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June 29, 2005


Check it out!
Enlightened Tutor... the mucho better fetchlands... UNARYO BEE STING! Fuck, I am so so here.
Meteos will rock your face. If you don't own a DS, then you're temporarily off the hook. For now. If you do, and you didn't buy it today, you best be doing it tommorow, or I'll kick yah.
Tommorow I play Magic at Eric's, then come home and play more Magic, since I gotta jump in on MTGO's Saviors prerelease. Huzzah? That's alot of Magic, but I'm all hardcore? So... MAGIC, BITCHES!
But seriously, Unaryo Bee Sting. I'm going to put that shit in every single deck ever. EVER.

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June 27, 2005

Le sigh.

Well, now I can't post on Eric's blog either, apparently. See the sad tear run down my cheek.

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Prepare for t3h b33td0\/\/n, Magic peoples!

Okay, people coming to Eric McLain's house on Thursday to Magic, view the amazing that you will be facing from me!

The Army of the Poetfox

Lands (22)
21x Plains
1x Eiganjo Castle

Creatures (24)
3x Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant
3x Eight-and-a-Half Tails
3x Opal-Eye, Konda's Yojimbo
3x Patron of the Kitsune
4x Kitsune Pallitor
4x Kitsune Blademaster
4x Kitsune Loreweaver

Other Spells (14)
3x Terashi's Grasp
4x Arrest
3x Blinding Beam
4x Wayfarer's Bauble

I would have put Alexis Long, Transgirl in there, if I could have. Heh.

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I am a deckbuilder, la dee da.

What makes a good Two-Headed Giant deck? Seriously! I've been trying and trying to figure something out... and I just... GAH! I'm so frustrated! So fucking frustrated... blaah... blaaaaaaaah... BLAAAAAAAAH!

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June 25, 2005

A totally failed Game Forcast

I wonder if there would be a way to make a miniblog that sorta moved off of this one... kinda like how Droid has his reviews only for games or something? Like... I could blog comments on games and it would file them under the game and blah blah blah... too much work for something so trivial.
Anyway, here's my upcoming gameplay forcast:
Portable: Starting next week, I'll be beating my way through Sigma Star Saga and enjoying every minute of it. (I'm downloading a trailer now... eeeeeee! ^_^) Then, I dunno. Nothing is really coming out. I've been debating the aquisition of Wipeout Pure just because the content downloads are cool beyond belief. But who knows... let me check the release date lists and see if there's anything... (I hate how the PSP release date list is littered with retarbid UMD releases... does anyone care? No. Nobody cares.) OKAY! OMG! Meteos is coming out on the same day as Sigma Star Saga! That's totally intense, and will be a definate purchase. So, okay, let's start this forcast over.
Portable (Actual Forcast): Starting next week, I'll be blasting (a better verb than last time! Huzzah!) my way through Sigma Star Saga for the GBA. It will rock my face. After that, I'll be taking comfort in the sweet puzzleful bosom of Meteos, Q Entertainment's new DS puzzler of sex. Or blocks. One of those two. This will hopefully keep me entertained until the 20th of July, when Gunstar Super Heroes will be released on the GBA and I will be engulfed in Treasure's special brand of old-school deliciousness. I suck at action games, but I thoroughly enjoyed Astro Boy: Omega Factor just about as much as I sucked at it, so I'm sure Gunstar Super Heroes will treat me the same way.
Okay, so now I can't confirm when Gunstar Super Heroes is coming out. Fuck. EBGames' website is saying October... the Treasure Website, although I can't read most of it, it saying "fall." Well fuck. I'm going to bed. Or to play games with Justin Spaeth. Maybe I'll write a correct one of these later.

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June 23, 2005

A deck for MTGO after Saviors launches.

Foresttastic! (Working Title)

Lands (21)
4x Elfhame Palace
12x Forest
5x Plains

Creatures (18)
3x Budoka Gardener
4x Elder Pine of Jukai
4x Lantern Kami
4x Tallowisp
3x Taproot Kami

Other Spells (21)
4x Blanchwood Armor
4x Kodama's Reach
2x Pacifism
1x Arrest
4x Spiritual Visit
3x Unchecked Growth
3x Wear Away

Strength of Cedars fits more with the theme than Unchecked Growth, I think, but I wanted more cheapish Splice targets for Spiritual Visit.
Hmm... I meant to have Terashi's Grasp in there... or at least Wear Away... I should put at least two in there... okay, it's done and edited for that. ^_^ Anyway, huzzah? That's my first Saviors deck!

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Thingies. (A boring post.)

Apparently Ben Folds is touring with Weezer and coming to St. Louis? Essner called me late at night to inform me of this. Whee. I'm sure Essner and Spaeth will go now, and I sorta hope they invite me, cause shit, no reason why I shouldn't go. I'm no superfan of either of them, but it sounds like an exciting time with music and stuffs. Or something.
I found a cool shirt. It's here.
Maybe I should ask off for a morning or two next week, just so all the working at Kohl's doesn't destroy me utterly. We'll see after I see the schedule tonight.
Oh, I'm working at Kohl's tonight.
And... um... eh, I'm done. Wow, what a boring post.

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June 21, 2005

A buncha random stuff that I used as topics instead of what I actually wanted to talk about.

So I entered to win a trip to amazing Canadia to see Blue Man Group. Yay? Perhaps insanity will help me win. Or something.
Natalie and I did some like... serioustalking the other night. And I've really been thinking about what she said. It's really helped me out. And so, even though I don't think she reads this, here's another thank you for her.
So the new Appleseed movie isn't too bad. There was some cheese, but eh, so it goes. It also proves my quasipoint about the fact that computer generated movies should aim for a stylized look instead of realism. The whole thing just looks prettier overall. I mean, seriously.
I'm playing PSO: Blue Burst. It's currently the same game you've played in it's millions of other incarnations, only for significantly cheaper monthy (only 8 bucks) and to aquire (only 0 bucks). But don't even try playing it without a gamepad. I mean, I haven't, cause I have a gamepad, but I think it would suck BALLZ! If you're going to play it, just buy a gamepad! Mine cost me 20 bucks, works just as good as a PS2 controller, and I'm quite happy with it. Anyway, soonesque they're going to get an all-new Episode 4 in there, so I suppose I best level my RAmarl, Lily, to be prepared for it. Screenies in the Screenie Gallery that you probably don't know exists will probably start to appear.
I hope I find some Samba Maracas. Even though I won't use them, really.
I can't wait for Sigma Star Saga, as well. Kirby was awesome but I'm all bored of it now. Heh. Not bored, just... I dunno. I beat it already! Beating it several other times with balls that are only slightly different in action doesn't really appeal to me. Sorry. makers of the wonderful game Kirby: Canvas Curse!
I have emotional stuff that's been going on with me too. But I don't think I want to talk about it here at the moment. I do need to talk to Dai-chan, though. And I hope I'm helping James, at least a little. And I'm glad Brer and I are on the same page. And I hope Natalie was okay with the random phone call I made tonight. Heh.
My phone is a bitch to attempt to charge now, too. WTF, man. WTF.
I use phrases like "OMG!" in real life now. That's sad.
I'm done blogging for now. HUZZAH!

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June 18, 2005

Switch me on... turn me out... I wanna touch you, you're just... made for love...

My kitty is so... so... oversexed. But I love hir... I just wish things... I wish... mm...
Well, I meddle too much, just because I know people who are involved, I guess. It makes me feel useless, because in those situations I pretty well am, but feel like I should try. I dunno.
So I saw Batman Begins. Batman sure as hell began. Yup. He's like "Hi, I'm Batman, don't mind me, I'm just beginning." It was pretty nice overall. I enjoyed myself.
Also, I've started playing the Longest Journey again, and it's still good. I need to beat it this time.
Also, I need to find a present for my dad and fast... and organize a Magic tourney. *sighs* Why can't these stupid tournies organize themselves? I mean, seriously.
I guess I should get on all that. Blaaaaah?
Did you like how the title didn't have anything to do with anything? I just like those lyrics.

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June 17, 2005

In case you don't see it in my gallery...

Check that shit out.

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June 15, 2005

Muzaaaaak! And Relationshippy...

This excerpt of a little bit of Goldfrapp's new album rocks my face... I don't think I can wait until the next of August for it, but I suppose I'll have to... also, Freezepop just came out with a new EP that I just ordered along with one of their cool, higher quality and more ass-kicking shirts.
I think I really upset Dai-chan... which is... blaaaah, why do I worry so much... it only gets me in trouble, seriously...
I have to go to work tommorow too. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
At least everything with Natalie went all insanely well. I'm glad I can offically call her a close friend again. Not that I doubted she was. I was just... running away from her for no good reason. No more of that for me.

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June 14, 2005

Live From Natalie's House

So, yeah, here I am, at Natalie's house, waiting for her to get back from her doctor's thingy so I can say bye... amazing.
This trip has been a good one. One, I realized we can be friends and it's not weird, really, which is amazing and such and I think certianly stands testament to the "friends first, dating second" sorta concept I tried to adhere to when dating Natalie. To other people, I think the concept of still being close friends with your ex is insane. Two, um, why didn't I do this sooner? I mean seriously. And three... um, I dunno what three is.
I need to get a better day job. Preferably something that pays similarly but is chocked full of less time working or something. So I can sleep. And... I dunno. I really don't know. But I need to do more things AND move out, which is a bad combination. But it needs to happen.
All in all, though, this trip... pretty damn spiffy. And I realized that if I just, you know... bring stuff to do and plan a bit ahead of time it doesn't have to cost me alot of money if I don't want it to.
I dunno. I'm rambling about nothing. This trip made me feel better, though. It'll be nice to get home and sleep in my bed, however, and see my Kitty again... and get up really early for work again... chaaa...
Oh, I'm going to see Dante today, before I go home. That's... interesting... to say the least. Stay tuned for updates on that or something.
Kirby: Canvas Curse should be out today... I'll probably pick that up on the way home (or before I leave Tuttle after eating with Dante-san) so I can play it on Wednesday at work. It's going to totally rock my face, in any case. I'm pumped.
And... um... I dunno. Hmm... That's enough retarbid random for now, I guess. I'm done. Bye.

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June 06, 2005

The End (Da! DaDa! DaDa! Dadadada!)

Yeah, people weren't mistaken when they said the end of KOTOR II sucked balls. It was pretty good... but needed some more... conversation... with my party at the end.
Also, Darth Trayla was a complete and utter wussbag. That's right, wussbag.
Mm, wonder what I'm going to play now. I'm tempted to make a quasi Sith, or grey Jedi, or whatever, but I don't think I could stand playing through all that again. But yeah, the game, overall, was great. The plot and dialouge were very good, which is why it sucks so bad that they didn't finish it well... I'll have to look up what remnants of an ending that they didn't put in that people have unearthed. Then maybe I'll contain more rage. I dunno.
Anyway, I beat it. The end.

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Decklist: Shizo's Wicked Machine (Temporary Title)

Lands (21)
1x Shizo, Death's Storehouse
20x Swamp

Creatures (22)
3x Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker
4x Ashen Skin Zubera
4x Bile Urchin
4x Deathknell Kami
4x Thief of Hope
3x He Who Hungers

Other Spells (17)
3x Measure of Wickedness
4x Blasting Station
4x Wayfarer's Bauble
2x Death Denied
4x Rend Flesh

I may need to kick up the land and maybe take out some Rend Flesh, or Death Denied if it turns out they aren't useful. Perhaps I'll make this the first physical constructed deck I've built in a long time... and I bet I could recreate it on MTGO for very little... I'd only need 2 Shirei, I think... besides the Saviors commons and Uncommons, of course.
The deck's plan is a few early hits, followed by Thief of Hope and Bile Urchin or Blasting Station with Shirei Shenanagins to get my opponent down to 8 life, then a quick finisher with Measure of Wickedness. If worse comes to worse, He Who Hungers can keep my opponent low on answers, and makes for a decent beatdown creature, considering this is Mono-black. Deathknell Kami is a card from Saviors I haven't seen before now, but is really perfect for this deck. Don't know how perfect it is for anything else, though. Part of me wanted to put Devoring Greed in there, but that card always feels like cheating, so I didn't. *shrugs* Anyway, the end.

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June 05, 2005

Armor + Jedi = Awesome

Initiate more ph33r for my New and Improved Armor-wearing Jedi! Biatches.
Also, at Kohl's, apparently if my shift runs past 1 in the morning, I get an extra dollar an hour for the whole shift. This happens EVERY time I put up signs. I'm getting paid more than I thought I was. Rock on.
That's all I really got to say.

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June 04, 2005

White things that people get screwed out of. And Sigma Star Saga.

It's good to know the GBA is still getting some awesome games made for it.
I can't wait. That game seems like a fucking awesome. Yes, that's right. A fucking awesome.
Speaking of things that are A fucking awesome, I got my huge Sakura figure today. It's so incredibly cute and intense. Also, because I was talking to Dai-chan (who I am going to blame for putting such dirty thoughts in my head, at least, um, for now. Heh. (Even though it was actually mostly the fact of me placing the figure on a high shelf, so that, when looking up at it to admire it, I realized I could almost see up her skirt, which, of course, caused me to have to actually check it out. Wow, I'm explaining this too much.)), I checked what color underwear Sakura was wearing. It was white. And I'm like... what? Pink would have sooooo gone better with the outfit. Tomoyo, didn't you get your lovergirl some matching sexy underpants? I mean, seriously.
Also, Saviors came out, well, I guess yesterday now. I don't play Magic as much as I used to, but I still enjoy keeping up with it. I enjoy limited very much, but constucted, especially constructed outside of the easy-to-use and unlimited testing of Magic Online, has lost alot of appeal to me. Dunno why. I think it's because it takes so much money and effort and TIME to make a constructed deck I want to play. Unlike Essner, I am a Johnny, and I dislike not having the proper numbers of cards in my deck to make my combos work. On Magic Online, these card copies are easier to aquire, are able to be aquired in a matter of an hour as opposed to a week, and can be used in as many decks as I can find uses for it. It's just... I dunno... easier. Not to mention I get to playtest against a variety, instead of the same decks I've played a million times before. Heh. My friends and I just can't make physical constructed new cool decks every week! But we can draft. Ooooooh can we draft. Saviors draft... going to be very interesting. I hope I don't get cut out of white. In a pure Saviors situation, I think getting a couple of the white sweep cards and Cowed by Wisdom would be pretty effective. The only really decent red burn that isn't rare is Barrel Down Sokenzan and that requires a decent amount of sweeping to kill stuff, and black has no direct "destroy this" removal. Cowed by Wisdom will look very crappy to anyone who hasn't really looked at all the cards in the set, but it's one of the few creature removal options. Yeah, that'd work really well. Of course, by scheming this, someone is going to open like... two amazing white rares in a row and make sure I never get any good white cards. Bitches.
It's also just generally unfortunate that they didn't print any decent foxies at common after Champions. Kitsune Blademaster is a hoss... okay, I guess they printed Split-tail Miko, which is useful in limited but not especially constructed level... but that's like... it. Eh, who knows. I'm done blogging. I should try to sleep, I suppose. But isn't that always the case? I mean... seriously.
Edit: Okay, I'm retarbid. Kitsune Loreweaver is good, in this set, and is common. I thought it was uncommon. And fuck, Kitsune Bonesetter is common too. That card is certianly interesting if not pretty damn good in draft. Anyway, I suck, or at least my opinions sometimes do. Goodnight.

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June 03, 2005

Seriously, though, why aren't I in bed right now? I'm fairly sure sleep is something my body needs.

...yeah, well, Heggs-san made me blink today. Well, I guess he made the action whenever he posted on his blog last, but eh, I just read it now, so... there you go. ANYWHO!
I think I missed Dai-chan. Oh well, I hope shi's off playing her Advent Rising or whatever and having fun. I just... kinda wanted to see hir. I think I'm more attached to hir than I think I am. Blaaaaaaah, I really don't need another internet relationship, I really don't. But oh well, fuck it, I don't turn people down when they ask me out, especially very nice random gamer herm kitties, apparently, so this is what I get. Heh. (If you didn't get that long description, I'm betting you're not a furry. Eh heh. Needless to say, Dai has many qualities about hir I really enjoy, and it's amazing how both our brains jump from one idea to the next so chaotically and yet we are both always on the same page when we talk. I dunno... heh. I love hir. Heh.)
If I'm going to keep staying up this insanely late, I should get a job where I don't have to get up insanely early. You'd think I'd change my going-to-bed time because I have to get up early, but I don't. I'm going to wake up in a little more than 4 hours and go to work. Why do I do this to myself? My stock answer is that I hate my body, and this is a little bit of revenge. But the actual answer is, I dunno.
Apparently the Giants are playing all kinds of crazy old school songs on their current tour. Can't wait to see them in July! Heh.
ph33r my armor-wearing Jedi! Essner thinks I'm a bit of a fool for all the armor wearing. I think... I've got armor. Bitch. I'm really in love with KOTOR II. The dialogue trees and stuff are things I really enjoy, especially since they are pretty well written and entertaining trees of dialogue. And the gameplay is pretty solid, too. Makes me wonder what I'm going to seek out to play after this to scratch that same itch. Brer is talking all about Baulder's Gate II, since he's all DnD and stuff... and I have the game and never really played it... and it has that kinda party talking building relationship thingy... but I will be so lost and not know what to do in that game that I know I'll hate it. I guess I'm not much of an adventurer. I don't want to make my own adventure like you do in games like that. I want to see a plot develop, with me playing along as the main character... I'm not going to randomly make up an exciting and deep and moving plot. Someone else gotta do it before hand so I see it. You know? I like a guiding hand. Not so guiding it assumes I'm a retarbid, but I'd like to know where my next bit of mission is, and not have to wander around aimlessly, talking to people and playing every gamer's favorite game, Find the Cutscene. Which is feel there is alot of in those DnD games, because, well, that's kinda what playing a game of DnD is like, I'd think. You go, you talk and interact with people, alot more than you bust heads, at least in a full-fledged campaign. But that doesn't come across quite as well in a video game, in my opinon. Oh well. Anyway...
What about that DnD Online? I honestly don't know, I haven't read much about it, except entire DnD style modules are instanced for your party, sorta like Guild Wars only probably with more plot. Eh, we'll see.
I'm done. Trying to sleep now. Wish me luck.
Also, if you want a "Crush all Humans!" bumper sticker and could see me in real life at some point, let me know. Heh. I have two extra.

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