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February 28, 2006

Alexis Long with the DS Bloglicious Update!

Ooooooooh, excitingness on the DS! Check it! That's soon, mann! And this nice little blogthing here describes the Prime Hunters... it'll be hawt, mann! HAWT! Spants, Droib and I still haven't all gotten together for our big Mario Kart DS action thingy, though... oh well! Now to look for infor on Tetris DS. I need that shite, too!

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The Headphones Situation

So, yeah, nothing in my ears at work. I talked to Karen last night before my shift, and she confirmed it. Not even one. Nothing in my ears. I was pretty mad, but as she told the story as of why I got significantly less angry. Apparently her and Rodney (the main guy for the Cape Girardeau) went all the way to Corporate (on the phone, heh, not in person) trying to get permission for me to use headphones. Me. I'm the only one on ad set who does. They went to alot of trouble just for me! That was crazily nice of them.
In any case, though, no headphones in the ears. I started getting major depressed quick, so I did sort of "cheat" and listen anyway... I fed the cord up through my shirt and wrapped the cord around one ear so the buds sorta dangled near enough to one ear so I could hear. I don't think Kathy noticed I was listening, or if she did she was nice enough not to care. In any case, I'm going to make a trip today for find a small speaker for my player that I can clip to one of my big pockets or something. I definately won't be able to listen while customers are around, but afterwards I should be good to go. They can't say that would be more distracting than the retarded-ass music they have blaring all night. Plus, you know, if I work with someone perhaps they would enjoy listening to something different with me. I know the new girl I was working with that I told I was listening to stuff wanted to listen to Claybourne with me. Heh.Which lasted all night, by the way, and is so incredibly soap-opera-y... heh heh... I love it.

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February 27, 2006

A Moor Complete Post (Okay, not really)

My back and my knee are hurting like fucking CRAZY! Seriously, it's insane the amount of pain they are giving me at the moment. I am not looking forward to the bending over to sticker things I will be doing all night long if this keeps up. Good lord. I wish I knew why it felt all shitty like that, but I really have little to no clue.
Other thoughts, after finding Arkham Horror for a good 20 dollars off what I thought I was going to pay using the amazingness of Froogle, I totally ordered it. I just hope everyone enjoys it.
Do you know what's awesome? Gummy worms of the sour neon variety... I eat too much candy.

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Initial Beatmania Thoughts

1) I haven't figured out a good control setup for the game yet. The keyboard makes a bad music keyboard
2) The game is crazily hard even on easy.
3) It takes forever to boot up.

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February 26, 2006

No, not Whore-or. (Although I am a rules whore)

They're trying to stop my MP3 playerage at work. Well, I'm thinking outside the box, mann! I need me podcasts!
Friends who I play games with of the board variety, what do you think of this? A little complicated, but I think it's cool... would you learn it? Play it? Kick butt in it? Let me know. I will bother you about it.
And yeah, it's Mur's fault I was looking at it.
Oh, and I finally finished Naked. About daymn time. Off to bed now.

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February 25, 2006


Okay. Blogging time. Time to blog. Yup.
Okay, so there is a new build of Flock up? And I really like Flock, it's like Firefox + Everything else I use. The only reason I do not have the new version installed is that it tells me, when installing the new version, to uninstall this one and lose all my settings. This is something I really don't want to do or don't feel like doing... so I'll stick with this version for awhile longer... (this one is supposed to auto-update anyway! Mean thing.)
I "watched" Blade Runner tonight. It's in the quotes because I slept through some of it. This is purely my fault, as I laid down to watch it. I don't really sleep enough, and basically any time I am laying down for any slightly extended period of time I at least doze off. In any case I didn't know it starred Harrison Ford. I also didn't get this shirt from this comic before I watched it, mostly because I wasn't paying attention. Stupid me.
Fact: Mad TV does not fill the void that losing SNL reruns brought to Comedy Central. Not that they don't have some awesome stuff *cough*ColbertReport*cough* still, it's just not the same with the shitty Mad TV filling gaps of time without a scheduled show instead of SNL. Sure, SNL has it's low points, but it's low points are generally more entertaining than 95% of Mad TV.
Superhuge MAME torrent is... 73% done. I have added some additonal downloads to it, so that did slow it down a bit... I decided I wanted Killer Instinct... heh... it's slow, but getting there! In other MAME news, I've beating every Metal Slug that MAME can emulate besides Metal Slug 5, which supposedly exists but I can't locate. Jonathan and I also beat Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. When we beat it, our Michael Jacksons turned into jets. I was suprised. I also rediscovered Rampart today. Trackballess control is less optimal, but since the game had a "joystick" version it's still very playable. I wish I knew how to set up the trackball emulation for Marble Madness, though. Oh well.
I have alot of poems I need to post, and I should really get on that. Hopefully tommorow. I'm also excited about the overnight I'm doing on Monday. Whoo! Time to catch up on podcasts, bitches!
Okay, that's sort of caught up on my stupid life... oh yeah, I was looking at Killer Bunnies, the game that Evo seems to think is so amazing. It didn't look appealing to me, and I will have to say a big reason why it doesn't is I totally hate the art. Having to set up your plays two turns in advanced is interesting, to be sure, but I don't think I can stare at that art for half an hour or whatever... and the mechanics themselves, besides the turns in advance thing, didn't pull me in enough to pay anywhere near 25 dollars for it. I'm still looking for a game that can entrance everyone into playing regularly... we need one... I'll keep searching. Or start searching. Not like I was searching that hard.
Oh, and my Unspeakable deck is SLOW. It does nothing but, if I'm lucky, attack with Genju of the Falls for the first 6 turns. I need to figure out something else to do early game (although Genju of the Falls was a great start, and why I put that in there, I need... blockers. Or something. Maybe Kaijin of the Vanishing Touch...? I dunno.)

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February 23, 2006

What does the P.O.W. have in his boxers for me this time?

Okay, I just beat Metal Slug X. It told me how many continues I used when I finished, so I can say that would have spent $9.75 beating the game in the arcade. EXCITING! I was pretty proud of my little computer too... earlier, Spants and I were both playing Metal Slug (yay for two gamepads!), and there was very minimal lag, even with a million billion things going on (Metal Slug, if you haven't played it for some totally obscene crazy reason, can get very crazy) and chat windows and shite up on my other screen. It was neat.

Here is where I was going to start writing something depressing, but have decided against it.

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February 22, 2006

In which I talk about the 360 controller for way too long.

Hey, look! A game for the PSP that people would want to buy! Even if it is just a rerelease, at least it's of actually good games...
So, okay, what have I been doing, been awhile since I blogged. Nothing. I've been doing nothing. I bought an Xbox 360 controller because I like the controller and I wanted a better controller for the MAME fighters, and the 360 directional pad is alot better than the one on the dual action. Plus, now I can play 2 players in stuff without using the keyboard. Plus, when I aquire a 360 (which, honestly, I hope is far in the future, after at least one price drop. We'll see if my resolve holds... although I will say, when I bought the controller, Best Buy did have a 360 in stock, just sitting there, and I resisted. Good for me.) then I'll have a second controller. A wired one, yes, but who the fuck cares if it's wired? I don't. Well, okay, I'm looking forward to having one wireless controller, but for multiplayer, the second one being wired likely won't matter. The 360 wireless controllers are honestly amazingly cool, though... they turn off when the system turns off (Which is the reason I've never had wireless controllers in the past... because I would never turn them off and they'd die), the system warns you when the batteries are low in them, and you can turn the system on with them, like a crazy remote. I mean, that's smooth.
I did a presentation last night, and it went decently. I don't know if my list of questions were thought-provoking enough, as the class got out earlier than usual... however, I mean, it was four essays on the exact same thing, what else could we have talked about? I dunno.
Yeah, um, back to me game.

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February 19, 2006


Yeah, so, I just beat Turtles in Time. Why? Fuck if I know. I just did, mann! Estimated amount of money I would have spent if I had really been in an arcade, at least 20 bucks. At least.
Moments ago, I almost gave in and bought an arcade stick. But I resisted. I told myself "Hey, you know what? Your problem is you don't like the D-pad on your gamepad. You could get ANOTHER gamepad with a D-pad you do like for 20-30 dollars, and then you would have TWO gamepads and could play multiplayer. You will also have saved SHITLOADS OF CASH!" So, yeah, I didn't get it. Good for me.
That story was totally not interesting. I RULE! I TELL STUPID STORIES!
So, if you have a PSP, you owe it to yourself to book mark this on it, cause it's fucking awesome. I put it on my PSP start page for myself... I think it even works better in a normal browser than AIM Express, although I haven't tried it... Brer is going to, though, so I'll let you know. But it works great on the PSP, besides the typing issue (USB Keyboard, where art thou???), though it uses two of your three tabs... although I dunno why you would use tabs on the PSP browser at all, as you can do one thing sorta okay, but I couldn't imagine doing more than one. But yeah, you can flip between the chat window (where every conversation you're having is tabbed, if you can keep up with more than one on Cellphone keyboard) and your buddy list and yeah, exciting.
I am listening to this interview with Neil Gaiman on the DVD for Mirrormask and it's amazingly boring. Huh.

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Some thoughts of last night, written by me, for someone to read.

It's a grandmother food day. Yay? Yay.
Okay, watched MirrorMask last night. It was everything I had expected it to be, meaning it was good. So, you know, if you need a movie to watch I highly recommend it. Apparently Ecks is all down on the Gaiman because he's not hip or something. Silly boy, depriving himself of awesome...
The watching of the movie also spawned the creation of one of the worst euphemisms (is that spelled right?) ever created by mankind. We find it's more effective describing impotence, though.
Something about my torrent just dislikes my browsing habits. I don't remember torrenting ever screwing up browsing quite this much... but it'll be worth it, mann. Beatmania! It's about 50 percent done. Estimated time of being done is like in two days. Whee!
That's pretty retarded.

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February 18, 2006

You should see this video. Also, I'm an emotional bitch.

That is totally fucking awesome. I need to make Spaeth play Phoenix Wright still...
I have been ranting and keeping Brer up all night... and it was all fairly retarded, and I'm going to try to calm down now. Bye!

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February 17, 2006

I have been MAMEd. (I am so fucking witty)

I've spent most of the day playing with MAME. Why? Fuck if I know. Oh yeah, I remember, I wanted to play JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. Well, MAME doesn't do that. At least not yet. (When it does, I'm prepared... if I remember to check for updates.) But anyway, so after that screwed up I spent the rest of the day playing with MAME and random games... fighters, mostly... and I learned my otherwise fucking awesome 20 dollar gamepad sucks BALLS at fighters. BALLS. It is fucking impossible to do the uppercut motion, and the hadouken motion is pretty tough, too. So I thought "Well, maybe they have a decently priced arcade stick online. Surely lots of people use MAME, right?" and I was totally wrong. There's a pretty nice one that has places for players one and two but it's like 125 fucking dollars. Balls. BALLS, I SAY!
The good news is, though, that it can play Beatmania. BEATMANI, BAYBEE! All I have to do is wait for this godawfulslow torrent to finish torrenting. GOD AWFUL SLOW! And then Beatmani. Hawt.
Other MAME-related things I have learned: I should stick with Puzzle League because I suck at Bust-A-Move. I also suck at Spy Hunter. Windjammer was a random game I remembered in a NeoGeo machine back in the day, and it's pretty damn cool, for only using a Joystick and a button. Mai is only really useful when I can use her uppercut explosion-keepaway-thing. I don't think the classic X-Men arcade game emulated has the classic "X, Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh- X-men... X, X, X!"
The end.

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February 16, 2006

This is a blog entry about what I did today lol!

Sometimes, I wonder if I have thoughts. And if I have thoughts, if I shouldn't record them on some sort of... blog... of some sort...
So the UFS (Universal Fighting System) is, I think the agreement is, "Pointlessly Complicated." There is just so much jargon and stuff that doesn't need to be there. I'm not necessarily saying I could make a better card game, but I think it needs to be simpler, to be sure. The Penny Arcade art on the cards is pretty cool, though, and the superhigh quality deckboxes they came in they should really sell separately, cause those things are fucking sweet! Seriously. I'm probably going to cannibalize them for Magic decks.
I played a wee bit of Guild Wars today... and I played a wee bit of this old game Brer pointed me towards called Betrayal at Krondor today... and Dai showed off hir Second Life stuff to me for a little bit today... and I played 18 holes of Albatross with Essner today... isn't my day exciting? No? Yeah, it's pretty retarbid. But it'll be better! Or something! In t3h FUTAR!

I was going to type up some poems today, but I didn't... so I'll do it tommorow. Heh. So look forward to that shite. One of them is a poem where I tried to do something cute. It didn't turn out too well, and yet I'm posting it anyway. Tommorow. Maybe.

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February 15, 2006

Should I talk about Feelinz?

I talk alot on here about... you know... what I think is cool (like, say, The Ricky Gervais Show) and what stupid projects I am working on or have completed, but I really don't talk about my feelings very much on here anymore. It's mostly because people, I dunno, that see me everyday now, apparently, look at this on occasion, so I worry about speaking my mind. I don't want to do any sort of... passive agressive attacks on people. But at the same time, it would be nice to write about my feelings more. Probably wouldn't make an interesting blog, but... I dunno. Do I care about making an interesting blog? Do I care about people reading it? Fuck if I know.
I keep making the rounds about town to see if anyone has a 360 in to buy. This is not really a smart move on my part, but I continue to do it. I just... I've been really more down on myself lately, all my stupid mumbling and whatnot, and I just feel like if I had something that I knew could draw me away, that I wanted to do more than sitting in front of the computer without anything to do, then, you know, I could distract myself when I started to do that shite. Would the 360 do this? Honestly, unlikely... I really don't play console games much anymore... and yet, I still want one. I'm retarded. I'd probably get better results using the money to upgrade or totally redo my PC... but even that, you know... probably wouldn't be worth the money... I should save it... or, I dunno... kill someone... or me... or something. And then hire a good lawyer.

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February 13, 2006


I'm sorry, but even though I don't play WoW, I think this WoW Valentine paper is amazingly awesome and festive. Poor Wind Rider. But damn, those in-love Tauren are cute. In other WoW news, Jonathan isn't doing the Valentine's event. The bitch.
I'm going to be crazy fucking busy tommorow. No Valentine's time for me... but that's why I'm having some nice Valentine with Brer now... heh... and hopefully we can have some Wednesday, too... it'll be doubled! Maybe... heh... well, whatever happens, I'm happy with Brer. I'm also proud of myself of not hesitating to mention him when people were talking about what they got their girlfriends for Valentines at work. Not going to go into more details, but, you know. Felt like repentance, a little, from being nervous on the phone with him around my friends... then again, why can I tell the people at work and not my friends...? I dunno.
Essner is really enjoying the Albatross. Or at least he seems to be, as we're playing a couple rounds every night. Doesn't bother me, more pang is always nice. Heh... you should play too, dammit!
Seriously, though, I need a new game... what the fuck has come out besides Chibi Robo? Nothing? Probably nothing. Would I play Chibi Robo enough to be worth 50 dollars? Never. I dunno what to do, mann! Besides golf... and enjoy the company of my boyfriend, of course...

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February 12, 2006

And that's enough to make me high on you.

My torrenting isn't working FOR NO FUCKING REASON. And I am pissed. I'll figure it out later.
I realized at work that I'm not going to be able to see Brer on Valentine's day, most likely. This completely and utterly sucks.
I found this podcast radio drama. It's called Claybourne and it apparently originally aired on the radio in New Zeland but is now being played in podcast form. It's good enough to listen to, to be sure. I'm going to finish downloading all the back episodes now.

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February 10, 2006

I worked a, like, 11 hour shift. Give me a cookie.

Hi there! It's four in the morning! I just got home from work! 5 in the evening until 4 in the morning shift, mann! That's some nice monies... and stuff. But also makes me wonder if I should even take the time to go to bed. I mean, seriously.
I had a short story idea at work. I dunno if I will write it, though, because it is so very... I dunno. Obvious, maybe? Bent to my own personal view and situation? But we'll see. If I feel up to it tommorow and it turns out well, I'll let you know.
Guess I'll try to sleep now. All the good late night shows are over already, though. SUX0RZ!

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February 09, 2006

Sabertooth Games are good peoples.

Wow. I must say I'm impressed. Tycho mentioned that, you know, I could e-mail the people at the Sabertooth Games and they would send me demo decks. I thought that was crazy, honestly, that he would open up the floodgates to the poor little company and barrage them with e-mails... and yet, here I am, just getting an e-mail saying "It's no trouble! I'll stick them in the mail!" I must say, I'm wowed. Way to be Sabertooth people. I already bought your Penny Arcade box, so, um... you get some of my money. Heh. But, damn, you're awesome to do that. I wonder if they'll send me both the Taki deck and the Chun Li deck... or just one...? Either way, they're still awesome. I just hope their UFS is as awesome as they are.

I have a test soon. I don't get to talk to Brer much today. Both of these sadden me. I hope the test isn't too bad. I mean, for once I've actually read everything the test is over... but I tend to be overly wordy on these lit tests and run out of time... we'll see, I suppose...

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February 08, 2006


So yesterday, my mom comes up to me and goes "Hey. Hey. Would you like 200 dollars? Hey. Hey. Have 200 dollars." And I'm like "Um... okay?" She only ended up giving me 130. I'm still totally confused as to why she suddenly wanted to give me money to buy a new TV, but I did. It's huge. Alot bigger than I need in my room. But I'm like, "Hmm, okay... I got this one 15 inch one... or this flat screen 20 inch for cheaper... hmm..." So I have a pretty big flat screen TV in my room that I got for a hundred and four dollars. Yay? And I still have money left over for lunch. Yay!
It's snowing today. It's crazy. Shouldn't I have been warned or something? Daymn.
I've successfully resisted the GP2X, by the way, even though it is pretty cool. I wouldn't use it enough. I was going to download Mame and some King of Fighters action just for on the compy, but then I decided against that too. *shrugs* I have KoF '99 for my Dreamcast somewhere... and Capcom Vs. SNK 2 somewhere...
I always wonder about like... arcade sticks. I play fighters on a quasiregular basis, but I always just use a gamepad... I've obviously played games in arcades with their sticks (I wish our shitty arcade still had JoJo's Venture... I also wish I owned it on Dreamcast), and I mean, it was nice... but is the arcade stick at home really going to improve my game? Unlikely. I'm not THAT obsessed. Heh.
So, simply because I am in love with Steam and I haven't played one of those kinds of games since... Alpha Centauri... and before that Acendancy, which is an old school DOS game that most of the world hasn't heard of... anyway, I'm playing that new Space Empires IV game that's on Steam. It's like Acendancy after years of making the genre more complicated. I'm never very combative in these games... my first campaign is going alright, I suppose. The one thing I like the most about this game? It plays in the full screen... but it's a windowed full screen. I can just slide my mouse to the side of the screen and it slides over into the other one without any issue or problem or alt-tabbing or anything. It's fucking awesome. Great game to play while chatting, especailly since, being fully turn-based, I can be distracted from it for as long as I want. Yay! If there is someone out there who got it as well and wants to start a PBEM campaign, let me know? I doubt such a person is out there, but... heh... can't hurt to ask.
Alpha Centauri... I loved that game. I dunno why. I can barely stand Civilization, really. And it was Civ in space. But I loved it. I always played the Gaians or the Nature lover people or whatever the hell they were called. I did this because I felt bad for them, because every game I played when I was another faction, they died within the first 10 turns. So I would become them and I would focus solely on sea bases and I would use Psi-stuff because I got a bonus to it and it always seemed like I was fighting The Hive or the Bible people, who tend to be very suspectable to the Psi-ness. And it was fun. And that was my Alpha Centauri storyishness. I played it online once. I lost badly. Heh.
I'm off tonight. Thee. Enduh.

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February 07, 2006

Oh nos, the seduction!

Thsi is bad. I'm getting seduced. What by this time? The GP2X. Having the ultimate emulator in my pocket... that would be cool. Only problem is I'm not a retrogamer! I don't sit around on my computer and play SNES games... would I be more likely to on the go? And would it be worth 200 or so dollars? I don't know. Probably not. We'll see if I resist. I'm going to read more about it. For now, though, I guess I should go to class. I'm mostly unprepared for it, but I did my assignment and showing up gets me bonuses and stuff so... off I gooooooooooo!

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February 06, 2006

See, he's a robot, and he's small...

Okay, random link time. It's a link to a blog. You should see it.
So apparently Chibi Robo is coming out tommorow? Why didn't someone tell me? Quirky overly-cute puzzle platformer? I am so fucking there. Well, probably. I would be more there if it was selling at a budget price... I don't think it is. I would seriously be waiting at EB, though, if it was just a little cheaper. Don't be suprised if I get it, though, after I wait for more reviews to come in. I dunno what the hell is up with the "plug into adventure" thing, though. That's fairly retarded. But, you know, whatever. If it lets them sell more and make more monies, then good for them.
Okay, looking at the Chibi Robo website, right? One thing Nintendo keeps doing, and it's sort of annoying? You have to play their little games to get any sort of downloads from them. That's unfortunate, really... I mean, it's cool they come up with these little games and stuff? But, you know... that's sort of... it's annoying that I have to waste time playing their little games to get a wallpaper if I want to or whatever, you know? Not that I necessarily want to... but... you know.
Just saw the end of Being John Malkovitch again... I like the film, but the ending always really depresses me. It's far from a happy ending... I mean, it is, sort of... but it's also so... cruel, you know? Eh, it's realistic... that's what makes the whole thing good.
Okay, class and stuff BLAAAAAAAH... bye!

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February 03, 2006

Seriously, Blizzard. I loved you.

Oh come on, mann. Blizzard. Come on. Don't be like that.

On a happier note... I GOTTA HOLE IN ONE, BITCHES!

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February 02, 2006

We should all just read blogs and be happy.

I'm really craving a game to play. I mean, I dunno why. I could be playing any number of games... I still need to finish up Final Fantasy IV for instance. But that doesn't do it for me... I want something to play while I'm chatting. Something that will draw me in a bit more than Albatross... I dunno, mann... part of me wanting a game involves me dreaming of a 360 hooked up to the TV over there and me playing wirelessly over here, but that's a terrible idea. I really don't need one. I mean, I'm going to end up with one. I do with everything I get this obsessed with. It happens. But luckily, thanks to the price point, I can keep holding off for awhile, at least.
So my TV in my room died today. Just totally died. Won't turn on. Can't do shite. Dead as a doornail. Mom tells me to steal Jonathan's. Yeah, that'll show him to move out. I haven't stolen it yet, but I probably will before I go to bed.
Had something else to say... um... nope, it's gone. Bye! No... wait... new Crappy Asst up. Yeah, okay. There we go. Later!

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