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March 27, 2005

I hate me so bad.

The Matrix Online has many features in it that are appealing. Number 1 feature? AIM integration. About damn time. Seriously. That's like the one singular thing I wanted from an MMO. *sighs* I'm talking myself into wanting it... this is bad.
I e-mailed the place at the place... maybe I'll go see a councelor on campus because of it. If I do, about damn time...
Dai is very sweet... I wish I had gotten to know her more sooner.
Thank you, Droid, for fixing my webpage.
If you want to be scared by the mind of Justin Spaeth, take a look at the post below.

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March 26, 2005

Justin Spaeth utters possible pr0n titles!

El Penetrado the Second
James and the Giant Dick
No, I Sucked Balls!
The Penis Bandito
Balls-Fucker, The Reckoning
Sometimes You Feel Like A Cock, Sometimes You Don't
If I Had A Penny For Every Time You Said That, I'd Fuck Your Mom
Penis: The Feces Master

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March 24, 2005

Two Quick Notes

1) I so got a PSP, baby! As I'm sure you know if you've talked to me at any point since I got it.
2) Why the fuck does my mom have to lecture me about how my life is terrible and I don't do anything with myself ON MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY! You'd think she'd at least give me a break for that ONE day. Gods.
The end. I'm going to go to work and play more PSP! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^

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March 22, 2005

It's so Symbolic, you can't even Speak about it.

So I finally made an Unspeakable Symbol deck that actually uses Unspeakable Symbol to great effect. It's Suicide Black at it's most Suicidal and I love it. ^_^
I also think I have a date to prom. Whee? It's going to be kinda odd going with my brother and his friends, honestly... and I'm not going to enjoy the whole "tux" part very much... but I felt like it was a nice thing to do because Jessie is my friend and I want to be a good friend and also it'll be fun with her, I'm sure. Also... stuff. I dunno... the bowling afterwards will be nice, too! Heh. But yeah... there was weird decisions around it but I offered and she accepted so that's all very exciting, I suppose. Mm...
But seriously, Unspeakable Symbol. In a deck. Kickin' ass. Taking names. Oh baby. Ooooooooh baby.
I asked off of an hour of work on Thursday so I can pick up my PSP. WHOOOOOOOOOO! ^_^
Also, I had many nice conversations with many members of the Adset team this evening. My mom is a stupid moron for thinking I can't socialize. All the people I was talking to where people her age... they certianly didn't seem to be looking down on me... but eh... I dunno... Maybe I am stupid. But gods, I'm going to enjoy being that way.
But yeah... words on a blogplace. Enjoy them. Going to play a couple more rounds with this suicide deck. Later.

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March 20, 2005


The Secret Origins of SPANTS!
Narrator: In his Basement Abode, Justin Spaeth is working on something... amazing...
Justin Spaeth: For so long, I have been large. Largeness has always been something that I have been! But nobody realized that with that largeness came a large amount of gravity! As soon as I finish adjustments on these amazing pants, I should be able to access this gravity to benefit mankind!
Narrator: Suddenly...
Ian Spaeth: Justin, I've had enough of your shit! I'm off to find cracks using Internet Explorer!
Justin Spaeth: Oh no! If he does that, Spyware will completely consume my computer! I must act fast! But how... how can I save my precious computerbox! Perhaps... no, the pants are still in beta... but I have no choice...
Narrator: Justin dons his amazing techological pants and goes to confront Ian!
Justin Spaeth: Stop, Ian!
Ian Spaeth: You're too late! With one more click, I'll go straight to this cracks page! Your computer will die!
Narrator: Justin knows he doesn't have long! He activates his special pants, causing the mouse to fly out of Ian's hands!
Ian Spaeth: My plans! Ruined!
Justin Spaeth: Yes, I've stopped you... for now... but you'll be back... and I'm sure even more evil plans are afoot! I have to use these amazing pants to stop evil the world over! For no longer am I merely Justin Spaeth... I am SPANTS, GOD OF GRAVITY!

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March 17, 2005

Heroes! In a City!

I have City of Heroes on the brain.
This is bad. One can only serve once MMORPG master, and World of Warcraft should be mine. I know it to be true. But dammit, I think coming off of Freedom Force, the Super Hero thing is appealing to me. Plus, City of Heroes is so... straightforward, at least for as far as I play it. World of Warcraft is pretty nice about just jumping on and playing, but CoH is just... you just go. You go and you kill and if someone is killing in the same area you join up because there is absolutely no reason not to that I've noticed and you bust heads. Heh. But then I never got very high in level because the game did so many retarded things on Jonathan's computer... who knows how it'd work... oh, CoH also has extra quanities of style. Lots of Style for the CoH, and that I can respect.
Mmm... I'll think about it. But I know I shouldn't. If I'm still getting the cravings after my birthday, then me and CoH will have a little talk.

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A week from today, I'll be 21. I'll also have a PSP. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ^_^
I had Droid order me a half a gig Memory Stick Pro Duo yesterday. That way I should be able to watch movies on the mofo. Droid and I discuss the whole formatting of said movies and stuff in detail yesterday... and I downloaded this Japanese program which supposedly changes things to PSP movie format. I let it convert one of Bucchiet's FullMetal episodes, and it changed it from 175 megs to about 50. This was on the lowest setting of course, with Mono sound and such, but it played on Quicktime player just fine and I didn't really notice anything bad about it. We'll see if all this works (And if I have a mini USB cable... I don't know if I do) when I finally get my PSP. If it does, though, I think this will actually give me a reason to download and watch fansubbed anime, believe it or not. If I can do it at work or on the road, I know I'll actually watch it, whereas if it's here on the computer, I know I won't. Also, kittens.
Arlressy is level 32, fairly close to 33. I really like my Shaman, although I'm forcing myself not to play her for a few days so she can get her rest credit back and such. But it's fun, and I have such a great Horde guild. They're all nice people. Jonathan is in the market for a guild, but I don't want to invite him because of the whole him pointing out the gender thing... cause... yeah. I've half explained it to some of the guildpeople, but I don't want it to get akward. Anyway, the bad forum that the people behind the guild are working on making better is here. I wish they'd go and let me be able to put up an avatar... mm...
Did you see that picture of Brent Spiner below? Because you definately should.

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March 13, 2005

I think you need to see this picture of Brent Spiner.

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March 12, 2005

More Random Birthday Ideas (Cause I know you want to hear them)

Clamp North Side and Clamp South Side art collections: I heart Clamp, oh yes I do. I heart Clamp, how about you?
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (With Bongos): Cause for some stupid reason, I don't own bongoes yet. Go figure.
Donkey Konga (Only with Bongos if you don't get Jungle Beat with them or whatever.): Music games hearts. Or maybe I meant I heart Music games. I dunno. Heh.
"Future Corpses of America" T-shirt: I don't read this strip, but damn, I love that shirt that I randomly found.
Okay, enough of that for now, I suppose. Gods, I'm a nervous stupid with the whole voice and the talking... heh... it was funny, I told Spaeth I was going to do that and he said "Oh, and you're going to be all asking him if your voice sounds okay a million times" and it's so damn true... heh...
I do... want... to hear... things... from him... and it made me all weird... I guess I shouldn't have tired to get in that mindset... we were having fun before. Mm...
Anyway, goodnight.

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March 09, 2005

Y, god, Y? (Also, I suck at Magic.)

Y? Died. I'm sad.
Well, okay, it didn't completely die, but out of frustration the artist is sorta giving up furry art, and that means the whole thing in its current in carnation is going to go byebye and a new version with those weird little humans is going to be brought into being. But hey, I hope that version brings him more success. I really liked the current version, and it was more for the plot and characterization than the fur art, although the fur art was certianly nice and stylistic and cool. ^_^
Anyway, check out his new thing sometime.
Today I should recieve my copy of FREEDOM FORCE VS THE THIRD RIECH in the mail. I also have to work from 5-11. Miyah... but hey, money is good. Heh. I'm sure it won't be that bad once I get there. I just enjoy being lazy. And, like I just said, money is good. Gooooooood. But yeah, I THINK I'll enjoy this one more than the first one, not because it's a different game (No, it's purposely basically the same game! Not re-tooled and stupified for the masses! It's hardcore, baby!) but because I think my tastes have evolved a bit since then. Also because I'm going to play it on easy. I mean, I'll get frustrated and not play through most of it if I don't. I know that will happen. So I'm just going to wuss out and play it on easy. Got a problem with that? No? Good, cause that's what I'm doing. I'm playing on easy... FOR FREEDOM!
I wanna Pepsi. There are none in the house at the moment. This saddens me.
Oh, I sucked it up in all the Betrayers release stuff online, if you wanted to know. 1-4 in the league and I only got to the second round in 1 of my 3 drafts. Then again, I was raredrafting like a fool as usual, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much... although I will complain about opening a Vassal's Duty in my last draft, that was shit. Also on the Magic front, I planned like... the most expensive white deck ever that was spawned purely out of a want to play Day of Destiny because I like that card. But then, if I was going to have a deck full of legends, I'd want to play multiple copies, so thus Mirror Gallery was needed... and then I threw in all the expensive white rares from Kamigawa Block, trying to sorta come up with a curve by putting cheap good legends like Isamaru and Golden-Tail in there... and it had a Samurai theme so I threw in some Takeno, Samurai General at the top of the curve, sitting with Yomiji, Who Bars the Way to keep my Legends alive... yeah. The whole deck would like cost me a million dollars, but honestly, I would have alot of fun playing it. We'll see what happens with it... picking up the Opal-Eyes and Kentaros at this point will probably be expensive... it might even be a samurai tribal deck, though, which would rock my face. I should put it on the back-burner until the drafts finish influxing Betrayers rares into the card sellers.
Anyway, enough ranting. I am going to aquire a Pepsi now.

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March 06, 2005

Attempted Birthday Idea List

This isn't going well, but here are some things I thought of for my birthday so far. All of them are rare/coming out a day before my birthday... heh... I suck.
Rez for PS2 (US version): This is insanely rare... ebay prices are pretty damn high... heh... but holy shit, would it be awesome to have... this is like THE music game... I'm sad I never bought it.
Rez Soundtrack, "Gamer's Guide to...": You'd have to import it... it's on Play Asia, which, although I don't know much about importing, I have ordered from twice with no issues. (Once for Band Brothers, once for my Katamari Damacy Soundtrack.)
God of War for PS2: This comes out 2 days before my birthday, but seriously, holy shit. This game will rock everyone's face twice.
I Heart Huckabees on DVD: This movie was amazing. I completely and utterly enjoyed it, and I think it would be a shame if someone didn't own it, so I'd like to. Heh. ^_^
Technic Beat for PS2: The budget music game I still don't own... heh... but it will definately rock my world. Whee. ^_^
If I think of more, I'll update... or maybe I'll make a stupid giftlist page like I did for Chrissymas... But yeah, I suck.
(Last Updated March 7th)

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March 04, 2005

So Many Niches, So Little Time

You know, Matthew Essner has a random idea last night, and the more I think about it, the more it should be done... I have titled the idea for him as "Intensely Niche Comics." Since this is the internet, there are tons of webcomics, many that fill very specific niches. But even though people work hard to fill these, there will always be incredibly obscure niches left unfilled that SOMEONE wants to see. Thus, Intensely Niche Comics, where every week is a new comic based on a new insanely specific niche of fiction, such as "Guy who has tattoos that talk to him" comics or "Squid with tentacles replaced by children" comics. It would rock. And if an actually really really good idea was stumbled upon, perhaps it would be spinoff time. Heh.
If I could draw, I'd make him and I get right on it. Maybe I should do it anyway. I mean, some of the more popular webcomics are drawn by people with little artistic talent. Who knows.
Oh, I did this voice chat thing yesterday... man, that was wierd... I hope my voice sounded okay... I probably annoyed Draco asking him that a million times... heh...
I should move my compy back into my room this weekend...
The end.

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March 03, 2005

Lack of ideas. (Man, I've had alot of short entries recently)

I want to create something... but what... I've got novel ideas, but that won't give me the feeling of results, really, if I start working on that... I could try another essay, but I don't know what I'd write about. Poems are not what I'm feeling... mm... There has to be something... I want to create, even if it's just for like... the three people I show it to! Gods damn, I suck.
(Edit: Random thought for poetfox.com... if I link to a text file like a picture file, does it just show the text file or is there something similar I could use? Cause if so, I could probably just steal code from just about any webcomic site and have the stupid thing set up. Gods, I wish I didn't suck at HTML, that would fix my need to create pretty good.)

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March 02, 2005

More random... I had alot of parental talks tonight *sighs*

I'm reading backwards through Fur Will Fly, a comic I used to follow, but then stopped. It's kinda odd reading backwards through the whole thing... heh... there's a couple characters I'm waiting for origins to appear for! ^_^ But the comic itself is still fairly solid, perhaps you should check it out.
I don't know what I should do about my life. I really don't. I don't like not knowing, but I don't want to figure it out, either. I don't know. Maybe I'll figure it out... sometime...

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Little update notice for yah.

Minor Update on the Inside Joke Page. Thought you might want to know. This one in particular is much funnier now that it has a picture, and there are a couple new cards in the spoiler as well. Enjoy.
Edit: Also, my hairstyle is slowly growing on me. It's kinda cute. Heh. But I'm still planning on growing it back out to shoulder length.

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