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January 31, 2006


Have you seen this shit Brer showed me? Come on Blizzard. You're awesome. Don't be retarded like that.
Wrote some stuff. Check Poetfox.com for the lowdown. Well, I wrote more than that. But those are done. So... read those. Not the unfinished stuff that isn't posted.
Okay. Bedness time. Later.

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January 28, 2006

Tri, Bi, Metro, Omnisexual, Homo, Hetero, yo, I'm flexible...

Happy melinkingthingstime!
Essner showed me this amazing Ultimate Showdown video that you should be viewing RIGHT FUCKING NOW! So du it!
Hm, this list is going to be shorter than I thought. Oh well! Hey, now it's time for me linking to the scary comics I've been reading today! These normally fall under the category of things I only really share with my furry friends and maybe Justin Spants if I feel it appropriate, but, um, I'm linking them here! Huzzah! It all comes from this Clone-Army Manga site, and it's all sort of similar humor... if you like it, you know... you can find more.
From April and May Puppet Theatre: This.
From Nana's Everyday Life: This and That...
And finally, from the, in general, insanely scary tomoyo42's room: This little number.
The parents are so damn sick... I hope they get feeling better soon... and I hope they kick me out of bed tommorow if they need anything... heh...

Edit: I forgot about this one.

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January 27, 2006

I should write an essay on retrogaming...

Know what I still suck at? The Call of Duty 2 360 demo. Heh. Every time I play it cause I'm at Best Buy for no reason I still suck at it. Although I suppose I have been learning to fire the Thompson in bursts, but...
So I got the Minibosses' CD. It's as goodlicious as I thought it would be. I do have to wonder how legal the whole thing is. I want them to make monies because they're awesome, but, you know... they're obviously not very far from the actual source material. The Black Mages varied more than they do... Jonathan seemed like he would be all excited about it and stuff? So I called him the moment it came in to tell him it was here and he hung up on me and I don't think he really got what I was saying, so... I guess not?
So me and my family have been down with the sickness. My mother has bronchitis or however you spell it. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, actually, and this gallon of OJ is going to help me kick sickness into the ground and then step on its genitals. The Orange Juice combined with a day full of restlaxation (I just coined that word, use it and give me money) and perhaps a little shooting things will hopefully have me feeling fit for the overnight I'm supposed to do on Saturday. We'll hope for the best. I'm not going to be afraid to say I'm going home after Ad set, though, if I don't think I can make it. I got feeling pretty bad near the end of my double shift last night...
Oh, since this will knock it off the page, did you see that someone commented on my Geek Fu essay? I was shocked that someone took the time to track the page down and comment. Didn't notice until like a week later. ^_^

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January 23, 2006

There she is!!!

Dare I say... OMFG? Perfectly put, Josh Mirman. Perfectly put.
So the tourney... well, it was fun, but we lost like TERRIBLE! Also, the guy Italked to when I called was a lying bitch when he said there were going to be no team tournies, so we brought three people to a Two Headed Giant fight. *sighs* But oh well. Yay for Magic, roadtrips, etc, etc. Also recorded a new Crappy Asst which I should post up there soon. I think it went pretty awesome, but everyone else seems to think it's not one of our best. You decide.
Schoolin'... blah. I got some of that to do tommorow. What's up with that, mann? Gawd.
Oh, um, my DS is not dead, although it was a close call. And... I shouldn't have taken Essner and Spants to the mall. They is not mall people. Heh.

Edit: I dunno why I haven't checked out My Robot Friend more thoroughly earlier. They're pretty fucking awesome.

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January 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jonathan, etc.

An extremely nice bunny just pointed me to this early Guildpact spoiler. Fun shite... heh... although I'm confused as to why they're using the Humble ability again... and excited by the Magemarks... yup. Anyway, you can look for yourself. I'm going to, you know, enjoy playing with these cards, though. I dunno what especially jumps out at me, though. I mean, I love white, but the Orzhov aren't really so much my style... oh, you never know.
I wrote, what I think, an awesome piece of Flash Fiction today... it's called "Depression Attack." It's not posted because 1) I still haven't gotten my upload capabilities back and 2) there is a part of me that thinks that, because I think it's so amazing, it isn't amazing. So I'm waiting for what Ecks thinks... and maybe a couple of other people... before I like... post it or something. Or, fuck, you never know. I'm feeling like I'm actually accomplishing things recently. Maybe I'll send it to Escape Pod or something. You never know. I'm all crazy. KA-RAY-ZEE!
So, it's Jonathan's birthday today, so yay for him for not dying. And yay for me, for I get to eat at Shogun today before work! Whooo! Yay for overly expensive but good Japanese food that I'm not paying for! Heh.
Oh, there's a sorcery that gives all your creatures Penetrate for a turn. Exciting? You decide. And I know Train of Thought will soon be a card that Prismatic or slow Extended game players everywhere will grow to hate online. Heh.

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January 18, 2006


I just ordered the new Minibosses CD. It's about damn time they came out with an actual studio album. Jonathan will be pleased. I should probably get him a birthday present at some point.
I wrote a Nanofic today. It's not posted, I haven't reaquired my uploading capabilities yet. Also, it could use some more work, probably. It's called Autopilot (yes, Ecks, I thought of a good name. What do you think?) and if, for some reason, you wanted to see it in it's current state simply let me know. Only 84 words! Yay for Nanofics! Of course, it'll get a bit longer once I figure out how to tweak it.
I got the Speedline Dress (That's what she's wearing in that picture... my character looks like that, only she's got foxy ears... I'll post a piccy in the Screenie Gallery sometime...) for my Albatross character, finally. Once I get a little more Pang, I can level up her power, thank god. I love how she looks, and I like her good control, but her power is abysmal. I'm going to have to keep buying her the best power items I can... that means losing my cute sandals for the powershoes, unfortunately, but so it goes. It's just unfortunate that my fox ears give me curve, not power...
You'd think I'd have school-related things to talk about, it being the first day of class. But I don't. You'll probably see more poems and Nanofics coming out of me during the school year... cause I write them by scribbing in my journal instead of taking notes. Boring lit classes are great for creativity.

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January 17, 2006

I've been doing alot of downloading...

Part of me wants to start planning for PAX right now... it would just be, simply, so fucking sweet, especially if I seduced someone into coming with me. Then again, who knows how much it would cost. Heh. Probably a decent chunk. Then again, alot of people get to alot of conventions on the sort of money I make, I'm sure... hmm... I wonder what their secret is... not eating? I can do that... stowing away onboard the plane? Perhaps I could swing it... I mean, I dunno. Heh.
I just talked to an MTGO support guy, and he was very nice! Perhaps I'll actually get the game installed now... that would be totally cool. Then again, I totally forgot to back up my decklists, so... heh... I'll have to do some deckbuilding once I get back in. Oh well.
I also wonder if Essner is serious about going to the prerelease... I can go Sunday... there are flights at 10 and 1, which seem like good times to have flights... I'll have to press him to see if he'll go.
Hm, his advice did not work... I'll e-mail him back and hope for the best. *sighs* Magic Online is far from the most stable thing... heh...
It's the first day of classes... can't say I'm feeling it...

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January 16, 2006

Maho-robot! Transform into a soft, terry cloth robe so that I may dry my hot bod...

I am not Quafio, the evil ruler of Cats. But I could be.
So I had some pretty shitty trying to fix my comptuer day today. It SUXORZED! But so it goes. All that I really got out of it was a nice meal at El Alcupoco (I love their steak, dammit!) and that my FILE SHARING NOW WORKS! But I've had to spend the night re-installing shit. My Hamachi is sorta messed up... I may have to reset everything, but I e-mailed the guy and hopefully Hamachiguy can help me with that... also, Steam is being a bitch... hopefully they're messing with their servers tonight, and it's not something left over from the thingy, you know? Cause I neeeeeeeds my Dystopia, mann!
A huge-ass thanks to Buchhiet and Droib for helping me today, even if not alot came out of it. Another huge-ass thanks to Spants, for consistantly being inappropriate 24/7. Another huge huge-ass thanks to Brer, for putting up with me after I realized all we did didn't help. A slightly less huge thanks to the Red Cross, who's phone call made everyone think I had a job interview for some reason. A pretty decent amount of thanks to the people cooking and serving at El Alcupoco, because that was some fucking amazing service tonight. A little thanks to bunnyboi, cause he's cute. A chunk of thanks to the people behind Flock, cause I like your browser. A bigger chunk to Mozilla, because I like your browser and e-mail programme. And, finally, a bit of the ol' thanks to the people behind Albatross 18, which I recently rediscovered, and which is still damn cool for being free. THE END.
(Note: Flock blog post didn't work. Huh. Have to figure it out tommorow.)

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January 14, 2006

This is why I'm not a hardware person...

So I try to get my processor running at the right speed, and it's not working, and it's not working, blah blah... so I put a post on AMD's help forums and decide to call it a night... then my HD starts beeping... the one that I thought I fucking fixed! Beep beep... my computer freezes... so I flip it off and reboot and... nothing. Won't boot into windows. So, of course, I do what any normal person would do. I start crying and sobbing and pacing around the room. I flip Jonathan's compy on, try to calm down... I decide to give it a try again... nothing... and again... nothing... I unplug my media hard drive again and... it works. And here I am. Functional compy, but down all my games, music, and movies once again.
I'm calmning down now. It's really sad that so many other things I won't cry about, but when I think I won't have access to my computer, I sob openly. I guess I didn't fix the problem with my HD last time, even though I thought I did... what brough it about, I wonder? Fuck if I know... I'll have to drag Droid over here to help me figure this shite out... and abandon the motherboard thing, unless someone on the forums gives me crazy good instructions...
*sighs* Heh, maybe I shouldn't upgrade this thing and just get a 360... heh... nah... for my birthday... they might have a bigger hard drive in the works by then...

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January 13, 2006

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (That is a noise of excitement)

Mur played my essay this week over at Geek Fu! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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January 12, 2006

Let's see if this works...

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Let me tell you about my boat.

Flock crashed last time I tried to write this. Mean ol' thing. Flock is usually so good! But then again, this isn't the completed product, so I suppose I shouldn't be suprised about having it crash once, hm?
We played a very hardcore game of Pirates tonight. I thought I was doing pretty good as I ganked an island in the middle full of gold with my fort, as well as emptying several other islands... but after a terrible roll on my part followed by the first time Justin Spaeth ever successfully hit something ever in a Pirates game, my Paradis de la Mer fell, and I lost over half my gold. Buchhiet ended up winning with a large gold collection of 25. I wasn't paying attention to him, I have no idea how he managed to get that much gold. I assume he used things like "Pirate Ships" which "explored wild islands" but again, can't be sure.
I love my fort (And apparently it's a common! Damn, but that's a good fort for a common...), but I also love my ships, and, randomly, I think I'm going to show them off, or at least my "core" fleet. First, the ones I shoot stuff with. My huge five-mast ship is the HMS Lord Algernon. With it's defensive ability and collection of intense 2 cannons, it's perfect for killing. My old killing boat, which I haven't used in awhile but I think will be making a comeback, is the HMS Leicester. It's special ability is CRAZY, to say the least, if it gets the jump on someone. Both ships pretty well need the one-two combo of Captain and Helmsman crew to be truly effective, though.
My fleet will, I don't think, never be complete without the Darkhawk II. This ship is amazing for taking treasure, which is usually where my strategy takes me (with a little fighting to draw attention away from my treasure-gathering ships... I went all treasure-gathers once and BAM, death). Although at maximum usefulness with Helmsman and Explorer on board (still leaving a crazy 6 cargo slots for booty), it's still fine without it, and, on top of it all, has fairly good guns to boot! This ship wins me games, hands down.
The last ship I use fairly regularly would be the HMS Algiers. Pricy, yes, but I'm a lucky bastard so, usually, it's special ability comes into play. And it's guns are very nice for sniping next to a bigger ship to help absorb hits. Honestly, I should probably leave it at home a bit more often, heh, but I enjoy it too much.
Those are my core ships... I honestly use the Cazador del Pirata fairly often as well as a ship with a large cargo that isn't useless in battle, but I'd be willing to part with it... what I really wish I had are some of the good small cargo ships, like Spants' Banshee's Cry or Crimson Coast's L'Intrepide. Those would be awesome to have... some more crew would be nice, too. But oh well. The thing about Pirates is you can buy... say... 10 packs... and then never really feel the need to buy any more. You can, but you don't NEED to. You already have a variety of ships to use to make just about any strategy work fairly decently. And I don't feel the urge to buy more. But I love the game.

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January 10, 2006


Dude! A new Dystopia update occurred, apparently. The unoffical amazing map, Dys_fortress, is now offical, and they added a new map I can't wait to try, Dys_silo. I'll have to get on after work! Whoo! But seriously, if you have HL2 and don't have Dystopia, you're doing yourself a disservice, it's fun as fuck.

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Words are random and wonderful.

Now THAT is pretty exciting news. ^_^ I mean, you can't get more basic than Tetris, but 4 players on the Wifi Connection? Nothing fucking wrong with that!
I'm currently watching more Battlestar: Galactica. It's a really damn good show. People aren't lying when they say it is, so, you know, if you're even vaguely interested in it, definately give it a view! I dunno about the opening sequence, though, it's pretty cheesy and stupid (I say this as I watch it again).
Also, I finished the book Brer got me for Chrissymas last night, "The Eyre Affair"? I was sorta complaining about it a bit in the beginning, as there were little conceits that I found unrealistic (but that's why they're conceits!) and just... the manner in which I knew basically nothing about this world and nothing was explained to me... but by the end, all that was out of my mind and I was simply enjoying it. ^_^ It was good stuff. I've said it before and I'll say it again, my Brer has good tastes. I'm going to start reading "Dress Your Family in Codouroy and Denim" tonight at work... yay? I can't spell.

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January 09, 2006

I'm not a complete loser! I wrote stuff!

A little late, but I posted two things over at Poetfox.com thus completing successfully the first week of my New Years Resolution. The Nanofic is old, and if you search the blog here, you can find it, but I still like it. It's called "Palm of His Hand." The essay is entitled, at least for now, "Jesus is my Shuffler." It has nothing to do with Jesus but everything to do with cards and them being dealt from on high, cause that would make the world a better place. Check them out if you read my shite. Still coming soon, an essay about Freeze Frame and my brother being better at being my friends friend than me, and Romantic Subplot, and my WriMo novel, now titled Every Other Day I Love You, and another work of Nanofiction my brain is percolating on... I'm going to keep writing things, dammit!
(Brer, you did cheer me up, see? I wrote stuff and am cursing for fun and everything! Heh...)
I might have aquired the new Goldfrapp album... it's... totally listenable, but besides Ooh La La, it's not... TOO amazing. Heh. ^_^ But not bad, not bad... I like Satin Chic... and I could see Ride A White Horse growing on me...
Oh, random thought, Mur was saying she was going to maybe play other people's essays when she's sick and doesn't write one on Geek Fu Action Grip? So I recorded one of my old ones I'm proud of. To listen to the vocal version of The Amazing, Exciting Potential, you know, click here. I'm going to create a slightly edited version for my parents to listen to... if, you know, they even care about what I write... heh...

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January 08, 2006

"And now... his life goal... is to produce super strains... of soybeans...?"

I'm probably crazy, but I do find this entertaining. Then again, I just find the rant itself entertaining. I found it entertaining the first time I listened to it, and the little scribbles certianly don't hurt, you know? I was saddened they enjoyed King Kong, though. They are free to have their opinions, of course, but normally I agree with what they say, and, you know, since they do so much... I dunno... insulting of things, it does help if you're on their side as far as the entertainment value is concerned. I still enjoyed listening to them, though? I dunno. I should read their comic sometime too, honestly... I read the first couple of pages and then never got back to it. It had potential.
Draft tommorow. Huzzah? Huzzah. Magic is a fun game.
I'd write about feelings and stuff but I'm just in a bad mood to write about such things, so... yup. Have a nice night.

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January 06, 2006

I is part of the Democratic Process!

Fellow Missourians, I dunno if you've seen this, which Brer just showed me on Game Politics or whatnot, but it's very retarbid. It makes me wonder what people are thinking... do they not see the courts shooting these laws down in other states? What makes them think these are any different? Eh, fuck, I dunno. But I actually took a stand and called the guy's office. He said calls for and against were about half and half... so I guess it's good I gave another call to the, you know, "Fuck no!" side. It's not that I want all children to play GTA, of course. Even I don't play GTA. But it's a horrid double standard to impose these sorts of restrictions on this new media, and you know, if you do things like this you are just giving parents even more of an excuse not to get involved. Video Games are like any other media, mann! Give them respect!
I'm sure that paragraph of explaination why I was against the law was very sad. I did not do crazy research like Brer and write a pretty paper. Heh. But if you start labelling games as evil, even in the most restricted, sensible kind of ways, you put down the whole medium, you know? I dunno. But it was sort of exciting calling and talking to Nice Guy Ted who was telling me there was quite a bit of buzz on both sides about it and please don't hate Congressman you don't really care too much about! Heh heh. And surely that couple of minutes of phone call had more effect than an e-mail would have. Phone-callinz take more work!
I made two New Year's Resolutions, one is sorta... whatever, one is something I will need to work on. This amazing 2000 and 6th year I will create something every week (blogposts and Crappy Assts don't count) and I will read books during breaks at work. That's my resolutions. More upbeat than "become yourself" like it has been for the past couple of years, not that I've succeeded yet... heh... anyway...

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January 05, 2006

Podcastaways! (That has little to do with this post, but it's ALMOST witty. It just came to me!)

Diz-am! Not working all week means there is alot of podcasts to catch up on! Heh. Not that I'm complaining... TWiT and Wingin' It and Escape Pod, oh my! ^_^ It'll be hawt.
Escape Pod was having a poll for their best story of 2005 aka since they started. I looked at the selections... now, there isn't an Escape Pod story I ever DISliked. Some I thought were sorta... eh. Seamstress, that was eh, but listenable in a "I need to be entertained while working" sort of enviroment (And I think part of that was the girl who read it... she's read a couple, and I... I dunno, her voice is boring! I'm sorry, person! I just think it is!). I suggest you listen to ALL of the back-episodes if you wanna get your audio sci fi short story fix, you won't be disappointed. But in trying to pick the best one, I was kinda... I dunno. It was hard. I looked over the choices there and I enjoyed them all! But when I thought really hard, my two favorites had to be either The Deathtrap of Dr. Nefario (partially for nostalgic reasons, as that's the first Escape Pod I listened to, and partially because it takes a funny but realistic premise and does it very well and partially because they had good voice-acting work on that one. Heh.) and The Dream Factory (because the voice and guy they picked to do the voice was PERFECT! You could not have gotten more perfect. The story wasn't necessarily above and beyond the other wonderful entries, but the voice work was so amazing it just... shot it out of the park!). The Dream Factory wasn't on the list, so Deathtrap it was. I also beat Ecks into listening to it. He'll love it. It's tough love.
As you can or can't see, I am still happy! Yay! I have also figured out how to not make those big spaces in between paragraphs (unless I want to) in the Flock blogger, so huzzah! Flock is so exactly like Firefox only with extra stuffs that I appreciate, so... you know. I'm using it full time now. It's probably not for you, but, you know, if it sounds interesting do give it a download.

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I'm happy.

I have worried all day about this and that and being useless and being a loser, sitting here at my computer... even though it's what I enjoy doing, you know, want to do and such... I worried all day about it... and then Brer gets on, and we spend the night together, and I sit here and I realize that he has made me truly happy. I force myself to be happy all the time. I'm often entertained or distracted. But being really happy, at least with my definition, doesn't happen very often... heh... at least, not outside of a hug or a TMBG concert... but he's gone to bed, and I am still... just... glowing... it's crazy... heh... *sighs...* I love him.
Okay, enough loveydovey stuff... I just... it seems to important to save this moment... because... it really doesn't happen often... so... yeah...

I actually work tommorow! SHOCKU! Off to do the stupid stuff I do late at night whee!

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January 04, 2006

I usually go with a medium heal-based loadout...

You can see my Dystopia stats right here. I find it fairly interesting, you know? It literally tracks everything and on any server I play on. I think that's amazing. As you can see, I spend alot of energy on TAC scans and Mediplants, which isn't suprising to me since those are very support-oriented implants (The Mediplant has the added bonus of keeping me alive longer during my many Kamakaze moments). What sorta shocks me is that I have had, in my... apparently 6 hours of play, 108 headshots! That's like... 2/3rds of my kills! Heh... pretty nice. Then again, my death to kill ratio is a mere 61%... eh heh... I like to think I still made a difference, even when I died retardedly. Apparently I haven't gotten any objectives, though, which I think is bullshit because I know I destroyed the firewall in Dys_Fortress at least once... also, I know I had one Cyber-kill. Eh... oh well. It's still pretty nifty to see all the numbers like that.
I don't really know what I'm going to do this year... I really don't... and that scared me quite a bit today... and I really shouldn't have brought it up because it'll just make it harder for me to go to sleep... *sighs* Oh well, so it goes. Heh... Brer liked my present, so that's good, and the mic sounds awesome. ^_^ I can't wait to make so much more use of it!
I also watched all of the first season of Extras today. It was fucking HILARIOUS! I'm sure we kept my parents up much later than we should have... but it's just great. I highly recommend it. I haven't watched yesterday's Arrested yet, though. I should do that tommorow, among other things.
So... yeah, I guess that was me today. OMG, it's so... not really all that exciting... yay... I need to... I... I dunno. I don't know.
And that's the problem.

Goodnight, world. Let's just have fun and not fucking worry tommorow, okay? That would be very nice.

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January 02, 2006

Did I do anything this year?

It's a new year... I don't really know what to say about it... last year was... last year. I have a horrid time sense (No, seriously, past a week in the past, everything I do is just a huge blur... I can remember specific things I did, but my brain files them into very helpful folders like "awhile ago," "awhile back," and "in the past." Pinpointing a month in which I did something is hard, but sometimes possible. Finding the year in which I did something? Never, ever, ever going to happen), so I can't really go over what I did or didn't do, but not alot of it was particularly important... I made up with Natalie, I started going out with Brer... I played alot of WoW. I dunno. If you really wanna know, go back through the blogposts! I mean, come on, mann! But yeah, another year has started... will I make this one as pointless as the last? Probably. You never know.

New Crappy Asst up, along with some of the promo spots we've been doing. Give it a listen if you're bored.

I dunno if I like how Flock puts the little spaces in between my paragraphs... I think I'd rather have them be the non-spaced paragraphs like before... maybe I can find a setting for that somewhere... Eh, fuck it for now, though. This one will once again have the spaces!

I saw a thing on Digg about all the Source mods out there, and I was wondering about that myself, so I checked them out. This SourceForts mod seems just incredibly fucking sweet if it works like I think it should (I'm going to try it out after this), and this Dystopiathing looks like it would be pretty nifty if, you know, I knew what I was doing, etc. Rob at work was telling me about this Zombie Panic which doesn't have a Source version yet, but honestly does sound pretty sweet... anyway, we'll see what I can find and do and stuff and stuff and stuff... and stuff... Happy late New Year.

Edit: SourceForts I could not get in a good game of... and the contruction with the Gravity Gun is really kinda iffy... I dunno. Great idea, but... I dunno. I'll have to try again sometime. But I played that Dystopia? Damn, that was awesome! It's like UT's Assault mode, which I love, only with classes and a variety of different abilities and customizable loadout and shite. I highly recommend it. I'm fairly good at the shooting and the healing, and the shooting while healing, from my experience. This comes as no suprise to me. The other stuff, not so much... I tried some hacking near the end, and I was getting my butt beat down in cyberspace. Heh. Anyway, time to attempt to sleep... goodnight.

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