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January 31, 2005

Renewed Rage (I'm apparently not really back)

So my parents took my computer stuff... AGAIN! I am quite certianly pissed. They could have at least told me before hand! I mean, seriously! Don't you do that kinda stuff before you punish someone? Fuck. It just makes me mad because I moved the computer into the other room so that they would be confident that I was going to bed on time so they wouldn't have to pull this shit, but obviously that's not enough for them. Do they think I won't get on the internet, cause that's just stupid on their part if they do... all they're doing is keeping me away from gaming and Draco-kun, and that makes me mad... how in the fuck could that hurt, especially if, as I promised them I would do but they don't seem to care, I finished ANY AND ALL homework I had to do in front of them before getting on. And plus, how the fuck do they expect me to write papers and shit without my computer?
I'm mad. But I'll deal. I'll take a deep breath and deal, because I don't want to fight with them anymore. But god fucking damn, it's my computer for crying out loud! *sighs*

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January 29, 2005

Mama r0x0rz my b0x0rz!

More later, but for now, check this shit out. ^_^ My New Background!

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January 24, 2005

Gonna Find Me Some Afternoon Delight

Spoiler is up for Betrayers! There are only 4 foxes, plus the fox patron for me to have to collect on MTGO. I don't know if any of them will make my foxie deck better, though... certianly I'm going to try out switching the Kitsune Healers for these new Kitsune Palliators, since they look to be so my kind of card and might be generally more effective and cost one less. We'll have to see, though, since the Healers protect 8.5 tails so very well... also, Opal-Eye is the wall legend I have been dreaming about. Seriously! But I don't know if he'll fit in the deck... it needs to, in general, be more agressive... I suppose I could try a build that basically counted on Test of Endurance for the win, but eh... anyway, I am excited about all the cool cards, though. I can't wait to play with them. I need to order a draft box...
I'm still not back to normal around here... I miss gaming alot. It's almost kind of sad, but I'm a gamer. It's what I do. And I'm cut off from it... I've got my DS, still, but there's no good new games for me to aquire, so it all seems empty. I stole Breath of Fire from Spaeth, but I don't know if it'll keep my interest at all... I was a bigger fan of Breath of Fire 2, and this opening sequence hasn't really gripped me. But we'll see what happens... but yeah, hopefully sometime this week I'll get my poor compy back... and then this weekend or so, I'll be aquiring Wonder Falls of DVD. Yummy.

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January 20, 2005

Here's my current status.

Wow, the new preview card is quite amazing. ^_^
So yeah, I'm having some seriously issues at home at the moment. Fights and what not. It's honestly all my fault, and I deserve every bit of it. It's going to be interesting seeing how it all pans out. Mom wants to move my computer downstairs and not let me have internet. If nothing else, she's hid the power cord (although I don't know how well. I was able to locate alot of the stuff she took yesterday with ease this morning. I didn't take it back or anything, I don't want that fight, but knowing where is it is knowledge I want to have... most of it is stuff I paid for, after all.). So I'm internetless and World of Warcraftless for awhile. The thing that makes me really mad is that Jonathan is getting the same treatment for something I did, though... he can't play World of Warcraft either. It's bullshit. He says he doesn't mind, and that he needs to focus on his studies as well, and that's probably true... as well as he's going to soon be busy with the musical... but it just seems so stupid that he's getting punished.
The part I seriously hate the most, though (and if my parents read this, I'm sure they'll disagree) is that I disappointed my parents. I want to be adult. I want to be grown up and deal with my mistakes and problems myself, but in the end, I didn't do that very well. I should have asked for their advice from the start, I suppose. They're intellegent people, in their own way, and they do love me. They would have helped. But eh, so it goes, I suppose. What's done is done and I just have to live with it and move on.
Draco-kun, I hope you check this out and read this. Obviously there isn't much information in here, but I'll attempt to write you an e-mail at some point explaining at length. Of course, since my e-mail can only be accessed from the two computers that no longer have internet that might be a problem (and not to mention I know at least one class this semseter is going to require weekly e-mailed journal entries...) but we'll see what happens. Jonathan seems confident that in a week or so everything will be back to normal. I sorta hope he's right. On the other hand, I hope he's not completely right. I want to have my internet and this and that again, of course, but right now, I'm so fucking motivated! And I want that to continue. Motivation is good. I'm even going to talk to the Capaha Arrow today, see what I can do for them, see if they need me to write anything for them (which will also probably have to be delievered by e-mail. Oh, the irony.). I'm also going to try to get a second job because I want to. I want the money. It'll help me be more independent. My current schedule says something that works early in the morning would be best. I suppose I could see if any of the major retail outlets need stockers. I dunno. Anyway, I'm going to get at it.
But yes, I'll try to keep up with the blog in the library like I am now, but new fanfic entires and new magic cards and stuff of that nature might not be updated from quite some time.
The end.

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January 19, 2005

Random Note: Fanfics are up

Tons more fanfiction at the Fanfiction Contest site. Jonathan and Buchhiet, you best thank me for taking time away from WoW to type up your handwritten entires. Use a computer next time! ^_^

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January 17, 2005

This Blog Entry Brought To You In MIND VISION!!!!!

So Jonathan and I went on a hardcore 2 person raid of the Deadmines today. That was pretty hardcore. ^_^ I should have taken a screenshot to show, but I didn't. Wonder if Jonathan did...
He didn't either. Oh well. In any case, we fought two insane bosses and had the most incredible time. I have never been so caught up in a game. I've never felt like I accomplished something big before when I beat something like that. It rocked. ^_^ We didn't take on the last boss, because we barely beat the second one... BARELY! We're going to do the whole raid again later and take VanCleef down like the bitch he is. ^_^ He won't escape us this time! And this time I'll try to take a screeny of that Thresher, cause that was pretty badass.
So yeah, we did the LAN party yesterday... it was fun... but mostly just me playing WoW in a different person's house. Heh... but oh well, I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and if someone wanted to play something else with me, all they had to do was ask, so it's not my fault. ^_^ Heh.
Almost odd that the two Betrayers of Kamigawa preview cards I'm most pumped about are the uncommon and the common. Heh. Then again, they're both white, so that could be why. But Tallowisp was made for me, and Hundred-Talon Strike is just so wonderful a utility card with a nice little alternate splice cost. It's pretty. I'm going to enjoy it.
I'm also happy that Y? is posting everyday now. I want to know more about the characters... they're very realistic and I love it.
School starts again tommorow... I don't know what to think about it... I'm nervous...ish... I dunno. I want to do the right thing, but what I feel is the right thing and what I think is the right thing are so fucking different... and then when I do what I feel is the right thing I feel like it's the wrong thing at the same time.
Oh, the Fanfic Contest Archives are up, I don't think I've ever posted that offically. Look up top. Slowly posting more... heh... and tonight or tommorow or something, some Head Wizard Fanfiction will be up, so yay. I don't completely hate mine this time. In face, I'm fairly interested to see a reaction.
Aaaaaaand... um... yeah.

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January 13, 2005

Beautiful boys on a beautiful dance floor! Michael, you're dancing like a beautiful dance whore!

Okay, I'm feeling a bit better now.
Supralong lunch break today... whoo.
I bought the new Zelda game for Gameboy. I've found that, since Ocarina of Time, I haven't been able to actually stand Zelda games. I sure as hell couldn't get far in Wind Waker, although alot of that is its fault for being all stupid with the boat and such. I think it all stemmed from me getting stuck in Oracle of Ages way back in the day and never wanting to try again. But this game... well, it's interesting. It's still Zelda, but the new items are actually... well... new. The Gust Jar and this new Cane of Pacci both do very interesting and different things. I just hope the puzzles continue to be smart and not pointlessly assish. I do have to wonder why it's the Roc's Cape instead of the classic Roc's Feather in this game, but whatever. ^_^
Also, the game gives you these "Mysterious Shells" from time to time that you can turn in in a lottery to get little data entires of everything in the game, a whole lot like the trophies in Smash Bastards. That's pretty cool, but the amount of text you have to slog through just to stick another shell in the thing and give it a whirl is crazy. Someone wasn't thinking, there.
World of Warcraft is still as amazing as ever, of course... I'm managing to level 3 characters at once, and actually sorta advance them all, so that's cool. Sepia is mostly just making stuff with her tailoring... I need to level her a bit... but my Shaman is getting up there, and my Priest is slowly but surely creeping up there, too. I should put some more effort into my priest, she's almost level 20, and then she should get another special priest quest... also, she needs to take a trip to Darnassus. I should ask a Night Elf how to get there.
I also started a gnome warlock yesterday just because... well... I dunno... I don't see enough gnomes? Warlock seems like a class I'd probably enjoy more than mage. My little imp is all cute. I'd probably stick with him, cause he buffs the party and does little casting dances... heh... But I'm going to try not to play her much at all, cause I do want to level my other three... she'll eventually do engineering, though... mechanical squirrel, anyone?
Oh, my Priest has a white kitty. I rule.
So yeah, I suppose that's it? I dunno. Love you all.

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January 12, 2005

Yeah, I feel weird.

I have stuff I could say... about WoW... and... stuff...
But I feel weird... sickish, but not actually sick, just that kinda sick state I get in when I'm depressed...
I'm such an idiot sometimes.
I'll write something more interesting some other time...

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January 06, 2005

WoW! An update! (I shouldn't try to be witty)

I made another character. This is very unlike me. I usually make one and stick with it! I already had two! But the game is so fun, I found myself wanted to try out another class... and wanting to make an undead... and then I thought of the perfect name for a zombie: Sepia. Thus, Sepia, the undead female Tailor-Mage was born. We'll see how far I'd level her, although I'd like to level her up enough to be able to make hardcore bags for Draco-kun and I... and maybe a tux... and a wedding dress? That could be stupidfun. Heh. I already added her into my mental image of my commisson, too, just because I really like her alot (Probably because I like the name alot. I mean, alot. Maybe I should add it to my list of pre-approved names... Arlressy, Noa, Alex/Alexis... Sepia. It's just a pretty gothesque name. I like.). Mage is an okay class, it's fun dealing damage, although I miss not being able to heal and buff, but it's all good. And the tailoring is fun... what, did you think I was going to herbalize with a THIRD character? ^_^ I took skinning as my second profession because some recepies in my tailoring need leather, and it'll be a nice source of income. I was going to do enchanting, but I decided that would make me completely broke and I would never get anywhere in it. Heh. But anyway, I should do that commish... or at least ask Mama how much it would cost... I'm asking her to draw a bunch of characters and I can't blame her if she charges me more... heh...
So I pre-ordered the Exploding Dog book yesterday... he's going to sign it, apparently, since I did! It's got all of his favorites from all five years that he's been doing this, all in nice wonderful prints. I got Amazing Rain, his latest picturebook, with it cause he had a deal and I wanted it. So that's 50 bucks gone! Whoo! I'm going to enjoy it when it gets here in Feburary, though.
Draco-kun asked me to write him e-mails everyday... so far... I haven't written any. I'm quite a loser. I did send him an e-mail with my phone, though, but that's only 200 characters and that doesn't count. I'm just so distracted with World of Warcraft and then I get ganked away by my friends... I don't have boredom time to do it except at work, and I can't access my e-mail there, cause it's all POP3y. I'll have to do it, though... I don't want to disappoint him...
I have no idea how to put spells in Macros. I was trying to set up some totem macros and they wouldn't work. Any ideas?
Why did I ask that on here?
My wrist hurts. Bye!

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January 03, 2005

This Week's Fanfic Entry: Grossinator... STOLEN!

"Hi there! Welcome to Matthew's Sanrio Boutique! May I interest you in some white mana today?"
It was a bright and sunny day. The birds were chirping. The grass was singing in the plains. Everything was awesome. And Matthew Long, Defense Mage, was working in his Sanrio Boutique.
"No, I don't think so," said the odd, cloaked person who had just entered the store.
"Oh? Perhaps some lifegain, then?"
"Oh..." Matthew thought for a moment. "Then what?"
"YOUR SOUL!" The cloaked person attacked, his (or her) indistinct hands gripping Matthew's neck and attempting a hardcore choke maneuver!
"Shitballs! Walls, come to my aid!" Matthew cried! The walls of the store quickly tapped themselves, preventing all damage to their comrade. He shoved the mysterious attacker off of him. "Now to deal with you!"
"Not like you'll take me alive, bitch. I was just a diverson for my minon!" The mysterious figure pointed at a Risk Soldier piece, dragging the fabled Grossinator out from it's hiding place behind the counter and into the mysterious figure's awaiting hands!
"The Grossinator! Why, the power it weilds could destroy this land!"
"Yes, yes it could, and now it is mine! Muh ha ha ha!" The figure began to leave.
"Wait! Who are you?" Matthew cried out as he slowly walked out.
The figure turned. "You You Bastard." And then he (she) left.
"Who is You You Bastard... and what could he be planning to do with the Grossinator?" Matthew thought aloud needlessly. "Could he be planning to destroy this land? With the Grossinator? I can't let that happen! I better call Essner and see if he can help me!" He picked up the phone and dialed...
"Hey, is Essner there?"
"No, sorry, he left a little while ago... I think he went to Buchhiet's?"
"Oh, okay." He tried again...
Meanwhile, in Everquest...
"Ha, you're a Homonculous now!" Jonathan, Wizard Adept proclaimed.
"Ow, my scrotum." the newly crowned Homonculous said.
Meanwhile, back at the Sanrio Boutique...
"Yes, it's me, Essner, Avatar of the Wild, currently getting +1/+1 for each green creature in play."
"We've got a bit of a situation."
"Oh, what kind of situation? Can I guess?"
"Um, okay, sure. Guess."
"Can I have a BIG HINT first?"
"Sure... um... the problem may or may not involve genetailia."
"You You Bastard stole the Grossinator???"
"...what? How did you get that from that horrible hint?"
"Um, because it was big. Duh. So what are we going to do about it?"
"Get it back?"
Meanwhile, at You You Bastard's secret hideout...
"You're like. A Revolting. Putrid. Snot."
"How dare you insult me, vile machine!"
Meanwhile, back at the Sanrio Boutique...
"That's insane, Essner. Insane."
"It's the only way."
"Okay then, if it's the only way..."
"It is."
"Yes, apparently so."
"To You You Bastard's Secret Hideout!"
Meanwhile, at You You Bastard's Secret Hideout...
"You asshole of a machine... tell me your secrets!"
"There's nothing like. An awful. Oozing. Mmmmbooger!"
"Hold it right there, You You Bastard!" Two figures jumped into the scene unexpectedly!
"Flying poo in a saucer of flaming milk! It's Matthew Long, Defense Mage and Essner, Avatar of the Wild!" You You Bastard exclaimed, looking shocked.
"The same!" Matthew said, striking an overly gay pose and weilding... THE PURPLE FLAME!
"You've met your match, cockmonger!" Essner said, riding in little circles on THE THINKING SCOOTER!"
"You'll never take me alive!" You You Bastard proclaimed.
"Then we'll take you dead!" Essner said.
"Or at least in a vegetable-like state." Matthew added.
"But you forget, I have the GROSSINATOR!" You You Bastard pressed a button on the Grossinator.
"It's time for. A disgusting. Oozing. Fart." Matthew and Essner both recieved a poison counter.
"Gods, you bitch. Nine more, and we lose!"
"Yes! Muh ha ha ha ha ha!"
And then, Chuck Norris, Winner appeared, and won.
Yes, I got bored with where this was going.
The end.

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4 Men. 3 Knives. 2 Guns. 1 Basket of Peaches.

So yeah, like the moodthing says, for some reason I've been thinking about commisioning Mama today. Not to do something pr0nographic, but something all... World of Warcraftagraphic. Something like... meme (Well, foxme) sitting in the center at a keyboard... Noa to my left, charging up a heal spell with the hand holding her Warhammer of Healing, the other holding a defense buff potion... Arlressy to my right, totem going at her feet, mace on fire... in the background left, Jonathan's Spoonlily, lookin' badass in his bandit facething and such... background right, Dendreth, Draco-kun's character... taking aim at something offscreen... yeah. Only problem is I think Mama hates group shots. ^_^ Heh heh... but it's a commision, I'll pay her, and there doesn't have to be any background at all. Anyway, I might talk to her about that later tonight... She looks like she already has quite a few commissions at the moment, but I'm patient, too... heh... no hurry no worry.
So yeah, Franz Ferdinand... They're awesome! No song on their CD is one I cannot listen to or dislike. Obviously I like some songs more than others, but I can listen through EVERYTHING without having to skip. That's really rare. There's usually at least one song on even a TMBG album that's too slow or too something for me to deal with. Not on this. I'm probably going to end up linking them down in my band recommendations. ^_^ Heh. They rock.
The title comes from a Baulderdash game we played last night, by the way, if you didn't know. That was part of one awesome movie synopsis, although Jonathan seriously beat me that round... I'd attempt to recall his genius, but I doubt I'd do it justice. However, I'm pretty sure that Skaamoog might become a fake Magic card, if I think of a good ability.
Oh, and I'm annoyed they're still reprising old Magic articles this week. I thought the new ones would start today, but apparently not! They're going to have to get right into Betrayers of Kamigawa previews next week with no buffer for other articles, which is sorta... yeah. But oh well. Betrayers is going to be spiffy. Gotta save up money for the prerelease! And for paying for three more months of hot World of Warcraft action... yeah.
But um, yeah, that's all I got for now. Bye.
So, um, yeah. I suppose that's it for now.

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January 01, 2005

Happy New Years! (I'm so fucking random!)

It's still a bit akward with Draco-kun on the phone... but we'll get there! ^_^ I know we will!
I enjoy the astetic of these Franz Ferdinand videos... and the music is pretty good. Mayhaps I'll get their CD tommorow... today... if things are open.

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