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October 30, 2005

Blogging: In General and about games I no longer play

One of my silly pleasures I partake in is reading My Life in Vana'diel a long-running blogish thing about one totally fucking obsessed person playing Final Fantasy XI. Now, it's been a long, long time since I played Final Fantasy XI. A long time. Honestly, I have absolutely no plans to play it again. Distances are long and hard to traverse just to increase playtime (there's definately some of this in WoW, but much less), and when you die, you lose exp. Yes, there should be some sort of penalty for dying, but that's too harsh. Also, Final Fantasy XI is a party-based game. Getting random parties suck. Alot. And I'd never find a static party. This is why I will not play XI again. However, I know enough about the game to understand what he writes about, and I just find it vastly entertaining. One thing XI did right was that everything you did felt like a serious accomplishment. And hearing him write about it... I dunno, it seems cool. I enjoy it. *shrugs*
For being a pretty dedicated blogger (I mean, I've been doing this since... 2001?), I realized I really don't read any blogs. I mean, I read some things that are sorta named "News Blogs" or whatnot. I read Joystiq fairly religiously and I listen to Diggnation and thus every once and awhile browse through Digg... and if you call call Tycho's news posts a blog, then I follow things like that religiously... but besides Mat's blog on the Badly Drawn Kitties, I don't really read any blogs (and even then, I dunno why I read Mat's blog so religiously. Our tastes are very different. Yet, I am always interested.
But anyway blogs. I don't read any of them. Are there good ones out there? Are they all as uninteresting as this one? (Or, if you're biased, as interesting as this one?) I feel like maybe there's some sort of blogging community I'm far, far away and not connected to. But do I want to be? Who the hell knows, really.
One day left before NaNoWriMo, and I still dunno what I'm writing about. I hopefully will decide at some point tommorow... hopefully...

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Quick CrappyAsst-related note...

The Halloween Special of the Crappy Asst Podcast is now up. It's long. Check it out, if you will. Enjoy your extra hour today. I am going to, um, do that thing now. Maybe.

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The Halloween Game, and Et Cetera or whatnot.

I was going to write about the game earlier, but I read all of this instead for no real reason. Jinperson cares very much about politics. This causes her to be very angry about politics. This is why I choose to take a "I don't give a rat's ass" approach, because if I started to care, I think I'd feel similarly, athough I think for slightly different reasons (aka, I'd aim alot more anger at a general public than at an individual because if the public cared, they wouldn't have got them into office/would pressure them into doing something about it.). Anyway...
The Game is done. The Halloween game, that is. It... went decently well, besides a certian Matt Buchhiet being late for reasons we were never quite clear on. So, you know, he didn't help us get everything set up or get a final rundown on what he was doing. But no matter, it went well, and I think everyone had fun. I hope so. Essner worked damn hard on it. I did a buncha stuff too. Droib too. Buchhiet a bit. Ben a bit. Spants... not so much. But he did a good job during. Eh, it went fine. I shouldn't complain. It's over now and people had fun and I don't need worry about it anymore. I think people enjoyed the character I was playing and what I did and stuff, although nobody seemed to realize it was a puzzle. I'm glad we dumbed it down to the point it was at, because the original puzzle nobody probably would have gotten. At all. But it seemed so... cool to me. I dunno. I obviously think life out like an Adventure game or something alot of the time. (I pick up interesting items and put them in my pocket whenever I find them and am not breaking the law because, I mean, come on. It could help me in a puzzle later on.) And I guess, even in the sorta context when one would, they're too focused on having fun to think like that. I dunno. But yeah, the game went well. Heh.
NaNoWriMo starts Tuesday. I still don't really know what my novel is going to be about. But I'm going to do this. I need to. I need to prove to myself I can do things... things I want to do. I can't even do things I want to do nowadays, besides distract myself. I need to write a novel. And doing it in a month would be really cool. So I'm doing it. Let's hope I get some inspiration soon. It'd be nice if I wrote an outline or something as well.
Brer said he'd play Secret of Mana with me. Yay! ^_^ I got the game up to the point where you can play two players! I hope he doesn't mind playing the boy... I'm always the girl cause I wanna do the healz, and I've recently realized someone has to control the boy because he does mad damagez. Z's! He can use Sprite's magic if beating the crap outta things is too boring! I do hope we actually do it, though... he doesn't have the Skype, and I dunno... gaming together is great in theory, but I dunno how well it works without something turn based (so you can do alot of chatting still) or without being there next to each other (for snuggling purposes). It's worth a shot, though. Heh, maybe I'll be really self-serving and buy him a headset for Chrissymas... heh heh heh... SKYEEEEEP! (Eh, not my style, though... unless I get him something else, too... heh... which I wouldn't put past me...)
Blaaaaah... I gotta turn my life around, you know... or at least... sorta... start... living it... blah.
Gotta work tommorow... goodnight nowz. (Z's! FUCK YEAH!)

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October 28, 2005

Secret of Mana ONLINE!!!!!!!111Oneone!!!!

So while I was randomly chatting tonight I had a revelation. And that revelation was there had to be some SNES emulator out there that had internet play working well and enabled. I mean, there were shitty versions of internet play years ago when I used to emulate, there had to be perfect versions out there now! So I found ZSNES (which works, in general, a million times better than the Snes9x I was using anyway) and it has Netplay and me and Draco got it working. And this means I CAN PLAY SECRET OF MANA ONLINE WITH PEOPLE! Getting two of my friends to play SoM online would be HARDCORE! Especially if they were hooked up in the Skype department. Totally hardcore. Or even just one friend (Brer? Would you be interested? Heh heh heh...). Anyway, I'm totally excited about this development. I tried to get it running with Tol, but his compy was just too old, unfortunately... it happens... sorry, Tol!
HOLY CRAP! I gotta get Bomberman for this thing, too!
I'm so excited about the retrogaming! Whoooooooooooooo!

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October 27, 2005

My opinions are apparently valuable.

Apparently Sega wants me to be in a focus group for them? And they'll pay me for it? And it's over the internets? I dunno. I recieved an e-mail. Sega sends me random crap every so often due to my brief playtime on PSO: Blue Burst but this wasn't the usual "OMG look Sega game released!" They listed two different times for Focus groups a week from today and offered me 75 dollars for an hour and a half of talking about games? So I'm like, well, I suppose I'll at least check it out. It was certianly a very elaborate ruse if it's not genuine, and didn't ask me for anything unreasonable (like credit card information). If it's the real thing that'd be amazing. I just hope the parents don't distract me during that time. It'd be hard to convince them I'm working, if it pans out. But that amount of money for having a minute say in the gaming industry? I'm in! The only thing I worry about is... well, I filled out the form using my male name, because IF this pans out and I get paid, well, the bank is gonna wanna see the name the account is in on the check. However, I also picked "Female" under the gender choice because, well, it forced me to pick. I never pick that if I have to, but I mean, they're asking gender so they can tell what kinda person they're getting the information from, right? And I'm a girl. So I put female. So there. That might cause problems, though, but I'm gonna sorta hope not. I suppose I'll see tommorow or so if I actually get into the thing. I'll keep you informed.
My Name is Earl is a good show. The Office (American Edition) is alright. Nothing to be excited about, but alright. Iron Chef is still the shit. Whee.
The game is Saturday. That's like... the day after tommorow. I don't feel prepared. But oh well. It'll be fun. FUN, I SAY! If you're playing, be ready for... fun. It's not nearly as intense as this looks to be, though. Makes me wanna, you know, take a trip to play it.

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October 26, 2005

I really suck at shooting things. It's offcial.

So I downloaded the F.E.A.R. demo, because, um... because. Because Brer seems to think it's going to be good and the gaming press says its good and I've had a renewed interest in shooters recently. So I downloaded it. My system wasn't up to snuff, according to the requirements, so I turned the graphics down to shit. Wow. Wow. I didn't even know today's games can look that crappy? I mean, obviously it's not meant to be played like that. But holy crap, man. It was like... original Quake-style. Every single everything had blocky edges. It was amazing and surreal. I probably could turn things up a little if I wanted to. If I play it again, I probably will, if only to get out of that "OMG!!!" level of shitty. Seriously, though, wow.
The gameplay, though, was pretty damn sweet. Although, um, I'm not going to be playing it. Because, well, it was on easy and... it kicked my ass three ways from tuesday. I mean, totally slaughtered me. I appreciated the intelligence of the AI. Even on easiest setting, the AI was still smart, their accuracy was just, supposedly, toned way down and maybe I could take some more hits. But they knew way more about gunplay than me. My idea of gunplay is running forward, probably screaming, firing like crazy. Their idea of gunplay involves cover and team tactics and things of that nature. Me running forward guns blazing can't handle that shit, man! I also liked how I can only have three weapons, although, you know, the two-weapon thing from like... Halo... is more realistic? Although hell, the way you can swich so seamlessly between weapons doesn't really count as real anyway, so, you know, oh well. And three lets you not feel bad about keeping like... a rocket launcher or something? Heh... I also liked the leaning thing. Maybe every game does that and I just, um, don't play those game. But it was funny. I was like... LEAN! BULLET TIME! WHEEEE! And then I'd run around the corner, guns ablaze, and die. But for awhile, it was totally sweet, I promise.
I've also got some Gunstar Super Heroes action going on. It's just like I thought? Which is good. It's all guntastic. PYEW PYEW PYEW! BANG BANG! GUNS!
Yay for guns. ^_^ Or something. Or other.
Edit: I took a screenie of me running F.E.A.R. on the world's worst settings, if you didn't believe my reaction to it.
EditEdit: Have you seen this shit?

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October 25, 2005

I typed alot of words. Using your eyes, you can read them.

I have to work Halloween night. So much for the drafting. Bah. I wonder if they'll do it without me... since they got Danny, they probably should. But you never know.
Today, I think in general, was pretty shitty. I was still not very recovered from last night's little... thing... with Draco and Ecks... I probably didn't show it, because, um, I dunno, I like to think I'm good at that. But I definately felt it. Fooding with Essner was a nice break from it all, but I fell right back into it afterward... By the time I got off work I felt sick and I felt pointless and I just felt terrible. Luckily, my friends forced me to get over to Spants' and play Magic and then we later watched some Brainiac and I felt alot better. I find it's slowly wearing off now that I'm alone again, though.
I came up with a new deck idea today. I should really try to build it and see what happens. Currently it feels a bit iffy, but I bet I can turn it around with a little fiddling. It does draw on some Ravnica, though, so I can't really do it online yet, and probably not even offline yet. *sighs* Lighting Helixes are going to be pointlessly expensive, I know it...
In any case, the main strategy is going to revolve around heavy defensiveness. If I build it in real life, it'll be alot like my "Inversionary Tactics" deck with slight modifications thanks to Ravnica. If I build it online, it'll be a totally different monster because I'll be trying to make it work in Standard without the help of the card that really made "Inversionary Tactics" go, Silent Arbiter. We'll see if I do anything with it. Who knows. Maybe I will.

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October 24, 2005

Last Night

So I had a dream last night where I woke up in the basement of my old house and a friend (I cannot remember who the hell she is but it's a she and I know I recognized her) was standing over me and had good news, because apparently while I was asleep, my friends had gotten me those breasts I'd always wanted.
I don't dream often, but when I do it's... retarded.
I also had a big... thing... last night with Draco and Ecks. It annoys me that I can get the most upset and whatnot when people are trying to help me and be supportive. Of course, it annoys me that I can break down like that anyway, so...
I also played a game of Day of Defeat last night. I was on the Nazi side and on the allies was a sniper named "DIE JEWS... DIE!" which was a bit ironic.
I also watched an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos last night (at my parents insistance aka command, of course). This is a show I used to watch with my parents all the time when I was little, which is probably why the parents wanted us to watch it with them... nostalgia? (But then, why wouldn't we have watched Next Gen, huh? We used to watch that together too, and that stuff is awesome, but of course. Engage, bitches!) But the show, while obviously no longer starring Bob Sagat (not that I think him hosting would change anything) is far from entertaining. I laughed maybe... once. In any case, it was a sorta akward waste of my time, which is unfortunate, because, you know, I want to be able to spend time with my parents.
I also watched an episode of Squidbillies last night. Normally, what stuff is on Adult Swim... if I don't find it funny, I understand why it's there. Squidbillies is garbage, and nobody in their right mind would find it entertaining. Nobody.
Thus Ends The Blog Post.

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October 23, 2005

Totally Crappy. Totally Asst.

New Crappy Asst is up and ready for you to download. It's out of order, but it's not like that matters! Whoo!
Spants called, after reading my previous post and listening to the referred-to This American Life episode. He called just to tell me he totally understood why I'd get upset. It was nice of him.
I guess I'm going to Frizbee tonight, so, um, yay exercise? Enjoy the 'cast.

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October 22, 2005

Angst-post Warning! Danger! Danger!

A couple posts down, Essner refers I assume me to an episode of This American Life. I listened to the first chunk of it. I feel scared and I feel sick and nervous. I don't want that. The wig, the makeup, the hyper-girl over-compensation... I just want to be me... this... with that little change... yes, on that rare occasion, I might wear a skirt, yes, when things get dressy, I will be in a dress because that's what's appropriate, but most of the time I'll just be in my stupid black half-witty t-shirt and large pocketed pants and sandals. Just like now.
I'm so screwed...
Sorry for the angsty post.
Edit: I have made a playlist to cheer me up, and, along with Ecks, I am feeling much better. In any case I'm going to share the playlist. It's being played on random, so the order has no bearing, but, you know, thought you might be vaguely interested in what I'd listen to to cheer me up.
Playlist Name: Cheer Up!
Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better
L'arc En Ciel - Ready Steady Go
Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Blue Man Group - I Feel Love (feat. Venus Hum)
Blue Man Group - What Is Rock (feat. Arone Dyer and Peter Moore)
Blue Man Group - Time to Start
Goldfrapp - Ooh La La
Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon [Propellerheads Radio Edit]
They Might Be Giants - E Eats Everything
They Might Be Giants - Damn Good Times
They Might Be Giants - On the Drag
They Might Be Giants - Cyclops Rock
They Might Be Giants - Happy Doesn't Have To Have An Ending

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October 21, 2005

This is a Post. POAST!

This Comic contains craziness, lesbian romance, and a cute kitty. It gets an A+. Read it, bitches!
I really need to write something. My constantly-referred to Mur said something along the lines that a real writer can write when they aren't inspired. I can do that, but I hate doing it. Alot. This week I have... I normally feel very lost in life and just kinda drift. I mean, that's my normal state. But this week I've been... extra... that way... I'm such a waste of space, seriously... blah.
I still haven't cemented into an idea for my NaNoWriMo. My current line of though involves doing my Tailrazor arc (which I need to rename, probably, as I recently rediscovered where my subconcious ganked that name from... although it's so different from my use maybe it's not a big deal... I dunno...) but at the same time, the entire idea behind me designing that was to create incredibly over-the-top character designs, designs that, well, wouldn't work very well in text.
I should just write something very boring. Something very real. Something so real, but quirky, that it's no longer boring, even while it's boring... that's the kinds of things I want to write. But I never seem to be able to.

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October 20, 2005

Audio Blog Entry: The Appointment and Days of Defeat

Wow, look, it's another MP3 with my voice in it! Astounding!
In this blog entry I ramble about the printer being broken at work, Kathy getting mad at me for being polite, how my therapistguy appointment went, a tangent on me and getting things done, my and my brother's current obsession with Day of Defeat, what I do as an Assault player and why I enjoy it, and my new headset purchase (Skype me, dammit!). But mostly I just ramble.
If you wanna see if you missed one of these, by the way, just um, type "Audio Blog Entry" into that search box, as I'm putting that in front of each post, as you noticed, or go here for completely lazy archive page. Not that I think you'd be desperate for more of this, but, you know, just in case, there you go.
Edit: Holy shit, it's four in the morning. I can't believe I've been playing DoD that long! Fuck! But gods, those guys were assholes, I had to try to show them what for. I try to get witty banter going, and, well, they insult my furriness can continued to call me a fag. It's not like that bothered me, perse, but it's not like one could convince them I was a girl either, at that point... also, the allies on the server were horrid! When I'm the best player, that says something. I had twice as many flag captures as anyone else on my team, seriously. And near the end, the same people who were insulting me earlier kept giving me little tips, so I suppose I, you know, earned a little respect. But 4 o'clock! Holy shit, man!

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October 18, 2005

I review Phoenix Wright out of boredom! Huzzah!

First off, HUGE NEWS! The Hucks in town sells Bawls. Needless to say, I am overjoyed.
Alright, I haven't beat Phoenix Wright... YET. But I'm going to write a review on it this point, because, being what I'm pretty sure is about halfway through the game, I've got the basic idea what the rest is going to be. So here we go!
Phoenix Wright is a fun game is you like adventure games. It doesn't take itself seriously in the least, even with every case (at least so far) being a murder. It's retarded but retarded fun, which is something I've certianly always enjoyed. What mostly sets this up as this sort of retarded fun is, well, the legal system of the game. Trials can only last 3 days. No matter what. The judge accepts everything the prosecution says as fact, no matter how retarded a claim it is. The defense has to, you know, basically do EVERYTHING. Certianly makes it more dramatic, I suppose?
Here is a list of the game's GOOD POINTS!
1. The Game Makes You Feel Smart: If you pay attention, you'll get everything before Phoenix and waaaay before the Judge. Not because things are "stupid." But just because the way the game works you're always looking for inconsistencies, since that's basically the entire game. And you'll catch them. I caught an inconsistancy early on in the last case that didn't even begin to matter until the very end. It made for a nice red herring up until it was useful, and then it was like "Damn right! I knew that was important!" Yeah.
2. For Being Mostly A Game Of Reading Text, The Trials Are Exciting: The way the cross-examinations (which I'll explain in detail later) work makes those moments very tense-feeling... and the game picks up with many dramatic, powerful movements when something comes to light. OBJECTION! HOLD IT! Lawyers banging on their desks, gasps from the audience in the courtroom, the always impending want of the Judge to end the case quickly, so every question counts, needing to find that one thing that'll make the trial take another day... yeah, it's trials are suprisingly engaging. (If you use the voice option, they can be more exciting AND more retarded at the same time! The voice recognition isn't amazing, though)
3. The Plots Are Solid: Each of the cases thus far have been very good detective stories! I've found (along with my love of Detective Conan which I still don't totally understand) that I enjoy a good detective story. These are solid. Twists and turns and whatnot, and everything being completely possible and not unreasonable, even if they look that way in the beginning (normally, when a trial starts, there looks like there is absolutely no way your client is innocent, but you soon fix that!). It's fun, slightly silly, but the logic behind them are all solid and thus, so are the plots.
Sounds great, right? Well, there are two major issues I have with the game, so I suppose it wouldn't be a review if I didn't mention them. This isn't going to keep me from finishing it, but it is frustrating.
1. Playing "Find The Suspect": This is a variation of everyone's favorite video game game "Find the Cutscene!" Since the game is very scripted, often someone you need to question simply will not appear until you do everything you're supposed to have done up until that point. Often you'll miss one retarded little thing, like not ask a question that has no bearing on the case (Along the lines of "Do you like the TV show that the man was murdered on the set of?") and then the person you really want to question because you've found out something you really need to know more about won't appear anywhere and you'll be like "What the hell? What do I do now?" Yeah, that's not fun.
2. The Script Says Phoenix Loses This Round: The game is very powered by plot. Sometimes, Phoenix is supposed to be momentarily distraught and think there's nothing he can do before his sidekick goes "No, wait! You're awesome! You can do it!" or whatever. However, these plot points, however appropriate, can create problems with how the Cross-examination process works, which I'll now explain.
A witness takes the stand, and they testify. You read what they say, then you get to Cross-examine. You can scroll through each text box of what they say. Most has one "fact" of the case in it. For each one, you can choose to do two things: Press (HOLD IT!) or to present evidence (OBJECTION!).
Pressing basically asks the witness to clairify that particular part of their statement. This could vary from "And how was that steak you ate?" to "That makes no sense! You said you were alone!" depending on what the statement you're pressing is. Pressing will not cost you "Favor Points" which are basically your life but represent the Judge putting up with retarded thought processes (basically, you can fuck up 5 times per day of the trial, then you die). Sometimes, though, you will have the option of "Pressing Harder" on a certian subject. This can cost you a favor point if you harass a needless point too much ("Are you SURE you used A1 Steak Sauce?"), but most of the time is a good idea.
Presenting Evidence is your other option, and it's more risky, as presenting something towards the wrong part of the text or presenting the wrong thing entirely will cause you to lose a Favor Point. Sometimes this can be frustrating because you know how to break a whole testimony, but the game wants you to take it in steps, and you forget to make that first step, presenting the killing blow and losing a point. But usually you know what to do if you see the contradiction.
The problem comes, however, when there is no contradiction. According to the plot, Phoenix is supposed to get frustrated and be on the verge of losing at a certain point. The game tries to make you just as frustrated and thinking it's hopeless. The problem is, to trigger the "it's hopeless" you have to Press every point in the testimony. But at least one section of the testimony will, likely, seem useless to press. So you'll press the useful parts, but not that one, and then go "Hmm, that didn't work... well, I suppose I'll try something" and kill all your favor points submitting random evidence trying to figure out what to do. This has happened at least 3 times to me, and since you have to start from the beginning of a day of trial when you die (and thus scroll through a shitload of text) this can be very frustrating. Good for plot, but the game should make you stop earlier or not penalize you for submitting evidence during those sequences.
And that's my overly wordy review of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Enjoy! I'm gonna, you know. Stop writing now. Heh.

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October 17, 2005

NEWS FLASH! It's all like ZOMG! (I dunno what the Z stands for either...)

On the off chance you haven't seen it...
Check it out.
This is amazing, and big news organizations won't pick it up. So I'll do my part on my little blog. If you doubted it before, admit now that Penny Arcade rocks.
(Also, I've become quite attached to Joystiq for my gaming related news. Might be something you could get attached to, too?)

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The Joys of Screaming "TAKE THAT!" at my DS. Also, transstuff.

I picked up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney today in order to help distract myself from nervous. It's worked pretty well, so far. The nervousness is just sorta a vague feeling today has, as opposed to, you know, solid scaryness. My thoughts on the game: Fun as hell! The yelling into the mike thing adds nothing, but I like it anyway. The concept of a lawyer pointing out a contradiction with evidence and yelling TAKE THAT! at the witness to do it is humorous. The game doesn't take itself seriously and is decently written thanks to that. It's extremely linear. Playing it again will gain me nothing. But it's been hella fun and I figure it'll only get better as I play through the rest of the Episodes, as they call it in the game. Also, I'll pass it to Spants afterwards to feel like I got my money's worth and spread the love. Yay?
The actual appointment with the psychatraguy... um... I dunno. I'm sorta left feeling lost. I was hoping he'd help guide me, set up some sort of... plan... for me to follow, but it still seems so open ended and vague... I dunno... it hasn't made me feel like I took a step forward, even if I did... and it's honestly got me re-worried about the whole process. But I'll make it. I will. Yup. I will.
Gonna be... hard... though... *sighs*
Phoenix: OBJECTION! I don't see how this has any relevance to this blog!
Edgeworth: OBJECTION! This has everything to do with this blog! It's my client's personal thoughts, and these are some of the most personal! The whole point is to get them out there!
Judge: I see your point. Objection overruled. Come on, Mr. Wright, stop sucking.
Phoenix: (Damn that Edgeworth... how am I going to win this case now?)

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So I get up on my own, oh I get up on my own...

Wish I could more often, honestly.
So there is apparently a series of Half Life 2 Deathmatch maps that put you as a teeny tiny little person in one room of a huge house. They're a bit confusing at first, but they're totally cool. Throwing huge toys at people with the Gravity Gun? Fuck yeah.
I also have been playing alot of Day of Defeat. It's more fun that I gave it credit for. Although I am not good with the weaponry, the general setup of the games is cool, with the variety of choke points and serious teamwork being needed to push past... yeah... heh... that machine gun is crucial! I see the point of it, definately, although I'd never use it. Gods no.
I've also found I enjoy grenades very much. Just, you know, in general. If I have a grenade in any of the games I've been playing, I use it. Even when I probably shouldn't. I've especially enjoyed the smoke grenades in DoD, because, well, I can toss them just for fun without teamkilling? I could probably deploy them more effectively than I do. Mostly I just toss them ahead to annoy enemy machine gunners or just for fun. One of those two. Also, I wish they were on the Support loadout. I wanna like that one the best, even though I don't. Because I can't fire it's semi-automatic rifle worth shit. But I wanna. I mean, look at the name. Support. That sounds so nice, you know. Support. Yeah. Support. That's something I wanna do. But I can't hit shit with that rifle. The assault loadout is apparently needs to be nerfed or something, but that's probably the best for me. I can actually kill people with that one. Also, I get grenades. Yay grenades!
I've really been shooting things alot lately. Who knew I was such a shooter fan? Not me. Apparently I'm making Brer get back into the idea of Deathmatch. Heh. If only there was a good way to play a standard shooter multiplayer with two people... heh...
Meanwhile, in another train of thought...
Okay, here's my idea for the night: Survival Horror Game, right? Instead of a flashlight (or until you get the flashlight as an item) you have to use your cell phone. People do this all the fucking time, I do this every time I walk in a dark place (and I tend to avoid turning on lights if I can at night, so it happens often), and in most survival horror games it would make total sense and be a totally cool thing they could play with. Here's a scene: You've got a guy stalking you, calling you to scare you, you know, standard horror movie type scenario. The lights go out. There are monsters. Your phone won't let you make a call for some reason. You start wandering around, using your cell phone as a flashlight... you see a monster for a second, or maybe fight one... and then... the phone rings... do you answer it and give up your light source...? Or do you let a possible means of help get picked up by your voice mail...? Yeah, fucking awesome, right? I'm a genius.

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October 16, 2005

Audio Post: The World's Best Spoiler (We're spoiler free!)

Hear ye, hear ye, I finally audio blogged again! Checketh it out!
I ramble on about The Dragon Page Wingin' It and the world's best spoiler, a new job possibility, therapy being monday and thoughts on that, shooters and thoughts on that, the program Xfire, and how bad I am at keeping in touch with friends. But mostly I just ramble.
Like two or so weeks since the last one of these. Wow!

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October 15, 2005

I don't totally suck when the mode is "Crazystupid Deathmatch."

I keep playing Half-life 2 Deathmatch. I really didn't think anyone online would play this, because you've got your Days of Defeats and your Counterstrikes and such. But yet I found this server that has things set up kinda crazy and I'm thoroughly enjoying it? I didn't really look at the name before, but the more I think about it the more I think it's a German server. In any case, it rotates through like 15 maps every 15 minutes and every map they have it set up that you start with a machine gun and two grenades? So it's pretty crazy shit. I keep defeating people in machine gun duels because I aim at their head, a concept I'd think people would grasp but apparently not (I mean, I got no game and I can still point a gun vaguely at a player's head). I won the last round I played by a kill! Whoo! Pacifist Fox is my shooter name because I find it humorous, by the way, if you randomly get shot by someone with that name. It's not really funny, but I think it is, dammit, so shut your face.
I tried some online Day of Defeat: Source today, too. It... well, I could see why one would like it. I can also see where the review that complained about the 4 built-in Maps and 1 game mode was talking about. I played just one round and was pretty tired of it. Also, I'm not really in it for the realism of the old-tymey war, so the fairly realistic old weapons really kinda annoyed me. It's awesome they, you know, do realistic weapons things but I suck, that's too much for me to handle! Heh. Also, I think you'd have to be crazy skilled to use the Machine Gun setup correctly. That thing is unwiedly, which I know is the point, but damn. I guess you snipe with it, sorta. But damn. I normally adhere to the Jonathan Long School of Sniping and that doesn't really work in these realistic games... (The Jonathan Long School of Sniping meaning using the world's best sniping position aka right in the middle of the map in the wide open. It works against experienced players, because they'll keep looking for you in the map's "snipe" points.) Anyway, unless something occurs dunno if Day of Defeat is my thing. Never really thought it would be, but, you know, had to try.
Nobody wants to BGs before Serenity today. This is sad. Would just me and Jessie at BGs work? It should work, but I dunno if she'd want to eat there either. I should call her and ask. And shower. Showers would be good. I'll do that now.

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Post-LAN Post (LAN Post)

Well, everything seems to be re-hooked up again. Goodgood.
It's 4:19, and I should get to bed, but, um, I'm still wide awake. Thanks, Bawls! I'll go as soon as I post, though. Even I'm only so crazy, even if I do feel a bit gypped here.
The LAN party was fun, and it helped me get over being all pissy about work, which sucked because, well, because they love to punish us for working hard. I'm really not down with that. I want to be rewarded for my hard work. Anyway, enough about that. We podcasted, and it's filled with questions and stuff. Last week's podcast which Droib did not edit until tonight will be up tommorow, with some LAN party special edition coming later. It's pretty retarded. I think the best line from me was like "You weigh a bear." That should probably tell you what kind of high-quality entertainment you have to look forward to.
Anyway, we were planning on this LAN party being all Old Skool with like Warcraft II and Starcraft... but nobody brought their copy of Starcraft and Warcraft II (non-Battle.net edition) wasn't going to work easy on current networking tech. So we, um, swapped alot of files... and then we all set up copies of UT2k4 of questionable legality (although, in all fairness, when you put out an offical patch that disables checking for the disc when you play, what kind of message is that sending? Seriously.) and played the various non-deathmatch modes. We started with a game of Onslaught, which is a mode I've never really liked, and tonight's game didn't sell me on it. The highlight of the game was Jonathan constantly bitching about not knowing the rules. It's not hard. It's not fucking hard. All I remembered was that there were vehicles and nodes and I figured it out pretty fast? Blah. Anywho, that went bad. Then we played three games of Assault, which is always a fun mode, but since Droib wouldn't play so we'd have fair teams (another mystery: why hold a LAN party if you're not going to game?) we were just taking on bots, so it was pretty well a slaughter all around there. Jonathan's bitching continued through the first mission, but stopped at the second because it was that Carrier map and everyone knows that one. Finally, we played a long game of Gunball or as it is actually named, Bombing Run. This is my favorite game type, honestly, in UT. It's like football with guns. When you pick up the ball, your life slowly regens, and you get stuck with this ballgun, right? And you can either shoot it into your opponent's goal for a field goal and three points or jump into the goal hoop with the ball for a touchdown and seven points. And you shoot people alot. Anyway, I really like that mode. We lost because Essner's computer was being crazy slow joining these games for no reason and thus we were one man short for awhile, letting the computer get two early touchdowns. We managed to hold them back and get a touchdown and a field goal before time was up, but we totally lost.
And then Droib is like "Okay, go home." And we're like "Wha-what? This is a LAN party? We're supposed to be up all night?" And he's like "I got things to do, I gotta get to sleep." This caused us all to wonder why he decided to host the LAN party. Cause I mean, really, it was just finally getting going, gamingwise. But, you know, whatever, sleep isn't bad. Just confusing.
If I learned one thing from this LAN party, it's that it would be easier if I had a flat screen. Next time I splurge... next time... (I need to save for therapy now, though... holy fuck, the first one's on monday.) If I learned two things, the second would probably be something along the lines of... ummm... Justin Spaeth Sucks. OOOOOOOH! BURN!
And that's my LAN party report. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace Channel 5! La daaaa daaaaaaaaa! La daaaa daaaaaaaa...

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October 14, 2005

Burning and Lifelong Goals. And Kittens. (Not really, but the post could probably use some)

So I do the Fedora download and I'm burning the first ISO to disk and I pull out the laptop and... the screen is cracked now. I don't know how the fuck that happened, as it's just been sitting on the shelf for who the fuck knows how long. But the laptop is pretty useless now. It's unfortunate. Laptop, we barely knew ye. We barely knew ye either, CD-R I wasted burning the first Fedora CD...
When I get nervous, I mean like genuinely nervous not like antsy or shy, I get very, very sick to my stomach. I don't understand why this occurs, really. But it does, and it's really inconvenient. I remember having to run from the room and throwing up once when Natalie was visiting me down here. It was bad. In any case, I have such a strong reaction to being nervous or scared, and that is why I try to coast through life as best I can, at least for now. I'm obviously not very effective as I often still get this way, but, I dunno, perhaps that would explain some of my actions sometimes.
I want a family. A bigger family than the one I have now, and one I don't have to hide anything from. I want to suddenly come into possession of a big house. And I want to say to everyone I know "Hey, I have this huge house. Wanna live there?" and they will go "Fuck yeah, I'd love to live there!" and we'd all live there and there would always be someone to have a deep discussion with and there would always be someone to act retarded with and my friends would bring their friends and they would bring in their friends and it would just be a wonderful way to live, and that's how I want to live. But close online people I can talk to and understand live here and there and everywhere and have lives, and people who live around here I can't always be myself around because I care too much, and where am I going to get the money for a huge fucking house anyway much less everything else I need money for... The one thing I want to do with my life seems so much more simple than so many other dreams and yet so much more unlikely. I should probably just, you know, focus on moving out first, with someone to snuggle with (preferably Brer, obviously. ^_^) and such... yeah... Yeah...
Anyway, I guess I'll go and stuffs...? I dunno... Guess I should... yeah...

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October 12, 2005

Some Kingdom Hearts 2 pictures you should see. Includes cuteness.

Lion King Sora may be the cutest thing ever. No, seriously. That's so beyond awesome! Seriously, look at him. I want to take him home and hug him. I want a Lion Sora plushie! Your party in Steamboat Willie Land is pretty hardcore, too. But not as cute. Seriously! Look at the Lion Sora! Oh Em Gee!
That's really all I have to say, I think...
So cute...

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You should use the word Awesomepidity more often, now that I made it up.

So there was totally a Skunk or something of that nature trapped in Kohl's tonight. The morning crew is going to be in for a very interesting suprise, to be sure.
I'm like... not working at all next week! It's all hardcore and shit, man! Yeah! The week after that is looking fairly easy as well. Suppose a little time off is good? This also means I can go to the Decemberists concert on Sunday if I decide to, so that's exciting too, I suppose. Although that would be another quite crazy weekend... LAN party followed by concert mixed in with two days of solid work... yeah... pretty crazy.
Yeah, seriously, though, if you're around where I live (you know who you are) and want to do some hardcore Warcraft II and Starcraft old school LAN party ACTION this friday, then fuck, get over to Droid's. Seriously.
I'm downloading Fedora right now. I dunno why. Well, that's a lie, I know why. I'm going to try to install it on the old laptop that doesn't really work like a laptop because the battery is all not-functional. In any case, the laptop needs Wifi action to be marginally useful but a Windows install that would be current enough to make it work without insane numbers of headaches would make the older machine run like shit. (Look up the minimum requirements for Diablo 2. That's what this laptop is). So the scheme, at least way back when, was the Fedora would run nice and smooth and be able to support the Wi's AND the Fi's and generally be kinda spiffy like that. My mother could then use the OpenOffice to do her... officing and she'd be happy, even though she'd have to learn OpenOffice. Also, I dunno if I could get it to print off the network, but, you know, if I could then that would be spiffy. Anyway, that was the plan back then. Now, though, she's like... retiring in a year and doesn't seem to be typing as much stuff (or I'm at work when she does and Jonathan can just WoW on my computer and everyone is happy...) so this whole plan got put on the backburner. Well, I'm a simple girl. I'd say about 75 percent of my time on this computer is used chatting, surfing, or writing, either for my blog or other things. I don't need such a powerful compy for that. An older machine that could do all that and run smooth would be just fine for me until I wanted to do the gaming, right? So if Fedora works on there like I think it should, I could have a chattingwithpeople box for my room when I feel like laying in bed instead of sitting in here until the odd hours of the morning and probably waking my parents up when I go to my room. Now, all I know of Fedora is that it is Linux-based (I've never worked with Linux before) and what little I gleaned from when Droib installed it on his laptop on a whim. Installation seemed very, very painless. It seemed like it had a chat program like Trillian packaged in, as well as OpenOffice and a web browser that I am assuming is Firefox. Being on AIM and surfing the web is all I need. And if I can recognize my Thumb drive and/or my MP3 player and/or transfer files through my network then I'm totally fucking set, yeah? Of course, figuring all this out will be a problem. I'm not even totally sure if I'm downloading the right type of Fedora download. I picked the one that looked like it was for older systems, so here's to hoping I did it right. In any case, that'll be an adventure I rambled on for too long about but will keep you posted on.
When I got home from work, I was gonna try out the awesomepidity (a new word I just coined by combining awesome and stupidity. I should get a medal for my awesome. Or at least my awesomepidity) that is Rag Doll Kung Fu, but it won't let me play it until the afternoon. Bastards. Having not played it, I don't entirely know what to expect, but what I'm hoping to expect is something with the most retardedly fun yet competative multiplayer the universe has ever seen. I'll let you know if that's true.

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October 11, 2005

I was thinking of going in a new direction...

I just realized this version of Those Who Fight Farther definately has some Cowbell. Fuck yeah.
Thought I'd share that.
Finally wrote that essay a day late. Poetfox.com is where it's at, baby. Yeah. Go enjoy. Or hate. Either one is fine.

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October 10, 2005

Like a Mathlete, only without the M.

There is alot of Ultimate Frizbee going about like wildfire amoung my group of friends. It's like an epidemic, man, and they keep trying to bring me into their fold, man! Man! So they did that last night. I wasn't really for or against. But everyone else was like "Fuck yeah, Frizbee, fuck yeah!" Fuck yeah? So we get out there and I'm all like body-checking people and like... running and shit. Totally out of character stuff. And they're doing the "Who's... the man... who's... the... man..." routine.
What the fuck, man. W. T. F.
I also used the word fuck more than normal yesterday.
Since today is Fake Holiday Columbus Day (and apparently like... Canadian Thanksgiving? Who woulda known?) there will be no mail. Which means I still will not have my Ravnica box. Aww, sadness. Although fuck if I know when we're going to draft it. This next weekend is hella busyfull. I can't wait to, though. I still love you, Magic... I loves you bad... and even though you're going to make me broke buying your Dual Lands, I still loves you...
Now would be about the time I'd be waking up on the normality if Frisky hadn't... you know... woken me up. So instead I'm sitting here, listening to The Black Mages and writing a fairly bad blogpost. Who woulda thunk?
Thunk is an interesting word, but really, not as fun as fuck, I don't think...
I've recently realized how hard they were reaching to compare Squall to a lion in FFVIII recently. I mean, his Japanese name was Leon for crying out loud.
Gods damn, port some Final Fantasies to PSP, why don't you? Money. In. The. Bank! And it'll give me something worth shit to play on my PSP.
I'm off to bathe! Whee!

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October 08, 2005

The Black Mages and Essaying.

I am a total retarded for not realizing that The Black Mages might be on iTunes. Heh. If you haven't heard of The Black Mages, well, one, you suck (just kidding... OR AM I??? I totally just pulled a Bucchiet there!), and two it's Nobuo Uematsu's rock band. And if you don't know who Nobuo Uematsu is you obviously aren't a gamer. In any case, they play intensely rocked out versions of Final Fantasy battle music, and, needless to say, it's fucking awesome. Thank you, 1up Feature on Fandom for making me think of checking iTunes.
Still haven't written an essay. Debated writing one on music, but then decided I couldn't do a good job while being rocked out. It would be too stream of conciousness. So we'll see what I write tommorow. (My weeks start on Monday, so there. *sticks her tounge out at you*)
I've also decided that I should make a book of new written works for my Grandmother for Chrissymas. She's asked me a couple times recently if I'm still writing and mentioned before that she still reads the book of poetry I made her around when I entered college. So perhaps it's time for another, I'm thinking. Only problem with that being that, well, alot of my written works use female pronouns and such now? So what do I do with those? Edit them? Not use them? And if I don't use them, that really limits my choices of what to include. Anyway, it's going to be something i'm thinking about in the future. And if you see essays appears that seem a little... held back it's probably because I'm trying to write something to go in there.

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It's my mom's birthday yesterday! This has nothing to do with this post.

There's only like a handful of comics but it's not bad. I wonder how often he updates.
Should have the new Crappy Asst up... tommorow...? That's my guess. Or late tonight. We had some definate problems getting it going, but, you know, at least it got done? Can't win them all? Etc etc? I suppose I need to write an essay tommorow, too, as I haven't posted anything writelicious this week. I'll do it, promise. Just, you know, gotta get essay juices flowing. And I have lots of works to still do today. Le Sigh.
I want... like... a game to play? But I feel like any game I'd now take on would be a wasted purchase or something? I dunno. Not like anything particularly amazing is coming out soon. Fuck, I dunno what to play. When the hell is something good going to come out for the PSP, dammit! Virtua Tennis is tempting, but do I really need what seems similar to Mario Tennis that I can't play with my friends? Probably not.
Probably. Not.

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October 06, 2005

I desperately feel like shooting something.

Maybe I should load up UTwhateverthelatest is on Jonathan's compy? I dunno. Blah. Something need to die, and I don't think casting Shadow Word: Pain and then healing myself until it dies is the way I want to accomplish it.
Edit: Blah, Jonathan, at some point, let me uninstall them all. Dammit.

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The MMO Forcast, with your Gamerologist, Poetfox!

So I just recieved a nice e-mail that informed me that City of Heroes accounts will also power City of Villans accounts and vice versa aka you only pay one fee to play both. That's good, but expected news. It keeps the people who've been playing CoH since it came out there for a long time to come, now that they'll be able to fully PvP with their heroes and grind up totally new villan characters, and it doesn't change any increased cash flow from new players interested in being the bad guy. the CoH people have always seemed to truly appreciate their fans (with their Issue updates adding even more impressive features than the features added in the WoW updates (although Blizzard is definately doing a good job with that, but they just add another dungeon and little tweaks. These Issues have added new story arcs and sometimes totally new abilities or ways to customize your hero. That's huge.)).
I've always really liked City of Heroes even though I've only played it for maybe a total of two months. The game has style, the Debt system isn't too hindering, and the game has style AND the game has style! Plus, I don't think I've ever met a jackass in the game, which, honestly, I think says alot considering I didn't join the game near the beginning so I've only really partied with people's alts, etc. My plan is to max out Arl by Chrissymas, get City of Villains for Chrissymas, then get into that for at least a solid couple of months, leveling my hero, Crossfox, and a healyvillain I'll roll up after I see what kinda healingness villans can do! Heh. But we'll see, of course. Only the most dedicated can serve two MMO masters, and the WoW expansion will be looming on the horizon about that time. Who knows? I wish I could play CoH, but WoW is just so fucking sexy. SEXY, I SAY!
Plus, there will be plenty of stuff like Guitar Hero to distract me from MMOing anyway.
Also, BlizzCon is really fucking sweet. Makes me wish I could go. Although I think PAX would probably be a better bang for my con-going buck. Perhaps I should start scheming to make that happen next year...

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October 05, 2005


Check it. Mostly just the bit at the bottom where they confirm they're porting FFV and VI to the GBA. Totally. Hawt.

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Or something.

I attempted to do an audioblog last night, but it got very... stupidly emotional? So it's not getting posted, athough if you're desperate for my voice, well, ask, I guess. Or just employ patience, I'll rant again soon, I'm sure.
I sorta like how my relationship with Ecks is going. We've sorta went from this weirdish whatever thing to this laughing giggly retarded fun friend thing. It's nice.
Anyway, I'm catching up with Jessy A at the moment. She's still totally awesome. I invited her to the mysterious LAN party I know little about next weekend. I hope that's okay? We'll probably podcast from the LAN party, so maybe she can get in on it, too? You never know. YOU NEVER FUCKING KNOW!
Still don't really know exactly what to say about You Could Have It So Much Better. I'll keep you updated.
Fuck, I'm tired. I might try to nap with the dog. Or shower. Or something.
Or something.

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October 04, 2005

I'm Evil and a Heathen.

I swear, there are times where I just... forget I have some sort of life I should be caring about and just... drift. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. Most people would probably say bad. *shrugs*
I seemed to recall that today was the day that You Could Have It So Much Better came out, so I went to Best Buy, and, oddly enough, I was right. It was on sale, too, so I don't have to feel bad about spending more than I would on iTunes? Heh. But yeah, Franz's new album is good. I haven't determined a certain amount of good yet, as I've only really listened to the whole CD once at this point, but good definately describes it. I think there are one or two tracks I will be skipping most of the time, though, which would put it a litlte behind their first album. But oh well, it's good.
And then, just because Life is retarded like that, my We <3 Katamari soundtrack came in today, too, after I bought a new CD. Mean thing. Heh. Oh well, I'll save it for later.
Heh heh heh, Mur just responded to my creepy fanmail? 'twas short and sweet.
Thanks for your kind words. Fans aren't creepy. :)
And sorry this week's geek fu is late. :(

Makes me laugh, dunno why. ^_^ Perhaps some sort of reaction to even though she gets fanmail there's still insecurity there or something? Heh heh. Anyway, it was nice of her to respond.
Apparently Thunderbird adds stupid pictures to smilies like so many things do nowadays. I like the concept, but since the pictures they put in there never look good, I'd rather they didn't. Suppose I should search through Thunderbird and figure out how to turn that off.
Success! I did it! Yay!
Okay, now back to whatever...?
Oh, and Anansi Boys is good. Get reading, bitches. I really need to read all of Sandman sometime.
Edit: Had to share this. Heh heh heh... ^_^

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October 03, 2005

Plots and Red Bull

On my way home, I stopped to buy cheese for the sammich I am planning to have for lunch, and there in Schnucks I saw the Red Bulls, right? Now Schnucks stopped selling Bawls awhile ago for reasons beyond me as they were always sold out of them? Bawls is the only energy drink I've really had and I really like Bawls. It has a very unique taste that takes most of the first bottle to get used to, but after that you could have as many Bawls as you'd want in a row, you know? The taste grows on you quick and then you're hooked. Anyway, I decided, since I love caffiene so much and I can't get Bawls around here, maybe it was time to expand my Energy Drink horizons and try the classic one everyone drinks. So I bought one along with what I was getting.
Oh. My. God. Red Bull is one foul substance! It's not a... terrible flavor, perse, but it's so very, very... something... Bitter? Sharp? Sour? I dunno how to describe it. It starts okay and then I just have to pucker and go "EHhhhhh!!!!" or "Uhhhhhh!" I'm doing my best to finish it because it does have energy instilling properties and is fairly expensive, but ye gods, it's going to be hard. With Bawls, energizing is a pleasure. With this, it's sort of a painful necessity, like injecting something into your eye to stay alive or something. In any case, I don't believe I'll be purchasing a Red Bull again. That monthly shipment of Bawls option on Thinkgeek is looking very tempting right now.
In NaNoWriMo news, I just got inspired and I'm, like, totally going to attempt to develop this new idea enough to make a whole book about it. We'll see what happens. The title I affixed to it so it would have one, which is probably not what it'll end up being, is Covert, but you never know. In any case, I'm excited I came up with an idea that has potential.
I gotta finish reading Pleasure of My Company so I can read Anansi Boys. Yup. Read MirrorMask cause I randomly bumped into it and it's short. Damn, I wish the movie was playing around here. I hope I remember it so I can gank the DVD right when it comes out. (It was annoying that the copy I was reading had pictures from the movie interspersed with the original art? That was pretty stupid. I hate it enough when they change covers based on a movie coming out, but that's even worse, even if the movie was directed by the artist! Come on!)
The. End. Gods, I doubt I'll be able to finish this Red Bull. My goodness, that's nasty. *takes another drink* Ack, gods...!

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NaNoWriMo, bitches. One Month Away.

I really need to get planning.
There are so many random stories in my head only halfway fleshed out, I don't know what to choose or if I should choose any of them! Also, do I try to write what I want to write: real stories about people that's just... character development and... real! Or do I write what seems to come more naturally, something in a more scifi or fantasy type enviroment? I just don't know. But I'll think about it. Oh yes, I'll think about it.
Be sure to check out the NaNoWriMo website, which I just now checked out even though I'd been planning on doing this for awhile. Heh. Poetfox.com will probably likely go on a quasihiatus during November because of the thing, but I'll probably keep a latest version of whatever novel I start working on up there during the timeframe. It'll be shitty, though, all unedited. But it'll be there?
Unless a new character pops into my mind, I have a feeling I'm either going to try to flesh out Little Lady Luck (a little magical casinoful adventure) or try to make Wren and Mink's story work (they've been sorta... real. I wanna do a "real" story with them, you know? No wacky, perse, no magic, just... real.). An adaptation of my half-musical, Family Values, or my only marginally concepted Transitions is not out of the picture either. Honestly, though, fully new inspiration would be nice. I'd love to start totally clean. But we'll see. We'll see.

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October 01, 2005

No, I'm serious, see Serenity now.

If you haven't seen Serenity please, just stop reading this and look up the next time it's showing near you, cancel any plans and get ready to go. Then you can, you know, read some more.
I'm going to be spoiler free, besides spoilers I totally make up, like this bombshell: The writing on the side of Serenity is mispelled in the film! It says "Seremity." Seriously.
But yeah, the movie is as awesome as hyped. Do yourself a favor and see it.
Because I was bored, I changed the folder in which I have my Iron Chef movies to have the Kitchen Stadium logo as it's icon, and changed the picture it shows to one of none other than HIROYUKI SAKAI! Fuck yeah!
Wow, it shows Sakai as the movie "cover" now when I watch an episode... eh heh...

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Intense Foodfighting!

By the time you read this, the new Crappy Asst will be up. So have a listen-see, if you want.
Jonathan can spot a Foie Gras a mile away.

Our current favorite ideas for Iron Chef episodes are:
Pancake Batter Battle
No Foie Gras Battle (Anything goes, but you can't use Foie Gras!)

I don't think they'll be used, but you never know. I continue to wonder if Iron Chef America sucks or not. Since the most entertaining battle from the Miniseries was Wolfgang Puck vs Morimoto, and that was mostly because Wolfgang Puck is the man, apparently, and he isn't on the series. Of course, my favorite, Hiroyuki Sakai, ultra Iron Chef of the Frenchness (Apparently there was an Iron Chef French for awhile that wasn't Sakai, but I deny this person ever existed.) isn't in the series either (although he faced Flay in the miniseries and was totally fucking robbed of a victory. He'd never lost a seafood battle before that, you know. In all the episodes. Not once. Totally. Robbed.), my drive to see the show is very low, and I'd assume it does suck. But you never know, I suppose. Also, Bobby Flay is a jackass.
I'm seeing Serenity today! Whooooooooooooooo!

But seriously, Bobby Flay sucks alot.

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