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December 31, 2004


I am the ultimate in loser, because I am currently installing YuGiOh! Online. Heh. Gods, seriously, how sad can I be? Apparently very sad indeed.
I've been missing Draco-kun alot lately... it's all... unfortunate... I hope he understands... cause I think I'm now going to be going over to Spaeth's house tonight instead of not doing anything... so I'll be gone at least until the new year... yeah...
So World of Warcraft got Penny Arcade's Best Game of the Year recommendation. That's pretty spiffy. It is a damn fine game, one I'm glad I decided to adopt and one I hope I continue to play for quite some time. I've just installed the addon UI of Cosmos to the game, so hopefully the extra bars of abilities and such will make the game even better. All I know it, it apparently lets me play silly games in game like a mad fiend. Mini-games! Hardcore!
Even when I'm being offensive with my Priest, it still feels like a Priest and still feels like my style, so I'm quite happy with her. My Shaman I think will get better once I get the water totem and starts focusing a bit more on support. Right now I'm just like... a beatdown machine, but at least it isn't pissing me off. ^_^ Heh... We'll see what happens.
Also, crafting rocks my face. It was such a chore in XI, but I'm enjoying Alchemy in there! I make all these buff potions... they cost me like nothing so I always have them up... they're so spiffy! I have a Weak Troll's Blood one that lets me regen life faster, and a minor armor one that gives me just a touch more defense, which is always good. It's so much fun, I swear! And now that I've found the auction house, my equipment is slowly getting pimped out. Heh.
In any case, the fun factor is so much more high in World of Warcraft that it rocks my face. Normally I've judged such games on how easily I can find a base of people to talk to, because all you do most of the time in those games is talk while you're waiting through all the tons of downtime. That downtime doesn't exist in World of Warcraft, and I'm having a ball just beating the everloving crap out of things. I just hope Jonathan and Draco always stay around my level for both my characters, so I can keep teaming up with them, because that's fun too. Also, I want the Light Armor Kits they make. Those are pimptight.
So the new year is almost upon us... I dunno what to say... I made my new years resolution, and I hope I try to keep it. I also hope my life starts to go somewhere in the new year, instead of just being more of the same... I assume that if I keep my new year's resolution, that won't be a problem, but you never know. ^_^
But yeah, I think I'm going to chill with Spaeth until the new year, so yeah. Heh. I hope you all have fun whatever you decide to do, and let all aquatience be forgot or whatever the fuck that song is. ^_^ I'll see you on the flip side!

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December 27, 2004

Hey, I made a potion for breathing underwater!

Quick notes, as far as site updates go, there's, um, a new link. To a really interesting comic that I found on VCL that has an actual website. It's this comic. I wish I could write stories like that, where it's just all character development but in a good way. I probably could, if I'd ever write and if I'd EVER GET POETFOX.COM WORKING! Damn me. Also, my World of Warcraft info is down there, so if you get the game and randomly want to play with me, I'm on server Draenor and there you go.
So Chrissymas has come and gone and I'm sitting here at work again blogging. Crazy, isn't it? It was certianly one of the better Chrissymases in recent memory... EVERYONE got what they liked, suprise or no. It was sweet, let me tell you. And now, Draco and I are playing World of Warcraft together and hot damn, it's rocking my world! ^_^ The game itself is alot of fun, a mix of what good there was in City of Heroes with pieces of other MMOs thrown in for a good mix (Jonathan says there is alot of Everquest influence, but of course I don't know about that.). The game is really nicely centered so that you can sit down for an hour and more than likely accomplish something, then stop. Or, if you want, you can play for forever with a huge group and raid a dungeon. Either way. The fact that I can solo things with my Priest that are of a decent level so as to give me decent experience is amazing. I mean, you can't get less damagedealing than Priest, and yet, I can handle most things, as long as I don't get swarmed. I can play by myself, or in a two person duo with Jonathan or Draco, and the game works perfectly fine that way. And I bet if I got in a large party, it would work perfectly fine that way, too. It's not the be all end all of MMORPGs, but it's hella fun.
I also got lots of other neat stuff. But what pisses me off the most is Taiko Drum Master. Jonathan got it for me as a suprise, and it was a wonderful suprise! I would love to play it! But it's a blue bottomed disk, and our half broken PS2 won't do it. I'm mad. I'm going to buy a new PS2, probably one of those PStwos once they actually get in stock and out of crazy demand... but yeah, it's just a bit annoying... I wanna drum!
All in all, though, Chrissymas rocked my face. New Year's Probably won't be as eventful, with me just playing WoW or something, but hey, it's all good.
My wrist hurts because this keyboard is in a crappy setup. I'm going back to cleaning now.

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December 24, 2004

Raredraftin' till Kurisumasu!

(This is sorta a play by play of my drafing here... so... yeah)
Holy shit, the track controls on my keyboard actually work. Holy fucking crap.
Hey, I just raredrafted my last of a playset of Swirl the Mists. I so need to make my colorchanging deck...
But I'm certianly not drafting any creatures. Good lord, my deck is going to fall flat on it's face... and I haven't even got any amazing rares, besides Keiga the Tide Star and Kodama of the South holy shit I just got passed a Time Stop. Well, that paid for the draft right there, I bet. ^_^
Okay, it's only selling for 3ish, but still, that's a money rare right there.
Okay, done drafting... apparently I DID have some creatures somewhere, althought I certianly didn't think so when I was drafting... this deck is going to try to Sensei's divining top and stall for Keiga, with Iname, Death Aspect in there for another minor bomb... I can even play Keiga with Through the Breach, hopefully getting 5 damage through and stealing a creature. Fun. We'll see if it's worth shit...
Holy shit, that worked well!!!! Let's see next game...
Yep, died. ^_^ Oh well, it was all in good fun, I suppose. Would have liked to have won 2 packs, though, been awhile since I hadn't.
Um, I have a feeling I'll write something tommorow, but if I don't, Merry Chrissymas anyway. ^_^ Enjoy yourselves.

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December 23, 2004

Chrissymas Party Report Plus: I'm at work.

Goodness, work is creepy with absolutely nobody around...
So yeah, last night was the party. Jessica couldn't make it, unforunately, but other than that I think it went as good as could be hoped for. Droid was the murderer (the bastard!), and the meal kicked major buttock (Thanks Mom!). Everyone even gave perfect gifts for everyone, not a bad gift was given! Layne even liked the Head Wizard (previously referred to as The Secret Ingredient)! It was a Merry Chrissymas party all around! We have to do something that big again next year, parents permitting, of course. ^_^
The weather was all icky, though, so Essner and Spaeth spent the night... They tried out Return of the King, and we played some You Don't Know Jack Offline (With host Cookie, who's certianly one of the best, if not THE best, Jack host), and watched Napoleon Dynamite. Honestly, I fell asleep for a bit of it, so I'll have to watch it again, but one thing is for sure: The movie proves you don't have to have an R rating to be funny. It's not Shanghai Knights or anything like that, but it's a really good film! Watch it, if you like humor. Or movies. Or... humorous movies.
My car is stuck in the snow in the parking lot outside... isn't that sad? All I need to do, still, is to clean up the bleachers and pull the trash... and I have... 2 hours to do that... it'll MAYBE take one... more like 45 minutes... then it's Final Fantasy II time... heh...
But yeah, hope you got almost all your shopping done, blah blah, I STILL NEED TO FINISH GRANDMA'S PRESENT! It's so not done! Ahhh! Tonight, tonight I will at least have all the pieces assembled!!!
But yeah, um, I'ma gonna go... place...

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December 22, 2004

Walkin' in a Bloggin' Wonderland...

Well, I'm snowed in... and you know what that means: Time to take advanted of notix MTGO drafting! Whoo!
I think I'm going to play a Kamigawa League with Tol, too, so that'll be lots of new cards... heh.. go team, I suppose. I just hope I pull some moneyrares or really go Prismatic rares... another Kokusho or Melkou would be nice, or maybe a Heartbeat of Spring... then I could compete with everyone else, because everyone else apparently has no less than a playset of Mirari's Wake. Everyone. *blinks*
BAH! Notix drafting doesn't start until tommorow! Fuckers.
I really would have liked to go to work today... the additional 8 hours of pay would have been nice. As it stands, though, I suppose I'll just be happy with earning my normal paycheck outta this two weeks. Oh, probably a good thing that I didn't buy drafting cards because my paycheck hasn't appeared in my account yet. Heh.
Draco was all... something last night. I hope he's doing okay today... I was fairly worried... luckily, I was also very very drowsy, so I feel asleep instead of worrying... but yeah... I hope he has a good day.
Task List for Today: Clean Up Room, Finish Grandma's Present, or at least almost finish the preparations, Have Chrissymas Murder Mystery Dinner, and enjoy it like a mothafucka (Which, I swear, will happen. No way the roads could still be crap in 11 or so hours... the city has to do something... it's still prettily snowing, but it can't be that bad! ^_^ (Optimism! That's the key!))

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December 20, 2004

Bloggin' at work! Whoo!

So, yeah, beat Final Fantasy today... apparently there was some time loop I was completely unaware of until the little epilogue that I broke, so, um, go team there. Onto Final Fantasy II!
So my mom is done with her Chrissymas shopping... and I'm pretty sure she didn't even look at the list she asked for and I took the time to create and even create an online version with pretty little quicklinks and such to possible online purchases. On one hand, being suprised is a good thing when receiving a gift. Getting something you enjoy out of the blue is a cool cool thing, and I sure as hell have no idea what I'm getting for Chrissymas from my mom... on the other hand, buying a suprise gift only works if you know what the person likes. My mom takes no real interest in what I do or what I like, really. I suppose maybe alot of it is over her head, but seriously, no interest at all, but will grill me for hours on things I care nothing about but she thinks I should. So how is she supposed to find something I'm going to like...? I don't see how she could... she didn't ask me for help with Jonathan, so I can pretty well assume she didn't ask Jonathan for help with me, either...
It feels stupid... but I feel a bit let down right now. We'll see what I open on Chrissymas, of course. My mom may shock the pants off me, and if she does, hot damn, that will be great... but for now.. I don't know... if she's going to spend all this money on me, she could do it the right way, you know? And not in a sorta... self-serving to her way...? She wants to get me new shoes. I don't need new shoes, these I'm wearing as almost brand new. But she called to ask me my shoe size while she was shopping today... even after I've told her several times, and at least twice in that phone conversation, that I don't need shoes. She must just dislike my shoes... same with clothes... she's been buying all sorts of pants for me these past few weeks... 2 pairs rock my world, the rest are just what she wants me to wear...
I dunno... like I said, I'm being a bit silly... I love her, and all, but goodness... I dunno... *sighs*
Yeah, best go clock out now.
Edit: I just noticed what appears to be some sort of list with "Matthew" at the top of it on the table downstairs... I also picked up the phrase "PS2" on there... and it was all in my mom's handwriting. Perhaps I should have given her more credit... heh... I'm tempted to check what's on there, to see if I'm crazy about it being a shopping list or not, but I won't. I'll let Chrissymas come as it does. ^_^

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December 19, 2004

Even more fake cards! Boyeah!

Um, yeah, due to some picture taking endeavors on the part of my brother, there are TONS of new stuff over on the Inside Joke page. Look, and be amazed.

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December 16, 2004


Mom is apparently thinking about getting Jonathan a cell phone for his birthday. That strikes me as odd, as Jonathan has stated he neither wants nor needs a cell phone, but, um, okay. Thing is, they're talking about giving me the new phone, after switching my number to it, and giving Jonathan my old one. So I'd be in the market for a new cell phone. Jonathan is all like "You should get one of those chatting ones." and he's right, it would be nice to have my AIM with me everywhere. ^_^ But the thing is, that would cost an extra bit for the unlimited data thing... and if I was doing that...
Why not an N-Gage QD? I mean, besides that being kinda sad. But if I had a QD, I could play the most intellgent design to ever grace a portable, one that plays exactly to it's strenghts to undo it's weaknesses... Pocket Kingdoms: 0wn the w0rld. If this game was on PC, I'd be playing it all the fucking time! And it would be quite hardcore to play on a phone, too... plus, the QD does stuff like play MP3s and will probably have chat capabilities, I'm sure. It's definately a cell phone.
But I'm sure I'm just dreaming on the whole N-Gage thing... I doubt it would be worth the money, even if Pocket Kingdoms would rock my world... although I hear that one wargame is really damn good and uses the same kind of intellegence in design... Pathway to Glory! That's what it's called. Anyway... that was nice and random, time to talk to lovely!
Edit: God dammit, how I can be so entraced by this thing? I suppose it's because I'm not thinking of it as a gaming system... because a serious gaming platform the N-Gage is not. No, it is a cell phone with more than normal gaming capabilities... and Pocket Kingdoms... gods, I wanna play! I'll never 0wn the w0rld, but I'll put my own silly stamp on it whenever I've got a few seconds and I'm bored... but I don't even know if I can get one from Verizon... and if I could get one from not Verizon, if they could set it up... and get the special data package it needs... and how I would work out said data package with my parents, because without it I wouldn't want an N-Gage, but I was supposed to chip in for my current cell phone plan and they never ask me for money and I never give them any because of it... I'm not wanting to be an ass about it, but they're paying the same as they were, they just added me on... or something similar, anyway... miyah.
Eh, I'll just be happy with a cooler phone, I suppose... I'm sure I'd have to go through millions of hours of headache to actually get an N-Gage up and running anyway...
But damn, that would be cool... maybe I should try to stock some money, for if and when the time comes...
Bleh. Anyway, off to bed. Night.
EditEdit: Apparently the N-Gage isn't supported by Verizon at all. Well, that certianly sucks balls. Kill that plan dead.

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December 15, 2004

Chrissymas Gift-buying List Update

Jonathan (X)
Mom (X)
Dad (X)
Spaeth (X)
Droid (X)
Draco-kun (X)
Grandma (half X)
Grandpa ( )
Natalie (I don't know what to do...)
Almost done! ^_^

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So put away the hash pipe, the pornography and the booze, cause tonight we're going to the Anaheim House of Blues!

So yesterday had a combination of sucking and not sucking. I wanted to do some Chrissymas shopping, but that was stopped by fighting with Natalie and all kinds of crepe... yeah...
Riku Replay Mode isn't nearly as fufilling as the original game, but I'm blazing through it, so I'm going to beat it, then it's back to Final Fantasy 1. ^_^ Gotta change class, baby! Oh yeah. Plus there isn't anything good coming out for DS or GBA until... the end of January. I'm going to need all the gameplay I can.
There was definately a bit of lag when playing Warcraft III on my wireless network yesterday (Essner and I played some Tower Defense stuff... we took turns sucking hardcore.). It didn't ruin the game, but it got annoying... it makes me worry a bit about Jonathan and I both being able to play World of Warcraft at the same time. The game should be able to run on only 56k of connection decently, so splitting our cable connection between the two compies should work, but yeah... hopefully it won't be a problem...
I've so got to buy the strategy guide soon... wanna read everything about the game!
Stupid ebay auction got bid on moments before it was done. Gay. Can't say what it was for, cause it's a gift, but that sucks. 6 days it sat without a bid! 6 days! I outbid the other guy... here's to hoping he doesn't bid again.
Oh, and I made an early New Year's Resolution... HRT by the end of next year... that'll mean alot of big shite going down next year... I'm going to need to get a better paying job, for one... but Rebecca was right, no more procrastination. I'm doing this shite.
And yeah, gotta go to work...

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December 12, 2004

Random Comment: Hey, I made more Magic Thingies.

Updated the Inside Joke page, thought you might want to know. HARDCORE! Or something similar. Here are some cards I need pictures for, in case you were wondering what isn't up there and is in the set. If you've got the perfect picture for one of these, let me know!
Ass with Penis Tattoo
Penis with Ass Tattoo
Microflatulence Machine
Flame War
The Long's Basement
...and then I found 5 dollars.
Thinking Scooter
Evil Genius
Controlled Burn
Mid-game Mulligan
Capitan Whiz
Decree of Nudity
Emergency Chaperone
Testies Island
Girl Power!
Zesty Popcorn
Kevin, Saver of Lives
Phone Call
Thor, Massive Familiar

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Don't do anything craaaazy... like deficate in your pants cause you're laaaazy...

Welcome to Sunday! What's up?
So yeah, due to some interesting Grandmother decisions, I bought Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on Wednesday... it's so kickass! Since I made a mostly attack card deck, it plays like... exactly the same as the Kingdom Hearts on PS2... the music is amazing, the cutscenes are amazing... it's just a really fun game. And the plot is actually pretty interesting without screwing up anything for the next game. Cool! I can't wait to beat it so I can play through it again as Riku... heh... more plot, baby!
I also built what is basically that Enchantress' Unite! Deck I built on here awhile back on MTGO the other day... awhile back I picked up a playset of Verduran Enchantresses online for like... a tic in the auction room, so I'm all like "Wait, I should make the deck on here!" I've been playing with it all day in the casual room and I can count my losses on one hand. The card advantage it creates just powers me through to drawing a Mythic Proportions and throwing it on a Yavamaya Enchantress for the win. It's hardcore! I love it. ^_^ Lots of fun to play. And the Whip Silk trick works so wonderfully... Heehee... And with Kamigawa, Cage of Hands can pull the same trick in a pinch. I think I should replace the Taunting Elves with Defiant Elves, though... as much as I love pumping up Taunting Elf, I think the Defiant ones will work better. However, I only have 2 Defiants and a playset of Tauntings, so...
I'm also sad that there will be no new Magic articles for the next two weeks. Only Reruns. Awww. But the writers deserve a break, so go team.
Gift-buying Checklist: (X)Jonathan, (half X) Grandma, ( )Grandpa, (X)Droid, (X)Spaeth, (half X)Dad, ( )Mom, (half X)Draco-kun, (I Dunno what to do)Natalie.

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December 11, 2004


What to do, what to do... I'm currently Downloading Almanac, TMBG's new live album from their last tour... heh... none of the St. Louis tracks got put on the "best of," but I'm sure this'll be hardcore. Plus, the entire 10 dollars I spent will go straight to John, John, and all the people who make TMBG's music so kickass! Cuttin' out the middle man! Plus, I get the silly Venue Songs free album, which has the stupid song they made up for every single place they played on the Spine Hits the Road tour... I've already got the Mississippi Nights Theme, but they, there are a million others on there, and it was free. ^_^ GO GIANTS! If you want copies, let me know. Burn burn burn! ^_^
So Bucchiet blew two of his tires last night... that sorta sucked for him... hope he isn't set back so much money having to replace them that he can't put in for Droid's birthday present... heh...
Whoo, I'm back with Burger King! Hey, this window is still open! Craaaazy. ^_^
Well, this was pretty pointless. ROCK ON!

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December 08, 2004

Another Random Thought

If I were to attempt to make the tourney scene (Which I'm not... costs too much, and I'm not good enough on a play scale... I play good magic, but good funmagic... tournament level magic tends to have to think about so much more shite with every play!) I'd want to play some sort of Extration deck or perhaps a White Weenie concoction... I'd actually have most of the White Wennie stuff... Essner has a Wrath, I have an oldschool Wrath, Spaeth has a Wrath... I'd only need to buy one more... We have at least two Isamarus... I'd probably need to get some Savanna Lions, but I suppose that could be arranged... hmm... maybe I should think about this a bit more... only problem would be I'd want to practice on MTGO, and it would cost me a fortune... 84esque dollars or so to get a playset of Wraths... They would get used, honestly... I play enough white... but gods, so expensive... although if I picked up one every so often, instead of buying other cards... hm... 10, I would pay, easy... Miyah, anyway, it's all random...

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December 07, 2004

Pendant. Random. Nothing to see here.

Those are really amazingly cool... sometime, when I have alot of money lying about, I might get me a foxie one. Please don't let this affect any Chrissymas giftbuying, whoever the hell might be reading this, cause those pendants are all something... like... nature-friendlycrazy... and thus expensive... I dunno, just something random I found... I would be nice to have something like that, though... something to connect me to foxieness... but then again, I suppose I'm just crazy.
All just random.

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December 03, 2004

Roses are grey, violets are grey, I'm dead and colorblind.

Every time I think of World of Warcraft, I get giddy inside, because I know now I'm going to put some serious time into it and enjoy it. Supposedly Blizzard is having some really messed up server problems, but, well, they got until Chrissymas to fix it before the next big rush of people getting it for Chrissymas, like me, get their happy paws on their copies. I'm confident they can pull it off, they are Blizzard, for crying out loud. I know World of Warcraft isn't the beallendall of MMOs... someday someone will come out with the perfect one, and then I will probably never leave my house. But it sounds like this game has stopped the levelgrind that pissed me off so bad in FFXI. The only reason I played that long was because of the good friends I had in there... and when they stopped showing up as often and I got X-2, well, that kicked me off. There will be less annoying levelgrind in this! Even if I get quests like "Hey, go kill a million and a half guys." I will at least be rewarded for it and have a goal. Levelbuilding isn't my thing. I need focus. WoW will give that to me, I hope. And I get to play with Draco! *does a little happy dance*
I think we might play some Diablo 2 to tide us over to Chrissymas... I'm sorta hoping anyway, I quasidropped the idea yesterday. If he doesn't want to, of course, that's fine, but it might be fun to do my "Wake of Fire" Assassin again. ^_^ I'll have to dig up my CD keys, though... I have no fucking idea where those are...
But yeah, um, I tried making a normal Prismatic deck today... Prismatic deckbuilding sucks balls. There's so much to worry about. But playing Prismatic is oh so fun! I'll have to give it a few more test runs before I see how the deck came out, since the one game I played the guy went afk for 15 minutes so I closed the program.
I splurged on FF1 and 2 as well. So I'm having some fun with that, although I miss the simple things in games, like it telling you what you need to do. I know there are quests and a plot in FF1, but hell if I can find them without looking at my brother's Origins strategy guide.
Chrissymas Gift Checklist: Jonathan, Check. Droid, Check. Spaeth, Check. Grandma, Check. Grandpa, Nocheck, Mom, Nocheck, Dad, Nocheck, Draco-kun, Nocheck, Natalie, Dunnowhattodoabouther, Chrissymas cards for internet friends, Nocheck.

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December 01, 2004

Stupid Magic Thoughts (Must! Find! Combo!)

I feel like some sort of Mad Scientist lately, obsessed. It's really frustrating me. I stare at Nature's Will... Soulblast... the whole Kamigawa set, really... and I say to myself "There has to be one hardcore good combo deck in here, excluding hardcore ZuberaHonden decks!" I can't find it, though. I try over and over to think of good decks with Nature's Will to no avail. I stare at the creatures available to me and try to figure out a way to have 20 points of attack power on the board turn six for Soulblast, and I don't see it. The Soulblast deck is barely even a combo, really, I just want to do it (And I own 3 online). Maybe with 4 Lava Spike, 4 Glacial Ray, and 4... something else arcane... well, if I made it redgreen Kodama's Reach, maybe...? bah! I don't know... Well... the Soulblast wants 4 Ember-fist Zubera... cause if I have multiples out when I cast Soulblast, that'll be even more damage for free... does it want Honden of Infinite Rage? Probably not, too slow... It probably wants Barbed Lighting, though, that's a good "hit the head" spell that's standard... hm..
Bah, I'm going to think it all out here and not get to work... too... obsessed...

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