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September 28, 2006

I don't think I talk enough about games.

So I hear on Kotaku that the Japanese DS port of Gyakuten Saiban 2 has the full english translation of the game in it, and that it's coming out at the end of August, as opposed to the, say, March release of Phoenix Wright 2: Justice For All. And the preorder, after shipping, ending up being about as much as the game would cost if I bought it in a store around here, perhaps even a couple bucks less, and came with stickers. Heh. So, um, guess who has that preordered now.

Apparently, Rare is making a new Banjo-Kazooie for the 360. I wonder why. They were certianly among the more entertaining of the millions of Mario 64 clones that came out. Unlike, say, DK64, most of the things barring your way that required new skills and such actually, you know, looked like they would. I guess Microsoft, after PDZ didn't do all that hot, is just telling Rare to try to focus on pulling in the younger market. I'll admit Viva Pinata has a bit of an appeal to me, though I'm definately not buying it at full price... Will another Banjo-Kazooie do that though? Aren't most of the people who played that back in the day probably playing Saints Row or something by now? I guess it's for adults with 360s to buy for their kids...? Bleh, I dunno. In the teaser trailer, Banjo looks totally fucked up.

I've almost caught up on Wingin' It episodes, which is pretty hardcore, I think. I mean, I had something like 12 hours of Wingin' It to catch up on a couple weeks ago. Mur's essay about the clit was pretty awesome. I'm really getting more and more caught up on podcasts these days. I'm starting to burn through my large back catelogue of Escape Pod, too. Wonder what I'm doing different on the listening front.

Oh, if you are a fan of Smash Brothers, you should see this Small Arms gameplay clip. It's on XBLA (or should be, anyway, by the time I get a 360) and looks like shit-tons of fun. The fact that there is a 50MB limit on the size of a XBLA game... and it looks like that... it just blows my mind. I'm adding that to the list of XBLA games I want... I really hope they keep the awesome going for the whole of the Xbox 360's lifespan... and then fix the whole issue they're having about being slow as fuck to actually put the things on the Marketplace.

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September 26, 2006

I am the queen of procrastination.

Well, okay, perhaps not quite the queen, but I keep going and going... yaaaay... but I'm a good student... DO NOT BOTHER ME TOMMOROW I AM GOING TO BE WORKING LIKE INSANE TOMMOROOOOOOOW! *sighs* I just want to not be overcome with nervousness, that's all I ask. I got really nervous panicy today during class... I had avoided that feeling until now this semester... blah...

Jonathan and I tried Dreamblade today. It's pretty awesome. The basics of the game are very simple, but you can put together various miniatures into your warband (that's what they call your... um... hand of miniatures? I dunno, I don't do much miniatures stuff, besides Pirates) to create some potentially neato combinations and strategies. Only problems, obviously more expensive than Pirates or a card game like Magic, but that's to be expected with miniatures. The other thing is that there are no multiplayer rules. This is duel only, which would be great if... say... I didn't have an average group of four people I do this sort of gaming with. If it was like, just me and Brer and nobody else to game with, I could see me really getting into this, throwing different combinations of miniatures together and playing quick games in between hawt makeout sessions. As it is, though, I might buy a booster or two on a whim, but I probably won't be getting into it. Time Spiral is on the verge of being out, and god knows I'll be spending enough money on that.

I joined a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon club on 1up. The last club I joined on there for Animal Crossing I got to play with a bunch of random nice people for a little while. So I was hoping to find a group of people who would love to save each other for additional grindfests. I screwed up a little while later, and I posted up my rescue code, so we'll see if someone rescues me tommorow. I will have no problem not playing until then because I must NOT DO ANY GAMING BECAUSE I HAVE ALOT OF WORK TO DO TOMMOROW! I will keep typing that, just like I keep writing YOU WILL TAKE NOTES and underlining it on the top of every page of notes I have taken this semester...

Oh, I installed VMware Player and put an Ubuntu virtual machine. I would have perfered Kubuntu, as my limited Linux experience has caused me to enjoy that desktop better than Gnome, but oh well. When I went to Penny Arcade in the virtual machine, it worked. I am apparently the victim of the worlds most retarded and specific malware. It's sad that I will now be opening a whole other operating system on a virtual machine just to read Tycho's ramblings. Other than that, though, VMware Player works fucking awesomely. I was tabbing in and out of the window with no slowdown while doing my usual browsing, listening, chatting day to day stuff. If you're interested, you might want to give it a go, it's free and shit...

Wow, I wrote a really long blog post... I wonder if I'm procrastinating.

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September 24, 2006

I spent alot of money today.

I just love the fact that the Kangaskahn running the storage place in my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon calls me "sweetie" and "honey." It's so perfect.

So, the prerelease went alright. We barely got there in time to sign up, but that was sort of okay, since it limited the amount of sitting around doing nothing we did... this tourney had to have the least of that of any I've been to. Time Spiral is an awesome, fun set, and the "Timeshifted" cards were a completely fucking genius idea, and I'm beyond pleased that those are standard legal. It should make for alot of fun. I know the Pendlehaven we opened was pretty hardcore, and we saw people using cards like Mirari and Terefi's Moat. It was sweet. I also bought the expansion to Arkham Horror, "Curse of the Dark Pharaoh," which I hope to get to try out with everyone after frizbee tonight. Or apparently they're not playing Frizbee tonight. Even better, more game for me. I also bought the Dreamblade starter pack, because I find it interesting, and I can't wait to give that a trial run. All in all, this has been a definately fun day and I'm very glad I partook in it. I spent alot of money, though. Heh. Oh well.

Time to eat this Frosty before everyone gets here.

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Jump into that vortex of hip, the (Time) Spiral!

Holy shit, me want Amaterasu doll... well, and Okami... but since my PS2 doesn't work, it doesn't feel like I should buy it at the moment... I suppose I could try aligning it again sometime...
In a semi-related note, if you saw the post I'm stealing that image from, why the fuck does like every gaming blog ever take constant pot shots at furries? I mean, I understand there is alot to work with if you're attempting to make childish insults and pick furries as a target, but why go out of your way? Have furries raped all gaming bloggers? Fuck if I know. It just sort of annoys me in the back of my mind. I can laugh at this fandom I am part of as much as the next person, I understand much of it is pretty weird, but that doesn't mean people should be asses constantly...

So I got all crazy depressed today and I didn't really do my homework. So sue me. I will get it done because I am TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME. You heard it from me, it's true.

Wish me luck in the prerelease tommo... today. Heh. Jonathan and I are going. Also wish me luck in finishing that stupid Wurmple escort quest in between rounds. I've beat Rocket Slime, so I need to take care of that in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon... and then never, ever take another escort mission again.

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September 21, 2006

Lace-ups are the latest news!

Sorry, bad joke from work.

So would you like to know the number of new DS games I have? If you guessed two, you win. Would you like the know the number of DS games whose music is completely trash and you would have to be wanting to punish yourself if you turned the sound on while playing them? Two. Would you like to know how many good games I got. I'd say two.

See, I always feel like I should do reviews for games and stuff on here. Dunno why. Not alot of point, doubt I have readers, much less readers who are waiting with baited breath for what I think of a particular game. But I feel bad when I don't write them. I don't want to do a review of either right now, though. So I won't. But you will get some random rambling about things. They might end up being reviewish by the time I'm done, though...

So, okay, game one I got was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. Red Rescue Team is supposedly exactly the same, only for GBA. I thought having all the numbers and map on another screen instead of an overlay was enough of a benefit to merit the DS version. Basically, if you've never played a Mystery Dungeon game (if you have, it's just like that, only with Pokemon), it's basically a dungeon crawler. You run around searching for phat lewt and doing quests in randomly generated dungeons. It's in a quasireal time interface which I probably could explain but don't feel like it.
In any case, I am an Eevee. There's this quiz that determines what Pokemon you are in the game, and I had to redo it a couple times, because it wanted me to be a Chikorita. Hells no. Eevee is one of my favorite Pokemon and it's one of the possiblities for girls, so that's what I am. However, I feel it's making the game alot harder on me. I mean, I can't evolve, and Eevee doesn't learn any good moves. Bite... and Double Edge, I think. Until then, I get Tackle (decent in this game) Tail Wag, Helping Hand, and Sand Attack (I'm a fan of Sand Attack, but it hasn't proven very useful in this game yet). So, yeah... I'm a real powerhouse... or something. I suppose I'll have to start saving up and buying TMs, as the only real benefit to being an Eevee is having basically all TMs open to me to use...
The sleeping animation for the Eevee, when I wake up after sleeping and saving in my little Eevee house? It's the cutest thing EVER, and I wish I had an animated gif of it, or knew how to find animated gifs of things like that.
Also, I am never taking an escort mission in the game again. Wurmple, you are a fake Ruby/Sapphire pokemon. You will never be Weedle or Caterpie, so you should just shut up and die and stop attacking enemies. I'm escorting you. You're level fucking 1. Don't attack things. Run away from things. For the love of god, run away from things.

The other game, which I was meaning to wait on for a little while, but Wurmple and his idiocy pissed me off so much that I had to switch games is, of course, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. I'm a Slime Knight, bitch. Yeah. It is basically as I heard of it. It's very easy, but it's just tons of fun. Honestly, if it didn't require making someone else I know buy the game, which honestly isn't going to happen, the Multiplayer Tank Battles would be amazingly fun. The Tank battles are just hectic and just a little strategic, and I love them.
In any case, this game is just... it's not for everyone. But I revel in things like this. Games and things like this make me feel like a little cute kid, and I love that feeling, and I cherish anything that can bring it to me, because I want to be little and cute, and hell, fun is fun. That is what this game does to me, it's just so happy. When you save, all the slimes in the town sing a happy save song for fucks sake. (I do not hear this song, because the music is terrible and I have the sound turned down. The dancing and the music notes clue me in that this is the case, though) If you want that feeling, get the game. Then challenge me to a tank battle. My personal brand of Schleiman Tank is ready to take you on. I wish the tank battles were online, that would be so fucking sweet...

In other "I buy too many games" news, Touch Detective, which I had only vaguely heard about until a recent Joystiq Interview with one of the guys behind the translation, intrigues me and makes me want to buy it before all the copies of it disappear. I have also bought a little case to carry all my multiplayer DS games around with me in, when going on trips and things. Why? Why not. Fuck you, I wanted one. It fits nice in the free little Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DS case I got with the game. Also, I have no idea where my copy of Meteos is. I wanted to put it in the Game Case of Multiplayer Preparedness but I can't find it. This saddens me. I hope I locate it soon.

I am going to lay down in bed and play Rocket Slime now.

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September 18, 2006

I'm glad I gave up my night off to go into work!

I wrote an essay about Rules the other day. It's here. I feel like it needs one or two more paragraphs in between the end and the current second to last paragraph. I also wish I'd get some feedsbacks on things... heh, I suppose I should just be happy people read them. Well, some people. Plus I'll be getting tons of feedback on Channel Josh Action News tommorow night.

Apparently, Amazon is already sold out of Wii preorders. Also, there was rumors of Gamestop only taking preorders via traded-in games. I hope when I go to pick up Rocket Slime and Contact tommorow I have no issues reserving a Wii as well, cause that was my plan and everything.

Let's see, what else... I'm pretty busy this week, actually... and what time I'm not offically busy I need to fill with much snuggling with Brer and doing silly Rocket Slime tasks and playing games such as Rocket Slime and Contact. Kotaku's list of games coming out this week didn't mention Contact, actually... I wonder if it's been delayed... if so, I suppose that makes up my mind about which of the two games to play first. Also, apparently Cooking Mama is pretty fun, just very short. It's like Wario Ware meets cooking or something, and with only so many mini-game-full dishes to cook, you soon run out. Then again, it's only 20 dollars, so that lessens the pain a wee bit?

Also, Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon is intruiging to me, but I'm not desperate for it. That might be something to pick up next time I feel a lull in portable games and I need something with, um... millions of levels of randomly generated dungeon.

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September 16, 2006

"Margaritas always taste better in Mexico..." "Yeah, they do..." "Yeah... Margaritas and Cock."

We watched The Matador tonight. It was pretty damn good. Not Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang good (cause seriously, best movie I've seen in a long fucking while), but if the concept in any way sounds interesting to you, you'll probably be entertained by it. We laughed alot. A. Lot.

This just feels terrible, it's fucking 12:30 and I feel like I'm going to collapse... 12:30 isn't late... Mm, maybe all my sleeplessness is catching up with me... that's cool... maybe I can enjoy one of my long-time fantasies, collapsing due to being so fucking tired it's impressive. An impressive amount of tired, I mean.

I think the only reason I bought this Uno deck was to shuffle it, because that's all I've been doing with it. Shuffling it. Alot. In all that time I've only perfectly bridged it once. You'd think with my card fancination, I'd be better at shuffling. I suck though. Hell, it's on my character sheet... I think, anyway, I forgot exactly what I wrote on my Kill Puppies For Satan character sheet... anyway, when I type in the tub or whatever I'm always shuffling cards when my hands don't have anything to do, now it's really happening. Huzzah.

Oh, I bought a copy of Shopgirl when we rented the movie. Yay.

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September 15, 2006

Stepping Wind is such a terrible song, but I keep listening to it.

So they're having some sort of release... contest... party... thing... on Slimeknights next tuesday through thursday since the game came out... and it involves three person teams. And since I still find myself checking the site alot for no real reason, I said "Hey, I don't have friends on this site, because I haven't posted in the forum once, but I'm in." So King_Slime put me in a team called "The n00bs of Honour." I dunno if I should be honoured or honored or insulted. Then agian, since nobody on the site knows me, I suppose I am n00bish. But anyway, more silly free keychains for me thanks to me being willing to waste my free time on that instead of... I dunno... writing essays or something otherwise constructive.

I should figure out if I'm going to play Rocket Slime or Contact first... I want to save one game for the fall break Vegas trip, to play alongside Clubhouse Games... I think Contact will take longer to beat... but eh, we'll see what happens.

So have you heard of these Broken Pix3ls guys? It's like... three guys being drunk and playing god awful video games. Quite often one of those people is Seanbaby. In any case, there are about four or so of those episodes out (I first watched one back when I read a feature called "Superman: Gamer's Kryptonite" and they did an episode on the genius that is Superman 64) and I suggest you give them a watch by finding them on the You Tubes if you're bored. I think they originate on Gamevideos.com, but I hate that site. The only good thing about it is it lets me download anything they put up there, so I don't have to deal with their shitty flash player.

I should really be writing the essay I've been working on in my head right now... or better yet, the paper I need to write this weekend... yeah... that would be a good idea...

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September 14, 2006

Release Date and Price, baybee.

So they've finally finalized all the Wii info. About time, really... I was hoping it would launch late October and I was hoping it would be around 200, though I'm fine with the 250. I was right about Wii Sports being a pack in... I suppose I should reserve one sometime soon. What games do I want to get with it... Smooth Moves... Twilight Princess... Hm... oh well, that's awhile away.

So I was good last night, and didn't turn my comptuer back on after work so I could let my ginormus new computer battery charge... think of all the Detective Conan I missed out on downloading... oh well... heh. I really need to already start burning some of that off, by now I am sure I've almost gotten 10 gigs of the show and the various movies. I also need to buy more DVD-Rs...

Oooh, there are rumors of a new X360 bundle with a GRAW and XBLA Unplugged packin. That wouldn't be bad. I would have a better chance of playing GRAW than whatever racing game they were rumoring to pack in earlier, and the XBLA Unplugged games would save me 5 bucks on Geometry Wars as well as give me other little games to fiddle with if I want... If that's real, and i follow it up with the Camera Bundle with Uno, Totemball, Robotron, and a year of Live Gold, I'd be doing pretty good on XBLA games. Note I don't really want the camera perse. I can't really see me using it much. But the whole superbundle I thought was priced about the same as the current year of Live bundle, and it comes with a better selection of XBLA games. I think the other one comes with Bankshot Billiards or something stupid like that.
I hope my family is supportive of my 360 Christmas that I have planned. Otherwise all this waiting and holding back will be for naught! Although, starting next Tuesday will be the string of releases leading up to Chrissymas, so I should be okay on the resisting front. Thank you, Detective Conan, for helping me get through those long, gameless hours! Or something.

Gas is really cheap right now, I should get some... I should also get some caffiene and then do my homework or something...

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September 13, 2006

Watch out! It's that one guy!

On one hand, having to buy Meteos again is a bit of a bummer. On the other hand, ONLINE METEOS! It would be cool if it were compatable with normal Meteos for non-online multiplayer, as it would sorta suck to have to carry two versions of the game around.
I sat there for a moment wondering if I should replace "hands" with "paws." I'm a sad little furry person sometimes.

Oh, got that test back that I was taking Monday? I'm not overjoyed with the results (aka, it's not an A), but it falls in what I consider an acceptable range, considering I think a low B overall would be a victory for the class. So there you go.

So I started reading all the Scott Pilgrim stuff last night. It's pretty sweet, though, you know, borrow/steal the things from me rather than buy them yourself, if possible. The title is the line I found funniest from the first volume, but I doubt it works out of context. Oh well.

I don't think I made it to the third round of the Great Designer Search. I feel like I would have gotten an e-mail by now... especially since the test was multiple guess. Oh well, at least I gave it my best shot.

I have an affinity for rules. Which makes me wonder why I don't feel more kinship with the Azorious. They fucking cast "Law Magic" and tangle people up in buerocracy. And yet, I haven't made a deck with them, even if I think Minister of Impediments is an awesome name and a good card.

I should write an essay about me and rules.

I should also shower. I'll do that now.

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September 11, 2006

In which I pointlessly recount a trip to Barnes and Noble.

So I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy of Great Expectations, cause I need one for class. They've moving into the mall, so they have a ton of stuff on clearance, including their own personal Classics books. So I rummaged through them, thinking, hey, Great Expectations is a classic, I can save a little money. Not so. They seemed to have like every book ever EXCEPT Great Expectations. So I had to buy a different branded copy that wasn't on clearance. Honestly, my class probably already bought all their clearance copies, but it still sucks. Note also that I'm complaining about not saving 30% off of a book that is maybe 4 dollars. But it's the principal, mann!
I looked through the rest of their clearance stuff, and nothing really caught me that I needed to have. If you want books of Sudoku puzzles, though, now would be the time to buy, buy, buy. I figured I don't do enough Sudoku to need them. I still haven't completed all the Sudoku in Brain Age, I can just do those if I feel the need. Their pretty journals were also on clearance, but time and again I've proven I can't write in those things, so I had no need to buy them. Everything else that sort of caught my eye was put off by the fact I have three books coming in the mail today to read, two books Brer sent me I should really at least skim, and, well, Great Expectations I need to read for class. Don't really need to buy more books. My car is already overflowing with them.

Test went okay, I suppose. I estimate I'm getting between a 90 and an 85 on it, which, honestly, is exactly where I want to be for French. I'm not kidding myself and thinking I'm going to get an A. A B would be an accomplishment for me, and that's how I'm approaching the class. Yeah. Take that.

I suppose I should be critiquing some short stories right now. I'll get on that.

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It's like... a Linux joke. Sorry.

This is very funny to me. Yes, I am a very sad person. Yes, that is just about the geekiest joke ever.

I've got a test tommorow morning... wonder how that's gonna go...

I bought an Uno deck today. At the time I realized I didn't even own one. So I bought one. I now realize I think I have some... Harry Potter themed deck somewhere... but it has some sort of weird card that cancelled the card played before it or something? I can't remember. Anyway, it's different than the basic thing. They've changed the way the Uno cards look since last I played. All the action cards have weird little symbols on them instead. Like Draw 2 doesn't say "Draw 2." it has two little rectangles on it and an arrow pointing to one side. It's a little weird. But hey, it's Uno.

I was gonna write an essay about Uno and games that are like Uno for me, but I'm tired and, as I said, I have a test... so tommorow, maybe, after the test and before my other class and work...

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September 10, 2006

The printer is out of paper, but since Mom hid the paper somewhere I'm in no hurry to find it.

Okay, blogging, then bed.

So I've been watching alot of Detective Conan (aka Case Closed in the states). I found a good fansubber for it, and I really enjoy it. I've always enjoyed mystery in general, and it combines that with cheese anime goodness. Anyway, I'm just very entertained. I started by watching the Third Movie, which was much farther in the storyline than I had gotten (they apparently put out a Detective Conan movie every summer. There are like 10 already). The Kaito Kid is a badass. ^_^

So anyway, that's holding me off while I wait for more games to come out. That, and homework, and being pointlessly obsessed with Slimeknights. I don't even think I've played DQ games very much, yet I keep rechecking the stupid site. Eh, as long as I'm enjoying myself, I suppose. Heh.

I really need to get one of my three end-of-month projects out of the way this week. One of the papers... the movie thing isn't difficult at all, it just requires me to... well... go get a movie, so it barely counts. One of the three page papers I should write this week or this weekend.

Let's see, what else... I worry I wasn't watching Babylon 5 right, or something. It's a great little show... well, okay, big show. Heh. And I'm enjoying it. But I'm feeling levels of... letdownness or something... I'm probably insane. I don't know...

In a quasi-related thought, asking me what I think about something, especially right after I've experienced it, will rarely if ever get you a thought provoking answer from me. Except for like schoolwork, I read and watch things in order to read and watch and enjoy them. Breaking them down is not something I do. It happens eventually, awhile after the fact, or while trying to figure out what I think of someone else's opinion of the same thing. But it's not my focus. My brain with percolate on it and sometimes come up with good stuff, though... but in general, ask me right after I watch something what I thought, and I will say things like "It was definately a show. There was a guy in it. Things went 'Boom.'"
I recall that aspect of me really pissing Natalie off once... we went to the art museum, and she wanted to do all this breakdown dicussion stuff, and when my side of it amounted to "I think that one is really pretty, and that one is really stupid, and that one is creative." she thought I was holding back or blowing her off or something... yeah... Natalie... I keep meaning to call her, but it's been so long. She's gotta be kicking so much ass by now, I could only distract... heh...

I half hope I sleep in tommorow, because I'm tired, and I half don't, because then I will not have any free time tommorow... bleh, we'll see what happens, I'm going to bed now.

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September 08, 2006

The last post title was from Metal Wolf Chaos... did you get the reference?

Hey, a Dumb-ass Memory by me is on the latest Jack Mangan's Deadpan It's likely not worth listening to the whole show, just for me talking for like a minute, but I enjoy the podcast in general, so... there you go. Oh, it's Episode 23 if you're some sort of person reading this from the far FUT4R!

Yay for more Slimeknights Tasks that took me 5 minutes to complete! Yay for more silly little swag to adorn my computer desk! Yay!

So, alright... Brer was talking to me the other day about the thing, and the other thing, and he asked me why I didn't get the second job like I said I was going to awhile back and am not saving as much money as I could have, and I didn't answer him well then and I've been thinking about it, so here's my reasons.
1) I've impressed myself with my studentness at the moment. And yet, all that homework that I've managed to keep doing and be up to date on? I did it all during the time where I would have been working had I gotten that second on-campus job. And I know me. If I didn't have that free time during the day right before class, the chances of me doing it at all would drastically decrease. It gives me time where I'm more willing to focus in and work, because there aren't boyfriends and card games and so on ready to distract me then.
2) I deserve to have fun. I've said that a couple times now, but seriously, this is a huge thing for me. I deserve to have fun. And I believe it, I'm not just saying it because other people tell me so. I deserve it. So I'm going, while I'm here and have little monetary worries, to have fun. If that means splurging every so often on games I probably don't need, I don't care. I know I have a future I need to save for, but my parents have made it pretty clear I can't have that living here. And if every time I wanted to go do something or get something, I had to think "But I need to save for transitioning" it would just make all those emotions refuse to ever go away. I'd be angsty and depressed. I mean, I guess I am now in general, but I would be more so. To the point where I'm sure I wouldn't get as much work done. Depression has been a big reason for me skipping classes in the past...
So, anyway, yeah, there you go. Hope that makes sense. Sense-ish.

I wrote a shortshort story... Nanofic... whatever... it's called Charity, it's at poetfox.com, it's like 165 words or something. Dunno if my point came across... if you read it, let me know what you think the point is.

Well, time to shower so I can go eat at Shogun's with Spants. Yay!

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September 06, 2006

Nothing is pointless! And the reason is, because I'm the President of the great United States of America!

I'm such a Gyakuten Saiban geek all the sudden... I can't wait until Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All comes out (though I'm actually kinda glad it's not this year, I got enough games to buy) and I must remember to somehow, through legal or illegal means, get my hands on this full-on orchestra version of Gyakuten Saiban music, because it's fucking awesome. I suggest listening to Court "1" all the way through. It has the lobby pre-court music, the "Witness Statement" music, and the dramatic contradiction-finding music all wrapped up in there. Heh. Anyway, I hope I remember to aquire that. Or not, I suppose.

So I was all like... a fucking bad-ass yesterday and did all my homework and stuff? I keep bragging about it, but I'm just proud of me. I didn't have any free time, and I wanted it, and yet I got everything done. Fuck. Yeah.

Mm, I made my mom read my short story a little while ago... I wonder how that's going for her... she didn't print it up... heh...

I thought for a moment I was going to have to import Gitaroo Man Lives! and thus have another game to buy this year, but luckily it IS being brought to the US, in Feburary, so I can wait and ask for it for my birthday or something. It's apparently got two all-new songs that you can play in a co-op mode if you want. Unlikely, since nobody around here has a PSP besides Spants, and rightly so, but you never know... Spants liked Gitaroo Man too...

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September 04, 2006

Explaination of the post below, and other things.

Okay, so, alright, that thing below. Well, there is this website, and it's SlimeKnights.com, and it was originally about Dragon Quest 8, I think, but now it's about Rocket Slime, which, if you read that overly long post below, you know I am looking forward to. Well, apparently if you go there and you do many little silly tasks such as writing what you are doing to hold yourself over for the release of the game and so on and so forth, you get these little Mini-Medals which you can then turn in for various Rocket Slime swag. So I was watching B5 and needing something for my hands to do so I did all the current quests, besides pre-ordering and taking a picture of the preorder reciept, which I will probably do tommorow so I can get some cute slime keychains for free for like 15 minutes worth of work (hopefully). So if I posted that little thing to a website I had it got me more points so I did it and there you go. Anyway, once it recognizes all the silly things I did, I should have enough points to get a cute little slime keychain and, I figure, if I keep my eye on the website, I should be able to get a little slime cell phone thing too with little effort so that's what I was doing to waste time and that is the explaination for it so there.

So we watched Brick sunday night? Jonathan disliked it, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was like this... cliche cop goes rogue and underground sort of story...? But it was set at a high school. I found that incredibly cliche thing mixed with high school life... it was awesome. The deep seriousness mixed with... I loved it. Jonathan, however, found the aspect that makes it different retarded, and hated it. But eh, it was a good film. Likely wouldn't watch it again, perse, but it was good.

Other things... oh, apparently my family is going to Las Vegas over my fall break. I plan on saving either Contact or Rocket Slime to play over the trip, since Clubhouse Games, which is the most recent portable game that is coming out before the trip, isn't the sort of thing that one plays for a long period of time. Good to know I've got my gaming additionally planned out, though. Heh.

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I'm doing this thing at Slimeknights.com, if this post completely confuzzles you.

So many games, and so little time. There are just simply tons of DS games coming out in the later half of this year. But yet, one of the games I look forward to, Rocket Slime, is still several weeks away. I've got nothing on the portables to play until then. What am I going to do? Well, I have some ideas.
1) Cry. I mean, I'll be so lonely, so sad without a game to keep me company, what can I do other than weep?
2) Breathe. If I do not breathe, then I won't be alive to play Rocket Slime, and that could be a problem. So I will likely do that.
3) Eat. See above.
4) Daydream. By focusing enough creative energies, I should be able to create, in my mind, a situation that is similar to Rocket Slime, in order to keep myself in a hazy dreamstate, the sort of hazy dreamstate which will make the passage of time less noticable, thus making the wait more bearable.
5) Work Ahead in my Schoolwork. I have several papers due around the end of September. It will be difficult to complete them while my hands are firmly around my Nintendo DS, playing Rocket Slime. So I should probably get those out of the way early.
6) Totally Making Out with my boyfriend. Not really related to anything, but I'm totally going to do it anyway. And hey, it's a good distraction and it will be difficult to do while holding a DS. Not impossible, but difficult.
7) Pre-ordering Rocket Slime. I really should have already done that. I need to get on that.
8) Writing a list of 8 things I shall be doing while waiting for Rocket Slime to come out. Seems like a good idea in general.

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September 02, 2006

Combat, Contests, Pilgirms, and Buying Forecasts.

Okay, so, F.E.A.R. Combat. It's nothing you haven't seen before. I downloaded it. I played a couple of rounds, one of basic Deathmatch and one of Slo-Mo Deathmatch, which honestly is the same thing only there is a Slo-Mo-granting powerup. I enjoyed the fact that you got to pick from the main weapons of the game when you start. Enjoy Dual Pistols? Need the Shotgun to do any damage? Wish you always had the sniper rifle? You just pick it when you start as the weapon you spawn with, which I appreciate, though I had to chose the automatic sorts of guns to do any damage, cause I roll like that. Anyway, it's not for me, but it is free. If you're throwing together a LAN party and want something new to play, there are definately worse games you could play, and this one is, again, free. And if you know someone who bought F.E.A.R., you can just play with them too. And that is F.E.A.R. Combat. Whee. You know, I wonder how good Derraie's compy is... the man plays Quake III for crying out loud, this would be a step up... For my money, though, I'll stick to Dystopia. I actually can't waituntil they release it for sale, I'm going to buy it immediately. Thenew maps and new stream of players will make it, hopefully, easier to find a good game.

I'm in round two of the Great Designer Search. WHOO HOO! Wish me luck on the next test.

Okay, so, totally at random, I found this? And I'm like, huh. And then I go here and it has a (offically agreed to) scan of the Free Comic Book Day comic of the comic. And I think it's the greatest thing ever. So moments later I order the whole series so far off of Amazon. I'm a loser like that. But it just goes to show that you can make stuff by giving things away! Or something.

So, okay, I was looking over the games that are coming out and my buying schedule... it's not pretty. Game developers, release things in the summer, dammit! Here it is. Note most of these are DS games. That's because the DS is fucking awesome.
Sept 12: Cooking Mama. I forgot this game was coming out, but it's the sort of game that, if I ever want it, I better buy it quick. It's a game... where you cook... in the game... Fuck. Yeah.
Sept. 19: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. What can I say, it looks charming, and it also feels like the sort of game that I'm going to lose the ability to find if I wait too long to pick it up.
Also Sept. 19: Contact. I've been jonsing for this for a long, long while. An extremely quirky and niche RPG with a messed up sense of humor and attacks where you peel off stickers and stick them to things? I'm there.
ALSO also Sept. 19: Okami. Man, alot is coming out on September 19th. That's not cool. Okami is crazy pretty and Zelda-licious. I want. I just hope my PS2 works, so I can play it. I may have to hold off on this purchase, though. That's too much already in like a week span for a game that may or may not work on my crippled system...
"End of September": DEFCON: Everybody Dies. Yay for Nuclear War online! I like Introversion's stuff. They got style. And at 15 bucks, maybe less if they ever get the pre-order up on Steam so I can lock in a discount, this is a no-brainer for me. Plus, I still like that subtitle.
Oct. 9: Clubhouse Games. Not something I'm going to be playing nonstop, of course, but with how much I'm craving the online simplegames on the XBLA, I can see me playing casual card games online while chatting, waiting for downloads, watching things, etc. Plus, apparently the game has a built-in pictochat interface when you play! Probably will only be active for people you have the friend codes of, though. Stupid friend codes.
Oct. 24: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. After playing the demo, how can I pass this up? The combat is just too cool for school. Plus, after reading the PAX coverage of the multiplayer that they're trying to enact, I could see this being a purchase I play off and on for a long, long while. I wanna be a priestess, running around healing people while they attempt to capture the flag or something!
Oct. 31: Final Fantasy XII. Self-explanatory. I'm really looking forward to the Gambit system, honestly, even though some people hate it. The idea of programming the AI of my computer controlled party just seems cool, and a streamlining of picking attack over and over again, until I pick heal... or whatever. Here's to hoping my PS2 is functional.
Nov. 7: Guitar Hero II. In all honesty, I may hold off on my copy for awhile. Spants is going to buy this with the guitar to replace my guitar controller, which his family somehow broke at some point, so I may just be making many trips to Spaeth's for awhile to rokk out. But I'll get it eventually. And again, hope my PS2 is functional for it.
Nov. 9: Elite Beat Agents. How could I not pick up the spiritual sequel to Ouendan? Not an option.
Nov. 14: Final Fantasy III: Um, self-explanatory. I do wanna know what the fuck the Wi-fi functions of the game is, though. They said it's something like e-mail or something? Hell if I know.
There you go. Alot of DS games, two PC games, and several PS2 games which are up in the air if my PS2 is really broke like Jonathan claims. Those are some huge PS2 games, though, makes me wonder if picking up a new system would be worth it... I mean, Final Fantasy XII, for crying out loud... mm... anyway, that's not even counting my purchase of a Wii whenever that is... and some DS games that look cool but I know will still be on the shelves when I want them, like Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, and ones that I probably want, but want something else more, like Scurge: Hive... gods, that's alot of games...

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September 01, 2006

A Review of Exit.

Gods, these morning classes are going to destroy me...

Okay, Exit. You are Mr. ESC, a stylish man wearing a fedora and cape whose job it is to rescue people from dangerous situations by solving puzzles. You solve them by using various tools scattered throughout the levels, ordering the people you're saving around, and utilizing Mr. ESC's natural can-do additude. The game looks fairly pretty. It's got this stylized stick figure sort of vibe going for it, yet Mr. ESC and the people he rescues are really well animated. The controls are pretty good, to be sure. Control pad moves Mr. ESC, and the strange thumb stick thing brings up a cursor which you use to look around the level and give commands to the various people you're rescuing, like telling them to walk over there or to bring you an item. There are ten deadly "situations" with 10 levels each, and if you go online you can download remixes of all those levels. I haven't really played any of the remixes besides the rehashes of the tutorials... those rehashes kept the levels the same but turned the time limit down so far you couldn't make any sort of mistake if you wanted to beat it. I hope the rest of the downloadable levels show more creativity, but it makes sense for the simplistic tutorial levels. The main gripe with the game is that Mr. ESC can't jump worth shit. In alot of places, you have to make these running jumps, and the timing is beyond awful for these things. The game is incredibly picky about when you press jump to make it work, and if you don't press it then, you'll run off the platform and likely fall and break your leg or whatever, making you start the whole level over. In a game where there are time limits and whatnot, that sort of restriction on movement is just insanely annoying. Other than that, though, I'm fairly happy with the game. I've hit some really frustrating levels so far, but luckly, the way the level selection works I can just skip them and come back to them later, when I want to be frustrated again. It's good. Not anything like "buy a PSP" good, but if you have one and want little chunks of puzzle action in between watching movies on it, go for it.

The 10th is going to be a really shitty Sunday... I hate Table/Tower trucks. Luckily this next Sunday isn't. Yay. But seriously, we're already getting Christmas stuff in at Kohl's. Total bullshit.

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