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April 30, 2006

This is a Magical Post from the Land of Awesometon.

So my mom showed an interest in Brain Age when I was rambling on about how Nintendo was trying to take the casual market, and she saw it for 20 bucks in an ad with a little additional kit that is mostly useless (Do I really have alot of use for a DS/SP car charger? I don't know) but definately free, so I picked it up. Originally my Brain Age was 80, but after my daily training I jumped that sucker right down to 60. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with it. It's very well made for people who aren't gamers. The handwriting recognition is really good, actually. You have to be writing really sloppy for it not to get it. The voice recognition? Well, it gets three of the four words for me with no problem, but I have to pronouce Blue very oddly for it to pick it up. Still, after I figured that out it wasn't a problem. It's a nice little program, and they threw in some Sudoku (which I tried out... they really are fun, I can see why they're becoming the new Crossword puzzle) on there to keep people playing it a bit more. If I keep with it and train every day, I could see how it would help, too, at least a little. Can't wait to show it to mom, and see what she thinks about it.
So my plans that I have absolutely no control over are coming to fruition. Tavares has been promoted. I need to talk with Karen sometime soon and attempt to cement the Truck Supervisor job for myself. I really don't know who else they'd have to do it (Plus, I mean, Tavares said "That would leave you on the truck," so...), so I'm hopefully. I might have to change my schedule for next semester, but we'll see. Old Truck Supervisor had one day a week he had off, too, so...
There is one episode of Tsubasa left and I have no fucking idea what is going to be in it, cause they've already covered all the way up to where the Manga currently is.
Orbit CitrusMint gum is still the best gum EVAR!

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April 27, 2006


I'm sorry, but I enjoyed this. It's so stupid, I know.

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April 26, 2006

I really hate what companies are doing to people's rights, but am willing to take it for... LOCO ROCO!

I seriously wish Sony would just release a program and sell it for like 30 bucks that lets you program for the PSP and make apps that just run without exploits. Everyone would be so fucking happy, and they could just say "run at your own risk!" and keep changing the firmware to stop online game hacks and not the ability to run homebrew. It just seems like a great move all around for them. Fuck, even make it so the people who want to run the homebrew apps have to buy this mystic program, make even more money. People would still be happy.
I talk about this because I'm currently downloading the new update to the PSP firmware. I do this because 1) I never had Liberty City Stories so it's not like I could run homebrew anyway, and 2) Hello? Loco Roco demo? They really need more downloadable PSP demos, too. They don't need that bullshit TV thing they launched in Japan that seems like a good option if you're tired of burning your money and throwing it in the trash, and would like another avenue to achieve the same result. You can pay a fee to download a TV show that you can only watch for like a week... you buy a show that expires in a week... good going, Sony. Gods, things are getting terrible with this like that. The whole world is going to die. Oh, and thanks, Tycho, for telling me about the Loco Roco demo.
My new decks should be here... tommorow...? Hopefully? Definately by Friday. Yay! New Decks!
Oh, I finally posted the 23rd Crappy Asst, if you care. We need to record another podcast soon.

Edit: Loco Roco is insanely happy and bouncy. I love it. Nintendo, if you do not translate Mother 3, heads will roll. I mean, I love you, Nintendo. I love you alot. But I must have this game, and will stop at nothing to obtain it. Translate it for me. Don't make me wait for a fan-translated ROM. Let me give you money.

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It will always be... the end of time... the end of law... the end of life...

Ooh, The Puppy Club.
So I've been listening to Doughty's "Busting Up A Starbucks" for awhile now, and I'm going to have to add that to the list of solo songs by him I enjoy. That makes three (the other two being 27 Jennifers and Ossining). Note that I think Doughty is awesome, but his music is the sort of music I enjoy when other people pick to listen to but never seek out myself.
I've been really icky lately. I wonder if I'm ever going to snap out of it.

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April 25, 2006


Today I saw some pirate swords at Toys R Us. They were made of the pool noodle foam. They were totally awesome. I had to resist running around with them drawn and beating up people.
I also bought this book called Kokology. It's two of two so far in telling me my nature based on it's weird storyquestions. I'll let you know how well it keeps doing.
I also had a craving to play Mah Jong.
I also ordered new Magic decks. Yes, that's plural.
I also whatevereverever...

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April 24, 2006

Dai kiraina boku ni juni sai...?

Still obsesed. Yup.
So yeah, Dissention Prerelease. Went okay. We got a win... and a buncha draws. Cool cards from the spoiler that I like... Walking Archive, Bronze Bombshell, Magewright's Stone... I dunno if Azorius is going to draw me in... I got the rare Azorius land... I need to make a new deck.
I'm sad I've forgotten most of the Japanese I've learned...

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April 23, 2006

"I'm so useless, why would you ever kiss me?"

Yup, still obsessed with that song.
So, yeah, Mishicorp posted another episode of xXxholic like... Hours after I got the first two from them. And I was excited. But then I was like "Wait, how I am going to make sure I don't miss future releases?" So I started searching for Firefox extentions... and I found this... um... InfoRSS Extention. If you just have some RSS feeds that update rarely and you would like notification of them updating to pop up at you, I highly recommend it. Cause that's what it does. ^_^ Plus, it has like a headline scroll in the bottom right (where it doesn't take up any browsing space, which is something else I wanted from it... I hate additional toolbars) if you miss the popup until you've told it you've read it. It does more newsready things, but that's all I wanted it for. ^_^
The one annoyance I have with the new Flock blogger is the fact that I can't cutandpaste addresses into the quicklink maker button popup... it's easier to just type in the html, so I can cut and paste.
I should really be in bed... but I can't really sleep... I'll force myself to bed in an hour, though...
So the No One Lives Forever 2 that I bought in a hardcore PC game three pack of the already mentioned NOLF2, Silent Hill 4, and Return of the King for 10 dollars... well, it has online co-op that I can play with Brer. ^_^ Yay! There is not nearly enough cool online co-op games. Of course, if the Co-op is more than just me shooting next to him remains to be seen, but even that would be nice.
I need to make a new offline constructed deck...
I like my new background.

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April 21, 2006

This could have been a bad finding.

They have episodes of Tsubasa and XXXholic up on YouTube. I should have assume, but DAMN! And man, I want the opening theme to XXXHolic, that song is awesome. I've decided to watch the XXXholic and let the first season of Tsubasa torrent away... heh...

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April 19, 2006

The only strategery guide you shall evar need.

I felt pretty essay-inspired earlier tonight... I should write it tommorow, before I take part in Red Pants Day activities.

And now,
That was an amazing title.
1) Don't be afraid to be an ass, just save first. This I don't follow, but it seems like everyone else, when they get a sandbox game like this, just goes around and kills everyone. So feel free to do that, if it would be fun. Don't let me stop you.
2) Just do the plot, mann. Unlike in Morrowind, Emperor Patrick Stewart gets you started on a quest right away. So do it. You don't have to wander around aimlessly. If you want more dungeons in which to kill things, the compass does a nice job of pointing out extra places that are close, so you can go to them. But there's no need to wander about quasi-aimlessly! Get going! And for the love of mike, skip the boring quests... I was doing one where I had to follow this guy... bah.
3) TELEPORT! The quick travel is probably the sole reason why I'm still playing Oblivion. It's nice to just teleport back to town for repairs and arrows and selling the loot (or "lewt" as I hear it's called). Use it as often as you like. Use it more than that. Once you've found a place, you can teleport to it. Find places you might want to get back to, then teleport away. TELEPORT!
4) Um, some fourth thing. I dunno, it's a fun game. Oh, your Magika regens now, without sleeping. That makes the game alot less annoying, too.

I doubt that helped anyone with any fucking thing. I wonder what today's Dissention preview is... 

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April 17, 2006

A quasilist of random things.

Tom Goes To The Mayor really, really, really, really sucks. Seriously.
Perfect Hair Forever I probably shouldn't find funny, but I am always entertained by it.
I just broke the other armrest on my chair. Fucking chair. What good is it if I can't lean back in it without breaking the goddamn armrests? Now I really am going to replace it... or find another clamp, I guess.
Seriously, I love playing City of Villains, but as bad as it sounds to say not being able to chat while playing basically kills all enjoyment I might have with the game... which angers me.
Today, I am going to install my other video card if I can find the cable I need to dual-monitor that bad boy.
So tried Oblivion today. It is alot better. The combat is more constant, and I can skip EVERYTHING if I just want to kill things. Yes, I understand that half the game is in wandering around and finding little random dungeons to fight in. Well, the compass points me towards them. And then, when I find them, I can TELEPORT TO THEM BITCHES. Yeah. The character class I made is called Harbinger. No real reason why.
I still don't understand why adult swim is playing Saved by the Bell this week, but it's gotta be better than Tom Goes To The Mayor.
HoMMV is pretty kewl. Just like how I remember HoMM and HoMM 2 from back in the day. Give the demo a go if you're bored. I played Brer in the multiplayer. It should be called the "insanely slow and laggy for no reason cause the game is fucking turn-based" multiplayer. Seriously, it skipped like a million frames. Bah.
I'm getting Spaced. I hope it's as good as the little clip I saw.
I'm useless.

The end.

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April 13, 2006

Dr. Tran will be down at your local record store from four to nine giving out...

I found this funny. I won't talk it up, but I think it will be enjoyable for your viewings. Thanks, Pyro, for randomly linking it.

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Podcasts and MMOs, mann! Come on!

Trying the new blog editar in Flock... here's to hoping it's SPIFFEE! Or spiffy. Whatever.
So I still really like Y?. Alot. I wish I could write normal talking like him. And his art is awesome. Even his non-furry stuff, of course. Heh. I just sorta want to put that out there.
I sent a voice comment to Mur today... and then another e-mail... I have been listening to podcasts like nonstop for these past two days. I so love these things. I just wish I didn't have to sit my ass down and force myself to listen to them... it works good to listen to whilst MMOing, though. I've adopted twoish recently... after Jonathan stole my PS2, a tub friend of mine Tairena, started ranting about City of Villains. Now, I wanted to play City of Villains. I have for awhile. I like City of Heroes and I've never given it the time it deserved. It has style, mann! So I'm like, you know what, sure. Went to Best Buy, I picked up the special edition for the same price as the normal edition which then ended up to be 10 dollars cheaper than advertised (I wonder if my Reward Zone card does that... they like forced that on me for free... and when I buy something there, it's almost always like at least 5 dollars cheaper than it says...) and I was happy. I got an art book, and an "instant Hero Clix collection" with a Hero Clix of every single villain in the game. Dunno if I'll ever use them, but it's cool. Also, it came on a DVD, which is the main reason I got it. I don't even understand why most games come on CDs anymore... or that the DVD version is always more expensive... but yeah, anyway, so I'm playing City of Villains. If you go into the screenie gallery you can see my villains. I like Kheilii (thanks to Pariah from the tub for the name... I loves it) quite a bit, but she's my alt. Culling Sun is already 14 and, you know, can teleport like crazy. Whee. Oh, and if you want to play, um, here. But yeah, I'm enjoying that, even if it crashes sometimes when I'm playing and try to switch out of the game to chat...
Anyway, other than that, my IRL friends are getting into Silk Road. At first, I didn't like it, But I got an attack skill tonight while I was doing some quick grinding to play with my friends, and now I'm like "It's very good for being free." The gameplay isn't alot better than alot of the paid stuff out there. But I miss customization. I guess I'm weirdish, but I love making a "me" online and owning it. I like being able to have that power over how I'm seen. Honestly, that's a huge part of my love of CoV and CoH, beacuse you can do so much. Heh. There are very few options in Silk Road, and everyone looks basically the same... alot like FFXI, actually. It was one of the things I didn't like about that game. But again, I'm not paying for it, so no complaints. I'll play Zombiebowhealer for my friends and play CoV in my spare time. Yay. And maybe Crossfox can make a comeback, if I get tired of evil.
Also, in a random purchase, I have ordered a print copy of a bunch of Mur's back essays. I love Mur's essays. I don't know how well they are going to transfer to text actually. Obviously she is just reading them. But I dunno. I was interested. And I feel a book would be an easier way to force her stuff on people. Yay! Steal it from me or get Lessons from a Geek Fu Master from Podiobooks or something.
I like essays... it feels weird to be so... passionate about personal essays. I love reading good ones. I need to keep working so I can write better ones.

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April 12, 2006

I will kill you. I know where you live.

I had written about 2 pages of blogpost, and then Flock just randomly closed and lost it all. Fuck you, Flock. FUCK. YOU.
Here is quick notes on what I was saying. I said them alot better (or worse, depending on how much you love consiceness) before. 1) I caught up on podcasts today. 2) I've been depressed alot lately 3) People should tell my online friends that I'm dead when I die. I should have money stashed away to get all my online friends together for my funeral, so they can have fun together afterwards. 4) The fact that Brer wants me to sleep so I won't be lonely as opposed to a health-related concern (although I'm sure that's true, too) means alot to me. 5) I hope Dissention has lots of white goodies, and I wonder if Essner is thinking about going to the prerelease, as I want to take more trips so there are things to look forward to in my future. I haven't liked any of the white guilds so far, besides some of Orzhov.

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April 11, 2006

Stupid Dream Retellinz

I had an odd dream. Everyone had stopped at Schnucks because of the Musical. They needed to practice. The stage was in Schnucks for some reason. However, nobody wanted my help. I just kept getting in the way. Essner and Mr. Kuper of all people were talking about the technical side while looking at a schedule on a touch screen computer in an office that overlooked the stage from the front but was located in the back of the stage. I bought some stuff at Schnucks, but then couldn't find it later after it was clear I wasn't needed for the show and wanted to leave. Anyway, that's my shitty dream.
I... don't really know what else to say. Sorry.

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April 07, 2006

Be Amazed.

No, seriously. Go ahead. Be amazed.

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What tu duuuu?

I sit here, playing Tetris DS online, listening to random songs, telling Juice to download all the podcasts I've missed, which is a lot... and I wonder what the fuck I'm going to do with that story now that I'm finished with it. It could probably use a little tweaking, although I haven't really gotten feedback to help me do that from all the people who have read it thus far. It could use a catchy title. And then what? I do all that, then what. Do I try to find a market for it? Do I send it out? Is it worth that? Is there a market that wants crazy tales of sex by crazy people stories? Is it even that good? I really have no idea. I would like feedback before I proceed. But I never really feel like I get any, so I mean, I dunno.
I think I'll switch to MP: Hunters...
Oh, and I took a nap today. And wrote Brer a text-message haiku... that's pretty well been my entire day.

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April 06, 2006

This story gets +1 because it is completed.

[20:40] Brerwlf: *nods and is trying to get inside Sun's head...*
[20:40] The Poet Fox: I didn't say it, but the story takes place on a planet of Giants, so you probably can fit in there.

I am a fucking geniusawesomeperson.

I finished the story. It isn't at all erotic, but there is definately sex in there. Title is a work in progress. 3030 words. Feel free to give it a read. It currently lives here.

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My new deck is awesome.

I'm thinking about building it IRL. The main idea? Abusing Fumiko the Lowblood with Hissing Miasma. The idea that manages to make it all work? FORBIDDEN FUCKING ORCHARD. Yeah, that's right. Forbidden Orchard. The only issue I'd have with building it in real life is I would have to break up my foxie deck, as the deck needs Patrons of the Kitsune... the deck doesn't win very much, though, so it might be for the best... it would free up my Opal Eyes and 8.5 Tails for some other endeavor. I would like to thank Ecks for his moral support while I talked through deckbuilding with him, even though he has no fucking idea what I was talking about.
Okay, bed now.

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April 05, 2006

Stuffs about stuff and other stuff and stuff.

I question why I went to Best Buy and then proceeded play Guitar Hero when I had Guitar Hero sitting here, at home, right in front of me.
I still haven't finished the story. Sorry, one, possibly two people who wanted to read it. I did name my main character Sunflower. I'm crazy, I know.
I tried to set up my router to deprioritize my torrents and prioritize my normal browsing and my DS, but it doesn't seem to be working. Oh well, heh, it wasn't all that important, it just would have been nice... heh...
Under the Sea in Japanese is AMAZING.
Apparently, Derraie has signed up to comment on here. You know, if you sign up, you're good for EVERY MOVEABLE TYPE BLOG EVAR?????? Did you know that? It's amazing, that information...
I refound the Double Fine Action News the other day. Yay for humor! Also, I do have all my links up on del.icio.us, you know... if, you know... care.

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April 04, 2006

Tonight in Three Sentences Consisting of 12 Words Total

We went bowling. I got a turkey. We should bowl more often.

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April 03, 2006

I can't sleeps.

I tried to go to bed at 11, I really did, but after hours upon hours of tossing, turning, playing a little Me and My Katamari, watching some TV, more tossing, more turning, I'm still wide awake and hating the idea of being in bed... I was torrenting stuff, and the computer was still on, so here I am. I'm sorry.
I just really hate going to bed... it's one of the reasons I stay up late. My bed is very lonely. It's big and empty, and I sit in the dark and I think. When I think, nothing good tends to come of it, really... besides creative ideas sometimes, I suppose. But, you know, that isn't the kind of thinking I'm often doing in bed. So I'm still awake... I was going to write a long-winded e-mail to Brer about nothing useful, probably, but I realized Thunderbird didn't have his e-mail since I reformatted and stuff... so I'm writing this instead, I suppose...
Tommorow I am going to write a story. Probably the one I worked on in my head on Saturday night. The more I think about it, the less it is going to be "erotic." It will have a strong sexual nature to it, but I realize that isn't the point of the story I am building. Then again, I think that's more what I would want out of such a story. Random fucking is whatever, I'm sure. But I would be much more want to read something that has people that I'm glad are fucking, or people I can put myself in their place by having more in common with them than similar sexual organs. Isn't that better in general? I think that's also why I'm drawn to pictures of such things with very expressive facial expressions. You know, the sort of pictures where you can tell what the character is thinking, just by looking into their eyes or whatnot. I can't believe I just sort of explained my concept of good pr0n on my blog. In any case, I think I am going to make myself write that story before I play Kingdom Hearts 2 tommorow. I don't have a title yet, to tease you or something. Sorry. Jessica is probably going to be a character name, though. It's probably not going to be a furry story. That's all I got for now.
Derr is a good guy who should really be in bed, although I'm one to talk.

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April 02, 2006


Have you seen this? That's crazyinsane.

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It is what my heart commands...

That's my new excuse for doing ANYTHING from now on.
Jonathan beat Kingdom Hearts 2. He played the game from 10 am till just now, 2 am the next day (Okay, well, 3 am now... I noticed my computer's clock just sprung forward), to finish it off. Of course, he never spends time over here. I could go to the endgame where I am now, but I'm going to hold off and do all the rest of the stuffs. Or at least all the rest of the non-hardcore-style stuffs. Jonathan says the second time through Space Paranoids is not to be missed. Heh. Tronlicious.
I'm still thinking about buying a bowling ball. The Target Zone Brunswick line looks like pretty well everything I could hope for. They're cheap, and they don't want to curve. The concept behind them is to be your second ball that you use just to pick off one pin, you know? But since I bowl everything in that straight down the lane manner used to pick off one pin and have no plans to change to a crazy curvy strategy, that seems like exactly what I would need. I should get bowling shoes, either way. I'll save money over the course of the league this summer by picking up a pair. I'll have to talk to the people at the bowling alley about all this. I want to go bowling Monday during the all you can bowl for two hours for 5 bucks thing. I want to bowl more often in general.
I want alot of things.
I probably don't deserve them.
I was going to write an erotic short story tonight, but Jonathan was here... I dunno why I was going to, but I had it all planned out. My version of erotic probably isn't very erotic, though. Maybe I'll write it some other time... maybe I'll be useful sometime...
I must now lay down in bed and play some Hunters or Tetris DS online. It is what my heart commands...

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April 01, 2006

In case you'd like to know...

I have this stuck in my head.

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This is one of the many reasons I love Metal Gear Ac!d.

Lookit that. That's a screenie of Venus using the SMG from the original Metal Gear. All the old weapons look like that as opposed to... you know... weapons. I love it. Plus, the shot has a nice view of Snake's ass, too, so there you go.
Seriously, makes me want to play more Metal Gear stuff, but I know if I played more, I would get bored with it quickly. I don't like the stealthy! I like being able to get the jump on people on occasion, but I don't want to be penalized for killing everyone under the sun. From my experience, that's basically impossible and a terrible idea in Metal Gear games... I think that's why I enjoyed Splinter Cell more than I thought... killing everyone (or at least knocking them all unconcious) gave you an advantage and was totally possible.
For a card of a really badass mech from a killeveryone game, the Jehuty card really doesn't do much.
I should be playing more Hunters.
The End.

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