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October 30, 2006

Oh yeah, I got caught up on The Office, too. It's great shit.

I think I'm at the final castle in Contact. I'm gonna play it some more when I get in bed. Maybe beat it, if it doesn't frustrate me at some point.

So, yeah... The Venture Brothers is amazing. Best show on Adult Swim right now. I should really pay up for the first season on DVD sometime.

Okay, so, we did a Halloween game. It went well, I think. I slipped in mud and fell hard and hurt my shoulder, which sucked at work today. But it's feeling a bit better now. I guess that's all I have to say about that, apparently.

Apparently Brer just bought this game on impulse, and I'm looking at the Wikipedia and it sounds awesome. You cast spells by playing Poker! Man, I wish I was in an RP group... when and if Brer and I live together, I'm gonna have to go out of my way to make sure one forms around us.

Mm, what else... tommorow I'm gonna be kinda busy... class and meeting... and I promised I'd clean up my car, which I should do anyway... get most of the library out of there. Heh... then work...

I want a sammich. But I should probably get to bed.

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October 27, 2006

Brer is all like "Buy that Nerf Gun and Mod It." He must have thought I was someone with skill or something.

For no apparent reason, I cannot get my SMTP server to work. Droid keeps trying to help me with the settings, but to no avail. This honestly only affects me once in a blue moon, but it's really damn annoying, I swear.

Apparently, Droid and I are going to go buy Nerf guns tommorow? I'm excited. I'mma gonna get one of these. Hell, at that price, maybe I'll buy two so I can dual weild. Crazier things have happened.

Using a helpful guide, I picked up all the costumes in Contact I was missing... and then learned that I needed them all to continue. What the fuck? None of them were obvious, besides maybe Nitro Boost, but it seemed more like an optional sidequest than a requirement. Anyway, it was pretty completely and utterly bullshit, but thanks to the interwebs I'm back on track and onto a boss... I haven't figured out the trick to him yet. I assume he has a trick like the last boss I got stuck on. Anyway, I best keep playing, my copy of Gyakuten Saiban 2 is in the mail, and apparently aside from a couple typos the English translation is exactly, in every way, the same as the one America is getting in March, down to the fact that the game will read "Phoenix Wright 2: Justice For All" when you put it in an English Language DS. Huzzah! Anyway, I know that'll entrance me endlessly when I get it, so I best get to the Contact playing while the gettin's good.

I honestly can't wait to own a 360. I dunno if I've made that clear, but I just... damn. I can't wait. I would never have imagined I would feel this way if you'd asked me a year or so ago. I want a 360 more than I want a Wii. I will get a Wii, without a doubt, but I'm feeling currently like I can pass on the Wii until like birthday time and not feel bad about it. But the 360... I want my Gamercard to be filled with achievements and points, I want to play silly games like Uno and Carssassone online and smack talk during them, I want to play Castle Crashers and Small Arms with four friends, I want to show off my hardcore Table Tennis skills, I want to play Halo! I want a 360. Just a couple more months, though, I can wait.

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October 26, 2006

Oh Tek, You've Obviously Had Hundreds of Girlfriends!

Tek Jansen... Stephen Colbert is a fucking genius, seriously.

What was I going to say... I dunno. Things are bad. Just gotta try to have fun and not collapse, you know?

But yeah, that Tek Jansen clip is pretty fucking funny.

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October 25, 2006

Good News/Bad News

Good News: Repairing my MP3 player will only cost me 55 dollars. I sent the money and they should be on it.

Bad News: I got into an accident today. I thought it was going to be minor, I broke a light, he gets a little dent... but it feels like it's gotten huge, and I feel like crap about it. I don't feel like I was at fault, something I've definately felt in other accidents. I will probably be deemed as such, though, as his passenger makes it two witnesses against me. I suppose I can't worry about it.

Good News: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is coming out tommorow.

Bad News: ...I dunno, actually. That was my only piece of bad news. It's pretty bad, but it's not... I dunno... overwhelming. Oh, Leo is thinking of cancelling TWiT, that's kinda bad news.

Good News: Have you tried this "Cake" stuff? It's really amazing! I had some the other day, and it was like sweet bread or something! You have to try it.

Bad News: How about... My parents don't recognize my femininity. That's old news, but that's bad, isn't it?

I can't wait to listen to Podcasts again... I listened to the lastest Penny Arcade one today in anticipation. Heh. I also have to do some workbook pages tommorow morning, bright and early. Yay.

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October 23, 2006

You can't respond to Mana Abilities.

Sorry about that, it's true.

Well, we drafted Time Spiral tonight, and I must say the set is just tons of fun. I was the victor and I won a total of nothing, but my R/B Sliver-based Beatdown deck worked wonders, probably due to the large amounts of good removal backing up my Bonesplitter Slivers (Phfistsisths or whatever it's called, Sudden Death, Smothering Soot, and Rift Bolt, to name a few). Also, Smallpox is fucking awesome. Also, I love Terramorphic Expanse. Rincejester person is trying to tell me right now that Smallpox is terrible in draft, but fuck him. Smallpox pwns you. Just don't draft more than one.

I need to write a short story tommorow... luckily, work was called off, so I should have plenty of time... I hope.

Contact is actually alot harder than I thought. I dunno. It's very forgiving when you die, you just go back to the ship. You don't lose any experience or anything. But it takes me a long time to press forward. I find myself doing alot of grinding, and then running past all the enemies to get to bosses with some HP left. Luckily, I just learned that Spirit was a decent healing spell, so maybe that'll help out. But it costs 2 EP, so... who knows. The boss battle I'm on now is a bitch. I'm giving it a rest for tonight cause it pissed me off during the draft when I had a bye.

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October 22, 2006

Rock Concert Movement #37

Holy shit, they have it on a webpage. Go take a look at some of the historical background of Rock Concert Movement #37. Heh. Have audio active for the little clip there.

So yeah, the Blue Man Group How To Be A Megastar concert was pretty awesome. It rocked, it rolled, I got a headache from too much rocking and not enough caffiene. But it was fun. They had this weird text message thing where I signed up and they sent me all these funny little questions at appropriate points during the show... it was kinda neat, and I had to try it. I wouldn't necessarily do it again, but it was a cool experience once. Anyway, it was a fun time. Blue Man Group needs to come out with another rock album, mann.

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October 21, 2006

I've been watching this for far too long.

For me anyway, it is Infinite Entertainment.

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You are such a Butt-toucher.

So, Contact. I've put in a decent little chunk of time, and so far the feeling is "This game is awesome." It's not for everyone, there's a distinct lack of much control over combat. But it's so damn charming, I can't help but like it. If you have the game, let me know so I can add you to my WiFi Island, just beacuse, I dunno, then I get to see what the fuck it does. I sorta doubt whoever the hell you are who reads this has the game, besides me. I read this, and I have the game. But I can't really add myself to my friends list, now can I?

In other "I buy too many games" news, the huge amount of pre-order goodies for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin makes me want to preorder. I was planning to pick it up eventually on the cheap, mostly because of the Co-op, but that is some sweet swag. A Soundtrack CD of the History of Castlevania music, a metal DS Game carrying case, special stylus, and big ol' art book. I know I shouldn't give in, because I suck BALLS at Castlevania... actually, you know what? I'm deciding here and now. I have too many games I'm buying, I'm not going to preorder this. I'll pick it up later, like say, during next summer, when no new games are coming out and the price goes down. Now make sure I stick to that.

So Kale, this nice little tiger boy who's been talking to me for whatever reason, pointed me to this Naturmia High RP board, and I've been having a blast at it. I've been playing a modified version of my Tailrazor character, and it's been going over great. I think I'm having more fun than he is. Heh.

You know, I talk to people younger than me, and I feel all whatever, and I try to help them like that... but I really have alot of the same problems they have... I dunno, I've always felt I was pretty good at giving advice on things I know nothing about...

Gonna see the Blue Man Group Rock Concert tonight! Hurrah!

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October 18, 2006

I Wish I Was Cute

These hats are amazing. I mean, I'm not a hat person. But when I think about the sort of hats that I would buy, these would be it. They're just like the cute hats all the fun anime people wear... it just... I want. I just wonder if it would look good on me. I assume not. Then again, I don't think lots of things would look good on me. I'm not cute, all this supercute stuff is just likely never going to work on me.
I really wish it would, though... I wish I was cute.

Will I give in and buy a hat anyway (I want the Happy Fox and the basic Bunny ones)? We'll see. I think I'm going to sleep on it.

Tommorow is gonna be kinda busyish. Lunch with Essner, Doubleshift of work... the only day I'm working this week, though... I do hope I get hours next week, though. It would make it easier to justify the purchases of hats I don't need and so on.

Oh, and Contact isn't getting to the store until Friday. Which is cool with me. Also, I got into my first online Clubhouse Games game today, a 2 player game of Rummy. Worked flawlessly. Only lost 1 hand of the 8 we played, but it had enough points in it to make me lose the whole match. Oh well.

I'm downloading a Rival Schools ISO. I've heard nothing but good things about the fighting game, so I'm going to try it out. There was a sequel for Dreamcast. I should see if there's a good DC emulator out there. I can't say I'd mind being able to load up Jet Set Radio in a window to fiddle around with from time to time, not to mention fighters like Marvel Vs Capcom 2 that MAME can't handle yet. Dreamcast Hearts Fighters.

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October 16, 2006

He has a gun that shoots playing cards. A GUN THAT SHOOTS FUCKING PLAYING CARDS!

The Kaitou Kid is a badass. I saw another Detective Conan movie over the trip on my PSP, and he just continued to kick ass and take names. Not Conan's name. But everyone else? Sure. Wikipedia tells me those cards he shoots from his gun (!?!??!??!!!!) can cut through concrete. DAYMN! He also has a cape that turns into a handglider! FUCK! YES!

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is that the Kaitou Kid is awesome, and you should show some respect. Then again, Conan can hold him off with nothing but a belt that makes a soccer ball... yeaaaaah... why exactly isn't the Professor just making him a gun? Surely that's better than a belt... that spits out a soccer ball...

So Contact comes out tommorow, supposedly. I've been waiting a hella long time, so I can't wait to play it. I still got some Mario Vs DK 2 that I need to get done, and Jonathan just picked up Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble for whatever reason, but come on. Contact! Besides picking that up, I also need to... do homework... and mail off my MP3 player for repair... lots of stuff to do.

I also totally called, finally, and signed up for DSL. If it all works correctly, I should be better better speeds (even better than what I SHOULD be getting) at about 10 dollars less. Should have it all hooked up Friday. We'll see how it goes.

I wish Clubhouse Games Wifi was working. I'll blame Charter internets...

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What I Did On My Fall Vactaion

I'm back from Las Vegas, and this is a trip report. Yay!

This has definately been, in general, one of the best trips with my family I have taken in a long while. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, though it was freaky to spend so much time with my mother and see how very much like her mother she has gotten. I hope I don't get all picky and demanding like that, as it got sorta annoying. But oh well, she's my mom.

While I was there, I saw...
1) The Blue Man Group. The show was every bit as fucking awesome as I expected it to be. It was funny, artistic, and the damn thing ended with a paper-throwing rave. How could one not have fun? I picked up one of their used drumheads from their store. Its got paint flecks all over it. It's neato.
2) The Amazing Jonathan. He was pretty well what I expected, though it was COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT that the show did not start until like 11 when it was supposed to start at ten. Really fucking annoying in that regard. But he was pretty entertaining. Definately the lowest rank of what we saw, and most like that... you know... generic Vegas act. But it was cool.
3) Penn and Teller. I got to be a part of the Penn and Teller Envelope Signing and Box Viewing Experience, which was pretty awesome. They invited everyone in the audience to walk onstage (which was neat, I got to see all the marks on the stage and so on), sign an envelope (which they used later in the show, we all signed it to, you know, prove that it was prepared that far ahead of time) and look at a box (people climbed into it, spun it around, kicked it, etc... and yet, when the show started, Teller just stepped right on out of it. Pretty awesome.). The show itself was pretty neat too, all magic and showing how the magic was done and talking and broken bottle juggling... I enjoyed myself. And Jonathan and I got our pictures taken with them. Jealous much, Brer? Heh heh...

We also walked around and looked at all the Casinos. Those things are fucking huge and really pretty. All the like... 200 dollar a plate restaurants I walked past were quite a sight to behold. In the good casinos everything was powerfully themed and the whole effect was surreal... which, honestly, is what I want out of a vacation. I want to feel like I'm in a fantasy fun land. Is that bad? I dunno. Top Honors go to The Venetian (where Blue Man Group plays), New York New York, and The Luxor. I really enjoyed all the restaurant decoration in the MGM Grand, as well as the sports bar called The Centerfuge, which was just... amazing to look at, but the rest of the hotel was extremely boring, so I can't give it props. I went and got a dollar chip at each of the casinos we went to (Well, I didn't get one at Bally's because they have the exact same chips as Paris). Seemed like a decent souvienir. And whenever I go on these collect-a-thons at random my parents seem to overly encourage me to keep going with them, so, you know, there you go.

The sad part of the whole trip is, though, upon getting home, I stepped out of the van and my MP3 player fell out of my pocket. When I got back inside, I found it would no longer turn on. This sucks royally. I'm trying to see if I can send it off and get it repaired, but the iAudio support site is less than optimal. We'll see what happens.

Anyway, it's good to be home. Time to catch up on interneting and play some Clubhouse Games online.

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October 10, 2006

Power of Rude Gesturing!

I ordered another t-shirt. I really am all about the silly t-shirts.

So Nathan, the truck supervisor guy, has absolutely 0 management skills. Have I said this before? Well, it's true. He's a very nice guy, I like him as a person, 0 leadership abilities. It makes for clashes while working, and since we had Matt W back there tonight, who is just a complainer through and through, things got pretty bad. Everybody was all pissy. We still worked hard (besides Nathan, he just sorta piddled around and "managed" things) and got the shit done, but there was much bitching. I just feel sorry for the guy and am annoyed with him very often. It's almost good that I'm going to be gone this week while Kathy is also on vacation, so I don't have to deal with him on Ad Set.

Clubhouse Games comes out today. Wheeeeeee! DEFINATELY friend code me up if you get it for hawt online card and board game action. Is it weird I'm so excited about a game that's just a buncha basic card games? I'm also excited about playing Justin Spants in Rocket Slime, as sending him the tank battle demo was enough to convince him to buy it. He apparently played the demo over and over like 10 times or something. Heh.

Anyway, it's crazy late at night and I should go to bed. I don't have to critique my short stories this week, at least not all of them, since we're seeing Mr. Author guy whom I don't really know anything about, but I should still read more of the Divine Comedy and crap. Goodnight!

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October 08, 2006

Eevee. The. Rock-throwing Pokemon. Throws Billions of Gravelrocks, since they are, more powerful, than all, of its, attacks.

So yeah, I'm to the last dungeon in the story of Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon, and all my Eevee self can do it use inventory items and sometimes Tackle for minimal damage. I definately picked the hardest route through the game by being an Eevee... At least I'll learn Quick Attack next level, but it may be too little too late... I hope the story lets me do random missions to level some more before going to the Final Dungeon. If not, I'll have to use Escape Orbs I guess and grind slowly... I'm not insane enough to go after all the rest of the Legendary Pokemon in the 99 level dungeons after the game is beaten, but I've gotten this far, and I'd like to complete it...

I read more Phantasy Star Universe info today, and it made me even more excited for it. My plan is to get it on the 360, though I should probably wait awhile after I get the system... too many new games isn't really a good idea. It does look like it's shaping up to be even more awesome than PSO, though. I just hope you can play it online on the 360 for no additional fee... really do. If that's the case, I know I'll come back to it every so often, and that would be awesome. Awe. Some.

What else... I dunno what else...

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October 06, 2006

The "What I Got Today" Report

Hint: It's not a Venerall Disease.

The big purchase of today: A Pink DS Lite! Oh, it is so damn pretty. The screen is approximately 4 billion times better than that on the old DS (which my brother now owns, he paid for half of this new one). And it's just so very pink. I heart, and look forward to playing many, many games on it. The transfer of my online ID went really simply, too, actually, so that was cool. We played alot of games three player after I got it. That was neato too, even if Jonathan didn't want in on the hawt Brain Age Math Battle.

I also got in my package of swag from Slime Knights today. It had the little cell phone cleaner, as well as two treasure chest boxes. One contained a fairly large blue King Slime, the other contained both a clear normal slime, and a blue Bat Slime. It's all pretty awesome. I'm pleased with my little prizes, and I hope I remember about Slime Knights once DQ: Swords or whatever gets closer to coming out and they start giving out more points again.

I also got a 101% on my World Lit test. I am awesome.

I also got... to make a new deck. Okay, that one didn't work very well. But it started with me wanting to use Aethermage's Touch, and then I didn't and ending up making a "Comes Into Play" deck with some big wurms filling the top of the curve, and I'm pretty happy with it. Mystic Snakes are always, always amazing.

And, um, I guess that's it for now. Huzzah!

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October 04, 2006

I was gonna write about more than Chromehounds, but I suck.

Haven't blogged in awhile... I suck like that... let's see...

So, I played the Chromehounds demo. I can definately see how the game would be awesome to a certain group. The demo was fine for a demo, anyway, though if that's all the single player is (which I'm fairly sure it is) I can see how people say it sucks. But the gameplay would be solid if you had a dedicated team to build and strategize with. I liked how you clicked in the right stick to switch between target camera and outside the Hound camera, and it had a little window of the other view up there in the corner... Anyway, if it was cheap, I could see me playing it. It's unfortunate that is supposedly had (or has, whatever) alot of bugs or at least one autocrash bug or something? Yeah.

I had a bunch of other shit or something to talk about, and now I have no fucking idea what they were... Oh well.

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October 01, 2006

If this were Logan's Run, I'd be Soylent Green by now!

I have been and continue to feel like shit. Yay.

So what have I not blogged about... we did a draft late sunday. Essner made a really good Blue Permission/Milling deck, which sort of suprised me. Not that Essner doesn't have the skill for it, but he played it really well and was really enjoying it, and he's always been more of a beatdown kinda guy. In contrast, I made a B/G/R beatdown deck with many wurms of the Streetbreaker, Golgari Rot, and Battering varieties. Battering Wurm is really good, and I hadn't recalled seeing it before. Anyway, the draft went really late, but it was fun. We opened two copies of Hex, too. Whee. "When killing five just isn't enough..."

Also, Defcon: Everybody Dies came out on Friday, and it's tons of fun. It's full of backstabby sorts of gameplay which is just right up my alley... or at least I've been trained to be pretty good at such styles of play, having played games with my oh so spiteful friends so often. Anyway, definately download the demo and give it a try if it interests you. You start by building your infastructure during Defcon 5 and 4, putting down fleets of ships, missle silos, radar dishes, and airports. One the game hits Defcon 3, your ships can do battle, so you spend that time manuevering your nuke-laden subs into position while trying to take out as much of your opponent's ships as possible. Then, when things hit Defcon 1, all bets are off, and once the global number of unused nukes gets below a set number... I think like 15... then the victory timer starts, and whoever has the most points when it counts down to 0 wins (points are, in a standard game, 2xMillions of people you killed - Millions of your own people that died). Through all this, of course, you make and break alliances with people... it's always good to be in an alliance, but I've found, if you need a big push of points at the end, it's almost required to backstab your alliance to get in some extra kills once the victory timer starts. I've also learned that it's important to save your silos for later, and use bombers and subs earlier. If your silos are not firing nukes, then they work as Anti-air missle launchers to take down enemy nukes, and if you start firing like crazy from them you have no defense. Anyway, it's a neato little game.

I also wrote alot of Nanofiction yesterday. I was trying to write the story close to my heart which I have now named "A Natural Selection," but it wasn't coming out right and Jonathan started playing NewsRadio in here, which totally steals my concentration with it's hilarity. So I ended up writing a bunch of flash pieces and putting together a big document of about like 8 shortshort stories, including Depression Attack. My professor is a big Cyberpunk fan, apparently, and that story definately has a little of that. I wonder what she'll think... I'm also impressed with myself and how I can take one sentence and make something decent out of it. I wrote a story I called "Endless Rows and Columns" that basically spawned from the idea of "staring at a computer screen." I also wrote a slighly longer piece called "I Am Delicious" based on... well... the setence I Am Delicious. Honestly, I think I could extend that one into a full-length short story, but I don't know if the Dave character is thrilling enough to carry it. Unless I really get the urge soon, I think I'll see what everyone in my writing workshop thinks of the sort version, and if they think I should do more...

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