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July 31, 2005

Dinosaur Comics

They be pretty good.
I'm making this link so I don't lose my place in the archives, but you can use it to get to the pagething if you want.

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July 30, 2005

Our Mission Statement goes something like this...

I preordered the new Goldfrapp Album, and I threw Wonderful Electric into the order just for the hell of it. Yay. I'll have it the moment the album comes out!... in a month... boo...
Spants liked Y?. I'm glad. I knew he'd be open-minded enough to enjoy the spiffy characterness and whatnot. Worth the price of the book! Heh. That, and, um, giving Mr. Eh Leh person lots of happy monies so that he keeps drawing good comics and whatnot. Heh. And cause it's cool to have. *gives it a hug*
Freeze Frame tonight when exactly as I thought it would. Fun, but not up to its potential. Oh well. A genius sketch was born from it: Scat. Office. Ask Essner for more details.
One more day of the play... then work work work next week... I don't wanna...! *sighs* I wish I was confirmed on the Kohls more hours thing. I'd quit my college job right now. Get some sleep. Mmm, sleep... wish I could do it at times like normal people sometimes...

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July 28, 2005

I am posting from my PSP!

ph33r t3h p0s7 vi4 PSP! Im posting this on my PSP because I can. Its totally insane! The software keyboard sucks though. Give me a palm-style usb folding keyboard and AIM on here and Id be in heaven!
If you have a PSP and happen to like the exact same pages as I do, feel free to use the launch page I made.
Whee, PSP browser! ^_^

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July 26, 2005

The Crippled Revenge, Scourge of the Seas

The Crippled Revenge certianly is the most bad-ass mother fucker to ever sail the Spanish Main. But she has a broken mast. Cause I'm a dumb bastard.
So yeah, Pirates of the Spanish Main is a pretty nice little game. The best part was probably the supratiny D6s that come in each pack that I pocketed. The worst part was building the ships because I'm no good with things like that. In any case, I sorta doubt I'll be playing it again, but I'm glad it exists, yupyup.
I'm playing Tailrazor sometimes in the tub now... I dunno why... I think TR has alot of qualities about me that are very visible that I don't show when I'm my normal self, the more I think about her and who she is... if only I could get her and the character in her world into some sort of coherent plotline, then I might try to at least outline out "Tailrazor: Ultimate Gamer" or whatever I end up calling it. Probably something better than that, honestly.
In any case, part of the reason I've been playing Tail is because I was wondering if anyone would take to her. So far... no. Heh. She's creepy, I can't blame them. Gives me time to think about her... and how I'm going to make her attract people to her without being... what's the word... without showing any sort of emotion of energy. I really like her, though. If I pull her off right, she'll be a really interesting character, I think. Certianly one I can't say I've seen before and am subconciously emulating. Not that someone hasn't ever done it, as I'm sure someone has, but... you know... heh...
Rivera... is interesting. It's keeping my interest, but I know it won't after I have something else to distract me. Oh well, it's good it exists, too.
I hate moving furnature.
I'm going to stop blogging now.

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July 25, 2005

Risky Move! (not a good Magic card. I should make a deck around it)

Topics: Risk, 9th Edition, anything else. Okay, here I go.
We played Risk with Danny tonight. Okay, last night at this point. Anyway, it was a good time, as per always. We should really hang out with Danny as much as we can. Call him for more than Magic tournies. Anytime we're doing something that requires a small bit of pre-planning. He be a cool guy. Just married and stuff. Heh.
Anyway, he's really damn good at Risk. He felt that way, anyway, and he won both games we're playing. I was thinking about why, and here's what I came up with.
1) As he put it, "I play Risk like you play Magic." He apparently plays online all the time. That's going to make you get good at the game. Heh.
2) He talks about the game and what's going on in a way that makes you trust that allying with him is a good move. He knows how to say things in a way that makes the board look a certian way. The fact that he's charismatic in general doesn't hurt either.
3) Justin Spaeth sucks. Don't know what that has to do with Danny's Risk playing, but it's true.
4) He balanced offense and defense, something I cannot do. I do all one or all the other. Which is why I much more often play all defense, because then I don't get slaughtered quite so bad.
Anyway, that's my Risk thing.
If you haven't seen the 9th Spoiler and like Magic, I recommend doing it. Here are my thoughts at first glance. ^_^
1) It's so awesome Weathered Wayfarer is in 9th! It makes me feel awesome about buying a playset of them at random last week! It'll also spur me into buying physical copies, I'm sure. Spants has one I can steal.
2) Gift of Estates is Uncommon like I wanted! Fuck yeah!
3) Marble Titan? I hadn't even heard of this card but I'm very excited it exists.
5) I worry about Hypnotic Spectre being back just because Eric McLain will play it and it's really really, broken. I mean, really broken. Even in a world without Dark Ritual.
Anyway, a new core set is big. We around here be big fans of the core set and the drafting thereof. I've already got a box on the way!
I need to buy a collar. I want one, dammit. One that looks nice, but is still definately a collar.
Anyway, that's enough blogging for now, I suppose. Inari, help me to resist buying a laptop please. *bows*
Edit: The first Y? book is out and I just ordered it. I'm going to make Spants read it, I think he could appreciate it. Don't know about anyone else. But it's a damn good comic. Even if you're not a furry, please push past the furryness and at least give a go. For me? *gives the cute sad bunnyfox eyes*

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July 21, 2005

I just want to sparkle for a moment, before I fizzle out and die...

I don't want to move furnature anymore.
In furry news, overheard Anthrocon discussions scared yet amazed me. If everyone is going next year, I hope they convince me to go along.
My Spirits of Blanchwood is a good deck. I wish I knew what little tweaks I could make to my offline Moonfolk deck to make it more effective, though, although Echoing Truths honestly help it TONS. I think two of the four Trade Routes should leave the deck, though, because although I haven't experienced a time when it's been out and useful, I know it will be, just maybe one out of... I dunno.. 5 or 6 games? So two copies makes sense. The deck wants another trick in those two slots, I think. I have beats already. I just don't know what. I don't play enough blue to know. I'd put Oblivion Stone if it didn't cost a million billion bucks.
At least my Foxie deck is going to get the Reciprocates it so definately needs.
I ordered Rivera: The Promised Land because nowhere in town had it and it's one of those games they will never restock and I know it. I hope it gets here tommorow. Would be INSANELY useful at work and the rehersals coming up. I hope I will beat it, too, as the next two portable games I want are sure to be short, action-based affairs... (Those being Sigma Star Saga, which, although awesome, I assume will be a shorter adventure, and Gunstar Super Heroes, which I KNOW will be fast, but will kick my ass and be totally, totally sweet...) Oh crap, I forgot about Advanced Wars: Dual Strike... that's sometime in August, too... that'll eat up a ton of my time, I'm sure... oh well, still, I hope I beat it.
I really do love how I always tend to blog when I'm feeling very down or very... something... but never ever talk about it except maybe a one sentence reference of a weird title, like this one.
Ben, and other people who I haven't put in the Links of Love because I've been lazy, I will. When I update the sidebar again. Also, Ben, I have Squee in my car... take it from me next time you're in town.
Harry Potter Book 6 is much better than 5. Or less angsty at the very least. I recommend. Of course, if you haven't read the rest of the series, um, don't jump in at book 6.
I still have yet to modify Homovore more. I'm sorry. I have yet to keyword Penetrate. I'm sorry.
I feel sick to my stomach...

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July 17, 2005

Of Giants and Gaming Obscura

Haven't blogged in a bit, apparently. I am t3h sux.
So I saw They Might Be Giants. I'm not going to comment on how it was because fuck, unless you don't have a brain you know I was totally rocked, apparently so rocked that I haven't blogged since the incident. I've been in rocking rehab. Then I made the mistake of downloading the show from the Giants themselves and I almost had a relapse. I will say I enjoyed CornMo alot more this time. I must have been very cranky at Mississippi Nights last time. Either that, or the keyboard rocked me very hard. I dunno.
So I'm feeling very very RPGish recently. "Then why haven't you bought Rivera: The Promised Land yet Alex?' you ask. I dunno. Don't temp me. Fuck, you've tempted me. You bastards. Anyway, the wonder that is eBay is sending me a copy of Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura which is a very Fallout-inspired PC RPG made by some of the Fallout people a long time ago that I didn't know about and that I hope I will play all the way through since I'm in this whole... thing. I also hope I can play it in a window. I love playing things in windows. Even City of Heroes, even though windowed mode makes it incredibly prone to crashing. Mmm, windows. I need a second monitor. I have a shitload of money. Maybe I should just get two pretty flatscreens or something. Nah, more money that even I, with lots of money, should spend. Would be nice, though... Don't really have a desk to support two monitors, though... although I guess I could just put my box on the floor... gah, temptation! No! It was better when I was only tempted by a 30 dollar or less GBA game...
My compy can't play Battlefield 2. This is the first game I have experienced that my compy can't handle. Not that I'd ever play alot of Battlefield 2. My compy should be good for a long while for the RPGs and MMORPGs that I play on it all the time, gamewise. But still, that's kinda sad. Granted, my PC was built on a budget, but it is only a year old.
It's also lime green. Heehee.
The Pirates thingy has also seduced me recently. I was suprised to hear that Essner had tried it and said it was pretty good. I'll have to give it a go sometime. They have packs at Toys R Us and I'm sure at Plainswalkers, too. (Why for art thou turning away from cards and to DnD, Plainswalkers? Just pleasepleaseplease keep selling decently priced Magic packs.)
What am I going to do about school? I know I still won't be able to focus and work at it... I need to cut it down, I might be able to handle a smaller load if I really make myself... I dunno. I wish... well, alot of things...
I made an appointment. I hope that really helps me out. I'm tired of being depressed for no reason.
Maybe I'll take a shower.

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July 12, 2005

And once again, a post where I just ramble and barely actually talk about what's on my mind. Enjoy.

Wednesday, I'm doing the damn thing Wednesday, or you can shoot me.
I had such a nice conversation with Mika-chan, who is apparently actually named Ashley, and now it kinda died cause she was playing Everquest 2 and I was reading Magic stuff... it's all sad, really. Cause now I feel that stupid lonely I tend to feel. And I shouldn't. Because I'm going to see THEY MIGHT BE FUCKING GIANTS Tommorow! I mean, how can I be sad in the face of that? Apparently very easily. I really suck. I best do that fucking thing Wednesday. Appointments need to be made.
Magic's website is down, and I haven't gotten to read the Limited Information yet. Boo.
Things I have a random obsession with:
The Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Gauntlets. I'm sorry, but they just make playing cards look cool.
Moving away from here. As much as I don't want to, I constantly think about it. Like, far away, not like into Layne's house, which I still hope will happen.
Staying up late. I hate going to bed. I don't know why. Sleep is nice. Beds are comfortable. I really don't know why.
Magic website still not up! BLAH!

I'm so tired of being empty-feeling inside. I mean, I always worry when I say stuff like that, I'm being too dramatic, but that's part of the reason why I never sleep. I always feel so lonely and empty I want someone there with me. I don't want to go to bed alone. And there are people on the internet, last I checked, although some of them are furries.
I wonder if Natalie is in Key West yet. Probably, I haven't seen her online yet this weekish period. Or maybe I have. Fuck, I dunno. I should call her soon.
Oh, I found a torrent for an MP3 of Ooh La La. That song is greattastic.

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July 11, 2005

Wish I knew why I do things.

Why am I still up at 1:30 this morning? Fuck if I know.
I need Reciprocates and Echoing Truths. If you have some and are holding out on me, I'll cry.
I tried to name the new You Make the Card. My submission was "Lost in Temptation" which I thought fit the flavor and picture decently. We'll see if I think of some thing better. But at least I submitted something.
A mere day before I get to see the Giants in concert once again. Seeing TMBG live are the times I think of when I try to think of a moment I was truly happy. So needless to say, I'm totally excited. Huzzah?
I'm stupid, too...

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July 09, 2005

Little annoyances are so annoying, seriously.

I wish City of Heroes didn't crash my computer every five seconds for no reason.

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July 08, 2005

I hope to gods I never work so much in a row again anytime soon.

I was all like "I am outraged! They sent me Soratami Mirror-Guards instead of Soratami Mirror-Mages! This card place must die!"
Until I looked at my original order transcript and noticed that that's what I had ordered. Whoops.
So my Moonfolk deck is on hold till I get them, at least for now... or maybe I'll just use Echoing Truth instead, I dunno.
Although I do like the design behind my Moonfolk deck offline, I've recently built this freaky-ass land-bouncy concotion online that uses Moonfolk and Patron of the Moon to even better effect than this one does, and I'm really enjoying how retarbid yet effective it is. The only problem with it is it creates alot of things that the opponent has to okay through, since there is a decent amount of combo action... but that's the problem with any combish deck online, unfortunately. Has the possibilty of annoying an opponent. But as people start to learn about and utilize the F6 key (which lets you say "I pass priority and I'm not going to play anything else this turn, so don't ask me again.") perhaps that annoyance will end.
I still haven't built a deck that uses my Shining Shoals, though. I keep wanting to combine Shining Shoal with Reverse the Sands (Another card I really want to make a deck around), but this makes no sense at all. They seem to be working at odds. To make Reverse the Sands worth it, my life total has to get low, but Shining Shoal is an extremely powerful trick to keep me alive. Plus, I mean, Shining Shoal is a utility card, and I'm trying to base a whole deck around it. That don't work. I need to just build a new mostly white deck and have those in there in my combat trick slot, you know?
Gods, I'm so in love. Seriously. Wonder what I'll do with it.
Essner finished watching Wonderfalls. Thank gods for that show. I need to watch it all again.
Giants next week. OMG.
And I should be updating all the non-blog pages of the blogfest soon. I hope. It's been waaaaay too fucking long since I have, especially the Fanfic archives, and I even have one new Inside Joke card ready to go, as well as a few more in the spoiler. And a new thing for the Essner Gallery. Anyway, keep on the lookout for that.
My ankles hurt. Goodnight.

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July 04, 2005

It's so... explosiony.

OMG. I just talked to Brer on the phone. OMG. I hope my voice wasn't TOO crap... *hides*
Also, those stupid fireworks glasses? They're actually pretty cool.

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July 02, 2005

Blogg entry.

Jonathan just scanned a Blogg in Metroid Prime: Echoes.

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July 01, 2005

It's Eight-and-a-half Appendages of FUNTASM!

Welcome to July. Stuff's a happenin'! Layne wants me to move in with her. Should I? Shouldn't I? Could I handle it if I did? Those are the questions I am currently asking myself. Well, SOME of the current questions I am asking myself. In any case...
I got my cards a day late. Blah. But at least they're all there, and the deck worked the way I wanted it to for the one game I played with it. Jonathan seems to think it's lacking a finisher, but I believe in my good friend, Eight-and-a-half Tails. He finishes like a motherfucker, seriously. Or at least lets a decently sized weenie sneak past defenses for 4 turns or something to finish an opponent off like a motherfucker. Something like that. The moment I got the deck I took out the Pallitors. I mean, I like them. They're not all that useful, but I like them. But the more I thought about it, the more the deck needed Pious Kitsune if it was going to work in duels as well as 2HG. I worry about the rampant lifegain bothering people, cause it can get pretty crazy, but at least it has a purpose, and will give me the time I need to do that whole sneaking one creature through thing a million times if the game calls for such a move.
Random Tangent: I remember my favorite moment with good ol' 8.5 Tails... My opponent had some sort of Nomad thing that had protection from white... and he kept equipping stuff to it... and I kept turning the equippment white so it would fall off... over and over and over again. Heh.
Wonder what I'm going to do for the next... 4 or so hours until Essner gets off of work... hmmm...
I also wonder if I could do his job... a similar post is free for the taking... hmm...

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