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November 29, 2006

I Hate Writing Researched Lit Papers Because No Scholars Write About What I Wanna Write About.

So Final Fantasy III is pretty neat, and all, and I like the old school grinding action, which is always more palletable on the go... and while listening to podcasts. But I dislike very much retro games that don't tell me what the fuck to do. Because I have no idea what the fuck to do at this point. I'll look it up eventually, either at Barnes and Noble or on GameFaqs...

By the way, I'm like... almost caught up on podcasts. It's kinda freaky, as I haven't been caught up since... like... I used to listen to them at work. Heh.

So I wrote my paper. Sort of. It's 6 and 3/4ths pages as opposed to the 8 pages I was supposed to have. But the essay was already pretty bad, so I didn't feel like attempting to bullshit for another page was something I should do. At least I have something to turn in, yeah? Too many classes I have just not turned something in and got a B. This... this is something. I'm expecting a... 75 to 80 out of a hundred.

What else is going on... Well, I got like... a week left of school. I gotta finish Fragile Things (which, honestly, I'm not too into so far. I'm tired of Mr. Gaiman starting every story with a page of "Hey, let me tell you a story, huh?" Sometimes you can get away with that... he can because he's Niel Gaiman. But still, start with some sort of action sometime. I mean, seriously. One story, it was enveloped in something like 4 pages of "Let me tell you a story." None of it seemed to serve any purpose.) and write a book report on it... and I gotta edit my short stories. Neither of which should be very hard or stressful. Then some finals, la dee da... and I'm done.

Jonathan played the Sonic Xbox 360 demo and really seemed to want it... until he realized it was 60 bucks. Stupid Next Gen games being expensive... eh, if he seems bored maybe that'll be what I'll get him for his birthday. I wouldn't mind playing it either, but it's not a priority.

Oooh, Toastyfrog started a new Retro Releases Roundup thingy. Nice. And Retronauts podcasts is coming back. Nice.

Well, time to have a little fun after this day of pouring over essays about Don Quixote. Yay!

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November 28, 2006

DeathdeathdeathdeathDEAAAAAAAATH! Deathydeathy Deathdeath Death! Death Death!

Time for a Chrissymas Gift Buying Update!

Poetfox's Chrissymas Shopping Status List
Mom: Good as Checked (Got a plan, just gotta finalize and order)
Dad: Good as Checked (waiting for Kohl's Associate Shop Day)
Jonathan: Check (Box in the mail, baybee!)
Grandma: Good as Checked (waiting for Kohl's Associate Shop Day)
Grandpa: No Check
Friend #1: No Check
Friend #2: No Check (Still haven't drawn names...)
Brer: No Check

Half my list done already! I'm awesome.

I don't know if the e-mail thing in FFIII even works. Tai and I sent each other mail this morning around 9, and here it is, 1:30 in the AM, and I still haven't recieved it. What up with that?

I gotta do alot of work today and tommorow... homeworks and research today, some homeworks and paper and extra credit thing tommorow... blah. But that's mostly it... I can write this paper, 8 pages only SEEMS long... I don't care if it's shitty, as long as it's done I'll be fine... (and I trust myself enough that when I say "shitty" I'm at least turning in B quality material... heh...) Once it's done, the only major thing I have left to do in the semester is go back and revise all my short stories... which I should do anyway, so that's not so bad... the hardest part is going to be inventing an alien language... I have no idea where to start on that...

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November 27, 2006

I think I made a spelling error in my mail to Tai...

I guess it's the fact that the games I'm playing now (NWN2 and FFIII) don't require me to listen to them, but I'm keeping up with my podcasts for the time being... and that's after adding some new ones, too (since I listened to it for the past like... 3 weeks in a row, I went ahead and added Major Nelson's podcast to my podcatcher, for instance...). I dunno, it's just kinda interesting how my listening habits come and go... man, podcasts are awesome.

Whoo! I got Tai's friend code for pointless FFIII e-mail feature! The space bar is in like... the most inconvienient place imaginable on the letter writing screen, seriously.

So let's see, I know I had more things to talk about... but... they're... gone now. Oh well. Time to go to class... I actually have to complete alot of school work this week... blah.

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November 25, 2006

I dislike candles in jars, because everyone couldn't buy just one. They had to buy 10. And I had to wrap all of them.

In all honesty, I'd rather work Black Friday than any other day I've worked the floor. Rodney was jokingly talking about how fun it is, and I'm sure, for a manager, it is hell on earth. But for me, who was just mindlessly working constantly, just like I normally do at work... I didn't mind at all. Well, besides the fact that I had to get up really early and didn't really sleep. That sucked. But yeah, overall, it was not a bad experience. What really shocked me though was the people coming in at 5 in the morning and leaving with... a shirt. Not the cheap DVD players in limited supply, or the TMX Elmos, but just a shirt. And maybe a pair of socks. Why would you shop for those things on Black Friday? Insanity, I tells yah.

I wrote an essay yesterday, which you can find on Poetfox.com if you're so inclined. It's called "Delusions of Failure," and it was gonna be kinda funny but really it got fairly serious. But that's the great thing about following the brush, you just sorta slide into what you really need to talk about, you know?
Writing it at random just made me think even more that I should be creating a personal essay podcast magazine, trying to duplicate the sort of... planning that Escape Pod and Pseudopod do, because they're well planned. Not that I'm like "I deserve a popular podcast so I'll just copy them and then I'll be rich!" or something retarded like that, it's just... a very intelligent sort of scheme. And I want personal essays to be something on the same level as short fiction. I'm going to call the podcast Personas. What do you think? I'll start looking into things more... I honestly don't want to have to bother Droid with it, which makes the project alot bigger than, say, the Crappy Asst Podcast was (Essner relistened to episode 24 recently, apparently, and he says it's one of our best ones)... but I should do it. I should accomplish things sometimes. You know? It should be my project after I finish up this semester for in between gaming sessions.

On Wednesday, I'm going to buy my first two Chrissymas presents for people. Which means it's time for...
Poetfox's Chrissymas Shopping Status List
Mom: No Check
Dad: Good as Checked (getting it Wednesday during Associate Shop Day)
Jonathan: No Check
Grandma: Good as Checked (getting it Wednesday as well)
Grandpa: No Check
Friend #1: No Check
Friend #2: No Check (since we haven't drawn names yet, it makes it a little hard to shop. Heh.)
Brer: No Check

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November 21, 2006

My mood has been all over the place recently.

So I had heard FFIII was hard, but I hadn't experienced any sort of... death or anything, until last night, when I finally beat a boss I lost on the first time. Losing your white mage will do that to you. I put her in the back row, dammit, what more do you want??? But I'll get it, heh, I'm just going to make sure to get every corner of the place explored to level up slightly before I try again. Also, what the hell is with the Phoenix Down being rare in that game? It kinda makes me sad... or makes me wish I had Life already. Or whatever the revive spell is called.

I get my really personalish story back tonight... I wonder how that'll go. So far, I've only shown it to people who can probably relate with what I'm writing about, so it'll be interesting to see how it works with someone who doesn't really know me... which is why there was value in turning the thing in to class, of course. Blah, we'll see what happens.

Apparently, supposedly, some of the downloadable games on the PS3 you can put on your PSP? That's actually kinda cool. Of course, since Sony didn't put a size limit on the games like Microsoft (Seriously, Xbox team, the more I think about it, the smarter the 50 meg limit on the Arcade titles is, although I do suggest you increase it to 100 or something... but then again, Small Arms should be fucking amazing, and it managed to fit... eh, we'll see), the games like like 300 megs which would be kinda painful on my little 512 Memory Stick Duo...

Oh, and Small Arms is 10 bucks! That's fucking amazing, I know I would have paid (and expected)15 for it. Good to know there are still awesome people in the world.

Imma gonna get those BeeK Xbox games today. Whee.

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November 18, 2006

When you had to wake up early that day, overnights are a bitch.

When I get really tired, I get really retarded, i swear... I am just an interesting person to be around. Or Irritating. I dunno.

In any case, last night while I was barely surviving the overnight, I promised myself I'd buy myself a fucking awesome blanket with the money I made that night, and when I woke up today, I ended up getting me a Slanket, something I've been wanting for awhile. It's a bit expensive (especially the shipping... blankets are heavy), but it's a simple, useful, and neat idea, so I shall feel no remorse. I got the red one. Oh, wait, sorry, "Ruby Wine."

Aww, the price of Call of the Herd went down. Still, 10 tix is more than enough to get me to sell it, but 14 would have been better.

I also won my Halo Triple Pack auction (I had typed "option" there originally, I suppose because it sounded like auction... I'm tired.), so I'm the proud owner of Halo and Halo 2 for the Xbox, which will come in handy once Chrissymas comes around and a 360 is in my grasp. Seriously, though, it shouldn't have been so hard for me to find a copy of Halo and Halo 2... the only place that had either was EB, where they were selling used copies without their cases, and they had two copies of the original Halo at Target, and that's it. Those games ARE what you play on Xbox, they should have been everywhere! Oh well. Oh, also, they call it a "triple pack" because there is a third DVD with all the extra Halo 2 Multiplayer maps.

I'm hungry.

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November 17, 2006

This was the first of two consecutive days of new shirts being worn.

So it's offical: I'm missing a chunk of tooth. I really don't know what the fuck happened, it's not like I've injured my face anytime recently or chewed on any rocks, but there is a chunk of my farthest back, right side, top row tooth gone. It doesn't seem like anything serious... I'm not in pain or anything, and the tooth is still functional, as far as I'm aware... it just has a jagged edge and a little bit gone on the front. Where did it go? I hope somewhere fun. Like Disneyworld.

To confirm it was gone, I looked in the mirror, which was a bad decision. I look terrible always. I don't take good enough care of my body because I hate my body, and I just look like this total loser... or at least I did tonight. Blah. I hate looking in the mirror.

So I've watched the first couple of episodes of Heroes now, and I'm going to go on the record and say it's really good stuff. I'm gonna keep watching. I also caught up on The Office... but then they aired a new episode tonight, which I missed. Oh well.

Also, apparently they've opened up Guild Registration on Albatross and Bucchiet wants to make one. More power to him, I say, but we need like 5 more people to join in order to make it. If, for no apparent reason, you want to join, let me know. No, I have no idea what he wants to call it.

HappyHappy Sleeptime GO!

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November 16, 2006

I'll tell you a secret. I'm a magical pinata.

So work next week is going to SUCK HARDCORE! I have to be at work on Black Friday at 4:45 in the morning. Most nights, I've been asleep for maybe an hour at that point. In any case, I'm probably not going to be a joy to be around next Friday. I hope to just stay up all night and then sleep after work, but I dunno if I'm going to be left alone enough to do that... anyway it's painful... I need to write an 8 page paper sometime, too. I need to just pick a story we read, look at the research and see what most of it is written on, and then bang it out. I don't care much about it being good, but if I turn it in, that's about a million times better than not... I'm gonna have to find time for that next weekend. Blah.

Anyway, after hearing like every podcast and blog I read going on and on about how awesome Heroes is, I downloaded it, and I watched the first episode last night. I'll admit, after seeing it, it has potential. The Cheerleader girl always makes me wince, though. I'm not the sort of person who can watch somebody maim themselves over and over without wincing, even if I know they'll be okay. Anyway, I've got up to Episode 8 on my computer, so we'll see if I keep watching it... I should really catch up on The Office first, though.

I am hearing the Siren Call of Viva Pinata. No real reason for me to, but I am. I will hold out, though... I'll be getting plenty of games for Chrissymas, I can wait until the game drops at least a couple bucks.

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November 13, 2006

The last thing you do before the credits roll is object.

So I beat Phoenix Wright 2 last night when I should have been sleeping. The game was awesome, most definately. I totally fucked up on the epilogue stuff, though. Heh. (If you haven't played the game, there's always some little loose end you're supposed to tie up in the epilogue by showing a piece of evidence. If you don't pick the right one, Phoenix just looks like an idiot, and if you do, it's all superhappy ending. I never seem to pick the right one.) Anyway, now that that's beat, I dunno what I'm going to do on my portable. For everyday gaming I still have NWN2, of course, which isn't going to lose it's appeal anytime soon, I don't think, but when I need to scratch that portable gaming itch... hmm... well, Final Fantasy III comes out tommorow... Blah, I need to be reading a book of short stories instead for my report...

I'm tired. I should sleep sometime...

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November 11, 2006

A Game and a Movie, REVIEWED!

I just got back from watching Stranger Than Fiction. I had forgotten it was out, and as my parents asked me for movie suggestion, I learned it came out this weekend, and immediately said "Let's all go see that." There was agreement, and we were immediately out the door to a family movie night, which was odd as I don't know how long it's been since that happened.
In any case, the movie was fucking AMAZING, and I highly suggest you see it. It's funny with a very original plot (which my father translates to "It really makes you think." I don't know how much of a thinking movie it really is. It doesn't make you question anything, I suppose... perhaps how you're living your life. But the whole thing is very organic). All the characters are crazily strong and you fall in love with all of them. It's just... it's great. I had a wonderful time.

In other news, I bought Neverwinter Nights 2 to play with Brer, although I've been playing it myself. It has a TON of DnD 3.5 rules that I have no prior knowledge of, so it can be a little daunting, looking at the screen and seeing all these rules things as you're trying to create a character. My advice, if you don't know anything about it? Just do whatever you feel is best. First time I made a character, the one I'm doing with Brer in Co-op (did I mention you can play the whole thing with a party of your friends? It's pretty neat), I kept asking him for suggestions and he guided me... obviously, if you know the system, there's tons of min/maxing you can do to create someone who will totally kick ass. I found that whole experience kinda trying, though, even if I'm sure my Cleric will continue to be a character I can play without issue. I later went in to play through by myself, and just... made a character. "Oooh, I wanna be a Bard, that sounds useful, I should go with that, that's fine..." and I didn't worry about it, just did what I felt would be fun. And although, looking back, I see places where I could have made better choices, my Bard plays fine, and I'm having a blast. So just... do it. Just make a character. After you've played for awhile, if you feel that urge to make a character of maximum power, you can go back and do that.
Anyway, the characters I've met for my party so far are strong like in KOTOR II, like I hoped, so I don't think I'll be disappointed as I keep going. The thing that just amazes me, though, is how this one stupid little thing is making me enjoy the game tons more than other DnD games I tried, like Bauldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment. When I want to rest, I just hit R, it counts down 5 4 3 2 1 and then I'm healed with all my spells. You do basically the same thing in those other games, only you sorta go in and set "I wanna rest for 4 hours..." or whatever... and it feels so significant, like you're wasting tons of time, and it pops up this little resting load screen and then you're back and... I dunno. It felt like I shouldn't rest in the other games. Like a penalty. And here, it's just something you do after every battle, like in an MMO. It's a purely interface thing, but not having me pick a number of hours or this or that just... It doesn't feel tedious anymore. I know that sounds retarded, and it does to me too, when I think about it, but honestly that's how I feel, and it amazes me.
Anyway, the game is insanely Windowed Mode and Alt-Tab friendly, which is of course a huge plus in my book, and I can quest and listen to podcasts at the same time easily, which is also a huge benefit to me. So I like it.

The End.

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November 09, 2006

I am very tired and out of it. Yay!

I am tired and possibly delirous from tired. Last night at work, I kinda crashed, as my body tends to do. I push the poor thing to hard, and every so often it decides it's had enough and just... starts shutting down on me. I could barely walk balanced, all of my joints hurt, my vision was fuzzy... it wasn't pretty. It didn't help that I didn't get off work until 4ish last night, and I had started crashing around... I dunno... 1? Luckily, I didn't break any dinnerware... I was worried for a little while. Anyway, I went straight to bed when I got home but I still feel completely out of it. I need to spend a day in bed or something, but I have a truck tonight, so... so much for that. Sorry, body!

Did you hear about Gears of War multiplay? That was pretty stupid, wasn't it? I highly doubt it will ever affect me, I'm sure I'll dabble in the multiplayer for a couple minutes and then get back to the co-op play... but seriously, they made an entire multiplayer suite based on 4 player teams... and then had it set up so that you can't MAKE a 4 player team and play ranked matches. What the hell? Even Halo 2 did that shit, and it was last gen. CliffyB said that that was a Mircosoft mandate, and they wanted to put it in... It just confuses the shit out of me, really. People want that shit. People used that shit like crazy in Halo 2. This game is supposed to be sort of the Halo Surrogate until Halo 3 comes out. Microsoft should have bent over fucking backwards to get the Live ranking system to work like they wanted.

In other Xbox360 news, I have one. Sorta. My mom saw a nice little deal where you get a Premium system + Burnout Revenge for slightly less than the cost of a Premium System (slightly less being like 3 dollars or something), so she claims she went ahead and bought it for me for Chrissymas. So that's neat. I can keep my eyes out for deals on picking up Halo and Halo 2 and stuff knowing for sure I'm getting one. She did say that it was going to be for me AND Jonathan, which... we've always shared other systems, so I understand why she thought that, but I dunno how badly Jonathan wants one. He'll play it, sure, no doubt. But it's really my want. Not to mention that, even though it's going to take me longer than I thought to get done with college, when I do, I am leaving here... and I was sorta wanting the 360 to be all mine so I could just pick it up and go without worry when that happens... Mom said we'd talk about it... we'll see what happens, I guess. Either way, it's gonna be in my paws come Chrissymas.
I wonder how Gamertags work on there... considering there are all these achievements for Gears of War that are all about being Dom (Player 2 if you play Co-op... beating the campaign as him gets you the "I can't quit you, Dom" achievement... heh... others include "Dom-curious" and "Dom-ination"), so that makes me think that, even when playing Co-op offline, both players can log in with a gamertag. A comment off of Joystiq back when PDZ was new makes me think the same thing, as they were talking about two players playing through the Co-op campaign online, then one coming over and them being a bit screwed because they didn't have a Memory card with his Gamertag and Save info on it, so he was stuck with just the basic pistol for the last boss fight or something... I dunno. Just saying, maybe Jonathan should get a Gamertag. It can just be silver, I don't see him paying for Live, much less have us BOTH pay for Live Gold. But he could stick rack up Achievements offline as he plays... I dunno, am I the only one who thinks the Achievements and Gamerscore are neat? Probably.

So I also decided I'm buying NWN2 tommorow by using the combined power of many coupons. The game looks great, and deep, and you can play the whole damn thing in co-op, so even if it doesn't grab me alone, playing through it with Brer would surely be fufilling. It's also made by Obsidian, whose writing and character stuff I cannot help but respect after KOTOR II surpassed every expectation in that department. Seriously, even though the ending was a bit fucked up due to being rushed out the door, and the last boss battle was really easy, the villian in the game is just... a great character. I came into KOTOR II expecting generic SW RPG, and I got all the generic lightsaber swinging, but I also got all the dialogue and stuff, which pleased me to no end. I'm hoping NWN2 does something similar with whatever DnD universe the game is set in... Forgotten Realms, I think? I dunno, I only vaguely know DnD. I'm sure I'll know more after the game, though.

I rambled about pointless stuff for a long fucking time. I mean seriously, look how long I rambled about Gears of War multiplayer, something that, as I said, WILL NEVER AFFECT ME. Man, I'm awesome.

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November 08, 2006

I am currently a "Master of Dance"

Elite Beat Agents! Guess what I've been doing all day! Wait, I already told you... but Elite Beat Agents! Holy crap! Biggest suprise: Single Card Versus mode. You can't pick from all the songs, but you have a choice of about 6, which is wonderful, and they made new little scenarios for the versus mode, like an Iron Chef style tournie with each player backing one of the chefs. It's funtastic! I've beat the game on Easy (or as they put it, Chillin'), but gods, the ending two levels were tough... Jumpin' Jack Flash was fun as hell, but dammit, difficult. I can't even BEGIN to imagine how much of a bitch that is going to be on other difficulty levels. Anyway, I'm stuck on that song Napoelon Dynamite dances to on Normal at the moment. Something about the rhythm just... I can't wrap my brain around it. I did really bad on it on Easy, too, if I recall...

Here is my Things To Do list for the rest of the week: 1) All homework, which includes watching another French movie before Friday... 2) Finishing up my short story, A Natural Selection, to turn in next week. I decided I was going to turn in at least one serious short story this semester, and finishing that one has the added benefit of getting the damn thing out of my head... I'm honestly too close to the subject matter to treat it well, I think, so It'll probably suck... but we'll see. 3) Play lots of Elite Beat Agents. I think I have that one covered. 4) I dunno... something else? That's all I got.

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November 07, 2006

Oh yeah, and my "Illusion Collusion" deck is playing quite well.

So work called, and they're like "Come work!" Normally, I would say "Yes, I will!" But tonight, I didn't take their shit and I said no. Huzzah! See, I have a job, and I'll be honest, that job helps keep me sane. It makes me feel useful. And if there is a session of my job going down, and they desperately need me, I want to be a part of it. I'm not going to let all the other Ad Set people down, nor will I abandon the truck crew. But this was neither. This was sticker-sticking time. If they schedule me for that, great, I'm there. If they don't schedule me, but ask me to come in ahead of time (like the extra shift I picked up on Thursday... yay doubleshift!), then sure, why not? But the crew is going to be there for X hours either way, and they just sprung it on me while I was relaxing and getting my Phoenix Wright on. Me being there wouldn't help them, and it would annoy me. I'd get paid more, sure, but this was my day off, and I wanted that day, so I took it. Go me!

And since I told a little lie about Guitar Hero II to Kathy when I dodged work, I felt obliged to get something together. So Jonathan, Spants, and I watched The Pink Panther. You know, the new one with Steve Martin. I had my doubts. The commercials were god awful, just like those for Hoodwinked. But just like Hoodwinked, they simply hired the worst commercial-making people imaginable. The movie was great, and I think paid pretty decent homage to the originals while being family friendly... though there were some sex jokes younger kids wouldn't have gotten. Anyway, the movie was not as shitty as advertised, and I laughed much, so give it a go if you were once considering it.

I wrote an essay today, too, called Outlets. It's over at Poetfox.com if you wanna have a go. It went... really weird... I started talking about motherhood, then I ended up talking about pedophilia and all kinds of things... but when I re-read it, it still flowed well, which honestly is the most important thing to me in a personal essay. I need to feel like I'm following the author's thought process, even if it goes all over the place. I felt that from this. So I'm calling it a success, though a weird one.

I still have Walkie Talkie Man stuck in my head. I wish I had gotten EBA today, instead of tommorow when I'm going to be all busy with homework and classes and work. Oh well.

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November 06, 2006

Well, you're walkin' and a-talkin' and a-movin' and a-grovin'...

I've got the first song from Elite Beat Agents stuck in my head. I enjoy it. I also can't fucking wait for the game. It's supposed to come out today, but I don't really believe it? Knowing me, I'll check the stores anyway. We'll see what happens. Besides that, I also got the last castle in Contact to beat, and the last case in Phoenix Wright 2... mm, I need to make sure I complete those, because they're both awesome and deserve to be completed! Oh Nintendo DS, how I love you.

So I listened to my first episode of This American Life last night, since they have a free podcast now? You can't get their archives, but basically, the podcast is last week's show for a week. Which is perfectly fine by me. But yeah, it was good stuff. Kept getting distracted while listening to it, though. Heh. Essner said the episode I just downloaded is extremely boring, though, so I might skip it.

Guess I best get going to class, hm?

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November 05, 2006

We shot Ice-skating Zombie Santa like a million times.

So at work, I brainstormed for a little while a podplay called "The Essence of Turnabout" that would be a Phoenix Wright podcast play, because I wish there was an anime... but then the part of my brain that is based in reality ruined the fun with facts such as the need for voice actors for all the major characters (Phoenix, Maya, the Judge, Gumshoe, and at least one of the prosecutors, probably Edgey) not to mention a bunch of people for the one shot roles each case that would hopefully be different... and that's before I get into the need for sound effects, audio editing... yeah. Not gonna happen. But I'd totally listen to it, if it did.

Essner and I went to the mall today, because he wanted to buy a game... and we ended up playing waaaaaaay too much CarnEvil. It was... fairly retarded, but we had fun, so that's good. We ran out of quarters on the last boss, though. He gives out tons of cheap basically unblockable hits. But then again, that's what coin-op is all about, I suppose...

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November 04, 2006

Newsflash: I am excited about XBLA.

And now, for no apparent reason, here is the list of XBLA games I will be buying, or want to buy.
Currently Released Must Haves
UNO: 400 points (although I'm planning to pick up the camera year of Live pack, which comes with Uno for free, along with Robotron I think, which I don't really need but won't turn down)
DOOM: 800 points (what can I say? I hear the co-op is a back-stabby blast. I'm a sucker to co-op)
Currently Released Possible Purchases
Street Fighter II: 800 points (I hear the online is pretty unplayable... not that I'd be any good at it. Never really played the classic SF, so I dunno if I want this.)
Future Must Haves
Small Arms : Price TBA (This looks like Xbox Smash Brothers... with guns. I can't pass that up.)
Castle Crashers: Price TBA (Classic four player beat 'em up with style. No way in hell I can pass this up)
Settlers of Catan: Price TBA (When they annouced this set of three of the "hardcore" board games I haven't played on XBLA, I pretty well made up my mind that I was getting a 360)
Carcassonne: Price TBA (See Above)
Alhambra: Price TBA (See Above)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Price TBA (No, I have no idea how they're gonna get the whole game into 50 megs either, but it's offical, and unless it's microtransactioned to death, considering I never played this classic game I'll likely get it)

Lists are fun. Fun-ish, anyway.

When I do get a 360... I am going to have so many co-op shooters open to me that I didn't have access to before... I hope Jonathan is ready for that.

Have I mentioned I want a 360?

Sometimes, I think about making another blog, where I review things or something. But then I realize that's a big chunk of what I do here, and plus, I'd have no audience, so who cares? So then I stop caring about it. Outside of my dreams, anyway...

I'mma gonna get a Pepsi and play Phoenix Wright now.

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November 02, 2006

The only thing I dislike about Flock's Blogging Software is it puts Nonbreaking Spaces all over the place that I don't want, and I have to go back and edit them out.

I highly recommend Sam and Max Episode 1: Culture Shock. I recommend it more if you're buying a season pass, like I did, but I recommend it all the same. It took up all my free time yesterday, basically, and the humor flowed. Jonathan sat down next to my computer so he could hear and watch. Contrary to what everyone is saying, the voices are good, they grow on you, they're simply different. Anyway, if you're an adventure game fan and a Sam and Max fan, I suggest it. I enjoyed the episode, and look forward to the rest of the season. Just... I dunno. It's honestly less adventure game and really more interactive TV episode. Which honestly works fine. Just don't expect any of the puzzles to be particularly hard. The fun of the game is in going through every single dialogue option. There is a joke in literally every item description. The last puzzle did stump me for awhile, though.

I should really get that big collection of all the Sam and Max comics... that would be a worthy purchase..

Anyway, let's see what else is up... I'm doing some Time Spiral release events online after I get back from class. I hope I'm not bothered while I do it, but chances are I will be. If I win all five games this time I believe I get a Stuffy Doll avatar. Don't quote me on that though. Also, I don't plan on winning all five. But it'll be fun nonetheless. I also found that I have 4 Coldsnap packs unopened online, which means I also need to get in a CS-CS-CS draft in sometime. Then I'll be left with one lonely Dissention pack and one lonely Coldsnap pack... we'll see if I can't trade those for Time Spiral packs for later drafting or something, depending on the number of packs, if any, I win from the release league. Anyway, here's to hoping I open a playset of Stuffy Doll! It'll make me almost surely lose the release league, but then I'll have a playset of Stuffy Doll. ^_^

Well, I'm gonna get dressed and head towards class, as I have a shit-ton of podcasts I could be catching up on. My new favorite podcast is Retronauts, by the way, which is lead by Toastyfrog, whose blog I frequent. If you wanna hear game journalists rant about games they played long ago, then this podcast is for you.

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November 01, 2006

"I grow tired of the foolish foolery of the foolish fools of this foolish country..."

Phoenix: Hey, look at this.

Phoenix Wright 2 is great, by the way. Having tons of fun with it. Oh, I found this LJ Icon and it made me happy. I dunno.

I wonder why I always scroll through text in Phoenix Wright by using the stylus? Surely the A button would be more convenient, yet I sit there and do a little drum beat thing as I read...

I got my MP3 player back today, and all my files were still on it. Yaaaaaay! ^_^ It's so awesome! I missed it so much. I've got so many podcasts to catch up on, too... too bad Phoenix Wright is not the kinda game I feel like I should split my attention away from, or I'd work on catching up on podcasts... oh, also Sam and Max Episode One should be out for general consumption soon... like today... man, TWO new adventure games trying to steal my attention! Will wonders never cease? I even got off work early tonight. This was a good day, yep yep.

Oh, people really liked my short story again... Cardboard Nightmare? That one. It's on Poetfox.com in the other section if you want to read. It'll be revised, though, I got some good feedback. Anyway, I can't remember writing something someone hated... well, at least not a lighthearted something. I want to turn in one serious story, though, this semester... I think it's going to be A Natural Selection. Even if it turns out bad and everyone hates it, that's just one of those stories I need to get the fuck out of my head, because it's too close to me, so I can fill that space with more useful things...

Anyway, bedtime. Goodnight.

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