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April 30, 2007

Did I mention I was Magican of the Millenium?

David Copperfield really thinks highly of himself.
That's basically what I got out of his show. Not only did, waiting for the show, the screens show nothing but a rolling list of his accomplishments, before the show actually started there was a film introducing him listing similar things, and then, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOW, there was a video talking about how world-renowned he was and how he helps kids. We've already paid you, David. 50 dollars, in fact. Get with the magic making. Add to all that that all of his tricks involved attempting to invoke awwwwwws from the audience and senimental lovey dovey feelings, and you can color me not impressed. I want to be impressed with your magic, not with the fact that you're Magic reunited a daughter and her father, which was obviously faked for the show.
Anyway, that's my thoughts on David Copperfield. The Grandparents seemed to enjoy it, though, and that was the important part.

Thoughts on other things now... Wolves, the latest Fables trade. It could have been longer, sure. Bigby could have spent more time kicking ass and taking names. But unless Essner, I didn't feel gypped in the least. Nothing the characters did seemed wrong, and that's all I ask for. Even if they were wanting to get the hell past the Bigby/Snow thing and move on to other characters, at least they still treated them with respect and logic when doing so.

What else... Catan is this Wednesday. That's exciting. Um... yeah. I guess that's it for now.

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April 27, 2007

I miss "... wants to battle!" "You are challenged by..." just feels wrong.

Hastur totally raped us tonight. I'm sorry the King in Yellow is wreaking havok on the world tonight. It's our fault. Sorry about that.

So I totally kinda sorta used Amazon to preorder Odin Sphere and Etrian Odyssey today. I dunno if it was a good decision or not. I mean, I'm almost certianly going to get them, and this keeps me from fighting with the nice but unfortunately corporate-controlled people at EB, but I know me, and I know I'm going to be squirming during all the time it takes for them to ship to me. Also, I was really on the fence about buying Odin Sphere. I wanted it, but I didn't know if I would play it enough. Gabe's sentence to the essence of "this is a game you must play" set me over the edge. Also, I appreciate it not being the full 50 bucks. Anyway, I hope Atlus is happy now. I'm sure they want my money for Persona 3 as well, which I wouldn't mind giving, but I know for a fact I wouldn't give that the time it deserved.

I had a conversation that stemmed from Etrian Odyssey recently that made me think about what I want different from a portable game as opposed to a console game. In general, I prefer portables, not only because the cheaper cost makes my willpower fail easier, but because I play through them and beat them. But still, I look for something different. In a portable game, I look for interesting mechanics for me to fiddle with, whereas for a console title, I tend to look more for a sense of style that's going to blow me over with coolness or cuteness or energize me. I find I want simpler, more accessable fun on the console, for whatever reason. I dunno. It was an interesting thought, but in the end, if a game appeals to me, I know I'll throw money at it, simple as that.

I also did some thinking about why I like 1up better than other gaming review sites. Now, maybe it's just how I ended up approaching 1up, but their writers seem to be more... a cast of characters. Out there, in my face. I recognize them when they write things, and it helps me to say "Oh, Parish is on this review, we like similar things." The list of writer blogs on the side, as badly implimented as those may be, helps to create this, as well as The 1up Show and the various podcasts I listen to from there. They are all people being people and writing about video games, and not... 1up.com. Maybe other sites are doing this sort of thing now. Maybe I never tried to find it before. But that's what I like about 1up.

I've got 7 badges. I'm getting there! Wanna see my party in little hoppy animated gifs? Okay.

Tommorow, I see Hot Fuzz again, but for now, sleep.

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April 26, 2007

i herd u liek blog posts...

So, okay, I'm still very out of it, but I'm going to write a more intense blog entry, dammit. If I accomplish things, maybe my mood will pick up a little...

So, okay, Pokemon Pearl. As much as Jonathan has bitched about "Oh, I can't get the Pokemon I want, blah blah..." I say they've pretty well been forgiven for Ruby/Sapphire. The game is amazing, and if you've never played a Pokemon game before and have a DS, I highly recommend it. The gameplay is very solid, and even though the formula has changed little since the beginning, it's worth doing at least once. Now if only my Riolu ()would love me more so I could get some hawt Lucario action up ins...
Brer was playing the copy of Fire Red I got him the other day. I was getting mixed reactions. I think he realized that the gameplay in the games are quite solid, but the lack of any sort of plot to speak of and the overwhelming cuteness seem to be turning him off. If so, that's fine. I like cute, though.

So I've realized my little "Moleskine" (in quotation marks because it's the same damn thing, but an off brand, which saved me a solid 6 dollars, and I am not ashamed, although I do wish it was reporter-style, actually) notebook has become my "work out puzzles and stuff in video games" notebook. Which is fine, at least I'm using it for something. But I've been drawing crude maps all over in it... it's kinda neat. I used it to find Baron Von Ratsworth in the Typical Tavern... which reminds me...

I totally beat Kingdom of Loathing for the first time. Here is some proof. YAY! I chose Expert Panhandling as my permanent skill, like I was planning. Nothing like getting 10% more meat for the rest of my time playing the game. I decided to become an Accordian Thief for this ascention. It's basically Thief mixed with Bard. Which is cool. I like bard, and there's nothing wrong with being able to pickpocket stuff. I went out of my way and got a Rock and Roll Legend so my buffs will last longer. The problem is, as I think about it, I can't decide what I'm going to make permanent. All the skills are buffs, and I can't get Torso Awaregness this ascention because I'm under a Mysticality sign, to hopefully help my dietary path (I decided to do Teetotaler as well)... hmm... Maybe the buff that lowers combat encounters, so I can just get on with it and ascend if need be? I dunno. I got a long ways to go, though with my Mini-storage full of my old items, I have been moving along a whole lot faster.

So, looking ahead in my game purchases, next month is going to bring me two, Etrian Odyssey and Odin Sphere. Maybe Odin Sphere. I'm still on the edge about that one. Etrian Odyssey is not an option though. Console games I have to think about, have to wonder if I'm going to play them enough to be worth it. Portable games, I almost definately am. But anyway, Etrian Odyssey is a dungeon hack game, where you put together parties of three, I think, and go dungeon crawling. It's not easy stuff. It's old school. But you have lots of character building and customization, and the cool thing they do is, the bottom screen is a piece of graph paper. It changes the color of squares to indicate rooms you've walked into, but that's it. Everything else you'd want on your map, like locations of savepoints, possible exits from the rooms, perhaps where the boss is hiding, you have to draw in yourself. I think this is a great idea for the kind of rougelike game that it is. I can't wait.
Well, okay, I can. I have Pokemon.

Yay, Pokemon!

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Things that have been going on: A Blog Entry

Here is what has been going on with me.

1. Pokemon Pearl. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of Pokemon Pearl

2. Depression and nervousness. Breakdowns. Hiding said breakdowns.

3. Listening to Snow Crash. Obviously inspired, but could use some of the gobs of pointless info cut out.

4. Pokemon Pearl.

So yeah, nonexistant and theoretical reader of my blog, I'm sorry I haven't been posting. That's what's been going on or whatever.

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April 21, 2007

For some reason, all merchants are pigs, smoking a cigarette.

LAPTOP UPDATE: It was a fluke. Awww. I might still try installing Fiesty Fawn, though, and hoping it's a freak driver issue... even though it's fairly definate it isn't.

So I totally beat Super Paper Mario. It's still awesome. A little short, I suppose. You might want to wait until it drops to 30 bucks. It's definately worth 30. 50 is more for me, who is a very crazy fan of the whole series. But it won't disappoint, if the idea behind it appeals.

Right after I beat it, though, I bought Dragon's Curse on Virtual Console. It's pretty good! It's very much a precursor to say, a recent 2D Metroid. I'm enjoying it. I guess I need to hope to beat it tommorow, though, seeing as Pokemon comes out Sunday... but then again, I am kinda close. Two more main dungeons, I think... one with the Tiger-Man, and one with the Hawk-Man. But still, definately worth the 6 bucks I spent. I do wish a third button could have been added. I want a button for Magic. Pressing Down + Jump to do Magic is pretty icky. Castlevania's Up + Attack is a lot more... convienient, although, you know, a button for subweapons is better than that, too.

Anyway, Sunday is NOT ONLY the release of Pokemon, but also the Prerelease Tourney! I'm going with Spaeth. And we're going to be in St. Louis. And do you know what's showing in St. Louis? HOT FUZZ. So after we lose the tourney, we're going to go watch Hot Fuzz before going home. Add in the fact that I'm going to eat at Jack in the Box, and it's going to be a good fucking day, hell yes.

Also, I hope to gods Brer figures out his sleep thing. I don't know what I can do to help... I want to help. I want him to sleep. I want him to be happy. Mm...

Anyway, I suppose I should get to bed... yeah... that's the ticket...

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April 19, 2007

I'm Employee of the Month! Number 1 Chrome-makin' SonuvvaGun!

I just need one sandwhich, and I'm set all day for making chromes.

So I turned on my lappy last night on a whim, and its battery was drained, it gave me a weird error, asked me to look at some settings, then it rebooted and... it worked perfectly. No issues at all. Just perfect, beautiful lappy-ness. Let's hope it's not a fluke, or it was based on something retarded like the fact that the battery wasn't full. I can take the battery out, if that's all it needs to be happy, I don't mind. This development has made me happier about the release of Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn tommorow.

Anyway, I get the joy of going to work and the joy of making a Press Release today... as well as... other joys, I guess, although I don't claim to know what they are. Yay.

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April 18, 2007

Apparently Jonathan likes Scrubs? I'm still unimpressed by it.

Well, I made my decision. My want to use Misdrevious combined with pink coloration and what I think is a cooler legendary means I have decided on Pearl for this Pokemon generation. With TheSL being awesome and getting me a Vulpix Egg for near the beginning of the game, I should be set! So far my party is looking to consist of Wobuffet, Ninetales, Lucario, Misdrevious (or it's new evolved form), Leafeon, and Glaceon. I gotta think of good names for those two Eevee Evolutions. Dryad is the obvious one for Leafeon, but I'm already using Undine for Vaporeon... hmm... but yeah, that's a pretty balanced party... no Psychic, though... (Okay, Wobuffet is Psychic, but like that really matters.)

Death Note is still pretty awesome. That is all I have to say about that.

So work is making me work a 6 in the morning to 2 shift not this Saturday but next. I left them a note saying "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!" Well, more nicely worded, but that was basically the jist. I like working. It makes me feel useful. But I'm not desperate enough to put up with that, be even more sleepless and energyless, and be depressed because of it. Fuck that. I'll work this shift, but no more, I say!

Fuck, there's no flyer in that party up there. I'll have to rethink my plan.

Oh, and Future Sight Prerelease with Spaeth is go! I'm excited. I should check up on Preview cards...

Okay, gotta go...

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April 16, 2007

My ankle still hurts, but I'm blogging, dammit!

Well, hey, I got a Wolf Mask. Sure, all the Furry gear is very anti-furry in it's description (the tattoo you get from completing the outfit is the "Loser" tattoo) but that doesn't make the game, as a whole, any less awesome (Not to mention the Complete Delusion buff is pretty darn good). If I took offense at everything, there would be nothing left to enjoy.

After working two 8 hour shifts these past couple of days, I seriously could not walk. My right ankle hurts when I put any pressure on it. I'm still limping, but after sitting on my ass all day today, I can at least move around.

I spent the day watching two movies with Brer. I watched Adaptation and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Brer appreciated parts of Adaptation, but didn't like it overall... oh well. I guess that's 1 and 1. Heh. Brer's suggestion of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels was a good one (is Barrel spelled right? I should look at the DVD case but I'm too lazy). It was pretty damn awesome. We're going to watch Snatch tommorow, I suppose. Wheee!

So, on the video gaming front, I'm almost done with Super Paper Mario. It's good. It's. Good. GOOOOOOOOOD! I'm also still playing Puzzle Quest all the time before classes. It's just SO DAMN ADDICTIVE. I'm glad I picked it up. Since I learn a skill at level 50, there are at least 50 levels. I'm at level... 29, I think? So there's a lot of puzzle action to go, even more if I try to learn enemy spells and craft items...

Kale seems very intent on coming to visit me this summer. I worry the trip won't be worth it for him, trips are expensive, but I'm completely down with the idea. He's a very close friend, and I would love to spend time with him. I just wonder what my parents are going to think. They can just deal, though. Heh. If he wants to come, he's coming, as far as I'm concerned.

But yeah... I guess that's it. There's a blog for you.

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April 13, 2007

I gave away my weekend.

And now, within two days, I have no weekend left, really! Dustin from work called (I... think I know who that is. I don't know many floor people. I'm terrible with names... but I think I recognized his voice... I'm terrible) and needed someone to take his two shifts... I was only working one day, and I can't say no, so, now I'm working very long shifts Friday and Saturday night. I'll be catching up on like a week's worth of work in those two days... but then, earlier today, Ben Edwards called me and asked me to work Scholar Bowl. I love doing that, so of course I said yes... but that's early in the morning, and will run until about an hour before work on Saturday, when I then have to work an 8 hour shift... so... yeah. Thrilling stuff. But oh well. I've been in an off and on foul mood still, and Brer is right, going to work does tend to cheer me up. Then again, this is the floor... which means I'm going to be wandering around aimlessly for most of the time, so... well, we'll see. Money is good, anyway.

Especially since I've been looking at Gadgets for some reason today... I want a Chumby still... I hope they do good things and are around a hundred dollars. I also think the Xbox 360 Controller Thumb Keyboard is totally top of cool, and I know I'll be getting one, even if I never put it to good use.

I made Brer watch Stranger than Fiction. He liked it! Huzzah! I wish I could have reciprocated on Aliens. It just wasn't my sort of film... I rarely watch pure actiony/thriller films, and when I do it's with friends inviting me along and me wanting to spend time with them. Outside a theatre... I just couldn't keep my focus completely. I saw how huge it was, how good it was, how solid it was... but it just was not what I see... when I do watch an action film, it has an element of comedy in it. I dunno. But I'm glad I didn't waste his time.

I befriended Mur on Twitter, and I entertained myself reading her posts as they showed up today. Stalker TO THE MAX!

Bleh... I'm so out of it... so very out of it...

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April 08, 2007

It's much too cold to be Easter. What the hell.

It's Easter. Yay!

Puzzle Quest is fucking awesome. I mean, seriously, it is. I don't know what else to say besides that. I highly suggest it if you like casual puzzlers at all.

So Brer and I, for whatever reason, seemed to have started some sort of movie exchange program? I watched Sneakers the other night, at his suggestion. It was pretty good. I'll admit, his claims were all valid. It's a hacker movie that is almost completely sane and realistic, instead of saying "Oooh, I'm a hacker, look, it's magic! I can do anything on a computer! Oooh!" It was just... so... very... 90's... though. It was almost overwhelmingly distracting for me. Maybe I'm easily distracted. I'm probably easily distracted. Anyway, I don't know if it's a movie worth going out of your way for, but it's definately a solid film, and I enjoyed it, and Kevin seemed to enjoy it too, although Jonathan didn't look all that entertained.
Anyway, my pick is Stranger Than Fiction, which I bought because it's awesome. I already re-watched it today, and I can't wait to watch it again with Brer. God, that movie is great. Then he wants me to watch Aliens, which... I dunno. I'm more hesitant about than watching Sneakers. Mostly having to explain to people why I'm renting and watching Aliens. It's not a "me" kinda film. But I will. He wants me to see it, it's one of those movies so often referenced I probably should have seen it, I'll watch it with him. And after that, I decided I want him to see Adaptation. Which is kinda weird. Adaptation and Stranger than Fiction have some similar subject matter... but anyway...

I keep wanting to buy Dragon's Curse on Virtual Console, but I've been resisting, and rightly so. I have many new DS games, Military Madness, (which really takes a try or two to figure out where the important point of conflict is, and then how to secure that... if you can take that one specific factory, wherever it is, the level is then so easy... maybe it's just me, needing multiple tries, since I'm normally all kamakaze tank spam or whatever...) and of course, Super Paper Mario. Just gotta hold out until Tuesday. And do my taxes Monday after classes. Gotta do that too.

On a final note, breaking in new shoes isn't fun, especially since I walk so weird, and they have to get worn in oddly.

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April 04, 2007


I hope my copy of Puzzle Quest gets here in the mail today. Otherwise, I might go buy Chocobo's Magic Picture Book (I like the Japanese name better than Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, okay?), something I really don't need to do, especially since Super Paper Mario is coming out.
Actually, I shouldn't do ANYTHING because Super Paper Mario is coming out, apparently.

I bought Military Madness on the Virtual Console. It's pretty damn good. The graphics aren't that amazing, but they get the job done, and it's support/surround system and it's No New Units/Repair/Level Up system combine really well. It's a really good little turn-based strategy. I'm just annoyed that they call moving "Shifting." What the fuck? Why not "Moving?" Anyway, it was definately worth my 6 dollars, and I'll keep working through it slowly. If you like Advance Wars and similar, it's probably worth your 6 dollars too.

So, a day or two ago, I was doing some thinking about me and getting depressed, and I realized what I need to do when I feel depressed is to create something. When I'm down, I go on and on about how useless I am, so what better way to cheer me up than to do something useful? I mean, going to work usually cheers me up, oddly enough, BECAUSE I'm being useful. So we'll see how good that strategy works next time I feel crippled by sadness.

I am so tired of Jonathan's allergies. He needs to punch his sinuses or something.

Well, okay, off to class to take a test... then lunch with Essner... then I need to do the first pass over my editing project today... I'll do a second one tommorow... and then work... and... yeah. Wish me luck.

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April 02, 2007

ext-via draws these like... half-animal half-mecha things that are pure cuteness.

What's on tap for this week? Classes, work, new shoe purchases, Puzzle Quest and Chocobo's Magic Picture Book, Memorial podcasts for Joe Murphy, and working on Role-Playing. Yeah.

I keep actually writing another page or two of Role-Playing every once and awhile. It's encouraging. It's fine if I don't pound it out, as long as I keep working on it. The first arc is called "Set Construction" and I THINK it's going to be four Chapters... episodes... I dunno what to call them. First Chapter is done, and called "It Can't Be You." It's pretty short. Second is still being worked on, although almost done. It's called "An Offer." Third one will probably be "A Demonstration." Fourth, I dunno yet.
I introduced a character in Chapter 1 that I currently have no plans to revisit, and I wonder if the reader is going to be confused by that, because Chapter 1 is told from his perspective. But I wanted an outside source to try to give a view of Rebecca from the outside before we got into her head...

Man, I love ext-via's art, but it's so... loli sometimes. Damn if that isn't the most hardcore Klonoa ever, though.

What else is going on... oh, I put up some ebay auctions. No bids yet, but I know how ebay auctions work. Everything happens during the last day, and I put them up for 7 days. So I'm not worried yet. Even if none of them sell, it's only going to cost me 5 bucks, so... it's an experiment. I'll hope for the best.

So Brer got me these chocolates in this badass wooden box that I need to find another use for... but yeah, it has this like chocolate map/geneology in it to identify what chocolate you're about it eat. It's like "Here is the Filled Cremes family, and here is the Shaped Chocolate familiy, and if you pick one near the border, it's probably a shaped chocolate filled with creme!" It's intense. Assorted Chocolates may be too intense for me.

I guess I'll go activate my new debit card and such... no, I should wait until after the ebay auctions, to avoid possible retarded complications. In any case, I'm still done blogging. So there.

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