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December 31, 2006

The Last Post of the Year.

This Hotel Dusk is pretty exciting. Be sure to give the trailer a watch. I'll be picking that up come January 22nd.

Well, the year is about over. What did I accomplish...? Well, I did end with a better semester than I've had in years, one involving studying and paper writing like I was supposed to... if I keep that up, maybe I can get out of here... I... got a 360, which is kinda big considering I've been wanting one for most of the year (feel free to look back at old blog entries, you'll see... oh, and I added Dai to my friend's list, so I have like... 2 friends now. yay! Must send hir scary pictures.), so that's nice, I guess... um... I dunno, did I do anything else this year? It doesn't feel like I accomplished much of anything... which, generally, wouldn't bother me, except... I dunno... I obviously have some changes I need to make to my life... but eh, no need to be all whatever.

Jonathan and I beat Gears on Casual. It is a little short, at least on Casual, but damn, is it a good time. We'll probably at least give Hardcore a try, although I can't see me playing Insane... who knows, though.

I think of the brand fucking new batteries I bought for my 360 is non-functional, which pisses me off, in general. Have to buy another, I guess. Bleh. I'd return it, but we already threw the packaging away...

In any case, I hope you had a good 2006 and have a good 2007 and crap like that... wish me luck through it all as well... maybe I can accomplish something this time around...

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December 28, 2006

Two Reviews

Today's Day-long Co-op Gameplay Session was Gears of War (Yesterday was Marvel: UItimate Alliance, Christmas was Halo). It's a shooter, most definately, and you do alot of the same things all the time. But it's addictive, and hella fun. I dunno if it deserves all the Game of the Year stuff it's getting. It would definately be in a top three or five games of the year, but... I dunno. I have high hopes for Final Fantasy XII, even though I haven't played it and likely won't for a long, long while. I have a feeling it would beat it, at least for me. But yeah, if you have a 360 and a friend, online or off, Gears is most DEFINATELY worth your co-op time. I'm playing as the second player to get all the Dom achievements because Jonathan doesn't care and I do... heh...

I guess I never talked about Marvel: Ultimate Alliance either. It's X-men Legends 3, only with a non-X-men based cast. And I love it even more than Legends. The lack of actual healing items makes bosses harder than in Legends, but as a whole just seems to make the game... so much smoother. I dunno. It just flows. You just play and play and play. Fighting about healing potion use was one of the annoying parts of the other games, and it just doesn't happen here. I'm playing as the Invisible Woman, just because I sorta picked her at random from the female members of the character roster. I was thinking about Spider-Woman for awhile, but her costume is stupid. I know she unlocks the Spider-girl costume later, which would make me want to play her, but that's like the last one she gets. So I ended up with Invisible Woman. I haven't put any points in Invisibility, because it isn't that good. But I keep knocking people over with shockwaves and throwing them off buildings with Telekinesis and I was having a blast and will continue to have a blast, I'm sure. If you liked Legends, or like the whole Diablo 2 Dungeon Crawl only with a friend sort of idea, get the game. Also, if you're a Marvel fan. You got alot of obscure guys in there to play with. Like Moon Knight. I have no fucking idea who that is.

Anyway, there's two mini-reviews. More to come, I'm sure. I should bed or something...

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December 27, 2006

At work, I told everyone that Homestarrunner.com patented humor.

I felt a little bad at work... I felt the urge to talk to Brer, and then I realized I was too busy to talk to him playing 360 when I could have, and I felt pretty terrible. I'm sorry, lovely... I'll talk to you tommorow, definately.

So let's catch up on Chrissymas, shall we? I got the 360, and many many games! Which is what I wanted! Mom got me... weird stuff! Jonathan got me... a new Speed Racer shirt (which is light blue... and my mom kept saying "Oh, you look so good in blue!" over and over to try to "covertly" convince me that I should stop wearing black. Blah.) and Dark Messiah, which still has nice combat but the story is as lacking as I was told. After Chrissymas, I went and bought Gears of War and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance because Target was selling them for 20 dollars off... so I basically have every game I'd want for the 360 besides Viva, and Viva Pinata is definately not a game to have when I have access to like a million other games... heh...
Everyone seemed to like my gifts, too, even Mom and the printer I got her (with monetary help from Jonathan) which I admit I was kinda doubting as it got closer to the big day. Anyway, I'm happy. I wish my mom understood me and my likes better, but I'm happy.

GIMME YOUR GAMERTAG IF YOU HAVE ONE, DAMMIT! If nothing else, I wanna VoIP with you while I play Uno or Hexic or something... even if you don't have Live Gold, I need the name! Come on! Be a pal! All I have right now is Megi... heh... who I am also sorry I couldn't talk to over Live, but I know Jonathan and he'd get all pissy if I was talking to you while playing... not to metion I'd be all weird... because my voice does different things around different people... and being around both groups is just akward for me... but yeah, anyway, try talking to me in, say, a week or two, and we'll talk each other's ears off while we play whatever!

I guess that's it for the Chrissymas update. I got material goods, and I'm happy. I'm also working alot this week. Which sucks, because I'd rather be playing 360. Oh well, I'll just be lazy all day up until work, that'll show them.

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December 24, 2006

Grindin' Away The Last Few Hours of Christmas Eve...

Holy crap, Brer got a new car for Chrissymas. I mean, he was gonna like... trade for or buy one of his parents cars off them or something...? But they bought him a brand new car instead. That's hardcore. Heh heh. Congrats, love!

So. Night at the Museum. We watched that tonight. I definately suggest you give it a view. Maybe not in theaters, but it would most definately be worth a rental at the least. I laughed, and it was pretty neat and stuff, the effects were cool... it was... nifty... anyway, good movie. I know I'm being... very specific... deal with it...

So, now it's time to waste away the last pre-christmas moments with much grinding in Final Fantasy Five. Or FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF as I call it (I don't really call it that).

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Everyone keeps complimenting me on the Chrissymas cards I gave them at work, so I'm glad I took the time to make them.

You know the whole "think outside the box thing?" It fucking works. I don't have the cable from Droid, and I probably won't till after Chrissymas... I ordered a long one from Newegg (if Droid does come through, then I'll just replace the one going to this computer with it, as it's pretty shitty, but long) but what to do until then? Be online on 360 or computer, not both? I didn't have a long enough networking cable! And then it hit me. I thought outside the box. The only reason the console need be near the TV, especially with the wireless controllers I have, is for the Component Cables into the TV. And I have a very long extention cord for those. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, PEOPLE! I totally win at temporary solutions. It'll drive Mom crazy, though.

Well, work sure went late tonight. Guess I should go to bed. Merry Chrissymas Eve!

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December 23, 2006

I'll assume he's flying in an FFXI-style Airship, and someone is silly enough to fish off the side, and catches an Airfishmob, but he's down in the cabin, so he doesn't lose any EXP.

Brer had to go through all kinds of crepe thus far to get on the plane and stuff... I hope there isn't much more he is forced to go through... He already missed a flight due to long security lines, and then last I heard was having to stand in another line... I just have to keep assuming if anything REALLY terrible plan-wise occurred, he would call and tell me. Instead, I shall grind in FFV and be impressed that Ranger actually does damage in the game and is fun to use Mug with, and generally sort of assume/hope that he's getting on a plane nowish, or in an hour, and not worry about it.
Blizzards are mean. Airlines are also mean. Stupid airlines. I will stab them. You should be waving bags of money at your employees, airlines, so that you err on the side of having too many people during this horrid holiday travel season! Or something!
I hope he doesn't have to spend the night in the airport... meh, I can't do anything about it, no need to think or worry about it. Just, you know, give off good vibes that hopefully will transmit via love connection to him, yeahyeah.

So I got all my pictures took and Grandma's present is wrapped and all I have to do is survive the intensely evil work I will have to endure tommorow and and Sunday and then Chrissymas will be here. Yay! I also hope Droid can get me that cable... I talked to him on the phone and he was all like "I'm going to drop it off later today!" and I went and got money to thank him monetarily for putting up with me bothering him about it and him supplying the cable and him putting the ends on the cable, but he never showed up. I shall bother him again when I wake up tommorow, because, yes, I am so... intense... as to not accept the concept of only being able to have the 360 or my computer hooked to the interwebs, not both, for even a day. I will not have this! IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! But I need 30 feet of networking cable or the ridiculously expensive 99 dollar wireless adapter to make that happen. So come on, Droid! Be a buddy!

You know, I needed my Airship to go higher to reach some flying fortress, so I was told that, obviously, I needed to get some Adamantite. Not to, say, build a stronger engine or something, but to "reinforce the ship" which would somehow magically make it go higher... I can't see how adding an extra layer of metal would make something be able to fly higher in the sky. Come on, FFV. It's not like you need an actually good explaination, but you could at least make one that's vaguely plausable. Or at least tell me that Adamantite is some magic hover-metal or something...

...holy crap, Cheap Ass Gamer tells me Gamefly is having some End of the Year used game sale... I'm looking at the list... and Chromehounds and Prey for $20 and PSU for $35 sound awesome to me... I wonder if things will be gone come Chrissymas... must remember to check back.
It's odd I get so excited about Chromehounds and Prey, though... Prey would, likely, be better played on the PC. It doesn't have Co-op. Chromehounds is said to be fairly glitchy and not have much single player component, and I don't have alot of people to play with online... but both I'd like to play sometime, and that's about the price I'd pay to pick them up. Also, if I get Prey for the 360 I get Achievements. PSU, that's just a good price. It's going to happen eventually, might as well be now. I wonder what achievements PSU has... hm.

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December 22, 2006

All the accessories and shit for the 360 are fairly costly as well.

So while working this evening, I heard a little girl telling her mother that if Santa didn't bring her what she wanted, she would be "very mad." She repeated this several times, even pointing out that some of the stuff she doesn't want, she NEEDS, you see.
It made me think about my upcoming Chrissymas... I've hinged alot of it on the 360 coming into my possession. But would I be "very mad" if I didn't get it? Nah. A little annoyed, perhaps, disappointed, probably, but not mad. I mean, hell, it's an expensive system. I know it is. I didn't really want my mom buying the whole thing for me, I had talked to her about splitting the cost or something of that nature... and if not, I said I'd just get it myself, if she didn't feel comfortable. I'd just go out and buy one Tuesday, probably at Best Buy, so I get like a 10 dollar gift certificate for later. But I wouldn't be "very mad."
I dunno... "mad" and "disappointed" are very different emotions. Mad implies "I deserved that, and the fact that I didn't get it is wrong." Disappointed is more "Man, I thought I would get that, but I guess it didn't happen. Wish I did, though." There's a difference in selfishness between the two feelings, isn't there? Or am I insane?
Then again, this is a young girl I'm talking about, so I suppose a level of selfishness comes with being a child, yes? Oh well.

Well, Brer is gone to his parents... well, he will be tommorow, if he can escape the blizzard-like snow they had in Colorado on Wednesday. I'm sure holiday air travel is bitch enough, I hope the snow doesn't make it TOO additionally terrible. In any case, his phone doesn't work in his parents house, so I'm without him for a week. Which is kinda sad. But in the end, I know not a big deal. I mean, hell, Chrissymas is going to have me so distracted anyway, I wouldn't be able to spend much time with him... heh... but yeah... I'll be glad when he gets back to his apartment next week.

In exciting non-me news, You Don't Know Jack now has a Daily Dis or Dat! It's no Jack Netshow, of course... that was... well... a gift from the gods. But it is pretty nice. Little topical Dis or Dats with Cookie as the host... he was definately my favorite, I dunno about you. So go check that shit out. It's awesome. And here's hoping there's more fully-featured Jack in the works. The people on 1up were all like "Oh, give me YDKJ on XBLA! Pleeeeeze!" and while I would definately pay a buck or two for, say, I dunno... a bundle of like 10 or 20 themed episodes of Jack (apparently I am one of the few who liked the "Episode" method found in Jack: The Ride and originally in the Jack Netshow. I suppose it was all the Jack Netshow action that caused me to love it), I dunno if the Xbox 360 is the optimal place for the thing... but again, any new Jack is good stuff.

I've been grinding up a storm in FFV. I suppose that's what it's all about, though. It definately has Tactics-like qualities, although does fall a little short of Tactics. (I'll be gladly paying for the new version of the original on PSP, oh yes) I was all doing the Blue Magic thing with the Beastmaster to control the enemies and have them use the Blue attacks on me, but it wasn't really thrilling me... I know my brother is a big Blue Mage fan, but I'm not. So I'll probably do something else... I dunno. I wanna do something weird and fun, but I'll probably end up going for the Tiny Little Gods kinda party... heh. I am Geomancering it up right now. Who knew a bell could do so much damage?

Well, it's time to play some more Final Fantasy V and listen to Retronauts. So goodbye. Yeah. Bye.

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December 20, 2006

The Fifth Final Fantasy

Oh Job System, how I love you. I've just been basically grinding... and grinding... and grinding... since I got the game yesterday for Chrissymas from Justin Spants (thank you, Spaeth! That's two GBA Final Fantasies in a row on Chrissymas, I appreciate it much!.). It's a grinding game. My White Mage has Monk Punching Powers. Heh. I picked up the guide just to have all the job information right there... it wasn't well-organized on GameFAQs, which saddened me. Anyway, I shall grind grind grind away...

Megi got a 360! That's like... the second person on my Friend's List! Yaaaaaaaay!

5 days until Chrissymas... I need to take some pictures for Grandma... probably... Friday... or Tommorow, I guess.

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December 18, 2006

In Which I Rant Much About Final Fantasy III

My monk in FFIII just hit Job Level 99. That just strikes me as odd, that I maxed it out, but since Ingus has been a Monk since the beginning of the game and never changed jobs, I suppose it's not all that strange. I'm grinding up so I can breeze through the last boss gauntlet, so I switched him to Black Belt for the time being. He does less damage with the latest claws than he did as a Monk unequipped... which isn't suprising since he gains 2 damage every job level, with a base of 100 attack power... 398 is alot more attack power than 280 or whatever that he has right now. But eh, better to level something while I'm grinding. If I get absolutely no life and get Black Belt to level 99, it should be better. Not happening, but, you know... and hey, he's got a really spiffy black cape on now.

Grinding and podcasts... they're two things, one awesome and one kinda annoying, but together they create this kinda Zen gaming bliss that I love so damn much... I gained 5 levels in FFIII listening to this week's TWiT... wheeeeeeee! Only 10 more levels to go until I'm at the level of the last boss... then I'll probably run through and finish the game, as, I'd hope, since I'm starting the like 20 bosses in a row gauntlet at the same level, when I make it out I'll be higher, and it won't be an issue.

Apparently FFIII, though, is the poor man's FFV, which I'll believe from the maybe 3 hours of FFV I've played... I'll have to sink some time into the GBA version sometime...

What else is going on with me... not alot until Chrissymas, I suppose. Some work. Alot of snuggling with Brer, since he leaves on Friday... hanging out with JonathanFriends who are in town again (and who are very awesome people, my brother should think himself extremely lucky to have Brian and Jessie and so on as his close friends... heh) as well as my friends at the party tommorow... um... wrapping the last gift I haven't wrapped... cleaning up my room a little more I guess... watching that Hogfather movie... I dunno...

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December 15, 2006

That two screen combat is either going to be awesome or annoying.

Gods, It's a Wonderful World looks amazing in that crazy niche way that attracts me. I like that music on there. Click on the little road circle and then PV for a preview video. Neat? I think so.

So, okay, things I've done since finishing with school... alot of resting... I cleaned like... half of my room. It looks better. I wrapped some presents... I... found out about the Pirates of the Spanish Main online game and joined that. Been playing it for the last couple of days, wishing that I had a good American Ship because I gotta bitchin American special captian. I did learn that sea monsters can get fire masts, though, so that's good to know... what else... Oh, I unlocked the last song in EBA, so that's pretty awesome. I had to beat alot of the Hard Rock difficulty, which was a bitch, but basically just memorization, so I threw alot of time at it and there you go... um... I ate pizza for two meals today... Yep. How's that? Good? Good.

Tommorow I work a double shift, which is not a fun thing, but OH WELL. I like money. I'll go earn it, sure. It won't be as bad as a week after tommorow, where we're setting 3 days worth of ad set on one day for after Chrissymas sales and shit. That'll be fun...

Oh yeah, I'm also listening to Hogfather the audiobook. It's entertaining and appropriate! Also, then I'll know how the book compares to the movie that this Brittish company is making and is airing next weekend, which I will totally torrent.


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December 13, 2006

I'm Totally Done-d.

So, now that I'm done with this semester, let's take a quick look back and see how I did.
Mmmhmm... yeah... okay...
I did pretty awesome. Not as awesome as I was hoping, in all honesty, but this has been likely the best semester for me since my Freshman year. I got shit done. I turned things in. I did awesome. Here's to hoping I can do it again next semester, and all the rest of them I have to trudge through to be done with this stupid school thing. Eh, let's not hope. I know I can do it. I'm glad my plans paid off. I'm glad I'm not completely useless, when I put my mind to doing something. I'm glad I finally have the motivation to complete school, even if it's kinda sad that motivation is getting the hell outta here.

I think Kirby wants something.

So I'm at the tail end of Final Fantasy III. I finally got a Devout. I dunno why a Devout has kitty ears, but trust me, I am not complaining. I hope I get a Devout when I likely give in and buy those FFIII figures... although they're all pretty cool.
Anyway, I have like... some super huge annoying boss gauntlet to look forward to at the end of the game... and the guide I've been referring to from time to time says I should beat the last boss with a 2 Ninja 2 Devout party...? I dunno about that. It does say, though, that the last boss is level 60. I'm like level 44. I'm going to have to do alot of grinding. Will I put up with it to finish the game? We'll see... we'll see...

Oh, apparently Sqenix announced some sort of... Ivalice Alliance...? On one hand, I'm glad to get a portable version of Tactics, as well as a new Tactics Advance, on the other hand, I'm sure all those people who wanted to download it for 6 bucks with their PS3s are being pretty angered right now. Also, it is a portable version of Tactics on the PSP... poor PSP... you suck so bad...

Well, time to go take care of my mother, I guess.

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December 12, 2006

Seriously, though, do you have a sound card?

Dude, this banner ad just said I was the hourly free winner. Awesome.

Apparently people have sound cards? I've never had one. Well, okay, I mean, back in the day, but in the last two computers I've had I've never had one. It was like a staredown between Brer and I, with me thinking he was crazy for thinking them vital and him thinking I was crazy for not having one. Insanity!
In any case, though, apparently GRAW requires a sound card, which means I get a BSOD every time I try to open it, which means I can't play it with Brer. This confuses me to extremes, as I could play the demo fine... well, fineish, it was a bit laggy, but I've upgraded my video card since then so it probably would run a bit smoother now. Anyway, I just think it's total bullshit myself, but apparently people have sound cards, and I'm just weird. Eh, it's not a great loss... I mean, I would like to play with Brer, but we still have all kinds of NWN2 we could be playing together and that works pretty flawlessly. Way to go for that Obsidian. Getting co-op games going on the PC can be so damn painful sometimes...

Last final in a couple of hours. I'm going to leave around noon, get some lunch somewhere, read the story I haven't read, and then refresh myself on author names... then take the test, go get some gasoline... and then revise all my short stories that I'm going to turn in, so I only have to write my book report tommorow. I'm going to turn in Channel Josh Action News, and probably A Natural Selection. I don't think that'll be 30 pages, though, but it'll be close... I'll either fill it in with Depression Attack or... I dunno. What else did I write this semester... Cardboard Nightmare... there has to have been another short story... hmm. Nope, guess there wasn't. Oh well. Anyway, it shouldn't be too hard. Channel Josh is really long, it's gonna be at least 14 pages by itself when I double space it. Mmm... I might have to put Cardboard Nightmare in there at that... but oh well. It's not like it was bad, perse, I just feel like my others were more... inspired. Heh.
Anyway, that's my plans for today and tommorow. Isn't that cool? I guess the rest of the plans would be present-wrapping on Thursday, and cleaning my room on Friday, which will likely be pretty intense stuff. Hope I have enough podcasts left over for it.

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December 11, 2006

Have I mentioned that I'm happy I'm done taking French classes yet?

So they were all like "Come and do a truck tommorow morning it'll be fun I promise" and I'm all like "nooooooooooooooooooooo! I do the finals thing tommorow!" and then Karen is like "Okay, good luck on test bye!"
I'm awesome. I'm also awesome at writing. Have I mentioned recently my current career plans involve catching grammar mistakes? Yeah.

I played some more FFIII today, which I hadn't gotten back to in awhile because I was once again at a point where I had no idea where to go. Times like that make me angry. When I want to complete the next main story dungeon I should have no issues with it. There should be a huge arrow there, pointing the way! Also, my new airship in the game might have a fucking city on it but it moves about as fast as the city... this coming from right after I had a ship called the Nautilus, which zipped around like crazy... wheeeeee...

Never again will I have to think about french... again. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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December 10, 2006

What's the difference between saying .002 dollars and saying .002 cents?

I found this funny in a very sad kinda way. You'd hope that, at the very least, our school system would cause people to understand, you know, money. It's kinda important. And at least the guy got his money back, in the end.

So I've got a cold. Yep. That's exciting stuff, let me tell you.

It's weird having a blanket where it's important how I throw it on me, but my Slanket is just that. It's awesome, though.

What was I going to talk about... Lost Planet: Extreme Condition doesn't have Co-op, which saddens me and makes me want it less... um... Oh, I won at ebay. I got a Live Vision Gold pack for the same price as a year of Live Gold... well, plus 5 dollars, but still. 55 instead of 80? I like them numbers.

We should really get a Christmas party planned...

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December 09, 2006


So Droid had his birthday, and it all went as well as could be expected. We ate, watched Clerks II, which was pretty okay. It was worth watching, but not the greatest movie of the year or anything like that. It had the potential to be god awful. I'm glad it wasn't.

The other benefit I gleaned was getting to try out Droid's Wii. I'd been wanting to swing around a Wiimote since it came out, just to try. We played alot of Wii Sports. It went pretty well. Tennis is definately the highlight... at least of the Tennis, Bowling and Baseball we played, though we had fun with all of them. The Wiimote did a bit of wiggling, though, I noticed. Like it would sort of shiver, I suppose due to little bitty movements that you don't normally notice. It didn't affect, say, picking things on the menu, but it was kinda weird. It would only stay still if you like... make a concious effort. Also, the Nunchuk attachment feels extremely flimsy. It's very light. I hadn't expected it to be so light. The Wiimote was about the right weight, although now that I think about it, I'm sure most of that weight comes from the batteries. Droid doesn't have rechargables ready to go for his Wiimotes... I think he'll change his mind on that at some point. Finally, we made the most grotesque Mii which we named Bucket, because it was an exact likeness of Matt Buchhiet. I only wish I could show you a picture...

Anyway, there's a couple of little impressions. Basically, it's neat stuff, and I look forward to owning one, but I also believe that my plan of waiting until Feburary or March to pick one up is a very solid plan, so I'll be going with that.

Mm, goodnight.

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December 08, 2006

Insidious Christmas Present Misdirection Conspiracy Theories.

I totally got some new clubs on Albatross. They are like... the girlyest clubs ever. But they're also the only club set that doesn't look completely retarded in my opinion. I mean, okay, I guess I can understand why someone would want the Medievil Set or the Afterburners, but not me. I just wanna cool looking normal set. So Twin Feathers is for me. Plus, little feathers flutter down when I twirl them coming up to the tee box. Whee!

So I've got theories and suspicions and such about how my mother and brother are acting. Awhile back, as you may or may not remember, I sat down with my mother and said "I want a 360, it's expensive, so let's talk and see what I need to do to make sure I get one, whether by me buying it or getting it for Christmas, like I want." From that talk, I was under the impression that that was cool, I was getting one. But all these little things Mom and Jonathan are saying... my brother keeps asking me over and over if I'm sure I'm getting one, and Mom keeps talking about how she has no idea what to get me... I was worried for awhile... but then I got to thinking, perhaps this is but a clever ruse to get me to be suprised when I open it come Chrissymas. They did it on my last birthday. I was positive I was getting nothing I wanted, and when I got everything I wanted, it was an intense suprise. I had to hand it to them, I was caught completely off-guard. In any case, I think that they're trying it again. Then again, maybe not. I don't claim to know. Not knowing is probably preferable. If I don't get one, I'll be buying one when the stores open again, and it'll be fine. I'll have one after Chrissymas either way. But mmm, the doubt... heh... I'm thinking about it too much.

Droid's birthday is today. He's all older and such. I hope the present I got is good for him. He was really gung-ho about the Wii, so hopefully he'll get some use out of it. I can certianly see there being some VC titles he'd download... if he happens to read my blog, though, before we meet up, he'll ruin his suprise. Go back and unread this paragraph, Droid!

Brer seems to be feeling better today... that's good. I was pretty worried about him yesterday... I mean, you know, everyone can have down days, I have them, it happens... but I dunno... I never got a real reason why and I just... I'm a worrier. Heh. ^_^ But he's feeling better. So huzzah. Time to snuggle him some more before the birthday festivities.

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December 07, 2006

You know you're fucked when a Dictionary threatens to kill you.

Since I was actually starting to run low on podcasts, I downloaded and started listening to some of the Doctor Who Audio Dramas... so far they get my seal of approval. What strikes me as interesting is I don't feel lost, even though I don't know anything about these versions of the Doctor and his companions in the times of the series these stories are set. They aren't really made for newish listeners. But I listen and it's not a problem. Heh. Though it does make the characters that much more of a mystery... heh... anyway, I'm going to have to look into aquiring more of them, probably.

They cancelled the truck tommorow. Yaaaaaaaay! One shift down, one to go...

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December 06, 2006

My Knees really hurt for some reason.

In a mere... I dunno... some number of hours, I shall have my last French class EVAR! Score!

So the battle system in Yggdra Union kinda bothers me. I guess mostly because my normal tactics in these games are completely neutered by it. Basically, when two units battle, they, you know, fight... and you can do a couple of things while you're watching them fight to affect battle, like change stances and eventually use card abilities... but once one team wins, they win. They take no damage. The other team takes damage (to their "Morale" meter). So I can just baaaaarely lose a fight, and my unit takes a hit of damage and it's like I've done nothing. This makes it difficult to do the Kamakaze wars of attrition I'm used to, where I throw units at a boss like crazy till it dies... a fairly Zap Branigan sort of strategy, actually, now that I think about it. But, you know, virtual fake people, I feel no remorse. Heh. If a unit can't overpower someone, it can't do anything. My little sword princess is completely useless right now, because all I'm fighting are enemies with spears and lances, which are strong against swords. So she can do NOTHING. It's fairly bullshit, really.
I'm sure once it lets me use my card abilities things will go better. Until then, I'm a bit annoyed.

Only one other person did Fragile Things in class. So that's nice, I guess. So many people didn't follow the publish date thing, though... if I knew I could disregard that, I probably would have presented Girl Goddess #9 to the class... Dragons in Manhattan is so fucking awesome... oddly enough, I don't remember much of the rest of the book, though I know it was good... I should reread it sometime, it's not like it's that long...

I should probably sleep... yeah... that's the ticket...

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December 04, 2006

Half the time, the poor violinist looked like her mic was off, and she was fiddlin' away for nothing.

By the way, I win at Christmas.
Poetfox's Chrissymas Shopping List
Mom: Check
Dad: Check
Jonathan: Check
Grandma: Checkish (Photography comes after finals)
Grandpa: Check
Brer: Check
Friend #1: No Check
Friend #2: No Check (Yeah yeah, drawing names, blah blah)
The Chrissymas Shopping Season is my Bitch.

So my box of four Chicken Patties came with 5 Chicken Patties. It was a miracle. But I only wanted four. So... the extra miracle patty got wasted. A shame.

I'd just like to thank the Talking Time forums for bringing Yggdra Union to my attention. I had no idea this game existed. I am going to go aquire it on my way to class, because it's already been out a couple weeks and it is one of those games that WILL poof and no longer exist... it's made by the same people who made Rivera, which, although sorta weird, was definately good stuff. I have faith it'll be nifty. Plus, I'll get to try the GBA port on my DS Lite, see how it works... see if I lose that little pretty cover for it... I won't, I'll store it with my GBA games...

I saw Manhiem Steamroller in concert last night? I can't suggest it. I mean, you know, the music was pretty good, but seeing it live added absolutely nothing to the experience of listening. Just get their CDs. But, you know, my parents paid for it, they seemed to really enjoy it, so good for them. I also learned that High School Musical DOES have a travelling stage show, which is good. A musical that popular, there is no excuse not to have one. I still haven't seen it, though.
Oh, there was an old woman at the show that kept standing up for long periods of time right in our view, taking her coat and slowly and methodically folding it, rummaging in her purse... perfectly arranging everything... I was very tempted to throw a crumpled program at her. Extremely tempted.

I have only one more French class EVAR!!!!! I'm excited.

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December 02, 2006

Pointless Ramblings: Now with Pointless Nanofiction.

First off...
Poetfox's Chrissymas Shopping Status List
Mom: Check
Dad: Check
Jonathan: Check
Grandma: Checkish (Gotta do some photography, but no shopping is left)
Grandpa: No Check
Friend #1: No Check
Friend #2: No Check (Are we ever gonna draw names? We should do it when we meet up for Droid's B-Day)
Brer: Check
I'm doing really damn good. Of course, Grandpa is left, and he's always hard to shop for... Also, if I'm going to write a Chrissymas poem and send them to my online friends, that should probably occur at some point soon.

So I joined Toastyfrog's Talking Time Forums. I dunno why. I didn't post anything. I guess it's because, mostly, he made them because he was enjoying the comment banter on his blog and... well... I was really enjoying the comment banter on his blog. I wanna join in, but it's not the kind of group I fit with. So I'll just keep reading and enjoying. And if I ever end up with something to say, well, hell, I'm prepared.
Also, there is a guy on the forums named "Lumber Baron" and I just have to say that's an awesome name.

I helped at yet another Notre Dame Scholar Bowl Tourney today. It's always fun, mostly because I take that sorta "serious fun" approach where I'm serious about the rules but trying to be as entertaining as possible. People seem to respond to it, in general. When I want to be, I'm a really good public-type person. Heh, I want to be that person all the time, in some ways, but in alot of ways I'm happy with who I am... well, you know, besides the not being transitioned and having no parental support thing. Other than that, pretty damn happy. Yep. Wow, that went like... over to the left very quickly.

So I gave Bard a chance in FFIII in another mini dungeon and it went badly. I think I picked the wrong harp, maybe? Because when the guide was talking about it he was all like "Sing = Protect!" and Protect is a pretty pricey high level spell in that game, so I thought that would be nice... but all I was doing was 70 damage to all enemies... which, considering when he was a Monk (Please note earlier that this was in one of those stupid Mini dungeons! I would never abandon Monk otherwise, it's too awesome, but like all physical stuff Monk does nothing in the minidungeon) he was hitting for something like 1800 to 2000? Yeah. Unfortunate.

Sooo much talk about the Wii, and I feel like I'm missing out. And yet, I know I'm not. Most of the talk is from Toastyfrog and stuff, and he's all Retrogamer type guy talking about the Virtual Console... and besides Bomberman '93, which I would pick up for the multiplayer potential (can having classic Bomberman multiplayer constantly at your fingertips be a bad thing?), there's nothing on the Virtual Console I would get right now. Zelda would be fun to play, but I have enough to play with FFIII and NWN2 to hopefully last me until Chrissymas, where I'm sure I'll have too many games to handle. I know in my heart waiting until Feburary or March is the right choice, but I hate feeling left out. Honestly, though, I've been feeling this way about the 360 for awhile now, since about the time Dead Rising came out and they announced Catan and it's friends for the XBLA, and I've managed to resist. I'll be okay, I'm sure. I would like to try it, though, just to see how the motion control responds and such. I really need to just invade Droid's house.

I'll leave you with a stupid and untitled Nanofic I wrote the other day while sitting around, waiting for class to start.
One day, frustrated, I wished I would just die.
It was a bad day to find a genie.

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