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March 31, 2006

Working is good. Working with cards, that would be better.

Ad set is getting over way too quickly... I'm going to be not earning money... I mean, I dunno, it's not like I'm hurt for cash but I just... I should be earning money, it's not like I'm doing anything else. And I have ONE NIGHT OF WORK NEXT WEEK! One! That's, at most, 5 hours of work. Did they hire people for the truck crew, too? Will I never, ever, ever have hours again? I am very saddened and I hope this is not a continuing trend.
I beat Metal Gear Ac!d 2. A fitting sequal overall. Things I wish they could have fixed in the sequal... um... how easy it is to smudge a PSP screen (okay, yeah, they couldn't have done much about that)... the inability to save decklists. The deck editor is okay, but without being able to save decklists it really makes you NOT want to specialize your deck for specific levels, because then you'd have to labor to set it back to normal for the next level... I don't find that fun. My memory stick has plenty of space, and I mean, hell, it would only be a text file. Let me save Snake's deck before I make a "Metal Gear Killer" deck, so that when I'm back to shooting random guards, I can switch back real fast! Things I liked... um... cards. ^_^ And the Arena mode. I can't replay through the game in Hard mode, because then I would have to sneak. I can't do that. Sorry. But this Arena mode, well, it throws just Snake into a random level with two random cardified bosses from the Metal Gear universe. So far I've faced Ocelot, Fortune, The End... and two guys who I am not sure of on the names. One I am fairly sure was Liquid Snake (he had some incredibly bastardish pistol cards). The other guy... I have no fucking clue. He kept doing these crazy knife attacks on me, though. Anyway, that mode is quite a good way to get my cardgame on. ^_^ I like it.
I'm sad about Mei Ling's card. It's useless in most levels, like Marionette Owl (Another card I wish was better. I dunno, I have something for the GBC Metal Gear bosses. ^_^). I want it to like... screw up enemies vision or something... cause of... um... "Too much harmonic resonance." Heh... Also, when I beat the game it gave me a Solid Snake (MGS4) card. And I'm utterly confused by it. I have no idea what it does. It has 4 cost and lets me move three spaces... and that's... complete and utter bullshit. That's like the worst card in the game, if that's all it does. And there are some pretty useless cards *cough*MetalGearMk.II*cough* for it to compete with...

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March 29, 2006

This is a test of the emergency MP: Hunters Stats System

Awesome, it works. Thanks, Joystiq! Heh.

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March 28, 2006

I'm 12312th in the Overall Metroid rankings! Almost there!

After I write this post, I'm going to look up with the black weapon pickup is. I know it always gives me the Battlehammer, which I am very grateful for. The stats aren't lying when it says it's my favorite weapon. It's like a grenade launcher that explodes when it hits the ground and does a bit of splash damage. Not as much as the missle, but enough to help someone who sucks like myself, and not enough to suicide myself when fighting at closer range. Anyway, my guesses are A) it gives you your favorite weapon. This seems sort of... like it wouldn't work, though. Especially people who would work really really hard to get the game to think the Vindicator (I think that's the name of the sniper beam) and the Omega Weapon as their favorite weapon. B) it gives you the favorite weapon of the hunter you picked. This seems wrong too, as it lists Samus's favorite weapon as the missle, so someone playing Samus would get the shaft. C) it gives you all the weapons, and switches to the Battlehammer because that's my favorite weapon. This seems like a possibility. It's really hard to switch between your third weapon types quickly and plus, I've never had any want or need to switch off the Battlehammer. Okay, those are my guesses. Time to go check the manual... drum roll, please...

And the winner is... B. But apparently, there's more to it than that. Each Hunter's affinity weapon has a special effect for them only. The explodyness that I love about the Battlehammer? That only happens on Weavel, the hunter I use. Samus's Missles have homing capabilities, even more so when you charge them, so that's less of a shaft than I thought. It also explains why Noxus and Trace are used so often. Noxus gives a freezetheminplace effect to the Vindicator which is crazy annoyed (Trust me, I just lost a match solely because of that) and Trace ups the power with the Imperialist (which turns out to be the name of the sniper weapon. Whoops!). That explains alot. I still like Weavel, though. Yay, halfturrent! That's right, I added the n, bitches.
Wish there was an easy way to post your MP: Hunters Hunters License (read: Stats) other places than on the website via a friends link... if you're my friend... but oh well.
Let's see, other stuff... um... Dark Smifflin is making a comeback to the bowling league this summer... so people can beat us down this time... heh... or not. We won once, you never know, it might happen again. Droid is going to buy a bowling ball and shoes. I would, too, if I could get a really customized one... Essner said I should get one with my face on it in a scary expression... that would... be really scary. Heh.
Damn, that last paragraph caused me to go and look up bowling balls... as long as I'm not too picky, I've found ones on clearance I could get for like 50 dollars with free shipping... that sounds very fair to me... heh... we'll see what I do...

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March 27, 2006

This is how the plot of Metal Gear Ac!d 2 is.

Here is my quick impression of me playing Metal Gear Ac!d 2.

Wiseman: Alright, Snake. I need you and Venus to get into that facility and stop Metal Gear.
Venus: Yay, I'm going to kill everyone I have ninja stars!
Dalton: No! You don't have to kill anyone! As an Ex-FBI agent, I know that killing is wrong! You won't kill any more than you have to, will you, Snake.
Snake: ...don't worry, I'll handle it...

[Here is where I play the level and kill every single guard and don't even attempt to do any sneaking]

Dalton: Snake, Wiseman had to take a crap, so we're alone now. I can't believe he is so cold-hearted! Killing all those people!
Snake: We'll get out of this... somehow. You blackmailed me to get me in here, but now we're the best of friends and I trust you more than anyone.
B.B.: OMFG SO GAY!!!!!!!!!! :) I can hack things.
Dalton: So we've heard.
Wiseman: I'm back from the bathroom.
Dalton: So we've heard.
Wiseman: Get going, Snake and Venus. Metal Gear. Destroy. Now.

That's basically how the game goes.

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I managed to get my internets to work again tonight. Whee. I hate fighting it... Wednesday, mann! *sighs* Oh well, it'll come soon enough. And until then, I have Ac!d 2.
Ac!d 2 is awesome. Venus is an interesting character, although I don't dig her as much as Teliko. And why does every Metal Gear game have an "Oh, wait, gotta get a sniper rifle!" part to it? Or is it just every single one I've played? That's where I am, anyway. I don't know what it is about Ac!d that thrills me so, but I love this sort of exciting action and combined with cards? Woah. Babee. I must admit the fact that it links up with Substance and that Substance is like 30 bucks new makes me want it. But that would be a crazy retarded purchase, at least at the moment. I don't often get far in Metal Gear games... or console games in general recently... eh, whatever.
We bowled tonight. That hadn't happened in awhile. I did really well. We signed up for the Summer League again. Dark Smifflin will rise again!

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March 25, 2006

Back from the Internetless, Birthdayful Void

So my internet was down like crazy. I was mad. Oh well. It's up now, and hopefully will stay up until the guy comes to replace my modem on Wednesday.
I have thus far played one online game of Tetris DS and one online game of MP: Hunters. I lost at both, only really really badly at Hunters. In my defense, it was a one on one match and was my first game. But damn, I got SCHOOLED! Also, apparently I need to do some more single player as I don't have all the hunters unlocked yet. Although the guy with the halfturrent and the hopping clawing torso feels about right to me... but damn, the other player was schooling me as Samus Morph Ball... heh... I didn't do quite so bad in my Tetris match, though I was the first knocked out. Wasn't used to what items could be thrown my way. The Lighting Bolt and the Fireball are a bitch. In any case, if you have either game, my friend codes are here. Challenge me! We can Skype it up while we play.
Should be a new Crappy Asst up, I was held up in posting it due to the internet issues. It's a small one. See what you think. I also wrote a nanofic that I haven't posted offically yet, but you can read over on Poetfox.com in the Other Stuff section. See if it's effective or not.

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March 23, 2006


Have you seen this movie? Apparently they showed it off at the Game Developers Conference... it look like they've thought of some pretty smart uses of the touch screen for the game... the part that really impressed me was the fact that it looked like once you find the map, it's obviously displayed on the top screen, but you can bring it down and make notes on it. That's something very simple and smart, and could give them excuse to set up more complicated puzzles. It would also be nice just for having to set the game down for awhile to be able to make it clear to yourself what you've done. The door thing at the beginning seems pretty standard, though... all in all, though, I'm excited. It's using Wind Waker style, which I've never had anything against (tons and tons of annoying and boring sailing for no reason? That I have something against). I'm sure I'll pick it up.
I took a nap today. Whee!
I think this particular comic is funny.

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Almost the burfdayee...

I'm listening to this podcast file that Penny Arcade has put out. They need an additional mic, and an RSS feed but they are already addressing that. I'm looking forward to putting their voices in my weekly podcast regiment that I no longer have a good place to listen to.
So we played alot of Smash Bastards tonight, as well as some Mario Soccer. I am totally out of practice at both. Tota-fucking-ly out of practice. But they're still fun games. I will say this: If you have played Mario Soccer or Tennis (I'm going to take Mario Golf out of this equation) and you hated them, you obviously have no friends. Bastard. The Mario sports games are arcade sporting at its finest, mann!
My birthday is tommorow... Another year... blah... I hope I have a nice day of it... I should make cupcakes and bring it to ad set... or is that a bad idea? "Hey look! I brought myself a birthday party!" Sounding a little sad... heh...

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March 20, 2006

Written Whilst Listening to Wingin' It 52 and molesting a panda

Hello! This is another blogpost! Huzzah!
The BloGTK on my lappy is not quite as wonderful as it could be... or is better, depending. It doesn't automatically, you know, format things. I have to put in paragraph tags and shit! Yes, this lets me have more power over how a post is formatted, but I'm so used to hitting enter and having that add a nonbreaking space (or a new paragraph in Flock unless I shiftenter)...
So this is the second night in a row I have went to bed and got on the lappy and listened to podcasts while I chat. I actually like this setup. Although it seems like my lappy is having a problem streaming the podcasts off of the iAudio... that can be fixed easily by, you know, actually listening on the MP3 player to stop the every-so-often skip... but, you know... heh... it's not too bad. Heh. This could be how I could keep caught up on me podcasts... instead of watching late night TV, I could do the podcasts! Maybe. Heh.
Today at work, work went like this.

Random Co-Worker: What are you doing here?
Me: I'm working inventory.
Random Co-Worker: Oh. Look at how you're dressed!
Me: Um, yes, I have to dress to Kohl's Dress code.

Repeat that for every single co-worker in the place. The work itself wasn't so bad. As long as you don't go into work thinking it would suck, it's not so bad... at least for me.
I wonder if my Nonbreaking Space tags are being put in correctly...

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March 19, 2006

A great night for Linux

Got the blogger working on the lappy... installed ZSNES on here and that spontaneously made my sound work again... ahh, it's a good night for the lappyness... heh...

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Pirates FTW! (That means I lost)

I have to work during the day tommorow... I know I've been complaining about it more than I should, but it just strikes me as odd that they scheduled me then. Heh. Hours are hours, though, I just dunno how it's gonna go with more people in the store than I'm used to. Maybe they'll have me inventorying the backstock... who knows, really... but I get a lunch break and I dunno what the hell I'm going to do about that... do I eat? Not eat and eat right after work? If I eat, what do I eat? Am I even going to be concious for the shift? Will I actually get to bed soon? Unlikely on that last one.
It was much too cold for CTF tonight, but, you know, the party as a whole wasn't bad. I hope everyone had fun. I'm not all that great at DDR. I don't like Smoothie Mix Skittles, but I kept eating them because my brain kept thinking "Hey! Skittles!" Ninjas lost, by the way, but the Pirates did have more people willing to go all out. And a flag that couldn't be seen too well. Eh, not going to make excuses, though. I did my diversion manuever and that's that, you know?
I feel bad that I worked so much during Brer's break... I mean, I don't think I should, perse... I need to work... more and more... I should have worked tonight, but the party was fun and I'm working an overnight tuesday to make up for it... but yeah... I just... I dunno... didn't spend enough time with him... and the time I did spend I was being pretty stupid and depressing... I dunno... hopefully he didn't mind too much... he always says it's fine but I know I have to be frustrating.
At some point soon, Droib is moving everything to a new server. He claims that he can make subaccounts on the new one and I'll have more control. Heh, I dunno if I need more control than I have now, but, you know, it's his space and stuff I've been using forever, so more power to him and I thank him for hosting all my shite.
I think I'm going to go lay down in bed... maybe listen to a podcast or two while I chat in the tub... maybe that'll get me drowsier faster...

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March 17, 2006

This is a bunch of stuff that I wrote and then published to my blog.

Draco has a place now and everything! I'm glad he managed to get everything worked out and going and stuff... heh... have to talk to him more soon... and Ecks has a new spiffy job... mann, everyone is going places... or something like that, anyway.
Me, not so much. Although I suppose if I do manage to go somewhere I'll have a nice new backpack to help transport my crepe.
So I saw V for Vendetta tonight with Essner and Petesteve. Awesome, mann. Awesome. I haven't read the comic, but the movie was very, very enjoyable and had a really good plot. I'm definately going to read the thing during my next "waste time in Barnes and Noble" run. My three movie-watching companions had read the comic, and their complaints seemed few and they definately seemed to enjoy the film as well. I personally can't believe the directors behind such "wonderful" films as Matrix: Reloaded and it's 7 minute long bullshit rave scene were behind this film.
I really have been down lately... it's all pretty stupid, I suppose. There isn't alot of point behind it but I've been having really depressed nights lately... Blah.
Also, my epoxy experiment got my chair back into a usable condition, but I know it's going to break again. I'm going to have to buy a new computer chair and it pisses me off.

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March 15, 2006

New Written Crap

Quick note before I class and then work all night (until 1:30 in the morning, if you'd like to know). I posted new stuff at Poetfox.com if you're the kind of person who cares. Read below this for my thoughts on what I've seen of Ac!d 2. Thank yahs. Bye.

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What was that noise?

Why the fuck are all the portable games I've been wanting coming out on the same day? And a week before Kingdom Hearts 2? I mean, seriously. *sighs* Oh well, maybe Jonathan will clue parents or something in and I'll end up not having to buy them all on the 21st? Heh.
This whole Ac!d 2 site is just crazy overly excited, though. Heh. I mean, just check out the opening animation, for fuck's sake. But I was looking at it and watching the trailers... although one trailer promised me "BOSSES BOSSES BOSSES!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!" (!!!!1!!1!!1 added for emphasis) it looks like there will only be about three again... a man named Vince and this weird guy who can apparently run on ceilings and who is wearing one of those Raiden-like rainhat things? And of course, the new Metal Gear. But oh well, I'll love it anyway. If nothing else, the menu system looks actually intelligent this time around, and I love the new art style. When you're working with limited resources but trying to make something look like you have more (like trying to make a PS2-like game on the PSP, for example) stylized is the way to go. I keep saying this! Or maybe it's just because I like that sort of thing... in any case, check out some of the art. That's my new background. Hardcore. I still have absolutely no idea what the fuck they were thinking with the Solid Eye 3D thing, though but, you know, I'm just happy to have a sequal that will hopefully iron out the little weirdnesses in the first. I just hope to gods they didn't take away my power to be Kamakaze, though. Heh. I had too much fun walking right up in front of a guard and unloading a couple FAMAS cards into him and all his friends, as opposed to being sneaky, which I just can't handle after awhile... that's why I never really played other Metal Gear games much... I can only take so much stealth before I just want to kill everyone. Then again, I seemed to be okay with the Splinter Cell I played... but then again, I killed most of the guys in that... I just snuck up on them first. You don't really do that in Metal Gear... or at least I didn't, anyway. You have to watch guard patterns and shite. I just want to see a guard and shoot it. SOCOM pistol card, to the head!
Also, I can tell I'm likely going to dislike Venus. I liked Teliko. This fucked up blood red miniskirt sneaking suit Venus is wearing doesn't endear me to her.
Hmm, looking through all this concept art I am finding art for additional bosses. Rock on. I like the boss battles. ^_^ There is also some art for Teliko, so she might be one of the people I talk to on Codec, which is better than no Teliko, I suppose. You got so little of her character in the first game, especially because of the little twist. This is a spoiler alert but I'm sure you don't care. Since the Teliko you had for the first half of the game was actually La Clown, you barely got to know her at all.
Anyway, I am going to enjoy Metal Gear Ac!d when I get to it. When will I get to it with Metroid Prime: Hunters and Tetris DS coming out on the same day? Fuck if I know. Apparently if I buy it early I get a limited edition art cell of the Metal Gear. Apparently.

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March 13, 2006

And now the continuing adventures of Vagina the Elf and everyone's favorite rogue, Sex the Third...

When we last left our heroines...

Okay, not really going to write a story. Essner and I were just playing the Dungeons and Dragons Shadows over Whereverthehell arcade game on MAME last night, and assumed those amazing persona. This is why we don't actually play Dungeons and Dragons. Heh. For a beatemup, though, the game is pretty damn deep and awesome. Give it a shot with a friend if you want one of those sorts of side-scrolling killpeople games. The most interesting thing about the game, though, is it let me register Vagina as a name, but Sex III was not acceptable by the game. Go figure. We just knew that even though the game called the rogue Moriah, her real, secret name was Sex the Third. She was just that awesome.
So I wrote a new essay today. Haven't posted it yet. I want more than one thing to post. We recorded a new Crappy Asst, too, without my voice-impared brother. It's sitting on my desktop. I was going to send it to Droid so he could get it ready to go, but he went to bed before I stopped being distracted by DnD game to get it to him. It'll be up soon, too, I'm sure.
That episode of DS9 with the whole guy writing about DS9 silly episode is on... I dunno, I never got the point of it myself. It's very weird. Not bad, just weird. Yah.

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March 12, 2006

I saw a pair of sandals at Kohls just like my 10 dollar new sandals, only they cost 40 dollars.

3:30 in the morning shift baybeeeeeee! Heh. Oh, so hawt... oooh... ahh...
So my lappytop does not have sound, which is pissing me off, as I had gotten the sound to work... and then I tried out KDE and now the sound don't work no more. Bah. From what my internet searches have shown, this is actually a decently common occurance... but I've decided not to worry about fixing it. It does pretty well everything I'd want without sound, it's just sound would be very nice to have. I've decided not to fix it because the Ubuntu Dapper Drake release apparently comes out in a month, and I can hope some of the sound issues are ironed out in that release, and install it, and be all happy and yay and things of that nature.
I sometimes feel bad for working at Kohl's because if I'm going to work retail it would make sense to work retail somewhere where my employee discount would benefit me. Kohl's is not such a place. Just about anywhere else would be, because they would sell games. Perhaps not the selection I would want, but at least I could get, say, a 360 with the discount, or whatever. This feeling makes me keep my eye out for things I pass while working that I think or neat or I might want, so I can utilize this discount. I found something tonight. It is a totally kickass backpack. It's that between lime and olive green color, and just very smooth looking. It's got the wheels if I want to use it as luggage or I can pull off a flap in the back to pull out backpack straps and go that route. And it's on Clearance! The problem with it being on clearance, though, is that I cannot put it on hold. Anytime I find something I Kohl's I'd want, it's on clearance, and I can't buy it right then, because I find it at like 2 in the morning. It's all unfortunate. In any case, I don't have a good backpack anymore... I don't know where the old one I used to use for trips has gotten to, but it wasn't really all that impressive or good anyway. It was just there, you know? It was like... my backpack from like my freshman year of high school. Heh. The thing is, it's not like I've been travelling much since I stopped visiting Natalie... maybe I should start taking trips to visit Brer? Heh... maybe not... I'd be scared to death of things being too akward... bah, anyway, we'll see if I actually get out of the house tommorow to purchase it.
Speaking of Natalie, Arkham Horror has rekindled my stupid plan to go to Origins by crashing at Natalie's place. I mean, the plan obviously has flaws like... like I haven't been talking to Natalie as much as I should have... and...I don't think she would want to go with me... and... I dunno. But I want to do the convention thing sometime... some type of convention... it just seems like a part of... well... everything I obsess over that I'm not taking part of. And a convention with somewhere to crash so I wouldn't have to pay for lodging would obviously help a great deal... I'd also like to try a furry con sometime, just beacuse I keep thinking "Man, that would have to make a good essay." (Man, I need to write a new essay sometime) Also, it would be weirdly interesting to meet all my JnS friends in person... heh, just so many questions I would have about how to act... of course, this is assuming they come to the con... heh...
Oh, and I randomly gave Cindy at work a DVD with all of Azumanga Daioh on it. Why? Because she enjoyed the bit of it she read. That's about the whole reason, really.


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March 10, 2006

Random Excerpt

[20:34] experiment7591: Well good. That's pretty much the standard response, according to the Handbook.
[20:34] The Poet Fox: Yeah, I really need to pick me up a copy of that handbook...
[20:36] experiment7591: Yep, it is handy stuff. Kinda like the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook and Penny's gizmobook from Inspector Gadget and the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy all rolled into one.

I'm sorry, but I find that description pretty amazing.

Edit: I'm sorry, but I think this is pretty funny/awesome.

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Stuff Written While Watching Super Globetrotters

Whoo, mann! 7 to 4:30 shift! Rokk on! And here I was, worried about my monies, then off I go, earning a bunch of it! Yay!
I had a long talk with Dana and everyone at work about the MP3 situation. We looked up all the rules and such, and, well, it pretty well says you can't have any electronic device while you work. Pretty specifically lined out. Oddly enough, as soon as it was clear that it was not some gross misinterpretation of "You can't wear headphones" and that, well, all the managers could seriously get in trouble if I was listening, and there was no chance of it happening, it suddenly didn't matter anymore. I no longer had to, you know, scheme how to make them give in... and I was also pretty well immediately sure that any other big store I'd work at would have a similar rule... I don't know. I'm not mad about it anymore... it's all kinda stupid, really. In any case, I'm going to keep my eyes open for anything better or additional, but I think I'll be okay staying at Kohl's... at least for now. It's not as good as it was, but, you know, as long as I don't get caught up in bad thoughts, I can entertain myself with retarded... problem is, it's easy to get caught up in bad thoughts... heh...
And now, things I have not admitted to the public or do not admit enough.
1) I have a boyfriend, his name is Brer, and he's totally awesome, mann. Anyone who listens and takes my side even after my depressed whining is a keeper... heh...
2) I bought a laptop. That's what I'm posting this on now. It's running Ubuntu. I'm learning Linux on it. I got it on the cheap on eBay. I probably shouldn't have, but I wanted one for awhile. It works spiffy. The battery is actually functional. It's got a pretty decent Hard Drive. It does everything I wanted a laptop to do, namely chat, browse the internets, and use OpenOffice.
Random interspersed thought: Why do the Super Globetrotters even have superpowers? I mean, they just challenge everyone to a basketball game in the end anyway. Also, they always have to change into superness during the second half of the basketball game to win. Why the hell don't they just start super when playing against supervillians?
3) I'm a fairly depressed person. Eh, you hear about that enough here, but I don't admit it enough to people who aren't on the internets. So I put it on the list. Well, fuck you too.
Eh, can't think of any more to put on this list, but I'm sure there's more. Press me on things, people, I will tell the truth.
I'm almost positive Charter is doing messed up things with my net connection and this isn't going to post. So I'll save it and post it later today. Goodnight, peoples.
Next Morning... okay, fine, afternoon...
Alright, this morning I'm trying the KDE desktop (and thus, Kubuntu) instead of GNOME (and thus Ubuntu), and I must say I'm liking it about 4 billion times better, really. It's not especially different, perse? But it gets rid of a couple of the annoyances I had with GNOME. For example, if I switch workspaces, all the windows are still shown in the taskbar, so I can tell if I get an IM in a window that is in another workspace. It's pretty smooth, mann. I need a nice background for the lappy, though. I'm using the Magic Gelectrode wallpaper because that didn't annoy me as much as the default. I mean, it's nice art. But something more me is in order, methinks.
Apparently Brer and I have been fchanned. Intense.

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March 09, 2006

"Did I say you could call me 'Master Meow'?"

Yup. It is.
So yeah, are you suprised I am 5 and a half hours into Shadow Hearts: From The New World? Didn't think so. I've already rescued Al Capone from Alkatraz. I mean, come on. The characters aren't engaging me as much as the ones in Covenant (Blanca! Come on!), but they're growing on me. I don't claim to know why Frank has that anglerfish thing as part of his ninja outfit, but anyone who celebrates the end of a battle with "Hey! You! Don't Forget to Brush Your Teeth!" is a winner in my book. I also like Mao's voice actor, and the fact that she's the master of the crazy ninja man. This game's plot is even more crazyish than the last, as, you know, I barely feel like I'm trying to save the whole world like I was in the last one. But eh, it's fun. And I've got it set up so I can play from my compy. So rokk on.
I've been in serious funk territory recently... I hope I can snap out of it soon, cause I'm tired of annoying people with it.

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March 07, 2006

Games, Games, Games. (!!) (?) (!)

Shadow Hearts: From a New World is seducing me. I loved the second one like crazy, even if I fell into my normal thing about console RPGs where I get to the point where I can confront the last boss and then stop. But it was fucking amazing. Thus, this one should also be amazing, even if it's missing the awesome that is Blanca. But there's a drunked cat. Isn't that just as good? Okay, I'll go ahead and say it's not as good, but still, should be awesome.
I am now going to recreate two phone calls I made a moment ago.

EB Guy: Thanks for Calling EB, where you can reserve Kingdom Hearts 2, how may I help you?
Me: Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, when is that coming out? That's what I called to check.
EB Guy: It's coming out March 28.
Me: Really? I thought it was coming out like... tommorow. Oh well, thank you! *click* Wait a second... *dialdial ring...*
EB Guy: Thanks for calling EB, where you can reserve Kingdom Hearts 2, how may I help you?
Me: I'm retarded, wrong Hearts game.
EB Guy: Shadow Hearts? Heh, that's tommorow. We got the guides in today.
Me: Okay, thanks.

Yes, I'm stupid. But at least the day way can make me take time to rethink my strategy here. I want to play the new Shadow Hearts. However, March 20 marks two portable games I have to have, MP: Hunters (the Metroid Prime kind, not the Mario Party kind) and Tetris DS. I now know March 28 marks Kingdom Hearts 2, a game I must play no matter what.Will I be able to play all the way through Shadow Hearts: From a New World before other games seduce me? I'm really bad about finishing games, but I feel like I should be more... you know... frugal or something with my cash... am I going to get my money's worth out of Shadow Hearts?
That's what I'm wondering. I know I'm likely going to get it anyway. If I play it while I'm chatting (My PS2 controller can reach over to my compy comfortably!) I should be able to get in plenty of play time... From the 8th till the 21st or so is... 12 days? Something like that? To play through a supposedly 60 hour game? Can I handle that? We'll see.
Also, I'm not going to get it, but I'm happy to hear Mega Man: Powered Up! is not just a remake with a Chibi Mega Man, but has a huge addition in the way of an incredibly full-featured level editor that, along with how easy it is to pull files off of a PSP memory stick, should result in a whole community of people making custom Mega Man levels like crazy. If I was more hardcore about Megas Man, perhaps I'd be down with that. I'm not hardcore, though.

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March 05, 2006

And now, Empires: A random bunch of comments

Okay, so I tried out this Empires Mod for HL2, yes? The concept? Extremely solid. I like the idea quite a bit. I liked being an engineer and having to finish building things and repairing peoples and vehicles and stuff. Things wrong with it: What the fuck are the objectives? I mean, I shoot people, I repair veichles, people research stuff or so I hear... but I don't know what we're actually trying to do... and I mean, I read the newbie guide... and I still don't know. In Dystopia, I might not have known exactly WHAT I had to do when I started a level, but I knew there was a spot I needed to go to, so I could at least Kamakaze to it and have an objective. Secondly, the graphics are god awful terrible. I'm not usually one to complain about graphics, especially in a free fan thing like this, but I've seen how good things can be done, and their weapons, especially the machine gun on the engineer on one side, are humorously bad-looking. And their animations could use a little work, too. And I can only throw grenades like 2 feet. And what the fuck are these "siesmic grenades" supposed to be doing anyway? Supposedly they're anti-building, but they don't seem to do much damage to buildings if they are... it's much easier just to deconstruct the building with my engineer tool... and faster... and doesn't take ammo... yeah...
Anyway, that's my thoughts. Having a commander who gave commands or in any way appeared competent would have helped, too, as that didn't happen during my play time... but anywho...

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So I played around with Second Life some more tonight...

I'm sorry, but while wondering about with Derraie in Second Life, I saw this, and I thought it was incredibly funny. Not caption funny, but the kind of funny that's very funny at 4 in the morning.
You know, it's very impressive the lengths to which people go to to create devices for enacting literally any kind of fetish you could possibly imagine, and then about four more you couldn't. Second Life really shows you how sex-focused people really are, seriously. Heh. Left to do anything, so many people decided to have that anything be sex-related. Heh. I'm sure there are tons of non-sex things in there too, but I guess I don't have the sort of Second Life friends that show you those sorts of things? Eh heh heh... No, I have the kind of SL friends that just have to show me this crazy tentacle rape machine they found... As far as tentacle rape machines go, though, it was extremely impressive.
So, yeah, that's my review of Second Life in general: Incredibly Impressive Sex Toys, with some other stuff, probably, if you get tired of sex somehow.

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March 04, 2006

Alexis's MTGO Guildpact Magic Update Post of DOOOOOM!

So I built this Magemark deck and it's pretty cool, but I played like two decks in a row that were all about making sure I didn't have mana so things didn't go very well with it so far. Seedborn Muse and Icys and Temporal Adepts are not especially fun. But other than that, it's working alright, although I just realized as I had to conceed when a worship hit the table that I have no removal for that stuff. Perhaps Seed Spark? We'll see.
I also drafted today. Triple Guildpact. I lost badly in round one. But I also got away with 10 rares! None of them were useful for draft, really... but I got a foil Ink-Tiller Nephilim (I think that's the one) and alot of Leylines and a Quicken (which I thought would be selling for more than it is, unfortunately) and not one but TWO Mizmolet Tranquilauts or whatever the fuck they are. The artifacts that clone artifacts.
And that's the amazing Magic update for todayee!

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March 03, 2006

Some uninteresting stuff.

3-1 in my Release League. Thank you, Szadek, Lord of Secrets! Thank you, Magemarks! Thank you, Mourning Thrull! You have led me to victoly! Gonna do the last game tommorow. Also, I gotta make a Magemark deck... I wanna say WBU? But I need green in there for the good stuff... WGB? But then I miss the best Magemark, the Infiltrator's Magemark. I dunno. Also, Mourning Thrull in a deck with things like Magemarks to pump them is a fucking amazing second turn drop. Anyway, I got a Watery Grave in the packs, so that paid for a chunk of the league. Whee. Heh.
Yeah, I'm going to have to look for another job. They're not going to let me compromise, I can tell. I'm going to keep going as I am, see if anyone complains, but I best get looking. My job sucks without podcasts...
I'm gonna keep talking about Arkham Horror till we play it, people! You best be getting readies!

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March 02, 2006

Really, I don't know why she keeps me from the other break I'm entitled to.

Another 11 hour workday? You better believe it! Did I get my second break I was entitled to and am always entitled to after I work a truck and then ad set? Nope. I don't complain about this point, but it seems really retarded that I am refused to break with the rest of the ad set just because I've had a break and a lunch already. I'm entitled to two breaks if I work at least 8 hours (which I always do in that scenario... and honestly, I'm supposed to get an hour lunch if I work more than 8, but that I care for less than the paid break I am not getting) and Kathy is like "Everyone but the truck crew take a break." It's pretty stupid.
My speakers in my pocket listening to podcasts loophole plan worked pretty well tonight, though. I wish I could get it just a little bit louder, but at least I can still hear and understand my 'casts if I focus. It's actually pretty funny, as I'm using more focus to hear the podcasts now that I was when it was on my headphones and supposedly a distraction. I dunno what it is about me, but if you leave me with nothing to focus on but my work, my mind goes out of control and more than likely depresses me... I work better with something in the background to let those excess brain cycles digest. But, you know, what are you gonna do? My next step is to create makeshift belt clips for the speakers out of duct tape and a hangar. This will let the 'casts be more audible by pointing the speakers towards me while not causing me to adjust them every five seconds. Yay!
Additional gripe about work tonight. The last hour was us doing more price changes for no fucking reason. We were already ruining the budget for the week, why the fuck did she have us stay for another hour to put those girls clothes on clearance instead of just throwing them on a Z rack and labelling them like we've done EVERY OTHER TIME WE FIND CLEARENCE DURING AN AD! *sighs*
Anyway, I guess I'll try to sleep now. Whee.

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March 01, 2006

Note To Self

Start online Guildpact Pre-release tommorow as you don't have time to start it today.
Let everyone else know there are new poems up on Poetfox.com if that's their thing.
Also, write more sit and get Friday or Sunday nailed down as "teach everyone Arkham Horror and hope they like it" day.
And kittens. Don't forget those.

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