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July 30, 2006

Shooto the Moon!

You know it's true. Makes me want to play Guilty Gear...

I haven't written anything in awhile because I don't want to be all angsty. Luckily, nobody likely cares, so I'm off the hook. Yay!

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July 27, 2006

And now, DS news I have learned and am excited about.

Castlevaina: Portrait of Ruin does have Co-op Multiplayer. Since there was two characters you switch between in the main game, I'm glad they did the sensical thing and added this. You can't play in the actual game, though, you apparently play in special Co-op stages, which is fine by me. The best part? You can play on the Wifi Connection. Apparently the enemies are different than playing in the same room with one another, because of memory issues. But still, that's fucking aweomse.

There's a game coming out, called "Clubhouse Games." It's basically a bunch of simple card and board games for the DS, and all of them Wifi capable for up to 8 players, in the games that have 8 players. Depending on the selection of games and if it comes out at a budget price (Like... 15 dollars), that could definately be worth it. Although, Ultimate Brain Games DS is supposed to have online Go... but there's been no news of that in awhile.

The DS version of Gunpey (from Q games, makers of Meteos and Lumines) apparently has a full remix mode for all the music, where you can fiddle with just about every part of it. This isn't in the PSP version, although the PSP verison will be prettier and have CD quality tunes... neither version has online multiplayer, though.

Oh, and Contact just seems fucking amazingly entertaining, and exactly the sort of game I want.

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July 26, 2006

Aftermath of "The Talk." Quick summary, it didn't go well at all.

So yeah, watch that. It's good. Everything else in this post is kinda angsty and depressive talk on my part, so feel free to just go watch The Amazing Screw-On Head and be happy and not read it.


So yesterday went really shittily. I can respect their decision not to help me out on most grounds. I mean, it's a big investment. But it feels like they're rejecting me, like I'm not welcome here. I'll just have to finish up college as quick as I can and move on... there's not alot more I can do at this point. I'll try to bring it all up again sometime, to slowly try to break them down, but it doesn't feel likely that will happen. I can show them all kinds of things, but they'll talk it away... I just feel angry and betrayed and not wanted... and the worst part is, I often THINK I'm not wanted, and this is just adding vaildity to my stupid pointless thoughts... anyway, you know, I'll probably be hiding moodily up here for awhile, though if I can think of a good reason to get out, I should... I wonder what people are doing Friday night... Spants said there's some Coldsnap out, we could do a minidraft...

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July 24, 2006


I'm tired of being such a nervous idiot.

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July 23, 2006

Mmmmm... Vanilla...

Man, I have such wonderful and weird furry friends... Derraie and I have just planned the most amazing shopping trip. Heh.

Okay, so, I finished Well of Lost Plots the other night. Mr. Fforde loves subplots. Alot. A. Lot. Alot. But he's so entertaining, who the fuck cares? Heh... Oh, everyone at work gave me a sticker for finishing it too! Yay!

Other things about me... um... I'm watching Babylon 5 with Brer, and that's been pretty fun. It feels alot like we're curling up close and watching, so I'm very happy... mm, anything else...? I dunno. I'm going to attempt to accomplish alot next week, so ask me about how I'm doing on that to make sure I do it. If all goes well, I will be one crazy busy but happy person in August.

They're coming out with a Vanilla Frosty... is that interesting news? I think so.

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July 20, 2006

Dah Du Dat Daaa, Dah Du Dat Daaaaa, Dah Du Dat Daaaa, He's a Pirate...

Justin Spants is on a Pirates kick. Apparently at Wal-Mart they have this neat-o starter box of Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse that includes about 4 packs worth of ships but a couple more crew than you'd normally get... he got some Sea Monsters... I dunno what to think about the Sea Monsters. But the pack is nice, I might pick one up. He also got Davy Jones, which you'd think would go nice with the super-awesome Flying Dutchman he got awhile back, but Davy Jones is a really shitty crew. I mean, the ability is alright, but he costs waaaaay to much. Maybe if he had the Captian "Move and Shoot" ability too... or if he just cost less... or lost the Limit keyword... anyway, Spants will probably never use him.
Huh, there's a different version of Devereaux in Davy Jones Curse... and holy shit, that's a million times better than the shitty version I have...
Anyway, it's annoying that they made the Barbary Corsairs and The Cursed their own nations, instead of just Pirate. It's annoying enough not having the right crew for the cool ship you just opened, making all these one-set-only nations only makes the problem worse.
But yeah, I still love Pirates. It's miniatures gaming at it's purest and least complicated. I just HATE THE RULES WITH A PASSION! Why can't they have a master rules document... I'm such a rules whore, it annoys me to no end that we're having to debate whether Sea Monsters can get Fire Masts and if they have Fire Masts, what happens if they submerge... gaaah... anyway, we're probably going to play some more tommorow. Whee.

So yeah, Alaska... that would be hard... but certianly an adventure...

Heh, and Mama showed me the new stuff she's going to be putting up on GoneAllWild later today... cute stuff... heh...

Oh, also, they're coming out with a DS and PSP game of that Vs System! I'm excited! It was definately one of the better card games I've played (I hear they basically took a bunch of Magic pro tour players and threw money at them and asked them to make a game) and since it'll play over the Wifi Connection, I'm totally fucking there. Not getting the PSP version because it is sounding very... microtransactiony... They seriously need a DS version of Pirates... Pirates would make a fucking awesome game to pass around hotseat on a trip, seriously.

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July 19, 2006


HOLY SHITE! If I was at ComicCon, I would totally buy it. I'm a moron like that.

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There is a really huge rant about cleaning that you should probably skip.

I am not looking forward to waking up tommorow and having to haul more stuff out of this room. Not at all. I'll get maybe... an hour of free time before I go out to eat... maybe a little more... I just hate the way my mom cleans with a passion. She said today "Oh, it looks so much better already!" It just looks empty, and all that stuff you put in boxes? It still has to come back and fill that empty void. And Jonathan and I are going to have to put it all back where it was, after you shampoo the floor or whatever you want to do. And how long until you shampoo the floor and all of our stuff is in boxes and inaccessable? And I bet you're going to shampoo the floor while I'm not at work, too, so I can't be on my computer for most of the day. I am really bitchy about this cleaning up in here. In the end, it'll look better, but we will have taken the longest path to get there possible. My plan? Organize and get everything off of tables, my and Jonathan's desk, and the floor. Put all the useless junk IN THE CLOSET in boxes. Shampoo the floor, resort stuff in boxes, boom, done. Yes, still alot of work, but intelligent work, instead of resorting all my manga that was already sorted and on shelves before mom took all the manga off the shelves and put them in boxes, which is what I'm going to be doing a few days from now.

Okay, rant over.

I really didn't do much of anything, besides the little bit of helping my mom clean I did... I watched xXxholic (the new episode was a 2 parter, so it was a little unsatisfying, but as awesome as usual) and some Doctor Who (that was also a 2 parter, but hey, I had the other part of that) and... just generally relaxed. I enjoyed it. Jonathan seemed very put off by the fact that I wasn't worried about not having anything to do tonight.

Oh, our family bought tickets to the Blue Man Group rock tour. I'm excited. It's in October.

I really want to not be in this house tommorow, or not have to clean... mayhaps I will have to talk my way out of it, using conversation... hm...

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July 18, 2006

For some reason, I felt obligated to write a post, even though said post is not very good.

So today was all not very good and I was all down for stupid reasons and stuff... but then I went to work and I got all gung-ho and ready to do all sorts of awesome things and get everything in the world accomplished! And then I got back home and that all faded away...

I enjoyed the latest Open Letter alot. There's a new episode of xXxholic on my hard drive I haven't watched yet. I'm not working today. I still want to see A Scanner Darkly. I hope I can find the oomph I need to get things rolling in the next couple days... there's nothing wrong with relaxation as long as things eventually get done... I like this link image from the Dvorak blog because I'm weird... yeah...

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July 16, 2006

I noticed something I missed last time when I saw Dead Man's Chest again.

Color me seduced. There's not alot of information on that page, but after reading this account of a gameplay session and all the positive speak in all the theory discussions over here, I was completely in love. There is a slight possibility of us all playing this game, but I would have to work damn hard to get everyone in the proper mood and even then it probably wouldn't be a very serious sort of show we'd be making. Not that there's anything wrong with silly. As much as Essner has told me about his imaginary Sitcom, I could see us creating one of those pretty good. But anyway, I'm rambling now...

Ashley seemed to invite me to visit her tonight... I would love to visit all my close online friends (Um, especially my boyfriend... heh...) but... travel is fun to a point, and then the cost just... gets crazy, and I can't even dream of doing it. Ashley lives in Maine, and me alone going to visit her would be a huge expense because I would definately have to fly... (with Brer, I could probably drive, if I remember correctly... it would be longer than my trip to Natalie's, but I could pull it off if need be) It's just... travelling is alot of money. Which is sad. I know I can't afford it this year... it's a next gen console launch year! Is that a sad reason to not take a trip? Probably. But that's where my extra money is going to go... gods, I don't know, does that sound bad? I'm a terrible person who sits next to their computer all day, or something.

Holy crap, I just found this. If nothing else, that is a genius idea for a game. Heh.

I get to wear my new shirt to work today, as well as red pants. I'm excited, to say the least.

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July 15, 2006

Tonight, I made a deck that was all counterspells besides one Izzet Guildmage. I'm awesome like that.

I'm likely a very sad individual, but I find this hilarious.

Also, I waited much too long to eat the rainbow sherbert Mom got me. It's like I had totally forgotten how much I love sherbert. Mmm, sherbert...

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July 13, 2006

I tried to post this last night, but the server was being retarded...

Cyo doodled a little picture of me. It would be an odd occasion that I would wear a dress like that... and she goes "actually.....she isnt feeling herself up...it just ended up looking that way" and now I can only look at it thinking like that... but... heh, it was real nice of her to doodle at random anyway... heh...

Okay, so, bowling didn't go too bad today, and we had two very close games of Pinochle afterwards, so that's great... Spants and I made a trip to Toys R Us in the extra time we had between food and bowling. I spotted the clearance games. They had some good stuff, F-Zero GX, Phantom Dust, another game I own but can't remember... but I owned most all of them... and then I saw a copy of Killer 7 for the Gamecube, and took advantage of the low, low prices. I read alot of mixed reviews for the game, but most have said "Yes, the gameplay sucks, but the style, plot, and art is top notch" and style can really carry me through a game... so I assume I'm going to enjoy it. I haven't played it yet. Spants also bought some Pirates packs from the new set obviously capitalizing on Dead Man's Chest, Davy Jones' Curse. He opened an awesome unique treasure, the Monkey Paw (terrible if you happen to pick it up (any ship attacking you gets one free hit a turn), but just tons of fun to have in the game), and the Flying Dutchman, which is an amazing 5 master. (All 2 Long cannons, and it has Broadsides!) if only it wasn't part of some stupid this-set-only nationality of "The Cursed," so we didn't have issues with crewing it... Oh well, we don't play Pirates enough anyway... it's an awesome game, though.

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July 12, 2006

there must be fifteen different ways to start fires with evil.

i don't kill puppies for satan, but sometimes i yell at my computer
my name is alexis long
cold 1
fucked up 2
mean 1
relentless 1
evil 0
this many people have ever noticed me as a human being, not just another sad ground-down face in the crowd: 8
i like to think i can shuffle cards well, but i really can't.

There's my character sheet.

I really like kill puppies for satan. It's so well written. I'm glad I remembered it, but I'm sad I lost my copy of cockroach souffle. Maybe I'll be able to find it through hardcore internetting sometime. I can hope. I'd buy it from them if both of them were in one solid, physical, well made book. But they're not, they're just pdfs, so, you know, fuck it.

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July 11, 2006

I have a good feeling about this deck. It has most of what my current Aura deck has going for it, plus some.

Okay, here we go, decklist time.

Enchanter (Working Title)

Lands (22)
Bad River x4
Hallowed Fountain x1
Godless Shrine x1
Island x3
Swamp x3
Plains x10

Creatures (16)
Auratouched Mage x3
Kitsune Mystic x3
Nomad Mythmaker x3
Thran Golem x4
Zur the Enchanter x3

Other Spells (22)
Arrest x4
Flickerform x1
Ghostly Prison x1
Seal of Cleansing x3
Serra's Blessing x1
Second Chance x1
Traveller's Cloak x2
Necromancer's Magemark x3
Shielding Plax x3
Sleeper's Robe x2
Soul Link x1

As you can see, I tried to include a nice toolbox to grab up with Zur. I know we have 2 Hallowed Fountains and a Godless Shrine around here somewhere, so I should be able to gank those without paying for the crazy high cost, and they'll come in handy if I need a plains but draw a Bad River. One card I didn't even know existed until I did a search in MTGO for enchantments in those colors with coverted mana cost less than 3 was that Second Chance. It says, "During your upkeep, if you have 5 or less life, sacrifice this, then take another turn after this one." Sounds awesome to me. Hm, I just realized that nothing in the deck is pumping up my creatures besides Necromancer's Magemark... oh well. Nobody should be killable or blockable really, so I should be able to wittle them down without too much problem... and if I find I need something to pump my guys, well, I probably already have those spells, so it'll be easy to add. I also won't lie, Sterling Grove would be amazing in this deck. It's not going to happen though. I'm already three colors as it is... I think Spants has a single one, depending on the effectiveness of Flickerform (I've been unimpressed with it in the past) I might switch it in... after all, Zur can still fetch it... anyway, I'll be ordering that soon, probably after the set is released so the price of my third Zur goes down to reasonable levels... plus, everyone else might want to order cards at that point.

I dunno what I do with my good friends Eight-and-a-half Tails and Opal-Eye after I make this deck, though... they're in my current version, even though 8.5 Tails is a terrible fit, in all honestly (but he's so powerful, he still kicks butt)... hmm... have to think of another good whiteish deck, I suppose.

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July 10, 2006

A long paragraph about what I think about White Wolf at the moment.

I really can't remember how I came to be looking at the White Wolf page again... oh wait, yes I do. I was looking once again at the amazing Murloc shirt Tai showed me last night and I still think is awesome (If I was playing WoW still, I would have instantly purchased it), and I ended up following a link on the WoW tabletop RPG game and ended up at White Wolf's site. Anyway, apparently they have a new game different from any of the others they had before they blew up their world and started over. Called Promethian: The Created or something. Looks interesting, but I'm not really impressed. After they blew up the world, I've sort of had mixed feelings about them. I haven't read their new Vampire book, but they took away almost everything I loved when they made their new version of Werewolf. Their Mage was neat, I thought. I haven't looked at my old Mage pre-blowings up in awhile, but the new Mage I'm down with, as I was with the basic World of Darkness sourcebook, from what I've read. If you're planning on just telling a story as opposed to tons of combat and things exploding, I think a couple normal, everyday people against the forces of darkness with powers they can barely even understand would be awesome. That sort of game is one I definately couldn't play with my friends (As I've stated before, the game I can play with my backstabbing, random friends is Paranoia, hands down), but one I would be all about doing. I also liked their weird, not related to anything Orpheus book. That seemed like a weird little thing to tell a story with. I'm fairly positive it's not in the World of Darkness, but a company filled with people in tubes, electronics keeping them barely alive so they could astral project and do their company's bidding? It seemed like something could definately be done with that. Anyway, I dunno what to think about them anymore. I suppose their track record is better rather than worse, but boo to their new Werewolf. Boo, I say. Then again, do I have much of a reason to care? I've played like 3 sessions of Paranoia and like one very failed attempt at Vampire my entire life, it's not like I do much of that sort of stuff. I can dream, though, dammit!

Anyway, I randomly felt like ranting about it, and then I went "Man, but where can I do that? Oh, wait, I have a blog." So there we go.

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July 09, 2006


BEST SHIRT EVER? Probably not, but it completely entertains me.

So we did really bad at the Coldsnap prerelease, but hey, that was to be expected. I did score two Zur the Enchanters, who were totally useless to us in the tourney because we didn't have any enchantments of note, but who I will totally be building a deck around in the near future, probably modifying my current all white affair to include even more goodies for Zur to summon up while still keeping my good buddies Auratouched Mage, Kitsune Mystic, and Thran Golem around to join in the fun. Anyway, we were once again lacking important strong commons as well, so we died, but so it goes.

Well, new Magic articles are up, time to read!

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Man, why am I not in bed?

So once again I have spoiled myself before a Prerelease. We'll see if the spoiler I looked at holds true, but the most amazing thing I saw in the list was my favorite cheap dual lands (Elfhame Palace, etc) are being reprinted, only with the Snow supertype. That's pretty exciting, although they need to get a set of those in the enemy colors at some point as well! I understand that Coldsnap is not the place for that, but still. I want them. I luvvles those lands and their cheap yet effective in most casual decks nature. Okay, that's a lie, I saw more amazing things (Braids of Fire and Deepfire Elemental, holy shite! Karpulsan Minotaur, you are my new favorite silly card! Geild Shackles, you are awesome white removal) but those lands I'm excited about, Magic Online-wise, anyway. Budget players will have a very wide array of multicolor options now, what with the Ravnica common lands and these.

I saw Pirates today. It was good. I enjoyed it muchly. The action scenes had a wonderful blend of action and... um... Captain Jack Sparrow not fighting but being awesome... or comedy. Whatever. It was a really good blend of the two. Davy Jones just looked cool, but I had a hard time looking at his crew, they really creeped me out... not especially in the scary creepy way either, just in the creepy creepy way... Jessie and Brian seemed annoyed that it was a cliffhanger ending, but they obviously didn't know they were making another one already, so it was to be expected, you know? Brer really liked it... heh... really liked it... I was sad there was no spinning vortex chest swordfighting, though... maybe in the next one...

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July 08, 2006

Brer was really playing up the Davy Jones/Cthulhu angle...

I didn't get to see Pirates tonight... and Brer says he can't be responsible for spoilers if I don't see it tomorrow... maybe I can get an advanced ticket for whenever Jonathan is going when I wake up... or hell, I dunno... go alone... blah, I don't like going to the theater alone.

So yeah, been playing F.E.A.R. I totally agree with what I've heard about it, in general... (besides the Alpha Rant on it, they really trashed it, but I suppose I can understand why... they aren't serious gamers anyway... all they really play is Call of Duty 2 with some extremely realistic mod and I think one of them is playing EVE Online...) The scary parts aren't as scary as they could be, because you know when the scariness is going on you can't be hurt, and there won't be soldiers around shooting at you. So you just get like "Oh, it's scary cutscene time, okay!" But the shootings, that's pretty fun. There are some neat melee kicks you can do, and I keep trying to do them by using the incredibly intelligent strategy of running towards some guy with a shotgun pointed at me instead of taking him out from a distance... yeah, I'm awesome like that...

So yeah, this The Ship thing. I'm excited. I hope to god it doesn't suck.

Mann, is it really that late? Mann.

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July 06, 2006

I wish this screwdriver was more sonic.

You know what's awesome? Doctor Who. I'm going to be a good, patient person and wait until next week sometime to grab a torrent of the entire season 2... but it's just so much fun.

So let's see, what's going on with me... I worked until four in the morning on Wednesday, that was fun... and I did absolutely nothing of use today, which was also fun. I watched alot of Doctor Who, which you might have gathered from the previous paragraph. Jonathan sorted all the cards stacked around this room into a little shelving unit by rarity and color. That little shelfthing, I will admit, was a good idea on Mom's part. We'll see if it's functional next time I need to search for a particular rare... oh, I got the PSX emulator working on Jonathan's compy, too. That's something I did... and I ate a Push-up. And I spent much time with Brer, and I pitied the students at Penn State. None of that is too interesting, I suppose.

Ashley got a DS and Animal Crossing, but the connection died in the middle of her visit and we both lost everything we did... which sucked... Blah. But at least I got to go to Tai's town and write many disturbing letters! Huzzah!

Here's to hoping I maybe do something tommorow. Maybe. Fingers crossed!

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July 05, 2006

Okay, I'm not really goth, though I'm sure some people seeing me on the street might think so...?

Yeah... that's the kinda goth I am.

Wow, it's late. I should be in bed. Yup.

Oh, Doctor Who is good, even if I wasted valuable torrenting time downloading the first season when Spants already had it. It's still worth it, dammit! Or something! It was also a better use of my time than watching the explosions, probably.

I'm working alot tommorow, and then like... NEVER AGAIN. Le sigh. I wanna work. I better write a short story or something in the meantimes! I'm pretty sure I said that in my last post. OH WELL! IT'S STILL TRUE!

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July 04, 2006

I think curling up with Brer is a better idea than exploding things.

So I watched the first two episodes of Doctor Who today... the new one... it's pretty good. Fun. You know. Fun.

So we played some GAUNTLET LEGENDS today!!!! OMG! I made an archer named Bewbs. We played in character. Yay.

Um, I also got my little screwdriver bit in today, so I'm probably going to try to repair my lappy tomorrow... today... whatever. So wish me luck.

What else... um... I dunno... I don't mind Jonathan playing Guild Wars on here but I wish he wouldn't move all the monitors and the keyboard and stuff all around when he does. Or at least would move them back. I sit here all day, I can recognize when they're different.

I don't work much next week. Blah. I best get something done during all my free time.

Oh, uh, happy 4th, I suppose. I'm not planning on doing anything tomorrow, though I'm sure my family has plans for me that they haven't shared. The only thing I'm thinking about, fourthwise, is that it was a year ago today that I talked to Brer on the phone for the first time... time definitely flies...

Oh, wrote another essay. You can find it on poetfox.com if you look. Called Labeling.

I think I would make a great bureaucrat. I would love to fill out tedious paperwork and utilize asinine rules to my advantage. As I've also said before, I also believe I would be perfect for the position of Mindless Data Entry, which would probably be tied into a bureacracy in some way, so hey, if someone has a position for me along those lines, hook me up!

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July 02, 2006

Late night at work! I haven't had that happen in awhile...

So let's see... what did I do today... I wrote most of an essay I'm calling Labeling. It doesn't have an ending yet, though, so you can't see it yet. It's not too bad, but it's not amazing... it follows my fucked up thought process, which went all over the place... but, you know. Whatever.

I also thought of a short story to write tonight at work... (work went long, but I get paid more so I don't care! Also, I definately am getting vacation time, which is hardcore. Heh.) I'm calling it Six-Shooter. It's all western-y, if you couldn't tell from the title. It's like a western meets Green Lantern origin story meets Outlaw Star. No, there's no arm-wrestling space ships. Anyway, I'm sure it would be terrible... me writing western-ness will be terrible. But I should till write it. Also, I totally just remembered that I should try writing Romantic Subplot again... I liked that idea...

I also bought clogs today. Yay for clogs! Why did I buy clogs? So I don't have to keep bringing socks to work. They're like closed-toed sandals, so they're fine for work and they work for me. Yay! They definately need to be broken in, though... my feets hurt a bit.

My favorite line from me reading Well of Lost Plots tonight? "We could only identify the leader from his dental records, although we had no idea why he was carrying them."

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