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August 31, 2006

Quickie Before Work (Yay for going into work an hour early!)

Okay, some blogging before work while I wait for my podcasts to download.

I wrote a short story! Which shouldn't be suprising as I'm taking a short story class. But the fact I wrote it two weeks before I had to should be a bit suprising. I haven't decided whether or not it's crap or it is silly and fun without a real point. It's currently called "Channel Josh Action News." If you search hard enough on Poetfox.com, you'll find it, but it's most definately a first draft so I'm not going to pass it around. I'm just glad I got some thing done like that. Huzzah!

Mm, I should update the front page of Poetfox.com when I get home... I have at least three poems I've posted there since last I updated it... not that anyone besides me cares, of course, but, eh, should keep it up to date.

Oh, I bought Exit, the PSP game? I'll give it a more thorough review sometime when I have more time, though (like anyone else cares about my reviews, too... but I have a blog, so I feel like I should, since gaming is what I do...). Short version, however: Not worth buying a PSP for, but definately worth the 20 bucks I paid for it. (I dunno if it's 20 bucks everywhere, but it was on clearance or something at Toys 'R Us, so...)

Okay, time to go to work now.

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August 28, 2006

These are some pretty short comments, really.

So I got my entry in for the, you know... Magic Designer Internship contest. I'll see how I goes. I wasn't happy with all the answers, but eh, so it goes.

Uplink is still pretty fun. I'm getting better and better.

My coinflip deck is a littler slow. But that's fine. It's neato. It's got coins. I flip them.

I have a bunch of stuff to do tommorow, but after classes, I will have either completed those things or will have failed completely. Whoo.

Hmm, these videos I'm downloading are in .ogm format... I wonder if I'm set up to watch those... I think so...

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August 26, 2006

What else did I find interesting today... oh yeah, some article about Xbox360 webcam as a masturbatory aid...

So, in my random somethings about the internet today, I decided it was time to open Steam. So I did. There was alot of updating and apparently they've added alot of new games on there. Most of these new games I could not give a rats ass about. But I saw that, in preparation for the launch of DEFCON: Everybody Dies (Or just DEFCON... but I like the tagline... so there), they put the only other Introversion (the Darwinia people) game up on Steam: Uplink.

Uplink takes place in the strange and weird future of four years from now, where "computers" are "important" and "hackers" manupulate them over the "world wide web" to "do illegal things." Basically, it's a hacking simulator. You're put onto a fake desktop that's linked into your fake computer, called a Gateway, that's owned by his hacker company you're now working for, called Uplink. And you get jobs off of their system and you go and you h4x0r things and hope you cover your tracks well enough to not get caught. Of course, as you earn money you upgrade your compy to have more hacking power, and, supposedly, there eventually is some underlying plot, if you get superhacker enough. I haven't seen it, though. I was just getting the hang of it, hacking into two major banks for smaller, information gathering jobs, when the feds managed to track poor Agent poetfox down for her earlier sorry attempts at hacking, and Uplink was forced to sieze all my stuff and basically fuck me over so as not to be caught in the middle. But it's really neat. I really feel like a hacker when I play it. And now I know how to cover my tracks better, so hopefully that won't happen again, when I reroll with a new Agent. Hopefully. Anyway, I consider it money decently spent.

I do hope DEFCON is as cool as it looks, though. I mean, it's very stylized like all of their games, to keep the costs down, but the gameplay just seems... fun as hell, you know? Let the tension build and build and then all of the sudden BOOM! Nuke everything in strike followed by retaliatory strike followed by another retaliatory strike... yay!

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August 25, 2006

My mind is random and often retarded.

My coinflippy deck is here. I decided at the last minute when covering it that I should swap four Mountains out for four Forgotten Caves. I like cycling. We'll see if the caves make the deck feel painfully slow... I don't think they will, though... I think they'll be a thankful outlet when I need another card instead of a land. Also, I learned that I have a crazy-ass amount of "special" Swamps (by which I mean Unhinged, Foil, etc). Like almost enough for a mono-black deck. That's a bit crazy. Why aren't they in a deck? I have no idea.

You know, I was going to put this coinflippy deck in my Tycho deckbox, but the more I think about it, the coinflippy probably would go better in the Gabe box, and the Reanimator "Nekrataal everything" concoction would fit Tycho a little better... I dunno. I also have the problem that my gaming bag only has slots for like... 5 deckboxes, and I've been having more than five decks for awhile now... dunno what to do about that... wait, you know what, my draw deck fits Tycho more, he seems like a Johnny to me... gods, I ramble...

The internship contest has started... the questionare I have to fill out as the first round is a bit daunting. I'm going to work on writing that instead of, I dunno, doing schoolwork tommorow after my morning class... that, or playtesting this flippy deck with Essner and Spants or something. Or something.

I want to watch a movie.

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August 24, 2006

I would like to find things.

I agree with Tycho, that is fucking awesome. Only makes me want a 360 that much more... seriously, that's exactly the shit I want to be playing in my spare time, deep little things like that. And then, you know, when I want to sit down and beat the shit out of people, I switch to something with more... visual... shit-beating-out-of-people... ness...

Oh, the background they have up there is fucking awesome, too.

I attempted to find a little program that would let me put different wallpapers on each of my monitors today. It boggles my mind that a program that seems like it would be so simple would be so impossible to find for free. I have plenty of options if I want to spend 40 bucks, though. At the same time, here I am, typing on a free and I believe open source browser that's better than any closed-source browsers I have ever tried. Thinking about these things just... blows me away. Then again, I guess it's to be expected. Everyone needs a browser. People who use multiple monitors are in the minority, so to fiddle with such things and indulge, they have to pay more, I suppose. Still seems silly... then again, I suppose some of the simplest stuff can be the hardest to program... maybe... fuck, I dunno, I haven't programmed anything ever. Well, okay, I made something in BASIC back on my old Apple IIc, but that's it. And that barely counts.

I guess, in some ways, I'm so used to being able to get anything I want from the internet, it frustrates me to no end when I can't find things. Such as a copy of Hexic for less than 20 retarded dollars. Or this little program I was talking about. Or an obscure song used in an anime that I liked. Or whatever. I'm pretty good at finding things on the internets, and when I don't... I just search harder, and harder, cause it has to be out there, right? But it never is, and that makes me frustrated... I'm a weird, stupid person sometimes...

My coinflippy deck isn't in yet... that's sad... I hope it gets here tommorow.

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August 23, 2006

They love to drop your jaw with those Magic previews...

May I say "HOLY FUCK ON A STICK"? Is that alright? It is? Good.


That Suspend Mechanic... I can't wait to see what else it's on and what else it does... and just that card... daymn... nice one, Wizards of the Coast... now just let me win that internship, and I'll be your best friend forever.

I have to keep a journal for my writing class to turn in at the end. I hope she finds a large collection of printed-up blog posts acceptable, because this is my journal, and keeping another one would be hella annoying.

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August 21, 2006

New Skewl Yeer Resolushuns.

I am getting edumacated!

Okay, anyway, I know I have had a post like this almost every semseter for the last four semesters, and I haven't gone through with it, really. But this time, I think things have changed. Before, everything I was trying to do, schoolwise, was simply for my parents. There was little of me involved besides "Things might get annoying for me if my parents are pissed off." I feel like I have a reason to attend class and turn in shite and get quasidecent grades. I want to graduate. I'm tired of it all, I'm done, and if I don't finish all this shit up now, I know I never will. Surely a liberal arts degree with decent but not astounding grades is better than no degree at all when trying to find employment. I want to knock this out and be done with it, and get away from my parents and start actually living my life, or at least finding out what the hell my life is. With all that said, the goals for this semester are:

1) Be a good student. Note that I'm sure what alot of people think of as a "good student" is not what I'm aiming for. I am aiming for going to every class and turning SOMETHING in for every assignment, even if it's not as good as I could do if I completely applied myself. A's are nice, but B's will get me graduated just as fast as getting A's, and if keeping my nervous panic down to nothing means I get a B instead of an A, I'm not going to worry about it. Which leads me to...
2) I am going to have fun. I worry way the fuck too much, and although I still have plenty of problems following the aftermath of the horridly failed talk with my parents over my gender stuff, for whatever reason I have learned one thing from it all, and it's odd, because it doesn't seem to be very related... I don't know. But for the first time in a long, long while, I feel like I deserve to have fun. I do. I deserve it. And I am going to have it. And worrying is not fun, so I am going to do as little of it as possible. I will enjoy my time I have left here, living like this, because once I graduate, EVERYTHING is going to change. I need that change desperately, but I know me, and I know I am going to miss this alot. Hell, I'm honestly getting a little worked up just typing this out right now. So while I'm here, I am going to have the best fucking time I can, and I'm not going to let anyone get in the way of that, because, as I said, I deserve it.
3) I'm going to walk. I took a walk last night, just from my house to the Osage Center. I'm guessing it took me about an hour. I base this guess on the fact that it took me about 28 minutes to get to the Osage Center, so it surely took about that much time to get back. But I could use the exercise. I don't get any, really, besides working trucks. I don't really enjoy running around and Frizbeeing with everyone else. I just want to do something non-stressful and intense. So I've decided, days I don't have work, I'm going to take a walk and listen to podcasts. Shouldn't be a problem, I can do it at some point when Brer needs to get his schoolwork done, so I don't distract him from that. And I get a little exercise. And I get to catch up on the shittons of backed up podcasts I have. I have so many I need to catch up on, and I mean, hell, I just added Pseudopod to my podcatcher today. The list of ones I want to listen to only gets bigger. So this'll help with that. But yeah, walking. Gonna do that.

And that's it, I guess. Does that sound like good goals? I hope so. Maybe, for once, I'll meet the goals that I set for myself... I think I will... this is the first time I've set goals like this for me, and not for other people... and that, I think, will help me complete them quite a bit... we'll see, of course...

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August 20, 2006

Baldurdash Results are In!

Saved for all time, here are some of the best answers from tonight's game of Baldurdash.

Matt Essner had some great movie plots. I can't remember what the titles were that went with them, but it doesn't matter because they're that awesome.
"A Realtor has three weeks to make the deal of a lifetime before his family is eaten by pirates and juggled by bears."
"A down on his luck ventriloquist tries to make a comeback after finding a solid gold dummy in his ex-girlfriend's basement (on wednesday)"

Shaladriel wrote a plot for the movie title "Male and Female" that would most definately make a better film than the weird ass actual plot of said film: "A failing Electrician tries to find love." That's just clever, you know?

I enjoyed my definition for Woom: "Seriously, turn the paper upside down. It's exactly the same! OMGLOL!"

Adam's girlfriend whose name I kept forgetting because I totally fucking suck had the greatest movie plot for, what I can only assume is a short film, "Down the Drain" : "A housewife is cleaning dishes, and when she reaches down into the drain to unclog it, a man comes in and turns the garbage disposal on."

There was, of course, plenty of other good ones, but those are the ones I feel I remember well enough to do justice transcribing them.

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August 17, 2006

See, it's Hexic because there's Hexagons and stuff. Lol!

So I broke down and installed that IE Tab Firefox extention to play on MSN Games. I suck like that. But I have issuses. One: It's a Flash game... so why the hell are there issues with it? I don't get it. I can load a game up, and it will say "Hey, I'm loaded!" but any time I need to open a menu or push a button? It won't work until like 5 minutes after I originally wanted to press it. It pops up a little help thing for you to okay? Can't actually click okay until 5 minutes afterwards. This also counts the mute button, which means I can't kill the sound without listening to stupid music for who knows how long. Blah. Two: They have most of the Popcap games up there, and they say I can earn badges on them, but fuck if it actually gives me any. I played Alchemy on there for quite some time the other day, got farther than I ever got, and it didn't give me any of the score badges... I should have gotten at least two. Three: What's the point of these badges if I can't show them off? I can't, either. With Live Achievements, I can show off. These...? I dunno. I can't link them to anyone. Hell, the flash thing that shows them to me suffers from the same button press issues as the games, so I can't even look at them without waiting for 5 minutes every time I want to click on something... anyway, I don't like MSN Games much. Like what they're sorta trying, but it's really annoying me.

Also, I have things to say about Hexic. Been playing that alot on there. It doesn't feel like the sort of thing that the person who invented Tetris (that's right, motherfucking TETRIS, mother of all puzzle games and still completely addictive) would have made. It doesn't have much of Tetris' simple charm. However, it is sort of interesting. I appreciate the fact that I can play it slowly as there are no time-based issues inherent in the game. I also like the fact that making Star pieces lets me fiddle with the pieces on the board in a totally different way, making it all very strategic and cool. I DON'T like how seemingly little control I have over making the flowershape needed to make Star pieces. If there's some easy way to engineer it, I'm not seeing it at the moment, and seeing as Star pieces are so damn useful, it bothers me. Also, apparently you can make a flowershape of Star pieces to make a Black Pearl, and if you manage to clear a set of Black Pearls you win. Like, apparently that's the point of the game. The max number of Star pieces I've made so far is three. You need 8 to make one Pearl. How you make Star pieces just seems wrong. Extremely hard. Anyway, if you own a 360 (Hexic HD comes pre-loaded onto every 360 Harddrive, I believe) or want to deal with MSN Games's retardedness. Hexic isn't too bad. Just expect to be totally fucking lost the first few games. The mechanics are simple enough, but getting into a groove with them... it's more difficult than with something like Tetris or Tetris Attack... more along the lines of getting into something like Wario's Woods, but with slightly less learning curve... yeah...

Wario's Woods was one fucking complicated puzzler, wasn't it?

Keep wondering if I should get a 360... when I talk about it, nobody really discourages me... well, Brer thinks I should upgrade my compy instead, which wouldn't be a bad plan... I dunno...

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August 15, 2006

The Poetfox In: THe Quest for Magnificent Timewasters

So in my quest for little tiny fun games, I started looking for a site that had little tiny fun games. My first thought was Popcap, because, I dunno, I keep hearing about them winning awards and shit and apparently everyone and their mother plays Bejeweled, so, you know, okay. I got hooked into this Alchemy game on there, it's pretty neato although I'll be honest and say that I don't take the slow thought processes that are needed for me to win by much other than sheer luck. Anyway, that got me hooked for a little bit, but it wasn't really what I wanted. I wanted some big, all encompassing thing that would reward me for wasting alot of time. Neopets does that, but eh, I didn't want to play their flash games. Playing the fun or challenging ones is often a penalty. Also, my Aisha is likely dead. Poor girl.
So I kept looking, and I ended up at MSN Games for some reason, and I'll tell you, it looks pretty slick. They've taken a cue from the 360 guys and made "badges" for all their games, which basically work like Live Achievements only for these little games you fool around with. It also keeps track of all your high scores and whatnot online. Like I said, pretty neat... but it requires IE to work at all, and seriously, no way in fuck am I using IE, even just for this. And although I'm sorta searching half-heartedly for another site with a setup like that, I doubt I'll find it. I can't think of any good search engine terms to filter them out from normal gaming sites, for one thing... but eh, so it goes.

So we played what was likely the longest game of Cranium ever in the history of ever tonight. That's what we get for going mandatory slow track, I suppose. Longest. Game. Ever. Also, I got more B5 from Spants, but he left out a chunk for reasons that are only his own... Oh, and Spants bought a fat pack for Coldsnap and found out two awesome things. One, it has a Spindown life counter (huzzah!), two the land pack is all snow lands (Huzzah!). Now I have to get one! Sometime when we'll draft it, though, of course.

So I'm still resisting the 360 even if I took alot of time to run around and price it today. I will resist! RESIST! But if I do start walking out the door with moneycard in hand, and you know what's going to happen, be sure to remind me to steal my mother's Sam's Club card and buy their 360 bundle. Seems to be the best bang for my buck I'm going to get.

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August 14, 2006


Call me retarded, but I keep getting more and more excited about Clubhouse Games the more I think about it. It's so simple, and yet seems like a great way to waste time while waiting on anything, especially if you can hop onto a game on the WiFi Connection.

I'm just more and more excited about simple or simple-ish games in general nowadays. I want things I can do while waiting for bigger things to do to download, or while chatting with my friends or while watching an episode of some TV show I downloaded. Clubhouse Games is like that. Albatross is like that, though eating a little too much system resources at the moment to always be used like that (I'm hoping the additional RAM that's coming will fix that). Hell, alot of the stuff that interests me on XBLA is like that (Call me insane for wanting to get my Uno on. The fact that I've read there is plenty of Uno trash-talking, just like in any Live game, thrills me to no end. Heh. WILD DRAW FOUR, MOTHER FUCKERS! TAKE THAT! YEAH, STUPID BITCHES, DIDN'T SEE THAT FUCKING COMING, DID YOU?). I've always said what I want are little simple yet complex games I can play while doing other things on the PC, and suddenly, someone seems to be making some. It's nifty.

But anyway, my day was sort of ruined by my mom's plans. I don't mind helping her, but I wish she would give me more notice, set a date in advance instead of waking me up and expecting me to go along with her schemes... oh well... I got to play some Magic and stuffs. Huh, I was going to deckbuild when I got home and never did... oh well, always tommorow. TO BED!

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August 13, 2006

This is some stuffs!

So Dan, at work, is a complete moron. We had to redo everything he was supposed to do. It was pretty bullshit. I wanted to punch him.

So yeah, let's see... oh, I realized why Nana is so neat in general. Besides having a sense of style, I enjoy it because both Nana's are very different, yet have basically the exact same problems... it kinda celebrates differences and similarities in everyone... heh... I dunno, that doesn't make much sense. But I'm watching Nana again. Yay. And new Tsubasa is lined up to download. ^_^

Oh, okay, so at work, I was in the break room and this girl was talking about the two movies she rented and watched yesterday. Those movies? V for Vendetta and... Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector. I was blown away by that combination. Blown. Away.

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August 12, 2006


I have a new phone. This new phone has a flashlight. BEST PHONE FEATURE EVAR!

So I think I'm going to order more RAM today, because, let's face it, I need it. I'm dual-screening and I'm constantly multitasking and it's a miracle my computer has been managing on half a gig for this long. Time to buy another stick and UP THE POWUR! And then, hopefully, I'll be able to play a game and watch a video at the same time! Wouldn't that be awesomes? Answer: Yes.

Have I mentioned my phone has a flashlight?

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August 10, 2006

There really is alot of mind control in Wind Waker...

I never really think it's a good thing when I decide to "go check out ebay." That's just asking for trouble. Thankfully, I don't do it as often as I used to. I must resist, use resistances, that sort of thing. RESISTY!

So I think it's about time to put together a new deck, and I'm actually feeling a bit split between the Zur deck I put together (I posted the decklist here awhile back), a Coinflippy deck putting Karpulsan Minotaur to good use, or a brand new deck I conceptualized whilst I was bowling that is based on being fairly defensive and enjoying Reversing the Sands, a Kamigawa throw away rare that I think I could have alot of fun with, either by exploiting the fact I don't care about my life total by using cards like Greed or letting my opponents gain shitloads of life as I do my thing with cards like Wall of Shards. But I dunno. We'll see. I don't really NEED to order a new deck... just getting the urge... and I should enjoy myself... I deserve to enjoy myself, at least somewhat. At least I think I do.

I'm reading The Big Over Easy now. It's pretty good. Mr. Fforde is... very... not... focused. But his books are so fun, I can't help but... well... have fun. And that's why I read. So there.

Oh, have you seen this Geoffrey Chaucer blog? Totally crazy.

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August 07, 2006

I have a gamercard.

An incredibly empty, sad gamercard. You can look at it over at my list of games and my names in them page, or whatever one wants to call it. I reserved "poetfox" as an X-box Live gamertag last night, just because. Oh, and that gamertag picture? They only let you pick from like 10 and that was the only one that didn't seem retarded for me. Don't judge me on it, mann! But anyway, it's very empty, and is going to likely be very empty until I aquire a 360. But hey, there it is, looking pretty. And empty. But pretty.

Anyway, what with Dead Rising coming out I'm feeling the pull of the 360 once again. I will stand strong, and wait until Chrissymas, but I can't help but be oh so very seduced in the meantime. I hope more fun multiplayer stuff like this Castle Crashers comes to the XBLA... and I also look forward to picking up a cheap copy of Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis. Probably Perfect Dark Zero, too, since it's got all that hawt Co-op action... anyway...

Talladega Nights was entertaining. It's not Anchorman. I'm definately not going to buy it on DVD, I certianly won't watch it as often as I've popped Anchorman into the player. But I feel Essner was being hard on it. I laughed, I had a good time. One might not want to splurge on seeing it in theatres, but it's probably worth a rent on some boring weekend.

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August 06, 2006

"I like seeing people get fucked up in strange and funny situations" -Samuel L Jackson

Buchhiet has kept telling me to check out Albatross, and now I see why. Apparently they are in "Season 2" and have a new course as well as, supposedly, other new features. It's updating now, I'll have to check it out with him later. Albatross really is damn good arcade golf for being totally free to play, and I highly suggest it if you enjoy arcade golf like Hot Shots and Mario Golf as much as I.
Oooh, apparently they've initiated this "Clubstar Calendar" thingy where they give you free in game items just for playing a round for many days in a row, as well as special items for logging in on "bonus days". I could easily squeeze in three holes a day... neato. I'm in.

So, okay, apparently if I get my Monk to Lion's Arch, I can sale over to Cantha, so I can heal for people in Factions if I so desire. I need to make that happen, but that means playing more Prophecies campaign... I was very... unhappy with that campaign... but I would very much like to get my Warrior/Monk and Monk/Mesmer to Lion's Arch, so they can run through the other campaign for hawt EXP... well, we'll see what happens.

So there's a pillow amongst the retarded Student Lounge pillows at Kohl's. These pillows are all supposed to look like signs, and there is this one that perplexes me. It reads "Warning: Objects May Be Bigger Than They Appear." Now, these pillows are supposed to be humorous. I mean, none of them are (Caution: Mood Swings Ahead!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!1!!), but they're supposed to be. So the pillow must be referring to something that might be funny. Which leads me to think of someone's penis. Penii are generally wanted to be... large... or something...? So, larger than they appear, fine. But then, if you own that pillow, that says to me "Yeah, my penis looks small, but it's okay, it's not." That's not alot of self esteem, if you're so obsessed about your smaller-than-average genatalia that you'd buy a stupid pillow from Kohl's to attempt to, you know... make it seem otherwise... I dunno, it's a retarded pillow. The whole Student Lounge line of stuff is retarded, with the exceptions of the oversized pillows made for sitting on the floor (I heart sitting on the floor) and an LED flashlight that would make a great booblight ala Silent Hill.

I stole the Entertainment Weekly from work that has the feature on Snakes on a Plane? Awesome. Totally awesome.

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August 03, 2006

Maybe joining an intelligent guild would help me keep playing, but the people talking in general chat in Guild Wars scare me.

Apparently having your name mentioned on my blog is an offense that is going to keep you from getting employment. Obviously, armed with this new information, you will never want to have anything to do with me ever again. Please send all requests to have any mention of you being in my life removed from reality by e-mail, and I shall get to them as they come. Thank you.

Factions just feels so much better put together than Prophecies. Or something. It's more... streamlined. And I'm really clicking into my deckbuilding instincts when thinking of character builds... My recent build, which I'm going to play alongside of Spants and Essner, is a Ranger/Assassin. Mostly Assassin, but utilizing Apply Poison, my new favorite move ever, and lots of Expertise, the Ranger's special stat, to make Assassin-y combos nice and cheap on the ol' energy bar. I'm also enjoying immensely my Elementalist/Ritualist. I'm going to use all the nice "Holding the Ashes" Ritualist spells like... well, I was going to say Tranquil Was Tanasen, but that's apparently an elite skill. Unfortunate, but not a deal breaker. Moves like Mighty Was Vorizun, Generous was Tsungrai, and Lively Was Naomei. Well, I probably won't use Lively Was Naomei in battle, but, you get the picture. Carrying those and firing off elementalist spells... fun stuff. Plus, I don't have to fret about getting good weapons/foci...
Anyway, I hope the game keeps holding my attention this much, because that would be awesomes. Nightfall looks like it's got some neato stuff, too. Dervishes wield Scythes, man. How cool is that? Answer: Very Cool.
Oh, and this is a good place for Guild Wars info, as far as I can tell. Could use some more work, but, you know, you can hope the sorts of people who work on wikis are working on it.

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August 01, 2006

And I know things now, many valuable things, that I hadn't known before...

So in an intelligent, businesswise, but sort of annoying move, apparently you can pay 10 bucks to add a permanent additional character slot to your Guild Wars account. I did not know this, but that's a great way to squeeze extra revenue out of a game that's free to play. But it does suck, too... with both expansions currently out installed, I only have 6 character slots... seeing as there are... 8 main classes now, and combinations of classes running in like the 30s or something, that's pretty ouch. I'm sure Nightfall (the next Stand-alone Expansion) will add another two, but still.

So Essner and I bought Guild Wars: Factions. The tutorial-land is INFINITELY better than in Prophecies (the original Guild Wars). I'm playing an Assassin, one of the new classes. I like it very much, it plays alot like if you make a Martial Arts Assassin in Diablo II. You have Lead attacks, Off-hand Attacks, and Dual attacks. Offhand attacks must follow a Lead attack, and Dual attacks have to follow both a Lead and an Offhand. I don't have a variety of attacks to choose from, I'm just using the first big combo you get (Unsuspecting Strike -> Fox Fangs -> Twisting Fangs) but it's alot of fun. I rather like Twisting Fangs, too. Bleeding damage is always nice. I also want to like Fox Fangs, just because of the name, but something tells me I'll likely find a more impressive Off-hand move later. Anyway, I have no idea what to pair Assassin up with. All of the combos use alot of mana... I don't know if I can use them with other weapons, or I'd likely go Assassin/Warrior, so I could use some of the Adrenaline moves as well. But I haven't confirmed that's possible yet. I also am thinking about Ranger, just to have a pet. But I dunno. I'm still slogging through every single one of the secondary class missions to grind a little, so I don't have to make a choice quite yet.

I've tried out the Ritualist skills (the other new class in Factions) from the little quests already. I like it too. Its a pet-summoning class mixed with AoE buffs and stuff, if I'm not mistaken. I'll probably make a Ritualist sometime soon, just to try them out. They're likely a class I would like if I had a large, static party to play with, just like a pure-healer Monk, like Alexis Reynard. (I give all my characters the last name "Reynard." My assassin is "Lily Reynard." Lily is what I always named my assassins in Diablo II for whatever reason)

Anyway, I look forward to playing with Essner in t3h fut4r.

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