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November 29, 2005

To Buy or Not To Buy? (And I should be writing)

I've got most of the idea for a short story in my head. We'll see if I get it down soon. I love the concept, but I think it's going to be very hard to do right, so... you know. We'll see how it goes. I'm calling it "Romantic Subplot," if that gives you any hint as to what its about or makes you want to kick me until I write it? Yeah.
Here is the big question. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time comes out today. I really want to play this game. Do I buy it? And if I do, do I take my reserve off of Animal Crossing: Wild World and use that for Chrissymas? Or do I get both and just line up Final Fantasy IV and Dr. Mario/Puzzle League as my portable gifts of choice? I dunno. My grandmother wants a Chrissymas list on Thursday when my dad comes up there, so I have to think about these things. We'll see if my powers of not buying things holds out. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga was DAMN good, even if Essner dissed the control scheme. Yes, it's a bit clunky, but the game underneath it rokks, mann! ROKKS!
Essner and I are going out to eat, so... BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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November 28, 2005

The Future and Why I Hate Thinking About It

I just ranted for about half an hour while pacing around my room about the future and my frustrations and problems with it and planning it. If you want to hear it, let me know, as I recorded it for reasons beyond me.
I hate posting here sometimes, because I know someone will read it and think I am trying to get attention. I am, of course. But I don't want to force anyone to give me said attention. I don't.
I'm playing Mario Kart until I calm down now... or watching TV... or something... goodnight.

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November 27, 2005

Audio Blog Entry: Two Unrelated Chunks of Sound

Blah, I lost my original post due to stupid! However, if you are not stupid, but want to hear me talk, here you go. Now with bad editing!
I ramble on about my bigass halfessay about me not getting promoted and attempt to explain it more...ish, about my need for audiobooks on the down low, about my problems downloading podcast backepisodes, about how scared I am of the future, about how I don't really want to talk anymore, the ELOTH:TES wiki, and character classes! But mostly I just ramble.
There. Listen, if you want. And if you don't want, then don't. Seriously. Don't.

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November 25, 2005

SMOKEGRENADE! Bammitabammita oh, I'm dead. Hope I took one down with me.

That's how me playing Day of Defeat goes. I'm often useful...ish. I capture objectives and, as long as we're not talking sniper, take one person down with me. Snipers and machine gunners defeat me outright. But man, do I run like crazy, toss my grenades, and... die. Maybe get an objective. You never know.
I dunno why I decided to play it again tonight, but I did, and it was a ton of fun. I found a new server that's like... called iGo or something and it is full of crazy fun people who actually voice chat. Some too much, but what are you gonna do. I realized I could set the voice chat button to the scroll wheel click and after that voiceness was very simple and nice. And I passed! Yeah, fuckers! Anyway, I'll probably be checking back in with them...
Oh my, apparently they are some sort of Christian gamer group? Maybe I'm at the wrong page... eh heh... they were still nice guys, in any case.
Okay, yep, definately the Christian gamer group. Oh well.
I don't want to make Brer foot the bill in any way, shape, or form, but I would kinda like to play with him. Doubt he'd let me fund the purchase, though... Oh well, we'll find something to play together at some point, I'm sure. Plus, Steam's friend thing is still offline which makes it near impossible to meet up with someone anyway, so... yeah. If I get myself out of bed early enough I should go to Best Buy near the end of their sale and see if the PC version of Chaos Theory is as cheap as the console versions and if so, pick it up... those Co-Op missions would be fun as hell to play with him, even if I would be THE WORST SPY EVER! Spies aren't Kamakaze. I am. Yeah.
Tommorow night is my first "all nighter" shift of this holiday season. I think, if I had my way, I would work all night, sleep most of the day, then do stuff in the evening and into the night, if I was off, otherwise work again... yeah. I don't much care for mornings, really... Then again, that would leave less time for... sleeping... with... certian people... eh heh...
I wore that "I would like to let everyone know that I am a girl, and I like ribbons in my hair, and I want to kiss all the boys" shirt yesterday, and Spaeth reads it and goes "Ah, can I be first in line? Wait, you're saving that for Brer, right?" in front of like... Eric and Mr. McLain and stuff... there was blushing going on... eh heh...
Okay, enough with the bloggingz. WITH A Z!

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November 24, 2005


Another night, another... night. Happy Thanksgiving, people. By the way.
I, in general, think about things. Most of these things are not very interesting or not very important. When I do think about serious things, I tend to have panic attacks or generally get feeling down. It shouldn't really be that way, I suppose, but, eh, what are you going to do?
We live in a world which is not governed by hard work. There is a chance hard work might pay off, but only very cunning, very well-aimed, very sneaky kinda hard work. Just working hard and being nice and doing everything right will never, ever do you any good. You'll be forgotten and thought over and that will be that. I do my best to do my job right, to help others I work with, and to generally make the place I work a better place. I don't go all crazy with it, perse, but I do go out of my way. I bake stuff and otherwise bring in treats, I stay later than I need to so I can help others get done, even though I've already done more than they have, I stop doing MY work to explain how to use the computer or the palm pilot or whatever to someone who doesn't understand, I collect up magazines and bring them in to work because I figure something new would be nice (although I do have a bag of magazines I keep forgetting to bring in...). I work hard and get things done a bit faster than most people, and I do this even while partially distracted by my podcasts. I am a good, model employee. I have my quirks, of course, but they're quirks, and they don't, in any way, affect me as a worker, and I do what I'm supposed to do. I'm dependable. People ask me to do special tasks because they know I will understand what needs to be done and get it done and STILL get my other stuff done. I come in any time I'm scheduled, I come in early if I can manage it almost every day and get right to work. I came in when I was fucking sitting with my friends, even when I wasn't really needed, on my day off. I do everything right, as far as I can see. And yet, I know that I will never be rewarded for it. I am never going to get promoted to anywhere with any sort of responsibility, even though I could do it, totally fucking could do it. They'll delegate responsibility to me all day, but that's as far as it goes, apparently. When Shane quit, I thought "Hey, this might be a chance for me to get promoted! I've been here since the store opened, I'm a hard worker, Kathy obviously believes in me, surely she'll suggest me!" Before I had even heard he quit, before Shane's two weeks were up, Tavares had the job. Now, I like Tavares. He's a hard guy not to like. And god damn, does that man work, and work with a smile. He is a great man for the job, and I will not put him down and say he can't do it, because he more than definately can. But he's been working at Kohl's for approximately two months. I trained him. I trained Shane too, for that matter. Does all my hard work and dedication, quitting my other job so I could do more for them, does all that not mean anything? I wasn't even considered. They didn't even post the job as open. Should I be mad about this? I don't know. Like I said, they picked a great guy, and I can't complain about their choice. But I would like to feel like I was appreciated. Like my hard work would be rewarded. I was employee of the month, yes, but that depends soley on who is bored enough to fill out the forms in the break room, and the day the pay slips reminded people to do that probably co-incided when I happen to bring something in to eat or something. That's all that means. It's nice, but that's all that really means. Is it because I'm young? Is it (something from the paranoid fears my parents have fed into me) my hair? Is it my happy friendly additude? Do they think I can't be a leader? I don't know.
I wanted to get a promotion, to get something to make me feel justified in striking out on my own, something that would make me feel like I could make it by myself. It seems so unlikely that that is going to happen. But is that really important? I work with so many people who have done this their entire lives. Alot of them have children. One of them has like 8 children or something. None of them seem unhappy, really. Bored of working, but really, there are very few jobs where one would not be. Is it really that bad of a life as everyone would lead me to believe? I don't think it is. But I don't know if I can change myself and live like that... I don't know if there is enough money in it to make it happen... I also know I can't really move out and live by myself like that very well. There are so many expenses I'm sure I barely even know about, not having to deal with them. But I know it could work... somehow... maybe. It just makes me wish my hard work would pay off. I will always work hard, but I'm not the kind of person who works hard... to find an opening to cut in or something, you know? I do what I'm supposed to. And that doesn't seem to work, really...
Also, I live so so much of my life trying to be able to look how people would like to see me. To be able to cast light off myself in a certian way so people can believe what they want to believe. There is no way I would be able to do that anymore if I struck out like that. It would be so hard to make up something that my parents could be proud of that I would be doing. Even though I assume I will always be writing in some form, they never seem to care about that. They never ask to read what I write, and when I make them, they're always like "Well, that's a bit over my head" or something... and what is going to become of my writing, anyway? I'll keep blogging and I'll keep writing essays and random little poems, but selling myself I don't do well. I can sell anyone else, and I can sell me or my ideas for other people, but I can't just sell me and things I have done. I don't know how I could make myself submit to various places and try to become published. I mean, I couldn't even keep up with writing a novel for a month, you know? How would I keep up with months of attempting to sell a novel? I have no idea.
Right now, and for the longest time, my life has been coasting. I have been in a holding pattern. At some point, soon, I will have to make a move and I will have to attempt to create a life. I hope I make one for me and not for everyone else, but I also hope I make a good one, one where I can still make people happy even when living for me. I know, somehow, I can find a middle ground between being myself and making other people happy. People claim they like the real me, and if that's true, well, there has to be a way.
If you read this mini-essay, thanks... had to... talk tonight. We'll see, of course, what I come up with and where I go in my life... I don't want anything complicated, just to work, come home, and enjoy myself and the company of my family. It's not alot to ask.

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November 22, 2005

My Fortune Cookie For Today

"Every friend joys in your success."
A pretty good one.
Jonathan's was "You have great physical powers and an iron constitution."

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Decision = Made... or something.

I've made a decision. When the 360 goes down in price OR has a much more attractive bundle (like, say, with a bigger hard drive and PDZ included at the same price?) then I'm probably going to get one. PDZ and the Splinter Cell games are attempting to ushering in a new era of online co-op, and I wanna be there, dammit! I have too many internet friends to afford NOT being there! Or something. Eh, I dunno.
Then again, will I have money for it when it comes out? I need to move out and do all kinds of shit that all costs money... fuck, I dunno.
Daikaiju is pretty fucking sweet (Anyone with a song called Sharkakahn damn well better be sweet). I got their CD in yesterday, as well as the third Astro City trade, which I haven't read yet, but, you know, should be awesome. I mean, come on. COME. ON.
(Oh, and new Crappy Asst up. It's... spiteful. To just about everyone. Another epsiode should be posted soon, probably tommorow.)

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November 20, 2005

I'm not alright. I'm not alright. I'm not. All. Right.

Talking with Brer tonight after work made me write an essay until 4:15 in the morning. It's over there. I'm sorry, Brer, if it makes you in any way uncomfortable. I hope exactly what I mean comes through in it because, you know, fuck, I love you, and just because I am the most worryful person I know doesn't make you any less awesome.
I listen to this song called Dynomite by Ima Robot. Ask me to send it to you. It's romantic in a scary having lyrics about cumming in people's hair kinda way. Or something. Okay, it constrasts that kinda shit as "the way life is" with "you" which is the person you love and it's like "No, I wanna wait for someone like you, to make my life so DYNAMITE! Turn my darkness into light! Make my world so shiny-bright! Make my life so DYNAMITE! You got me going nowhere, gonna EX! PLODE!" Okay, maybe the last part of the chorus is dirty too, I don't care. I love love love love love love and I'm tired but I love dammit and here I am writing about it so fuck you and fuck you all and I'm going to go to bed and I love Brer and I'm going to run away and live with him someday so fuck you.
(See, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire didn't have to be like that, but still, it had one use! Come on!)

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November 19, 2005

Harry Potter and the Blog of Insecurities

So, okay, little while ago I got back from seeing HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FYRE! Or Fire. Whatever. It's an enjoyable film. Again, they skipped over unneeded elements of the book to try to get all the plot out without missing anything. Of course, one of those unneeded elements was classes. You don't see them in class at all! Well, okay, the first Moody class, but that's it. And they really really shove the whole Moody thing in your face. I mean, it's not like it's insanely subtle in the book, but come on, mann! A little bit too much? But overall, it was fun to watch. Whoever made the movie really liked the dragons, though... also, since they movie was PG-13, they had one use of the word "fuck," but decided not to make use of it. Unfortunate. Maybe they're saving up for the next one? Or the hot sexual escapades of book 6?
Essner and Jonathan joked through most of the movie. It was more the "supplimental" kind of joking as opposed to laughing at the film, if you understand what I mean. They enjoyed it, but had fun making fun of it at the same time? Yeah. Then again, it also raised... well, one of the things I tend to think about fairly regularly again in my mind. It always feels like Jonathan fits in with my friends better than I do. I'm sure I'm making things up when I say that, not that Jonathan doesn't fit in, just... eh, you know.
I debated whether or not to write that, as I'm sure at least Essner will likely read this and I don't want to fish for reassurance, even though I guess that is what I'm doing. I write on this blog instead of a journal because it makes more sense to me and it's a habit and... well, alot of reasons. I can't write, really, on paper very often anymore, because I always feel I'll want to type it up at some point and that's like twice the work? But this blog... I started blogging to get my feelings out there, and yet, since moving from OpenDiary to this blog, I still tend to hold things back. I know people read this. I don't necessarily want them to, although they're welcome to, but I know people do, for better or worse. Part of me, therefore, wants to write for them, and attempt to entertain them a little bit, anyway, while they learn a little about myself. But the other part of me wants to write about what's going on with me and how I feel, like I used to. I don't do that much here anymore. Every time I feel really shitty or depressed, I feel like writing about it, and I open up w.bloggar and I set my fingers on the keys... and then I close the window and hope one of my furry friends comes on to talk to them about it, even though I'll still try not to, because I don't want to dump my stupid crap on them. I don't really write how I feel on here anymore. I write about what I'm doing and I write about things that entertain me and I write about the high points in my life, but really, I very rarely write about how I feel. Since Brer and I became as boyfriend/girlfriend as you can be online, I don't think I've mentioned him as that once, I've only mentioned him in passing. I don't talk about how happy he makes me and how bad I feel that I don't like myself, knowing he likes me and I'm putting down what he likes, or any number of things. I have fairly frequent depression attacks, late at night, when I refuse to go to sleep because I don't like being alone in my bed. You'd never know that from meeting me. That's why I had a blog, to put that somewhere, so that if you wanted to know, you could take the steps and learn that deeper side of who I am. But you can't really even learn that from this blog, either, in it's current state. I keep it censored like I keep most things I do censored. It bothers me. Here is my little corner of the internets where I have a voice and I can write whatever the fuck I want and I still don't let myself. Should I blog about the depressing things? Should I blog about my insecurities and worries more? And if I do, will it all just seem like over-dramatic shit like I think it will? Would it be worth anyone's time to read?
I really don't know.

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November 17, 2005

A Post to let you know I'm busy tonight, but Mario Kart rokks.

Just a quick post, alot of it to say to Brer, "Sorry, but I'm working like crazy tonight and won't see you, probably, but good luck with your papers!" I'm working from 5 till whenever we get the ad set done. Two trucks and an ad, baybee! I'm about to go purchase a supply of Bawls to deal with it.
However, Mario Kart DS fucking rocks. I mean, it does. I agree with what Mat thought about the A button as the gas, but other than that you couldn't really ask for much more from an online Mario Kart. I played the man behind Punks and Nerds last night in a 1 on 1 racefest... and got my ass handed to me. I really suck at the game. My record is something like... 1 and 20 online, and I'm having trouble beating the 100cc offline mode... heh... I'd like to see my sucky stats, only the Nintendo Wifi page's stat tracking still says the same thing it did when it went live. Perhaps it only updates once a week? Who the fuck knows. I also took the time to doodle a decent emblem for me and my cart. It's me! Fox-bunny girl! I mean, obviously, I'm no artist, but at least it looks like it. Alot of people online, I find, are transcribing NES sprites as their logo. I raced someone with a Scrooge McDuck sprite from the Ducktales game today. Pretty hardcore!
Anyway, lots and lots of work! And then Harry Potter tommorow! Fuckyeah! (As one word, even!)

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November 15, 2005

Friendly Codes

I got home with Mario Kart DS awhile ago, and I'm just now booting it up? Because I was working on the ELOTH:TES wiki?
If you want to race with me, by friend code is
So, you know, check that out.

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I dunno if you're a fan of ELOTH:TES, but I am. Tycho of Penny Arcade fame started a wiki to encompass all the information about this epic series. Obviously, I quickly jumped in. I have not had this much creative fun in a long, long time. I have been writing since 5 on this thing. It is an amazing feeling doing it, and to the 5 or 6 orther core people I've been working with mostly namelessly, you people are all fucking awesome. We should all have a interweb get-together or something. Also, Tycho mentioned me by name... er, handle. See? News post right there!
But seriously, check out the wiki and, remember, when you get confused as to what's being talked about, you know, remember that's the point and have fun.
It's not just my baby. It's a project of alot of people. But I'm proud of it. I'm going to keep working on it, for sure.

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November 14, 2005

Polinate the flowers of fire! (Burn, Piano Island, Burn!)

I feel like I've sorta let people down by not blogging in awhile, however, I know that's shit. It's not like you all wait on baited breath for what I write here. If I'm wrong and you were waiting with breath that is baited, well, I'm sorry. I've been very moodly lately. Having a big ol' case of the "I'm useless." I really really want to get self-sufficent. I really do. That way, if I do waste my life, at least I'm not a drain on anyone else's cash flow. That's the thinking anyway. I dunno. In any case, been depressionary lately, and I don't want to fill the blog with that, so I didn't post. Sorry.
Mur's latest I Should Be Writing came out yesterday, and I was unable to wait until I worked tommorow to listen to it. Sure enough, she used my bump I made. It was odd hearing it. But awesome, too. And stuff. Heh.
I've got two bits of MMO news. One is Jonathan has started to play FFXI again. It's my fault, really, I kept showing him all the cool stuff from Milkman's blog. It rekindled the old love fire. Firelove. Whatever. In any case, he got the complete experience pack and is back into it. The interesting part is the thing had a coupon for a friend to play for a free month. Considering neither of us could think of anyone else who would possibly want to play, guess who currently has an FFXI account on Seraph? I'm thinking of going Paladin. Then again, the chances of me getting there during this free month are slim to none. I'm not all that gung-ho about it. But I've got the thing that lets me play in a window, and the pace of the game is so slow that, who knows? I might actually get somewhere. I can play while chatting with people and such, easypeasy.
Other bit of MMO news is that I played some Guild Wars last night. Robguy from work asked me if I had the game, and I'm like "Well, yes." so we got to talking about it and he invited me to his guild and to play. So I'm like, whatever, sure, I can heal. Then I got home from work and PvPed in the game for awhile (Monks die REALLY fast in PvP. I mean, it only makes sense to kill the healer first, but man, I get like triple teamed! I never have a chance!) until he showed up and got on, and then we did a quest and some leveling outside of Piken Square. Rob is a nice guy, and it's not like he did anything wrong (the other monk, though, pretty well annoyed me. He's all like "I'm in the middle of a group of enemies, revive me revive me!" and I'm like "Let's wait till the enemies are clear, okay?" but he wouldn't stop, so I revived him and, wow, guess what, he died. The worst part was he revived me in the middle of a big battle and in doing so let the other two party members die. *shakes her head* He also used Heal Area alot when surrounded by enemies. All in all, this guy was not a healer, even if he was a monk. The end.), but I dunno. It was a little weird playing with him, I will be the first to admit. I think it was because he's like... the first person I know in real life (and thus thinks I'm a guy) that I have played with in a game and not really known why I am using a female avatar. Made me feel kinda perverted or something.
Also, if you aren't using Pandora Radio for all your new-music-finding needs, seriously, what your problem, mann? (That's my new thing, it's looking like. The two-n-ed mann)

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November 10, 2005

The What's Fucking Awesome report!

Oh, and here's some cool picture of Supercute Lion King Sora Fighting. I like his life icon. Also, apparently Pete is going to be a recurring villian, as you definately see him in Mickey Mouse Kingdom armor and in the Steamboat Willie scans.
But seriously, I'm totally going crazy about Kingdom Hearts II at the moment. And yet I have to wait quite awhile. Quite awhile...
In other things that are awesome news, How to Succeed in Evil over at the Seanchai podcast is totally fucking awesome. Totally. Fucking. Awesome. Listen to it, dammit!
I'm also playing a new online GolfPG called Albatross 18. It's free. If you like arcadeish video game golf like I do, get on that shit, man! And let me know so we can play together!
And that ends today's "What's Fucking Awesome" Report. I'm Alexis. Good day.

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November 09, 2005

Audio Blog Entry: Stupid Audacity Tricks

I recorded this. Sorry about that.
I ramble on about how much 1up's podcast really sucks, how awesome 1up's intro music is, how I can splice random audio clips in with Audacity, my current need of new podcasts, the fact that I'm downloading basically all of Escape Pod's archives, and if I'm going to have to cut and paste this whole thing together (I didn't have to). But mostly I just ramble. And play random audio clips for fun.
This one isn't especially worth your time to listen to, but, you know what? I had fun putting those sounds clips in there. So there. This Audacity-style recording probably won't happen again. The only thing that might is me creating some sort of basic intro music or something to use, but what are the chances of that? Not really high.
Have fun, peoples!

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Like a waiter, hating the rich, but taking their tips.

Blah! The hard drive tech support e-mail was retarded. I said in my description of the problem I tried reconnecting the stupid cables! And that's all it told me. Then again, what was I expecting? I don't know. Do I send it in now, or continue to look for a solution on my own? Fuck if I know. All I know is the computer constantly trying to make the drive work again LAGS IT LIKE FUCK!
So I listed to 1up's podcast tonight. It was hoping it to be, you know, as awesome as the site. It wasn't. I do suggest giving it a listen simply for their theme music. That was fucking awesome. But the rest, retarded. If I'm a big enough fan of your website to, you know, subscribe to your podcast, then don't you think I've already SEEN all your features of that week? Huh? Cause I have.
Here I am, complaining to Tol about my life. It's really not that bad. I shouldn't bitch. But I feel so trapped, and, honestly, I know at least 3/4ths of it is all in my head. Blah. I shouldn't worry about it.
Essner has huge plans for like... a web cartoon. I like the basic concept. His current title "TV's 'The Internet!'" is pretty humorous. I love the concept of "Edwin the Edutainment Wallaby." It could really work, I'm sure. The problem, is, of course, getting it to come out animated. Essner says he'll learn Flash. We'll see, of course.

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November 08, 2005

In which I apparently gloat over being charitable? (Well, that wasn't the original plan...)

Yeah, I just donated to Child's Play. Yay for me. It was nothing big, but I really felt bad about not donating last year, because I was totally planning on it and just... kept putting it off until it was too late. Well, I fixed that good! I donated to some Children's Hospital in Nebraska of all places, but that was just because it was closest to me. If they would have had the Children's Hospital up in St. Louis, I would have went there, mann.
Looking at the map, it looks like the one in Tennesee is actually closer to me. Oh well, fuck Tennesee, man. Nebraska is the new Tennessee.
Now, I've never played SOCOM, but the fact that his just-released Fire Team Bravo that I didn't even know about until yesterday has hardcore online play makes me want to pick it up. Then again, Mario Kart DS is next week, and that is more my style, to be sure. And I haven't really been getting very big paychecks these past few weeks and have been spending money... so I hope I'll, you know, resist. But dammit, why can't they, you know, release a game on the PSP I CAN'T resist? Come on.
My WriMo is so fucking behind. But I just got the week two pep talk in the e-mail. It's so silly but it's awesome. I'm going to complete this fucker, man! I'm going to do it. Its only going to take one solid day of dedication to catch up.
Oh, and my hard drive is fucked up again! What the hell! It worked perfectly yesterday! I e-mailed the Seagate place for help. And if they can't help me via e-mail, I'll just have to send it in since it's still under warranty. Once I really got thinking about it, all the music I listen to on a daily basis is on my iAudio and most, if not all, the movies on the drive are either on Droid's server or on Spants' computer. I can get them all back. I'll just get it working again. And not freak out. And not get depressed. AND WRITE MY FUCKING NOVEL!
I don't have a title for it yet, but I thought of a possible tag line. Maybe not even for my novel. It's just a tag line I like. It's "Love Triangles are so last year." Retarded, I know.

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November 07, 2005

My Hard Drive is back. (It's hard)

I switched out the cable. And now it's working again! There is a nagging suspicion that perhaps it was just loose. I don't know. I'm thinking about not worrying about testing it and just, you know, enjoying my music again. Yay for MP3s!
I had a stupid breakdown last night at random, so I'm STILL quite behind on my WriMo. I'm thinking tonight I am going to bust open my caffinated mints and write until I'm all caught up. That's me plan, anyway.
One of my favoriteish webcomic authors is WriMoing! Way to go, Y?-drawing person! Keep up the pace! Do better than me! Yeah!
I need to get a better job. I need to do alot of things. I just... feel scared. I would like to live my life sometime. I don't especially care if I'm poor as all get out or this or that... I just want to work and go home and... yeah. I know I say this all the time. But I need to find a good job soon. Or at least a second job that's very low on stress. Or something. I don't know. I never really know about my life.
But, you know, hey. At least I got musics.
(Oooh, Nintendo WiFi Connection! Mario Kart and Animal Crossing online here I come!)

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November 06, 2005

Audio Blog Entry: State of the WriMo Address

OH EM GEE! AUDIO BLOG ENTREEEEEE! Pronouce that "Entry" and not "On-tray"
I ramble on about Escape Pod, how I'm behind schedule on my currently untitled NaNoWriMo novel, how I question whether what I'm writing appeals to anyone and if my main character's rambly voice is interesting, how not drinking might hinder my novel, how I have a story but no resolution, and that I bought pants! But mostly I just ramble.
Oh, I mention my WriMo Stats page, thing. That's here. I'm keeping the word count fairly updated there, if you want an up to the moment status on my novel, there you go. I still don't have a good title. We'll see when one comes to me.
Oh, and Mur e-mailed me back and said she'd be using my thingy I linked down below. Whee! ^_^ My scary voice on a podcast I listen to!
Edit: 3:29 now. Here I went and said I wasn't going to get any writing done and went and wrote another thousand words and ended the first day. Still behind, though. Gotta keep up the PACE! Wish I had access to my music for all this writing...

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November 05, 2005


Take some time to think of the most ultimate battle that could ever occur. I am now going to guess what that battle is... and that battle is...
Conan O'Brien Vs a Bear right?
I'm a fucking genius. And that site is just... wow. Who would have guessed? Some Favorites for yah.
I also recorded that thing for Mur like I said I would. If you care, listen. I'm retarded, I know.

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Do you think I linked enough things in this post?

You know, I made an audio post tonight, but I don't think it's worth the webspace to put it up here, so I'm just going to type for a bit.
I know I hype Mur alot, but that's because she's just so fucking awesome. I have two pieces of Mur-related news. If, perhaps, you are wondering about this Mur person I mention every five seconds but don't want to have to listen to all of her podcasts, she's releasing just her essays in audio form at Podiobooks and, you know, since the essays themselves are fairly sort, you could just enjoy them instead of the whole thing. Check that out over here. News number two, Podcasts normally have these little clips that they use to fill in the gaps between edited sections. I've noticed that Mur's I Should Be Writing podcast has only had one. Forever. So I'm going to make her one. Fuck if I know if she's going to use it. I'll do that tommorow night, if work doesn't get out ungodly late again. I'll post it up here for you to hear, if you'd care for that sorta thing.
Okay, enough hyping of my favorite podcaster. What else is going on with me? Well, I'm still only behind a day in my WriMo, so that's nice. I had hoped to play catchup right now, but it's fucking 3:30 in the morning, so no way. Although it's not stopping me from typing a lengthy blogpost, of course. Hm. Go figure.
Also, as I mentioned below, Guitar Hero is a fucking blast to play. It's difficult, but very good at slowly working you up the difficulty curve. Totally awesome.
Why, yes, I own a playset of Brushland and Adarkar Wastes online, why do you ask? (I am totally fucking crazy, I swear.)
I didn't expect Penny Arcade to lead me to a good site to purchase Sanrio products, but they did. Sanrio is something I have not really indulged in since breaking up with Natalie. It's all really very pointless, I'll be the first to admit. But it's all so cute, I swear to gods. I don't need more Sanrio dolls, but chances are, at some point, I'll aquire more.
Mur (I can't keep from mentioning her! It's my one weakness! Or something!) mentioned a game in a recent essay in one of the Wingin' It podcasts I listened to tonight, and it really interested me, but I can't remember what the hell it is and the Wingin' It show notes are of no help in figuring it out. Blah.
I'm going to bed now. Um, good luck and stuff. See you in like... 12 hours, hopefully. But probably less, because the dog will wake me up.

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November 04, 2005

Quick Update: Guitar Hero r0x0rz!

Guitar Hero is everything I had hoped for and more. I dunno how I am going to get any writing done on days I work Ad Set (I'm going to want to play this loud, so, late at night, when I normally write, I can't play. But during the day, when I have to write on Ad-Set days? Oh my. Who knows.).
Time to take a shower and eat something, then get back to rokking! (Freezepop's hidden song is fucking hard, but awesome to play. It really doesn't belong in the game, though, even with the addition of guitars along with the song. I think they just wanted to put a song of theirs in every game, as they had up until this point. Not that I'm complaing. I love Freezepop.)
Also, it's good to know that a firm grasp of the english language can create hardcore-style attacks all by itself.

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November 03, 2005

My Childhood is coming back on DeeVeeDee!

Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers on DVD? OMG, man! OMG!
I am totally getting distracted from my novel by this. Wow. 2,789 is the current word count. Assuming I write like 1,300 more tonight before I bed (which is the plan) I will still be 2,000 or so words behind the curve. But oh well, that's not too bad. Some day the muse will really hit me hard and I'll catch up. All in all I think I'm doing decently. I need to, you know, make myself sit down and write during the day. Especially since a little something called Guitar Hero is going to be stealing tons of my time soon, as well. I was thinking about getting Mama to draw a picture of me all... GuitarHero-y. But then I read she was getting out of the commish business. So I'll have to go without random drawings.
Wow, Essner like... listed every single DVD set he'd rather own than Duck Tales on DVD. This coming from the man who put a question about Gizmo Duck on the last ND Trivia Night. Then again, I understand his stance. There are many more awesome things that our money can keep alive out there, you know? Active shows. Ones aimed at adults. I do totally understand. But I mean, come on. Duck Tales! Rescue Rangers! COME AWWWWN! Honestly, I'd probably get the Rescue Rangers before Duck Tales. I mean, I did totally devour that intense piece of Rescue Ranger fan comic I stumbled onto awhile back. (I blogged it, so, um, type in Rescue Rangers or something in the search box over there if you want to find it. I'm too lazy to. Got a novel to write, dammit!)
Anyway, going to grab a snack and try to write some more. Good luck, WriMo peoples! And good luck me! You can do it, self! You can do it!

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November 02, 2005

And honestly, it's completely true.

Click here to see what's true. You won't be disappointed. Unless you already saw it or something. Heh. But yeah, that's exactly what blogging is.
I haven't wrote any more on my novel besides what is below yet because my computer has been fucking up and generally pissing me off. My F: drive, where all my music and such is stored, continues to say it's disconnected. It's very frustrating. It affects me starting up and generally annoys me with popups and I can't get to my music and such. Brer has been trying to help me figure it out, but... we haven't figured it out yet. We'll see what happens. Perhaps the heavenly angel of computing, Droid, will come to my aid. Maybe.
Also, I finally gave in and got an account on Digg. So, you know, click here if you wanna check out what I've been digging. I'm poetfox on there, of course. Add me to your friends list! Tell me your name so I can see what you're digging, too, dammit!
Guitar Hero will like... never show up. Not until Nov. 8. This is sad. But at least I get to draft at 2 or so this afternoon. w00t?

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November 01, 2005

It's WriMo Time! (with some angsty bits)

I'm two hours late starting my novel, and, honestly, I'm not going to write tonight. But I have an idea. I'm not going to go into detail. I'm going to write the fucking thing. But the idea sounds, to me, very retarded. I can do retarded. Tol, however, though it was a good premise for a story. I do sorta like it. The only problem is I only have the two main characters. I've put no real thought into any supporting characters or anything like that. But, in any case, here is my proposed opening to the novel, the first words of it, as it were.
It feels like every time I work the window, that guy drives through. He's always wearing what appears to be the same suit, and always gives me that same smile, one that, I think at least, seems to imply he would like to start a conversation, but doesn't have the time. He always orders the same thing, too. Whopper meal with the huge fries, only mustard and pickles, with a Coke to drink. I don't know why I even notice him. I suppose my brain is desperate for a little stimulation during those long shifts. It just amazes me that it's not just once and awhile, but every single time I'm scheduled. And I mean, from the way he's dressed, certianly he could afford better food. Yet there he is, with that same smile on his face. Before I probably would have debated whether or not these coincidences indicated some sort of interest in me. It really doesn't matter now, though. I've finally found a guy, and he's amazing, and, frankly, he's all I'm living for right now. I see him every night as I throw off my clothes and climb into bed, and every morning as I force myself back out again. He gives me a reason to come home. He gives me a reason to wake up. He gives me a reason. But I suppose I'm getting a little ahead of myself...
So there you go. Probably not gonna draw you in, but you know what? Fuck it. That's how my un-named novel with the un-named characters is starting. So there. 234 words down, 49,766 to go.
I feel really pointlessly shitty right now, so I guess I'll try to sleep. Nights like this keep happening more and more often, and I keep wishing there was someone in bed waiting for me... maybe there's a Kohl's in Ft. Collins... one with an overnight crew that pays nice cash monies... and I can just... yeah...
Eh, I should live my life and not dream. Or at least write about those dreams. NaNoWriMo is on, and I'm going to do this. Ecks and Tol are in it too, I think. Ecks for certian, and I think I sold Tol on it today. A little under 2000 words a day should be a piece of cake. Just don't be suprised if I'm a bit distracted when you IM me this month...
Edit: I made the decision of checking if there was a Kohl's around Brer. There is. I really don't know if this knowledge is a good or a bad thing, honestly. It's only going to make my crazy schemes seem slightly less crazy. Blah.

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