecnhically today, but I'm posting at 12:20 AM, so just work with me here). Let me just say this. When I saw Sensei's Divining Top, I knew it was good. But I never really understood how good it was until I got to play with it. Holy. Shit. It's like, for a 2 mana investment every turn, you get to draw whatever card you want from the top three cards of your library. It's fucking crazy! They were really seriously pushing it putting that card at uncommon! It may be just slightly too slow for tourney play, however, although I can't believe I'm saying that because the card is fucking insane. But I'd think that that two mana a turn investment, while completely and utterly worth it for casual Johnnies like me, would really slow down a fast paced tourney-level monstrosity.
But seriously, though, the fucker is an UNCOMMON! If I open one in the draft, I'm seriously going to consider passing the rare for it... I should really try to get Jonathan on one of my sides so I feel better not raredrafting certian things. Heh.
Anywho... I'm a very sad little person, waiting for him like that... (Why am I suddenly so obsessed with talking to him? Thursday I was all wondering if I really did feel anything for him at all, and now I'm all upset because I haven't spoken to him in two days. I'm such a loser...) so I guess I'll go to bed... Yeah. Leave shiny new comments, or something, cause hot damn, I made the comments work.

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October 01, 2004

New Site Feature Active!

Hey, lookie down there. I got comments working. Huzzah! If you're like... the one singluar person who was wishing they could comment on my stupid blog, hey, now's your chance! Go crazy!
(Edit: Holy crap, Mama posted the comics with me in them on VCL... So... embarrassing... and yet still kinda flattering... goodness...)
(Editedit: Some more new cards up over at the Inside Joke page... Levi is probably going to have to be powered down a bit, probably with some tapping involved and some extra mana on his second ability... And I did make the stupid midgame mulligan card, though I don't have a picture so it's not there yet, but I made it a "Legendary Instant," which is a new rule I just decided I should impliment. A legendary Instant or Sorcery is limited to only one copy in any deck (It's sorta like how Legendary anything else can only have one copy in play, only since Instants and such never really get into play, you can only have one copy in your minddeckthing... sorta makes sense) I'll have to think about how I can impliment that a bit more.)

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