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September 30, 2005

Adventures Gamez...?

I wonder if I could get Indigo Prophecy to play on my other screen AKA on my TV... hmm...
So if you've played the game, I got stuck at the pipe-climbing part. That's not especially a spoiler, so I don't feel bad positing it. I dunno if it's just a quirk with how my gamepad works or is calibrated or what, but it was impossible to do the motion it wants you to do to climb that fucking pipe several times in a row with my gamepad. And it frustrated me very much. But I finally got past it last night before I went to bed. Yay?
Other than that frustration though, it be good stuff. It's much more movie than game (in fact, the menu says "New Movie" instead of "New Game") but that really should have been what you were expecting from it, so it's no biggie. The plot is better than what you see in most games anyway... and alot of movies, for that matter.
My good friend Tycho has informed the masses, in his infinite wisdom, of this. Now, I'd heard stories that the group of the peoples that were pointlessly let go after Sam and Max: Freelance Police was pointlessly cancelled were working on a Bone game, and I suppose this is it. It's intriguing, and you shouldn't be surprised when I totally check it out. Totally. But that's for in the FUTAR!
Time to... stuff. I'm going off to stuff! So there!

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September 29, 2005

I am an impatient gamer girl.

EB continues to totally not get the games in I want anywhere near on time. I mean, I suppose it's not this specific EB's fault, but come on! I ask you like 12 times when it will be in, and you keep telling me "Oh, it should be here tommorow" for a week! It's annoying!
So I got fed up waiting for Indigo Prophecy at EB, and I went over to Best Buy, and they had it, and now I'm installing it. Huzzah! This is my day off this week, I wants my gaming, dammit! The only problem is wondering what I'm going to put my prerelease monies at EB on now... I'm thinking Shadow of the Colossus, but at the same time that'll probably be another game they never get in on time... I swear they didn't used to be this way... what happen? Perhaps someone set them up the bomb. Or not, I dunno.
I wrote a poem last night in a post work fit of muse-channeling goodness. Feel free to check it out over at poetfox.com if you're the kinda person who would check it out. I'm off to play my Indigo Prophethingy. Whee!

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September 28, 2005

Audio Blog Entry: Random Thoughts Triggered in Barnes and Noble

Prepare those sound cards, for me talking has RETURNED WITH A VENGANCE! And suprisingly, I'm not talking about the Magic set.
In this entry, I ramble on about Waldenbooks and their old "preferred customer policy," shopping with friends, the World of Warcraft RPG and mistakes I think are in it, Neil Gaiman's new book I didn't know about and couldn't find, me not being well read, if I should listen to books in MP3 form, and the future of bookness and what I think that might mean to me as someone who'd like to write. But mostly I just ramble.
This one is only a little over 15 minutes AND I get to my point decently although my mind goes all over the place as per usual! Whoo! Enjoy? Yeah.

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September 27, 2005

Sakai is totally cute in his glasses and I had a dream.

First off, if you look through the thing below, I misread Flickerform. That shit is totally sweet for me. Also, I didn't mention Faith's Fetters, which is one of the most kickass Pacifism variants white has created in a long, long time. I'm sure there's many a time where 4 mana is too much when you just want a simple pacifism, but for games going for the long haul, it's awesome.
Um, wow? *blinks*
In other news, I feel like my motivation is at an all-time low, or something along those lines. This is unfortunate. I need to get myself together...
I had a dream where... I don't even know if I was there, I think I might have been the "tour guide" character... but anyway, this tour guide lived near this swamp and as pissed that nobody was taking it seriously and someone had gotten hurt and some really jackass guy and his helper game to pick the guy up so the tour guide decided to take them for a walk and people got bit in half and stuff all over the place and the tour guide had to drag little pieces of them all back...? I dunno. It was a weird dream, and I don't normally dream, so I dunno what to make of it...
Downloading last night's Arrested, and the first season is close to done... yay...? Last night got me wondering if there were torrents of Iron Chef out there... that'd be hawt... and a good target for torrenting... heh... I saw the Octopus Battle last night... Sakai lost. It was unfortunate. Sakai is so cute with his little grandma glasses with the chain... heh heh heh...

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September 26, 2005

Spoiled Thoughts

And now, my crappy play-by-play as I look through the Ravnica spoiler. Won't this be fun? No? Awwwww... Well, if you don't wanna read and check out what I feel are the highlights of the set, then skip to the next section.
The first thing I notice about the set is that it likes creature enchantments, and this makes me happy. Need proof? Auratouched Mage anyone? Copy Enchantment maybe? Perhaps a little Moldervine Cloak? I dunno, Three Dreams?
Holy shit, Blazing Archon. Wow.
There's a nice combat trick. You might notice I'm basically linking White cards. Maybe that's because, I dunno, I'm a white mage? Heh... ^_^
Bottled Cloister... Sounds like something all straightforward beatdown decks are going to love to death...
Hey look, it's the great removal Bucchiet didn't use!
Check it. And you thought you saw Thirst for Knowledge used alot.
Oooh! Great Combat Trick Ahoy! That'll be used alot by me...
WOW! That's insane! I love it!
Yay for good white combat tricks!
Here's the anti-me card of the set.
A nice draft-finisher, I'd think.
Hey look, it's another card all casual people will hate!
An interesting Wrath-Variant, to be sure.
That's niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice removal there... very, very nice...
Ouch! Someone hates me!
Now I really like that. Slow but repeatable creature bounce... that is very, very nice.
I saw Master Warcraft in action. Insanely flexible and totally sweet.
Peregrine Mask: The Suprawall Maker.
HOLY CRAP! Phytohydydra is insane! Holy shit! Costly, but man! Not alot of ways to deal with that! That's hardcore! That spurs deckbuilding right there.
Well, that will be annoying to face down.
Wow! A counterspell people won't be annoyed to be hit with. Huh.
One of the cards I got at the prerelease, I like the idea of Searing Meditation alot, although it didn't do me alot of good... heh...
I'm glad to see Smash back. It may cost an extra mana, but it's better than Shatter in every way, and I've always used it when applicable in Prismatic and whatnot. It'll be interesting to have it in standard, methinks.
I, hands down, LOVE Spectral Searchlight. It's team-tastic, and I play a decent amount of Two-Headed Giant. Outside of a team format, it's a Darksteel Ingot that you can use to ping your opponent. It's just fucking amazing, hands down.
A simple common, but better than Storm Crow in every way, that's for sure.
Of course, these dual lands are amazing, but what about these? I initially mis-read and undervalued them... but even now that I know them, are they really worth it? Maybe a 2-of? I dunno. They'd slow your deck down a ton, it feels like... then again, the Lairs do something sorta similar... and I suppose you could use the mana from the land you're returning before you put that into play, and that would make the net loss only one mana like my beloved uncommon dual lands... yeah, I'm liking them more now... heh...
Heehee, that's pretty cool... ^_^ Voja... heh...
Well, those be my thoughts for what I'll be playing with in standard for like... 2 years or so... heh... I'm looking forward to the other two guilds with White in them, too... Boros is interesting but not especially my style, and Selesnya... as much as I've recently started migrating towards White Green as my color combo, I'm not currently feeling it, really? They just make lots of little weenie tokens and swing in, it feels like. Not something I do. But the mono-color cards in my colors I'm liking, and I want more. Drafting this set is going to be awesome too! Anyway, I've now totally bored you wiht this. I'm going to class. BITCH.

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September 24, 2005

So come and dance with me...

Saw Franz last night, as you probably know (And if not, now you do! Isn't that amazing?). Besides getting a wee bit lost on the way home, it was pretty hardcore. I thought I'd share some thoughts on my first non-TMBG concert... IN BULLET POINT FORM! Huzzah!
-Franz didn't give me that feeling of "giddy happy if I die now, that's okay cause I'm fucking watching TMBG!" feeling. But it was getting there.
-TMBG have live performances down to an art form. Franz and other bands play music. TMBG PERFORMS for you. They have entertaining and witty banter and everything, They play music too, but everything they do on stage rocks you.
-I wouldn't have thought Franz' accent would make it that hard to understand them.
-Franz really liked to jump off of things. They set up little platforms and they actually jumped on the drums and all kinds of stuff. Heh.
-Franz' songs, when you hear them live, really make you feel like THAT is how their songs are supposed to be. Like that's how they concieved them, and then they had to tone down the hardcore rocking to get it recorded. They need to release a live album.
-I have to wait until October 6 for their new album? Damn, that sucks!
-You can really tell when a band are professionals and know how to play onstage. TMBG has insane amounts of experience (they've been around since before I was born? Which is kinda scary, I guess) and they totally know how to play a live show. Franz gave off that same vibe. They knew how to liveshow.
-Pretty Girls Make Graves is t3h sukz, but whoever their piano player girl is should have her own band, because she's a fucking hoss.
-I am not going to another concert where I expect to be rocked where I am not standing on the floor so I can dance. My dancing might be retarded, but dammit, I want to do it. It was crazy fun at the last TMBG concert, and even though I was staying back so Jonathan didn't have to sit there alone, it would have been tons better at this one, too. If I do go to the Decemberists concert that Jonathan wants to go to, it won't be a priority there (if they totally utterly rock out, I'll be shocked to pleasure. Not to say they'll be bad. But I won't want to dance to them is what I'm saying), but otherwise? I'm going to be on the floor, preferably close to the stage.
-Matt Bucchiet went "Oh, they just looked like a rock band... blah blah... blaaaaah..." and to that I say, what the fuck were you expecting? I mean, seriously. Come on. And if you up that up against almost any other "just a rock band" Franz is going to be better anyway because they have better music, and... I dunno. I definately felt a charm there.
-On a vaguely-related note, I went to Star Clippers while in St. Louis, this big comic book store, and it was pretty awesome. They had a huge Kilala and a million, billion trades. Made me wish I knew enough about them to take advantage of being there. All I left with was a Serenity postcard that was there to advertise the movie.
And there's my thoughts. HUZZ-FUCKING-ZAH! Um, DO PANIC, MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!! Yeah...
Work tonight, prerelease tommorow, yayyay. Shadow of the Colossus, anyone?

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September 23, 2005

Da da doo doo da ding!

1up intrigues me just because whenever I go there, the little score by my name up top keeps going up. I'm up to 1.530 points. I don't even know if these points do anything, and although I looked at the list of how to get them I still don't quite understand how they are accumulated. But, oddly enough, that's what keeps me coming back. That, and good gaming coverage.
Sometime in the recent they just posted this interesting feature about Indigo Prophecy I thought I'd share. It's the man behind the game talking about what he wanted to do and how he went about it. I think when someone with this sort of philosophy sets out to make a game with combat as well that the "perfect" game will be born. Not that games like Indigo Prophecy don't have their place, cause they totally do. Bring more of them on! And I say this before actually playing the game and just playing the demo. It's like, that awesome. Yup. I'd play more of those types of games any day.
I really need to link Punks and Nerds in the sidebar so I don't forget to check it.
This week has felt really lazy despite the fact that I have been working quite a bit. And will work even more next week. Ye gods, I'm off like... sunday... which is good, cause then I can prerelease... and like... thursday. Blah. But money is good I suppose... I gotta get people some awesome Chrissymas presents this year... including something for Brer, which I'm sure I'll worry over lots because I hate like... asking for suggestions for presents if I can help it...? But at the same time I want to give whoever I'm giving the gift to something they want, but maybe wouldn't expect? It's hard. Especially with people you haven't done any serious giftgiving to before...
Oh, I wrote an essay the other day, but I think I'm going to fiddle with it some more before the concert tonight, so... well, you can find it if you're dedicated, but it's going to have some editing done, is all I'm saying.
I think after Season 2 finishes downloading (It's at like... 73 percent now, but'll be torrenting from like 4 till like... noonish tommorow, so I would doubt it not being done by tommorow...) I'm going to download the first season too for my own nefarious schemes that I've been scheming. These schemes may or may not involve a DVD burner.
Okami is pretty.

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September 22, 2005

"I would just like to let everyone know that I'm a girl..."

It's true. And even though I know nothing about Red Vs Blue, really, I just want that shirt. Cause I like it, dammit.
Maybe I should find a nice torrent for the first couple seasons of it. Huh. But Arrested Development comes first.
So I burned my first DVD today. *sniff* I'm growing up so fast... It contains all of Samurai Champloo with a little Advent Children thrown in cause I had extra space. It burned in like 10 minutes! That's totally sweet. I learned that my old DVD drive could burn DVDs too, though. HOWEVER, this new one can burn to any DVD media format under the sun, so, huzzah. Plus, now I can direct copy things without retarded easy. Bucchiet came over with the cable I mentioned needing below and we got the drive working and I moved all my music and videos over there, so Sir Savesalot (my original hard drive) has much more space now. Happy! And I'm sure Volumionus (my new hard drive's name) is prepared to have tons of happy times with me in t3h fut4r! However, after installing Nero, it put this annoying "Nero Scout" thing in my My Computer screen? It affects nothing, but it's just kinda annoying me, honestly. Stupid housewithmagnifyingglassoverit thing...
Tommorow be the concert. I think I should be more excited that I am. Or more depressed by the thought of me having to clean out my car this weekend. Heaven knows it needs it, but still... cleaning out my car... blah.
Also, if I want to be additionally depressed, Indigo Prophecy won't be out till like next Tuesday. Not that I would have gotten in alot of time with it this weekend if I had had it this weekend, but still. TUESDAY. Gods. GODS! ANNNNNGUIIIIIIISHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Hm. Doesn't really work in text. Oh well.
We might do the Crappy Asst for this week tonight, so stay tuned...

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September 21, 2005

I have a temper, methinks.

I just got my new compy parts in the mail. The HD needs this stupid power conversion cable that's going to cost me like... 7 stupid fucking dollars to order thanks to shipping, so unless Droid can bail me out on that, it'll be next week before 200 additional gigs are mine to use. However, I think I have the DVD burner working. It, at the very least, opens, closes, and shows up in My Computer. I just don't have any programs to let me test the burning-type action. Working on that, though.
I got really angry at my computer too, for not working for no reason. Of course, there was reasons, there always are. But it just makes me so mad... I spent like 10 minutes screaming at a stupid thumbscrew that wouldn't come undone. I mean, seriously screaming. Ask Jonathan.
I have some repressed anger or something.
I really do like how they have Mage laid out. I really DON'T like how, now, I have to have some World of Darkness sourcebook for all the full information on character building. That's kinda shitty. A World of Darkness sourcebook is a good idea, but I'd rather not have it be a requirement. That's another thing I sorta liked about White Wolf's stuff, it was all part of a big world, but everything was, at the same time, self-contained if you wanted it to be. Your Mages could fight Vampires and whatnot or they could just fight other mages. Your call. This sorta "just look in your World of Darkness book for that information!" shit is kinda annoying, honestly. But damn, that cover is pretty. Just look at it. *hugs it*
We <3 Katamari is, oddly enough, more Katamari. Shocking, I know. I'm not liking the music quite as much, although I hear it grows on you. We'll see.
7 dollars for a stupid cable not 3 inches long. Blah.

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Audio Blog Entry: I'm apparently completely obsessed with Mur Lafferty

It's true. But there are definately some other thoughts in THIS AMAZING AUDIOPOST!
In this entry, I ramble on about *SHOCK!* Mur Lafferty's podcasts and if I should e-mail her and join her forums, Novel-writing month and should I join in, talking to Angie, Mage: The Awakening, channeling creativity into questionable creative activities, and feedback. But mostly I just ramble.

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September 20, 2005


Have you met my good friends, the Dancing Brothers?
Arrested Development is still damn funny! I'm probably going to miss just as many episodes of the third season as I did of the second. But that's what torrents are for. I might also be torrenting the second season at the moment. I'll probably buy the second season on DVD... if it would ever come out! Goodness! But definately pick up the first season on the DVDz because, you know, we gotta tell Fox "Wow, yes, we do like good programming! Strange but true!"
Tonight is going to be exciting and filled with poetry and work. But I just need to get through it and get to my awesome weekend! Weekend of awesome, fuck yeah!
Go torrent go!

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September 19, 2005

Good newses. ? .

I'm glad to see that the GBA is not totally dead. Final Fantasy IV and Dr. Mario and Puzzle de Pon? Fuck. Yes. Easy access to RPGs I haven't totally beaten are always welcome, and I respect Dr. Mario and am TOTALLY FUCKING OBSESSED with Puzzle de Pon. Heh. That'll be some ideas of what to get me for Chrissymas, I suppose. Heh.

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You're sharp like the edge of a samurai sword, the metal blade cut through flesh and bone...

Listening to the Samurai Champloo soundtrack right now... the music is very odd and it's even more odd how well it fits the series? But it does. I can't decide if I like just listening to it or not, yet... I have definately grown to love the theme song like a millions.
What the fuck is "like a millions" supposed to mean? Gods.
Mm, this track is a good one. Heh.
I'm also trying to find something new to download and watch... I'm searching Boxtorrents, which I suggest joining if you ever plan on torrenting anime. It does keep track of your downloads so you don't totally leech, but you want to add to the community, yes? And it's not hard to keep that 50/50 rating... you just kinda... leave the torrent on for one more night than it takes to download it. But yeah, they've got a great selection of full series and OSTs and hentai, apparently, if you like that kinda thing. I just can't find something I want to watch.
Ooh, another good track. I'm only finding like... 2 per OST or so, though. Alot of it works great as background music for different moods, but in general, I really can't listen to soundtracks. Only a couple tracks really have that... umph... I want in a song.
Blah, I can't find anything. Any torrenting suggestions, let me know. I'm going to try to sleep... promised Brer I would...
PS: Why doesn't someone have a torrent for Time Squad, huh? That show was AWESOME, I wish I had all the episodes... they only air them literally at 4 in the morning on weekdays... *sighs*

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September 18, 2005

Computaz. Downloads. Caffiene. Blah.

So they resceduled my bloodthing because I'm retarded? And then they told me "Don't have any caffiene for 48 hours before coming in" and that was news to me. Sorry, Red Cross, you're not getting that. Best I can promise you is to have my first soda Monday AFTER I give blood.
I'm enjoying being able to extend my desktop over to the TV. It's kinda nice. Makes me really want a second monitor... but I'd need a whole new desk before that would work... and I wouldn't want it in here, perse... maybe it's time to move back to my room...
I have two more points of vaugely computer related news. The first is that I bought a new 200 gig hard drive and a DVD burner drive. Newegg is everyone's friend. Here's to hoping I'm able to figure out how to get them installed without enlisting the help of one Andrew Welker.
Also, my computer chair broke today. One of the screws holding it up just... popped out. And it's stripped, so I can't screw it back in. It was just a cheapo chair but it was about as comfortable as a cheapo chair can get... this chair I'm in now sucks... alot... I need something really... awesome... to relax in. I spend too much time in front of the compy not to have one, really.
Another thing hooking my compy up to the TV makes me want to do: Download more shit to watch while I chat and game. The problem with this is alot of what I'd want to download would be Anime, and I'd want that subbed, and that would make it very hard to watch with minimal attention, now wouldn't it. Blah.
I dunno. I'm stopping the typing now. I work tommorow night aka tonight. Blaaaaaah.

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September 16, 2005

Tokyo Game Show is covered. I feel like responding.

I assume you've seen this or something to that effect, but if you haven't, there it is.
My two cents, which you may or may not hear again on a new Crappy Asst tonight, is...
Fuck. Yeah.
Nintendo, you have got your work cut out for you. You really truly do. But the DS made me a believer. I believe in you, big N! If you pull this shit off, the Revolution may be the second console every gamer buys, but every gamer will have it alongside of their PS3 or Xbox 360. Every single one. You've got some hardcore possibilities here. Don't fuck it up.
I want the lime green one.
HOLY SHIT! That's totally hardcore. I totally bought a Neo Geo Pocket just for Card Fighters and... whatever their portable Capcom Vs SNK fighter was called. I am beyond excited.

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September 15, 2005

Bittorrent hates me: A short tale

I decided to torrent Advent Children (Shhhst! Don't tell anyone!) and it's taking for fucking ever. Why doesn't bittorent work it's Magic for me? There are like thousands of people using this torrent right now, and at least a thousand seeding it, and I'm connected to quite a few of them. And I get a 2 kb/s download. Seriously, what the fuck. I'm always uploading more than I download, so to me, that says it isn't some sort of fucked-up router problem... *sighs* Who the hell knows. Also, I know very little about routers, so if that statement was retarded, sorry. But my new router is so pretty! It can do no wrong!
The. End. Listen to the new audio blog below if you do stuff like that.

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Audio Blog Entry: Selfishness, Work, And Phone Numbers

It's like been... 7 days. Wow, good for me. So here's 25 minutes of me talking. Joy.
In this entry, I ramble on about disasters and me not caring, thoughts of being selfish, how annoyed I am with my work situation lately, games coming out, an odd experience I had at school, and MUR LAFFERTY, MOTHER FUCKER YEAH! But mostly I just ramble.
Hope you enjoy another exciting redition of my voice. Telling you things. Yeah. Later.

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September 14, 2005

Join the Poetfox School of Poetry Writing Today! Free Hugs!

Blizzard Downloader sucks. It's totally true. For something that seems based in Bittorrent, it's total crap. Seriously.
Oh, before I forget, new poem over at poetfox.com. The point has already been mostly missed once. Will you miss it too? Only one way to find out! It does include a line that I really, really think is smart and creative. I'll let you guess which line of the poem it is, though. And I never linked that, yes, the new Crappy Asst is up. Download and be whatever you are when you listen to those.
The Boy Least Likely To is probably the cutest music I've ever heard.
We keep talking and reading about all these "schools" of poetry and whatnot in my poetry class... and it just... I dunno. I don't fit into any of them. So I thought I'd write an essay for what my "school" of poetry would be. But I didn't. So I think I'll just cover the main points here, because the more I think about it, the more shitty the idea of that being an essay would be. That's not the kind of essays I'm trying to write. I dunno what they are, but... yeah. Well, I guess this discussion will really cover alot of my philosophy about personal essays too...
The Poetfox School of Poetry!
(Hereafter called "Outrospection," a shortened name picked on a whim)
Okay, here are the major ideas behind my style which I terribly just dubbed Outrospection.
1. A work aims to make you know the author without knowing her. After you read something I wrote, I'd like you to feel like I am at the very least an aquantance of you. You should know something more about me, and feel closer to me. You should hopefully see the person behind the page... you know?
2. Closely related to 1, is that it's honest and not hidden, or at least any more than a poem or whatnot would normally hide it's point. You should be able to read something I wrote and know what the hell I wrote about. You should understand what it is I was trying to say. It's not going to be hidden in the "Oh, I guess the bird represents her desire to blahblahblah" and all that shit. That's no fun. Leave that to the professors. Read, enjoy, and then you can move on. Isn't that nice? As a corollary, though, the understanding the reader would leave with with a first quick reading is okay. If they get one, that's the important part. They shouldn't leave confused. But a subtler, different meaning brought on by phrasing with multiple meanings, etc... that's when the poem gets REALLY good. That depth. I don't get that too often, but when I do, that's when the poem is GOOD.
3. It flows. When you write, it flows. You don't know how many pieces of paper or Word windows I have closed because the flow only took me in for one stanza and stopped, and that wasn't enough. The words flow out, and when they stop, you stop, and then it's done. I'm not against revision, I'd like to do more of it, honestly. But revision is little tweaks. Finding a couple of better words. Changing a line break. Not changing the poem.
4. The writer learns about as much as the reader. You think I plan all the crap in what I write? Heh. I'm always impressed with myself when I find deep meaning in what I write, or whatever in what I write. It sneaks in. If things flow, it sneaks in. After you write something, you should be able to meet and learn something about yourself. Perhaps not as much as the reader does in number 1, but there should be something there to learn.
My writing is very personal. Sometimes I worry about that, but I can't write things that are impersonal and feel... real. I can write happyfun poems without me involved. But those are just happyfun, they aren't POEMS, perse. It needs me there to put the soul into it. Or so I feel. Obviously there are other schools than the one I just made up... but that's how I try to write... I want you to meet me through what I write, and come back like you'd come back to talk to a friend, and, like you might do when discussing and thinking about something that happened to a friend of yours, compare your experiences to it, and draw something out of that. That's the idea behind what I write.
It probably sucks, but that's it. Heh. Now join my writing school and give me money, dammit!

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September 13, 2005

A Decklist: Is it Casual?

Just wanted to share my Monoblack control concoction I'm currently playing in the new standard...
Outthink.dec (Working Title)

Lands (23)
23x Swamp

Creatures (16 )
3x Akuta, Born of Ash
3x Ghost-Lit Stalker
3x Kemuri-Onna
3x Phyrexian Gargantua
4x Ravenous Rats

Other Spells (21)
4x Cruel Edict
3x Exile into Darkness
3x Journeyer's Kite
2x Plague Wind
2x Promise of Power
3x Waking Nightmare
4x Wayfarer's Bauble

The idea is to keep the board clearish with Cruel Edict and Exile into Darkness while I empty their hand via the many, many discard routes I have. Once I get to that point, I start the beats with Akuta, Kemuri-Onna, and the Gargantua... or if I failed to clear the board with the sacrifices, keep the board locked with them while I look for one of my two sneakier victory conditions: clearing their board with Plague Wind or building up a huge hand with the help of Journeyer's Kite and dropping a huge flying demon token with Promise of Power.
The main point of this post is... is this not a "casual" deck? It's not going to win any tournaments. Waking Nightmare is not the best card in the world, perse (and I shouild probably replace it with Mind Rot to keep it from being Hisoka's Defianced, but I thought, in case I WANTED to bounce my Kemuri-Onna it would be there...), and without spot removal, I lose decently often, although I have it tweaked to the point that I can handle most decks... except the ever-popular 5 Honden archetype, which I can do basically nothing but hope they get mana screwed and I make them discard their key cards.
I dunno. Discard is mean, yes, but I hadn't made a black deck in forever, and like... never a mono-black deck... and I wanted to use Akuta to great effect, so this is what came out of it. *shrugs*
Anyway, I'm off to class now, I suppose. And then POETRY! And then more class! Score! Sorry, this post was a bit pointless.

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"He can't walk on water... but he can walk... on Custard..."

After the Monster House, we all accidentally found the most amazing and Brittish show ever hiding in the general crap that is now G4, and I just had to share it. It's called Brainiac and it's totally awesome... if you like abusing science facts to make stuff blow up and things of that nature.
I feel like shit, so to bed I go. Lots of poetry tommorow... whee...?

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September 11, 2005

Venting about work. Feel free to pass this over.

Hi there. I just got home from work. I feel like I need to recount this exciting night of work!
Things were going fairly normal. It was BOGOs, and those are annoying, but other than that? Normal. New things were tried to get people out the door earlier, which I suppose I'm for. Then we start nearing 2 in the morning. People aren't done (But I am. Note at this juncture that I have one of the biggest portions of store to do on my own, and I always get it done before or at the same time as everyone else). But Kathy does not want everyone to stay past 2, because then she will get chewed out again for spending too much money. I can understand this. She sends everyone home but me and her. Now, after 2 in the morning, we have to take an unpaid lunch. We work through this break. We finish other people's sections. We fix other people's sections. It's now about... 4:20 in the morning. We left out of frustration. We weren't done.
Why does this kind of shit happen...? I really don't get it. I can't be some sort of superhuman, yet I'm faster and just as accurate if not more than literally everyone else. If we would all work at a decent speed, we would have been long done by 2. A monkey could do my job. It's not hard. Yet people have so much problem with it, it just... frustrates me to think about sometimes.
I don't get it.
Nights like this also make me wonder if being such a hard worker is such a good thing. I want to be a hard worker. I want to do very high quality work, be full of pep and vigor and ready to jump on extra stuff just because I want to be helpful. I want to be that way. But nights like this... it makes me feel like it would be better if I was just doing borderline work... I'd get paid the same and I wouldn't have to stay for an extra 2 hours to do someone else's work for them.
It's just frustrating. Sorry to vent. I'm sure there are people with tons worse work situations than this. I just hope they get paid lots. Heh.
On a random, smaller note, I didn't get any breaks at all tonight? And it was kinda sad because I was going to start reading that "Best American Essays of 2004." I only got about halfway through the Introduction. But it's a damn good intro. It talks about the all important "voice" in works like this. I think I have a good voice, that's why I think I should write. Maybe I wrong, I dunno... but his discussion of the concept of an essay's voice was getting really interesting. I didn't even get to finish it and get to an actual essay... *sighs* It's hard to get me to sit down and read when I could be gaming, but I think I'm going to have to make myself so I can read that anthology. Yup. And if I do, I'm sure you'll see many more inspired essays on poetfox.com.
Poetfox.com : Because Essayfox sounds really retarded.

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September 09, 2005

Some Thoughts on Essays

First things first, new essay and poem up over at poetfox.com. The poem is kinda there, but the essay... I haven't written such a good essay in a long while. Please read it, if you don't totally hate my writing. And if I'm wrong in thinking it's very good, please put me in my place. I think I take criticism very well, and I wish I got more of it. I just... well, I will definately try to explain where I'm coming from if you tell me something doesn't work. I will tell you why I put it there in the first place. Which will sound like me fighting your critique... but it's not. I'm just one of those people who HAS to explain themselves with stuff like this. I'll more than likely fiddle with it if you tell me something is wrong.
I am quite proud of that recent essay, though. It's called "The Amazing, Exciting Potential." Although I wasn't planning on it being that way, it's similar in topic one of my favorite essays I read awhile back when I was taking my essay class, called "For My Brothers and Sisters in the Failure Business" by Seymour Krim. I don't know how one goes about finding an essay to read, but if you manage to find it, do read it. It's great. ^_^ Or if you're close to me, you can ask to steal my essay anthology for awhile. The chances of this happening are very slim, though, I think.
The thing about the essay is the way I'm talking about nothing, really, but then even as I'm writing it, I'm realizing it relates to life and how I live it, and I get to sorta tie that in at the end. I'm not saying I did it perfectly, but it's that kinda stuff that can really bring an essay from the minors to the majors, you know? I've read plenty of great essays about absolutely nothing, but the ones that really stick in my mind are the ones that talk about nothing and then slowly start to connect it to the essayist's life and thus you start thinking about it in your life? And I think I at least approached that kind of essay with this. At the very least, it's totally angst-free, which is something I've been worrying about since I started writing more often again. I'd like to write essays like that one all day long. I hope at some point, I manage to.
I don't know of alot of professional essayists? It always seems like all the great essayists started doing it by accident, and then became popular, you know? Like, they were writing essays to vent about their lives while trying to get a book of fiction published or something... then someone found their essays and liked them better so published them... and then suddenly they were an essayist. I don't think people really plan to be an essayist. I'd sorta like to be. I think it's the one form of writing I can seriously do in a professional way and have it have MEANING. You know? I can write fiction, but it's just happy little fiction devoid of meaning. It's real, but it's just entertainment. And although I want things I read to BE entertainment, leaving me with a feeling afterwards is what separates good fiction from bad, for me, and I don't think fiction I would write would do that to anyone. Poems require too much... fakery... pompusness... just... something I don't have. I enjoy writing poetry. Sometimes I write good poetry. But I'm sure as hell not going to be a professional poet. Essays, though... I can do good essays. I think if I keep practicing I could write lots of essays. And if I write lots of essays, and 1 out of 5 of them are what I'd consider seriously good essays, then I'm doing amazing, you know? The only problem I could see is redoing the same topic over and over... but that's an issue for anyone who writes anything. I can get over it.
So yeah... I want to write essays...? Good essays...? And to that effect I bought another essay anthology today. "Best Essays of 2004" or whatnot. I have the "Best Essays of 2001" and honestly, alot of them really sucked. My "Art of the Essay" anthology of essays through time had much better stuff in it... but I'm hoping this at least has a few. It's not like there are alot of essay anthologies out there. I've never seen one besides "Art of the Essay." And I don't really know how to go about finding essayists I like to buy whole books of their essays... you know? So... well, let's hope this has some good stuff. I'm going to try to read it soon.
Anyway, it's off to Droib's to test all the new Crappy Asst equipment. New one should be up late tonight. It's only getting better, people! Couple more shows, and we might actually be worth your time.

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September 08, 2005

Of Pasta and Chaos, Annoyance and Prophecy

So I just played the unfortunately very short demo for Indigo Prophecy? Totally sweet. It's just enough of the plot and system to make you think, "wow, that has some potential" and then BAM. It ends. And you're like "Fuck, man! Fuck! Plot! Me needs plot!" But then again, that's what these kinds of things are for. In any case, I now have yet another thing I am waiting for like crazy at the end of this month. And another reason to make my gamepad a worthwhile purchase if I go the PC route. If you like adventure games, you gots to be checking this out. The fact Tol and Brer knew about and were awaiting this game and didn't inform me makes me wonder what other gaming delights they know about but aren't sharing with me, however... heh...
New people starting ad set... this is a good thing, of course, but I have a feeling I'm going to train one of them, and to be quite honest I'm a little tired of doing that, having done 3 in the past month. Heh. Then again, Tevarrasperson had his head in the right place and had it down in like 2 minutes... but I had to train annoying Anthonyguy, and gods, that has to exempt me from training for a long, long while. I had to work with him tonight. He talks constantly, which I'm not against, but bah... he's opinionated for no reason kinda person? And he tries to jump subject at very odd times... The thing he said that lingers most in my mind was him talking about how the guns the military uses are... well, I want to say "for pussies" but I don't believe those were his exact words. In any case, he kept going "It's all about one shot, one kill" and it was really quite stupid. The idea of guns that wound is, I dunno, to keep peace maybe? You can stop someone and not kill them? I mean, I think that's a valid thing to think about. Then again, I don't know fuck about guns and crap. But he didn't either. Bah. And we have to have a couple more shifts with him before they can fire him? Even though all the management has already decided they are? Annoying.
Also, I don't think I've linked to The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on here yet, so I will. Again, it's old news for those of you on top of the internet fads, but it's really quite awesome and you should at least read the letter (which is what you'll see first when you go to that page). I've been studying the tenets of Pastafarianism and leafing through the Principia Discordia in my mind to try to see if I can't be an active member of both religions. So far, I have not thought of any... issues... although scientists do have a high chance of being greyfaces, I'd think.
Did you find the hidden Fnords in this blogpost? If so, give yourself 20 points!

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September 07, 2005

Audio Blog Post: A Walk in the Park

In this post I ramble on about the SEMO District Fair, X-Men Legends choices, and Sapphire City Games. But mostly I just ramble. And walk in the park!
Um, enjoy, people who listen when I say stuff!

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September 06, 2005

New Router = Totally Ordered

I wrote a new poem. Read it over at poetfox.com. It's not angsty! Yay!
And you can blame Droid for lack of Crappy Asst tonight. Totally his fault. There'll be one on Friday, at least, for sure.

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Pain Lands are Expensive as Fuck and other tales

I swear to god I'm finally going to write the "literature" essay I've had in my head sometime this week.
I did the math on how much it's going to cost me to aquire all the pain lands. Holy. Fuck. Too rich for my blood... I spend alot on cards but Ye. Gods. I can work around them, I hope... if not, well, I'll be mana screwed slighty more often. In any case, I love the Ravnica lands better, so I'll get them? Sure, they'll eventually rotate out of standard whereas the painlands will always be around. Always. But I'll feel like less of a tool and they'll probably be cheaper? Eh, we'll see how this evolves.
We're going to do another Crappy Asst tonight because we decided to keep them from being too fucking long we'd do more of them so we have less to talk about? It's worth a shot. In any case, we're only improving, so listen in. We don't have our equippment in yet, though, so it'll just be with my iAudio. Heh.
Ok Go... they're a pretty good band, I suppose. I can't find any songs of theirs I want on infinite repeat, though... and... I dunno. I can totally listen to them, but I'm never going to become a huge fanatic. Good for them for existing, though. A Million Ways is good, though, and the video is like a million times better than the song, so go to their site and watch the video. Heh.
I learned there is a fairly famous poet named Jack Spicer. Is a writer on Shaolin Showdown a huge poetry fan? Only time or intense fanatasicm will tell, and I'm not about to do either.
So Concert/Prerelease Planning is starting to get intense. It looks like I won't be able to make the 2hg because it starts at 5 on Saturday and I'm fairly positive I'm working. New plans revolve around seeing the concert, crashing somewhere, then getting up early and doing the 3 man team, losing or maybe doing amazingly well or something, then driving home, stopping for a good meal, and getting back in time for me to work at 8. It sounds like a great weekend to me. Yup. But we'll see what everyone else thinks. And if mom will pay for a hotel room. She's always crazy-wanting to pay for such things, so I have a feeling she will. Don't ask me why, though, because I couldn't even begin to tell you.
Anyway, Crappy Asst later. We're finally up on Podcast Alley and Podcast Pickle, although I don't suggest you vote for us, because we don't deserve it. YET.

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September 04, 2005

For the record book

My brother, Jonathan Long, had this to say during tonight's game of Baulderdash.
"I'm hung like an infant. 14 pounds, 11 inches."

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Audio Blog Entry: I'm not a good skeptic and other tales of amazingness!

Hey, wow, look, I blogged again. I bet you're shocked.
In this one I ramble on about signing meetings, new podcasts I've subscribed to, why I'd make a crappy skeptic, Mama, and my new site I totally made yesterday. But mostly I just ramble.
18 minutes! Whoo! I didn't talk for insanely long this time! Yay!

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September 03, 2005

Insomnia builds Character

O. M. G.
I love this comic now.

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I have never looked more bad-ass.

Edit: Oh wow, look, a webpage. I told Mama I was going to use this picture up there before I asked her to draw it... I hope she doesn't mind me using all those other pictures she's drawn of me to make banners and stuff... I'd assume not, cause she's awesome, and I'm fully attributing that kinda stuff to her. Cause gods know I can't draw.

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Crappier than Crap in Craptown! Or something.

Second Crappy Asst is good to go. Check it out. It's alot better than the first one. Listening to it, I realize things like Diggnation really are only minimally more organized. Who knows. Perhaps we could tone the anguish down just slightly, but, you know, it's all in good fun.
Droib and I keep talking about what to add... he says he has a virtual mixer/soundboard program ready to roll, and that we'd just need a good microphone, and we could record to his Lappy from now own. But, you know, who knows. Essner says we need to edit. I say... is that the point? If we edit, it becomes a chore, and no longer becomes fun, and then it stops. Random streaming soundclips and whatnot on the fly? That is not a chore. That could happen. We can continue to improve this thing. We're slowly figuring it out. If you listen, thanks. And comment, dammit, we don't know how to fix it if you don't tell us what's wrong!
Feels too early to go to bed, but nobody is on and i dunno what else to do... So I guess I will? *shrugs* Tommorow, I gotta get in my 9th leauge play, among other things. Heh. Wish me luck.

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September 02, 2005

'casts and wow, I wrote something that wasn't a blogpost.

So I'm currently downloading the THIRD episode of this podcast I have yet to listen to because I've been listening to stuff I know is good. I really don't doubt in the least that its good. My good friend if I'm pretending I'm friends with Quasi-famous podcasters Mur mentioned and lead me to it. So I doubt it's bad, perse. But, you know, maybe I'll be let down and then I'll have like 3 hours of podcasting on my MP3 player for nothing? I dunno. Also, I think I should listen to Skepticality. I think I'll stick that in iPodder now, too. Dunno why I should. Just keep hearing the name. The premise sounds interesting, though.
You've probably heard me say this enough, but I am totally fucking in love with Podcasting. Work at Kohl's has never been more entertaining, and I really can't even fathom how I was able to survive these late-night shifts without wonderful geek talk radio in my ears. Mayhaps that's why I'm doing two attempts at bad podcasting? Showing my love by creating horrid aborted-type versions of what I love? I dunno. I think I've explained why I'm audio blogging (because I write blog entries to myself in my head all the time, and this might be an outlet for those). Don't think I've explained my push for Crappy Asst, though (Which will have a new episode up tommorow night). The explanation is simple: I think me and my friends can be very witty, and I'm often sad that some of the cooler things we come up with get lost because of them not being entertaining out of context or just forgetfulness. So I guess this is a way for me to, you know... try to preserve those things. But as I've said, this new episode will have content. So it's exciting.
I've wrote two new things. I'm as shocked as you are. One is an essay, one is a poem. Both are fairly angsty? But have enough realism there that I do not hate them. They are not angst solely for angst's sake. I don't have the poem up anywhere, but if you really want to read the essay, it's called Tiny World of Nothing and you can download the word thing here. If you do read it, for the love of gods let me know what you think. I need feedback to revise, and I know it could use some revisions.
I talk about what I'm going to do with Poetfox.com all the fucking time, but I think I've finally come up with a plan that I will do. This is because it takes little to no effort on my part. I'm going to put folders, one of essays, one for poems, one for other, if I create something that doesn't fit into those two things. I am going to have Droid lazyarchive them like he has my podcast archive. Then I am going to use the spiffy picture Mama is drawing for me right now and make sort of a... launch page for my now almost-network of websites. Links will go to those folders, if you want to see my stupidthings. There will be a small update log on it, so you'll know if something's new (or you can just check here, of course, cause I'm like that). It'll link to Crappy Asst. It'll link to here. It'll be really simple and require very, very little updating aside from me writing more which I hope to gods I keep doing. Anyway, that's the current plan. Bug me and make it happen.
But seriously, I'm so proud of myself for writing some stuff, even if it is all kinda angry/depressed. If I can produce some blogposts, a crazy/stupid/fun/notlistenedto podcast, a poem, and an essay every week, then damn, I'm doing awesome on the creative front, I'd think.
Oh, I thought about reading my essay on the audioblog, but I decided I didn't want to directly rip off my fake podcasting friend Mur, so, you know, I didn't. But if you people like Ecks and Tol and Brer (Ecks and Tol seriously asked me if I had done more audio blogs, it was totally INSANE) want to actually hear me read that shit, then I will. Cause, you know, you're my "audience" I suppose. Something along those lines anyway. Might be interesting to hear how I read it. I dunno.
I look at the feedburner stats, and like... I have more hits than I should. I have about like... 10-12 downloads every time I put something up. That's fucked up. If that many people actually listen to it, I bet that means I have like twice that many that check my blog. And seriously, that is scary. Am I really that interesting? I don't see it. But then again, I always say that.
I'll go to bed. Maybe I'll even wake up early enough to do my homework before class. You never know. Crazier things have happened. Check out Crappy Asst 2 tommorow. It's going to be much better than the first. I can feel it. At the least, it'll be slightly more focused.

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September 01, 2005

He didn't say yes, but he didn't say no, either.

Holy Fuck, Steve Watson responded.. That's totally sweet.
Also, American McGee asked me to post about Bad Day LA? I dunno.

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