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January 30, 2007

"I hair up pretty fast"

Click here for an achievement!

Have I mentioned how easily entertained I am?

So, yesterday, whilst wandering about Toys R Us listening to podcasts, I noticed they had clearance game guides! For like a buck a piece! So I was rummaging through them (I found an FFIV Advance guide... I still haven't beat it, so I figured, for a buck, why not?) and then I turn around and, right on top of a big clearance bin labelled "$5 and under" was a copy of Carcassonne. For 5 bucks. I snapped that sucker up! Still haven't played it, of course, but I'll wrangle Jonathan and Spaeth into it at some point, I'm sure. Heh. Seems like a fun game to play while watching a movie or something. I'm still just shocked that Toys R Us would have a copy of the game, much less one on clearance like that. Boggles my mind, though I'm not complaining.

Also, my copy of Hotel Dusk came in. It's pretty good, I'm enjoying it. The little Take On Me Animated people are... really well animated. I recognize that they just have like... 10 set animations that are set for the different screens of text, but those animations are much more expressive than I'm used to in these games. It's nice. There's like... guesturing, instead of just a smiling face or whatever. Heh. Anyway, it's pretty generic detective stuff, though... alot of the plot is coming at me with... very little sorta... reason behind it. Like I just randomly got a phone call that someone in the hotel is related to an art smuggling ring from my past. Just... out of the blue. It's definately the sorta game I enjoy, though, and I'm glad I bought it. Oddly enough, you seem to be able to find it everywhere you normally can't find niche games, like Wal-Mart and Target... not at EB though. They went out of their way not to sell to me, so screw them. Heh. I almost pre-ordered FFVI and Lunar Knights from Amazon because of that...

Okay, time for class.

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January 29, 2007

A Discordian shall Partake of No Hot Dog Buns, for Such was the Solace of Our Goddess when She was Confronted with The Original Snub.

So, I like Persephone's Bees. Yeah. I never get new music, so it's kinda exciting. The fact that their album is called Notes from the Underworld is kinda amusing.

So, we did a minidraft yesterday. The idea was all Time Spiral, but we got frustrated before we found enough... good news, though, apparently they're opening a new game store in Jackson, so that's pretty exciting. Anyway, I won,. basically. I was tied with Jonathan, and my deck raped him twice in a row, so niether of us had any doubt I could beat him again. My deck went red late in the draft after getting passed all kinds of power red cards late. Seal of Fire, 2 Rift Bolts, and the Every-Bit-As-Awesome-As-Advertised Sulfurous Blast, Firemaw Kavu... It was a pretty good Black/Red deck. I should make a new deck sometime.

The light hurts my eyes... Hissssssssssssssssssssss...

So I bought a gig SD card for my Wii yesterday... yeah, let that sink in... yeah, I don't have a Wii yet... but it was all cheap and stuff! Or maybe it just looks cheap as opposed to Memory Stick prices, I dunno. Anyway, hopefully that combined with the built in memory will be enough to carry me over for most if not the whole generation once I get a Wii...

So, I brought up at work the Law of Fives, and ever since then the entire truck crew keeps trying to name things and have me be unable to link them to five. Sometimes the whole process is more impressive than others because I'm able to think of a link faster. Sometimes it takes me awhile, mostly because I try to think or something that sounds impressive. Either way, I've managed to do it every time so far, because, you know, The Law of Fives is never wrong. The most impressive one I did, if I can say so myself, was, right after Lawrence asked me about it and I had done a couple numbers, he goes "Well, fine, what about my name, then?" And I, immediately, without pausing, go "Well, what's the 5th letter in your name? E, right? And that's the fifth letter in the alphabet."
Anyway, the whole Law of Fives game is fun, but it leaves me in a sort of haze at work. I walk around, thinking extremely hard about the silly idea, and generally missing things I otherwise wouldn't have missed. I'm normally pretty good at multitasking... very good, actually, I'd say... but I find myself engaging myself in this very much so.

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January 28, 2007

It... just... what... what the hell???????

What the hell!

Just... What. The. Fuck.

Fuck. Hell. Shit.
What the hell.

In other news, have you seen that link at the beginning of this post? What the hell??? God, I love Talking Time. I wish I was clever enough to be involved, but I'll just enjoy reading.
I mean, I am clever... but as much as I enjoy their intellectual-mixed-with-pure-retarded style over there, I don't think I can match it. Everyone on there just... clicks so well, I'm intimidated.

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January 27, 2007

Caffiene GOOD!

So let's see, what's happened recently...

I bought Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. All the flaws with the game are purely the PSP's, as the game is quite well done and alot of fun, the PSP just can't give it all that good controls. They try their best but... there just isn't much to work with. In any case, it's just tons of fun. Putting soldiers into your kidnapping truck really doesn't get old. It's just fun, and you feel compelled to kidnap everyone in hopes of finding better and better people with weirder and weirder names. Nothing quite like shooting someone with a solider named "Water Flea." The little missions are set up in small, portable chunks, which is a good design decision although I do feel it sorta... the game doesn't feel quite as epic because of it. But again, it's a good idea, seeing as it was designed for a portable system. The dialogue and stuff in the cut scenes is definately MGS... just check this one out, right at the beginning. That speech that Snake gives... maybe I'm drowsy, but I don't think it makes any sense at all... but if it convinces people, I suppose that's okay. Anyway, I'm slowly working through it. It has full online deathmatch and stuff too, all the modes from Substinance online, but I just play Cyber Survival, where I send a team of people out to fight on the internets for me, then I check up on them now and again, see if they've kidnapped anyone or gotten killed. It's fun.

I love cinnamon butter.

Someone Comes To Town, Someone Leaves Town is really weird. I think he's getting distracted on the plot, too, which saddens me, as I was liking it early on... I'm about halfway done, we'll see what happens.

I hope Brer doesn't get mad at me. Not that I can see him doing that. But I just... when I do things like that, I worry about them being taken a different way. It's supposed to be kinda concern and support and love and not like... "Oh, you can't do it on your own" or whatever. I dunno. I'm weird... it's from the heart, it can't go badly, I wouldn't think.

Panda-Z keeps inching closer and closer to done... just a few more weeks and hey, I might actually have the damn thing. I like this music video. Music Videos on youtube are normally bad things, but I stumbled onto that one and the song is so... out there. I dunno. It's fun.

Need caffiene...

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January 24, 2007

I'm quite tired...

So, yeah, Powers is really good. If you haven't noticed. The dialogue style I found really jarring at first, but once you get into it it's pretty fucking awesome. I can see myself buying trades of it soon.

I talked with Ashley again last night. We hadn't talked in a long, long while... granted, we didn't do alot of... talking... perse... but it was good to see her again... good to know she's doing alright... I'm such a terrible friend, I swear, I should seek people out more...

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January 23, 2007

Brock coming back was all super-hero for no reason. Heh.

So, boring lit classes do come in handy. A short, simple phrase used in example lead to a doodle led to the sentence "But the Clockwork God continued clicking away" and from there? Well, I've been brainstorming a Steampunk short story all night. I don't know how good it'll be and I currently have a couple different variations on the basic idea running in my head, but once I start pounding it out I trust that one path will be clear... but I need to actually DO it. It's either going to be after work on Wednesday, because that's just a takedown and I'll be home by 10, after my night class, although I'll probably be kinda out of it then, or Saturday day... poke me and make me do it, someone who reads my blog for some reason.

In other creative news, I wrote a good Nanofic called You Know What I Hate? that's a good like... 250 words but only three sentences. Not high art or anything, but fun, I think. I sent it to the Escape Pod contest too because, hell, why not? I can have three entries and the deadline isn't until the end of January... it's not like it can hurt...

My book and DVDs came in today. They had shipped them in separate boxes for no reason, as they arrived on the same day, but eh, not like that's anything to complain about. The Pokemon DVDs were, oddly enough, not in slimpack cases like I thought they'd be, but I do have all of the Pokemon Advanced season now, and I watched the first few. I'm happy. I need to write an essay about my attraction to such generally kiddy shows sometime.

I also had a sorta long discussion with my mother about things... how I feel like a horrid individual because of how she keeps telling me what's wrong with me... I mean, I know she's just trying to be helpful, but it just... mmm... Anyway, I'm glad I made the conversation happen. It was akward, but I was sticking up for myself, which I need to do more... and it all ended okay, I think...
Now if only I could get my brother to have the common courtesy to reset my desk after he moves everything the fuck around to play games on it while I'm gone...

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January 22, 2007

When things like that happen, it just makes me wonder why I don't default to buying things on the interweb...

So I went to EB, and I'm like "Hey, Hotel Dusk comes out tommorow, I'd like to reserve a copy" And they said "I can't do that, it's not popular enough to take preorders and I don't know when we're going to get copies in." I thanked the man, walked home, and ordered the damn thing from Amazon for the same price. There is the POSSIBILITY that I might get it a day or two later than from them, but they obviously don't want my money. Seriously, they're so fucking crazy about taking preorders, even for like, say, fucking Halo 3, which they have no idea how many they're getting or when they're getting that, but they'll gladly take your money for the Legendary Cat Helmet pack... but they won't work to get me a copy of this game that is going to be hard to find, hands down? Fuck 'em. Amazon has always and will always be there for me, and has always shipped out things insanely fast for the fact that I always choose Super Saver shipping (I couldn't on this, but EB said it would cost me 35 dollars, so, oddly enough, 30 bucks for the game with 5 for shipping is fine for me)... like, always within a day or two even though it says 5-7. I heart you, Amazon! Get me my copy of Hotel Dusk quickly! I can't wait to play it.

So, Planar Chaos. Very underwhelmed. Sure there are cards that are in weird colors, but that's all there is to them. They're the sorta boring, basic cards we've seen in other colors all the time, either exact reprints or they might as well be, only they're in another color that they shouldn't be in. Nothing from the spolier inspired me to make a deck. Nothing. Although I did find Braids, Conjurer Adept humorous and cool. All the kinda twisted legends are neat, and so are the dragons, but that's like it. Red Giant Growth is cool for like 5 seconds where you're like "Woah, that's wacky! That shouldn't be Red! Ha ha!", and then it's just Giant Growth, you know?

David Jaffe's Calling All Cars looks pretty fun. Shame it's not going to be on 360. I don't trust the Playstation Network for multiplayer like that. Plus, who the fuck is going to be playing it at the prices that the PS3 is selling for? Eh, we'll see what happens. But I'd buy it off of XBLA.

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January 20, 2007

I could be such a cheater, I really could.

For better or worse, after seeing that my contest entry to the Escape Pod 300 words or less short fiction contest was put up for voting, I had to go check it out... It's currently in the run for first in it's little division... I'd crazy like it to end up in the finals, because then Steve buying it would be extremely likely... but if it doesn't it doesn't, of course. At least all the comments on the story are very positive, although one is making a joke by calling me too wordy. Heh heh.
If he bought it, though, that would mean my first story sale was at a rate of like $1 a word, and that's intense. Heh. Eh, I can hope.
Anyway, I dunno if it's in the spirit of the contest to tell you which one is my story, but it is in Group 3 and I believe I have posted it to this blog before, title-less... I think I might have changed a word or two as well... you can go vote for winners on their message board, in the contest section, although you can't even see the works unless you sign up and log in... if you wanna help me win, go for it, otherwise just enjoy the nanofics or do nothing.

Bleh, my mind is now going "I can solicit this person and this person and this person for votes..." I knew I shouldn't have checked in on it. I shouldn't do that shit.

I am angry at Jonathan. That's all I'm going to say about it on here.

I got all involved last night in looking for good Steampunk novels. I dunno why, really. I mean, I've always enjoyed Steampunk things, as least as far as I've seen. I can't remember a Steampunk work I didn't like... well, okay, Wild Wild West movie was kinda shitty, but the style, the style is awesome... and I dunno, instead of doing what I was going to do, I started looking for novels. From what I understood from my little bit of research, the sorta big sorta defining piece of work is The Diffference Engine? I dunno. I got too much to read right now, I shouldn't worry about it, but I'll try to keep it in mind.

Also, at random, I took a look at Paranoia Live and it was just... wow. They built a client called JParanoia just to play Paranoia online, and it's insanely well put together and specifically targeted for the game... and they even have a page on their site for forms! All kinds of forms that online players can fill in and GMs can check! It's awesome.

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January 19, 2007

I totally threw away my 15% off coupon from work. Not that I was going to use it or anything.

DUH DUH DUH DUH! Gods, I'm so easily entertained...

So, I'm drowsy and my wrists hurt, right? So I got to the store to get a caffiene beverage since Hucks is out of Bawls at the moment... I was going to go for my secondary drink of choice, the Monster Khaos, because it's mostly fruit juice and thus doesn't taste like ass, one of the few I've found... but now, they have this "Coolah" drink on sale... so I'm like, okay, fuck it, I'll have that. I highly recommend it. It's amazing. I dunno if it gave me as much of a pickup as Bawls, but it DOESN'T TASTE LIKE ASS! Even the Khaos gets icky by the time you're near the end. Bawls is unique and good the whole way through, but isn't a... normal flavor. This tastes like a Lemon Drink with a twinge at the end. The can calls it "Lemon Tang" and dammit, it tastes exactly like Lemon Tang. I am buying more of that shit. I wish I had gotten two cans (It was a 2 for 3 bucks thing) but I didn't... I got a can of Rockstar that's juice based... Rockstar, from what I hear, is ass... I'm hoping the juice makes it drinkable, at least... I'm going to have it on the way to class tommorow... but damn... that Coolah kicked butt. I wonder if they sell packs of it there...
Mm, did some checking there... there are 150 mgs of Caffiene in the Coolah drink, and 80 in Bawls... but Bawls is 12 Oz... and I think this Coolah is 16... If I had 16 oz of Bawls, I would get 106.6 Repeating mgs of Caffiene... so wow, there's more in Bawls... Bawls has always had an obvious effect on me though, and that Coolah tasted nice and kept me going, but it wasn't a very obvious sensation... then again, maybe I'm just dulled to caffiene at this point... that, or it's the other ingredients, like the Guarana, that are picking me up...

Anyway, I'm cleared to go to the tourney on Sunday... that's thrilling. Also, I have my W2... I... guess that's thrilling?

Bleh... I'm so fucking tired...

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January 18, 2007

Did I mention my wrists hurt?

My wrists hurt... I mean... hurt... I mean... they hurt. I can't put any weight on them like... if I'm pushing myself up out of a chair or something... I'm sorta concerned, because god knows Carpal Tunnel is in my future. But I probably just need to try to take it easy for a bit... maybe get a wrist rest in here... I have one, I wonder why it's not here, actually...

My current game-purchase schedule is as follows: Hotel Dusk, MAYBE Izuna the Unemployed Ninja if I get really bored, and anything good that shows up on the XBLA. Wii around my birthday, with Wario Ware and Twilight Princess, and hopefully Wii Play in a bundle or something... I might get Crackdown if the demo is really good, but I dunno... I'll also be watching many Pokemon DVDs probably... and I should try to focus on schoolwork... I guess that's it for my buying schedule for now... at least from what I can remember coming out between now and March... Oh! I might fill a gap with Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. I'll get that sometime. Also, Lunar Knights looks good in Feburary. I guess that's it.

Gods, my wrists hurt.

I am going to really hate my lit class. Everything else is not a big deal, and I can complete them all as long as I actually do the work. ALL I NEED TO DO IS DO THE WORK, and I'll get B's at the very least. It worked last semester, and it can work again.

I can do this.

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January 16, 2007

Damn you, Pokemon! You know I cannot resist you!

Yes, I should be in bed, classes start today, blah blah... this news is important: They have started to put Pokemon on actually semi-afforable boxed sets. They have them in box sets of about 20-25 episodes... this isn't full seasons, since there are like... 80 episodes in, say, the original Indigo League plot... but 30 or so dollars for that many episodes is the going rate... and I find myself intrigued, seduced, and wanting... The only problem is... they have all of Pokemon Advanced in two sets, which I've only seen one or two... or they have the first third of the Indigo League... I've seen all of those, but they're awesome...

Bleh, I'm going to end up splurging for the Pokemon Advanced sets... I suck like that. I know it... and it all started so innocently, too... with me just wanting to pick up a copy of Someone Comes To Town, Someone Leaves Town, since I read like the first little bit and it was oddly intriguing...

Note to self: Next time you feel you have to much money, the whole Master Quest season an the start of the Indigo season are available for you to waste your money on as well.

Gods, I suck. Oh, I also went ahead and switched over to the new poetfox.com because I got impatient. The poetry and short stories aren't up there yet... probably by the weekend.

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January 15, 2007

I originally forgot to title this entry.

The poetfox.com redesign is coming along well... a couple more pages and I'm probably gonna switch the main page over, even though it's not completely done. It does look oh so much better. I'm glad I made a place for me to ramble about my own works, a page called "Author's Commentary," even if I'm not really gonna suggest you read those ramblings.

So, last night, I got Tic Tock Doc. This is amazing to me, although it means nothing to you. I keep getting better and better at Hexic. I'm such a loser. I wish there was an easy way just to link to my achievements and show off... but... oh well... again, it's not like it means anything, really.

So last night, as I was listening to the latest TWiT, Cory Docotrow was on, and I'm certianly not complaining. He's fun to listen to, and I can appreciate his anti-standard copyright, open source stances on things, but holy shit, man, where does this guy find the time to be on a hour and 20 minute or whatever TWiT? He does fucking everything! I've finally subscribed to his podcast over at his website... he's podcasting his second novel on there next, apparently, which is kinda exciting. His short works are good. I wanna read his latest novel, based on the cover and extremely short synopsis, and, I suppose, through the magic of Creative Commons, I could do so, right now. But no, novel-length stuff I'd want paper for...

Tommorow, classes start again. I have no idea what my schedule is... and I honestly don't plan to check it until late tonight... because I'm like that. I'm going to do even better than last semester. I'm taking more classes than last time, and I'm going to complete all of them with B's or better... all the while, I'm not going to stress out or feel horrid about them... I know I can do this. I will do this.

Bleh... do I feel sick, though... I wonder if it's nervous... or if it's something else... probably lack of sleep... I felt so sick earlier, I woke up around 6 or 7 on the verge of throwing up... I'm suprised I didn't... I keep having little flashbacks to that sick feeling now... whee...

Well... back to sweeping all the water out of the basement... stupid basement...

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January 12, 2007

I'm some sort of shitty web developer.

On a whim, I decided to redo Poetfox.com. I dunno, I just wanted it to look kinda nice and quasi-professional, like this blog... so I saw that Toastyfrog was using this quasi-wiki software for his blog, so I searched it out... it's called pmwiki and it's actually easy enough to figure out that I'm gonna use it and the layout is mostly set up. Here's a sneak peek. Decent? I think it looks alot better, although it's kinda weird how I ended up with Baby Blue and that Greyish color... normally I'd be all lime and yellow... oh well. Now I just gotta set up some content and it'll be a new, much better main page for the site... Wheeee!

I got my ZipIt in today. I don't think I can type ^ or _ on it, which is kinda sad. I'm also saddened that when closed but on, it does recieve messages but doesn't play the "You got a message" noise like it does when it's open. I could also use a backlight, but I knew it didn't have one coming into it and I'm sure that's keeping the price down. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with it. We'll see what I think after extended use.

Apparently my blog is "cluttered." I can see that. But you know what? So is my brain, and this is the internet version of my brain so I think it's fine so there. Heh.

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January 11, 2007

Many, Many Mini-Reviews and Comments

So, yeah, I've read the latest xXxholic. The thing that amazes me about the series is how it speaks to me so much. Sure the series is about spirits and ghosts and weird goings-on, but it's not really about that. It's about the characters, and who they are, and it's about people. It's about how people act. The latest xXxholic is mostly a story about Watanuki trying to save the Zashiki-warashi from danger, as she's trapped by some spider lady, but it isn't really about that at all. As becomes apparent, it's about how believing yourself to be worthless, even in the face of much evidence to the contrary, causes you to hurt those who care about you. Watanuki attempts to sacrifice himself for the Zashiki-warashi, even though the only reason she is in trouble was because she was trying to help him out. And it just... it's... if I took all the lessons xXxholic has tried to teach me to heart I'd be better off, I'd think. I love Cardcaptor Sakura to death, and would say it was my favorite anime in a heartbeat, but if you'd press me... get me to discuss it... xXxholic has deeper characters, and much more meaning. Cardcaptor Sakura has that, of course, but for every bit you get there, you get about 4 or 5 in xXxholic... it's just... great stuff. If you like anime and you haven't seen or read it, you're doing yourself a disservice.

Other Manga I have recently read... Q-Ko-Chan 2... nothing was solved, and this is all there is of the series. The main characters weren't even in the last little bit. FLCL was weird, but it came to a conclusion. I didn't find one here, and it disappointed me, especially after all the potential after the first one, with it's weird fairly sexual way of describing things and just the whole concept. Yeah... it was a letdown.

Welcome to the N.H.K. was not a letdown, perse, but it wasn't exactly what I was expecting and, I'll admit, didn't hook me. I wasn't really depressing, like I was lead to believe. The main character is just extremely akward, but the way he expresses his depression and akwardness is so full of energy that, as a reader, I'm just sitting there being entertained instead of empathizing with him. It didn't shy away from wierd, creepy things either. There is a whole scene where the main character is going out and taking pictures of grade schooler's panties and trying to get his friend to take pictures of him doing this... it's... odd. If I really feel like another manga binge like I've been doing recently, and need something else to pick up, the next volume wouldn't be bad, but it's certianly not on my list of must-reads.

I've also bought basically all the Death Notes published so far that I haven't read (Hastings had two of them used aka half price, but it wasn't the next two, so I ended up buying like the whole thing due to that one kinda discount), but I haven't read them yet. However, the series has stayed awesome through four volumes and I assume it will keep being so. I love L. I love his expressions. I also haven't read Yotsuba&! yet, because it is full of whimsy and I am saving it for some point where I am feeling depressed, because I know it will pick me up.

What else... I watched A Scanner Darkly today. Having no knowledge of the source material, I say if you think you might like the movie, go pick it up because you will like it. It's not a OMG MUST SEE OH MY GOD! kinda film, but it's well done, and the art is neato. It honestly wasn't what I was expecting, plotwise, but not in a bad way, seeing as I had no knowledge of the source material. Anyway, it was good.

Gods, mini-reviews, huh...? What else can I review? I liked Prey. It was kinda simple when you got right down to it, and you are invincible, but it's neat. It could have been so much more, though. (I beat it, by the way, today) The Leech Gun was my favorite gun... I had some ideas on how to make it even cooler.
1) More Uses for the Secondary Fire Leeching, other than getting more ammo: Many enemies have energy-based weapons. The Leech Gun sucks up energy from nodes and then shoots it. I should be able to suck up energy blasts from my enemies defensively. Or maybe offensively. Maybe if I get up close to someone with that kinda gun, I can suck all the ammo out of their weapon to disarm them.
2)Mix and Match: There are 4 flavors of energy to fire out of the gun in the game Red (Jonathan calls it "Fire"), Ice, Lighting, and White (I guess if you wanna call the Red "Fire," you'd call this Light or Sunlight... but I think shooting people with Red or White is more fun. The blue colored energy just freezes people, so it's too icy to be called "Blue," and the Lighting just looks like Lighting, and isn't a color). You can only have one at a time in the gun. If you get another, or really, reload with anything, all the energy you had in the gun before is lost. But why does it have to be? Why can't I mix energies together in the gun for new effects? Why can't I put Ice and White together to form an Ice Beam or something? Maybe Red and Lighting would make some sort of energy blob that would explode in electricity when it hits the ground or an enemy? I dunno, but you could do some cool shit in there if you could mix like that.
Anyway, those are my ideas, if they ever make another Prey or use the Leech Gun idea in another game. There are some improvements, besides just making more types of energy to suck up.

I wonder if people like when I write these quasi-reviews. I always feel compelled to... but it's not like anyone reads my blog anyway and I rarely go in-depth like a good review should... hm...

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January 09, 2007

Set Nana Spoilers to MAX POWUR!

So yeah, as the title says, Spoilers Set to Maximum!

Holy shit. While I was giving blood (which hit me really hard this time, for the first time... I had to lie down for awhile... heh...) I watched episodes 29 and 30 of Nana? HOLY. SHIT. Two huge bombshells! Let me show you the first one.

Nobu: Nana, I just wanted to thank you for rooting for me and wanting me to be happy. I appreciate it.
Nana (the one from BLAST): Well, thanks, Nobu, but I wasn't really doing it for you.
Nobu: Oh, then you wanted Hachi to be happy, then?
Nana: No, not really.
Nobu: Oh... then... revenge on Takumi?
Nana: No.
Nobu: Then... why?
Nana: *turning to Nobu to look him in the eyes* Because she'd wandered out of my garden. So I pulled her back in. Be good to her, Nobu, so she stays put.

BOOOOOOOOOM! Holy crap! Now, if you're reading this and you know nothing about Nana, that might not seem all that... whatever. But there was SO MUCH TENSION after she said that. It hit Nobu and me, watching, right in the guts. It was seriously the first time Nana had ever been portrayed as anything but a good person. That moment literally made you re-evaluate EVERYTHING the character had ever done. And you start to see her as being a very selfish, controlling sort who brings people in and won't let them go. It was just... wow...

To soften the blow a bit, though, the next episode is told from her perspective, with her giving the opening reflective monologue instead of Hachi as per usual. It works. It makes her less evil, it gives you a context as to why she's like that. But it's still there.
The other bomb, though, comes at the end of episode 30, though, because HOLY FUCKING CRAP HACHI IS PREGNANT! I mean, it's not suprising, looking back. Nana often, at many points in the series, made a show of being on the pill, and it was all just leading up to this moment, where we can think back as Hachi is getting sick after coming into work in the morning "Oh my god, is that morning sickness?" And it totally was. It changes fucking EVERYTHING!

Both these episodes came like... 1 episode after another big bomb, although not as big as this one, of Hachi and Nobu getting together, finally. They only get one episode of happiness, or not even that, before everything goes to shit... heh.

Anyway, Nana is really well written. I love it. It's very Shojo, it's all about love and relationships and fictional rock bands. But it's just so well done and so realistic. I can't think of any other Anime that would seriously throw something like Hachi getting pregnant at me. I really don't.


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January 08, 2007

Apparently my CES related wish was answered...

Like... two years ago. I just picked up a little device that connects to MSN, Yahoo, and AIM over Wireless B and chats for 60 bucks. It's called a ZipIt, and it's trying to be very hip and appeal, you know, to the kids, but it got decent reviews all around. I'll let you know how it works when it comes in. And yes, I'm a loser.

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There's something kinda creepy about trying to create a character specifically to hook up with someone else's character...

Holy fuck on a stick, man. I suggest you read Mark Rosewater's article today. If not, just skim down to the preview cards. YOUR MIND WILL BE BLOWN. MIND WILL JUST GO BOOOOOOM! I still haven't given much time to Time Spiral, but DAYMN! I've put the pre-release on my schedule. Let's hope I can go... oh... wait... it's on Jonathan's birthday. DAMMIT! My plans are RUINED! Jonathan, the day of your birth is inconvienent! Change it!

But seriously, those timeshifted cards. Holy shits.

So Major Nelson but the CES Microsoft keynote in his feed, so I'm listening to it... I have a feeling that alot of these people could take some public speaking classes... jazz it up a bit... but they are doing a couple cool things, I suppose. Then again, it does sound like every keynote I've ever heard... heh...

You know what, CES? Here is what I want. I want a little device that is basically a little touch screen or something I can carry around with me in the house that will notify me if I'm getting a message on my messengers or an e-mail... MAYBE let me check websites but probably not. Just something to keep me hooked to my computer even if I'm not. But that's because I'm weird. And I guess that's what a PDA is, huh... mm... but I don't even want something that... detailed... just like... a status screen or something... bleh, I'm weird, nevermind...

This week is ultimate relaxation. Or an attempt to, anyway. Tonight, Essner wants to do something. Maybe I should be planning something. Wednesday, Spants and I and anyone else who wants to will be watching A Scanner Darkly. Maybe it sucks. Maybe not. I'm hoping not. But Keanu Reeves... I dunno. Work Tuesday Night and Friday Evening... I feel like I should do something big... Like... I wanna go to St. Louis or something. Fuck if I know what I'd do or who I'd go with, though... so I'll probably just stick around here and play 360...

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January 06, 2007

Misa annoys me because her character was just a throwaway. It had such potential to be interesting but instead it was cliche.

So I saw Children of Men today with Essner. This is a movie I never would have seen if Essner hadn't invited me. I saw the preview and it didn't look all that... interesting... all in all, though, it was alright. I wasn't angry at it, or annoyed at it, or felt it was a waste of my time. It was just a movie with alot of people getting shot and one really long scene of people running about and getting killed with no cuts... I dunno. It definately wasn't my thing, but it was fine. A strong but mediocre showing. Man, this is like... the most useless review ever.

Star Fox Command, though... not thrilling me at all. Granted, I've only put in about an hour or maybe two into it, and I mostly got it for the online multiplayer (I'm a furry, I have online furry friends, and oddly enough, many furries like Star Fox, it makes sense to me to have access to it... I base its popularity mostly on the amount of Star Fox porn I've seen, though.), but of course I had to try the single player. I like the concept of this tactical map where I send in particular team members to attack particular groups of enemies and stuff... but I dunno... they didn't do anything interesting with it from the couple of levels I played... in fact, they added a fog of war that just served to frustrate me further. On a normal RTS, you can see things like terrain and still do some planning and stuff and try to think out where your enemy probably is (Hint: Probably where the resources are). In Star Fox Command there is no terrain to speak of. I mean, I guess there is... if I engage the enemy over water, I fight them over water, but it doesn't really affect anything. So when you fog of war everything basically all it's doing is making me have to play the level once to figure out where everyone is and again to beat it. And that's artifically extending the length of the game and that makes me mad. Also, the "arena" levels were a nice difference to mix it up in Star Fox 64, but the more traditional on-rails levels were alot more fun, in general... and this is nothing but little mini "arena" stages as you engage each enemy on the map. I think there might be some "chase" style engagements later, but... bleh... it doesn't catch me. Also, there's no reason why I should have to control the action parts with the stylus. But eh, like I said, I picked it up so I have the option of multiplayer and it was under 20 bucks, so I'm not angry or anything... very glad I didn't buy it at full price like I was thinking of for awhile.

I also started playing through Prey on the 360 during my spare time. I still like the game. It's fun, even if you are completely invincible. I love Tommy's voice. It just feels... so... terrible. His voice isn't annoying or anything, but everything he says is so... overly-dramatic? It makes me laugh. Heh. Anyway, it's taking away from my Uno time, dammit! It actually tracks exactly how many of each type of card you play. I've played something like 1048 number cards since I started playing Uno on my 360. Heh.

I also think my mood has been picking up. I haven't been as depressed like... yesterday and today. Here's hoping I didn't just jinx it.

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January 04, 2007


Hi there. How's it going? Pretty good? That's nice.

So I started reading two new manga series, Genshiken and Death Note. If you know anything about Anime and Manga at all, I'm sure you've heard to Death Note. It's kinda a big deal in America right now with the anime fan people and stuff, from what I've heard. But there's damn good reason. Death Note is really good. You've got this tale of a real battle of wits between two people who think and act very similar. Both do things of questionable morality (although, of course, Light is a bit more questionable, seeing as he's killing all kinds of people with the Death Note) but the thing that really gets me is the fact that you find yourself rooting for both characters. You wanna see how both Light and L outsmart each other, even if the tactics and assumptions they make don't always make complete logical sense. It's really fun. In a "I have a book that can kill anyone whose name I write in it" kinda way. It's kinda freaky at times, how little human life means to these people. But you know, it's written well. The fact that it's by the same guy who's doing Hikaru No Go is just... mind-boggling. Heh. Then again, Hikaru is really popular too... but I dunno, it's not a manga that can appeal to the masses like Death Note can.

Genshiken, on the other hand, is the tale of a club dedicated to Manga, Anime, and Video Games. It talks about all the sorta... sad realities of Okatu culture. But although it's definately shown that the world thinks it's weird, the characters are sorta... you know... it's gota a "be yourself and you'll be happy" kinda message. They know they're wierd, but they embrace it full-on, and that's what counts. So it's kinda nice. It's apparently the opposite message of Welcome to the N.H.K., which should be coming in the mail today or tommorow, which paints an incredibly depressing picture... but it's well written and entertaining to read, especially by someone who can definately relate to at least a large portion of that kinda thing.

Anyway, that's what I'm reading while I wait for my other manga to come in... I read the first two of each, and I just bought the 3rd and 4th volumes today...

In other news, I'm still feeling... off... so.... that's great.
("Off" is my secret way of saying "Depressed." I am totally depressed for no reason. I'm awesome.)

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January 01, 2007

I bought manga and stuff and it's a new year or something...

All this running around with Essner looking at comic books made me all sad that seriously none of the book stores have the next chapters of all the Manga I actually want to read (I read my manga magazines, sure, but it's like... I dunno, it's not filling, they're just there. Nana is good, but I've watched the Anime past the point the manga is currently at, so I know what's going to happen before it happens. The rest are all like... anime cliches that, you know, are comforting and a good waste of time, but not really the sort of stuff I SHOULD be devoting my time to), so last night I ordered a bunch from Amazon. I'm a loser, I know. I got the new xXxholic, for I've been without that for awhile and it saddens me, the new Yotsuba&! because it can't be found around here and it's just... full of whimsy, the new Q-Ko Chan, because it refuses to be stocked around here, and something called Welcome to the N.H.K, which Toastyfrog recently reviewed, and it sounds extremely... depressing. And I'm in a depressing kinda mood right now. So yay for depression!

It's a new year... I guess I should be making some sort of resolutions... but I don't really care at the moment... maybe some other time...

Looking at the boss-killing achievements, we're almost done with Marvel: Ultimate Alliance... it sure has been fun, though... and we still got a day or two left, I'd think.

Fuck, I'm done writing this.

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