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May 31, 2006

Seriously, take some time to think about the fact that someone cammed the trailer instead of X-3 and reflect on how fucking awesome that makes the film.

The Snakes On A Plane Page has some really funky music on there... heh... and seriously, someone on digg made a cam copy of the trailer for the thing... amazing. Heh. What I can't wait for is the video game to be released with the film... now THAT would be fucking awesome. I don't think anyone is doing that, though... SOMEONE needs to get off their ass.
So Matt Essner did not like these Tic Tac BOLD! things... but I find them decent. I've eaten most of them already.
I've just let that Snakes on a Plane page music play for like a long, long time...
So over yesterday and today, at the suggestion of Brer, I have watched this series called The Maxx on Youtube. Feel free to give it a view. It's sorta weird but everything always feels like it makes sense... even if it doesn't? I don't know, I liked it. There's only like 13 15 minute episodes, give it a go. Apparently MTV made it. I have never known of an MTV that makes things that are decent, but I guess there was one in my youth. Oh well. Give it a go if you're bored, I really enjoyed it.
Oh, and Mama drew me again, this time with Tai. Tai is a good guy, and hey, his Yahoo chat name is themaxx followed by random numbers. Coincidence?

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May 30, 2006

Phone Call and Life Shite

After worrying and wondering all day why Ashley didn't call me, it turned out my phone ate her call and she assumed she wrote my number down wrong! Sadness! But we got to talk just a bit ago. I knew she was awesome, but, um, she was awesome. And her voice was awesome. And apparently she was almost an Eagle Scout too, heh heh heh... and don't tell her I said so, because she told me not to, but her little yawny thing she did was beyond cute... I dunno... I'm glad we talked.
She did bring up me transitioning and shite... I'm not making any progress... I know that... but, I dunno... I'll be honest. Alot of my life is in front of this computer, and in front of this computer I am female to everyone I talk to. I still get depressed, but overall I'm just... it's all alright. I can be me on here, and I'm already pretty well me around my friends... that only really leaves random people and at work stuff, and although I would like them to see me as me... I don't know... if they ever really bother me, I know I can run back here, and sit in this chair and open up Trillian and Brer will be there to talk to and make me feel better... or if he's not there, probably another one of my friends will be... I know it's hiding from my problems. But I've always ran away from my problems. I'm alot happier than I used to be. Which is good. But it makes motivating myself to get what I need to get done done that much harder. I don't know...

Okay, been reading Red String today. It's... pretty generic Shojo fare, but it's free and the artist is pretty good and I heard her on Alpha Rant and she sounds like a nifty person, so I hope she succeeds. Anyway, if you need a Shojo fix, there it is.
I haven't played HoMM 5 in awhile. Man. I keep getting distracted by internet things. I need  to get back to playing. It's still awesome. It should still run in a window.

I wonder if I'm really happy. I mean, I don't get depressed quite as much as I used to, like I said... but I never sleep... and I get to feeling so empty and pointless most of the time when I don't have someone to talk to... I'm probably leaning on my friends too much to make me happy... I should really have something that motivates me enough to do it, and feel good about it, maybe... I don't know. I never really know. 

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May 29, 2006


"Transmission Mode?" Color me seduced, that sounds like something I want to be involved with. Why don't more games have smart online ideas like this? Hell, if you could send e-mails or something in Animal Crossing: Wild World in a method sort of like that I would probably still play it now and again.
So we did the Paranoia. It was chaotic. Not much was accomplished. People died but probably not enough. No mission really got accomplished. But people liked it, I think. That's good. Kenny did a great job. Jonathan tried to move the mission along. Yeah. I need more practice as a GM.
I could use some new music... I want new music. Listening to music is an enjoyable endeavor.
This I will also pick up eventually, when it's cheap, though the lack of an online mode is CRIMINAL! CRIM. IN. AL. I know there are ways to play over the interwebs but they're complicated and require many Wifi cards... no thanks. Just give me Infastructure play, dammit!

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May 27, 2006


Solid and Old School. Glad I finally got to see it.
So I saw the X3. It was... a movie. The ending stuff was cheesy and stupid, I really don't know why the hell they would pull that shit after everyone started dying and this and that and it was retarded.
I like my new deck. It doesn't win very often but I have fun playing it. It's like I look danger straight in the face and I say "Have some more cards."
I got Jessie interested in Paranoia! Yay! My plan includes recruiting Brian and Kenny as well, then picking a day. Huzzah! It's going to be awesome if I do a good job at stuffs. Hopefully I will, I'm pretty decent at ad-libbing or elaborating or something... Fuck, I dunno. But we gotta start somewheres.
Hearing people talk about Brian's... sister, I guess, still makes me feel conflicted. I mean, I assume Nina doesn't care about such retarded things, but it just makes me wonder and worry if I'm still going to be Jonathan's brother a long, long way down the line. Then again, being as useless as I am, it may still be appropriate long, long way down the line. I suck.

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May 26, 2006

*crosses fingers*

It's all still doing weird things... but I think I have internet via the wireless for the moment...

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Storm killed things! An update.

Posted from the Still Mostly dead Lappy...
Well, at least I know it's just a connect thing with the monitor of the laptop, as hooking it up to my monitor? It works fine.
I'm downloading drivers for my long intert wifi card to attempt to get my computer back online as a temporary fix... I still don't know what I'm going to do about Jonathan's, though... I'm thinking there's a network card in the really old computer I could steal maybe?
Basically, a crazy storm sorta killed things. I really don't understand how but for some reason both mine and my bother's compy (which hadn't been on since he was gone on the trip) refuse to connect to the network. But the wifi is working fine, so the internet is obviously getting to my router... I have no fucking idea, really. Temp fix, and go for a long-term solution later. I don't know what I'll do to keep Jonathan happy since he's detached from Everquest 2, though...
Other thoughts, new deck came in, PARANOIA! I found a good used book site at random (well, we'll see if it's good or not, depending on how fast and good the book I got from there gets to me) and... um... that's it. I'll post again if my computer is quasifunctional again.

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May 23, 2006

Seriously, no pressure. It's not like the picture is special really.

As far as random pictures go, I approve this one. I won't talk it up. It's just a random picture I just saw.
Wait, what? I wouldn't be me if I didn't talk it up? Okay then, I'll start over

OM fucking Gee, man, have you seen this picture? Now, I've been on some internets now and again. I mean, I have BEEN. THERE. And there are alot of fucking pictures man! Jpegs... giffs... hell, sometimes even like tiffs. But this picture, this picture is going to BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND OFF! That's right: Off. I know your brain is inside of something and not like, teetering on a shelf ready to be nudged off by something. And yet, this will BLOW IT OFF. Look at the picture, dammit! LOOK AT IT!

Better? Cool.
I can only seem to complete one mission of HoMM in a day. I think this is because I never see the one path I need to go in, so I end up building up troops for hours and wandering around aimlessly. Perhaps the timely limit imposed on the next mission will make it easier. If I don't keep my "Summon Troops" spell, which is like... the best spell evar, I will be saddened, though.
Oh and Jonathan took his FM magic thing with him, and I shed a tear, as an update to that last post.

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May 22, 2006

Torrents are my Guud Friends.

I'm totally going to steal Jonathan's FM transmitter while I run my errands and listen to TWiT. I am so awesome.
So. Typing of the Dead. Just as awesome as always. I do not think the dialogue could possibly be ANY worse, but honestly, that's part of it's charm. It's got LAN play... anyone want to Hamachi-type it up????? HUH???? Okay, probably not.
Have you heard about this Freespace 2 thing? Apparently they made the ISOs completely legal to have and people have been hax0ring it like crazy since then... I'm downloading it now because it has like... co-op single player campaign and I am going to play it with Brer... but I mean, you know, if you're bored, mayhaps you should look into it, hm?
Apparently it is not simple to play GuildWars with a gamepad. See this tear gently sliding down my cheek? I really wanted to. Heh. You only need... 8 buttons for skills, and a "select next target" button for anything but healers... if I could set up the right trigger to be a sort of toggle then the four main buttons could cover all 8 skills, and the left trigger could switch targets... but noooooo, it won't let me do that because that makes too little sense for them to impliment...

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May 21, 2006

He's like a big, retarded child, seriously.

I love Justin Spaeth. I really do. And I mean serious love here. But holy crap, he can be so retarded, I swear to god. Heh.
The more I read of the Paranoia the more I can't wait for Jonathan to get back so I can make him, Brian, Jessica, Spants, and maybe couple other of his friends play it with me. I am seriously excited. And man, I'm dreaming big, too, if this gets them interested in those sorts of games... heh heh... Get this: Yu-Gi-Oh GX BESM campaign. It would be so terrible and so fuckingly awesomely bad at the same time if done right. Anyway, my imagination is stupid.
I caught up on TWiT and Diggnation while I played HoMM tonight... it's interesting hearing these non-gamers talk about what's coming out of E3 and their perceptions of everything... I guess some might consider the people on Diggnation gamers, but I certianly don't. Hearing them talk about it... I dunno. It's obviously not their passion, it's just something they do because they're around electronics so much that they're expected to? Something like that. Anyway, I found their thoughts interesting. HoMM 5 is good stuffs. If you liked previous HoMM games, you won't be disappointed in the gameplay. There is pretty well 0 story to the campaign, though, at least as far as I've seen. You'd think with all these heroes you're level-building they would have some sort of personality or backstory besides "MUST GET ARMY SAVE KINGDOM GRRR!" That's not why I'm playing the game... previous HoMM's I didn't play the campaign at all, just random custom battles against the compy or sometimes hotseat with Jonathan. But it still would have been nice to have the motivation of additional story when I hit the first battle that is going to piss me off.
I feel shitty. Off to bed. Whee.

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May 19, 2006

Metallic Geers and Gothfers (That's supposed to be a combination of "goth" and "golfer")

So there's a new cute Goth girl on Albatross. I want to use her, but it'll either cost me 10 dollars or shitcrazy amounts of Pang to aquire her, so it probably won't happen. Then again, I have all the clothing I want for Hana now (I just finally bought the power shoes I wanted the other day), so I don't have anything else to save up for until they add some other items for her or a better set of clubs I can buy with Pang... So who knows.  Maybe someday I can be cute gothgolfer. It was nice of Albatross to e-mail me about it, though. That's a new thing. I don't mind getting e-mails from them telling me about new courses and items.
I've been falling behind on podcasts since I stopped playing Oblivion and listening to podcasts... I need to catch up. Perhaps after I aquire the Heroes of Might and Magic 5 I will be able to play that whilst listening to podcasts. Maybe. I dunno. I beat MGS3. Much better game that MGS2. The extras disk has some nice features, even if I can't play the online mode, which is the main one. I appreciate being able to jump to any boss and play him in the Duel mode... since the bosses are the best part and all. And the stupid videos are crazy. And I'm just as covert in the NES-eraish Metal Gears. Yup.
Wonder what I'm going to work on now that I'm out of Metal Gear Solids I haven't played... I suppose I could beat Metal Gear Solid... if I can find my copy... Or somethings... I can think of somethings.
Oh, and the Survival Knife card, which I didn't even think to use last time around in Ac!d 2, is pretty damn good. ^_^

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May 17, 2006


So, damn, I've played alot of Magic recently. On monday night we played two insanely long games of Magic. The second one was awesome. It was so awesome, we transended playing Magic and started playing Secret Alliance. Seriously, we play multiplayer Magic so extremely spitefully, and this was a 6 player chaos game of nothing but spite. It was hard fucking core, even if Jessie and Brian aren't especially knowledgable about the game. Anyway, it was fun as shite. Spants' new Izzet deck is slowly getting better and better. I think if he follows my advice and throws in some Drift of Phantasms he'll have a force to be reckoned with.
Almost done with MGS3 at this point. All in all, I think a much better game than MGS2. The gameplay was there in the second one, but the plot just went a little crazy. Three is better in that respect, and I like Para-Medic. I dislike not having a minimap, but oh well. Also, as much as I sucked at The End battle, that is how a dramatic sniper duel would really be... as opposed to, say, the fight with Sniper Wolf from MGS. But oh well, I'm having fun.
I took a cardboard box from work. I've been meaning to make a little box and send it to Brer... but now that I have a box to fill I wonder what the hell I'm going to put in it... heh...

Edit: I like those bracelets over at Megatokyo, not because they're Megatokyo or something silly like that but because they're very simple yet different. But they're already all sold out. That's hardcore. I do miss having jewelry a bit... maybe not the rings, but the bangle, I miss. Anyway, I thought those were neat.

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May 15, 2006



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Sketches and Metal Gears and Friend Computer and Writing

Mama drew this sketchpage of me just because she wanted to, I guess. Heh heh. Even her sketches kick ass. Seriously. I used part of it for a new chat ava. I'd been using the one I had for a long, long time.
So, my Metal Gear marathon is well under way. I beat Metal Gear Solid 2. The ending... conspiracy much? And if the Patriots are what they claimed they were, who the hell gave them guns and how are they holding them in MGS4? Perhaps all the answers are hidden in the remaining Metal Gears. Time will tell. Anyway, I understand why people hated Raiden. I did enjoy that, picking that I liked MGS2 at the beginning of MGS3 made me wear a Raiden mask. That was funny. And the terribly bondish opening... I hate not having a minimap... but I'll KEEP AT IT! MUST BEAT ALL METAL GEERZ! I like Para-Medic. I don't need a gun, I just Kamakaze with the knife.
So Brer showed me this Paranoia game, and I think it's one of the coolest RPGthings I've seen in a long while. I want to read the bookthing... I'd like to play, but eh, nobody really wants to do that sort of thing, I don't think.
I really really need to write more... I need to finish my novel. I need to set up a time for me to work on it every day. If I do that, I can finish it this summer and attempt to edit it or something... I still am not sure about the ending, but I think the thing has value...

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May 11, 2006

I talk about Metal Gear stuff alot in this. Probably because I had the MGS page open in another tab.

So how about that Metal Gear Digital Graphic Novel, huh? That's stealing the show! Whoo!
Looking at all this Metal Gear stuff makes me pine for more Ac!d. My love for that series knows no bounds, and I hope to gods Ac!d 2 sold enough to have them make another one. Maybe one with online card battle action... or downloadable extra missions or something. Oooh, downloadable missions... *goes off into fantasy world for awhile...*
Um, anyway, I'm excited in any case about the MPO. The Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. I'll play it. Although it looks like I'm going to have to, at some point, play through MGS3 to know what the fuck is going on it in. From the screenies it looks like you're playing that PARA-MEDIC girl and whoever else that other person is in the red beret for alot of the game, and it would probably be nice to know who the fuck they were. Plus, it apparently has online play. From what I've heard, the online action in MGS3: Generic Word Meaning It's Better is pretty neat, and if it mostly translates to the PSP, I'm so fucking there. I should get MGS3: Generic Word Meaning It's Better sometime... There's a used copy at Hastings of all places for 20 bucks... then I could like... beat all the Metal Gear Solids this summer... heh... Including Ac!d again... YAY AC!D! Maybe Big Boss has some "Nano-chip Expansions" in MPO...? *crosses her fingers*
In other Snake related news, I can't wait to use his Box move on Ness's ass in Smash Bastards. Fuck yes, Brawl is gonna be AWESOME. They're apparently in talks with other people for more 3rd party characters in the game, so here's to hoping. Heh. Pit is already pretty hardcore. You had to wonder why he wasn't in there in the first place... and Wario, Wario-Ware style? Nothing wrong with that.
Seriously, though, what is PS3 offering me? FFXIII... I guess MGS4, but if Microsoft is smart and starts seducing now they'll get a special edition on the 360 a year later... but really, what else? Can Sony really have the little weird publishers on a machine that costs that fucking much? The 360 is courting indie developers for it's Live Arcade... I dunno. Just make good games for the PSP actually, Sony. Your bid for UMD media obviously bombed, so just make fucking games and don't try the same war for the PS3... though I guess it's too late to ask that.

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May 09, 2006

A Useless Post!

I love you, Nintendo Wii! Please hurry to me! I want to caress your sweet remote and wave it around in wild jubilation!

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Price Points

600 dollars for a PS3, huh... with stupid-ass Blu-Ray media and crappy, ripped off not as effective motion sensing technology, huh...? This makes me hope to god that games I feel I need do not appear on the system anytime soon after launch. I wish I could get a 360 now and be done with it, but... they'll never have the support of the Japanese game-makers whose games I crave... Meh, I feel sorta screwed in this next generation. At least the Nintendo Wii will be there for me. My Wii will comfort me, I know it will.
The new courses on Albatross are bitches.

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May 08, 2006

Celebrate Spring with a crazy little thing called...

I found another Jonathan Coulton song I like. If you listen to Wingin' It, you probably already heard it, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.
I keep going to bed at the same time and waking up earlier and earlier. I woke up today at 6:15? Something like that. Yes, I stayed in bed till 8, but once I wake up I just toss and turn and it doesn't do alot to help me rest, really. Plus, 8 is still early for me. So yeah, at some point I'm going to have to be able to sleep in again... say, next week, or later this week, when I no longer have any reason to get up. I need to sleep in!
We should play some Magic this week... but I'm working alot, that might be hard. Mm. Oh well, at least I have hours. Yay, hours! Mm, apparently, looking at my schedule, if I want to Magic on a grand scale it will have to be on Thursday. Okay then.
I'm really enjoying having found the sites of the fansubbers of xXxholic, Tsubasa, and Nana. They're literally like... getting the shows recorded off Japanese television and fansubbing them and releasing them all in a few days after it first airs. I'm like a week or something behind native-speakers watching the show at home. That's so fucking awesome to me! I do need to go back and pick up back-episodes of Earl and The Office, though surely their seasons are about over...? I don't know. I know The Office was going to take a break this summer but have some sort of online miniseries about the people in accounting. I dunno.
I find myself really adamant about like... digital rights and whatnot. I find when I can't think of anything to talk about with my family I start ranting about whatever the government is doing now to fuck up the on the lines... I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I'm trying to talk to them about news and current events and other such things that you talk about when you make small talk, but I only really follow tech and video game news (and definately not to the hardcore-researching extent that Brer does, but, again, he's hardcore and he gives me the highlights... heh heh heh...), so that's what I have to talk about. I hope they don't mind.
GODS! Windows Media Player! I even fucking HIDE my podcasts in a hidden folder and you STILL add them to the library! What do you want from me? What do I have to do to keep you from adding that shit? Just tell me, please! I'll listen! Really!

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May 07, 2006

It looks like I'm gonna need backup...

I just must say, I am amazed. That is all.

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Oh gods, QuikShake, I love you.

I'm sorry,  dog... every time I open my web browser my last post depresses me. I hope you won't mind me going ahead and writing something else. Sorry...
So, okay, I went to see They Might Be Giants, and, of course, they fucking rokked. The guy who opened for them was this guy who plays the Ukulele. He was pretty hardcore. Just him and a Ukulele up against the whole crowd. Yeah.
I also didn't drowse off while driving, so yay.
Cape Girardeau needs a QT. Between the milkshakes and the Bawls-sellage and the slurpees and the whatnot... it's like Gas Station Heaven. Maybe I can open a QT in Cape, and that will be my career. Bringing the QuikShake to Cape. Yeah.
I'm not looking forward to working tommorow, although, in general, I am looking forward to having hours next week. I do wish things were... were stuff... and that I was going to lay down next to Brer right now instead of an empty bed. All those people everyone tends to stare at and wonder why they got married so early... I think I understand them, at least a little. Some of them anyway, there are alot of stupid choices involved with alot of people's decisions to marry and procreate... but eh...
Guess I'll head to bed. Ooh, new xXxholic to put in the torrenter.

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May 04, 2006

Bye, Frisky.

So what in the world do you say about things like this? I don't know.
I'll miss him. I did my best to spend time with him and tell him I was there these last few weeks, and I'm glad I did... even if he just seemed confused most of the time... heh... he's been a part of my life for a long, long while... and again, I'll miss him... but it's probably good that he got it over with... he could have only gotten worse... he could barely breathe as it was...
I dunno, I guess I should be writing a sappy poem or something, but I don't want to... I just hope he felt how much I loved him, you know? I'm sure he did... I just... bah... I got no words.

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May 03, 2006

If only I could play against Mario, the greatest Tennis Player Ever, then my life would be complete...

So I decided to watch some Paradise Kiss and I get to the end of the first episode and I see this. What the fuck, mann? Seriously.
So apparently the reason I wasn't getting any hours was because, when filling out the "when I can work" form, I actually followed the directions on the form instead of disregarding them. Exciting. Also, apparently the hired some random new person within a day of promoting Tavares, so that makes me feel good that they didn't even consider me for the job, especially when Tavares and Kathy were all talking about how I'm going to have to step up and take charge since he'll have no clue what he's doing... exciting... yup.
So the problem with me and the Mario sports games are that I'm too good at them. I got Mario Tennis: Power Tour (As you might have noticed from the updated Stats and Marquee. Yay! I actually updated them! I also added some more comics to the links.), and I've already almost beat it. The addition of power shots actually makes the game easier over the GBC one, at least for me, because the enemies use offensive power shots, which gives me more openings to smash through for the win. Remember, though, if you ever want to beat me, just do a lob shot. I dislike having to play the same mini games over and over to grind up my power shot levels so that they don't suck, but eh, so it goes. I want to use PS ESP for my recovery shot, but it looks like it's going to take waaaaay too much work to grind up to the point where I can recover the ball from anywhere, so I'll probably stick with PS Speed... and PS Muscle action for my attack shot, though I never use the attacking power shots... I need to hook the game up to the Gamecube thing and see how my character works in the three dimentions. I'm personally enjoying the fact that I'm this short little pigtailed stick girl and I've used my stats to make her a pure power player, because that's how I play (I use Bowser normally, for chrissake). I do wish she was taller, though. It'll probably affect her game in the Gamecube version. That's one of the reasons I like playing Bowser, I can snag balls from way the fuck over my head and smash them. Eh, whatever.
I'm really playing too much Sudoku on Brain Age. I wonder if that's a bad thing.

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May 01, 2006


I must agree, this is one of the cutest things ever. After watching the first little bit, you know what you're getting in to, so don't feel there's some huge suprise at the end or something. But man. Cute.
I really worry about the stupidest, most bullshitest things ever. I hate my worryer nature. There was a time when I wasn't like this, I know there was... bah. I worry because I care... I mean... it... that makes it worse. But it's all so fucking retarded, it makes me want to disappear. Bleh.
So, okayokay, let's see, let's see, write about something to make my stomach calm down. There were new Episodes of Tsubasa and xXxholic to download today! Whee! Both were fun. There was some classic Tomoyo-chan action in the latest Tsubasa. Heh. And the people doing Tsubasa were also translating Nana... so I downloaded alot of that as well. Whee, or something.
I will admit, though, this is probably a better kind of worry to have than what I was having awhile back... cause this is very... wanting to make a future... sort of worry... so I guess I can be thankful for that. Blah, I gotta calm down so I can sleep.

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