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May 30, 2005

HUEPOW! LET'S BEAT THESE BITCHES DOWN! (Not an actual Klonoa Quote)

Watchin' some Namco X Capcom clips before I go to my Grandmother's house. I enjoy the way they stream in each characters theme music as they go to attack... heh heh... I just watched Klonoa beat the everloving crap out of this guy. ^_^ KLONOA! I love Klonoa... heh... I wonder if his new GBA game has come out yet...
Anyway, they'll probably never bring this game out in America because they're whores and there are many characters in it that haven't been in an American game. But I'm hoping they bring it over anyway and don't be stupid bitches.
I'm going to Natalie's house in like... a week. I should really tell my parents that. I should also sign up for Therapy after asking them about the insurance. Miyah, I'm a slow lazy bastard.
Hah hah hah...! Hsien-ko is now doing some hugeass mulitple range attack with the characters from Dino Crisis and I think Resident Evil: Gun Survivor? In any case, she keeps tossing them fresh guns out of her sleeves of Have-anything-in-them. Heh.
Edit: OMG, Digdug guy.

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May 28, 2005

A very angry rant about how much playing against a Magic n00b can suck that you shouldn't read.

Sometimes, I hate n00bs.
Obviously, from the picture, we both had impressive amounts of life. I couldn't draw Test of Endurance to save my life, so that was my excuse. Also, he killed the first one I put out there. But seriously, did you see the number of creatures he had? If he had attacked several times in a row after I had first played Beacon of Immortality, he would have been fine. He probably would have won. He would have kept my lifegain in check cause he had more creatures than the screen could show. But no, he stood there, with a million elves and saprolings, and used two Seekers of Skybreak and two Wellwishers to gain life. Neither of us had draw spells. We had both DRAWN down to that many cards in our decks. Turn after turn of doing nothing. He said he was stalling for ONE! ONE! Wirewood Pride, which wouldn't have done anything because, as you can see, I had 3 fucking Chastises. Of course, he couldn't have known that, but still. It was a huge fucking waste of my time. But because I don't give up, especially since I knew I'd win, I played the fucking thing out. And after I got Test of Endurance out and made sure he couldn't kill it? Right after this screenie? HE ATTACKED AND MADE ME DEAL WITH 5 BILLION PATRON OF THE KITSUNE TRIGGERS! For no reason!!!! I had won, he just had to let it be my upkeep. He didn't get me anywhere near below 50 life with his stupid attack. Gods.
Okay, that was WAAAAAAAAY more angry ranting than I wanted to do, but seirously, I played that game for a fucking HOUR. If the man had been waiting for like... one of four Overruns or something, then I wouldn't be mad. But of course he didn't even know what Overrun was. Or Kamahl, Fist of Krosa. Or Stampede Driver. Or Echoing Courage. Or anything that would have let him win. *sighs*
Wirewood Pride he was waiting for...

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Wolf of the Celestial Brush

Check that shit out.
Holy shite, Okami is pretty. I mean, that's just a Wallpaper, but I've been watching videos for the past little bit, and it's like PLAYING A FUCKING WATERCOLOR PAINTING! And I thought Viewtiful Joe was pretty to watch. Holy shit.
Clover, you are INSANELY TALENTED! Joe is a smash hit, and I hightly doubt you would make a game so fucking pretty and then fuck it up on the gameplay side. I'm overcome with want. Finish it quick, so I can play it!
Just watched another video, one with more gameplay and less footage of someone running Amaterasu (the wolf) around in prettyness... the gameplay seems solid as well... not that I doubted it, like I said... heh...
Seriously, I don't know what Capcom paid to pick up these people to make games for them to publish, but I doubt it's enough. Heh.
Okay... going to try sleeping now, I think... huzzah...

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May 26, 2005

Needless Adendum:

I wonder how hard it is to program stupid flash games? I mean, not like... complicated ones. Stupid ones.
Making a custom WarioWare-type microgames challenge doesn't seem like it would be TOO hard. After you made sort of the "shell" for the thing and one game, everything could almost all be copied for each one.
But fuck, I don't know how to program flash games and I have enough website plans that don't happen.

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Apparently it's hip and cool now to bitch about people not blogging, a trend, I'm proud to say, I apparently started. So, um, bitch. Blog some more.
I just got Wario Ware: Twisted! to help ease the pain from me finishing all of Firefly. They're both awesome, Twisted! because it invokes a sense of childish glee when playing I haven't felt since I did the first Wario Ware, and Firefly because IT'S FUCKING FIREFLY! I had fooled myself into thinking I had an additional episode to view, but I forgot that the last file I had was actually the special features from the DVD... damn. The movie best be blowing my mind three ways from tuesday. Or something. Does that even make sense?
Also, I'm apparently visiting Natalie in like... two weeks. That'll be akward as hell, to be sure. But, you know, hopefully fun. I've committed myself to it, unless Kohl's decides I can't have off for some reason, so... you know. Here's to hoping for the best with that. This adds onto the list of things I need to speak with my parents about... I can only recall two at the moment, but I think there was definately three things at some point. Hm.
I think the major point that needs to be made, though, is that my blog is not interesting. Why aren't you reading someone else's blog? Bitch.
I took this Depression test, and my results say I'm "moderately" depressed. Yay? Also... yay?]
And now to resist playing Wario Ware: Twisted! so that I won't play it all up before I get to play it at work. Whee. I suppose it's KOTOR time. Heh.

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May 22, 2005

Like a White Bat in a Box, Dead Matters go on.

So yeah, I'm downloading the Mr. T musical. It's called "Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool." Petesteve suggested it. Can't wait to see it. ^_^
I'm also downloading this free adventure game from here. Don't know if it's very good or anything, but Brer pointed it out to me. (When I think his name, I pronouce it "Brey" but that can't be how "Brer" is pronouned, yet I'm stuck with it in my head for some reason.)
I'm also going to try to call therapistguy tommorow and set up an appointment. I wonder how all that will go. I don't know much about being therapied. Somewhere in my head, I dreamsee it going like this. "Hello there. I talked to Bobperson and he said you were all stable and stuff, and we're really busy here at the place, so let me start you on hormones and we'll see how that goes bye!" But that's a retarded thing to hope for. I'm fairly sure it's what I want to do. Sure enough that if that happened I'd probably be happy. But I know I'm a very complicated weird individual, and there's probably a bit more to it that I can't see because I'm in the middle of it. Eh, we'll see what happens. I just hope he's a nice guy. A nice guy who understands. A nice guy who understands and has had experience with transgendered people. Yeah.
I saw Brian's sibiling (I'm not sure if I should call him/her brother or sister yet. I know Brian still calls him his sister, but... you know. I dunno.) at graduation today. I want to talk to Ninaperson. I don't know why. I doubt we'd have anything to say to each other. I'd just kinda like to at some point.
I think my post is done, as I can't think of anything else to type. So there.

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May 20, 2005


If you didn't already know it, Firefly is fan-fucking-tastic.
Star Wars: Episode III needed alot less Padme talking, but had alot of cool fight scenes. It's certianly the best of the new trilogy, but it's still PART of the new trilogy, don't get me wrong. I honestly don't know exactly what level to put it at yet, but I did enjoy my viewing of it.
KOTOR II is good! I mean, I have a feeling if I had played the original and hadn't just watched Episode III I wouldn't be as excited about it. But it's a solid game, and even though I know the ending is going to be the shitcrap of shit, I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy the ride. I'm saddened that all defense buffs require me to wear like... no armor. Had I known this, I wouldn't have learned them, because I'm going to wear armor, so I can try to tank. Dunno if that's even very possible in this game, but I'm going to try.
Spaeth started a game for no reason and named his very Asian jedi Weird Fuckpants for no reason. That Justin Spaeth, I swear...
This is a blog entry. Deal. And yes, I still have viruses. Huzzah?

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May 18, 2005

I wish things would like... work.

So I've got a stupid fucking virus that keeps regenerating and constantly streaming spyware to my compy. It's really pissing me off. Alot. Mostly because the fucking thing lags my gaming, as well as my brother's gaming if my computer is hooked up to the internet. I have even tried disconnecting my computer completely, so it could not connect to the internet, and running all kinds of scan programs... twice. This proved ineffective. I am going to be so pissed if I have to reformat because of this, I really am. But seriously, if another solution doesn't appear soon, I bet I'm going to have to... grrr...
Also, the stupid acid at work burned a hole in my pants. Grrr.
I'm in a bitchy mood right now.

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Mama drew a picture of me again...

Oh my.

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May 16, 2005

I can't get in my bathroom currently.

Jonathan is in the shower, and this is hurting my whole "wanting to brush my teeth and such before work" plan.
Gods, I hate getting up early... damn you money, and needing aquiring... You are a bastard money, making me get up early and I kick you. Alot. But then I collect you and hug you and spend you, so I guess I shouldn't complain.
Feel free to Chose Your Own Fanfiction Adventure here. More fanfics posted and stuff when I get them and actually take the time to update... but yeah... yeah...
I seriously wonder what I'm going to do about the whole sleeping thing this summer. I'm going to work late some nights, so that's going to make sure that I won't feel like going to sleep early very often, but I'm going to need to to deal with these hardcore work days. Eh fuck, I dunno.
*blinks as mother comes in and leaves...* O...kay...
Anyway, to work, I suppose... wish I could brush my teeth, though...

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May 14, 2005

Champloo, some more thoughts, then Tailrazor.

Well, having viewed exactly 2 episodes of Samurai Champloo so far, I can definately say it rocks. Alot. Whee. I'm interested to hear the dubbed voices, although I probably won't be able to when it premeres tonight, since I'm going to be at work. Work! Yay! I can't wait to start actually working hard at my college job, honestly! That is only mostly sarcastic. Having something to do honestly cuts down on boredom that I experience (because as much of a gamer as I am, sometimes I don't feel like playing games, and I don't often have a book or something with me, and then I'm screwed.), but I know I'm going to start being worn out pretty bad when I get home too. Also, I'm going to have to start brining myself lunches as well. Hmm. I suppose I should probably go buy a buncha nice sandwhich and snackish stuff tommorow... I don't like eating except in company in general (I avoid eating when I can... I figure this balances out the fact I don't get much exercise, although it's probably not a good idea), but if I don't eat anything for an entire day while doing 7.5 hours of constant physical work (not overwhelming or hard physical work, but constant, and I'm definately on my feet the whole time) I'm going to feel very sick. So yeah, it'd be a bad idea. Should get lunch stuff tommorow. Yeah.
Sometimes, I wonder if I'm a slut. Then I realize, if I am, I honestly don't care, plus I doubt they judge such things on internet relationships. (I don't know who "they" are. Also, I enjoy how, since I have put this thought in the middle of a longer-sized post, the majority of people viewing my blog will not read it. I actually tend to do this often, so if you want to know what I'm really thinking about alot of the time, you should read only the MIDDLE of my posts, and not the beginning and the end.)
The Saviors preview cards haven't filled me with too much estatic feeling. Dunno why. Promise of Bunrei was completely and utterly sweet... actually, in general, they've shown so many kickass White cards, I should be overflowing with joy. But eh, I dunno. Magic has continued to be a hobby I pursue, but I haven't been too focused on it recently. Just a couple of MTGO games here and there, when I get the urge and the WoW server is down for matenence.
Recently, I've been working on yet another world/plot/story. I suppose I'm more envisioning this as a full RPG (I often build an RPG-like repetoire of moves for all characters in all of my stories, even if the story is a very non-combat related story and really would never work as an RPG... hell, the characters in Darkness and Rainstorms have moves like that), since half of my thoughts when I make each character is "I want this character to look insanely distinct and different from generic RPG character design." I don't know how much I've succeeded, but I think if one would add in over-the-top animations for things, it would come off having it's own flavor very well. In any case, tentative title is "Tailrazor: The Ultimate Gamer" although I bet I'll change it. The main character is Rebecca "Tailrazor" ____, who is, I think a red panda, and a very flat-chested, non-emotive, very serious person who just happens to have won the National Gamer's Championship 6 years running. This is a huge event, actually manages to get nationally televised, and is sort of an Ironman competition, featuring all major muliplayer games in every genre and on every console. Using this fame and some of her parent's financial backing (They're rich, I haven't fleshed them or how they got rich out yet, though.), she was able to create a string of Arcades/Cafes that make sure she's pretty well funded. Part of the success of these locations is her push to keep the very very latest gaming technologies and games in the moment they're available, and the promise that she will personally take on anyone who has the top score in any of these locations if they challenge her. The advertising people behind these arcades have constructed a campaign that forces her to act like a very bubbly, happy girl, who Tailrazor has named "Euphoria." Helping Tailrazor run everything behind the scenes is Techgirl/Secretary Grace ____, who has a secret love of hacking and other such things and who Tail has taken a definate liking to, although she, like everything else, doesn't show it. I have two other characters created, and they both come out of some sort of Psychatric ward or hospital, and honestly, I haven't figured out a plot yet. Just a bunch of characters that I keep trying to mesh together in my head until I find a plot there. That's normally how it works, anyway. Heh. And then sometimes, in that meshing, I find other characters that must be there and they get created... anyway, I suppose that's a little tiny taste. The deeper part of the plot would probably revolve around Tail trying to deal with the fact that the public, and even others, seem to like her "Euphoria" persona better, with a minor romantic subplot and anything else that ends up happening. Like I sorta described earlier, I try to let my plots be as organic as possible. Anyway, I just described all that, and it's probably something else you might see if Poetfox.com ever got up and running, but we all know how doubtful that is without Droid's help. Heh.
Okay, I'm off to eat and watch Firefly now.

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May 11, 2005

Amazing! When you do stuff, stuff gets done!

Today has been an intensely fruitful day for me so far. I'm honestly quasiproud of myself. If I did this kind of little shit everyday, maybe I'd get somewhere in life. Oh well, chances are I won't... *sighs*
I can't focus at all... like... normally I can't focus on getting anything of consequence done, but now I can't focus like... I can't focus my eyes on something or my mind on a single thought not focus. That is a "bad thing." I should do some heavy duty sleeping, but I know I probably won't. I suck alot like that.
One of the thing I actually did today? I called the Center for Health and Conseling to set up an appointment for tommorow. This will enable me to talk to someone who has at least a basic knowledge of therapists and where they are located and can be contacted, which will then, hopefully, lead me to summoning one of them on the phone and setting up and appointment with THEM. It's a small, stupid step, but any step I take towards transitioning feels big to me... I dunno... I need to get that shit rollin', I really do, although I should put the House of Awesome as my first priorty, which I am trying to do... But... yeah... this whole thing also begs the question of whether or not I can pay for therapy AND move out, and my answer is I'll not eat if I have to. Of course, since I'll probably be sacrificing food for games fairly frequently at the House of Awesome, another reason not to eat could prove problematic. But oh well, I've ready shown I pretty well don't give a rats ass if I make myself feel like crap, because I'm not willing to slow down and fix the situation till I'm about to collapse. Damn, I'm the smart one.
Also, I hope to god we only MOSTLY embarrass ourselves bowling tonight. Oh my, it'll be interesting.
Also... I wonder how this new relationship with Dai-chan is going to pan out... I shouldn't worry, we click really well... like... bleh, I don't want to take the time to try to akwardly describe it... but I'm pretty optimistic about the whole thing.
Also... have I mentioned I'm torrenting Samurai Champloo recently?

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May 09, 2005

Samurai Champloo

The torrent has started... here's to hoping it's as awesome as Bebop!
Also... okay, I don't know an also. But seriously! Samurai Champloo! Come on! I mean... Come on!

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May 08, 2005

What do you do with love that's more than friendship but probably not a relationship?

I've found alot of that recently, and honestly, it confuses me a bit... because I do many relationshippy things with these people, and I care about them and everything, but being fully attached doesn't seem an option and it's never really pursued in any way, unless you can count hoping for an IRL meeting at some point pursuing it.
It's weird, I'm weird, internet relationships are difficult and weird. I wish I was less akward in the real world, but it's so much easier to be myself online for... well, because my body doesn't come into effect. I mean, if it seems like I'm going to get close to a person I tell them anyway, cause I mean, it's just what I should do. But it's... you meet people who it isn't an issue with easier online. Also, I think furries seem to be insanely accepting people and it's a wonderful, wonderful thing in my opinion (yeah, okay, the relationships I'm referring to are with furries. I'd probably give details if you'd ask, but I don't think just blurting them out here is a good idea, perse...).
Anyway, quick summary of my ideas. 1) Furries are an understanding group of people, even if that makes them accept some really really weird fetishes, etc, sometimes. 2) I have 2 More-than-friends-but-I-don't-think-relationship relationships going on right now (Well, three if you count the odd post-relationship thing between Draco-kun and I... I don't know what to do about that either) that makes me wonder if I should do something more or what the boundries are of such a relationship 3) I should go to bed when I get home from work instead of blogging odd things about internet relationships and, something I always suggest to people, 4) if you can avoid Internet relationships, do it. But if love is there, then enjoy it, no matter what the distance.
Okay, done now. Time to sleep. Happy Mother's Day, or something!

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May 06, 2005

Hegemann has stopped me from commenting on his blog.

I'm not TOO hurt. I mean, besides the soul crushing saddness, I'm fine. Really.

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May 05, 2005

You can't force blogging. It don't work that way.

So the soundtrack to Spamalot is fucking brilliant, although I honestly didn't doubt it would be. The love song, "The Song that Sounds Like This," is quite genius. Mmhmm. Yeah.
I have to work tonight again. Wonder how that'll go.
...I miss Brerwolf... Linnaeus... Brian... I honestly don't know how to refer to him... but I miss him... I wish I knew what he was to me... I mean, besides a friend... or... miyah, I don't know. I hope he gets everything going good for him, though. And stuff...? And stuff... I can't write, apparently.
I really don't feel like playing a game right now, and thus am at a loss for how to spend my time, so I thought I'd blog, but obviously that's not going well. Eh heh. So it goes.
OH! I started talking to Rebecca again... it's been quite some time, but she seems like she's surviving her senior year well enough. ^_^ I'm glad... I had begun to wonder if I had passed the point where we still clicked as friends, but I think it's still fairly solid... we have alot of catching up to do, though.
Okay, enough trying to blog and failing already. Here's to hoping I get off of work at a decent hour.

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May 03, 2005

Eggz make a happy rattly noise.

I just realized I have to go to work tonight... chaaaaa...
So I watched the first 10 episodes of Azumanga Daioh today... I won't say "it was worth the wait" because there was no excuse for me to be torrenting that slow, but... well... it was worth the wait. ^_^ Huzzah?
Oh, um, I beat Psychonauts. Okay, quick Psychonauts review: If you like platformers but wish there would be more characterization and more interesting looking levels in them, then play Psychonauts. If you are not a hardcore platformer, though, you WILL be VERY frustrated by the endgame. However, it is a very enjoyable endeavor overall. You could almost stop after you ascend the elevator into the insane asylum, though, cause after that it's just kinda... well... really really frustrating.
Also, Raz looks stupid without his hat/helmet/thing.
Songs that Essner and I wrote videos are uploaded, if you haven't seen them. Try this link for "Battlecry of an Atheist Liberal" and try this link for "The Only Place"
Nothing I was going to buy was out today. It sucked alot. The things I was going to buy include, but are not necessarily limited to, the Guild Wars guide, the Spamalot soundtrack, and Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, although I should probably wait until a review for that to see if it has "hotseat" multiplayer. If it does, I'm definately getting it. If not, I'm going to have to think long and hard about if it's worth it. Honestly, if it doesn't, someone just wasn't thinking in my opinion, but who knows... who knows...
I don't think I want to go to work tonight. Boooooo. I hope I get home at a decent hour. Booo work!

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