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June 30, 2006

During the writing of this post, I make a phone call.

Sometimes, when I become half-awake in the morning, my mind starts to lazily daydream as I toss and turn, and run various plots through my head. Sometimes I think that theses are continuations of dreams I must have been having, but the rest of the time I don't know where they come from. The plot running through my head this morning was so insanely horrid I was forced to wake up so I wouldn't have to think about it anymore. It wasn't bad as in a bad story idea, those I have all the time as they almost always involve me, these half dreams... but it was so... I couldn't think about it anymore. So that's why I'm awake at 8:30 in the morning.

So yesterday, I forgot my 5 dollar thing for Best Buy when getting Bucchiet's gift. I needed to use it because it was about to expire, so I took Essner's suggestion of getting something I needed an excuse to buy and bought Trauma Center: Under the Knife. So far I have proven I'm a terrible surgeon. It's a fun game, though, most definately, and I recommend it if a surgery simulator sounds vaugely entertaining to you and you own a Nintendo DS. Oh, bringing the game home reminded my mother that Brain Age existed, so we'll see if she starts working with that... in all honesty, Trauma Center seems like the sort of game she could actually play, or at least alot more likely that she would play... maybe I should get her to try it.

Oh, I wrote an essay yesterday. It's not too bad, though I've most definately written better. Important thing is I wrote it. It's over at poetfox.com if you wanna see. Hopefully there'll be more writings from me soon.

I'm calling the guy right now.

---Time Passes---

And I have a new therapist appointment on the 17th. Gods, this stuff is so easy once you just do it... I really shouldn't get so nervous and put it off. But yay for progress and so on and so forth!

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June 28, 2006

I wonder about that Himawari-chan...

So they didn't have enough money to pay me, so I didn't stay at work as long as I thought I would! Yay...? Also, it's good to know I am totally fit for the job of Mindless Data Entry. I would like that job. I Mindlessly Entered like 3 times the data that the other group did. I rule. Rodney was all like "Man, I should have got you in there to do that earlier!" and I'm like "Well, you know where to find me if you need someone to do it again!"

So I've pretty well decided once the DS Lite comes out in some really fucking awesome color somewhere and the importing isn't TOO painful, I'm probably going to pick it up. It's too damn sexy. And god knows I'd get my money's worth out of it. I could also hand-me-down my old one to Jonathan... that brings up the question of whether or not I would want to, though. Perhaps there is someone else more deserving of DS goodness... fuck, I dunno. I did get most of my money's worth out of my pink SP purchase. Once it gets to a point where, like my pink SP, getting that over the interwebs is just slightly more than buying one from a store, I'm there. I'm hoping for a lime green, or a special edition Pokemon DS Lite... heh heh... I should resist for as long as I can, though... too many new consoles that demand my money this year, among with other expenses... and my old-style DS (I will never, ever call it a DS Phat and I will never respect anyone who does) is still in wonderfully working condition... but I'd like a color other than uglystupid grey... I dunno. Heh.

Have I mentioned recently that I love xXxholic? Cause xXxholic is fucking awesome. I read the latest issue of the manga today and it took some crazy awesome twists very quick and I'm loving it. It's making me craving more episodes of the show hardcore right now...

I just left Wingin' It a terrible voice mail message. But, you know, it was short, so... there you go. Why did I call them? Because I saw, in Barnes and Noble today, the novelization of... SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!!!!!! FUCK YES!!!! Or something.

The end.

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June 26, 2006

The Tub has been very bitchy as of late, always freezing... I wonder why...

I have some great friends... and a really fucking awesome boyfriend. Heh.

Anywho, I read on digg there will not be a 360 price drop around Chrissymas? I think that's just plain silly of Microsoft to do... but also a smart idea. With the PS3 being so god awful expensive, they don't need to drop the price to seem cheap... but I was hoping for one... or maybe one at the same price point but with, say, a 40 gig HD... I'm probably dreaming... but I can dream, dammit! I can dream.

Other thoughts... let's see... I build Brer a deck tonight... I think I'd enjoy playing it too, but I didn't want to pay up for the Circus and the Sakashima. Oh well. Plus, it wasn't standard legal... playing extended decks online just... pisses me off. Not as much as Plaxcaster Frogling, but... yeah... my slow silly fun decks don't cut it, even in the casual room.

Thought on other things... um, when a program asks if you'd like to connect via Serial Port, said program is probably too old... um... oh, first Coldsnap previews are out. Looking interesting, to be sure... although I'm confused about the land. It's totally fucking awesome, but I thought that they had made it so that lands had to produce mana, which makes me wonder if the "Snow" Supertype makes it create Snow mana? But that doesn't make any sense, as none of the land types are Supertypes... eh, I suppose we'll see. I just hope everyone is ready to go to the prerelease in a few weeks... which just made me realize I think my parents might be planning something that weekend. Damns. I should talk to them about that...

Gonna go to bed... and play MP: Hunters of all things... heh... wish me lucks.

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June 25, 2006


So I finished Lost in a Good Book today. It was good, but not self-contained...? None of the major story arcs started got resolved, only the minor ones (then again, the minor ones did involve armageddon and lost plays of Shakespeare, but still)... in that respect, it was a bit disappointing, but I enjoyed it nonetheless, and look forward to starting Well of Lost Plots during my next shift at work.

If I would sit down and just write during these times after work, I'd have stuff done all the time... blah, I really suck.

Other things that are going on... um... nothing, I guess. Oh, I played the Prey demo, and I suggest it for anyone with a computer good enough to run it. Mine was on the border, there was definately some stuttering, but I probably could have fiddled with it to get it to run smoother if I needed to. Anyway, it's really neat. I though the main guy's voice would piss me off, as it's so incredibly unimpressive at first, but it doesn't really hurt you as you get going. And I can't think of a game that gives you more opporunities to shoot yourself accidentally than Prey. Heh.

At work, I got in a Phoenix Wright mindset for awhile. I'm glad they're porting the sequal to DS and bringing it over here as Phoenix Wright: Justice For All. I also had a random wish for a Phoenix Wright anime. The game feels like you're playing through a cheesy lawyer anime, so it's not like it would be all that hard to do... though I doubt anyone would do it... heh.

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June 21, 2006

Got the Ice down, need a decker, need a decker...

I've been playing alot of Dystopia lately. I've been becoming a pretty good decker, if I do say so myself. I've always been willing to help out and back up people with the h4x0rz, but recently I've been doing that almost the whole game... and I'm getting pretty good. I've nearly mastered the bouncing and I got seriously like 4 Cyber-frags this last game. Yay for me! Yay for Dystopia! Or something.

So we played Paranoia again tonight. I felt my plot was a little weak, but again, people had fun.  Jonathan happened to think of a much better twist for the session in the middle of it, which made me a bit jealous, but, you know, it was funny. People really don't die much in these Paranoia games, which seems sort of... wrong. But since everyone has fun? Surely that's alright. Also, Kenny's (who is seriously one crazy smart and witty guy) character name was Offel-R-OFL, so surely that counts for something...?

Oh, I built a new deck. I should have been fixing my Meekness deck, but eh, I made this one instead. It was odd, cause I walked up to make a black deck to put all of our Night's Whispers to use, and then suddenly I had this Red/Green concoction. It's fun as hell AND it has DESERT TWISTERS! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Desert Twister FTW! F! T! W!

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June 20, 2006


Okay, link. Yeah, I linked something. Deal with it, bitches.

Offline, we only own a single Pyroclasm. One. And it's like... Ice Age Pyroclasm. What the fuck. It's one of red's most staple removal spells! ...wait, ah... okay. Apparently it's an uncommon and I thought it was a common. Heh, that makes it a little better, but still. Only 1! Daymn!
Anyway, I could go on a rant about how playing Magic with Jonathan is serioiusly pissing me off at the moment, but I won't. I could, though. But I'll leave it for someone who cares. Not to say that you don't care, blog. I love you too. I just, you know, don't want to fill you up with retarbidity. You understand, right?

Anyway, let's see... what else can I talk about... well, we were going to play Paranoia tonight but I have a feeling that's going to fall through. Oh well. Also, Freespace 2's launcher has a thing built in that let's me do the bad computer voice, and I'm really having endless, inappropriate amounts of fun with that.

Whoo! Justin Spants can play Paranoia tonight! Gotta plan now. Bye!

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June 18, 2006

There are probably weeds like everywhere. It's probably a scary sight to behold.

Tai got a DS Lite! Yay! I should get to cleaning up my AC: Wild World town so it's presentable for him to visit... having not played in months, it's probably a complete mess...

So here's a work related rant. I'm more than happy to help out if people are falling behind because of a larger-than-normal load. If Cindy is having trouble? I'm there. Kathy? Sure. Julie? I'll help out. Chase? You betcha. But I'm sick and tired of helping out Betty. Every night I do Girls. Every night. That's a third of what she is given. Every night. It's bullshit, and I'm pretty tired of it. End work rant.

Brer linked me to a torrent for Planetscape: Torment, so that's going right now. Why? I really don't know. But hey, whatever. Yay for the interwebs!

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June 17, 2006

Night Watch: A Revue (no, wait... Review.)

First off, I'm just glad there was a Day Watch as well. I would like to think I'm a member of the forces of good, but I also think I am a terrible person, so it's good to know that there is an office on the evil side of things keeping the good guys in check with the laws and the stuff.

The movie itself I can get behind for generally not following a sorta very... set plot. Alot of these sorts of things adhere to set plot things... alot of movies in general adhere to certain plot thingies. This movie, probably because it was from another country and such, did not, and I definately respected that and enjoyed it. That said, Jonathan and I both agreed something was missing, and we were both sort of agreeing it was action. The movie NEEEEEEEEDED action, more than it had. I believe it didn't have as much do to budgety stuff? Because during the action scenes they used some tricks to make them more... artsy as opposed to being full blown action to distract from the special effects the scenes would have needed? Something like that. There was definately cool parts, though... the mirrors were neat with the effects...

But yeah, it was definately worth a viewing, but, as I said, I was left with a nagging sense that something was missing from the whole experience. It's enjoyable, though, and I suggest it to anyone who likes the sound of the general plot.

On an unrelated note, did anyone see that hawt new banner thing on the side? I redid it like 10 times today because I kept making stupid little mistakes and starting over. I'm awesome like that.

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June 16, 2006

Magic and Hatred and Novel Purchases and Some Links and Fear

The latest Joe Loves Crappy Movies is quite awesome, I think. Not going to see the movie in any way, shape, or form, but the comic? I laughed. Or became humored. Or something like that.

Ordered some more cards today. Man, we've really been on a Magic kick recently, haven't we? I realized that my deck really doesn't have much creature removal. Okay, it doesn't have any creature removal. But since I hope to overcome via tons of tokens, it shouldn't be a problem, right? Maybe? And at least I have an easy way to stop such strategies as Brightflame and Echoing Truth. We'll see, I can always throw some Faith's Fetters in there if need be. I also found it funny that Jonathan, Spants, and I all ordered cards for token decks. We all have different focuses, though... I want to abuse Twilight Drover and Leyline of the Meek and fly in with a ton of fliers. Jonathan wants to be an ass with Glare of Subdual and Awakening and Hair-Strung Koto. Justin Spants wants to use all the Fallen Angels we keep telling him to put in a deck. We'll see how they all work out, I suppose.

So I'm getting close to being 3/4ths of the way done with my book (Lost in a Good Book, a Thursday Next Novel, for those not in the know), and seriously, I'm enjoying it. The plot is bouncing all over the place, though. Allllll over the place. We'll see if it all comes back together well or what. In any case, it's definately awesome. I have a coupon which, when combined with my BnN membership, should get me 30 percent off a book, so I'm thinking of picking up the next one tommorow, just to get some use out of the coupon. I dunno.

Oh, I still hate Torx screws. It's just frustrating that I got so close to fixing it without Droid's help, without having to bother him, but then that stupid screw all but assures I'm going to need some assistance or order some probably expensive specialty screwdriver. I just, I dunno. I worry about making Droid feel like free tech support instead of a friend, and I want to do this shite myself sometimes, but I almost never seem to be able to or something. I dunno.

I'm a very scared person. I'm frightened of most conflict (besides conflict for other people), and I'm scared of change, even when I want it. I need to face my fear at some point. I need to be someone who can be depended on. I... I dunno. I'm retarded.

Oh, I like Toastyfrog's blogthing.

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June 15, 2006

I hate Torx Screws

One of those screws are all that is standing between me and the self-repair of my laptop. Bastard screw.

So I have been fidding around with the Battlefield 2 demo. Why? Because I've always wondered about the game, and with the new video card, it plays fine. My general appraisal is that it is Day of Defeat but there is little veichles and stuffs and there are levels and leveling. Which is neat. Also, it's PLAY IN A WINDOW FRIENDLY which, as you probably know, is something I require out of all games I play. Also, there is something about being a commander and stuff. Haven't done that part. Anyway, it's a neat game but not one I would play often, so I can't justify a purchase, especially since it's still like 50 bucks (although you do get the first expansion with it... but come awn! It's been out for a long while, can't you drop the price a little?) but, you know, yay for it.

Brer is so busy and I am so not busy and I wish I could help him get more sleeps... I dunno. That's all stupid to type, I should backspace.

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June 13, 2006

Regrets and Exposition

So I was playing around with the regret index and I found this list of comments... which I just generally found entertaining to read. Whoever is posting as "The Devil" is taking on the Devil's persona from Dinosaur Comics, if you didn't realize... this weird regret site is run by that guy.

Mmm, Ashley is really angry tonight... wish I could do more for her...

So yeah, I played some Apprentice Magic with Tai tonight. He's obviously not as hardcore a player as I since the decks he constructed were remade from his real decks of cards no sooner than Onslaught, but it was fun nonetheless. Mayhaps we'll play again latter. I was a wee bit sad he didn't have a little cute voice, but he's a wonderful guy and it's not like that's any sort of issue. Heh.

Um, let's see... I caught up on alot of TV viewing today... that was exciting I guess... and I wrote up a new deck... tested it against Tai, it seems alot more effective than my Bat deck, which it was created to replace... we'll see if I go ahead and build it... in any case, I guess that's about all I did today.
Oh, the opening 10 minutes or so of the xXxholic movie has some of the worst, most blatant exposition ever. I was laughing. The movie itself is good, I recommend it if you're a fan, but those first couple of minutes, where they're trying to explain all of xXxholic in a few seconds... it's funny. Surely it could have been written up better. Maybe it was partially a translation thing that made it sound so bad. I dunno.

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June 12, 2006

Who knew I was capable of such hardcore sleep?

Blah, I felt so shitty after our trip last night... Brer called me on Skype and we talked for awhile with me in bed... though he couldn't understand me seeing as I was mumbling and my voice sounded like crap... but after that I seriously slept from 8:30 to 9:30, with a brief period of awakeness around 2 for me to get something to drink. I can't remember the last time I slept so hardcore... and I feel alot better today.

Even though hiccups made me crazy tired and sickly yesterday, I still had a very fun time in St. Louis and the zoo. I didn't get to see the Fennecs because they have them hidden away in the Children's Zoo... you can get in there free if you go early enough, but we weren't anywhere near that early. I did see a Bat-Eared Fox. I didn't remember them being in the zoo. But Jonathan tells me it's a fake fox and not a real one. Oh well. Heh. We also got to watch them feed the penguins and get splashed with penguin and puffin ick-water. All in all, it was a damn perfect day for Zoo-ing, seeing as it had stormed in St. Louis the night before and everything was cool and not painfully summer-y. All the animals were active, too, since it wasn't so hot. It was spiffy.

Mur's Husband, Jim Van Verth I think he is called, e-mailed me back after I dropped him a random e-mail after listening to his podcast for the first time. It was more than "thank you for the e-mail," too, which was cool. He responded to my random rant about the Pokemon CCG capturing the feel of the series it was based on. (It was like 3 in the morning when I wrote this e-mail and i was very rambly in it. Heh.) Anyway, I thought that was cool.

My mother has apparently stolen my free Frappiccino coupon. Not that I expected to enjoy the Frappiccino, but it was free, and I was going to use it just for the hell of it. Taste tests never hurt anyone.

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June 11, 2006

This Spite is all that I need! How to! How to! How to succeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

La dee da...

I'm downloading all of the "How To Succeed in Evil" from the Seanachai again, so I can share it with everyone on our incredibly spontaneous trip tommorow. (Two words for this trip: Art. Museum. I also wouldn't mind eating at Sarku Japan and hitting up Starclippers, but I doubt we're going to wonder about that much. We'll see, I suppose) I highly suggest the How to Succeed in Evil if you need something radioplayish to listen to. It's pretty awesome. He's getting it made into a graphic novel, I think.
New xXxholic, too... I think I'll go to bed after I watch that. Yay.

So we did a minidraft today. Lots of Guildpact and Dissention. I went with an Azorious-based build with some Orzhov backup. My deck did pretty damn well, it was all 2/2 and 2/1 fliers, which works in a draft setting. Problem was, Spants had Rakados Ink-Spitters. Those things are bitches, and my little fliers couldn't survive them and my Seals of Doom couldn't kill them, so he beat me good and won the thing. And then we played a couple of team games and an insanely spiteful 6-way Chaos game that Droid of all people played in. He didn't really know what he was doing, but we all gave him suggestions on what to do for maximum spite value. I did a little spiting, we all did a little spiting, and Buchhiet ending up winning out of nowhere. Hurrah! Yay for Spite!

Jonathan says he wants the next Paranoia game we play to be a two-parter. That's a suggestion in the right direction to get to more serious stuff, right? Only problem is half of the people I have playing Paranoia are going to be going back to college in other places... oh well, it'll be fun this summer, anyway. ^_^
The. End.

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June 10, 2006

Short. The second sentence is true.

I love the Rob and Eliot people.

I am such a fucking retard. For the record.

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June 08, 2006


Holy shit, they already fixed it. Flockpeople, you are wonderful. I changed my mind. Wonderful.

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Flock Update = Retarded

So Flock updated itself right after my last blog post, and all I have to say is what sort of moron took out the option to manually configure your blog? Now I can't use Flock for blogging, which is 50% of the reason why I use it in the first place (about 35% being having different browsers for different monitors and the remaining 15% being del.ico.us integration). I sent the developers and e-mail but I doubt this is going to be fixed until their next major update. Blah. Makes me very pissy.

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Carbondale: Home of a Game Store and Prompter of Genius

Finally fucking found a download of 19-2000 [Soulchild Remix] by the Gorillaz... it's one of the few songs they play at work sometimes that I love, and I wanted a copy of it. I would have gladly bought it from iTunes had it just been an MP3 or if jHymn hadn't been broken in recent releases... but noooo, it's DRM city for iTunes, so, you know. I went and found it.
So yesterday we went to Carbondale. Why? We weren't doing anything. We stands for Jonathan, Spants, and myself, by the way. So we went to Carbondale and listened to podcasts and went to Castle Perilous, their awesome gaming store. Not as awesome as the Fantasy Shop up in St. Louis where they have the Magic prereleases but pretty awesome nonetheless. I mean, they had basically every single Paranoia suppliment from the XP edition and a couple of old ones, too, (not that we're in any need of those, as I don't believe we'll ever be that hardcore, but it was cool to see them all there) and a copy of the "Cute and Fuzzy Cockfighting Seizure Monsters" for BESM, which made me smile. Most definately put Plainswalkers to shame in any of it's versions. Then again, I'd rather have a shitty Plainswalkers that sold packs than a dead one, but oh well. In any case, we went there, ate at Quiznos where we were waited on by the slowest sandwich maker in the history of the universe, and visited their mall. We never found the comic store we were told of, but oh well. Then we stopped for drinks for the way back and got A 6 PACK OF SUNKIST! Never has a more genius idea been spoken by one Jonathan Long as we examined the "Kool Kave." Then we drove home. Overall, it was an amazing experience for something totally fucking random we did on a Wednesday afternoon.
Also, there was some bowling and some work and that was my day ta-da!
I go through THE BEST GUM IN THE WORLD (Orbit CitrusMint Gum, for those not in the know) so crazily fast. And I wonder if someday I'm going to get in trouble for chewing gum as work, because I certianly do pop alot of bubbles, so the security cameras must be easily showing I'm chewing gum. Who knows.

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June 07, 2006

Vintage Gamers and Rolesplaying

Totally awesome, seriously, Apparently it's old, but who the fuck cares, I just found it.

So right now I'm listening to Mur's husband's podcast, which is about old board games. His voice is pretty quiet, but I liked it in Mur's podcast story and, you know. I'll tell you how it is as I keep listening.
We played Paranoia tonight. There was alot less combat, but I think we had just as much fun and it all felt like it went smoother. Once again, what I halfway planned did not even get close, as Jonathan decided that the objective was not to complete a mission, it was to create something creative to tell the computer. I really couldn't argue with that logic, and it all flowed a little better since I didn't have a list of scenes and stuff I was running off of. Some of the little triggers I put in people's briefings didn't get going, though, because I forgot in the fun to sort of... re-point them out to people to keep them in their minds. My bad. But it was tons of fun, and I was proud of my R&D inventions I came up with, especially the really simple idea that worked really well. Overall, it was alot less chaotic, only chaotic in the good way this time, and I loved it. Less planning is the way to go with this shite. I'm willing to go again.
Vintage Gamer update, he is a little boring, heh heh. He's very hardcore at this stuff... sounds like me talking about Magic or something. I could get into this. ^_^ Though I think it would be a much better read than a listen.
I should probably print out directions to get to Carbondale sometime soon tonight, so that I can find it tommorow on my random planned roadtrip to their now-quasi-legendary Game and Comics stores there. And apparently they have a better mall than here. I heart malls.

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June 06, 2006

We played Movie Trivia at work. I didn't contribute much except asking a question about Adaptation. Nobody had seen the movie.

Yay number 1.
Yay number 2.

Number one is just funny, number two... I really like his artwork. Heh. So there you go.
Wrote like a page of my second novel today, Happy Butterflies and Rainbows: A Tale of Mass Suicide. I need to do alot of planning to go on. Character development. 10 realistic, fully-formed peoples. I'll let it percolate. I should be writing some essays or Every Other Day, I Love You, though, instead... blah. I am a shitty writer when it comes to writing. I should take some of the advice I gave to Ecks the other day. Heh. I'm a pretty good advice-giver but I never follow a word of it myself.
Oh, I ordered a cable that will, theoretically, get my laptop back in working order. Every bit of what it's doing is saying the problem is in the connection between the computer part and the monitor part, so replacing the cable that connects the two sounds like a good strategy to me. It's either that, or the cable is loose or something. Either way, cracking the thing open and replacing it should work. I just hope Droib will help me with it. I hate bothering him, he's quite busy and has found friends who have alot more in common with him than us (and to that I say, huzzah for you, Droid. I'm not saying we want to be rid of you or something? But I know we don't always create the sort of fun you want and, as your friend, I is glad you be enjoying yourself) and I dunno, I just hate bothering him. Considering I could not figure out how to get the damn thing open alone, though, I will probably need his help. I seriously unscrewed things for half an hour and I could not get the outside off. I suck.
If I do get it working again, I think the new version of Ubuntu is out, so I'll get to wipe the machine and start from scratch! Yippie! Heh. All the fun of getting the sound to work again... I should have 5 Kubuntu Dapper CDs coming in the mail (I have no fucking idea how they can afford to send me all these CD sets for free but I'm not complaining... but seriously, FreeUbuntuCDSendingCompany, how the fuck do you function?) so, you know. Heh.

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June 04, 2006

Are You READY?

I'll take Ouendan's style over that any day, but it's still going to be FUCKING AWESOME.

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This Post Won't Post and it makes me mad.

I wrote a post last night but it won't go up. It makes me very mad.

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June 03, 2006

Other things I thought about at work: Short story starring person with psychic ability to tell what you ate at your last meal.

So I started getting all depressive at work tonight so I decided to focus on planning another Paranoia game for everyone. Brian, Jonathan, and Jessie said they'd want to play another one again the other night when we played Mah Jong, so... you know. I decided I would type up little background sheets for everyone... so they could basically pick everyone on their character but their secret society, cause I think that would make planning stuff alot easier for on the spot whatever... and I was scheming up what would happen, and was all ready to type them all up when I got home... but then, of course, I get home from work at 5 minutes till three. So maybe tommorow night after work... then again, that'll probably be long as hell too...
So I decided I was going to get a phone like Jessie's, so I go to phone place and they wouldn't even talk to me about selling a phone without signing another contract so instead of fighting her I stormed out annoyed. Dad and I are going to go back in the afternoons and try it all again. I mean, hell, I want the cheapest phone they have, it's not like it's going to cost a million fucking dollars.
I got Rhapsody. I'm going to try it out before bed. Yay.
I hate Plaxcaster Frogling.

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