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August 31, 2005


This is pretty cool, and Dante just re-showed it to me. I had totally forgotten about it. Heh.
I get fairly annoyed with my mother sometimes. But then I look at the cute bunny? And things are fine? Something like that.

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Audio Blog Entry: The 9th Edition (Not of this Audio Blog)

Well hey, lookie lookie, people with ears! I blogged in an MP3 yet again!
In this entry, I ramble on about why my dog is a bastard, Bawls Mints, 9th Edition and the MTGO Auction Room, and a little bit of iAudio exploration (I even mention Ecks-san and Tol! Why do I mention this? Don't question!). But mostly I just ramble.
Hate it or like it, let me know! Please? Feedthingy says like... 10 people are getting this... who the hell are you? Seriously? ^_^ Also, Droib set me up lazy archives there, if you'd like.

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August 30, 2005

"A good CO knows their weaknesses, and I have none!" (Besides my Air and Sea units being crap)

Seriously, though, the only way they could make Advance Wars better at this point is to add online play, which I hope to gods they do. Surely they'll do an "expansion" sequal again like they did on the GBA to make it better for multiplayer and with a new campaign, and by then, the DS's online network will be up and running. I best be getting my Advance Wars on in the onlinez.
I asked Steve Watson why Jerri still has a job.
I've recently been thinking about if I was a CO. Originally I was coming up with some sorta Andy Rachel mixture thing with lots of healyness... but then I realized, that's not how I play. Not at all. I'm extremely kamakaze and I don't care if my troops die, really. So now I've decided I'm Black Hole, and I've come up with a variety of powers. I haven't settled on a certian set yet. One way makes all my units at exactly 1 life do full power attacks, and CO powers that create a luck chance that a destroyed unit will not be destroyed, but left with 1 life. The other build would be I'd have Colin-cheap units only they'd suck even more. But I'd get extra amounts of CO power when they died. My normal CO power in this instance I've called "Topdecking" and it created the random chance of my units damage being affected by -20% to 20%. All random-like. I suppose that's kinda like Flak, and although I can't confirm this, Jugger. It has a cooler name though. Super CO power, I dunno. I like the idea of all my infantry blowing up and dealing damage to people around them? That would be great. Call it... Suicide Squad or something of that nature. Anyway, all this is merely me blabbling at random. Colin/Max Tag Team 4 Eva! (Sometimes Max/Jess, if I'm forced to use long-range weaponry or just not feeling the Colin that day.)
So, like. for more than a week, Frisky has woken me up the moment my parents left. I was going to sleep in like crazy today, but no, I got up at 7:15, because the dog was barking and banging at my door. And then he was banging because the power was out and making the smoke detectors beep, so I had nothing to do for awhile... besides Advance Wars, of course. Heh.
Seriously, Nintendo! Give me online NOW! Has anyone made a tunneling program for the DS?
And now, just because, my top five prefered COs to use. Note I haven't used any of the new Black Hole COs because I haven't beat the campaign and unlocked them yet.
poetfox's Top 5 Favorite COs!
1. Max
2. Colin
3. Jess
4. Lash
5. Sensei
I'm also really enjoying Rachel, (I've been using her alot in the Campaign) so I think she might kick Sensei off of there... (although a horde of battle copters is tons of fun...) she's not as broken as Nell, and I love her Super CO power. Also, Sasha is pretty nice, although her CO powers lack umph. But in a tag team battle with Colin, I'm all for her. Heh.

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August 29, 2005

Do I Do I... Do I Want To...?

On a whim, I downloaded Franz Ferdinand's new single, "Do You Want To?". It's damn good. All their music is damn good. They're a band that's popular for a reason!
And once again, it leads me to the issue that I've been wondering about for awhile... do I want to go see them in September? They're a great band... but having only been to TMBG concerts where the fans are, well, serious fans and the shows border on pure heavenly bliss (if you doubt, seriously, see them in concert. I don't care if you only sorta like them, you WILL be rocked). Franz is mainstream, but damn good mainstream... ish... Plus, I'm not going to go alone, I'd need to seduce at least one person to come with me. And ask off at work tommorow or so. Fuck it, I think I will. I'm going to plan to see them. I watched that live thing that Essner linked to me, and it was worth downloading Realplayer for, so, you know... it's gotta be worth seeing them... and I dunno how often they're going to get to the states... Even though I would never miss a TMBG concert around here until someone died or something, they'll always be coming around next year. They tour. Alot. If I miss one, there'll be another one next year, or I can just take a longer trip to Nashville and see them there, you know? Franz, probably not. Why are they coming to St. Louis of all places, anyway? Heh.
But yeah, I think I'm going to rally the troops. I want to see them. The Pageant is a great venue, large enough to have many people but small enough that you can stand right up in front of the stage and whatnot, you know? Plus, trips to St. Louis are fun. I can go to a mall! Eat at Saruku Japan. Yeah. I'm liking it. First person to seduce, Spants. I can get him to go. Then ask Jonathan if he wants to, cause he can... and then from there, open the invataion outward.

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Playing with Portability + UPDATES!

Frisky woke me up again this morning for no good reason? So yeah, I got up... and decided to install Portable Firefox and Thunderbird on my little thumbdrive because, hell, why not? Plus, Portable Thunderbird would let me get my e-mail from any compy. So I did that. The whole thing is kinda cool. I guess I need to start carrying my thumb drive on my keys now, like everyone else. Jumpin' on the bandwagon, yeah! (I've also decided to jump on the "safely remove hardware" bandwagon. I suck.)
Updates all around! CrappyAsst.com has a new thrown-together blog backend, so check that shit out. Or something. Or not. Still being improved, mind you. I also finally, after a long, long fucking time, updated The Essner Gallery and The Fanfiction Contest Archive. I'm probably missing some fics, so if I am, send them my way, please. Next Fanfic topic is "The Perfect Day at your Current Job." I wonder what Jonathan is going to write.
Edit: Have you seen this? Totally fucking awesome.

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August 28, 2005

"Narrative Causality? Not for this film, thanks!"

Just saw The Brothers Grimm... the more and more I think about it, the more and more I wonder how in the world I was entertained watching it. It's because I can forgive about anything if it's based on a good concept. But they barely even used the concept. Fuck, I dunno. Watch it at your own risk.
Fanfiction again tonight. I'm judging, though, so I think I'm going to fiddle with the Crappyasst webpage for a bit. I think I've come up with a format for the 'cast. I think the most focused yet entertaining part was the horrid roundtable question asked in the first episode. So I think my plan is to create a list of part horrid, part not roundtable questions for each episode. We'll be more focused, and, I dunno. We'll see if it helps. Essner seems to have faith we can do a decent podcast, and I believe the man.
But seriously, how did I enjoy it... maybe because I'm... I dunno.
Have you ever flipped through the Discworld Roleplaying thingy? I wouldn't necessarily suggest it, but it has some interesting thoughts about how Terry Pratchett sets up his world, since he wrote a large portion of the book. And the most interesting concept to me in it is the concept of "Narrative Causality." The book spends about a page or so discussing what this means, but I think I can pretty well sum it up in a sentence, so I'm going to now try. Narrative Causality is the fact that the universe is following a plot, determined by how people want to see stories end, and if you can come up with a more interesting plot than the one that's currently occuring, the universe's plotline will fall in line. This concept is definately used in the Discworld novels, if you've read any of them. Perhaps not thrown at you, but it's there.
If The Brothers Grimm had used this concept throughout the movie, it would have been amazing. But it vaugely hints at it, but doesn't. And this is why I could love it when I was watching it (because I could pretend it WAS there, active) but then afterwards, looking back, it looked so completely retarded in my mind. A shame to see the concept go to waste.
Alright, off to the bad HTML that I do.

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Audio Blog Entry: Why I'm a Bad Person

I blogged again tonight with the iAudio. I swear it'll get not-cool at some point. Until, then, well, have a listen.
I ramble on about the Crappy Asst Podcast, why the format of this is how it is, how I form opinons, why I'm a bad person, and why I introduce myself as "poetfox." But mostly I just ramble.
Tell me how much you like/hate it. Or not. Whatever. I hope these don't get too much longer, though. I doubt they'll be longer than this. I hope so.
Edit: You can read Essner's "review" of the Crappy Asst Podcast numero uno. It's a shining reminder of how bad we are. Brer listen to that while I was at work. Scary.

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August 27, 2005

The Crappy Asst Podcast, Show #1 (Temporary Link)

Check out the first episode of The Crappy Asst Podcast if you dare. After this, you SHOULD be able to find new episodes (and this episode) on Crappyasst.com. Please look below for your normal blogtasticness.
Some show notes from what I remember off the top of my head.
Google Talk
Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Cookie Jars

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When there's danger!

How often do you think I should audio-blog? Like I said, I don't want to over-saturate, but I keep getting the urge to more than type nowadays... I think I'll try to keep it around the once a week mark unless I feel really passionate... that's about the right amount, don't you think?
The first Crappy Asst Podcast is in the can, but since the website and everything isn't quite going yet, I don't think I'm going to upload it now... I'll post here when I do, which means it'll be in the blogtastic feed the first time, but oh well, not like anyone is going to subscribe to that. Then there'll be a feed and a badly created website (Well, decently created but badly maintained, as I'm sure I'm going to be doing the majority of the maintaining) at crappyasst.com, which I have not been able to purchase yet because my e-mail server is doing odd things and I can't get Godaddy to send me my login info... heh... but oh well, Droid and I will get that sorted out when he gets home from work but before I go to work, I'm sure.
I just spent a decent amount of time reading this which was sorta intriguing. I watched alot of Rescue Rangers in my childhood. I remember wanting to be Gadget alot. The only episode I really remember from the series, though, was the episode where Gadget joins that cult? I think because I felt some sort of emotional attachment to her character at that point... I can totally understand why people would join cults, seriously. Anyway, if you're bored and want to read a long fan-book, there yah go.
I'm not going to able to do once a week. Two would be better, I think. I could hold myself to two... ish... eh, we'll see. It won't be on a normal update schedule in any case. It'll be when I feel inspiredish. Athough I could ramble every day. Fuck, I dunno. Heh. The Crappy Asst will be weekly, though, although the day it updates during the week will probably not be static, although probably focused around the weekend.
I'm going to take a shower now. I'm glad the ants stopped swarming my computer table.

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August 26, 2005

I left the iAudio at home when I went to class so I wouldn't blog with it again.

I don't want to over-saturate. One can only stand so much of my scary voice. Brer said my silly recordings were enjoyable. Dunno if he was just being nice, heh, but I suppose that's, um, a review that you can choose to trust. Or not. Whatever. (Propaganda! (Just a bit!))
See, I recorded that podcast with things in mind to say, and I honestly said NONE of them! So here they are.
I bought a set of headphones for my iAudio because they come with really, really suck. You wouldn't think it would be hard to make a decent pair of bud headphones, but theirs are completely unuseable. So I bought a new pair. They're the Sony kind that I always used with my old MP3 player (which I think Jonathan might be inheriting for me. If so, good for him). I liked them then. I used them so much I literally broke one of the buds (not pulled out a cord or something, the bud fell apart). However, that MP3 player had a little carrier tthat attached to my waist or whatnot. The cord is too short to have the thing in my pocket! It makes me wish I had the little remote dongle thingy. That'd extend the cord just enough AND I wouldn't have to fiddle with it in my pocket. But like the iAudio itself, it's damn cool but also very expensive cause it has a tiny LCD screen and everything. Do they sell just cord extenders for headphones? I'd like a solution that doesn't involve more expensive ordering. I've done plenty lately. Time to stop. I'll check by Best Buy before I go to work, probably... I didn't see any when I was there last night BUYING the headphones that I can remember though...
Another thing about headphones: Why the hell would I want noise-cancelling headphones? That just seems plain dangerous. And since I'm mainly listening these days at work, I need to hear if I'm paged.
I'm paged alot. I'm paged more than Kathy, really. I can tell she appreciates me, and I'm glad. Like... she wanted to send everyone home and just me and her fix the whole store last night. Didn't happen that way, thank gods, but, you know, she thinks I do good work, and that's good.
She should make me Assistant Ad Set Lead.
The position is basically open. I think Shane is technically it, but he does Ad-set maybe once every... 2 weeks? And even then, Kathy has never been very happy with his performance. I mean, Shane's a pretty cool guy, I enjoy working with him on the truck nights, like tonight, and he does a great job being truck lead. But I stay late and fix things. I make sure everyone knows what they're doing. I fix the computer and printer for people. I train two people at once AND get my section done on time. These are things an assistant-type person does, right? I don't want more pay, perse, I just think that'd look good on a job application, you know? I do good work, dammit! Employee of the month is not enough, I must move up the ranks! Teeny tiny steps at least!
Essner is making me get Realplayer again. REALPLAYER, I HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! But I like live recordings from my favorite bands. Bastards and their realplayer formats...
Edit: Okay, Essner, fine. It was a nessessary evil. That was definately worth selling my soul to Realplayer.

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Audio Blog Entry: I apologize, it's still a new toy.

If you are to care, enjoy the audio content contained within this link. It's about twice as long. Wow, I suck.
I ramble about Mur Lafferty and why I blog and quasisecret relationship truths (TRUTH BOMB!). But mostly, I just ramble.
Wow, someone commented on the last one. Crazy. Maybe it'll happen again. Maybe not. But thanks, Angie. Heh.

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August 25, 2005

Audio Blog Entry: Horrid Introduction

Let's give it a try, shall we?
I ramble on about what the hell this is and a little about podcasting. But mostly I just ramble. If you listen to it, please tell me you hated it (or, on the off chance, that you liked it). Thanks.

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Burning the feeds, fuck yeah!

Okay, gotta get to class. Real quick. Got Podcast feeds running at feedburner. This is the link. It SHOULD work with podcatchers. If it doesn't with yours, let me know, and I'll play with it, but I got it to work with my iPodder that I use.
Stupid audio blog entires coming soon, thanks to my new toy. Bye!

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August 24, 2005

We cut out the middle-man, getting the retarded straight to you!

Check out this preview of our new, horrid venture, The Crappy Asst Podcast.
All that was recorded with my new iAudio X5. It's so damn cool. I can't wait to figure out how to actually use it. Heh.

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Supra-setting the Ads and How I critique.

Apparently I'm the Kohl's Superstar of the Month? That's kinda weird. The scary part is the fact my picture is going to be on the wall, though. Creepy.
After getting out of my Lit class tonight, I was all riled up and general fervored over writing an essay about why I am the worst English Major ever (that, and a interesting poem involving a mirror... both of these might still happen, the poem probably being more likely) and how pissed I am at writing these big long critique papers I have to write. I mean, honestly, there's a good reason for them. I'm not saying they're teaching English the wrong way or whatnot... but I hate them. Hate them alot. Part of the reason is that I want them to be teaching me how to write and letting me practice under guidelines and whatnot and I dunno. I don't want to break down literature. The other reason, though, is more interesting, and I'm going to talk about it now.
I don't have reasons for certian types of evaluations I make.
I mean, I have them. I just don't know them until I'm forced to state them. And I can't force myself to state them, perse (which is mainly what writing such a critique paper is). When I do stuff like this to state my ideas, it's because I'm writing to you, some random person who would actually read my blog for some reason. You know?
I have feelings about things. I feel like things are a certain way. And that's how they are. For instance, I love Firefly. I do. It's amazing. However, when asked what my favorite episode is, a fairly basic question, I had nowhere near a response. If I were to explain why I like Firefly, it would be very vauge. I just like Firefly and it is good. This is because it FEELS good to me. My brain has reasons for making me feel like that somewhere in there, but it takes effort to actually express them. I do the same thing with people. I trust people who I "feel" are good people wholeheartedly and without any sort of... me holding back... just because I feel they are good people. I might have known them for... maybe an hour? I might have known them forever and ever. Doesn't matter. If that feeling is there, they are worthy of my trust, and I could not tell you why without a lot of thought and coaxing.
I don't know why I work like that, but I do. And that's why I can't critique literature worth shit and hate lit classes. Because my "critical evaluation" ends at "That was a good story" or "Wow, that was stupid."
My other topic for this post: Ad set.
Why the fuck is it so hard?
People join the ad set team, right? The most complicated part of the whole job is figuring out how to work the scanner... and I show the guy I was training tonight how to use the scanner... and he knows how to use the scanner now, so I'm like "Okay, go do that so we can get done faster!" And he totally screws it up. Why? Because he just skips random signs for no real reason. Other newperson does the same thing. And then we all have to stay for an extra hour or so to fix it all...
Is it really that difficult to keep your place? To go from one fixture to the other without skipping one? I don't think I'm using a crazy amount of brain power to keep my place... I will admit I have a pretty good memory, but come on, you come up with a system to keep your place so you don't forget then! I don't get it. I really don't. Explain it to me, if you can.
Last Podcast-related Note: The Dragon Page's Wingin' It podcast is enjoyable.
Last Gaming-related Note: Advance Wars: Dual Strike is awesome. If only Colin and Max had more of that synergy stat, I'd team them up in every battle. And for people who suck at action games, Sigma Star is pretty hard. And I don't have Nintendogs... yet...

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August 23, 2005

A couple of quick pre-bed Xbox thoughts

I just read like... a shitload of message board posts about the Xbox 360 pricing thing. I really have no explaination as to why I did it, because the people on at least pure gaming message boards are totally retarded, it seems like. But I will say that, unforunately, I agree with most of those message board peoples. Xbox is the only system I don't own, and I have been very happy with that decision. But after E3, I was seriously considering purchasing a 360. I am much more into online games than I used to be. MUCH more. Sure, they are all MMOs, mostly, but I have a very online life. I have tons of online friends. Many of them are furries. A good deal of them are gamers. Having something additional to do with them would be wonderful. MMOs require alot of time commitment and it's hard to do casually with people sometimes... you either have to create characters just to play together or there is always going to be a level gap, and not enough games have went with CoH's wonderful Sidekicking approach, so that level gap is deadly. But with games like Phantom Dust and X-Men Legends 2 offering some possibly "Hardcore Casual" action on Live, I was seriously thinking that if Xbox brought that shit to 360, I'd be there. I'd want to try all the online features, etc, and see what the fuss was all about. (And I also wanted to see if my voice would pass amongst a million random online gamers.)
I'm not going to get one anymore. At least not this Chrissymas.
I mean, if they wow like crazy with the games then of course I'll be there. I'm a gamer. I game. It's what I do. But it seems like Nintendo and Sony are still going to keep the Niche-gamer market that I am a part of. I'll have access to my Nintendogs and my Animal Crossings and my Katamari Damacies and my Shadow Heart: Covenants by getting those two consoles. Xbox 360 seemed to be trying for those things, I thought, and would, of course, bring Live into it. That's why I wanted one. Because if they tried hard enough, that would be fucking awesome. But this price thing proves otherwise. They are going to put the shooters and the sports games and whatnot that the casual people buy and play. The things I always saw people playing when I cleaned the dorms. The CORE price point says "Get your next gen on here for Halo 3, Shootstuffgame, and MaddenWhateverthefuck!" It does not say "Try our tasty new music game with crazy visuals!" It doesn't even suggest it might WHISPER that.
I could be proven wrong. And again, like I said, if I am, then you'll see a 360 in my room. But I'm not hopeful anymore. I have come to my senses.
A shame, too, cause I bet my new Mp3 player that is currently being rushed to me via the UPS system would connect up and do cool things with the system very nicely.
The end. Time to attempt to sleep and fail.

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August 22, 2005

Dinosaur Comics is really growing on me.

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August 21, 2005

Take my land... take my land... then teleportmetoaspaceshipforrandomGradiusbattle...

Finally made Jonathan watch the first episode of Firefly, and he enjoyed it. SCORE!
In other news, I also finally got Sigma Star... it's going to royally kick my ass. I am not very good at action games. I played the first bosslevel? I was utterly raped. We'll see if I can't turn it around and win, though... but, you know, it's good to be frustrated sometimes. Also, Sigma Star has not gotten very good reviews, and I think, already, I can understand where those reviews are coming from, but I don't care. It's fresh, and I've worked my way through much, much worse. I'll do my best to beat it. I just hope Advance Wars: Dual Strike doesn't distract me too much. I mean, it will. Because it's coming out Tuesday, and I will get it, and I will play it all over the fucking place. But I still hope I beat it. Also, I'm going to have to borrow Spants' original Advance Wars to get the unlockables. I traded the original in because the second one is better in every way and it gave me a big 50 buck discount on my DS. I'm not complaining. I just need it for five seconds for the two or so extra maps of multiplayer goodness. Heh. ^_^
So yeah, sorry I'm a stupid bastard with the last post. I don't take away my retardedness, it's there to see, but, you know. And yes, I will have forcefields. And they will be very awesome forcefields. Of awesome. That's right, field made of the pure force of the awesome that radiates off my body (which can turn invisible, obviously.) And they can force you. Yup. Although I didn't go forcefields in CoH... hmmm... But Spants, did. His amazing gravity pants could force a field from a mile away...
Actually doing the fanfics again tonight, finally... and I'm going to fucking update the page, I promise. Yup.

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Someday, I'll disappear...

...and I hope it doesn't sadden or bother any of you...
Gods, I'm too fucking dramatic...

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August 20, 2005

Is this funny?

I'm trying to figure out if this is funny or not... let me know.

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This post brought to you by Antz Extreme Racing, also known as "The Pinnacle of License Use and Gameplay"

Made a new fake Magic card if you want to check it out. Haven't updated Inside Joke yet, but I felt inspired. Dunno how good my templating is for it, though.
Yeah, there's three new cards in those links. I try to be creative. Sorry about that.
I realized a bit earlier that a decent chunk of being creative requires research, something I do not especially enjoy but am decently good at. Hm.
In other news, I really don't want to start classes next week.
In other other news, I totally finally stole Firefly from Essner and I'm totally going to make Jonathan watch it. Totally.
In other other other news, Essner got WoW, so I have a feeling I'll be getting back into that... whee?
In other other other other news, um, that's alot of others I have used there. I have probably gone over my use of other for today. Other.

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August 18, 2005

Holy Fuck on a Stick Dual Lands!

I'm not going to weep about the loss of my Invasion Dual Lands in standard quite as much anymore.
I'm going to be spending a shitload of money on rare lands once 9th and Ravinca get online now, apparently. But oh well. Long term investment and whatnot... Maybe I'll get a set of City of Brass too, you never fucking know.

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Trillan won't connect to AIM. This has me annoyed, athough I really don't know why. Who the fuck is going to be on to talk to me at 4:20 in the morning? Not anyone who's not me, really... actually, maybe Draco-kun. I think I'll check.
Anywho, I was going to talk about the stupid Napolean Dynamite shirts at Kohl's, but then I felt like I got too depressed for it, but now I'm feeling like I'm not quite as bad, so I guess I will.
Blah, Draco is offline. *sighs*
Anyway, at first, they had the Napolean shirts, and I'm like "Okay, that's cool, it's popular and such..." But they kept getting new ones... and each one had a more retarded quote/reference from the movie on it... making Tater Tot-based shirts is not really very Napolean-related. It's just kinda retarded... Just because a line was in a movie, don't put it on a shirt... please...? It's getting a bit ridonculus.
So Chris-person was amazed about the whole me and the whole... going to school (blah... how and I going to pull that off... seriously...) and the whole... doing ad set at the same time... The whole conversation was short and whateverish, but then, of course, as I do, afterwards I drew the conversation out in my head and was brutally honest with Chris-person... in my head, of course... in a very casual way... and that, of course, made me think about the truth behind those truths and that, of course, made me depressed, which I was referring to earlier. I have a date for the therapy, now, but it's in October, so I gotta keep on truckin' for awhile longer, I suppose.
Hi, Tol. If you're reading this. Heh.
I feel like I'm not spending enough time with Brer... then again, this week of mostly-relaxation I'm spending more time with my friends than I have most of the summer... but... I dunno... he makes me feel... so happy I get depressed because I don't think I should be allowed to feel that happy or if I'm that happy that means I'm somehow making him UNhappy... which are lies, I suppose, but they certianly do depress me... so then I end up just wanting to hug the crap out of him and it all gets really retarded instead of me wanting to spend the time with him that I was wanting to spend and then it all feels like I wasted it even though he doesn't think so and I really wish I wasn't so weak so I could just have fun in times like that. But I care about him too much to pretend I'm happy... so it's not a option, I suppose...
Someone make me a "Magical Truthsaying Bastard Spidey!" PSP background. Now. Or give me a picture to fiddle with and make it myself.

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August 16, 2005

Not really all that great Sharl lot te? Mayhaps they should shout "OUENDAN!"

New links on the side. Enjoy. Or not. You know, whatever.
I talked to Heggemann online at length about Magic tonight. That was kinda weird. (Hi, Heggs-san!)
Essner kept flipping the televisions to this televised Good Charlotte concert. I know part of it is just because I'm spoiled by having seen the greatest band in the history of ever (*cough*TheyMightBeGiants*cough*) several times live, but oh my, it was bad. I mean, it was a really funnily bad concert. They had bad fake tombstones on the front of the stage... what the hell...? And they played one of their songs that I can almost listen to (Okay, can listen to. I have their second CD in my car because Natalie made me a copy and sent it with me. Some of their stuff is listenable. Just not very often. I can certianly tell why they got popular, though.), Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and whatnot. And it sounded like shit. Normally when you play your big upbeat song live, you'd think it would be awesome and rocking and whatnot, you know? Not Good Charlotte apparently. The singer had no real enthusiasm. Seriously, why all the little girls in the audience were excited is beyond me, really, cause I wouldn't have been. I think I'll blame the booze.
Oh, Monster House is still good. But Jerri, Monster Designer, is still not dead. Damn. Hope I don't do too many trucks on Mondays so I can watch it every monday like we used to.

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August 15, 2005

Quick Note (Feel free to skip to the crazylong Magic rant below)

The fifth Transmet trade has an introduction by PATRICK FUCKING STEWART! I mean, I knew he was the man, but wow. Wow.

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2 Blazes and a Flame Wave (A really long, mostly Magic-based, rant)

Yeah, okay, I'm a bastard. My draft deck was pretty heavy into the burn. But seriously, when you get passed two Blazes and a Flame Wave, you play them. I mean, you do.
I don't do alot of burn in my constructed. I never have. Just a little for removal, and that's it, you know? Sometimes, yes, I'll finish someone with it (I have a deck... fuck, can't remember what deck... in any case, I end up finishing with splicing a Glacial Ray onto a Glacial Ray to the head, then a Glacial Ray all the fucking time), but mostly it's just there to deal with meddlesome creatures. Clear the board and all that. Wot wot?
But draft is a whole different deal.
Drafts are generally fairly slow. Not as slow as sealed deck, that's probably the slowest format, en general. But they're fairly slow, because although you can keep in mind a good curve and whatnot, you're not always playing with the best cards, you know? And in a slow format, X spells are just that much more powerful. In a draft, you are probably going to end up with a shitload of mana near the end, during those last crucial plays, you know? Blaze says "Wow, that's alot of mana! Finish the game now with me! I'm your friend!" So I'm like "Okay, Blaze! Jump on in my main deck, and bring your friend that is exactly like you in every way!" and then the second copy of Blaze says "Yay, I get to come! But hey, maybe you'll need to sweep your opponent's board." And I go "Yeah, that could happen... I wonder what I should do..." and the second Blaze says "Well, I have this friend here... he requires alot of red mana, but he can clear the board AND deal some damage to your opponent! He's called Flame Wave" and then I go "Well, hot diggity damn! Hop on in Flame Wave!"
So you see, it's not my fault for playing so much burn today. But hey, at least I wasn't running like 4 Lava Axes too...? Maybe? Eh, fine, hate me. Here's the real reason, besides letting myself be a little competative at these things, which I will admit I do more than I'd like to admit (I'm always scared of becoming a Johnny/Spike).
If I don't play to the best of my ability, I'm insulting you.
This is something I really do believe. I understand that I read articles on how to draft and skim over thoughts on draft orders and what not. I pay more attention to what the pros do than you because I really, really, really love this game, and I really don't know any other way to give it more commitment and love (besides becoming a Judge... which is really the route I wanna go). I know I have a slight advantage (SLIGHT!) when it comes to those things. But when I'm drafting with you all, and you pass me that Blaze second pick, I know it sucks to lose to Blaze. I know. I play online. I get killed by even more annoying things than that all the time. I know how frustrating the burn kill is. But I know that, from a making the best deck I can perspective, taking that Blaze is the right thing to do. I can't ignore that. If I ignore that, it's like me saying "Oh, you poor babies, not knowing how to play the game... let me help you so you don't feel so bad..." which is totally not what I want to do (although I know I do those sorts of things accidentally all the time... and feel really bad about them later... sorry, people... it's a weird automatic response in me to be condesending about certian things... I do it to my mom especially all the time, and it really hurts her feelings and makes me feel like shit... I hope I make it up to her when I do it... I hope she knows I don't really mean it) because fuck, I love yah all, and you're all great a Magic, you just aren't necessarily as obsessed. So I take the fucking Blaze and I end up with a burn deck.
So, I think what I'm trying to say here is I'm sorry burn is so effective in draft. The end.
Other thing I wanted to explain my reasoning on that I don't think I really got explained. Essner and Eric were singing the praises of Seething Song, and I said I'd never run it in draft. They thought I was crazy. Here's why.
Seething Song is a great card. In Constructed, it can power out the one card that basically cements your win turns earlier, your Dragonstorm or your Slogger or whatnot, and it can smooth your mana for your thirty red mana needing card of doom, and that is why it is so nice to play with. But in draft, it's not so hot. For two reasons.
Reasons I think Seething Song is not good in draft
1) 2 for 1. Yes, this is something pro people talk about all the time, but it doesn't make it less true. Seething Song is trading two cards for one thing. Card advantage is huge is a slower format. In a quick, fast format, that extra sacrifice for a vastly superior creature is okay, because before it comes back to haunt you your opponent should be dead. Draft formats are not very fast, in general. You are losing two cards for one, and that is bad. Yes, sometimes you will win, but you can say that about anything. But if your opponent has an answer for your bomb or whatnot that you're powering out with Seething Song, then you are twice as fucked as you are before, and that's something you should try to minimize. Also, you are going to run out of cards in your hand way before your opponent, and later on could be praying to the gods of the topdeck while your opponent happily has 2 or 3 cards left in his or her hand.
2) Seething Song will very likely be a dead card. Very, very often I am going to wish I did not have Seething Song in my hand. I'm not going to have my big bomb to power out, or maybe I already got it out and it's late game and I have more mana than I know what to do with. If I replace Seething Song with a creature, almost any creature, it can be useful to me in those times. If I replace it with a creature that fits into my curve in the gap between when I'd cast Seething Song and when I'd get out my bomb, so I can survive longer and maybe win without my bomb, then that's even better.
End Reasons I think Seething Song is not good in draft
In any case, I mean, you people know the game, play how you will, that's just my reasoning. And seriously, in the right constructed deck, Seething Song is fucking amazing, so don't think I'm dissing it. It's just a constructed card, not a limited card.
Annnnnnnd, I'm done blogging for now. Thanks for reading this fucking huge rant. I love you all.

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August 14, 2005

More than likely not worth your time to read, so move along.

So I spent a good deal of my shift today thinking about why I am alive. I can only really think of two reasons. 1) Because other people would be sad if I wasn't alive. 2) Because I'm afraid of dying. Are those good reasons? I feel like I should have a third reason, and that reason should be wanting to accomplish what I want to accomplish in life... but it's really not there. I'd love to have a family and just... be a good friend to my friends. As I've probably said before, those are about as complicated and long-reaching as my plans for my life get. But at the same time, even though I want to do those things, I can't use them as a justification for living, because all it is ultimately going to be doing is setting up more people for me to ultimately disappoint because I am a terrible person. Even though it's completely based on nothing, I believe that I am a negative influence, in the long run, on people's lives that I become a part of. My plans for life basically just involve me becoming involved in more people's lives, and even starting and guiding the life of someone. And I can't really see that as a good thing, perse, even if I want to do it.
I wonder if I covered what I wanted to say up there... I dunno.
I saw Wedding Crashers today with everyone. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it, but yet, I did enjoy it. I was laughing the whole time. I'm sorry for doubting the Vince Vaughn Owen Wilson combo. Granted half of the humor was based in everything being very... over the top. Sorta like how Anchorman is funny? Only obviously a bit different, lacking the major Will Ferrell action and much less of it being... visual humor and much more being... situational..ish? I dunno. In any case, if you're bored, it's worth a viewing. It does have breasts, a fairly large number of them... and it has alot of fucks. But then again, it's rated R, so if that turned you off go watch... um... some not rated R movie! You bastard.
9th draft tommorow... I'm pumped... I should review the spoiler again, just to refresh myself on the new commons lurking about... I know Enfeeblement will be a high pick if I have any black component... anyway, we'll see what happens. I just hope I get some Gift of Estates. (Have I said enough about that card? I don't think so. I like Gift of Estates.)

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August 13, 2005


It's 4:15 in the morning. I just got home from work. I should go to bed.
As I said, Geek Fu is really making me feel bad about not writing. Like... more than normal. (Cause I mean, I'm an english major, and I haven't written anything besides blogposts and internet chat in HOW LONG?) And I'm thinking... Poetfox.com is just sitting there...
My idea is this. I throw up basic blogging capabilities like I have here over there, only I made it my "once a week essay" site. Yes, sorta like what Murperson is doing. So sue me. But, of course, mine won't be a podcast. So ha. Also, I really think, as much as I enjoy writing the occasional poem or planning out who the fuck knows how many stories, my best stuff I have written have been really serious personal essays. I mean, like, not "How I Spent my Summer Vacation" in grade school. I mean like... personal essays. Essays I wrote about my life and things in my life. I have an idiom, and I think it comes across, and when I write about what I know I know I can make the stupidest things entertaining. I just have to sit down and make it happen.
Anyway, the idea would be I'd have a new essay up at least once a week, by Monday. And they'd be serious, with like... revisions and stuff. I'd write the thing out, then come back to it later and tweak it a bit before posting. And then tweak a bit more after posting if something bothers me. This would still be here for random thoughts, game rants, blah blah blah... another benefit of doing that would be that... well... here, I fear to talk about some things sometimes. I bet I could write them in an essay, no problem. So that would be another outlet for me in that way...
But yeah, I'm creative, I need to fucking show it. If you think that's a good idea, let me know... and if you think it's a good enough idea that you'd go "Hey, where the fuck is my essay?" on Monday if I don't post it, then definately tell me. I'll work on getting it up next week while I'm mostly off of work.
Okay, bed now.

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August 11, 2005

Do I really need another time sink?

I'm messing around in Second Life now.
Check me out. Note the crappy Spider Jerusalem glasses and crappy duel disk I made. Huzzah?

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August 10, 2005

MoonShot. By! MoonShot. By! MoonShot. By! MoonShot. By!

That Signal thing continues to amaze me. This last one they listened to had an interview with the guy who plays Book. That's three interviews with cast in a row, and a third of the main cast interviewed. That's seriously kinda crazy for a little internet podcast. If you like Firefly, seriously, check the interviews out in the last 3 episodes. You can fast forward through the rest of it, if nothing else, yeah?
I chopped up the last Melt Banana track from the CD yesterday, to get rid of all the silence and the extra track? It's awesome to actually be able to listen to the MP3 of Moon Flavor now. I be heppay. Or happy. Whatever.
Next week, even though I'm quitting my college job, I'm going to be working like CRAZY! Like every weekday! Only one Ad Set, though. 4 trucks. Hopefully I can do something after the trucks, as 10:30 isn't really late for me and my friends anymore. If anything, it'll be just a short while after Essna gets offa work. Then we can... do... stuff.
August 16th for Sigma Star. 6 more days. Mmm... must wait that long!
You know, some part of me wants to play Half Life 2. Not the part of me that likes to shoot things, because that part of me likes games like Timesplitters, where it's so fast and chaotic my lack of skill is not revealed. But I hear it's got... plots. Really well integrated and done plots. I'll probably get it sometime... probably after it jumps down to that 30 dollar mark. I bet it's still at 50.
I think I'll... go... out. Now. I wuv woo.

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August 09, 2005

WHY MUST IT BE SOLD OUT, GOD! WHY????????????????

Like I need another black T-shirt, but seriously. Wow. Check this shit out.
I would have already ordered it if it hadn't been all sold out and such. Instead I am going to write a pleading e-mail right now. I suggest you do something similar.
(You know what? Fuck it. I'll just get one bigger than normal. They still have XXLs in! I can't pass this opportunity up!)

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And Wheel Keep Awn Fight In Till Thee End!

You are now reading the blog of one of the members of the Championship-winning Handicap Bowling Team, Dark Smifflin.
Form a line to bask in my glory to the left, please.
Heh heh. ^_^ Seriously, though, isn't it insane? It's totally insane. We started this league hoping we would get second to last. And we won. There's going to be some amount of prize money involved, but I sorta already spent it and probably a bit more buying the rest of Transmet... eh heh...
In other news, apparently Mama is finishing up the commish Brer commished of me and him like ages ago. I'm ready to once again be honored and insanely embarrassed. I'm bracing myself for it. Yup.
Ready for linkage? I'm currently being partially seduced by the Usagi Yojimbo Roleplaying game. I don't know why. Well, I mean, I've been half-reading about it... and Usagi is spiffy. I need to read more (I've just read the Grasscutter trade, cause it was at the library.). But that's beside the point, for the game... well, I will never play it. At least not with my friends around here. We're geeks and we do geeky things but I will never, ever get my friends to play a semi-decent game of a tabletop RPG. I've pretty well given up on that idea. And yet... there's some little part of me that thinks "If I can discover a game so awesome and yet so simple that it can draw them in, I could have my tabletop RPGing! At least casually." That part of me is kinda crazy and stupid.
I have too much money... it makes it hard to resist things... I mean, I think I'm pretty good at resisting non-video game things. But seriously, it's hard to resist things... and I don't even have THAT much money, honestly... I need to get into some sort of "real world" so I understand it's value better, methinks...
If I start playing Star Wars Galaxies, I will have sunk to a new low, too... but I have a feeling it's going to happen, especially if Essner decides to stick with it. I'd love to do some serious MMOing with him. Our WoW excursions have been nothing but fun. Playing on a regular basis with him? Fuck yeah. But still... Star Wars Galaxies...? I really don't know... I mean, every game needs healers, but...
Eh, fuck it. End blogpost. *Monitor turning off sound*

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August 08, 2005

A pirate I was meant to be! Trim the sails and roam the sea!

Okay, okay, I give up. Pirates of the Spanish Main is a crazyfun game, and I'm definately buying more packs. Okay? I admit it. There.
I mean, come on. Pirates? And gaming? Can you think of a time when that hasn't worked...? Monkey Island... Sid Meier's Pirates!... Um... Skies of Arcadia... nothing bad there.
(Ha ha! I just went to VG Cats and the title of this entry was in the "random quote" thing he has on the top of the page. ^_^)
Edit: I just e-mailed the DCI asking how the hell I'm supposed to contact the judges on that judge list... I'm going to get to level 1 judge. If I can find someone to help me, that is. Anyway... force me to keep trying. I'll try to force myself as well.

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August 07, 2005

More stupid Podcasting Stuff, being "funny," and Transmetropolitan

Well, as if I didn't know it already Tycho at Penny Arcade has good tastes. The two podcasts his rants pointed me towards were listened to last night and very, very enjoyed. Also listening to the Geek Fu Action Grip makes me wish I wrote more often. Basically, those podcasts start with her ranting for a little while about whatever and such... but then she reads an essay she wrote. Granted, I have only heard two thus far, but they have been quite good essays. I would make a good essayist, I know it. I just wish I'd write them. I mean, I guess I make a decently good blogger, and essays are like... really long and actually thought out blogposts.
Anyway, I'm going to metion this again... I'm being very entertained by these podcasts and by music at work, and this means I need to get me an actually good MP3 player. My criteria for such an MP3 player are as follows. 1) It works just like an extra drive aka I don't have to use a special program to transfer music and I can also transfer big files with it if need be. 2) It plays WMAs, cause most of my music collection, for better or worse, is in that format. 3) It's not supra-retardedly tiny. 4) Is around 200 dollars. (This, I know, doesn't work if I want a really high quality player, so I'll probably just cough up the extra hundred or so... heh...) I'm still open for suggestions (Thanks, Spants, for already giving me one, although I haven't checked what you were referring to, although I assume it is the same player you have or a better version.), and anything that I can use to inject my style into it (such as a lime green player) gets bonus points!
Kenny (not Richardson, Shmitz? I can't spell his last name offhand and I don't feel like looking it up, sorry Kenny) said he read my blog yesterday at Dustin's party and said that it was "funny." I was confused by this statement. I mean, although I write this blog for myself en general (I'm not fooled into believing I have an "audience" that would be mad if I stopped posting), I do attempt to apply a level of... someone else is going to read it to my randomness. I mean, not alot. Okay, honestly it probably just boils down to linking to stuff I'm referring to, and sometimes even that is for me, as I'm doing it to make sure I don't forget where it is. You may think those links on the side are for you, and they are, but they're also for me, for this is my start page and those are the places I go everyday...
Anyway, I got off thought process. I don't consider my blog funny because I'm not attempting to write funny things... maybe 1/4 of the posts are trying to be funny, and even those are simply saving inside jokes for the ages, you know? I'm not attempting to write comedy... although I guess I should, if just my rantings are funny.
I find this "funny" thing is something that's always in my life... I dunno... I guess I'm so "weird" compared to the "normal" person that when I'm talking about very serious stuff, people always think I'm attempting to be entertaining. I don't know why that is... I don't mind, really, because honestly these situations crop up when I'm telling the truth when the truth is not expected. But, you know. It's interesting to me.
Finally, quick mention to the comic series I'm reading right now, called Transmetropolitan. 'twas suggested to me by Brer, he sent me some samples, and I quickly ordered a couple using some of my fat Fantastic 4 cash card cash. It's fucking amazing, let me tell you. Although I am only halfway through the second trade. Heh. But I know I'll eventually end up with all of them. It appeals to that crazy, chaotic side of me that likes things like Melt Banana and VURT. It's extremely well written. Although if you ph33r t3h pr0f4niti33z then, um, steer clear. Although if you contant that kind of fear, I would wonder why you'd be reading this post. Fucker.
And so, the entry was blogged, and everyone lived happily ever after, the end.

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August 05, 2005

Quickthoughts on Melt Banana

Even their songs I hate, I eventually come to like. They're so full of energy, so... alive in their chaos. I like that feeling and I don't have it enough. And I like them.
Their experimental (Like Taen Taen Taen (?)) or all techno tracks (Like Outro to Cellscape) I can live without, though.
If you haven't checked them out, enjoy linkage. They're going in the side thing soon, I have no doubt.

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Just a quick podcast thing before I get to bed (I feel sickly)...

That Firefly podcast I was wondering about? It was amazingly entertaining. The last two episodes contain interviews with the actors that played Jayne and Zoe and it's just... well, I was pleasantly suprised. Check it out, if just for the interviews, if you love t3h Firefly.
I should buy the DVDs, methinks...
Oh, the link. The podcast is here.
Edit: I totally have Mama's AIM. I win. Heh.

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August 04, 2005

My wide and various Podcast downloads.

My strategy is to take many shots and attempt to find things that will be entertaining in the future for a long time to come. I'd like at least one night a week of my signage to be totally full of podcastage. Why? Because it's entertaining! You stupid fuck.
I didn't mean that. You aren't a stupid fuck, you're just inquisitive, and that's a good quality to have. I love you.
Podcast I've downloaded that I'm intrigued by the concept of currently and will report on: The Signal, which is apparently some sort of Firefly-related podcast. Will it spoil the movie for me? Will it read me Firefly fanfics? Is it a Firefly radio play? I don't know. I just don't know. I just hope it's entertaining, dammit!
This new podcast stuff, though, makes me want to aquire a better MP3 player. My MP3 player is MIA at the moment, but even if I had it, it could only fit one or maybe two of these podcasts on it. I've been looking for something expensiveish to buy, and I think I've mentioned over and over here all summer... perhaps a really solid MP3 player is the way I should go... I don't want to go iPod, even though they're pretty, because I'm sure I can get a cheaper and just as if not more badass MP3 player from someone else... also, the PSP is not a good MP3 player, which is what I've been using as of late. But at least it supports foldering, so I can organize stuff in the Music folder. That's like... 3 million times better than how the movies work.
The. End.

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Early Morning. Whatwhat?

So we're going to the bowling Champeenship next monday... whee?
I cut my foot without actually cutting my foot yesterday, and it's really stupid and annoying, you know?
I didn't actually "sleep" last night. I tossed and turned and half-dreamed about some sort of battle RP weird contest that I joined... and yet, I really feel less tired than normal... *shrugs* I just hope that perhaps Kathy will be like "Rodney said for us to like... leave at 3 even if it's not done cause things were retarbid" tonight. Yeah. I need to find some podcast action before then... I'm currently downloading the new iTunes thingy so I can hopefully find some easier... I'd like a Magic podcast... surely there's a couple of good gaming podcasts... and I know Droid can point me towards another interesting tech podcast or two... yeah...
Anyway, have a good day.

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August 03, 2005

The PSP is not a very good MP3 player, really.

I totally skipped work today. Not worth it. I got home at 5 in the morning! It wasn't worth feeling like crap, in my opinion. Sorry, work!
So yeah, I need podcast recommendations! I listened to two episodes of TWIT at work last night, and I was really entertained! I need to do that shit more! But that means I'm going to have to come up with a variety of podcasts to be following... surely there are a couple good gamer podcasts out there, I just have to find them. And I can ask Droib and Buchhiet for more tech-related casts... yeah...
So I got Arcanum in today. It looks pretty... um... deep. As crazy as Fallout's menus and such were, Arcanum's is even more crazy to understand... but I think I can get through it... I made a buncha different slight variations on the Magic Support character I knew I was going to make... I think I finally found one I could stick with... but it really, really makes me wish I had another monitor... these fullscreen games are killing me! Maybe I should get two flatscreens... and another hard drive. Damn me and spending monies!
Anyway, I'm off to BGs and Bowling. Tata.

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August 01, 2005

Break down! And my name is Phil! I don't know the words something rhymes with Phil?

I turned in my two weeks. And I'm getting more hours at Kohls. These next two weeks will SUX! But will involve high amounts of Money Get! *dading!*
I wish my stupid RPG would get here... the ebay guy said he mailed it... I sure as hell haven't gotten it. I wanna magic against those guns and stuff grr!
I wish some big game designer would read my blog and say "Hey! Making a small little incredibly deep strategy game that plays in a window against other peoples is a great ideas!" I'd pay many monies for such a games.
I'm making random things plural today, apparently.
DDR with Mario makes me exclaim "sexiness on the screen!" Or something of that nature.

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