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February 28, 2007

Some game reports or something. I talk about games I'm playing. Read it, if you wanna know about what I think about games I'm playing.

Jonathan just had a genius idea. Hobo-Erotic, a Hobo-themed porn site. Just think about it. EVERYONE wants to have sex with filthy vagrants, right? It would make MILLIONS.

I have two games to talk about. Alien Hominid HD and Monster Hunter Freedom. I'll start wiiiiith... Alien Hominid.

Warning: Tangent. It amazes me that people are bitching about it being out. Now, I'm sure a Metal Slug clone with style is not to everyone's tastes, but GODS! People! It's new original content! It's not NOTHING! It's SOMETHING! Shut the fuck up! This is a good thing. If nothing else, now that Alien Hominid is out, that's one less thing to stand in the way of your Castlevania or Worms. I don't know... so much of the bitching on the comments I see are justified. Being charged for 108kb unlock keys for stuff on the disk that they held back to sell for more money? Completely justified in bitching about that. No original XBLA release in 2 months? Justified. The exact game I wanted doesn't exist right now? Shut the fuck up.
Tangent out of the way, Alien Hominid rocks. I would not have paid 30 dollars for the original disk releases. But for 10 dollars, this is definately one of the best deals on the XBLA. It's fun as shit co-op, and although online co-op would have been preferable, I probably wouldn't have used it any, so I'm fine with it just being offline. It feels a bit harder than Metal Slug. I think that has to do with the art style. It's cool, but for whatever reason it makes certian collisions or whatever hard to judge. But yeah, 16 levels of co-op blasting? Tons of fun.
Plus, you get a bunch of minigames. On this interview I heard with the Behemoth guy, he was talking about "PDA Game," one of the minigames, and how it's a great party game and how it's almost as popular if not more so than the main game, and they plan on releasing more levels for it in the future. I haven't really tried it yet, but it DOES have online Co-op, so maybe I'll have to at some point. I don't know, it's interesting. I will try it out. Anyway, if you have a 360, there are likely billions of worse uses for 800 points. Probably most of them are gamer pictures.

Mid-ramble tangent link... GO! Sony, what the fuck? Seriously, go OUTSIDE or something.

Monster Hunter Freedom is a PSP version of Monster Hunter that doesn't have online play. I wish it did have online play, because that would be cool. I bet the sequal in Japan does. It's never getting over here, though.
Now, back when I was all excited about the PSP, and raring to buy one on launch day, the reason I wanted one was because I was so sure I was going to get that home console experience, only on the go, where I play more and finish more games. That's what I wanted. Monster Hunter Freedom is the first game where I have gone "I am just playing Monster Hunter." Granted, I SHOULD have felt that way when playing MGS: PO. But the fact that so much had changed to make it a portable game (which is probably a good thing, designing games for short bursts on a portable is a good idea) made it not grab me that way. Monster Hunter, it feels that way. I looks like a PS2 game, at least on the little screen. It CONTROLS WELL, which is weird for a PSP game. Granted, if the nubbin' placement were better, it would control even better, but I have 0 issues with the controls. Portable Ops still felt clunky, but I think that's because there is more to have to fiddle with in that game.
The gameplay itself is pretty fun. It's got my interest. There was alot of bullshit with the fishing training? The fishing in that game is painful. Also, I'm on a mission now where I have to carry this egg, and if I'm tapped by an enemy, the egg breaks. There are tons of enemies on the path back, and I can't like... clear the area, because they respawn. Also, I don't think I can set the egg down, kill the guys, then go back and pick up the egg, like a sane person. I don't know. Hopefully I figure out what the fuck it wants me to do and that mission doesn't ruin it for me.
Also, there are like 15 different voice sets. WHY? All your character says is GGGGGRAAAAAAA! HIYAH! and things.

And now I am done talking about the games I've been playing. NO! WAIT! THERE'S A THIRD!
I've been playing Kingdom of Loathing. If you need a free broswer-based RPG to waste time, I highly recommend it. HIGHLY. I mean, you have to pass a literacy test in order to use the chat. THAT'S AWESOME.


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February 27, 2007

Apparently I got my blogging voice back at some point.

So there was this clearance sale on games at Best Buy, so I went. It didn't go as well I had hoped. I was hoping to pick up some really niche games for cheap, like Chibi Robo and Drill Dozer, but they weren't to be found. Someone either got to them first, or they just weren't there. I did end up picking up a 10 dollar copy of Monster Hunter Freedom, though, which is pretty good, as well as a 5 dollar copy of Mechassault 2, which apparently is not backwards compatable with the 360? I'm confused as to why a Microsoft Game Studios game wouldn't be on the list. But oh well.

In other gaming news, I beat FFV. I was only level 41, which, from what I hear, is kinda low. I'm either that lucky or that good! Buh ha ha ha! I did waste alot of money with Zennigage during the last fight, though. Now, I'm pressing onward to FFIV. It feels weird to play, I played a little while waiting for Best Buy to open. Weird stuff.

I'm 90 points into the Xbox Rewards Challenge. A mere 1410 to go before I can get free Contra! If there is any left! If I get really serious about it, I'll beat most of Lost Planet and finish Hardcore Mode on Gears. That'll help quite a bit. Then I can just add another game, say Crackdown or Viva Pinata, and voila, I should have enough. Also, I'm definately buying Alien Hominid this Wednesday. Well, probably. I will play the demo first. But I think I'll like it, and I want to support them actually releasing shit, and give The Behemoth money, cause they're awesome, and so they can not go broke while they finish kicking Microsoft and getting Castle Crashers to me.
Jonathan isn't excited about Alien Hominid. I can't understand that, really. He's excited about Castle Crashers. Alien Hominid is to Metal Slug as Castle Crashers is to... I dunno, any of those four-player Beat'em ups. I'm going to pick that DnD Shadows over Mysteria. That game was pretty sweet. WELCOME TO THE DnD WORLD!
You know, I should stop working through SotN on my PSP so that, when the 360 version comes, I can buy it and get all the achievements without feeling bored or forced. I'm not too far in. If nothing else, I've figured out something that frustrated me, so when I restart, it won't frustrate me. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Otherwise, though, what's been happening with me... I've been... doing... stuff... yeah. Oh, NEW SHIRT GET. Awesome, no? THE DARKNESS COVERS ME!

You know what I'm feeling the need for? A switcher to switch between PS2 and 360 imputs from my desk. Gods, I guess I'm kinda lazy... but mostly this is just like... the control center of my life, and I want to do EVERYTHING from here.

Also, my really awesome bag has because my "portable gaming bag." I have it filled with DS and PSP and a guide for a game I'm working on, as well as my DS games case... it's kinda nice. Plus, it's nice to use the bag, because it's so fucking awesome looking. I am going to take a picture with my 360 Vision Camera so I can show you. See? Totally awesome.

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February 25, 2007

I felt like I needed to write a new, long blog post, but I find I can't.

Gods... FFXII is STILL really awesome, you know? Yeah.

In other FInal Fantasy news, Neo Exdeath kicked my ass yesterday. I don't wanna grind no moooooore! Hopefully I won't have to, and I can beat FFV. After that, Golbez is next. I'm coming for you, bitch!

Alien Hominid next week... I'm down. Time to finally spend some Microsoft points.

I've been very drifty. Mind all... over the place... Always... it's bad. I'm bad. I gotta snap out of it.

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February 19, 2007

I've Too Much Hawt Gaming Action to Blog, Dammit!

My gaming schedule is just... through the roof! It's a good thing, at least until this weekend, where I have to write a research paper and my focus will be TOTALLY GONE. But so it goes.

Last night, as per the scheduled meeting in Talking Time's Hardcore Awesome ALWAYS (renamed from Wednesdays, for it is for gaming hookups on any day of the week), I played Metal Gear Online. I want to be involved in all these activities, at least as my schedule allows, 1, because Parish made me a moderator when I asked him to make the damn forum and 2, because... I dunno. Having a dedicated online group of truly awesome people to game with is... awesome. Hardcore Awesome, even.
Anyway, I was very, very bad at it. A lot of the night was spent with me laughing at how sad all my deaths were. My low point was probably when I got the jump on a sniper and was unable to kill him before he killed me. I had literally like two minutes of looking at his back in which I was fumbling and trying to switch off the Survival Knife. It was sad.
It was quite a bit of fun, though. There wasn't as much mic chatter as I expected, probably because you have to press and hold the Select button for a few seconds to talk, which is... it doesn't make you want to have casual conversations. There's like... lag there. It takes a second before it starts sending. Anyway, it was cool. My favorite mode, probably because it fit best with my usual Kamakaze runs, was the Capture mode, where you had to go and get the froggie and bring it back to your little spot. I enjoyed the fact that the maps for that were crazy small and thus very hectic. Anyway, since Tomm and Calorie Mate (which is a fucking awesome handle, I think I've mentioned it before) are so hardcore into the thing, I'm sure another night will be set up, and I'll be there if I can be.

What else... Final Fantasy XII is still awesome.

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February 15, 2007

200 dollars well spent, or, I love Final Fantasy XII

So, I did it. I splurged. I bought a new PS2, Final Fantasy XII, and Okami. I'm sure Okami is great, although it sits there unopened, as I have basically played FFXII nonstop since I got it. I did manage to complete some homework, though, which is awesome of me. Go me! But seriously, my clock is 14 hours at the moment. Granted, I do quite a bit of pausing or idling while I play such things to chat, but seriously. 14 hours. I got the game yesterday. Yeah.

It's fucking awesome, though. The Battle System is every bit as rewarding as I hoped it would be, and the Gambits are nice to have. Much better than relying on the computer and having them make idiotic moves. Now, if there is terrible companion AI, it's all your fault because you programmed them badly! You can go and micromanage too, of course, which I honestly need to do more of during bosses, so my characters actually focus on one target... apparently Brer has played the whole game with Gambits off. That seems painful, especially since he's the sort that would do a lot of grinding. Gambits were MADE for grinding.

The party I'm going with is Fran (mostly because of the bunny ears, even though she's all... indecent), Balthier (who won me over the moment he started talking. I love his voice) and Ashe (mostly because I wanted another female and I sure as fuck didn't want Penelo).

In other news, the Giants concert this weekend is going to be cold as fuck. I'm still planning on going.

Also, Talking Time had a Mario Kart DS day on Wednesday, and it was Hardcore Awesome. And thus, Hardcore Awesome Wednesdays is being born, a weekly night of hardcore gaming with awesome people! Once the new forum gets made (if, I suppose... Parish has to make it, but I have a feeling he will, as everyone in the thread is agreeing with my suggestions) we'll keep planning stuff for every week. I hope to be in charge of it, but who knows. If I'm not, I'm not. I just want to game with everyone. It's awesome.

Anyway, Final Fantasy XII: Every Bit As Awesome As Advertised. That's basically what I'm trying to say. If Renevant Wings isn't up to the same level of awesome, I might cry.

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February 13, 2007

Part of me says "trade in your broken PS2 at EB for cash monies for a new one" but the other part of me envisions the person buying my old PS2 and feeling bad.

Probably the best Valentine's Card Evar. Or maybe I'm just a loser like that.

So a complusion I'm realizing I have is planning out my gaming experience. I spend time typing out gaming forcasts and whatnot, and then never follow them. It's just time that's disappeared completely. Poof. Fuck, I'm weird.

Guitar Hero II hits the 360 on April 3, apparently. Multiplayer pack is going to be 150 dollars... so I'll have to come up with 150 bucks before then. If I pre-ordred it now, they're giving away a Guitar Controller case with it... but... I dunno. If I'm going to put down 150 dollars on the promise of a game later, why am I not just buying a new PS2 and enjoying sweet, sweet Okami and FFXII?
God, I hope FFXII holds my interest. It looks amazing, and I want to play it and beat it, but I know me, and I worry I won't, when I get it... Honestly, Okami I KNOW I won't give the time it deserves, but if I don't pick it up soon, I'll never be able to find it, so...

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I suck at literature essay writing. I probably told you that before.

During work, I was trying to nail down my thesis for this paper that I have to write. The last two papers I wrote, I got A's on, but the thesi for the papers were very... simple. "Achillies Is Sad." "Don Quixote Benefits From His Insanity." These don't sound very... scholarly to me. But it's these kinds of things that, if anything, I think about in depth when I read something. Sometimes I don't think of anything, of course, I just enjoy it. But if I think, that's the kind of stupid shit I think of. Does it make for an interesting paper? I don't know. I guess? I wouldn't read a scholarly paper in general unless I had a damn good reason. All I know is, normally it makes research hard, because I'm not looking for symbols or all this "Oh, look how smart I am" pointless shit, I'm just looking for... who the character is, and backup for that.

Anyway, the point is, my thesis for the paper I'm trying to research at the moment is "Prospero Should Be Happy." Will this make a good paper? Fuck if I know, but that's what I'm going with. It took me quite a bit of thinking just to get that, so he'll just have to be happy with it, I guess.

In other news, Final Fantasy V is awesome and I'm really tired. Also, Brer is wonderful and I hope he got the book I sent him.

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February 10, 2007

NOW it has a title.

I like free Contra. Of course I'm gonna sign up! And, hopefully, it won't be too big a deal getting it. Between XBLA releases that BETTER BE COMING and Guitar Hero II, which I believe is hitting sometime in March, I shouldn't have much trouble getting 1500 additional points. If things seem dire, pushing through additional difficulties of Gears of War and pressing on a big in Lost Planet will easily help suppliment.

That reminds me, I wonder whatever happened to the codes for two free XBLA games I was supposedly gonna get e-mailed at the beginning of Februrary. Maybe I should check my Junk Mail folder. Nope, nothing. Oh well. It certianly seemed too good to be true.

So I beat the first chapter of Jade Empire. It's pretty good stuff, although Brer says it's short... but that's probably for the best, that way I'll beat it. Also, I can see the combat eventually getting repetitive, so ending it BEFORE it gets to that point would be ideal. I put it down after that first bit, though, didn't wanna get burned out on it. It's a drag you can't transform into a Fox Demon.
Apparently, as a male character, you can get into a three-way. Which means that my goal in life is now going to be to try to get my character into a LESBIAN three way. Wheeee!

If there was one thing I wish the Flock blog editor would do, it's to stop putting all these extra lines in my posts.

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February 08, 2007

I'm still listening to Pokemon music in my car.

And now, links to things that are amazing. This blog post, for example. This parody site is pretty awesome as well. Also... okay, that's all I got.

The DS has spoiled me. I can't play GBA games without being bothered that I can't just shut my DS and have it go into sleep mode. That little feature is so crazily handy that my gaming experience hurts without it. In any case, I'm slowly working through FFVI, though. I'm going to Esperland now, I think. I dunno, I don't know much about it. I am pretty sure Cait Sith was likely not a summon in the original, though. Cause that's kinda silly.
Also, I'm probably going to use Setzer all the way through because CARDS, MOTHERFUCKER! Yeah.

I bought many bags of Smarties at the dollar store. It probably wasn't a good idea.

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February 07, 2007

Scrollin' down that long, boring Pokemon post...

I got my 2Gig card in for my PSP, and if it's taught me anything, it's that I REALLY SUCK AT CASTLEVANIA. On a whim, I was playing a bit of Symphony today... I die alot.

I also picked up FFVI Advanced today. I never really got far in 6... I remember a river or something... I should go on a binge, maybe. Beat this, then 5, then 4... yeaaah... I can hope.

Also, the saga of my 2005 taxes continues, as I apparently STILL owe $19.84. Amazing.

Hey, look! That stupid Pokemon post has scrolled down now! Score!

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February 06, 2007

I feel like ranting about Pokemon.

Quick notes before I get into the pokemon stuff. One, I totally got a rejection now. I'm like... a real semi-pro writer. Heh. Two, I beat Hotel Dusk last night. Overall, it was pretty good. I recommend it if the idea of playing a novel on your DS sounds like a good idea.

It's no suprise that I like Pokemon. I mean, I do. Very much. Due to all my recent Pokemon show watching, I'm basically jittery with anticipation over Diamond and Pearl, coming out late April. So, for no REAL apparent reason, I'd like to ramble on about the various entries in the Pokemon series I've played and what I liked or disliked.

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow
I had Blue, I believe. Either way, I had ended up with the version without Vulpix, which saddened me to no end. I went through great pains not to have that occur to me any other times. What can I say about the original? It was good. Very good. It did things many other games hadn't tried before, wrapped in classic RPG action. You can't dispute it was good, because it WAS.
So many good memories of it, too... catching Kurt a million Zubats... learning of the MissingNo. glitch and getting a million billion Masterballs... ahh, it was a great time.

Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal
I would like to submit that these were, by far, the best Pokemon games thus made. Here are the reasons why GS is amazing.
1. Timed events. You had a clock and calendar, which made some Pokemon come out on certian times of day, which was huge. The calendar let them have special daily events, like the Bug Catching Contest on tuesdays, which was also huge. It made Johto feel alot more... real, and gave you more reasons to keep playing.
2. Bonuses. The fact that, after you beat the Elite Four, you got to go back to Kanto and fight powered-up versions of their gym leaders was FUCKING HUGE! The game world doubled in size, and the game length added about a third. You also got to fight Red (the trainer from the first game) at the end of the cave where Mewtwo used to be. The fight was crazy hard, but hey, he still had a Pikachu. A really high level one, but awwww... Pikachu... Anyway, the fact that Ruby and Sapphire did not do something like this was an incredible letdown. I realize now that they did it so they could release Fire Red and Leaf Green, but that doesn't make it any less of a sad point.
3. Mystery Gift. I'm sorry, it's just humorous and funny and fun.
4. Dark and Steel. The addition of these two types really did add to the game, keeping Psychic from being godly like in the first game, as well as changing up some old favorites. I love Magnemite to death now that he's part Steel.
5. Hold Items. Just one more level of customization and niftyness for your Pokemon. The fact that most of the good items you go through events that only occurred on specific days just added to the coolness, I think.
6. Female Protaginist. Well, okay, they added that option in Crystal, which I never played. But I still appreciated it.
7. Pokemon Breeding. Party full of Eevee's FTW! Ditto is the whore Pokemon! It'll sleep with anything!

Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
I actually tried to buy a copy of Emerald since I'm on this kick, to give these games a second try, especially since Emerald adds the Battle Frontier, which is like another little continent with it's own gym leaders. For no apparent reason, though, the game is still 35 dollars, which is idiotic considering I can buy a copy of Fire Red or Leaf Green, vastly superior games, for 20. Anyway, Ruby Sapphire was a huge letdown. Here is another list as to why.
1. Where did the Timed Events Go? They were gone! All the stupid clock was for was growing stupid berries. They just threw all the coolness out the window.
2. Where's the Level Curve? This is the only Pokemon Game in which I haven't beaten the Elite Four, and that's because, when I got to Victory Road, all my Pokemon were about 10 levels too low. I'm not doing 10 levels of grinding! This is the only Pokemon game I can remember where that happened, and I blame it. Pokemon is about grinding, of course, but that's just an obscene amount.
3. Enough with the Water already! The number of new Water pokemon was obscene. The number of water movement moves your Pokemon had to know was idiotic. There was way too many Water Pokemon and way too many water dungeons.
4. Pokemon Contests. They were a cool idea, but insanely frustrating to try to do. It didn't give me any incentive to go through all the trouble.
5. Team Aqua and Team Magma. Team Rocket will always be first in my heart.
I suppose I'll admit it did some good things, too, though.
1. Pokemon Powers: They were pretty neat, and normally gave you added incentive to try and use Pokemon you wouldn't normally.
2. Running Shoes: It's about damn time I can run in the fucking game.

Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green
A remake of the originals, I loved these to death. They basically retained all of the good stuff from Ruby and Sapphire, such as the Pokemon Powers, and brought it to this remake of the original. I realize quite a bit of my fervor for this version was nostalgia, but if I wanted to introduce someone new to Pokemon, I'd probably give them one of these. The Number Islands were also a nice addition, and a place to catch all the Johto Pokemon not in Ruby and Sapphire. I didn't get very far in them, though, as I needed to catch something like 90 different types of Pokemon to continue, and I don't do that. I only catch Pokemon I'm going to use or think I'm going to use.

Pokemon Collectable Card Game
I heart cards. I heart Pokemon. This was a no brainer for me. It was also a ton of fun. I think it managed the "Card Game RPG" just about as good as one can. Certainly better than Capcom Vs SNK Card Battle Clash, although that was fun, too. It also really felt like Pokemon, going to the different gyms and training against decks based on different types, then battling Gym Leaders. I like it. I wish they'd make a new one with the new cards I haven't used.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
What can I say? It's a Pokemon Dungeon Crawler, and as good as it can be for that. Picking Eevee as myself was a cosmetic choice, but Eevee learns nothing good move-wise, so basically that choice kept me from beating the game. There was quite a bit more after the last boss, too, if you're really obsessive with your dungeon crawlers. I still love how the Kangaskahn in town called you "Honey" and "Sweetie." It's too perfect.

Pokemon Snap
Fucking Amazing. Seriously, it like... almost invented a genre. The game was short, but so very creative and re-playable. You could just fuck around all day in it. As much as me and my friends joke about the "great multiplayer," it definately deserves to be recognized. I certianly haven't seen a more compelling picture-taking game... well, maybe Dead Rising, but that was just sort of a side silly thing.

Pokemon Colluseum 2
I have the second one. It's not really all that amazing, although I remember playing the mini-games a lot with friends, and you can Mystery Gift right there on the game! These games are mostly a waste of money, though, I will admit. The new one might not be, though, for Diamond and Pearl, as I believe it can play online right with the DS versions, so you can fight it out at home on a bigger, more impressive display.


Well, there you go. That's all the Pokemon games I've played and some thoughts. Here's to hoping I don't explode with need before the new ones come out. Here's also to hoping the new one's follow Gold and Silver's example and not Ruby and Sapphire. They added online play and trading, which is fucking awesome, but everything else better live up to that good decision!

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February 05, 2007

I wanted to try out Absol, which I named Nada, but Brer killed it in one hit.

My car isn't starting. Yay!

So let's see... there was a super bowl last night, but all I ended up doing was snuggling with boyfriends and watching Pokemon DVDs. I don't believe you can get more loser-ish than that if you tried, but I had fun, so there. Heh. I also played through another Chapter of Hotel Dusk. The things Kyle Hyde is doing almost make sense now! He has REASONS to investigate things! It's amazing! I also think I convinced Megi to pick it up... I hope I was clear enough on the fact that it is much, much more novel than game. I tried to be, but I dunno, my way of talking is werid and I'm always such a propaganda machine...

The big question this week, though, is am I going to buy one or two games that I don't have time to get to? I definately want a copy of FFVI, because I've never beaten that one either, but I mean, I got copies of FFIV and FFV that I'm right in the middle of I haven't beaten, plus I'm playing Hotel Dusk. I also am sorta aroused by Lunar Knights, only mostly because Toastyfrog is such a fan... that one, I assume, will be harder to find in the future than FFVI, which I assume should be easy to find... but do I want to get it? Gods, I dunno. I shouldn't get either, at least until I beat Hotel Dusk, but I know me and I know I'll be walking into EB or something around Tuesday or Wednesday and buying one or both... I suck like that.

*sighs* Seriously, though, I was gonna leave early and get some breakfast and then go class and shit, but now that's fucked over because my car won't start. Bleh.

I forced Brer into trying out the Pokemon Netbattle with me. It's everything you'd want in that sorta program. We can try it sometime, if you're completely bored.

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February 03, 2007

I am a Consumer. I walk through the Halls of Commerce.

I got Brer a Valentine's present. I didn't know if I should, since I just got him a sorta random I'm thinking of you present...? So I got him something small. But I wanted to get him something... even though it's probably gonna get there way too early. I dunno. I take present-buying seriously. Or something.

I also bought alot of the mini-expansions to Carcassonne, as well as the first major expansion, because it adds the Big Meeples and enough pieces for a 6th player... the mini-expansions (King, River II, and The Count) were like 4 bucks apiece and the big Inns and Cathedrals one was 10... which I thought was all fair, though that means this cost me significantly more than the game itself. Heh. But seeing as Jonathan planned a game of it on his own, I'm hoping we'll go back to it a couple more times at the very least. I really like board games, and Carcassonne is a great one. After everyone gets the rules down solid, I can see us... like... putting on a favorite sort of background movie like Anchorman or something and just playing. I dunno. It's fun. Surely we'll play enough just to test all these out, if nothing else. I can't wait to use the paratroopers. Heh.

I buy alot of things... I'm so weird... I like... things. I think it goes back to before... when I just... always tried to keep myself distracted so I didn't get depressed. Think about this object, that book, or this game, and not about me. It's less of an issue now, I feel quite a bit more balanced than I used to, but I still do it... I don't know... I'm weird... and I mean, it's fun. But I could probably do without it. If I did, though, what would I do with myself... I don't know.
I don't know.

Droid is apparently moving all the stuff over to a new dedicated server, which I need to pass him some cash for at some point. So, if things go down, you know why... also, if this doesn't post, I'll know why... I'll need to change my settings or something. Heh.

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February 02, 2007

I hacked my PSP: In Depth

So basically, since I got it done, all I've been doing is converting various games I have to run on the machine and testing them. It's kinda fun, making little custom backgrounds and icons... I can only fit one disc worth of game on my little half-gig card, which is alright. I can swap them out at will, and the way the saves work, it remembers which game is which and keeps all my saves. The only game I've bumped into that doesn't work so far is Klonoa, which is really, really super extra sad. I love that game, but it hangs on the first boss and I can't get past that point... Ohter than that, everything I've tried is working fine, and I have a 2 Gig card coming that I got off of the Electronic Bays for 35 dollars that should help me carry a couple around... A whole Final Fantasy worth of discs, or perhaps Tactics and a couple of action games. I still don't know how much I'm going to use it, but since it runs all the games I've bought for the PSP so far without issue, I'd much rather be able to do this than not. Heh.
I should really look into what homebrew software there is out for the thing... that would be a good plan, too...

In other news, Kyle Hyde is a bit of an ass. Basically, at the end of every chapter, I have one character or another telling me all their secrets due to me hounding them constantly. One person was an old friend who mysteriously showed up, and another was trying to blackmail me. I understand why I was going after those people. But everyone else, it just seems like Mr. Hyde wants to force people to relive as many bad memories as possible. Yes, everything EVENTUALLY ties into the plot. But when he starts dragging things out of the various guests, he has NO WAY OF KNOWING THAT. He's an ass.

Apparently someone got ahold of my Juice account info, both for the paid part of the site and the chat... it's kinda weird. I have no idea how it happened. In any case, it's my fault for using such a shitty password in general, and I'm getting it all changed... to something still fairly shitty, but likely harder to guess. Suppose I should change some other things, too.

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February 01, 2007

I did it! I Did it! I DID IT! YEAH!

I HACKED MY PSP! Heeheehee... Yay for Original Firmware shits! Yay for... Final Fantasy Tactics on the go! YAY!


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