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November 27, 2004

What the hell do I want for Chrissymas???

I managed to get a list to my Grandmother, and of those items I will enjoy, but for my mom? I have no clue!! What in the world should I ask for, I wonder...
Yeah, alot of things have been happening that I haven't written about. Here's a quick rundown.
Unhinged Draft: We started hella late, so we didn't get to finish it, but I had a blast! Not to mention I got most of the rares at the table, and I'm sure I can steal Essner's, too, without much complaint from him. I also learned that I'm pretty good at holding my breath, as I won every single Mouth to Mouth contest I played. I also learned that, no matter how cost-effective Working Stiff is, he sucks balls to play. I kept hoping he'd fall to my Zzzyxas's Abyss so I could put my arms down...
Also, as it's thanksgiving weekend, I did some free drafting on MTGO. First draft I kicked ASS in, although it was mainly due to ing up Kokusho the Evening Star every single game. I barely lost the second round. Barely. And got away with a ton of rares. ^_^ Second draft didn't go as well, though. I didn't draft as many rares (not to mention two of them I did draft was the piece of crap Vassal's Duty and the constantly opened crap rare of the set, Part the Veil, which, honestly, is more useful than the piece of shit Duty) and the rares I opened weren't bombs, but utility... (The pretty cool Journeyer's Kite and the interesting Konda's Banner... I forget the other one I opened. Oh yeah, Dosan, the Falling Leaf.) In any case, that draft didn't get me far, and I died. But I also took the time to build an interesting deck utilizing the wondrous interaction with Wicked Akuba and Nature's Will, which loses alot but is pretty fun to play. I also picked up playsets of those too uber for words utility cards Sakura-Tribe Elder and Kodama's Reach. Anyway, enough about Magic.
Seriously, though, what do I want for Chrissymas from my mother? She wants to buy me shoes... fuck that, I have shoes, and she wouldn't pick out shoes I'd like... she'd get all manly shoes and I'd hate them. No, I need to think of something to ask her for... think, Alex, think...
Oh, I also got Mario 64 DS. The gameplay still holds up after all this time, and it's almost amazing. ^_^ Jonathan is getting into it more than me... heh... but I'm glad I picked it up. Gives me something to do on my DS until Chrissymas shows up on the scene.
Games I could ask my mom for...
Final Fantasy I and II: Dawn of Souls (But I'm already getting Chain of Memories...)
Sid Meier's Pirates! (Probably shouldn't. As cool as this game is, I know it'll get easily lost in all the other games I'd get. EASILY.)
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
World of Warcraft (I'm getting myself really pumped about it... I still don't know if I'll give it enough playtime, but I sorta want to... I bet I would if Draco-kun was planning on playing... I know he got in on the Beta... hmm... it would be nice to have something like that to do together... heh... and plus, Jonathan and I could play with each other, too, if we both got separate copies. That's sorta spiffy.)
Oh, and the Murder Mystery Dinner is go, for people that it concerns. Be prepared.
Um, that's all for now... gotta think...

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November 23, 2004


Meh... I feel like CRAP! The shower helped though...
I'm currently going through and rating stuff on Amazon? Why? Cause I think it's pretty interesting that it actually suggests stuff I own or would like to own with what little input I'm giving it. So I'm giving it more input, then it can make better suggestions! Hopefully, anyway. It suggests alot of synthy J-poppy bands... makes me wonder if I should give them a go, heh.
And hey, now that I clicked that I liked a manga, holy shit, it's suggesting alot, and I'm trying to weed through it. Heh. Giving all CLAMP stuff SUPER RATINGS! Heh. ^_^
But yeah, today's not feeling like a good one thus far... icky feeling... need sleep... suppose it's all my fault, the sleep thing, but still...
I beat Feel the Magic, so now I get to work through a hard mode? Whee? I want to unlock more Maniac costumes, cause I don't really have a good selection. I'd like to be able to play dressup... heh...
Need to call people about the draft... Unhinged gets drafted TOMMOROW! Whooo!
But yeah, I'm going to go rest before I go to work... ickyfeeling... meh.

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November 21, 2004

Someone has a DS in her happy little paws!

So, um... I got a DS. WHEEEEEEE!
Seriously, though, Feel the Magic is as wonderful as I thought it would be. And perhaps it's just because I suck, but I keep getting stuck, unable to beat some minigames, too... heh... probably the suck thing. I was happy to remember that I had two of the GBA games that unlock things, ChuChu Rocket and Puyo Pop, so I stuck those in and got one of those crazy Puyohats as well as nIght's hat from nIghts into Dreams. Purdy Spiffy, although the whole thing makes me wish I had wasted the cash on Space Channel 5 GBA, just so I could unlock the hardcore Ulala hair.
The Thumbnubbin', as Gabe over on Penny Arcade called it, takes alot of getting used to. I played a bit of the Hunters demo, and I really was barely getting movement down by the end of it. Hopefully if I pick up Super Mario 64 DS at some point, that'll help me get aquainted with that style of play more. I'm sure it'll end up being used in alot of games.
Also, I dunno what you heard, but the DS is heavy. Not heavyheavy, but if you're playing a stylus-based game, you will have to take a break for the non-stylus using wrist to recover every so often.
Also, the stylus is HELLA tiny. I want one more pencil-sized... I considered finding on of my old Palm Pilot Styli and trying it out, but I don't want it hurting the screen because it's pointier or something, especially with all the rubbin' I keep doing in Feel the Magic. I'd buy a bigger one, if they get put on the market for like... 5 bucks for 3? Even if I have to keep it separate in my pocket and thus be prone to losing it more, I bet it would be more comfortable.
All in all, though, I'm pretty happy with it, thus far. I just hope they take it to its maximum potential. Things the DS NEEDS to do: 1) Get on the internet. I mean, seriously, it needs to. Animal Crossing DS would be the PERFECTforerunner for DS internet. I hope to gods it utilizes it. 2) Something hella cool! Feel the Magic shows off the weird things that just the stylus and mic can do, but, as much as I love it, in the end, it's just a bunch of minigames. The DS needs a killer app and fast, before the PSP rapes it in the behind. Even if the PSP can only be played for like... 2 minutes, if it's two minutes of a game everyone and their mother wants, it'll sell. 3) Bring out Jam with the Band in America! Okay, so it doesn't HAVE to do that, but dammit, I want it. The DS is region free, I'm seriously thinking of importing it with Chrissymas cash, if I don't hear any reports of it being even vaguely scheduled before then. It'll help me practice my Kana and it's not like the game is an RPG or anything. I'm sure I'll be able to figure everything out fine, even without being able to read it. The song editor might cause a few problems, but other than that? I'll be fine.
Anyway, DS. I have one. Rock on. That was the last of my big purchases before Chrissymas, so let's hope it lasts me (with a small supliment of Mario 64 DS or FF1&2)

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November 19, 2004

DS Stuffies

So yeah, I just read IGN's Feel the Magic review, and to it, I say "Blah blah blah I know all that." It didn't get a wonderful score, really. But it says it's an experiment, in the vien of Space Channel 5 and the like, and I know that. I know the game is going to be short. I know the replay value is going to be limited. I know all these things. Blah blah blah. But just the image style... gods, the whole thing has style! That's what drew me to it in the first place! I'm not going to regret spending money on it, that's for sure. It'll be short and sweet, but holy shit, how sweet it will be. Plus, I gotta help send the message to Sega that it needs to keep creating and trying stuff like this! Cause they do. ^_^
Yesterday, I also went to the mall, and they had the DS demo systems up! WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! I had fun. ^_^ There's even two of them, so if you go to check the demo systems out, bring a friend to play some wireless Hunters Deathmatch. ^_^ The game feels so spiffy... I really can't wait to have my own. You really have to have the screens at the right angle to your face, though... the stand it was bolted to was quite low, and I had to sorta lean my entire upper body back to see Hunters, since it's a pretty dark game to begin with and looking at the wrong angle makes it darker. But it controls like a dream, personally, with the stylus, and I know it's going to be even more intuitive with that silly thumbstrap thing. I tried using my thumb without it, but that was no go. Thumb wouldn't slide AND keep enough pressure for it to sense. The only thing about the control scheme that will get some getting used to is the fact that you have to doubletap the touch screen to jump. That's a bit weird. But I'm sure it'll work. The other thing I was happy to see was that in the control menu, you had the option of a control scheme that didn't use the touch screen at all, except for weapon changes and going into Morph Ball. Sure, your aim is going to suck using the control pad instead of the analogness of the touch screen, but it's going to fee more intuitive to some people so I'm glad it's there.
I played with Pictochat a little too. It has a full japanese character set. Heehee. Good to know I'll be able to Pictochat with people in Japan, if I ever take my DS over there.
Anyway, those are some thoughts by me. We'll see how joygasmic it all is when I get the system and Feel the Magic on Sunday. I'll probably use the payback money from the draft (Which, I believe, has been moved to Wednesday Night, so we can get a full group) to get Super Mario 64 DS, as well, since that'll be a bit more lasting. Surely that'll entertain me most of the way to Chrissymas. I'm hoping anyway. And if not, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories or FF 1 and 2 will be there to pick up the slack.
Oh, and at some point, I'm going to put my Chrissymas gaming list up here. It would be for the parents, although I doubt they'd look at it. But oh well.

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November 18, 2004

Procrastination from Japanese Paper Entry

I. Need. To. Finish. This. Paper. Not. Blog. Ack! *falls over*
My inability to do involved homework as of late sorta scares me.
I bought this big Kero-chan doll yesterday. It made evil Cardcaptors noises, so I seriously went in and cut the soundmaker out through the little hole for replacing the batteries. Whoo! The best part, though, was the $2.60 price tag. Go team! Go clearance sale! He looks quite cute, sitting on my headboard of my bed.
Tommorow is the draft, hopefully. I wonder if the parents know I'm planning on doing it over here. I wonder. It should BLOW MY MIND, though! Just like that Just Another AEther Vortex thing in Goltiebb's column today. BLOW MY MIND!
I still need to call people. Shite.
But seriously, this paper? Should be writing it. It's not that hard. I doubt I'll get many points taken off if it sucks hardcore. The main thing is that I have to do it.
I am positive Bucchiet and Essner don't think I'll do it. MUST PROVE THEM WRONG!
But beh, I just want to play Shadow Hearts. And play with Draco. And stuff.
Okay, enough whatever, it's PAPER TIME!!!!! Or something.

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November 16, 2004

When Gamertransgirls write for pr0nsites...

So Mama's supposedly currently drawing ANOTHER picture of me... goodness... Apparently her picture of me with the DS was really really popular. And she sees a market for Gamer Furry Girl softcore porn? Something like that. In any case, she's making a site now, and if I had to guess at the address it would be that, which is going to be like a big all night gamin' underwear party.
Point is, I think I'm one of the main attractions. Goodness... heh... But yeah, I'll link again when it's actually up and I actually know the address... it'll have me ranting about games with pictures of me in my underwear, I guess. *blinks* Not for kids, that's for sure.
And that'll be two furry porn sites with pictures of furryme on them. Whoo?
Mom is threatening evil if I don't attempt to join the paper at school. I really don't want to, but whatever. It's not worth having to fight over... I'll talk to Dustin-san and see if he can hook me up or not. If he can't, well, less work for me! But seriously, tha'll be project number three that will require writing alot for it... (1 being Poetfox.com, if I ever get off my ass, and 2 being that abovementioned site, cause it needs a constant diet of gamerrants, which I'm full of, of course.)
And tommorow, I have to write a big Japanese essay! Yay! And stuff! Yay! And then Friday is Unhinged draft of AWESOME! And then Sunday... well, Sunday is DS joygasm day.
Jonathan is doing the Kairos. Hope he enjoys himself.

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November 14, 2004

*blushes* Mama is quite awesome.

Mama drew me again... and it's awesometastic! You can check out croppedforcleanness version of it on my Magic card... I think the picture is better than the other one, at least for Magic card purposes.

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November 12, 2004

Oh! Look out now! Just between your shoulders...

Essner actually asked me when poetfox.com is going to be operational. Craaaaazy. I do need to work on it. I haven't fiddled with it lately. Perhaps I can get it done this weekend, if I put my mind to it... hell knows after monday, when, if reports are true, the DS is shipping early, I'll be too deep into touchscreeny goodness to concentrate on silly HTML. But I really do want to start the project... although I need to finish the script I'm writing for Jessica, too... hmm... that's mostly done, though. I know what else happens, it's planned, I just have to sit down and type it into the computer, so no worries there. Whenever she kicks me about it next, I'm sure I'll finish it.
So people keep saying things like "You should grow a beard!" and to them I say "Fuck you." You know me better than that. Assholes.
We did a minidraft on Tuesday, but it was nothing spectacular. We didn't even finish it. I got a weird 8th Rare that I didn't even know existed and, um, Spaeth pulled a Wrath, so go team, I suppose.
I never really run Oxidize in anything, but holy crap, this promo card is hella pretty. I wish I had one. Come to think of it, I wish I had my DCI card... it should have mailed out by now... I don't have enough tourneys to get one of those promos or the Terror promo, but I should at least get my offical memberwhatever card... [Edit: They only ship stuff out when I earn Promos, and I only get token cards for every 5 tournies, and I've, thus far, been to two. So I suppose it'll have to wait. But if I keep going to prereleases, eventually I will get there... but I'll never get that Oxidize... holy fucking crap, that thing is so pretty!]
And they just posted a City of Ass wallpaper. How cool is that?

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November 08, 2004

poetfox, Rub Rabbit.

Whee, I just checked prices on DS games, and, somehow, they're selling for $30! That's great news, especially with the whole overdraw fee thing... Also, alot of the kickass games are, according to EBgames.com, shipping on the 10th of January. The timing for that is wonderfully awesome, as I'm sure around then or a bit after I'm going to start needing new portables, since the new semester will be starting. Hardcore. With that is Animal Crossing DS, which, I hope to god, will rock as much as I want it to. Also supposedly shipping then is Wario Ware DS, which WILL rock as much as I hope, no question. ^_^
I want to be a Rub Rabbit! *falls over*
I'm going to reserve and pay off Feel the Magic XY/XX today. Then I can just pick them (The game and my DS) up when they come in! I have enough pocket cash to pull this off, I was suprised to note today. And then, if, after overdraw fees and Unhinged boxes I still have enough for Super Mario 64 DS, then rock on. Otherwise, I'll get it after my next paycheck. ^_^
Also, I was planning on doing our little Unhinged draft on the Saturday after the set comes out, but apparently they seem to be having POST-release tourneys on that Saturday. More information will appear on the website soon, I'm sure, but that's interesting... I wonder what we'll do. On one hand, I want to do it! On the other hand, Unhinged is a jokey fun set, and I know I'd enjoy it more in the company of close friends. It might be best just to have our own little postrelease party here. And then, later... BACKDRAFT! Holy crepe, that's going to be cool. I'm going to create one badass Unhinged deck, seriously. ^_^
...Draco-kun, if you're reading this... I thought about it more... and... I do mean it... heh... who knows what will happen, but I do.
Um, if you aren't Draco, just pretend you didn't read that part. ^_^ Eh heh...

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November 05, 2004

Oh, and I hate you, too. *sighs*

I overdrew my account, and it's all because stupid Magic Online bills my account like a fucking week after I charge something... I thought I had enough money for Isuka, but no, a fucking week later, two more Magic Online charges show up and now I'm 80 fucking dollars in the hole because of stupid bank fees... fuck. *sighs* That's... going to make it hard to order the box of Unhinged AND have money for DS games... beh..
Just... beh. I check my account online all the time, trying to make sure this stupid shit doesn't happen, and then bam.

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Nintendo of America recognizes the existance of Jam with the Band on it's offical website. This is a good thing. The game is going to rock everyone's face. I was looking at the Japanese web page (I know enough Katakana to read where it says "Band Brothers"! Damn, knowing Japanese, even just a little, is cool! I should really look into studying in Japan... it would be stressful, but it would be an adventure of a lifetime... and I could import. Heehee...) and everything I want in the game is definately there... even if I can't read it, the pictures and small blurbs of exciting English show off the features I want... a full song editor, and hardcore multiplayer, with a decent music game to boot! I cannot wait, I seriously can't... I will import it, if it never gets an offical nod after the first of the year. The DS has no region protection like the GBA, right? It'll help me with my Japanese... heh... AND it will rock.
In other news, I think they're playing the Nazi episode of Lupin, which I thought they refused to play on Adult Swim. I could be wrong, though, it could be another episode with a Hitleresque person.
Oh, and I splurged and bought Guilty Gear Isuka. My verdict? I probably should have waited until the price went down a bit, but hot damn, it's awesome. ^_^ The "press R1 to turn" thing really isn't all that annoying like I thought it would be. It makes sense that you'd have to pay attention and turn around, and it's not akward, after the first battle. The 4 player matches are hectic as all get out (in a good way) and the two planes, which I won't call "optimal," work very well and add a nice "sidestep" dodge to the game, as well as making it possible to cut slightly down on the hecticness of a full on 4 player bout by separating it into two normal fights. Being in the back plane can be annoying sometimes, because often you can't see what you're doing (especially if Potemkin is in front) but at the same time, that almost seems like part of the strategy to the whole thing. And since you have an idicator to tell you which way you're facing, you are only minimally penalized for not being able to see your fighter. In any case, I wish my friends around here were more into the game so we could have some serious hardcore multiplayer bouts. I have a multitap for something, I'm sure!
Oh, and there's a GGBoost mode to the game. It doesn't thrill me. I'd rather have the fucked up little story mode from X2, myself. I liked that thing. But it's like a bad Final FIght or something. Bad because the fighter controls barely translate to that kinda game. Normally, you have to line up and stuff in that kind of game, but since you don't have special moves that make facing in a direction important to how the move is initiated and a turn button, they turn out okay. The GGBoost doesn't have that. You still have to turn with the R1 (and here, it does feel weird, especially since you can't turn while walking, because R1 + a direction makes you dash that way) and... I dunno... rarely is there any reason to do anything but pound a button that does a really quick attack, like Bridget's basic punch. When you do that kinda thing in a normal brawler, a combo still occurs, but again, since it's using the fightinggameness... yeah. I dunno. More modes is always better than less, and the GGBoost honestly looks like it wasn't just tacked on. Some development definately went into it. But it's not especially my thing. It feels like it wants to be random beats but Fighting game control schemes create very specific beats and it all kinda fizzles.
Overall, though, as I said, the game rocks my face.
And now I'm going to bed.

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November 03, 2004

Bridget rocks my socks!

I gots me a new background for my computer!
I have a feeling I'm going to give in a splurge on Guilty Gear Isuka... can't wait till I do. Heh.

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Penny Arcade Owes Me a Piece of Gum

So I was reading Penny Arcade today and I leaned back a bit to laugh... and I swallowed my gum. Damn you, Penny Arcade, for being so damn funny! There was still plenty of flavor left in that piece! You owe me a piece of gum! Bastards.
Hey, here's some good news for people like myself. Sony is working on an MMORPG for the PSP! Hopefully it'll be worth shite, and it's obviously only in the very very very early stages of development, but a portable MMORPG is on my "dream list" of games. Other games on this list include my Music Game MMORPG, which, if it ever came out, would probably mean you'd never see me again, and a really good, possibly online, turn-based PC strategy game that runs in a window. It can't be hard to make something similar but more in-depth than Advance Wars on the PC, it seriously can't! (Not that I'm dissing Advanced Wars. It's basically exactly as complicated as it needs to be... really simple for new players to comprehend, but with enough strategy that you don't mind continuing to play. But such an online PC game could stand to be much deeper, because you aren't going to be forcing your non-gamer friend to play One-system Multiplayer during a long car ride because you're bored.)
I voted yesterday. I felt like I shouldn't have, because I was far from informed, but hey, at least I was involved. But the part of the election that really pissed me off was that 9 states had gay marriage bans passed at the same time. The bitches. Why did they have to be dumb like my stupid state? Maybe I'll move to Vermont, cause they have Civil Unions. They have their heads on straight.
The thing I don't get is WHY NOT? Why in the world is it bad for gay people to marry? I can think of no sane reason why it would be bad that doesn't involve a religious stance, and fuck, we're supposed to have a separation of church and state, so that shouldn't be an issue. If it's something stupid with paperwork and money, just up the price of a gay marriage license. I'd hope gay couples would be more than happy to pay a bit more in exchange for the right...
Seriously, though, if you can think of a non-religious reason why gay marriage is a bad idea, I'd honestly like to hear it. I'll still think gay marriage is something that should happen, but at least I'll feel I'll understand why all these states are writing bans into their stupid constitutions.
Anyway, I suppose I should get back to work now. Whoo.

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November 01, 2004

Golden-Tail's Samurai Boot Camp (Changing Foxies into Samurai since 1946)

My fox tribal deck doesn't really win often, honestly, but it is alot of fun to play. (And I need a name for the mofo, dammit! Something incredibly awesome.. meh, I dunno...) It does everything I want a deck to do. It has lifegain (Pious Kitsune + Eight-and-a-half-Tails), it has enchanting (Serra's Embrace, Unquestioned Authority, Indomitable Will, and Kistune Mystic to benefit), it has... foxes. It's got it all! I want to make it more effective, though, but I'm having problems... for it to be legal in the Tribal format, 1/3 of the deck has to be creatures of the same time (aka 20) and I have exactly 20 foxes in there right now. Every time I try to fix it, I go something like this...
"Well, I suppose I could lose one copy each of Eight-and-a-half-Tails and Sensei Golden-Tail, since I tend to have one sitting in my hand doing nothing most games... but wait, if I take them out, I no longer have a full tribe."
The deck could use Disenchants (Or it's good removefromgame buddy, Altar's Light) and creature removal (I'm running a couple Pacifisms at the moment, but something more like Chastise would actually be better... it's just, in a pinch, I can flip Kitsune Mystic with a Pacifism). The deck also, for no apparent reason, keeps getting Mana screwed. Nothing in the stuipid deck costs over 2WW. Nothing. And yet I constantly get stuck at three mana. I'm running 22 Plains. I even threw in 2 Sensei's Divining Tops to try to smooth my draws into land, but I'm still getting Mana screwed. It's really quite silly. As fun as the tops are, though, they're not helping me, or so it feels, so I'll probably drop them for some removal next time I play. But seriously, how could the deck keep getting Mana screwed? I mean, yes, I normally run about 24 lands, but again, NOTHING OVER 2WW! NOTHING OVER 4!
Here, from memory, is the build. Supposedly you can now dump this into a text file if, for some crazy reason, you wanted to play this deck and then open it with MTGO. I haven't tried it, meself, but the website says it's true. Oh, and I have a playset of every fox now, besides Samurai of the Pale Curtian. It's a damn, damn good card, and I will eventually have a playset, but it wasn't a high priority because I had 2 drops completely covered by my two legends.
Creatures (24)
4x Eight-And-A-Half-Tails
4x Sensei Golden-Tail
4x Pious Kistune
4x Kitsune Blademaster
2x Kitsune Healer
2x Kitsune Mystic/Autumn-Tail, Kistune Sage
3x Devoted Retainer
1x Takeno, Samurai General

Other Spells (14)
3x Serra's Embrace
4x Indomitable Will
3x Unquestioned Authority
2x Sensei's Divining Top
2x Pacifism

Lands (22)
22x Plains

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