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December 28, 2005

Hour and a Half before work. I just woke up.

I just woke up, but I gotta be at work in an hour and a half. CRAZYNESS!

Apparently my mom thought my "This is how I roll" Katamari Damacy shirt in some way represented that I was a girl. I mean, I am, but it has absolutely nothing to fucking do with that. I was a little mean towards her... I shouldn't have been... but dammit, I don't want to spend my 2 hours of free time today lying to her about being a boy. Bah.

I gotta get Brer's present in the mail, too... it didn't all work out quite like I hoped, but I'm sure he'll still like it... it's a little minor thing... heh...

So I've been working till 6 in the morning the pass few days. I'm going to make crazy money. The problem is whenever I get home I always want to sit down and write. But it's fucking 6 in the morning, so I go to bed, and when I wake up the urge is gone. It's really annoying. I wonder if I'll have the urge tonight, when I'll get home at a mere 2 or 3 in the morning... I could write an essay, I could write great essays. I could write an essay about how blogging keeps me from writing more essays and writing in general, talk about the pros and cons and how I hate the word "blogosphere." I dunno.

I haven't even gotten to play Shadow of the Collosus yet... I really want to sit down and like spend a whole weekend beating it... maybe I will this weekend... then again, I got alot of reading to do, too, and a New Year that probably will have parties associated with it, and a boyfriend who will be home again...

I'm listening to American Gods, since it's such a good book. Laura asked Shadow if he was alive, and he couldn't really say yes... I don't think I could say yes to it either... every year I make a new year's resolution along the lines of "this year I will be myself" with various variations, but it never happens... we'll see about this year, I suppose...

Gotta eat and mail and stuff before work... have a nice day, yeah?

Edit: I wish I could edit posts in Flock... anyway, check it, over at The Dragon Page, in the Wingin' It show notes... they played my voice comment AND linked to the Crappy Asst Podcast! We might get an additional listener! Woah!

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December 25, 2005

Chrissymas ends in 5 minutes... or so...

Well, Christmas is over... it went well, I think. I did a pretty good job buying presents, and I got most of what I wanted and some stuff I wasn't expecting... I got to spend some time with Brer a bit ago, and my family all day... yeah... it was pretty good. ^_^ I'm happy, everyone is happy... Yeah... now I just gotta work like crazy this week and relax... heh...
One thing that was coming out today, though, was, you know, Goldeneye: Source. It's pretty damn awesome, and if you own HalfLife 2, I highly recommend downloading the Alpha. It obviously still needs some work, but I mean, it's an Alpha. But it's totally sweet. I miss being Natalya, though... not many character models in the Alpha. But that's perfectly fine, it plays quite nice and the maps are just spot on! At least the Facility, I haven't played the other three yet... you really do need to keep the number of players down, though... max of 8, optimal like... 6 or so? I always thought four was a bit small, but the maps are so perfectly suited to the small groups... well, I mean, I got into a 16 player game, and it just... didn't feel like Goldeneye at all. Playing on a 5 player server was just great. Also, no Klobb yet. Yes, it might be just like being unarmed, so you'd think it wouldn't be too hard to impliment, but... you know. Not yet.
Anyway, Goldeneye: Source. Download it. Let's play it together, if you're bored... makes me wonder what other awesome mods are out there...
Merry day-after-Chrissymas, everyone. Have fun, okay? ^_^

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It's looking pretty fucking much like Christmas!

I have, so far, had a very Trivia and Yu-Gi-Oh! filled Chrissymas... how about yours? Be sure to tell me all about it! ^_^ And have fun! And shit!
I'm, you know, gonna do stuffs now.

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December 23, 2005

Open Motherfucking Office! (Dot Org), a short review of Draw.

So, I'm making two custom calendars this year for people as Chrissymas presents. Both happen to be grandmothers. (My production has doubled from last year! Whooo!) I didn't want to use my brother's computer for everything because that would suck, and I don't have a copy of Publisher on this compy... so I decided to download OpenOffice 2.0 and, you know, try out their version of the Publisher-style program, called Draw. I was extremely impressed. It was just as easy to use if not more so, and it's open source and free and wow. It was great. Makes me want to use the whole office suite instead of the Microsoft stuff... the only problem, and apparently I'm not the only one with this problem based on Google searches, is that Draw does not have an easy way to make a calendar page that I can easily customize... and this is unfortunate, as I'm making a calendar! So it looks like I'm going to have to make the non-picture-related pages of the calendar on Jonathan's computer anyway... but yeah, if you want something like Publisher but have 0 dollars but some bandwidth, DEFINATELY use Draw... and I think I'm going to be using the rest of the programs as well... or at least giving Write a try, I don't really use Excel or Power Point or anything often...

Thus ends this minireview! It's Chrissymas party time, dammit!

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I hate about... 50 percent of the people I work with.

I'm not going to explain the whole story... it makes me too angry. Just know that I came in on my day off on what should have been an extremely quick ad, and got home at 2:30 in the morning, and this was solely because a large portion of the people I work with are totally fucking stupid.

Totally. Fucking. Stupid.

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December 22, 2005

Audio Blog Entry: Chrissymas and How I feel about YOOOOU!

Did you all know I could still record stuff for the blog? Well, I can. Listen to 21 minutes of STUFFF!
In this post, I ramble on about me being awesome, my newly-thought-up title for the novel I started during WriMo, my response to Skepticality's Un-Christmas special, what I think Christmas really is, a little bit of gay marrage crap, more about what I think Christmas really is, and then, a quasi-christmas present to those in my life, I talk, sincerely, about how I feel about everyone in my close circle of friends, my three closest online friends, and my parents. But mostly I just ramble.
Blah, it's late. But I'm not even in bed by now anyway, so what am I complaining about? But it's late. And I didn't post this in Flock, by the way... maybe I should have? It can totally do bulleted lists.

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December 21, 2005

TestBlog through Flock

This is one of the reasons that I sorta wanna like Flock: It has the blogness built right  in! That's pretty cool... and it also has Del.icio.us built in, so... you know... I could try it more and stuff... Flock is still very... not... done... though, so I don't know what that means about, you know, using it. But I'm giving it a try...

Okay then. Um... gonna try to post now... bye?

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I wish people could fucking take my files!

*sigh* I'm frustrated. I don't get why people can't access my compy to get files off of it! I want them to be able to! I want my brother's computer to be able to get onto mine (since we're on a wired network...), I want my friends to have access over Hamachi... but no... it doesn't work. I don't get it. I can access other people's computers without issue! It's stupid. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
In gaming news, I beat the penthouse level of Splinter Cell with a suprising 57%! Am I getting better? I don't know. It's probably because I actually completed the optional objective this time. Still working on Darwinia, too... the Air Raid program is pretty sexy.
Although I have not listened to it yet (that's for tommorow night), it doesn't seem like they played my Voice Thing on Wingin' It. I know this because I totally, you know, looked at the show notes. Yay for show notes! And you should totally listen to Crappy Asst's Christmas Special over here.
Things to do tommorow are: Write poem for Grandma's Chrissymas gift, make Sausage Pinwheels for work, waste rest of day. Things to do Thursday are: Make sure you have a gift for Grandpa, make gifts for both Grandma's, waste rest of day... yeah.
No new Magic articles really sorta depresses a person... it is a sadness that not even NoTix drafting starting on Thursday can fill.
Part of me really wants to use things like Flock and Del.icio.us and Protopage... and yet they do not fit into my browsing habits. I want to be all social like that, though, dammit! Oh well... One thing I think I COULD very easily work into my schedule thing is an easily updated and fiddled with group calendar thing... you know? Where me and all my friends could post our schedules so we’d know what was going on... you know? You know. Yeah.
Okay, enough blog. BLOG DONE NOW GO!

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December 19, 2005

Mann, Darwinia is totally Airwolf! Or something.

We recorded a damn good special Chrissymas edition of Crappy Asst today... it's not up yet, but I'll be sure to tell you when it is. Droib posted another one we did that I haven't mentioned, though, so you can still listen to us be retarded, if you'd like. Jonathan and Essner also recorded some promos for the show that are fan-fucking-tastical. I think I might actually send them somewhere, because they're that entertaining.
Okay, so I was playing Darwinia until a little bit ago. "Another game you bought?" you say, and, um, okay, yes it is. It was off Steam, mann! I really like Steam... Dunno why, exactly, but I really like Steam... anyway, Darwinia... really cute, really retro, pretty spiffy, and very small on the space (The whole game is fucking 30 megabytes, seriously... but it looks gorgeous in it's stylistic way, you know?). Things I liked: It bleeds style, which is something that always puts a game high up there in my book. It combines a couple different gameplay styles... arcade shooter and RTS... and does it very well. Things I am not liking currently: Um, I have to restart the second level. My fault, I know... I was too slow collecting the souls of the viruses so I didn't make enough Darwinians to be the level... but it's frustrating. Also, herding Darwinians is frustrating, especially for long distances. I don't mind herding them, but why can't you put another safe zone for me to put them in every so often like you've done with all other important facilities, game? Tell me that! Gah, I dunno. The one little thing that blemishes a totally immersive gaming experience, you know? When you open the game up, though, the dos-like loader screen is fucking Airwolf.
Brer e-mailed me... he made it safe. Yay? Heh... I hope all my special plans... thing... for phone calls will work... I don't want him to have to run up his parent's phone bill, but it would be nice to talk to him... Eh heh... heh... anyway...
Droib keeps trying to send me this ISO so I can finish setting up mom's gift but it keeps fucking up... *sighs* Oh well, it'll happen at some point, I'm sure. It has to, mann! Before Chrissymas anyway!
Okay... um... bye.

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December 17, 2005

Some things you should know about things... programs, actually...

Hamachi is an amazing program and should be huggled often.
The multiplayer component of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for the PC should be shot multiple times in the head for pure stupid.
Pure, pure stupid...
Well, at least Brer and I can play Counter-Strike: Source now...
Edit: And... he's gone for 12 days... *sighs...* I'm gonna miss him... it's not the end of the world, but... heh... still gonna miss him... HAVE A GOOD CHRISSYMAS, BRER!!!!!

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December 16, 2005

On an unrelated note, I love my computer as much as a girl can love an inanimate object.

New Crappy Asst is up. Yay? I mean, we do still keep making those, even if I don't mention them, so, you know, check them out. They are sometimes mildly entertaining. I am also extremely slow in posting them. There's another in the wings somewhere... It wasn't on the server, though, so hopefully Droib or Buchhiet has it somewhere...
Michael and Evo over at The Dragon Page are always saying like... that they want voice comments... and for the last like 2 episodes of their Wingin' It podcast (which I highly, highly recommend) Evo was all saying they were going to be short and it went really, really long. Well, I love to death that it's long. That's more of work that they're entertaining me! So, for once, I hit record on the iAudio after I was done and I recorded a comment for them, and e-mailed it to them like a couple seconds ago... you can hear it here, I think... if you really want to. It's like a little under a minute long. Also, work was crazy, mann, I worked from 5 until 2:30 in the morning! But wait... 2:30 in the morning? That's right, I got an extra dollar an hour for that monster shift. SCORE! I was actually pretty pleased. I have also figured out the bookmark function on my iAudio... but since figuring it out I keep getting to the end of MP3's of Good Omens (which I'm re-reading via sound after I run out of podcasts at work) since figuring it out, so I haven't got to use it yet. Damn.
I should really update the marquee and the Current Stats... yep... should really do that...

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December 15, 2005

I am proud of my new little deck... *sniff...*

So my plan for today was to get all the Chrissymas presents I have so far wrapped. That didn't happen because, um... BECAUSE I BUILT A DECK! It was totally at random... I was going to play more Splinter Cell but Ecks started talking to me so I pulled up Magic because I can chat and Magic and the same time... and although I like my previous creation (Which I have titled "BOOBY!") it is very gimmicky... so I decided to throw together a new deck... this deck used Thran Golem, a card that I'm all like "Why am I not using this card" and I decided to use Drake Familiar too and it kinda grew from there... and then I'm playing it... and HOLY FUCKING SHIT IS IT FUN! It's awesome! ^_^ The more Johnny strategy revovles around creating a huge Decendent of Masumaro and swinging in, but big enchanted Thran Golems do the job just fine as well... it's just a blast to play, especially since I'm such an enchantment lover... here it is.
Deck: HappyFun Aura Bouncin'! (Working Title)
Lands (21)

11 Forest
8 Island
2 Mountain

Creatures (20)
4 Thran Golem
4 Verduran Enchantress
2 Descendant of Masumaro
3 Drake Familiar
3 Graceful Adept
4 Sakura-Tribe Elder

Other Spells (19)
4 Flight of Fancy
4 Galvanic Arc
3 Kodama's Reach
4 Mark of Eviction
2 Moldervine Cloak
2 Sundering Vitae
I haven't tried it in 2HG yet, but I'm sure it'll be fairly effective there... most of my Aura decks are, since I can easily throw them on my friend's stuff to help them out... Anyway, it might be tweaked some more too, of course, but I'm so proud of the little deck... with so little planning it jumped right up to the top of my favorite deck list... It's pretty close to Enchantress' Revenge, I'm not going to lie to you.
Alright. Off to a monster-long work shift! HUZZAH! Have a nice night, people. And Merry Chrissymas!

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December 13, 2005


Mom, Check
Jonathan, Check
Droid, Check
Buchhiet, Check
Grandma, halfcheck
Brer, Check
I'm getting there! But I have two hard presents to find, still...

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A letter I wrote to the Missourian because, well, was an idea.

Dear Mr. Sullivan,
Hello. My name is Matthew Long, a student at Southeast, and I would like to propose an idea for a column for your newspaper.
Video Games are only getting bigger and every year more and more kids pick up a controller and start playing. It is a huge industry, with worldwide sales being over half of that of the film industry, clocking in at $28 billion dollars a year (http://www.theesa.com/archives/2005/05/e3expo_2005_sta.php). Clearly, video games are here to stay, but with such controversy surrounding them in the media these days, parents who know little to nothing about video games are going to want more information. As a medium they didn't grow up with and as such don't understand, finding it in terms they CAN understand can be difficult if not impossible, making it hard to make good decisions on what they give their kids to play.
Enter this new column, which I have tentatively titled "Explainstation." A weekly or monthly column, depending on your preferences, Explainstation will talk about what's going on in gaming today, in terms that non-gamers can understand, so they can better mointor and take part in what their kids are playing. The column would cover such things as the biggest, latest game releases and what exactly their content is, consoles and peripherals (explaining what the peripherals are used for, why you would need them, and which consoles are better for which types of games), online gaming and how to keep your children safe, and what types of games you could play with your kids to bring you both closer together.
In this day and age, where the technology gap between children and adults continues to grow wider, it is even more important to understand what your children are doing, so you can bond with them and help them through life. I think a column like this would be a great help to parents in this area who might wish they knew more but simply don't have the time to research it. If you think this is a good idea, please let me know. If I have sent this to the wrong place, but you think it has merit, please also let me know. I appreciate your time in reading this. Merry Christmas and have a nice day.
Matthew Long

Just saving it here for the history books... and who knows, maybe some OTHER newpaper will randomly Google it and offer me vast riches? Eh, unlikely. Okay, off I go.

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December 12, 2005

They really don't get it!

I just saw a commercial for Serenity on DVD. Now, first off, advertising Serenity? Awesome. HOWEVER that was the worst commercial... oh my god... anyone who watched that would not in the least even begin to understand why Firefly is so awesome. It's not the action, it's the characters, bitch! *sighs*
I posted some old stuff over on Poetfox.com. It's like... when I was really depressed stuff, mostly, but it's newish if you haven't read it. Enjoy.

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December 11, 2005

NOOK'S! God damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just spent a bunch of time cutting one of the songs out of the new TMBG podcast so I could have it only to find that it is the free download up on their site now. Oh well! Heh. I like it very much. It's called "I Enjoy Being A Boy" which is very not true in my case, but I like the song. Apparently it's a Banana Splits cover. Who knew? In any case, I give the TMBG podcast a big thumbs up. It's like a little piece of the TMBG clock radio to carry around in your pocket, with all their random scribbles. I dunno how often they're going to post new episodes, but, as I said, I likes it. If you like They Might Be Giants you should, you know, listen to it.
So, the ever-popular K.K. Slider paid his first visit to Pashal, my Wild World town tonight. I didn't have his setlist on me (since I had to play it at work, he starts playing at 8, when I had to be there. Blah.) so I couldn't suggest something (although I tried anyway... K.K. Disco is not on the setlist, at least not spelled like that. It was funny, he played something random saying it was K.K. Disco and then apologized for misleading me), but he played a song called K.K. Lament and it doesn't destroy my ears, so it's playing in my house now. It's not quite as sad as the title would make you believe. Nook also finally sold me a shovel today. About fucking time, Nook! Even just three days without a shovel sucked BALLS! I've already nearly destroyed my axe, too. I don't want a forest, I feel like too many trees, especially when they don't make fruit, are pretty useless. Especially the one that was right in front of the town flag so you couldn't see it. Chopchop. Also, I learned that if you try to open up your down to visitors, and someone on your friend's list has their town open, Copper will let you know and ask if you wouldn't rather visit them instead. Very nice, although I would like an indicator when a friend gets online even more.
I was thinking about turning the blog or whatever they give me on 1up into a purely Animal Crossing Wild World blog, but nah, you'll just have to stand my random Animal Crossing rantings here. If I make it separate, neither will be kept up with. ^_^
Oh, I also saw Narnia today. See it. I mean, see it. Disney did a great job. Definately a better view than Goblet of Fire, mann! Peter, however, is the master of horrid battle tactics. His army started on the high ground, with tons of archers up on a cliff ready to fire and then... he charged forward, off the high ground to where the enemy was, rendering his archers useless until he decided to retreat UPHILL... yeah, great planning there, son of Adam! I need to read all the books again... or listen to them at work... probably listen to them at work. Heh... I need to start listening to alot of audiobooks at work. Podcasts are awesome, but work is also a good time for me to... catch up on my reading? Heh heh...
Pandora is giving me shit for music tonight. Mean thing.
Edit: That was pretty interesting, I have to admit, although I think "speaking out against the RIAA" is a little harsh, considering K.K. has this whole "hippy" character thingy. He definately says that when he gives you a song. It's not an "aircheck" like in the one on the Gamecube, heh, he says it's a bootleg copy of his song. ^_^

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December 10, 2005

More Animal Crossing On the Lines thoughts.

(Blah, stupid Brer's school network... didn't want him to go...)
Yay for peach trees! Or something.
Had my second online AC experience! Joining the AC: Wild World club on 1up seems to be serving me well... met with a very nice girl who's game handle is Serenity, apparently. Firefly reference? I dunno. She brought me peaches and was even nice enough to plant them all for me since I didn't have a shovel yet (Nook better damn well be selling one tommorow!). I gave her my one extra pear and all the apples she wanted. We chatted. She went to bed. Yeah, successful, I think.
In any case, here are my thoughts about onlining it up. I think that not being able to go to random people's towns is a mistake. I think that's what would make it fun! That's why I'm trying to build up a list of random people to visit and chat with! You should be able to open your town to anyone who wants to come, and then be able to refuse people or kick people out who are asses. You should be able to send letters to people in other towns that they will get next time they log on to the Nintendo WFC. You should have more than one short line per chat post, and you should have some sort of chat history so you can actually keep up a decent conversation. I mean, it's not like the top screen fucking DOES anything most of the time, why just have your visitor's last message up there? Why not a whole chat history? Seriously. I DO like the whole message in a bottle item that lets you write a letter that will land on the shore of a random person who connects to the Nintendo WFC, but why not be able to send one to a specific person, too? Gods...
In any case, I'm very glad the online part is there, and I'm going to use it very much yes. But it could have been SO SO SO SO SO much better! Come on, Nintendo! Mario Kart DS was PERFECT! Well, not perfect, being unable to fill out a friends game with random people is a bit annoying. But it was damn good, all the problems were nitpicky. This has bigger online flaws... you can do better. I believe in you! Make sure Hunters is more Mario Kart than Animal Crossing, mann!
Edit Holy Shit on a Stick!

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December 09, 2005

I should follow Mur's advice, probably.

Random thing I never blogged, if you love music, you owe it to yourself to go here and listen to Skullcrusher Island. It is a work of genius. Oddly enough, I don't really dig the rest of his stuff as much... I honestly don't understand why, because Skullcrusher Island is PURE FUCKING GENIUS. You owe it to your ears to listen.
Once again, I have come home from work annoyed that all I write is blog entries and RP in chat windows. I mean, I enjoy the fuck out of both, but what is going to become of either? I don't really know. I need to finish my short story. I need to write another short story setting up the setting of Tailrazor's world, an idea I become more and more set about the more I think about it. Probably not furry as I envison it, as I envision everything, really, but I think I could make it entertaining in the amazing anime-crazy style I envision it in, even if it's mostly an RPG in my head... but I can't make RPGs, so... you know. Also, I know I really need to learn Flash so I can bring Sapphire City Games to fruition (as well as Essner's webtoon project which I think still has merit... I wonder if he's still thinking about that...). I know this. I don't know if I could MAKE myself learn Flash is the problem... I really can't make myself do anything nowadays except try again to beat something in a game that's frustrating me a bit. I'm smart. I know it wouldn't be that hard for me to learn it. Just buy a book and have at it and in a couple months I'd be pretty okay. This is why I think I consider myself a failure (or at least is a big part of it), because I can't make myself do things I want to do, not because I can't do the things I couldn't give a rats ass about that others want me to do. Blah. I think Sapphire City Games has merit, I think if I was dedicated enough I could make it popular. I think many of my story ideas, my still untitled WriMo, Romantic Subplot, Tailrazor's story of fluxuating title, Family Values (The serious version, not the crazy anime version), Little Lady Luck, and hell, even my old school Reverse Side universe stories have merit. But I can't make myself develop them. I can't put them down on Word document and let them really, truly exist. And this is why I'm a failure, if anything.
What will I be doing after the new year? I really don't know, but I hope it's something that feels worthwhile to me, and not something that sounds good on paper like I've been doing ever since I graduated high school.

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December 07, 2005

Let's Pretend I'm a writer for a Gaming Mag!

Animal Crossing: Wild World is in my grasp! My friend code is over there so, you know, if you want it, take it, and give me yours!
And now, my reviewish thing after two days of play.
Whoo hoo! Animal Crossing on the DS! I love it. It's not going to sell you on Animal Crossing, perse... you have to be down with the idea in the first place to want to play it, especially with the classic NES games now absent. However, if you were a fan of the first game, you're in for an easier way to deal with your addiction: On the go!
Things that are new? Not alot. The touch screen helps for typing letters (Although I got DAMN fast with the system on the Gamecube before I stopped playing the game) and selling multiple items to Nook and mailing multiple letters... but that's about it. Honestly, it isn't very much of a help for me in the making of patterns. The pixels are big enough that you can hit just one with the stylus, but it's crazy hard to do so because they're so fucking small. I basically would doodle an outline and have to go back in with the game pad to smooth it out and such. Not exactly what I was wanting. Not that I'm all that great of an artist anyway. (I am pretty proud of my little self-portrait that is my Mario Kart DS insignia. I wish I had an easy way to get it out of the game. I tried to recreate it as an Animal Crossing pattern, but it didn't turn out quite as well.)
Online is a pain in the ass. I mean, I thank the heavens it is there and I look forward to, eventually, having a group of friends I can get online with in the game, but some way to meet other Animal Crossing fanatics and chit-chat with them before inviting them into your town would have been wonderful built into the game. As it is, I guess I'm going to have to find a website somewhere that serves that purpose. Also, since it's all online, there's a profanity filter in place. Now, I'm all for the inclusion of profanity filters in games. DEFINATELY! I, however, am not, in any way, shape, or form, in favor of profanity filters I cannot turn off. It should be my choice if I want to write "FUCK!" on the community bulletin board in my game, and it should be the choice of anyone who comes to my town whether or not they would like that bleeped out on their screen. Nintendo, you already have a crazily thick protection system in place with the friend codes, mann! Random little kids are NOT going to be exposed to profanity! Seriously! *sighs*
But besides being unable to easily write pointlessly dirty letters to members of the town (I dunno why I do, but um... I do...? Eh heh heh...) the game is just like I remember it, and that's a good thing! Being portable and being filled with new and downloadable events will only make the game last longer for me, I'd think. Plus the new variety of hats and accessories is nice and gives you that added level of customizability. Did I spell that right? Who knows. In any case, if you think that Animal Crossing would appeal to you, I'd suggest this version over the original, just because of the added online capabilities. I'm sure I'll be visiting Pashal (that's my town name) for quite some time. Then again, you know, I'm like that. If you want something to truly show off Nintendo's online-ness, get Mario Kart, mann! And give me your friend code!!!!

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December 05, 2005

Chrissymas Shopping Update!

Mom, Check
Droid, Check
Buchhiet, Check
Brer, Halfcheck
Yeaaaaaaah, doing good... it's only the 5th! I'm awesome!

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I wonder what I'll name my town...

Wrote about half of Romantic Subplot today, and then Brer distracted me. Heh. I'll write the rest later, when it's done I'll let you know. Here's to hoping the concept works.
Tommorow marks the release of Animal Crossing: Wild World. I am in love with the idea but I dunno if it's going to draw me in as much as I want it to. Nintendo's friend code system is going to make it hard to find and develop Animal Crossing friends online to bother, you know? At the same time, it's still good ol' Animal Crossing, only I can play it anywhere. If I check it once a day, it'll rokk anyway, I'm sure. Yup. Nothing like writing random seductive letters to members of my town... good times, good times...
As soon as I get it, my friend code will be over here so if you're getting the game LET ME KNOW so I can get your code too and online with yah! ANIMAL FUCKING CROSSING, MANN!
Mirage also comes out today on Magic Online, but really, I'm going to be waiting until the release events to get seriously into it. I wonder if Tol is planning on doing the Mirage events... I wonder what the Mirage events even are... okay, yeah, they're the normal event stuff. Mirage sealed! Woo! Here's to hoping I open a major money card I won't use to fund my fetchland and tutor purchases. Or something. Yeah.
Also, we drew names last night, so I'm buying for Droib and Buchhiet this year. I think I had them both last year, too? I know I've had Droid every year since we started this... time to start brainstorming, I guess...

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December 02, 2005

Decemberweeeeeeen! Is awhile away.

Hey, it's December!
Chrissymas Shopping Checklist!
Mom, Check
Friend whose name I draw 1
Friend whose name I draw 2
Brer, halfcheck

Not too bad considering it's the second! Heh...
People at work really suck. Not like, personality-wise, more like... being beyond slow and having me pick up their slack. It's fairly retarded, although I don't mind the extra hours. I just wish they weren't getting paid the same as me? Yeah...
I am in the middle of taking my first brave steps into the world of Linux. Wish me luck.

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