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April 28, 2005

Gods, this torrent is a slow bitch...!!!!

That's the kind of excitement I could be having if my torrent didn't suck. Oh well, it's giving me a time to beat Ac!d, which is really fun for people like me, despite a couple of annoyances that come from not thinking things through in a short development cycle. (Playing a video every time you use a utility card = not cool. A spiffy attack card, maybe, but a utility card? Hell no.)

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April 27, 2005

Random comments 1 through 6

1) I suck
2) I am completely fucking tired of getting piece of shit download speeds on Azumanga Daioh when I'm uploading at like 15k. Leeching bastards should help me out a bit, cause I'm honestly helping them out. *sighs* It's taking forever to downloooooooad!
3) Guild Wars! Whee! Can't wait to play with everyone. Warriors of the Infinite Tub is going to rokk ure face offfffff! Or something. *blinks*
4) I suck
5) Phantom Dust is a pretty damn cool game for a budget title
6) I gots to go to work now.

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April 24, 2005

Convincing Myself

These are the games I would play if I owned an Xbox.
Phantom Dust (Exclusive)
Jade Empire (Supposedly an exclusive, but I assume will eventually come to PC)
KOTOR and KOTOR II (Easily aquirable on the PC)
Halo and Halo 2 (Halo is on PC, I'm sure Halo 2 will come, and I suck at both)
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (Exclusive)
Jet Set Radio Future (Exclusive, but I've played most of the way through it at Essner and it's honestly kinda annoying.)
That's it. Most of them aren't worth my time, or I can play on my PC. Thus, I should not buy an Xbox, even though I bought Phantom Dust the other day. I SHOULD come up with an excuse to spend awhile over at Essner's.
I demand willpower of myself.
Oh, I'm a level 40 Shaman. Whee! 20 levels to go...

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April 23, 2005

Droid R0x0rz my b0x0rz.

The Gallery Is Operational!
If you want pictures of my WoW Exploits, then, um, that's where you go. Enjoy. Link on the top to come soon, but for now, bed.
Dai and Linn, you're awesome, by the way.

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April 22, 2005

This is why I don't do this stuff often.

So I decided I wanted to set up a screenie gallery. Shouldn't be too hard, right? Just upload a buncha shit, run through the setup, blah blah blah... and it all turned out looking pretty nice. See? But it gives me errors when I try to upload... says it can't find files in the directory where they are... the FAQ for the gallery program mentions something about safe mode being on for PHP or something retarded, but I have no clue what it's talking about and I doubt I could figure out how to turn it off or test if that's the case... plus, if it's on, I bet Droid has a decent reason for it being on. I dunno. I just, once again, suck when trying to do webcreation things. Feel free to add another notch to your count, or something. If Droid is really bored at some point, I'll ask him to help me finish it... from the way that FAQ sounds, I think he just has to flip something off on his server. But who the fuck knows, really.
Psychonauts best be in today. I've been waiting and waiting these past two days. AHHHH!

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April 21, 2005

Yeah, I'm one of those weird furries, last time I checked...

Plans are beginning to get me to this.
It would really be a ride, that's for sure. I need to start figuring out how much funding I would have to save for it... but then again, I have most of the rest of this year to get things lined up... but still... yeah... heh. I hope things don't fall through... I want to take trips like this (Origins is looking pretty tempting at the moment, but I dunno if they're having a Button Man tourney, which is something I'd like to do if I went to that kinda show). I also hope my parents are down with it. Heh. I also wonder what in the world happens at these things. I mean, yeah, there are going to be like a million artists selling stuffs, but surely there are other things... is there gaming? Should I work on building a good physical Standard deck before I go? I dunno? I dunno. Perhaps these questions will be answered. In the future. Dai and Dante want to take me on a date of some sort, though... miyah... that... heh... flattering, and I'm sure it will be awesome. But still nervousness-inducing. Heh.
My parents ARE completely down with Prom, though, so yay? I'm sure that will be a slightly akward, but fun experience. Promtastic! (More like Project Promtastic... oh unlimited bowling, how I have missed you...) Also, I should finally get my copy of the Excellent Game Psychonauts today, which I should have gotten yesterday, but the people who ship those things suxz. Yes, I used the word "suxz." Get over it. ^_^
(I'd also want to aquire a nice pair of ears and a tail before I went to the con... Dai-chan said shi was going to work on doing that for everyone, but I don't want hir (hir... her... shi... she... confusing, as always... eh heh... and a bit silly, really, but I try to do it anyway...) to be all... inconvieneced or spend a bunch of money on me or anything... but that is something I want before I go... heh... hell, I just want them anyway.)

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Now Serving Pure Joy to all memebers of WoW General Chat

Holy shit, Essner and I are awesome. General chat ROCKS! Heh... and we found a guy, making this guild, who actually got our stupid crazy humor and loved it to death, so we actually have a guild too. Heh heh... I wish I could save chat transcripts in the game easier, I'd so start making an archive... maybe there is a way... I'll have to check.
Anyway, did I mention we're awesome? Yeah, we are.

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April 20, 2005

Check. Checkcheck Check. A-check it out!

What? What what what's it all about?
Edit: I just found a way to set that movie up as my screen saver. Needless to say, I am overwhelmed with joy.

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Only 2:30 this time. Heh.

You know, sometimes pricing all these swimsuits and bras makes me jealous.
But hey, I'm going to Prom, so ha? Also... ha...? Also... I'm tired. Sleep good.

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April 19, 2005

Dorthy Mantooth is a SAINT!

So I tried to write a poem yesterday, and it turned out like shite. Which sucks, cause I actually had some good lines and good idea, and then I get to the paper and my pencil takes a shit all over it and then the ideas are gone... I was never much for heavy revision. Small revisions, sure, but not taking another angle at the same idea. Dunno why... that seems like it would be a pretty important skill to have as a writer or english major... but I'm a horrid english major anyway...
I should aquire the Excellent Game Psychonauts tommorow, so that's hardcore. Too bad I won't really have any time for WoW levelin' tonight... class to work all quick-like... but HOPEFULLY, since I'm starting at 8, I will get out of work at a sane hour. That would rock. Mostly because I need sleep. Stupid me and my notsleep. Blaaaaaaah.
Oh, my silly Night Elf Hunter that I'm playing with Essner so found Enchant Weapon - Minor Beastslaying yesterday. That's some phat cashhhhhhhhh... can you tell I'm tired?
I'm done with the post, I bet. Yeah...

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April 18, 2005

Eric, Eric, Shining Bright, On the Stages of the Night...

Go Eric McLain. Seriously. I mean... seriously. 42nd Street is a retarded show, but you, you did quite well. I don't think I've seen a person on that ND stage attempt to SING in character. Very well done.
But yeah, 42nd Street is a very retarded show. And I know Jonathan will fight me to the grave, but it's true. It's true.
I finally downloaded Tail Concerto and tried it... ouch... it's so old that you can't use analog sticks with it... also, the ISO is missing the music... which makes me unhappy, cause I'm sure it's very cute... I kinda wanna play through it... but then again, I've got Ape Escape and it controls alot better and has spiffy music and I get to go "GOT-CHA!" alot more. We'll see. Heh.
But any game playing is just a temporary measure until I aquire the Excellent Game Psychonauts later in the week! Huzzah! Sepia and Arlressy are going to have shitloads of rest credit. But it's probably for the best, or something. Heh heh.
I need to stop staying up till 1:30 when I know I'm going to get up at 7. This excludes work, of course.
Oh, and Justin Spaeth is completely retarbid, if you didn't know.
The. End. I'm taking a shower and hopefully waking up a bit more... we don't have caffiene in the house today, I don't think... chaaaaaaa...

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April 17, 2005

Guild Wars: Your Source for Hot Rock Paper Scissors Action!

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April 16, 2005

Guild Wars Overly Early Review plus Work goes late.

Holy shit, I didn't get off of work until 3:10 AM. I mean, seriously. Crazy.
Playing Guild Wars Beta this weekend. So far, not too impressed with the plot and such. That could change of course, I hope it does. It's pretty damn good for being free to play, though. I really can't complain about it since I'm not paying a monthly fee for it! And the world seems decently fleshed out. The music sucks balls, though. Maybe it's just the beta and they only have one track of music for it or something but THERE'S ONLY ONE TRACK OF FARILY UNIMPRESSIVE MUSIC IN THE GAME AT THIS POINT! Crazy.
The thing that rocks my face about it is the PvP. Which is weird, cause I don't generally like it. But it's just so damn cool and strategic. You have to build a party that works together so perfectly so your guild can get up in the rankings! And it's not just straightforward beatdown, either, they mix it up. I'm so excited about it. Me and my friends from the tub will hopefully do well. ^_^ (Possible Guild Names for us that I thought of... "Warriors of the Infinite Tub," "United Furry Alliance") I'll certianly heal up a motherfuckin' storm. I enjoyed the all-heal freeprototype PvP character on there. Heh. With a couple of cheap DoTs added to the bar and some of the duplicate heals removed, I would be so ready to rock (The premade character has some damn cool healing powers, but she could literally deal no damage. Not one attack move. Not one. You need something to finish people off if your allies go down.)
Anyway, it's really fucking late. To bed with me. Draco-kun, I hope you're ready to try the beta out tommorow... okay, today, really.

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April 14, 2005

It's offical.

Dark Smifflin is listed in the Notre Dame Musical bookthing as a donor. Let the dance begin.

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My Gaming Forcast - MMOful, with a chance of Psychonauts

Here is my estimated gaming schedule for the rest of April. This is obviously subject to change and, um... unchange.
This Weekend, Guild Wars Beta, until I decide that leveling farther would be a waste of my time and that I have the idea of the game. Then, it's all WoW all the time until Wednesday, where I will pick up the Excellent Game Psychonauts (which is like only 40 dollars plus a 10 dollar rebate! It's crazy!) and play that until I beat it. Since I plan on playing fairly nonstop and it's a platformer, although what will probably be an insanely excellent one but I'm assuming not a throw my controller hard one, I figure about Saturday or so it's back to grinding some more levels in WoW. Then, on Wednesday, the 27th, Guild Wars offically early-launches for those who preordered, meaning I'll be playing that like mad for the rest of the month, with intermitten bouts of WoW when I feel like I should wait to do things with my online friends. This whole schedule will probably be slightly broken up with more of Essner and I's team WoW sessions, which we're having alot of fun with.
I know exactly one person in the whole world actually cares about that schedule (and that one person is probably me, but who knows, maybe it's you) but if nothing else, if you took the time to read it, you'll know how to get a decent ranty conversation about me during those specified time periods with questions like "How's that Guild Wars Beta going?" or "What are you working on in World of Warcraft?"
All of Tim Schaefer's Double Fine Games blogging is fairly entertaining, by the way, as well as the Double Fine Action Comics.

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April 12, 2005

"The Name's Rasputin, but people call me... Raz..."

Just played through the Psychonauts demo. At the very least, the game is going to be a solid platformer with PLENTY of style to spare. At the best, it's going to be one of the most plot intensive, wonderful creations the gaming world has ever seen. Too early to judge based on just the first level (which is all tutorial) obviously, though. They certianly tried to get the damn thing to play with a keyboard and mouse. They tried their hardest, they really did. It's as good as it possibly can be for this type of game. But if I'm going to play this thing on the PC and not the PS2, then I'm going to need a gamepad. The more time-based quick moving challenges near the end of the level were like tons harder because I had only the up down left right of the keyboard and not the stuff in between. Or a decent camera control. The mouse tries hard, but... eh. I've been half-wanting a gamepad for the compy anyway, so I might just do that.
I hope they port Jade Empire to the compy at some point during the summer. Although I haven't read any plans to that effect. That would give me another use of that gamepad I'm thinking of buying, though.
Oh, wait, I just went to the website... apparently the PS2 version is being held back cause they're not done yet... well, then, PC and gamepad it is. I'm going to work now.

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This Post Contains Fullmetal Alchemist Spoilers

I'm downloading the Psychonauts Demo and you aren't! Ha ha!
Okay, maybe you are, but it's not like I'm going to know. Plus, I'm downloading the Psychonauts demo.
And now, from this point on, I will be discussing the ending to the Anime Series Fullmetal Alchemist. Only read past the upcoming line if you A) Don't give a rats ass about being spoiled on the ending B) Have seen the ending C) Don't even know what Fullmetal Alchemist is and never plan to ever even attempt to find out. If you read it anyway, then, well, you'll know some of the ending. Poor Bastard.
And now, my dramitization of the planning for the ending of Fullmetal Alchemist.
Writer One: Okay... now Ed... he's getting sent through the Gate by Dante, just like his dad...
Writer Two: Mmhmm...
Writer One: We have several more episodes to fill with stuff... and the plot hasn't finished yet...
Writer Two: Mmhmm...
Writer One: So what's on the other side...?
Writer Two: Mmhmm...
Writer One: Are you even listening to me?
Writer Two: Hm, what? Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about Zepplins.
Writer One: Zepplins?
Writer Two: Yeah. There aren't enough Zepplins in Anime these days. Maybe there could be a Zepplin on the other side of the gate...
Writer One: A Zepplin... is the source of Alchemy...
Writer Two: Or maybe a ton of Zepplins! Yeah! Doing something cool! Like blowing stuff up!
Writer One: Okay, I really don't get where you're going here... what, you want him to end up in World War II or something?
Writer Two: That's PERFECT! He appears in World War II. Let's roll with it.
Writer One: Um, I worked hard on this series. I'd rather not fuck it up now with your stupid zepplins.
Writer Two: Oh?
Several Hours of Drinking Sake Later...
Writer Two: I knew you'd see it my way.
Writer One: I'm going to throw up now.
And that was my dramitization about the planning of the ending of Fullmetal Alchemist. Yes, I know I'm a genius. Thank you. *bows*

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Razorfen Kraul

Since I'm trying to start an archive on here for WoW screens, I suppose I should keep posting them! Maybe I should get that gallery whatever that Droid has on his blog, just for the screenies. I dunno, just an idea.
Anyway, I raided Razorfen Kraul last night. I had a shitload of problems with the whole thing. It was almost all too low for me, so I thought it would be a quick and easy run, but nooooo, a couple of jackasses made it difficult. A Troll Shaman named Blackdefiler kept wanting to rush before the party was ready, and then left without warning by running into a shitload of level 32 elites and aggroing them all on us, killing the party. The fucking jackass. There was also a lower level guy named Rageonstorm who was one of those people who asks for help before even reading the quest and trying to figure it out themselves, so he kinda pissed me off too. The other two guys I was with were quite awesome. (of course, because they were awesome and didn't make me mad, I can't remember their names to give them credit for it... *sighs*) I finally ended up finishing the whole thing off when the nice level 29 warrior guy got his level 50 Warlock to run me through, which was damn nice of him. But yeah, I got a kickass Axe from the whole thing which required me to learn axes and then completely level up the skill from scratch. Whee.
But yeah, okay, here's two screenies.
Agathelos was one hugeass boar. He dropped some fairly nice leather pants but the pants Jonathan had made for me awhile back were just that wee bit better, plus had caster bonuses, which I prefer. The ones that dropped had strength. He wasn't anything too impressive, though, besides being big.
Razorflank is the last boss of Razorfen Kraul, and this is a picture right before we started kicking her ass. She didn't do anything too impressive either, that I can remember... but do you see those star marks above my head? That's because I had the most annoying debuff on that I couldn't remove... it slowed by casting by 10%. Really. Really. Annoying. But yeah, she dropped that kickass but retarbid-looking axe, so I can't complain.

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April 10, 2005

No, Seriously! O! M! G!

I feel tempted to create a quick website entitled "Thirstin' For Heggejuice." Not completely sure what would be on it yet, but seriously. I mean... seriously. OMG.
Edit: Done.

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Wow. Wow.


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First off, I finally updated the Fanfic Archive, so check that shit out. Hopefully Droid will actually compress the amazing movie Buchhiet submitted as his fanfic this week, cause the world needs to see it. Trust me, I'll link it when it gets done.
In other news, I've so reserved Guild Wars. I can't wait to try the beta next weekend... I think it's going to rock my face. I'm sure I won't be disappointed, honestly, since I've talked to Dai-chan and she was in the beta and yeah. Heh heh. We're so going to create some terribly named guild. Maybe not "Citizens of Awesometown" badly named, but badly named indeed. And I'm going to get to heal, rez, and hardcore DoT with my current plan of Monk/Mesmer. Huzzah! ^_^ But anyway, I'm looking forward to it at the end of the month.
I downloaded Ben Folds' version of Get Your Hands Off Of My Woman, and I'm so insanely enjoying it. I mean, The Darkness, thank you for writing the song to begin with, but Ben Folds just 0wn3d j00 hardcore. Well, okay, he did the 0wning back when he recorded it a long time ago... but still!
So my mom bought me these leather sandals.. that was kinda annoying. I mean, I suppose they do fit fine and are decently comfortable and I shouldn't turn down something free, but come on! The reason I wear cheap sandals are 1) Easy to put on and 2) they're like $20 at most and 3) Because it's a stylistic choice to wear the cheap plastic sandals... if I'm going to wear dressy fancy sandals, I might as well wear my slip-on cheap girly shoes. And I probably will.
Long and short of what that last paragraph was trying to say: I want to have "style." When mom buys me stuff, she buys things devoid of the "style" I want to have. She wants me to look like everyone else. I want to look like me. I dunno, I wish she'd let me dress myself. And recognize what I said to her in October and use it to actually explain my actions instead of just taking them as personal attacks against her or "being antisocial" (which is like... seriously... one of the most bullshit claims ever...)
God fucking damn, I hate my printer. Why the fuck do I have to try to fix it when Jonathan fucked it up by putting too much paper in it... *sighs*
The end.

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April 09, 2005

Arugal is a bitchfucker.

Sepia's NPC Arch-nemesis for as long as I can remember has been Archmage Arugal, the bitchtard who creates Werewolves in Shadowfang Keep in Silverpine Forest. I finally kill the bastard today, and actually remembered to take some screenies... enjoy. Heh.
A Dead Son of Arugal For Essner, as he wanted a screenie of it. There are at least 15 Sons in Shadowfang. Heh.
Battle with Fenrus Fenrus was a ginormus wolf right before Arugal. He's all happy and huge and trying to kill us. ^_^
Pre-fight Staredown A dramatic shot of Sepia and Arugal sizing each other up before the big fight... heh... I didn't take any during the fight, but Arugal was pretty awesome. When it said stuff, there was actually voice files for it, and he turned your party into Werewolves that would attack other people for short periods of time, and he'd go "RELEASE YOUR RAGE!" Heh heh.
Anyway, I am very happy with all that. I got the Robes of Arugal, too, which I sorta feel bad about because my current robes are better and another person in the group might have used them. But I hadn't rolled on anything else in the entire dunegon and I wanted them as a souvenir. Plus, they had as much chance as I did. So there. But yeah, I do feel a bit bad.
There was some hardcore raiding that went on last night too, of Southshore and the Night Elf Princess. ^_^ I didn't take any screenies of that... it was a bit hectic, but you can watch a video of the high levels raiding the Princess. I'm downloading it now.
End WoW news. I'm taking a shower.

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April 08, 2005

Why can't they find good English voice actors?

I hadn't realized that the dubbing on Fullmetal Alchemist was so godawfulterrible. Holy shite, Scar-san's voice is complete and utter GARBAGE!
Goodnight. (Essner, I'm downloading Fruits Basket because I hate you.)

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April 07, 2005

Let's get started Ready Steady Goooooooooooooooooooooo! Oh!

Have I mentioned I'm a stupid bastard recently? No? Well, I'm doing it again.
I'm very crazy and peppy when I work at Kohls. I don't know if it's entertaining or annoying to the other people working there. It keeps my energy up, but I certianly could stop if it's annoying. I do hope it's cute, though. Or something similar to cute.
Hey, Jessie. Am I taking you to prom or not? And if I am... would you come with me to rent a tux? I don't want to do it alone (Last time I might have cried if I wasn't hiding since my mom was there... I'm kinda sad, I know... heh...) and I sure as hell don't want to tell my mother I'm going to prom much less go with her to rent one again. Or something. And I mean, hell, if you have someone else to go with, do it. I just, you know... wanna do it right if I'm doing it. (If I wanted to do it wrong, then I'd be asking you to go dress shopping with me. Heh. I'd so get kicked out in a heartbeat). But everything I've typed here really needs to be said to you instead of blogged, so I guess I'll do that tommorow.
Oh, the Matrix Online people are jerks because they made it the most hassle humanly possible to cancel your account. Seriously. The bitches.
And the randomness continues. You know, the more I think about it, I'm attracted to the IDEA of being with a girl but attracted physically to guys, really. I mean, I guess it's there for girls. But it's almost completely " in the moment" for girls. Like, on the very rare occasions that I might look at someone and think about sex, it would be a guy I was looking at. I can't do that with girls. I can look at what they're wearing or what they're doing or whatever... it takes effort to attempt to put my mind in the gutter when looking at a female. Now, if there was like... stuff... and stuff... and things got all heated with a girl, hell yes there would be that kind of attraction there. With a guy, less... preparation is needed for me. But then, when I think about my perfect relationship... like... having a family and stuff? I'm almost always picturing a girl there. Double Mother team of doom and all of that. Putting a guy into that kinda situation feels kinda akward sometimes.
Anyway, if you didn't read that last paragraph and want a quick summary, I'm bisexual but the reasons for me liking the different sexes are completely different. I'm going to have to blog tommorow so this post doesn't stay up top for too long... eh heh... that was all kinda embarrassing.
So there are these kitten plushies at Kohls. I'm going to get one. I shall name him Orange. I don't know why his name will be Orange, they're white with grey stripes. But that will be his name. They also have these cool like... chainmail mesh rings for ten bucks. I want one, but they only have them in sizes that would fit on my pinky. Whatever the hell the next finger over is called, that's what I want it to fit. Miyah. I do kinda miss having jewelry, athough I'm sure my mom doesn't miss me having it. Miyah again.
But yeah, I guess I'll try to sleep now. Apparently the guild needs more mages, so I'm going to try to focus a bit more on leveling Sepia... she's gained two levels these past few days. But Shaman fits my playstyle too damn well, so Arlressy will still be my main character. It'll kinda be sad when she gets to 60, but I suppose then I can start focusing on a priest. Also, do raids. Also, I said I was going to bed. I'll do that. Bye.

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April 05, 2005

I am t3h s|_|c|<

There are times when I get tired of being the little loser I am... then again there are times when I thrive on it... I thrive on it more than I hate it... when when I hate it, I wish I my lifestyle had enough wiggle room so I could make myself a contributing member of society for a short period of time until it wears off... that, or that i had someone here to snuggle with and to tell me I'm not a complete loser... because sometimes, I kinda doubt that I'm anything more than one...
I dunno, like I mentioned before, I guess I'm just randomly lonley. Sorry for the stupidity.
I met some really nice guys on WoW tonight, though... hopefully I can play with them some more... they were playfully flirty, but really nice guys... It's nice to be flirted with once and awhile... makes you feel wanted... which I guess is teh center of most of that stupdity up there... I don't feel wanted... which is a complete lie... gods, I'm getting ranty again. I'm going to bed.

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April 04, 2005

Extreme Blogpost +1

So I was apparently first and last place in this week's fanfiction contest. Yeah, I don't get it either. In any case, I finally get to use my amazing judging criteria that I made up like forever ago. Whee! Yeah, I know I haven't updated the archive in awhile either, but that should happen sometime tonight, I'm sure, even if it's just a very small update.
This past weekend has been one badass one for me as far as WoW is concerned. I so gained a level a day with Arlressy. Her rest credit finally ran out on me this morning, so Sepia will probably be my focus for the rest of this week's weekdays. Holy shit, though, I set Sepia SO MUCH SILK! Her tailoring should hopefully go up by like 3 million points or something. I hope so. ^_^
I also beat God of War this weekend (On easy. Yes, I suck, deal with it.) The game is full of breasts and gore, but good gravy is it ever fun. I highly recommend it, especially if you A, like action/platformers, B, like breasts in video games, C, like gore in video games, or D, are sane. If you fit one of these critera and own a PS2, you should give God of War a go. Such is my extreme declaration of worth!
So I guess Draco and I's half-dating relationship is now a half-nondating relationship... that's okay, I suppose... I haven't gotten to really talk to him in forever and such! I certianly miss him... and being attached. I feel so randomly lonely sometimes lately! But eh, it's just me being stupid. Eh heh. ^_^
Okay, time to go to Fazoli's, eat and study for this Phonetics test from hell, then take said test, probably getting a mediocre grade, then come home and WoW it up. Later. ^_^
P.S., if anyone has an MP3 of Ready, Steady, Go! by L'arc En Ciel (I think that's how you spell it), I want... that's the themesong to Fullmetal Alchemist in the Amercian dub and second season of the Japanese version, by the way.

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April 02, 2005

Personal In-depth MMO reviews

Thinking of writing them up just cause I want to. If you think that's a sane idea, give me a sign and I'll actually do it. As it is, I'm debating doing it as nobody would read it. Heh.
Also, Deconstruct costs waaaay too much to put in memory... I've had to wait like 2 levels to download the damn thing and the only reason I want it is to get to the Quickcode healing ability... which I won't be able to equip next level because I'll barely have enough to get Deconstruct on there! Heh...
Kohl's week of crazy is over, by the way. Time for some hardcore slacking next week! Huzzah!

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April 01, 2005

Wait! We don't have to talk about the Matrix. We could talk about other things... our favorite bands... girls who broke our hearts... the Matrix...

Ye gods, I've worked alot this week. But it's basically over now... heh... one more night.
Oh, um. April Fools or something. I don't have a joke to play on you, but... well, maybe that's the joke? I dunno.
So I have no willpower at all when it comes to games I'm researching, as I'm sure I've proven time and again, so I got the Matrix Online. How is it? A wee bit pointessly laggy, but still playable. The Coder Proxies could use much better AI, but hopefully that'll come... (The healer proxy, Patcher Daemon, apparently rarely heals, if ever... yeah, they need work) The fighting is the most interesting to look at in any MMO I've played. It's only the you there waiting for your turn and then punching the guy when you're shooting from a distance. Once you get into their Interlock Combat, it looks pretty damn cool, even if the system is still quite similar to other MMOs. Anywho, I've been playing that in spurts at night, and suprising myself by keeping up with WoW during the day. Damn, I'm cool.
Let's see... what else... I watched Gunslinger Girl on my PSP... it was a pretty good series, although if that's the whole anime I've also read the whole Manga series, cause I've read all those plotlines... heh... working on Fullmetal now... I saw that one episode that made me want to cry when I saw the dub, and it did for me again like this... it was even worse, really, cause there was an episode before it where you got attached to the cute little girl. Miyah. Even fake people shouldn't be that mean. But yeah, I've been playing games very little on the new machine cause I think the movie player is so fucking cool. I'm sure that'll change, of course, once the newness wears off, but basically, I am VERY happy with my purchase. It will be worth the money. I also got saved with no Dead Pixels on this one (My DS has 1 dead pixel on the top screen) so huzzah there. Yeah.
...I gotta respond to this e-mail Draco sent me... but not now... I want to write it right...
But yeah, I guess I better get going... payday... and stuffs... whee. Later.

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